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Late Night Bathroom Break

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Domination/submission, Gay

Author: JJJ2626

Published: 01 March 2018

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Nicole was asleep in the back seat, cuddled up in the fetal position trying to get as comfortable as she could in my Honda Accord. We had been on the road for the last five hours, leaving her parents’ house at 9 pm, and hoping to arrive back to our place by 4 am. Spending the night there was not an option. The couch was the only space available and even though I was only 27, I had grown out of the days where crashing on a couch was a comfortable option. So I told her I would drive the whole way and she could sleep in the back.

After my second cup of coffee the need to piss stirred and we were luckily passing a truck stop. I pulled over. Parked the car. And got out.

“I will be right back, going to take a leak,” I said leaning back down into the car to let Nicole know. She gave a tiresome sigh and said ok, quickly drifting back to sleep.

I went into the bathroom which had one stall and two urinals. The bathroom was not completely messy, nor was it the world’s cleanest bathroom either. I went into the stall. Not sure why, but I just felt like pissing in the stall and ignored the urinals.

The piss started to flow when I heard the bathroom door open. Foot steps approached one of the urinals and the sound of another man pissing quickly took form. I could even hear him sighing. Must have been a trucker holding it for that last few hours.

After I finished I flushed the toilet, left the stall, and quickly went over to wash my hands. I was eager to get back on the road and get home as soon as possible. We were only halfway home and was already exhausted and wishing I could just sleep.

“Man that felt good, been holding it in for like an hour,” the man said, approaching the sink and starting to wash his hands.

The man who had just finished emptying his large bladder was a black man who looked to be about 50 years old, give or take. From the looks of him, he was probably about 6 feet tall or just maybe just shorter than that, with an average build but there was nothing that gave evidence he was very physically fit in any sort of way.

I gave a quick smile and reply of, “yea, still got about 4 hours of driving for me.”

“Damn, long night ahead of you,” he said.

As he continued washing his hands he said, “to bad the cops came down on this place hard about two months ago. This used to be one of my favorite stops.”

“What did they get busted for,” I asked curiously.

“Prostitution. Girls used to hang around the truck yard. Pretty good stop for a quick blowjob after being on the road. Girls were not anything special but it got the job done,” he said.

“Oh, didn’t realize that. Not from around here so I have never stopped here before,” I said.

“After the bust something kinda bizarre happened here. In this bathroom. I was taking a piss when a kid walked in, had to have been only about 20 years old. Looked kinda like the colorful type, the kind that played for the other team if you know what I mean,” he said.

By this I obviously took at as the kid had the features of a homosexual. Perhaps tight clothes, or fancy hair, or any other feminine trait that might stick out.

“Anyway, after I was done with my business, the kid was just standing there when I turned around, and I was like, ‘can I help you’. He started talking about how too bad the place got busted and all that. And then out of nowhere he asked me if he could be of any help. I said what exactly do you mean boy. He goes well I give excellent blowjobs, at least that’s what all the truckers around here say. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when he said this but before I even had a chance to respond he walked over and got on his knees. He unzipped my pants and said I want to suck it for you daddy, give me that black cock. Next thing I knew, I was sitting back relaxing and letting this young gay kid suck my dick and eventually busted in his mouth. Was definitely awkward but that was a great blowjob.”

I was totally taken back by this story and not expecting that at all. But for some reason it had me intrigued and without knowing why I took a glance at his crotch area. I think he saw me and started a subtle chuckle while brushing his hair with his hand while looking in the mirror.

“But man I sure could use one of those blowjobs now,” he said in a powerful voice.

I stood there drying my hands not knowing what to say. The situation was a little tense and I felt awkward.

The next thing that happened I was not ready for at all. Just as I was preparing to leave he turned towards me.

He undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, lowered the zipper, and hooked his thumbs on the inside of his boxers, lowering his pants down to just above his knees. His black dick hung there flaccid and he placed his hands back on the sink counter and leaned his backside to rest on the counter.

I could not take my eyes off of his smooth black cock. His body was a dark brown color, but his cock was black, which I found fascinating and intriguing. I don’t know why I got turned on, I was a straight guy with a hot girlfriend, but seeing this piece of dark meat had me growing a tent in my pants that I could not resist.

“You like what you see boy?” he asked.

“Um I’m not sure about this,” I said with clear hesitation in my voice.

“Come over a little closer,” he said. “I know you want a better look at it.”

I walked over to him and stood right in front of him, all the while staring down at his flaccid dark cock. It was like being in a trance that I just followed his command to get closer to his piece of black meat.

“Well, it’s not going to suck itself,” he said while he placed his left hand on my right shoulder and started to push down with light pressure.

I wonder what he would do if I resisted. Would he force me down even harder? Would he hit me? I didn’t know. But I did not have to worry about that, because for one reason or another, I was willing to comply. I don’t know what came over me. I found myself in a submissive state and slowly lowered to my knees willingly. My mind was racing. I knew this guy was going to make me suck his cock. But that’s what I secretly wanted. What was wrong with me? I was getting so turned on knowing that I was going to pleasure this black guy and his black cock who was twice my age.

“Put it in your mouth,” he demanded. He did not say it in a threatening or aggressive way, but with just enough power in his voice to show he was in the dominant position. Showing me that I am the white boy who will be servicing black cock. I was nervous. Very nervous. I had never even seen another man’s cock before accept in porn. But I was turned on at this. My cock was growing in my pants and my excitement was at the same level as my anxiety.

I slowly reached up with my right hand and grabbed his cock. Oh my god my mind was on fire knowing I was holding another man’s cock, especially an older black man’s dick. He was slowly getting harder, but still was soft and flaccid in my hand. I had to admit to myself that I was loving the feeling of his soft cock in my hand. With my thumb on the underside of his cock, and my middle and index finger on the upper side, I raised his cock to point toward my mouth, and slowly opened. I leaned in, my eyes looking up at him as the tip of his cock slowly entered my mouth. He knew this was my first time so I could tell he was being patient with me.

I couldn’t lie to myself. It all felt amazing and invigorating. The feel, the taste, the smell. It felt so good having the tip of his cock in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around it, making submissive licking sounds that also drove me wild.

Oh my god, this guy’s cock is in my mouth. Oh my god. I fucking love this.

“There you go boy, not so bad eh?”

I shook my head no with the head of penis still in my mouth and reached up with my other hand and started to rub his balls, dancing them between my fingers.

“oh fuck yea, that’s it baby, good boy.”

Knowing he was enjoying this and being called a good boy put me over the edge. I wanted to pleasure this man. Suck his cock and have him shoot his load down my mouth. I never tasted cum before, not even my own. I was so excited at the possibility of tasting and swallowing his jizz and hoped he would want to cum in my mouth.

Without being told I slipped the tip of his cock out and lowered my tongue to his balls. I wanted to taste his balls so bad and hoped he would not get mad I took his cock out of my mouth. I lowered my tongue and started to lather his balls, sucking each one into my mouth. I was worried he was going to tell me to get his cock back in my mouth but he didn’t. Even though I would have been fine with such a demand, being a slut on my knees for him, he was enjoying getting his delicious black balls licked.

As I continued to lick his entire sac, making sure my tongue hit every surface as I did not want to miss any spot, my hand jerked his cock and used my thumb to rub the underside of his tip. Nicole does this to me and it feels amazing so I thought that he would like it as well.

I sucked each nut into my mouth rubbing my tongue firmly against the black skin. His balls tasted delicious. I never in a million years would think that those thoughts would pass through my mind.

I suppose I can see why some girls love being submissive. I am dominant type in bed with Nicole and with ex-girlfriends for that matter. Shouting out verbal demands and being very physical during sex is something I practice regularly. But now being on my knees, servicing another man, I wanted nothing more than to adopt the position of a servicing slut, and was loving it and turned on by the fact.

I started tracing my tongue back up along the underside of his cock which was now almost fully hard. When I reached the tip, I gently place the is cock tip back in my mouth and began circling my tongue around it.

“ahh fuck yea boy,” he moaned looking down at me. “Start taking more in. Suck that dick baby.”

I slowly started to move my head forward to take more of his cock in my mouth. I got about halfway down his thick cock when I started to feel it hit the back of my throat. Having received plenty of head from my girlfriend I already understood what would get him off. I starting moving my head back and forth, slowly starting to give him head, sucking his black cock.

I used my left hand to rub his balls and my right hand to stroke his cock with same motion of my sucking, stimulating the part of his shaft I could not fit in my mouth. My head was spinning, knowing I was giving this random black guy who twice my age a blowjob, using my mouth and hands to stimulate his thick cock.

He placed one of his hands on the back of my head, guiding my head to my strokes while applying a little bit of pressure with downward stroke. This feeling was amazing. I felt even more submissive and was loving him guiding my movements to sucking his cock. I continued to suck, letting him move my head back and forth, gagging a little when his cock would hit the back of my throat.

“gah guh gah guh gaaahhh guuhhh”

“mmmm that’s it boy….yea you like that black dick don’t you,” he said.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth to respond. “yes sir,” I said submissively. Then I slammed his cock back into my throat and continued my duty of pleasuring his black cock.

“mmm that’s a good boy. Keep sucking that black cock. My little white boy slut.”

He gripped my hair with both his hands and thrust his hips into me, his thick dark meat hitting the back of my throat. Holding me down, not letting me backstroke towards the tip of his cock. His hands applying more pressure, until I felt his tip of his cock move past my uvula, past the point where I thought his cock could go no further. It was in my throat and was so deep that my nose was pushing against his pubes and my chin was pressed firmly into his black balls. I looked up at him wide-eyed, my eyes starting to water. All the while he was looking right down at me.

“Yea, that’s it, take it deep, hold it down your throat boy,” he said.

I was about to start gagging and was struggling with this thick black cock down my throat. But I was also turned on, feeling very submissive and loving it as this old black man used me with his cock.

He finally pulled his cock all the way out and I gasped for air. Breathing heavily and bracing my hands against his legs to hold myself up.

“Ok you’ve caught your breath boy, back in.”

And with that he grabbed my head again and guided his cock back in my mouth. He did not push it all the way in but was steadily pumping in and out of my mouth. I was so turned on I matched his pumping by moving my mouth down when he wanted to insert in.

“Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum. You ready to swallow my load boy.”

I nodded with his cock in my mouth. Feeling like such a little slut and loving it.

“oh fuck yes, here it comes baby. Ahhh ahh ahhhh.”

He squirted rope after rope of cum into my mouth. I tried to swallow each strand that pumped in, even though some poured out of my mouth and down my chin. Not sure I would enjoy the taste, I ended up loving it, both physically and mentally. The warm feel and salty taste, along with knowing I was swallowing this black man’s cum got me rock hard in my pants.

After he shot his last load, he slowly pulled his dick out of my mouth, his shaft soaking wet from all juice of my mouth.

“Damn baby that was good. Not bad for your first cock sucking,” he said.

“yes sir,” I said in a very submissive tone. “That was amazing.”

My head was spinning from the fact I just gave this man, this black man, a blowjob. And not just a light blowjob, but one that involved deepthroating and having my throat used.

“Where you from,” he asked, speaking to me while I was still on my knees.

“I live in Tomsville, about 4 hours away,” I said on my knees while wiping the cum drops from my chin.

“Well, I drive through there every once in a while on my route.” He pulled his phone out and handed it to me. “Type your number in my phone boy. Next time I’m in the area I’ll text you, and maybe you will come out to the truck stop and service my cock again.”

Still in a submissive state and staying on my knees, I typed my number in his phone.

“Name’s Damien. Hopefully I will see you again soon.”

He zipped up his pants and walked out of the bathroom. Leaving me on my knees in the truck stop bathroom. I felt like such a used slut, and I was slightly ashamed and amazed how turned on I was given what just occurred.

I walked out to the car and got in the divers seat.

“What took you so long?” Nicole asked, still laying in the backseat.

“Sorry babe, some guy kept talking to me and would not shut up,” I said.

“Whatever lets go home,” she said. And curled back up and fell back to sleep in the seat as I drove home. Thinking about sucking Damien’s black cock the whole way home.


It had been about two weeks since the event at the truck stop with Damien.

My phone blinged with a text message from a number I did not have in my phone. I opened the message thinking it was just some spam or wrong number or something.

‘Hey boy, its Damien. I am at the Tomsville truck stop. Come over and let me use that mouth again.’

I started to get instantly hard knowing I could have that same treatment from before. I picked up my coat and started to walk out the door.

“Nicole, I am going out. Need to pick up a few things from the store,” I said.

“Ok but dinner is at 7 so don’t be late I am making the chicken recipe you like,” she shouted from the upstairs bedroom.

It was only about 4:30, so I had plenty of time to go and receive my appetizer.

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Late Night Bathroom Break

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