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A Helping Hand

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Wife

Author: abruzzi11

Published: 22 February 2018

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Grandmother left most of her sizeable estate to me and it caused considerable family friction. I decided it was best if I moved away from the family, so I packed my belongings in a U-haul trailer and attached it to my car and headed to Ohio. I was 22 years, a recent college graduate, not a bad looking guy, about 6’ tall and 170 pounds with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

I came through a small town that was clean, but did not seem exactly prosperous, but yet it had a certain appeal to me. So I drove to the next larger town and found a motel and checked in so that I could drive back to the small town, we will call it Atown, the next day.

After finding a diner and having a good breakfast, I drove to Atown to look around. It was a town of about 2500 population. There was a bowling alley and a small movie theater, and a community pool. There was a beer hall that had a few pool tables. On the outskirts of town there was a small park with a little lake and several picnic tables. It seemed like an ideal place to settle for a few years until I could decide what I wanted to do with my life.

Driving through town I saw several houses for sale, but one caught my eye. It was a fiveroom house with a nice front porch and a good sized back yard. It even had a few fruit trees in the back yard. I called the number on the sign and soon met with the owners’ son, who said his parents had moved to North Carolina and he wanted to get rid of he house as soon as possible. We agreed upon a price and soon I was moving in.

A few days after I moved in I was sitting on my front porch and one of my neighbors came over to greet me. She was a cute red head, a little on plump side, but nice build. Her name was Nadine and she told me she was married (George) and had a two-year old asleep at home. She lived next door. We talked some, and I asked her where was a good place to meet single women in town. She told me I was mostly out of luck because most of them had left for college or moved away to work in a larger place. Nadine explained that she and most of the other women on the street had married early and were destined to remain in Atown for the rest of their lives.

Two weeks later I was sitting on the porch again and I heard Nadine talking on the phone. She sounded upset and telling whoever she was talking to that George was going to be mad as hell about the telephone bill and her not being able to pay it this month. Nadine complained that “the fucker should make more money so I could at least talk to my family on the phone.” She was really upset about what George was going to say about the phone bill and wheels began to turn in my head. “Hell, I can help her out once.”

I called her over to my house and asked her in. I told her I had overhead her conversation about the phone bill and she said she owed $25.00 more than she had and started to cry. I reached over to comfort her and said “Nadine, I will give you the money.’

“What, you’re kidding?” she said.

“No, I’m not.”

With that she gave me a full body hug, and I could feel her tits against my chest and her pussy mound against my crotch. I could not help but get had. Nadine was sobbing, thanking me and pressing against me, then she began to kiss me.

Instinct took over and our tongues danced, then I began to kiss her neck. “Gene, I have never cheated on George” and I kissed her breast through her bra. She began to moan and we moved to my bedroom and removed all of our clothes. From her tits I moved down her stomach to her unshaved pubic area and began to kiss around her cunt. “Are you really going to do that” she wanted to know as I sucked her clit into my mouth and she almost jumped off the bed with a gigantic orgasm and loud “oh my fucking pussy has exploded” and then she pulled me onto her and grabbed my rockhard cock and rammed it into her soaking wet cunt.

“What about condoms?”

‘Fuck them, I want to fuck now Gene. Fuck me now before I back out.”

We fucked hard for three or four minutes and Nadine came again, then I told her I had better pull out, I am ready to cum. Nadine grabbed my ass and held me, saying I want to feel those little devils enter my belly as I shot load after load deep into her cunt.

Nadine then jumped out of bed and said put her clothes on and said I have to check on the baby—I will be right back.

True to her word she was, and as she entered the door she was taking her clothes off and grabbed me and we fell on the bed. Nadine told me that she had never had an orgasm from oral intercourse and that she would like to do it again today. She also asked if I ever did anal. Her husband thought it was filthy and would not do it, so I told her we would do that too.

First we got in 69 position and I gently worked around her cunt, kissing her lips, thighs, then back to the lips, then pushing my tongue deep into her pussy before grabbing her clit and sucking it until she came. I then pulled her on my stomach and stuck my cock in well-lubed cunt, put some lube on my finger, and began to rub on her ass-hole as I fucked her. Then I pushed the finger in her ass, and began to finger fuck her ass—another good orgasm for my red-headed Nadine. I flipped her on her stomach, put my cock at her ass opening, and slowly began the entry. I pushed in an inch and she was groaning, but she was pushing back and more of my 6.5 inch cock was entering her ass. We both began to thrust and finally it was totally it—the sound of my balls bouncing off Nadine’s ass drove her wild and in no time at all she had another orgasm.

We finally called it quits, I gave her five 20 dollar bills, she shrieked with happiness, and then she wobbled home, after saying she hoped she had energy to make dinner for George.

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A Helping Hand

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