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The Swim Meet

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Exhibitionism

Authror: Matthew Fleeman

Published: 23 February 2018

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Today was the day I got to see my girl, Sam, in the swim competition after almost a year of not being able to see each other. I was giddy as all hell. We did keep in contact through text and the occasional video call, but her and I crave physical contact with each other. Samantha or Sam for short, is 5 ft 5 with Raven black hair and bright green eyes. Her skin is as white as snow. I know, funny how she's pale as a ghost but on the swim team. Her body was exquisite with her hourglass figure. Her breasts were 36 C's and her hips flaring into a bubble butt and firm but soft thighs. Now my name is Cameron and I'm 6 ft 1 with brown hair and slightly tan skin. My eyes are a bright electric blue. I have the body of a swimmer and a slightly thick cock. I say slightly because I know I'm just above average at 7 1/2 inches long and about 3 inches thick. Anyways back to the story.

Sam, like I said, is on the swim team and I had bought a ticket to see her compete. I found my seat, which happened to be right in front of the pool. Everybody was coming in finding their seats and the swim teams were stretching to prepare. Sam and I made eye contact and we both smiled like stupid little kids. The speaker for the announcer rang and he introduced the crowd to each team. Sam looked amazing in her swimsuit . It was tight in all the right places and your eyes couldn't help but be drawn to her ass or breasts. The swim meet started. (This is where i'm going to fast forward to the the ending of the swim meet).

Sam's team ended getting second place. Everybody ended up walking to the teams to congratulate them on a good effort or to leave. I walked towards Sam.

"What're you doing here?" Sam Asked

"I came to see you and congratulate you on carrying most of your team." I responded

We walked to the lockers so Sam could shower and dress. I told her that I would wait for her here so we could talk and get to know each other more. The last 2 girls walked out and were starting to leave. An idea flashed through my head and i walked into the locker room. Closing the door behind me i locked it. Slowly walking to the shower i started to undress. By the time i got to the shower Sam was at i was fully naked.

"Hello gorgeous, do you mind if I join you?"

"Holy shit! What're you doing in here?! We could get caught!" Sam yelled

"The last 2 girls left about five minutes ago. We're all alone." I tell her

She looks up and down my body. Seeing that I'm already half hard from watching her naked body with water flowing down it. You could see the gears in her head turning, weighing the options. Her lust ended up taking over and she grabs my hand pulling me into the shower spray. I pull her close feeling the swell of her breasts press against me and my cock touching her stomach. I lean down pressing my rough lips against her soft succulent ones. Our hands started roaming each others bodies. Her hands gliding up my back and scratching softly on their way back down. My hands going from her sides down her back to the rise of her ass. Grabbing her ass I pull her even closer. Sam moaning into my mouth with just the contact. She pulls back, breaking off the kiss

"Why don't you stop teasing me and take me as yours?" she suggests

"I am going to but I wanted to tease you first. You know make you beg me to have my way with you." I respond

I pull away from her and start to kiss my way down her neck to the hills of her boobs. Kissing to her nipples I start to lick around her areolas. Her breathing starting to speed up by the softest of touches from me. I smile as I take her right nipple into my mouth. My teeth lightly scraping against the little nub. Her left hand shot up gripping the back of my head and pushing my face deeper into her tits.

"Oh God. You really know how to be gentle but rough at the same time."

My left hand was kneading her left tit. Switching between roughly grabbing it and softly kneading it. Listening to her moans to see what she liked better and what she hated. So far gentle but rough was her favorite. My right hand started to slide up her silky thigh to the crevice that lies between her legs. Once my right hand gets to the middle I rub around her outer lips, getting slowly closer to her clit but never touching it. I could feel the heat radiating From her pussy lips. My palm catching some of the juices that were dripping from her. I pull back from suckling on her tits and move my way down. Pushing her back against the wall I put her right leg onto my shoulder. I slowly bite my way up her thigh. Being able to see how juicy and swollen her pussy was drove me crazy. I bit her thigh rather hard, knowing full well that it will become a bruise that people will be able to see. I start to kiss around her outer pussy lips working my way around to her left thigh and down it.

"Cameron don't tease me anymore please," she begged, " I want to feel your tongue licking my pussy now."

to be continued

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The Swim Meet

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