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Nudest Household - Chapter 3 - Big Sister Teaches Little Brother how to Masturbate

Categories Fiction, Boy, Cum Swallowing, First Time

Author: superwriter1337

Published: 02 March 2018

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Brittney stood admiring herself in the bathroom mirror. She was in the master bathroom in her parents’ room; she usually showered in that bathroom. The shower was big and roomy, as was the rest of the bathroom. There was a big bathtub, marble counters, heated tile floors, the works. She stood before herself and admired her gorgeous, full breasts and her toned tummy, running her hands over her smooth skin. She worked hard to achieve the body she had. She may have been blessed with good genes, but she put a lot of hard work into toning her muscles and eating well.

Mikey was currently sitting in the bathtub relaxing. He had a tough day at school that day. He had taken a math exam in fourth period, and while he thought he did well, it was certainly difficult. He could see his sister from where he was sitting, but he wasn’t quite comfortable with ogling her the same way everybody else did. He had only turned thirteen a few weeks ago so he was quite new to the unique dynamic of his family. Nevertheless, he was getting used to it, and as such, he stole glances at his sister’s gorgeous body. He could see the reflection of her large breasts in the mirror, and he had a direct view of her big, round ass.

Brittney had noticed immediately when Mikey began watching her; however, she was making a concerted effort to hide the fact that she knew Mikey was watching her. She thought it was adorable how discrete her younger brother was trying to be (and especially how much he was failing to be discrete). Normally, she wouldn’t sit and admire herself at all really, but since she had an audience, she figured she’d take her time and provide her brother with some entertainment. She bounced up and down on her toes a little, making her breasts bounce and her butt jiggle. She rotated from side to side, providing both herself and Mikey with different angles to see her body.

After a few moments, Mikey finally found some courage and said with a hint of nervousness, “hey Brit, you’re really pretty.” Mikey and Brittney were very close, so even though Mikey felt a little nervous viewing her in this new, blatantly sexual light, he was still able to muster the courage to give some sort of complement.

Brittney’s heart just about melted. She wanted to squeak and giggle about how adorable Mikey was being. Obviously Mikey thought she was pretty, but clearly Mikey was looking at a little more than just her face. “Thank you,” she said, turning and giving him a smile. She pushed her breasts together slightly with her arms and maintained the innocent smile she had on her face. She turned back to face herself in the mirror, but paid close attention to Mikey’s reaction in her peripheral. Immediately, she noticed Mikey begin to shift around a bit.

Is he getting a boner? Brittney wondered, though she immediately realized that she was being silly. Mikey is a thirteen year old boy. Even if Brittney didn’t have such a nice body, Mikey would already have a boner right now.

Brittney decided she wanted to see for certain if she had successfully made her little brother’s dick hard. She turned back towards Mikey, and he immediately turned red. She walked over to him and sat on the edge of the tub as innocently as she could. Mikey’s dick had hardened up completely to the point that it was uncomfortably hard for Mikey; he was throbbing like mad, and there was a considerable amount of precum leaking out of the tip of his penis.

“So how’d that math test go?” Brittney asked, stealing a very quick glance at her brother’s crotch. She felt quite giddy once she saw how hard Mikey was. His cock was only about four inches long, but it was obviously rock solid. Immediately she felt her nipples harden. She was becoming very horny, and it took all her self control to not bend down and lick all the precum off her brother's prick.

“Uh,” Mikey said, “it was good. I think I did good.” He was squirming uncomfortably, trying to discreetly shift his erection under his legs. He managed to get his penis tucked between his legs, but he was way too hard for that to be comfortable. He intended to slowly shift his leg back, but as soon as he moved his left leg, his erection sprung up, causing some water to fling up onto Brittney’s arm.

Brittney giggled and said, “Somebody’s excited, huh?”

Mikey’s face turned from pink to tomato-red, “y-yeah, sorry,” he stuttered.

“No, no,” Brittney said, “it’s okay. I’d be offended if you didn’t have a boner right now. I mean, I’m naked and all.”

“So you aren’t weirded out at all?” Mikey asked bashfully.

“Mikey”, Brittney said in a more serious tone, “you are fully aware of what Zach and I spend a lot of our time together doing, right? And dad and I too for that matter. And Andrea and mom. Everybody.”

“Okay, you’re right,” Mikey said, “I’m not really used to all this yet.”

“I know, it’s cute, don’t worry,” Brittney smiled. “You know, if you want, you can ‘take care of that’ while we talk. I wouldn’t mind; in fact, I’d actually enjoy it.”

“‘Take care of it’? What do you mean?”

“You’ve never heard that expression before?” Brittney asked. “We all use it all the time. I’m saying you could jerk yourself off. I doubt you’d have any problem coming; you could look at me the whole time.” She squeezed her breasts together again causing Mikey’s stomach to lurch.

“Uh, yeah, about that,” Mikey said shyly, “I’ve never really jacked, err, jerked--”

“Either one works. Also what?” Brittney exclaimed, “I know you weren’t allowed to watch everything that much, but certainly you at least heard us all fucking before. Did that not make you horny?”

“It did, I guess I just didn’t know how.”

“You realize dad would have taught you. Any of us would have taught you. Hell, mom probably would have even showed you assuming you weren’t too much younger than you are now. Mom taught Andrea and I how to masturbate when we were twelve. Zach learned from one of his friends I think, but dad would’ve taught him in a heartbeat if he asked.”

“Yeah, I don’t really know why I didn’t ask,” Mikey said. “Uhm, do you wanna teach me?”

Brittney smiled and clapped her hands, causing her boobs to jiggle, “yes, oh my goodness I would love to. It’s really easy, and it’s a lot of fun. It’ll be the only thing you do for a while.”

Mikey smiled. He felt comfortable that Brittney was going to teach him this. “What do I do?”

“It’s so so easy, okay, so all you have to do is grab your dick like this”, she said, making the canonical ‘jerking off hand gesture’, “and just rub it up and down. You can squeeze harder or softer, whatever feels the best. If you’re really turned on, you’ll come really quickly. You know what coming is, right?”

“Yes, coming is having an orgasm and ejaculating.”

“Right. Well, if you’re not a man, then you usually don’t ‘ejaculate’, but yes, that’s correct.” Brittney said. “Go on Mikey, try it! But here,” she grabbed a bottle of hair conditioner, “put some of this on your hand. And let’s drain the water just a bit. Water makes for a horrible lubricant.”

“Alright,” Mikey said hesitantly. “Does it matter which hand I use?”

“No,” Brittney giggled, “it’s all personal preference. I’d start with your right hand since you’re right-handed, though.”

Mikey reached out with his right hand and Brittney squirted a healthy amount of conditioner into his hand. “Never use shampoo to do this, okay? Trust me on this one,” Brittney said.

Brittney was sitting with her feet in the water facing perpendicular to the long edge of the rectangular bathtub. She was turned such that her upper-body was facing Mikey. She made sure to squeeze her boobs together some; she wanted Mikey to have a nice view. She hadn’t decided how far she would go with him tonight. Part of her wanted to suck his cock and maybe even fuck him tonight, but she knew that it would be more fun for both of them if she took things slower. Besides, he wouldn’t really know what he was doing if he fucked her, not that she’d mind just riding him or otherwise doing all the work herself.

“My dick is really hard,” Mikey said, looking down at his pulsating member, “I can feel it, like, throbbing.”

Brittney was incredibly turned on. Mikey could not tell because she didn’t have her legs spread, but her pussy was extremely wet. She gazed hungrily at her brother’s throbbing dick. It wasn’t very big, but it was cute, and it certainly looked super hard. Besides, she thought she’d really enjoy sucking on his dick because she’d easily be able to fit it all in her mouth.

“You should probably start jacking off,” Brittney said. “Zach says that if his dick gets to the point where it’s throbbing before he even touches it, then he comes really hard. I bet you’ll be the same.”

Mikey nodded and took hold of his cock with his right, conditioner-covered hand. He slathered the makeshift lubricant all over his dick, coating it in nice, slippery layer. “Oh God,” Mikey said softly, “even that feels good.”

“Good,” Brittney smiled.

Mikey began to glide his hand up and down his shaft slowly, savoring the incredible feeling radiating from every movement. A small moan escaped his lips.

“Isn’t this fun?” Brittney asked. Her nipples were now rock-hard. Mikey had noticed then and was now looking at them unabashedly.

“Yes,” Mikey said, “your nipples look really hard.”

“They are,” Brittney said, reaching up to pinch them with her hands. She rolled each nipple between her thumb and forefinger of the corresponding hand, moaning slightly at how good it felt.

“Does that feel good?” Mikey asked, watching her. He was still stroking his cock slowly. It felt fantastic.

“Yes, my nipples are very sensitive,” Brittney replied, still playing with her’s. Not only did she enjoy the feeling, but she knew Mikey was loving the view. She wanted to offer one of her nipples for him to suck on, but she restrained herself, savoring all the sweet anticipation. “Why don’t you rub yourself faster? It’s fun for me to watch.”

“Okay,” Mikey said. He quickened his pace, the noise of his hand slipping up and down his cock filling the bathroom. He moaned loudly.

“Good boy,” Brittney said, “how does that feel?”

“Really good,” Mikey breathed, “it feels really really good.”

Brittney watched her little brother stroke his cock faster and faster. Beneath Mikey’s throbbing erection, his balls were bouncing with each pump of his fist. They were fairly large, and Mikey’s sack was, of course, smooth and hairless. Brittney watched them bounce up and down, wishing she was running her tongue over them, or perhaps sucking one or both of them in her mouth.

Mikey was stroking his cock madly now. The good feeling was getting more and more intense, and there was a tightening sensation in his balls. Brittney noticed his urgency, and she quickly said to him, “Mikey, stand up and come over by me. Don’t stop stroking your cock, though.”

Mikey groaned when he heard his sister say the word “cock”. He did as she said, standing up and walking over towards her, still pumping his cock. He didn’t quite know it, but he was about to come.

“Mikey, I want you to keep stroking your cock, but aim it at me,” Brittney said, pressing her tits together with her arms, “Aim it at my face and tits, okay?” She reached out and stroked Mikey’s thigh gently.

“Am I gonna come on you?” Mikey was so turned on his head was spinning.

“That’s the idea,” Brittney grinned.

He quickened his pace, sliding his hand up and down his cock. Brittney squeezed her boobs together and stuck her tongue out with a smile, looking forward to being covered in her thirteen-year-old brother’s cum. Mikey began to moan loudly, and Brittney knew that he was about to climax. She reached out with her right hand and took hold of Mikey’s balls, massaging them gently. This immediately sent Mikey over the edge. His cock because to pulse and spasm, and a big rope of thick, white cum erupted out of the head of his cock. Brittney massaged her brother’s balls, milking them. The first rope landed across her cheek. The second came shortly after, this time landing right on her tongue. Brittney’s stomach flipped, and she almost felt like she was almost about to come herself. Mikey’s cum tasted delicious. Brittney continued to massage Mikey’s balls as the third and forth ropes of cum erupted out, decorating Brittney’s nose, forehead, and cheeks. The fifth and final shot of cum landed on her tongue.

Mikey collapsed into the tub, exhausted and satisfied. That was the best he’d ever felt. Brittney slid down into the tub with him. She was beyond horny right now. Mikey watched her as she lifted each leg and draped it upon the edge of the tub. Brittney’s sopping-wet pusy was now on full display to her brother. Mikey’s mouth dropped and his cock began to harden again. He could see Brittney’s butthole just below her pussy, but her ass cheeks weren’t spread enough so he couldn’t quite get the view he wanted. Brittney had not yet swallowed Mikey’s semen. Instead, she savored the taste as she began to touch herself. She closed her eyes and rubbed her clit with her right hand while the left squeezed her breasts and rubbed her nipples. She slowly swallowed her brother’s load as she reached down with her left hand and began to fuck her pussy with her fingers. She focused on the feeling of her brother’s cum on her face as she wildly slid her fingers in and out of her pussy, rubbing her clit as she did so. She bucked her hips and moaned loudly. Mikey’s cock was completely hard again. He grabbed the hair conditioner, put some in his right hand, and then stood over Brittney. He began to pump his hand up and down his once-again throbbing cock. He wanted to cum all over his sister’s tits this time since he already plastered her face.

“Again already?” Brittney cooed, “you’re such a horny little boy.”

“You look so good with my cum all over your face,” Mikey groaned, stroking frantically.

“Thank you,” Brittney said, sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy, “having your cum on my face makes me incredibly horny.” She watched her brother stroke his prick. She was hungrily awaiting the next load of cum. She loved how Mikey’s balls bounced back and forth with each pump of his fist.

The two continued to pleasure themselves for one another’s audience, their moans filling the bathroom. Brittney fucked her pussy and rubbed her clit while her brother pleasured his cock, desperately trying to give his sister’s another load of cum.

Within two minutes, Mikey felt his balls begin to tighten again. “I think I’m gonna come again, Brittney,” Mikey moaned, practically in heaven with how good his cock felt.

“Come all over your sister,” Brittney moaned, “shoot more of your hot cum all over my body!”

Brittney’s command put Mikey over the edge. He began to buck his hips slightly as his balls unleashed rope after rope of cum. He aimed at his sister’s tummy and boobs, and the first rope of cum landed across her tits, covering her nipples. Brittney’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she began to climax as she felt her brother’s cum land on her tits, then her belly. She reached up with her left hand and began to rub the semen across her chest as she she rubbed her clit in a circular motion. Her back was arched and her toes were curled. She felt more and more of her brother’s cum land on her body as her orgasm tore through her. After covering Brittney with a whopping seven ropes of cum, Mikey sat back down in the tub. Brittney finished her climax and sat silently, basking in the afterglow of what was the best orgasm she’d had in months.

“Goodness your balls were full,” Brittney giggled, looking down at her chest and tummy. Both were covered in a large amount of cum, and her face still had the semen from Mikey’s first orgasm. “I hope you always come that much.”

“That was amazing,” Mikey said, out of breath, “I felt so good. Thank you for teaching me, Brittney.”

“My pleasure,” Brittney smiled at her little brother, “now let’s clean up and go tell mom and dad what just happened.”

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Nudest Household - Chapter 3 - Big Sister Teaches Little Brother how to Masturbate

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