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Creating a Monster ch4

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Lesbian, Female Domination

Author: Sexy Mommy

Published: 02 March 2018

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Chapter 4

The next few weeks started to settle down into a more ‘normal' routine. Haley had given me a list of rules I was to follow, as well as a few demands. She wanted her own credit card, and I wasn't to question her about purchases. I explained to her briefly we don't have an unlimited amount of money. She scolded me and inform me that she was aware of our situation and I shouldn't worry about it.

She gave me instructions on how to dress, for example underwear was not an allowed option for me, except when at work. My work attire was mostly my own choosing, outside of work I was to wear what she told me to, she seemed the dress me not in ways to provide a sexual excitement for her, but more to make me uncomfortable, as a way of showing her dominance over me. Skirts that were too short, too tight, or both. Dresses cut far too low, and heels that would make a stripper blush. Much of the time when dressed to her criteria, I felt like a well paid call girl. I think it was the inappropriate nature of it that gave me a rush.

And Soon she moved into my bedroom, she allowed me to stay but she made it clear in all aspects of our life she was in control. When we were out in public she behaved like a daughter should, just on the surface. She would say “yes mommy”, and “no mommy” but when we were in private it was a different story.

Our typical day would start out something like this; She would usually wake up, roll over to me in the bed, then she would start to nurse off me. No my breasts were not productive, but its something she enjoyed for a few minutes every morning, and I loved it. I was to let her do it, and not complain. No complaints. After a few minutes she would decide it was time to move on to the next thing, and she would gently but firmly push my head down under the sheets, and I knew I was to go and perform on her. I would lick her and suck from her tiny clit, until such time is she would have her orgasm, and then she would get up to start her day. Haley didn't satisfy me very often anymore, only if I was good and asked her nicely would she, mostly I was left to pleasuring myself while I satisfied her.

While Haley showered and got ready for school, I would get dressed. Getting dressed in the morning for her meant wearing something that would be considered highly provocative and all together too revealing. Some shear baby doll, or maybe a shapely teddy with stocking, and I would go down and make breakfast. Breakfast should be ready for her when she came downstairs, she wanted breakfast ready, and I needed to serve it. I would serve her, make her lunch, and then send her off to school. I was then left to get myself ready for work. After work I would come home, Haley would already be home from school. I was required to go change my clothes, again something not appropriate for public, I could wear perhaps a merry widow with stockings and heels this time. I would then make dinner, help her with her homework if she asked, and essentially be at her call. For the rest of the evening she would usually watch one of her TV shows on the couch while I kneeled in front of her, licking at her pussy.

She seem to enjoy this most, where I would gently make long strokes with my tongue along her slit, not really pushing her to a climax. She seemed to enjoy just having me serving her for a longer period of time. This could go on for half an hour or more, depending on what she was watching that evening. Her laying back on the couch, me on my knees on the floor in front of her. At some point in time, when she decided she was ready to get herself off, she would flip the TV input to the disc player, where some porn movie would be ready to play. This is where she would start to get nasty with me, calling me names, like her slut mommy, telling me I needed to eat her babies cunt better, telling me how nasty I was for enjoying sucking her baby clit, and what a pervert I was for pushing my tongue in her tiny ass. And she was right about all of it. At night, she liked to grab the hair on the sides of my head, hold my mouth firmly against her cunt, and start thrusting up and down on my face, I would simply stick my tongue out firmly into her slit, while she rubbed her clit up and down on it. By the time she got to this point she was usually only a few minutes away from her fairly significant orgasm. Her body would shake, and her hips would thrust her pelvis in uncontrollable spasms at my mouth. She would moan, and quiver, and eventually using two hands of my red hair, pull my face with all her strength in to her cunt. And then as she came down from her orgasmic state, she would make a few little mewing kitten sounds everytime her clit rubbed across my tongue.

The next thing of any real interest that occurred was probably 2 weeks after our initial event. She came home with a small design that had been drawn on the piece of paper. It was a heart with what looked kind of like a ying Yang symbol in the middle, except instead of the two parts it was three interlocking parts. The heart was red and the symbol was done in a gold tone. Not a bad looking design “its very nice”, I told her not knowing what she wanted me to say or do with it.

“I'm glad you like it,” Haley told me “it's going to be your new tattoo.”

Shock certainly would have described the way I felt at that moment. I did a fairly good job of hiding it, but not entirely.

“Relax,” Haley told me “you're going to get it toward the back of your neck, behind your left ear. Your hair will cover it completely, and no one who doesn't need to see it will ever see it.”

Two days later I had a new tattoo. I had feared the pain, 1000 needle Pricks might actually hurt, and it did. But it wasn't nearly as bad as I had heard. When I was in the chair, leaning forward to get it done, every little poke of the needle got me more excited, knowing my master was making me do this was a little thrill, knowing that my master was also my daughter, that was a huge thrill. A couple of days afterwards, and it felt like any other part of me. I didn't totally understand the purpose of the tattoo, other than assuming it must have been her way of marking me as her property, again her behavior seemed to border more on dominance, rather than arousal most of the time. And the truth was I liked it, I loved being marked as hers, I loved that I was made to have it done, it thrilled me to submit to her.

This is how things went, our life had become somewhat routine, until the next big scare for me. The big scares usually came from some social situation, not knowing how Haley was going to act, whether she could maintain appropriate behavior was frightening. The whole reason I was her submissive, I was her slut mommy, was because she held over me the possibility jail, I could go away for a long time. But if she acted improperly in one of these social situations, I could end up in the same position, whether I did as I was told or not. The next of these events the end of quarter parent teacher conferences at her school. We made our appointment and had our time set to go to school in the early evening. I was again told how to dress, slightly more appropriate than normal outerwear for her, the dress was longer but very tight, the heels were very tall, the stockings very sheer, and the bra very absent.

When we got to the school, Haley acted as Haley should. She went and spoke with some of her friends, friends who I knew fairly well, and after meeting with her teacher, discussing her academic progress, which was typically excellent, I went in with her friends mothers, who I also knew fairly well from our time spent over the years. Haley's first friend Madison's mother is Melanie, she is a doll of a woman. She was a few inches shorter than me, and anything she might lack in the way of being pretty, was made up for by being the cutest person you have ever met. She has a fantastic, bubbly personality, eyes that sparkle when she smiled, chestnut brown hair, and was just a delight to be around. That fact that she had curves to die for was also a benefit. Her second friend, Jessica’s mother was Allison, a tall blonde, maybe an inch or so taller than me, with straight blonde hair pulled back in a nice ponytail. She was more athletic built then curvy, angular and lean, she was striking. And perhaps the most outstanding legs ever seen, strong, but still with softness. Many (most) parents didn't like Allison. As I found out later, Allison was incredibly shy at first, well this shyness came across sometimes as stuck up and snooty. She was very reluctant to speak to people she didn't know well. I found out about this, and once in her confidence, she was very friendly. So the three of us talked, with our daughters playing and giggling, talking and telling Jessica's brother to go away. He was a year younger than her, and thought he should be in every part of her life. After about 15 minutes or so, conferences were over and it was time to go. The girls were back to us, so I gave Melanie a hug, telling her I would seen her soon, and how much I wanted to get together. Then went over gave Allison a hug as well, and that's where my heart skipped a beat, actually seemed to stop momentarily, as I looked at Allison, I noticed a red heart tattoo behind her left ear just like mine.

As I pulled away from her, in some ways it was as though a vail have been lifted from my eyes. As I looked at Melanie and Allison I realized they were dressed in a very similar fashion to me, in semi inappropriate attire for a school function like this, and I knew Allison didn't work so this wasn't office attire worn in a haste to school.

The drive home was bit of a daze, trying to assimilate what I had just seen.

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Creating a Monster ch4

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