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Family Album

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cheating

Author: SuperOrganism

Published: 02 March 2018

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Family Album

I saw this in a movie once and I always wanted to do it, but the guy from the movie, he had cancer. He wanted to do a video album of his life and what he went through dealing with the battle of cancer and it was an incredibly sad story. It drove me to tears. It was really really sad. I said I was gonna do the same.

Hey, No! Mind you, I don't have cancer and I'm never gonna get cancer and neither are you gonna get cancer. Do you believe in God? Then say amen.

So, this is a very simple thing. What I do is... I actually don't do anything. Am I just a wannabe director who also shot movies or maybe documentaries? No, really. I decided to do this thing where I set my camera, video myself and talk to whoever is watching about my family. My 'Christian' family.

I have a very interesting family. From time to time we throw parties, not the kind of wild, unholy parties where some drunk lady took her shirt off and there was usually a transgender around the corner. Sorry, I was talking about the kind of parties I usually ended up in. I should be talking about the kind of parties my dad and mom like to organize even when there is nothing really going on. They love dinner parties, you know, where all the members of the extended family come together and have a good time. It is often quiet and everyone leaves before midnight.

My mom is an ex-beauty queen. A very beautiful woman just in her mid-forties with a stunning body. My dad is an ex-civil servant who worked with the government. After he was done in over twenty years the only thing he could boast about were two houses he built over eighteen years. At least he never took a bribe, ever. He was a man of faith and he tried to bring up his family in the way of God.

The most interesting part of my family that you have to know about are my extended family members. Interesting people — Aunt Lara. In three years she had five marriages and in the fourth marriage, the wedding ceremony lasted longer than the marriage itself. She's incredible and in her mind, she's a size eight. No, she's not. She is almost obsessed. Like if she was on the Titanic, it would have sunk before reaching open waters and hitting the iceberg. But what happens if she meets the one and only admirable aunt Molly. Then when these two meet, it's drama all the while. The whole time is gonna be incredible, supernatural drama.

"Hello," aunt Molly said to aunt Lara once at a dinner party, "it's okay. It's alright. I know what's going through your mind right now. Hmm. Surprised? Shocked? Confused? I'm much slimmer than you now. Come on let it out. Scream."


And boy did she scream that night. My dad came running down the stairs, sweating profusely, in his boxer shorts and a shotgun with mom's panties dangling around his ankle unknowingly to him. It was incredible drama.

I remember one time when my cousin, Thelma, introduced her lover to the whole family when we were having dinner.

"Alex is here." She vibrated with excitement.


"Yes!" She quickly opened the front door and Alex walked in.

Immediately everyone was quiet. Now, I've got nothing against lesbians. In fact, if my girlfriend was a lesbian and gave me a blowjob every morning, that's great. The problem was that it was a Christian family and everyone got some sort of achievement for doing some kind of Godly deed and it promoted the family name and legacy. It was a tradition that I really didn't care about but had to do it.

"Hey everyone," Alex was beaming.

I thought Thelma knew how to pick them because Alex was a solid ten. After I saw her breasts peeking out of her top, the little man in my pants agreed with me.

"This is Alex," Thelma put her arm around Alex's waist, "Alex, meet my family."

Nobody said anything.

"It looks like I came at the wrong time?" Alex laughed nervously. "Well, hi."

Thelma started kissing her and everyone closed their eyes or looked away. Not me and certainly not my little man.

Regardless, it was my older sister's wedding that Friday and everyone, even friends had come for the ceremony. Of course, they had to, it was Oprah who was getting married and who wouldn't want to see her smile. She was the pride of the family and her beauty was radiant. Oprah was like the younger version of my mom with the blonde hair, pink lips, deep blue eyes and everything. You know, your average Barbie, girl next door type of girl. My dad had to let her marry someone at some point.

"Can't you be more like your sister?" He would often say to me. "She has never told a lie once in her life." Then he'd be like, "Are you a virgin, Julian? Because she is and she's twenty-five!"

I was twenty and she was twenty-five. Oprah was getting married to a certain gentleman of leisure. He said he was Italian, but spoke German or was it the other way around. One thing was sure though, he was rich with just enough money to buy a small subcontinent. It was his family fortunes though. Everyone thought Oprah had done it again. I thought so too and boy did she strike gold. I was in a beautiful uncanny relationship with a sweet sweet girl. We'll come to that later.

"As a token of my love."

"I take you."

"As my husband."

"From this day forward."

"In love."

"And in truth."

"In sickness."

"And in health."

"To love."

"And to honor."

"Till death do us part."

Those were the vows Oprah and Antonio made to each other. Is it weird that I remember that? I think it is. Antonio was the rich smug my sister was marrying. I saw my parents hold hands and look at each other with a beaming smile as Antonio kissed their daughter on the altar. They kissed for like five minutes. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it was a long time before they stopped. They got married that afternoon and the big reception was going to happen at the family mansion in the evening. I mean my house, where I lived, it was a really big house.

Believe me when I say it was a big reception. Screaming swarms of children ran through the house as bubbles floated in the air and balloons drifted around aimlessly on the floor among the discarded wrapping paper. Multi-colored banners were draped on the top of each door. A stack of unopened presents stood in the corner of the large living room, wrapped in smooth shiny wrapping paper. A huge cake covered in thick white icing and decorated with tiny pink roses sat in the middle of the table surrounded by brightly colored bowls that were filled with appetizing snacks. A jug of brightly colored juice had been knocked over and formed a puddle on the floor. A small girl sat in the well-kept garden outside, a big blue flower girl badge was pinned on her bright pink dress. Tears streamed down her face as she screamed until she caught her parents' attention.

"Atlanta Falcons are a good team," said uncle Gregg, "I mean they could have won that game."

"What are you talking about?" Asked uncle Paul, "You are talking as if Jacksonville Jaguars didn't dominate that game. Atlanta Falcons didn't make it to the final four—I mean the top four both last year and this year and you still rate them over New Orleans Saints."

"Listen, it was pure luck that the Jaguars got to the quarter-final."

"See him, talking about luck."

"I will agree to that." My dad said.

"You're agreeing to luck?"

"Yes. To be fair with you, most key players of Atlanta Falcons were out of the league, so how would you expect them—"

"Gentlemen," uncle Gregg cut in, "I'm not backing anyone here, but that is no excuse for Atlanta Falcons poor form. What need to be addressed is the capability of the coach."

"No, no, no, is it the coach who's playing on the field or the actual players?"

My mom shook her head as she walked passed the three men who were arguing about football. She walked into the kitchen to check how the cooking was coming along. The guests would be arriving soon and she wanted everything and everyone to be ready.

"Is everything okay?" Mrs. Greenfield asked when my mom walked into the kitchen.

"Fine." She placed her hands on Mrs. Greenfield's shoulder. "Very fine."

"This isn't the face you carry around when your daughter just got married."

"Don't mind me. I'm only worried that the men will get themselves drunk before the party begins."

"Forget about them. They're in a world of their own." Mrs. Greenfield was sorting out the dishes and pacing about the kitchen. "Men are so insensitive. Instead of them taking charge and see to it that everything runs smoothly, they're talking about God knows what."

"Football." Mom said plainly.

"At least, they aren't talking about young girls. Forget about them. Our food is ready."

"Good. You know what? I think I'll need my strength for tonight."

"I can understand that." Mrs. Greenfield set the dishes down on the counter and cleaned them one by one. "I'm really happy for you. Oprah made an excellent choice."

Mom smiled. "Don't they look good together?"


"In fact, you should have seen them at the courthouse. I cried my eyes out."

"Awwwnn. I can't wait for such an experience. Tim is getting married soon."

"Wow. He was sucking on your breasts just yesterday and now he's a man of his own. I wish Julian was serious. That boy is glued to his petty directing work, he doesn't have an eye for anything."

"That's good. It's better than being a skirt chaser or a drunk."

"I suppose so." Mom sighed. "But honestly, Isn't this what you're hoping for? To see our children settle down and get married."

"Maybe there's something we could do. Set him up with some nice girl from church. Maybe Martha for example."

Mom laughed a bit.

Dad was still with uncle Paul and uncle Gregg. "Friends, today reminds me, being a special day, the day I first proposed to my beautiful wife. You know where?"

"No." Said uncle Paul and uncle Gregg in unison.

"At a small lake where we got baptized near Centennial Olympic Park."

They were all laughing when I walked down the stairs. I was headed to the front door to welcome Katherine, Thelma's younger sister. She was a little younger than me and we got along just fine.

"Julian!" Uncle Paul called me and I walked over to where they were sitting. "Come on, pal."

"We've not seen you today. I mean the whole day."

"Right. I'm just gonna put things in place before the guests come." I said.

"Why don't you like to associate yourself with the old men?"

"I wish I could, but uhm..."

"We're not so old." Everyone was laughing and I managed to let out a small chuckle.

"Leave that for the women to handle. It's their Christmas." Uncle Gregg said. "Come and have a drink with us."


"Oh, come on Julian." My dad had one of those disappointed look he often gave me. "Don't you disgrace me. Have a little bit of it."

I should probably say that it wasn't whiskey or any form of alcohol they were drinking. It wasn't allowed in the house unless there was a party. They were holding cans of Redbull in their hands and eating homemade cookies. It was the closest thing to actual drinking and having manly conversations without committing a sin.

"Okay. That's enough, that's enough." I told uncle Gregg and he stopped pouring Redbull into a glass before giving it to me.

"You have done a bad job here, Stan." He told my dad.

After that unnecessary occurrence, I went to meet Katherine at the front door. She can sometimes be shy even among her family members, but not around me. We got along just fine probably because I was the only one of her cousins close to her age. She was a pretty redhead, a very pretty girl. She had small pale pink lips and l really loved looking into her hazel eyes whenever I could. Her soft, olive body was petite but seductively curvaceous.

"Hi," Katherine's face lit up when I opened the door.

"Where's your mom and everyone else?"

"Thelma is arguing with mom again."

"About Alex?"

"Yes. Can we stop talking and go to your room?"

I led her upstairs and into my room. She was sitting on the bed, head down and fiddling with her fingers. I couldn't tell if she was just being shy or expecting something from me. I sat beside her, put my arms around her and kissed her lips softly. Remember that beautiful uncanny relationship I was in? Well, this was it.

Katherine and I had not confessed, so we didn't really know how things were between us. We just had fun together, with our bodies. The truth was the messed up relationship we had, began two years ago. I was her senior and maths tutor. The whole family would have dinner at our house almost every Friday night and sleep there until the next morning before going away the following evening. Katherine would always stay in my room, away from everyone else.

Since Katherine was always by herself, I tried to help her. I tried to become her friend, probably I became the only friend she had. But Katherine was curious and this time, curiosity didn't kill the Kat, it stole her virginity and it was a good thing for her. Because I was a lonely, often horny teenager, it was fire, set, and match. We crossed a certain line.

Did I say I was lonely? I should really check my words. No, I wasn't exactly lonely in every sense of the word. Personal beauty and a certain amount of sex appeal ran in the family. I mean the whole extended family except for my Grandaunt Koker who was an old annoying hag. I didn't like her very much. She always made me — I really shouldn't say. So, personal beauty, not to brag, but I was the most stand out guy in school when it came to masculine attraction and that made me popular. I could get any pretty girl I wanted. Something about my rugged smile that makes girls flutter inside with genuine excitement.

"Are we doing this now?" Katherine asked me after we stopped kissing.

"Yeah. Why not?"

"Um, a full house?" She folded her lips but looked me directly in the eyes.

"Yeah, so?"

"Remember the last time? Someone almost walked in on us." She looked at the door and back into my eyes. "I see you still haven't fixed the lock on the door. I told you to do it or do you want us to get caught?"

"Doesn't that turn you on?" I kissed her but she resisted.

"Fix the lock, Julian."

I reached for the scotch tape on the drawer and walked to the door. I made sure it was closed properly. It couldn't lock anymore and anytime I tried to fix it, something usually came up. So, I draped the scotch tape over the threshold multiple times. I didn't really care, I just wanted to have sex with Katherine who wasn't in the mood to take off her shirt. I took mine off and turned to look at her. I knew my abs would give a kick to her libido. She couldn't resist. No matter how hard she tried to look away, she looked back at me and I smiled menacingly at her. I had caught my little prey, my little Kat.

"Come here," I ordered as smoothly as I could.

She came to me like a little, lost pup, her face was a few inches from mine, but she was unwilling to look me in the eyes. One of the reasons I loved Katherine was that she could be easily subdued. It was easy to make her a slave to her own sexual urges. I didn't know if it was my well-chiseled physique or the fact that she was barely eighteen and I was twenty. Was she attracted to older guys? Many girls her age had already grown breasts, I mean like matured Yorkshire puddings. Katherine had breasts but the kind of breasts that formed a small lump on her chest through her shirt. They weren't big but just perky enough for someone to notice there was something there.

"Take off your shirt."

She took off her top and the next second, it was crumpled on the floor. She wasn't wearing any bra as usual. I felt her rubbing my abs and I put my arms around her waist. Katherine couldn't have a lot of boob action going on, but she made up for it a lot with her seemingly ample bum. Note seemingly. She had chameleon-like ass cheeks; under the right circumstances and in the proper tight denim pants or shorts, her bum became inflated. She was magical like that.

I pulled her close to my body so her breasts were mashed against my bare chest. She felt warm. I heard her sigh lightly and she relaxed against me. We were like that for half a minute before I started kissing and nibbling her neck then she started breathing heavily and moaning softly.

"Will you suck my cock for me?" I whispered in her ear.

She squatted, her face in front of my crotch, she unzipped my pants, fished out my penis and put it in her mouth. Katherine started sucking on my sausage like it was an actual sausage or lollipop. Her mouth felt warm and as her tongue wrapped around my shaft like a snake, I pushed myself further into her mouth. Katherine was one of those teenage girls who stuck their tongues out whenever they took a selfie with their phone and believe me, she had a really long tongue. She does this thing with it where it curls like macaroni. Now imagine her tongue around my penis.

As she bobbed her head slowly and her spit bathed my shaft until she started drooling a bit. I thought she could do more and she must have thought so too and then she started taking me inside her mouth slowly until her nose touched my pubic. When the tip of my penis hit the back of her throat, she gagged and quickly recoil away from my penis and drooled a pool of saliva on the floor.

When she caught her breath she asked, "Have you been taking those penis enlargement pills again?"

"I thought you got rid of them."

"I did," she touched my shaft with her cheek like she was measuring its length, "but your cock is longer and much veinier since the last time I saw it and that was two weeks ago when it fitted in my mouth properly."

Her lips were wrapped around my penis once more and she started sucking. She used one hand to undo her jean shorts and used her fingers to play with her vagina through her wet panties.

"I think I'm losing circulation," I groaned.

She wrapped her other hand around my shaft and pulled me out of her mouth. Katherine started jerking me easily because her saliva lubricated the friction between my shaft and her palm. She pushed my penis so the tip was looking up at me and then she fondled my balls before licking my shaft from bottom to top. She stood up, her shorts dropping on the floor, and we started kissing all the while she was stroking my cock.

My palms were placed firmly on her ass cheeks. When I lifted her up off the ground, she clasped her slender legs around my waist. I was strong and I was able to hold her body in the air when she started grinding her pelvis against me. My cock was pressed between our sweaty bodies and she must have felt my sticky precum on the smooth flesh of her stomach.

I carried her to the bed and laid her on her back. I kissed her lovingly and stopped to look into her eyes. Her fingers were caressing my nape gently and my wrist brushed her nipple as I ran my fingers down her body and into her panties. She had leaked a lot of juice down there and I loved it.

"Julian," she moaned, "I want to tell you something."

"What's that, baby girl?"

"Fuck! Never mind."

At this moment, my middle and index fingers were inside her and it would have been hard to have a normal conversation because all of her was already saying one thing. The lower parts of our bodies were laced together and the musky aura of our sweat filled the entire room.

Remember she said she wanted to tell me something? Put a pin on that, we'll come back to it later.

I brought my fingers out of her sex and tasted her. She always tasted like sour grapefruit. It was bittersweet in my mouth and I couldn't get enough of it — enough of her. She brought her hands around my cock and lined it in front of her dripping pussy. She smeared her juice around her lips with the tip of my cock. I pumped my hips forward in one swift motion and invaded the inner depth of her womanhood.

"Ughn..." She cried with pleasure, placing her hands on my firm buttocks and pulling me deeper.

As I started pumping my hips, I could hear a loud cheer in the background, outside my room. Obviously, something was going on out there, but I didn't really care. I probably should have, but I didn't.

"Julian, fuck me... fuck me harder."

"Yes, ma'am."

My hips were moving rapidly like a bunny humping its mate and the bed began to squeak. All Katherine could do was wail as she dug her nails into my back. I kissed and licked the sweat off her neck and brought my lips to meet hers. Katherine let me put my tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it.

I was somewhere, lost in the universe when I felt a hand touch my back softly. It wasn't Katherine's and that scared me, my prick almost went limp. Someone else was in the room. Katherine opened her eyes when I stopped fucking her to see what was going on. She gasped in fear and I turned around to see a ghostly figure standing beside the bed and I almost urinated inside Katherine's pussy.

Katherine and I had been caught committing incest. It was all over then and there. I was going to find a gun and blow my brains out and go to hell if it would save me from the unbearable and ultimate shame and social odium.

"Num-num, did you take a shower? Why are you so wet? And what's that strong disgusting smell?" My grandmother's hand was still on my back.

"Um... I uh... Yes," I stuttered, "I took a shower."

"Then you didn't take a proper one because you smell awful," she sniffed. "Is that Katherine's perfume I smell? Is she here?"

"Yes, grandmother!" Katherine's voice automatically became high pitched and nervous. "I'm here."

Now I know you must be wondering what the actual fuck is going on. Is she blind? Does she not see the sin her grandchildren were committing? My grandmother was actually a blind, seventy-three-year-old widow. She had trained her other senses well enough, she didn't need a walking stick to help her find her way around the house.

Grandmother stood over me and Katherine like a phantom. Her grey locks framing her wrinkled face and her pale eyes were looking up at the ceiling. "Shannon and her husband are here with their baby, Christopher. You should come and say hi. You, too, Katherine."

My little man had a mind of its own. Somehow it had hardened again, ready to finish what it had started, still inside Katherine's unsatisfied pussy. I spontaneously started pumping my hips slowly and Katherine contorted her eyebrows and gave me a stupid look which I smiled at.

"Are you mad?" She mouthed.

"Julian?" The old woman standing over us called.

"Yes, Grandma." I gyrated my hips and pushed myself deeper into Katherine's pussy. "Katherine and I will come down to meet aunt Shannon and her baby."

"Hmm. Katherine, what are you doing in Julian's room? Shouldn't you be with your parents?"

"I um.. He's uh—"

"I'm helping her with her toast for Oprah." I chirped in.

"That's so sweet and thoughtful, Katherine." Grandma moved slowly across the big and messy room and sat down on the sofa. "Maybe when both of you are done, you can help me down the stairs and we welcome Shannon and her baby together."

Grandma was completely oblivious to what was I was doing to her granddaughter or what her granddaughter was doing to me in return. Her presence meant that we had to do what we were doing as quiet as we could. Grandma left the door wide open, but it was no problem because everyone was downstairs. They must have been talking about the new member of the family — Christopher.

Just to be safe though, Katherine and I went under the sheets. I started kissing and fondling her breasts and she nibbled her lower lip, concealing any escaping moans of ecstasy. I put her nipple in my mouth and sucked. She held me against her in a tender embrace as her fingers combed my hair.

"I'm so fucking turned on right now." I could feel her warm breath whisper in my ear.

I let her nipple fall from my lustful lips. "You weren't turned on before?"

"I was," she said as quiet as she could, "but doing it right under Grandma's nose."

"You disrespectful, little minx."

My cock was inside her once more as I started kissing her. I put myself in and out of her ever so gently making sure the bed wasn't squeaking like before but our love organs were making a wet squishy sound. She held my lower lip and bit it lightly, pulling and sucking on it lustfully just as lustfully as her vagina milked my stiff prick. After all the times we had sex, Katherine's pussy still felt tight like the first time. It was special and it did this thing where it ejaculated a small flow of girl cum every now and then. Sometimes it squirted when I hammered away and other times like this moment, it just seeped out.

"Why are you whispering?" Grandma asked. "Is it supposed to be a surprise? Should I leave?"

"No... Grandma, I'm cumming!" Katherine wrapped her legs around my waist and her hands clasped around my neck. She held me tightly against her body as she began to convulse. My cock was firm inside her pussy.

"Are you almost done?"

"Shit! Shit! Fuck!" Katherine cursed under her breath.

"You came already?" I asked her softly. "Wow. You're so horny."

"Did I tell you to stop fucking me?"

I started pumping my hips slowly, increasing my pace steadily until the bed started squeaking again. Our bodies were hot with sex and being under the sheets made us sweat like a Thanksgiving turkey in the oven. I stuck my tongue out and licked her cleavage up to her neck and I kissed her lips possessively. She was mine and there was no denying it. When we broke the kiss, I bit her sweaty neck. Not a light nibble, but an actual bite. The pain was obvious and the pleasure overwhelmed her so much so that she started shedding tears. Her nails dug into my back once more.

"What's going on? Julian? Katherine?"

We kept boning away it was almost like no one was in the room. We had even forgotten about the door that was wide open. Suddenly, I started hearing footsteps approaching the bed. I poked my head out of the sheets to see Grandma walking towards me and Katherine.

Not realizing what was happening, Katherine started nibbling my neck and whispering in my ear for me to bone her harder. I did. I couldn't stop. Her pussy felt so good around my shaft. Instead of leaping off the bed and jumping out the window in fear of being discovered by my grandmother, I pounded harder into Katherine's vagina. Each thrust of my hips more powerful than the last.

"I'm cumming... Grandma, I'm cumming!" Katherine cried out.

"Okay," the old woman searched the room with her fingers, craving for a feel of the bodies of her two grandchildren, "but, where are you?"

That was when Katherine realized that her grandmother had stood up from the sofa. I saw the old woman standing a few feet away from the bed.

"Again?" I mouthed and Kim nodded her head. Her tender cheeks had turn blush red.

I felt her whole body shake and convulse like it did earlier. I wasn't far away from my impending orgasm. I started feeling lightheaded. I couldn't reason anymore and then a familiar tingle travel to my cock from my brain. I was jerking like a madman when I shot three seeds into Kim's pussy and then I rested my head on her cleavage. I could hear her heart pump blood faster than normal as her chest heaved and fell.

Grandma was almost inconspicuous and it was like a whole minute before she actually said "Are you through? Julian? Katherine?"

I rolled off Katherine's body and quietly walked around the room, searching for my long lost abandoned clothes. I wiped my penis clean with a small piece of rag before covering my nakedness. I watched Katherine's nude bum sway and disappear behind the door leading to the bathroom.

"Come on, Grandma," I put my arm around my grandmother's shoulders, "I'll walk you down the stairs."

Now, I can't tell you about my family without actually telling you about my family like who's related to who and how. Let's talk about the family tree. My Grandma, Mrs. Hamilton, was the blind voyeur in the room. Well, not exactly a voyeur; she didn't really know what was going on. She married Mr. Hamilton, my Grandpa who died when I was fourteen. He was a gentle fellow and interestingly enough, he was also blind. My Grandma had a direct younger sister, Mrs. Koker.

My Grandpa had five children with my Grandma. A girl and four boys. Shannon, Gregg, Stan, Jeremy, and Paul. Respectively, Shannon was the first child and Paul came last. Each sibling was older than the next with only a year, but Paul was the youngest so he wasn't older than anyone. Shannon married Collins and they had just recently become parents. Gregg married my fat Aunt Lara and they had two lovely daughters and a son. Stan, my dad, married my mom, Abigail and they had two kids, Oprah and yours truly. Jeremy married a beautiful French MILF, Monica. Thelma and Katherine were born. Paul married Molly and they bore two plumply adorable little twin girls. That's about it, my extended family. Mercedes and Courtney were two of Oprah's best friends and former classmates in high school. They were practically members of the family because everyone knew everything there was to know about them.

After Grandma and I greeted aunt Shannon and her baby, I entered the kitchen. I hadn't eaten any solid food all day and I had just spent a reasonable amount of energy boning Katherine. The food smelled delicious. I thought the women had done a great job. We had maids, but it was the women who did all the cooking whenever the family came together. One of the maids was coming out of the storage room at the back when I walked in. My mom and my aunt Molly stood in front of the counter dishing prepared filet mignon with green beans in a plate and Mrs. Greenfield was sorting out the kitchen utensils.

"Are you alright?" Mom asked me as ransacked the fridge.

"I'm perfect. I just need something to quench the inferno in my stomach."

"And you," Aunt Molly said, "when are you getting married?"

"Marriage?" I snorted, "please spare me the agony."

"It's about time you found a girl to get serious with. Make your mom happy."

"Mommy is already happy. My only sister has completely lost her mind. She's getting married."

"This one is just hopeless," mom shook her head in discontent, "all he does is flirt around."

I helped myself with a refreshing can soda and collected one of those giant slices of pizza, oozing with tangy tomato sauce, melty mozzarella, and slabs of pepperoni. I folded the whole thing in half and gently fed it to my face. As I walked out of the kitchen I bumped into Courtney, spilling half my soda on her and soiling her green tank top.

I was about to say something before she cut me off, "Just shut it!" She stared me down. Well, I was almost five inches taller than her so she was angrily looking up at me. "Can your eyes send a signal to your brain for your legs to move so I can pass?"

"Did you know that aggression is the first cardinal sign of depression?"

"Why am I even talking to you?! I promised myself I'll stop talking to toddlers."

"Really? I guess I'm six. Why don't you go back to school and get the real definition of a toddler?"

"You are the most! Most!—"

"There's one more thing you need to know, I—"

"Just shut it!"

I wondered why Oprah kept her around. She was always dictatorial about everything she involved herself in. I wasn't particularly fond of her, but she always got in my way even when I tried to avoid her. Describing her in a single word, she was a bitch, but a fine, slender bitch with a great rack. Courtney had this big gravity-defying boobs and she never hid it. She always wore a revealing tank top whenever she was around the house.

I left the kitchen and entered my room.

Courtney walked up to my mom and said: "Mrs. Hamilton, the makeup lady, she's here already."

"Just tell her I'll be right there."

After Courtney told the makeup lady what my mom said, she entered Oprah's room and opened her closest. She held the helm of her top and pulled it over her head. Her bra did little to cup her breasts. Okay, I know I wasn't there, but just let me tell the story how I imagined it.

Courtney wore one of Oprah's yellow halter tops, the one with polka dots around it. Oprah and Courtney stood 5'7" with the same body frame. One of the major different attributes of their bodies were Courtney's breasts. I really can't stop talking about them, can I? So, anyway, Courtney wearing Oprah's top meant that Courtney's chest would have been the first place any teenage boy or lesbo would look.

Mercedes walked exhaustedly into the room and dropped her baggage on the floor before letting herself fall freely on the bed.

Courtney turned to look at her, "You're late."

"You're getting dressed already?"

"No. Oprah wants a second opinion on her looks."

"It's only a dinner. Tell her she looks good in anything."

Courtney put her hands on her waist and gave Mercedes a stern look that inaudibly said she was stupid.

"Okay," Mercedes sighed, "sorry."

Evening came eventually and the sky was cupped with an orange shine from the setting sun. The beautiful love garden where the dinner was to take place was decorated gracefully. Colorful strobe lights painted the trimmed hedges. The chairs and round tables covered with white tablecloths were arranged randomly, but properly and uniformly spaced apart. Each table contained three to four chairs. A big, red love cushion where Oprah and her husband would sit was on the far end of the stage. Adjacent to the stage was the buffet.

I was upstairs in the den when my dad met me. "Julian, why are you not dressed up? Look at the time." He said urgently. "The guests are already seated. Where's your mom?"

"I think she's in upstairs somewhere."

I dragged my body upstairs and ran into my mom in the hallway. "Julian! Don't tell me you haven't dressed yet."

"I'm about to go and take a shower." I admired her long red dinner gown that hugged her beautiful hourglass figure. "Hold on, mom, are you the one getting married?"

She smiled and twirled elegantly, delighting me with her stylish appearance and scenting ambiance. "Naughty boy."

We laughed. I went into my room and she went downstairs. I started dressing up after I took a shower. While I was knotting my black tie, my phone rang on the bed.

"Hey," I answered and leaned against the dresser.

"How's everything?" Oprah's voice called softly from my phone.

"Everything is fine except for your witch friend. Listen, I really don't appreciate certain things she does. What I'm saying is that—"

"Shhh... Don't let her get under your skin, at least, not tonight."

There was something angelic about my sister, she would do and say things in a way that soothed me but at the same time made me want to please her. "Alright, fine."

"I'm scared about tonight and excited at the same time, Julian."

"Let me give you some tips. I'm sure the problem is with you. Naturally, women emit something called pheromones. Now, pheromones are supposed to give your husband a strong sexual desire. If that didn't work for him then there's something wrong somewhere."

"What are you talking about?"

"I thought we were talking about the wedding night. You know, when the both of you get physical."

"No! Oh God, no."

"It's not?"

"Yes. I gotta go. We're almost at the house." She hung up.

The door slowly opened and Mercedes walked into my room. She was wearing a white sundress with floral designs. She walked seductively to where I was with a mysterious and an unholy grin on her face, her big brown eyes were seductively fixated on mine. She turned around so her back was facing me and then she pulled her auburn hair over her shoulder, out of the way to reveal the smooth tanned skin of her bare back to me and I noticed the unfastened zipper.

She could have just said I should help her with her zipper, but instead had to put on a small show for me. She was a naughty tease, that girl. Mercedes was the shortest and my favorite of all Oprah's friends. She would always tease me whenever she could. I didn't mind because I was actually into it. I fastened the zipper and brushed the small dirt off the strap of her dress.


"That's fine." She blew me a kiss and left.

Soft music was being played by the orchestras outside in the garden as some guests took their seats while others greeted each other. I noticed a particular man, there was something off about his character. He was big, strong, and had dark skin. I had never seen him before. He was sitting at the far end corner, away from the crowd of invited friends, minding his business with a glass of red wine. The strange man occasionally eyed my mom with disdain and scorn.

Oprah and Antonio, her husband, held hands as they walked to the front gate. They could hear waltz music playing and the guests were dancing to it. Oprah could almost taste the excitement in the air. They had finally arrived at the party.

"Mommy!" She screamed as she ran to hug her proud mother.

"You're so gorgeous." Her mom released her and Oprah quickly hugged her father who was smiling next to them.

"Look at you, you look so beautiful," he said to her daughter before turning to Antonio, "Our boy! Are you ready?" He shook Antonio's hands firmly.

"I'm very ready, sir. Is everyone here already?"

"Yes, all the guests in." Mom said, "Take a deep breath and relax. We'll go in ahead of you and then you follow."

I came out of the house for the first time that evening, looking sharp in my suit and the first person I ran into was Courtney.

"They're in," she said.


"The newlyweds are in."


"Just shut it and go to the mic."

As the music died down and the merry chatter of the guests became louder, I walked up the mic on stage. I could see that there wasn't a handful of over a hundred people there.

"Um, hello, ladies and gentlemen." My voice called their attention through the speakers. "Excuse me, hello? Ladies and gentlemen, can we get to our tables? Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen." After everyone had settled down, I continued, "I just heard the good news that eh, the newlyweds are in. Thank you very much. Don't worry, as the celebrated brother of the bride, my post will end in just a little while so, just give me your attention for now and then I'll be out of your lives for good. Thank you very much. Well, most of us couldn't make it to the main event since the bride and groom wanted a very small, you know, a very little wedding. So, tonight, family and friends have gathered here for the joining and celebration of two people made one." I looked to the entrance, "shall we welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bonucci."

The music started playing and the guests turned their heads and clapped in delight as the adorable couple walked in.

"I wanna get married."

"They look beautiful together."

"She made the right choice."

I could hear the crowd murmur as a blushing Oprah and a steady Antonio made their way up on stage. I handed the mic to the groom and he cleared his throat before speaking, "When I take a look at my life, all the decisions I've made in life; all the wrongs, the mistakes and I wonder what good have I done to deserve a wonderful woman like you," he admired his wife. "Tonight, before my family and friends, I want to reaffirm my love and my commitment to you. You are and will always be my one and all. Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses to join me in a toast as we drink to the most beautiful woman in the world."

Oprah's cheeks bloomed with a shade of pink.

"And to my in-laws, thank you for allowing a riffraff like myself to marry your beautiful daughter. To the Hamiltons!" He raised his glass.

"To the Hamiltons!" Everyone exclaimed in a toast. Everyone except for the strange man at the back.

"Well, I don't think I should sit down and see the night pass by without a toast to my in-laws and this young man, Antonio, besides me." My dad started after walking up the stage, "He had actually made an honest woman out of my daughter. In fact, it is a pride and wish of every parent to see off their children to a great start regarding their matrimonial lives. And I do believe that my wife and myself, including the family, are the proudest people here this evening. And also, a toast to my most pretty wife, who raised my daughter into a perfect woman. And onto my lovely daughter, I can sincerely say that you have made me very proud." He gave his daughter a loving peck on her cheek, "I'm the proudest father in the whole wide world. To all of you here making time to be with us, I wanna say cheers."

Glasses clanged together in the midst of the crowd. "Cheers."

"Also, toasting to the most stubborn son in the whole world, Julian." He smiled at me, "To you, too."

I took the mic from him after he was done. "Thank you very much, pops, I really appreciate the compliment. Well like father, like son." The guests laughed to what I said and I continued, "And congratulations to the couple, I really—I'm wondering how I'm gonna live in this house without you, Oprah, and your constant nags. He looks like a very nice man, please don't kill him before his time." The guests laughed once more and Oprah giggled. "Alright, I'm sure your glasses are empty, but just fill it up one more for the last toast. To Oprah, my wonderful sister, congratulations."

"To Oprah!"

After that, the couple started mingling with the guests of family, friends, and adored acquaintances. I didn't really care, but I had to so I joined them. Remember that strange man? He walked my mom out of the party and into a lonely area of the garden, but we'll come to that soon.

Oprah was visibly tired and eventually, she stopped to catch her breath. My dad walked up to her and said, "My dear, are you okay?"

"Daddy, everything is perfect, thank you. I'm just catching my breath."

He held her close and pecked her checks. "You're always welcome."

"Baby, are you okay?" Antonio chirped in.

"I'm fine. Just resting a bit."

"Then you should go and sit down and rest your head. I'm going inside to take off my suit and freshen up a bit."

"Alright, do that. The dresses are in my bedroom, I'll join you soon, okay?"


I sat down at a table next to the one Thelma and Alex were sitting. I was sharing a bottle of wine with one of the appealing bridesmaids when I saw Kimberly walk in with an elegant man in a tuxedo. I assumed he was her lover. Kimberly was one of Oprah's friends. I haven't met her officially and I was sure no member of the family had, but I had recently come across a cameo of her around the house. Little was known about her, all I knew was that she had a lovely, singing voice.

"She made it!" Oprah exclaimed, attracting the presence of her friend.

"O my God, Oprah!" They hugged warmly and pecked each other's cheeks.

"You made it!"

"Yes, I did. Of course, I missed the wedding, I couldn't have missed the party. You look so beautiful."

"Thank you!"

"Where's the groom?"

"Um, he was somewhere... I'm sure we'll find him inside the house, come on."

"No, no, wait, there's someone I want you to meet." She gestured for her plus one, "Sweetie, please come. This is Leslie."

"Well, good evening." Leslie held Oprah's hand in his. "You look absolutely gorgeous."

"Thank you. Um, forgive me I was so excited I didn't notice you."

"Nevermind." He smiled.

"I'm Oprah."

"I'm Leslie," he pecked her hands, "nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. Um, you look a bit familiar, haven't we met before?"

"No," he shook his head."We haven't."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive."

"Okay. Um, allow me to steal your woman from you for a while."

"Sure," he clearly wasn't bothered, "have all the fun you want."

"Sweetie," Kimberly cut in, "are you gonna be okay?"

"I'll be fine."

"Okay." She kissed him on the lips.

"Come on." Oprah pulled Kimberly away from a small feel of pleasure.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the lonely part of the garden, away from all the fun and brightly colored lights were my mom and the man she had subtlety left the party with.

"Thomas, I don't know what else to say. You're imagining it."

"I'm not stupid Abigail," his voice sounded deep and husky.

"So what do you want me to do? It's not as if he said anything wrong."

"I only want to make sure that history isn't repeating itself."

"I—I don't understand."

"Mom!" Oprah's voice interrupted their conversion.

Mom turned around, expecting to see the expected interrupter. She could see her daughter and her daughter's friend.

"I'd like you to meet my friend, Kimberly."

"Yes," she managed to force a nervous smile on her face.

"She was my roommate at MIT."

"Yes, yes, the one who was on a diet, eating boxes of fried chickens at night, right?"

"That's so not true. Anyway, nice to finally make your acquaintance." Kimberly hugged Oprah's mother.

The three ladies giggled while the man gloomed by the corner. He watched with hateful eyes as the ladies did little to acknowledge his presence.

"Thanks so much for coming."

"There's no problem. Anything for Oprah."

"You've met Thomas—"

"Okay, Kim," Oprah interrupted, "there are important people I'll like you to meet. Come on." She pulled her friend away.

Abigail turned to Thomas, "What was that about?"

"You tell me."

"Do you still want us to talk?"

"No," he moved closer with a crooked smile on his face and stroked her smooth cheek, "there's something else on my mind actually."

Kimberly gathered the hem of Oprah's long bridal gown from the floor as they walked into the mansion, just as they began their ascent up the stairs, the ran into Courtney who was descending from it with a bottle of wine and a wine glass.

"Hey, you're here. Where's Mercedes?"

Courtney took one more step down the stairs, "I have no idea."

"Okay. This is Kimberly, she made it after all."

"Wow, I can't believe we're finally meeting." Courtney hugged Oprah's friend, "Hi, Kim."


"Welcome. You have a really nice voice."

"Thank you very much. You look good in that dress."

Courtney beamed, "Actually, you look good in yours, too."

"Thank you."

"So, um, are you spending the night because you know Oprah is going to the hotel, of course, and Mercedes and I will be drinking in her room, so, you can join us if you'd like to."

"Um, thank you, but, I'm sort of..."

"She's here with her boyfriend so, she doesn't need your help." Oprah completed. "That's what she's trying to say."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me mind my own business."

Oprah and Kimberly continued up the stairs.

"O my God," Courtney said to herself, "she's really cool."

Katherine had been naked and locked up in my room all these while. Surprising how Mercedes didn't notice her there when she performed her little show. Probably because Katherine was under the sheets and Mercedes didn't look at her direction. Now, Katherine being naked in my room wasn't a problem because the door could only lock from outside and I made sure it was locked before coming down to the party. I decided to go and check up on her, she had been sleeping since we boned each other brains out from our ears. I made an awkward eye contact with Courtney who was coming out of the house as I entered. I couldn't care less about what she was whispering to herself.

When Courtney was almost at her table, she ran into Leslie and she immediately recognized him. "Hey!" She exclaimed to his attention. "What are you doing here? Don't answer that. How did you know where to find me?!"

"I um, um... I—" he searched for words that seemed to escape from his thoughts.

"I can't believe you came all this way just to surprise me."

"Oh, no, no, Courtney, I, I—" his hands were shaking and he spilled his drink on his tuxedo.

"I'll clean you up. Come, come."

"Don't worry about it."

"Listen, my mom has been hounding me about you. Come so I can clean you up and introduce you to her."

He resisted a bit but reluctantly went with her.

Antonio, the groom, was anxiously sitting on the couch inside one of the guest parlors. He rubbed his sweaty palms together as his eyes darted around, hungry for the sight of Mercedes. No, he wasn't waiting for his wife, he was waiting for a friend of his wife's, Mercedes. He licked his pale lips and took off his jacket and placed it beside him. One of the maids walked by and noticed his mood so she asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he could smile, at least, "I'm okay."

"You look a little... I guess you're drained from all the excitement and dancing."


"Okay, let me go outside."

He nodded. Just as she was going, he called her back, "hey, um, have you by any chance seen Mercedes?"

"Mercedes? No, but when I see her, I'll let her know you asked about her."

Courtney took Leslie around the whole garden searching for her mother who couldn't be found. "Where's my mom? I've looked everywhere. Do you know I even went to the other side of the house and the pool area and she's not there."

Leslie cleared his throat, "Courtney, Courtney, please, can you please slow down."

"But she's probably gossiping somewhere."

"Listen, Courtney, we really—"

"I mean she'll be dying to see you."

"Courtney, please slow down. We really need to talk, okay? This is very serious."


"Yes, talk. Alright?"

I entered my room and Katherine was sleeping soundly. I joined her in bed, still dressed in my suit. She noticed my presence in her unconscious state and opened her eyes slowly.

"Hey, sleeping beauty." I caressed her lips.

"Hey," she took a deep breath and exhaled, "what time is it?"

"A little after eight. You should come down to the party."

"I didn't sleep through all of that?" She closed her eyes tight and pretended to be asleep but the beautiful, fake smile on her face gave her away.

She made me chuckle a bit. "Come on, we'll go down together."

Her hazel eyes sparkled as she opened them, "No, really, Julian, I don't want to go outside, I can stay in here all night. And you know I don't like big crowds."

"Are you sure?"

She nodded and sat up, resting her back on the headboard, "There's something we need to talk about."

Remember what she wanted to tell me earlier?

"Okay, what's that?"

There was a pause, she folded her lips, but eventually opened them to speak, "We need to stop seeing each other like this."

"I don't understand. You want us to come out of the dark?"

"No, I mean like stop seeing each other, stop fucking each other, stop kissing, stop fooling around like horny teenagers."

"But you are often a horny teenager."

"Stop acting like you don't know what I mean."

"I do, but why?"

"You're the only guy I've been with all my life. I wanna try other things, Julian. Maybe I'm gay like my sister, but I'll never know."

I sighed. "Have you been seeing anyone else?"

"No. It's just you." She held my hands tenderly, "I hope you understand where I'm coming from."

"It's alright. It's fine, really. I'm actually glad about the decision you've made."

"You're not gonna miss the sex?"

"Oh, I will, but it had to end eventually." I gave her an assuring smile. "I have to go. Are you sure you don't wanna come?"

She nodded.

My fingers trailed along the smooth wall as I made my way across the hallway. I had just walked passed Oprah's room when I heard voices coming from inside.

"Kim, this is good news. What changed their minds?"

Kimberly rolled her eyes. "Rebellion mostly. Lots of tears my dear, you have no idea. I threatened to kill myself until eventually, my mom couldn't take it anymore so, she was threatening my dad; if he didn't accept Leslie then she would leave him. I was surprised when he called Leslie for a drink."

"I'm so happy for you."

"I'm happy for you, too."

"You haven't met my dad yet, have you? Come on, I'll introduce you."

"Not until you tell me everything about last night."

Oprah blushed. "What is it with you and Antonio? There's nothing to tell."

"Oh, you're not getting away with that. I'm listening."

"What do you want me to say?"


"Okay, um, it was..."

"Are you blushing?" Kimberly giggled playfully.

"It was um... It was great and—"

I entered the room and the two ladies sitting on the bed glanced at my direction.

"Hi." I walked towards Kimberly with a smile and extended my hand.

"Hi," She smiled, took my hand in hers and shook it.

I kept looking into her alluring eyes and shaking her soft hand until it became awkward a bit. All she did was let out a nervous giggle. I aimed to establish a connection between us and it was almost working.

"She's engaged, Julian," Oprah said as a matter-of-factly. "Back off."

"Don't pay any attention to me, I'm just her harmless brother."

"Hmm... I'm Kimberly."

"Indeed you are. I've heard a lot about you."

"Same here."

"Really?" We both giggled, all the while shaking hands.

My sister looked at me with a playful discontent. Kimberly looked at Oprah and back at me, giggling nervously, still. I swear it was becoming awkward. I didn't realize it at the time because I was still registering the news of her being engaged. Oprah's friends, including Kimberly, could give an old man a heart attack if he spent a night between their thighs.

After what seemed like a full minute, I let go of Kimberly's hand and I looked at Oprah, "Where's mom?"

"I don't know. Why?"

"Well, something very serious is um... not that serious, but um, just continue with your gossip," I nudged Kimberly's shoulder gently, "I'll be right around the corner."

After I left the room, they continued.

"Okay, to you."

"First of all, we had dinner."




"And then I proceeded to the bathtub."

"And where was he?"

I quickly butted in. "He was naked in his bedroom waiting for her. He had nothing on apart from his-his... you know what?"

"Julian!" My sister looked at me, almost enraged.

I finally left them alone.

"This brother of yours, he is so funny."

"He's unbelievable."

Leslie and Courtney were upstairs, alone on the balcony, hoping to get a better view of the garden so they could find Courtney's mother and maybe make out a little bit. She started caressing Leslie's face, but he didn't give in to her feminine touch and sexual advances.

"What's wrong?" She asked him. "You're acting weird."

"Look, Courtney, I know this is not the right time to say this." He leaned forward and rested his elbows on the cold metal rail.

She did the same so they were shoulder to shoulder beside each other. Courtney was looking at him intently, ready and waiting for what his next words would be when her eyes wandered off to the two figures below them, just around the corner of the house. She squinted, trying to get a better look at who the familiar figures were and then she gasped after she figured out who they were.

Antonio and Mercedes were kissing and fondling their bodies, supposedly in secret. He pressed her against the wall and kissed her neck and collarbone while her legs were clasped firmly around him. Her eyes were closed as she felt the forbidden pleasure she was receiving from her paramour. They had been doing it for a while and nobody had caught them or so they thought.

"Courtney?" Leslie called her attention, "Are you with me?"

"Oh my God," she said and Leslie wondered why. He then turned and saw what she had just seen. "That's Mercedes and Antonio, the groom."


"Listen, darling, could you give me a minute? I'll meet you up front, just give me a minute." She left him confused and went away. He had nowhere else to go, so he went back to the party.

Courtney went into the house to catch her breath and think of what she had just seen. She couldn't do it with all the noise outside so she entered a quiet bathroom. Just as she entered, Oprah and Kimberly walked out of the house so Oprah could return Kimberly to Leslie, her fiancé.

"There he is!" Kimberly exclaimed and moved to the table he was sitting at. She kissed his cheek. "Did you miss me?"

"Yes. You bet," he lied with a truthful smile.

"Let me just go and look for my husband," Oprah left them alone.

Kimberly took sat down, "Are you okay?"

"I'm good, I'm good."

I was thinking carefully about Katherine's decision and I came to terms with it. Honestly, I was glad she chose to open up and interact with other people and discover herself. But it did hurt me a little bit. I would miss her body, there was no denying that. It would mean that I had to find a new lover. Perhaps one I could show to my mom. Speaking of mom, I hadn't seen her since the party started. I thought she would be in her room. I wasn't sure and I had to check.

Now, my parents' bedroom was on the other side of the house, away from the rest of the other rooms. I guess they wanted enough space and privacy. It was a big house anyway.

I knocked on the door of my mother's bedroom multiple times and no one answered so I entered. Sure enough, no one was in. The bed was neatly arranged; the room was as it usually was, but what caught my eyes were my mom's clothes. They were crumpled at the foot of the bed. I was curious. As I paced around the room, I started hearing subtle moans from inside the bathroom. It sounded like there were two people in there: a man and a woman. The woman's voice sounded like my mother's, but the man's voice was strange. That made me even more curious.

I opened the bathroom door as quietly as I could and what I saw made me sick in my stomach. My mom was naked and bent over the sink while a man with a dark skin, who I had never seen before in my life was roughly screwing her from behind. They didn't see me because I was looking at the man's broad back as he was fucking my mom. I wanted to move, but my feet were frozen and I stood there like an idiot, drinking in the disgusting act before my eyes.

Ironically, thinking about it now, just like me, Katherine and my Grandma earlier, I was now the voyeur except I wasn't blind. I really wished I was then I wouldn't have seen what I saw.

My mother opened her eyes and saw my reflection in the mirror. She turned slowly, hoping that the mirror was telling a cruel lie. It wasn't and it dawned on her when she saw the surprised, disgusted, and hateful look in my eyes. Thomas turned when he saw the shocked expression on his lover's face. They were looking at me and I was looking at them and it was like time had become obsolete.

I found my wits and got the hell out of there.

"Julian! Julian!" My mom called me as I darted down the stairs. "Julian!"

In my haste, I collided with Oprah on the stairs, "Watch where you're going," she said to me, but I didn't acknowledge her.

She was about going up the staircase as her frantic mother was running down it, chasing her son who had just found out her deepest darkest secret.

"Mom, have you seen Antonio around here?"


"Is everything alright?"

"Yes, yes."

"Why is everyone running around?" Oprah wondered.

Meanwhile, Courtney was still in the bathroom thinking about what she saw Mercedes and Antonio doing in the dark, away from everyone's eyes, but right under their noses. She couldn't bring herself to accept the fact that they were kissing each other like they had been doing it for a long time. Mercedes had hurt her deeply and what would Oprah think?

"Courtney?" She heard Oprah's voice call from outside the bathroom. "Are you in there?"

"Yes," her voice shook, but she managed to comport herself.

"You have any idea where Antonio is?"

"Um... I-I'm not sure."

"And what about Mercedes?"

"No, n-no."

She heard Oprah's footsteps walk away.

Courtney folded her arms and rested her back against the tiled wall. She almost started crying but stopped. She was going to deal with Mercedes if she laid her hands on her.

Thomas was brooding around the dining area with a glass of wine in his hands. He paced a bit before he sat down on one of the glassy dining chairs. Oprah came and she sat down across from him. She was relaxed and a plain expression was painted across her face. She recognized who Thomas was.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him.

"Trying to get some quiet moment."

"This part of the house is not opened to intruders. You better leave."

"Is that what I am now?"

She stood up sharply and walked over to him. "You want to hear more? Do you want to know what you really are? A swine. A buffoon. You're nothing. Did you hear me? Nothing! Fool."

Thomas stood up and he wasn't angry. "This is your party." He tried to touch Oprah's cheek.

"Don't touch me." She said through gritted teeth and threw his fingers away from her face.

"You don't need to get upset."

"Stop. Don't you dare try to act all righteous with me, don't you dare. We all know the sort of person you really are." She looked away from his eyes, "Why did you come?"

He was quiet.

"Why did you have to come and make things difficult for everyone? Why?"

"I wasn't going to. Abigail insisted—"

"Because she doesn't know what a lying bastard you are," she looked into his eyes, her anger burning within her. She started crying a bit but stopped immediately. "And you're right, it's my party." She walked away.

Meanwhile, the party was still going on outside like normal.

"Kiss me," Kimberly said to an unwilling Leslie. "Kiss...me."

He touched her lips with his.

"Is that it? Is this the way you kiss me?" She gave him an unsatisfied look. "Kiss me."

I was sitting two tables away from them. I saw my mom standing almost five yards away with a sorry look on her face. It was the first time I saw her like that. Before the guests would notice, she wore a disguised smile and greeted them warmly. I looked away, deep in thoughts.

"Kiss me." Kimberly pulled Leslie's face and forcefully kissed his lips.

He recoiled like her lips had venom on them.

"Are you okay?" She was growing impatient with his behavior.

"I'm fine."

She saw Oprah walk by and she noticed her friend was saddened and disturbed. Oprah wasn't moving gracefully as she had been doing all night.

"Excuse me."

"Where are you going?" Leslie held her wrist.

"I think there's something wrong with Oprah. Let me go check up on her."

"Okay, okay. Go, go, go."

Leslie was eased a bit as soon as Kimberly left the table, but that didn't last long. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Courtney. She sat down where Kimberly had sat a few seconds ago.

"You don't look so good," Leslie noticed. "Are you okay?"

"I'm sorry, darling, I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact of what Mercedes is doing behind our backs."

"Oh, yes, that." He couldn't care less.

"I mean how could she do this to Oprah? Especially today."

"But I—that's uh... anyway, what are you gonna do about it?"

"I don't know. I can't tell Oprah, she just got married."

"You can't possibly do that."

"Imagine what would happen if people found out."

"It will be a disaster. I mean that's heartless. It's heartless. Aren't they supposed to be friends or something?"

"I know. I can't believe this."

"She's a devil. I mean that girl is a devil. In fact, anybody who betrays the trust placed in them is a devil." He noticed but overlooked the irony in that statement.

"This is a disaster," she shook her head, "O Leslie, this is just a disaster."

Kimberly followed Oprah into the greenhouse where her dear friend had been weeping. She wanted to comfort her but didn't know how because she didn't know why her friend was crying in the first place. Kimberly sat beside Oprah and looked at her with genuine concern.

"I'm fine," Oprah tried to say in an assuring tone.

"I know. It's typical for a bride to cry on her wedding day. Come here." She held her friend against her bosom and comforted her.

"What's with you and fidgeting and looking around all night?" Courtney asked Leslie.

"I'm not—I'm not... am I looking around? I'm not looking around. Look, Courtney, besides what's going on, I mean, you know, the whole saga and everything, besides that, we really need to talk."


"Yes. You and—"

"Will you stop thinking about yourself for even one minute. Does this seem like the right time for you to talk? Listen, all I want to do now is find Mercedes and tell her a piece of my mind."

"I'm sorry," Oprah said to Kimberly as they strolled out of the greenhouse towards the pool area. "Somethings are just too private to tell."

"It's okay, you don't have to tell me anything you're not prepared for. I just wanna make sure my baby is okay."

"Thank you very much."

"You're welcome."

"I'm very lucky, you know, surrounded by people who truly love me."

"We thank God. Some of us don't even—"

"Who opened the pool house?" Oprah noticed the interior lights of the small house by the pool were turned on. "That house is always locked."

Mercedes proceeded out of the pool house, just as she was out the door, Antonio pulled her back and kissed her lovingly on the lips while his hands grabbed her ass cheeks. Oprah was speechless. She almost fell to the ground, but Kimberly supported her. They could see what was going on between Mercedes and Antonio. They saw how Mercedes threw her hands around Antonio's neck and melted into his body, how he held her like he didn't belong to someone else. Like he had never married his own wife.

Oprah couldn't take it anymore. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Kimberly saw this and she followed Oprah who had quickly fled the scene.

Mercedes severed her lips from Antonio's, "I have to go."

"I don't want you to."

"We've been here for too long. Let's show ourselves briefly and then meet up here in an hour." She was about to go and Antonio pulled her back and kissed her one more time. She kissed him back "I love you."

"I love you more." They kissed again before going their separate ways.

Oprah was weeping bitterly in her room, her make-up was now a wet mess on her face and Kimberly stood over her. She caressed Oprah's shoulders, trying very hard to comfort her heartbroken friend when Courtney walked in. She sat beside Oprah on the bed with a perplexed look on her face.

"What's going on?"

"She saw her husband kissing another girl."

Courtney shook her head in disbelief. "I'm so sorry that Mercedes will do this to you. I don't know what to say."

"So, what are you going to do now?"

Oprah calmed her heavy breathing and held back her tears. "Nothing. I'm going to do nothing."

"For now, I agree. I think you should just try and put yourself together, at least, for the ni—"

"I'm going to do nothing."

"So you're just gonna sit there and watch your friend snatch your husband from you?"

"Kim, I don't want to hear anything about this anymore." She was beginning to sound strong-willed. "It's my wedding and all I want to do is play the bride."

Oprah left the room as a bewildered Kimberly looked at Courtney. She followed her friend and left Courtney alone. At the next minute, Mercedes entered to find Courtney with her hands on her hips. Courtney pulled her forcefully on the bed and stood in front of her.

"Are you crazy? What is wrong with—"

Courtney gave Mercedes a stinging slap dead on her left cheek before she could finish. "That's exactly what I need to be asking you. Have you gone mad?!" Her nostrils were flaring. "You are the scummiest person I have known my entire bloody life."

"For God's sake, Courtney, what has come over you?"

"You will explain to me this very minute just how this... nonsense started and how it's been going on."

"How long what's been going on? You're not making sense."

"Don't you dare pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Don't you dare!" Courtney checked the window to see if anyone was within earshot. She walked back to a visibly scared Mercedes. "You're a slut, that's what you are. I'm so ashamed of you."

Just then, step by step, Antonio was walking up the stairs. He had just finished a bottle of Martini and needed to ease himself a little bit in one of the restrooms.

"I have told you I have no idea what you are talking about."

"How long have you been sleeping with Antonio?"

Mercedes thought Courtney couldn't have found out and she concealed her astonishment very well. "Are you out of your mind? I have never—"

"Don't you dare!" Courtney barked.

While he was upstairs, Antonio caught the heated conversion from the hallway. He placed his ear against the door and eavesdropped.

"I'm telling you the truth. Where did you get such a horrendous idea?"

"You are such a viper, Mercedes. I can't believe you've been my friend all these while."

"This nonsense has got to stop."

"If you have a shred of dignity left in you, you would get it out right now."

They stared straight into each other's eyes. "Fine. Yes, yes, and yes. I have been sleeping with Antonio, satisfied? You want details right? We make love every day. Yes, every single day."

"Why?" Courtney asked as if she was almost pleading. "Oprah is our friend."

"Because I love him."


"It's true. I love him and he loves me."

"Just listen to yourself, Mercedes."

"I know how it sounds, but I couldn't help it, Courtney. I think I can't live without him."

"How long has this been going on?"

"Four months."

"Christ! Mercedes?"

"I'm sorry."

"It's not good enough."

"Besides I didn't think I was doing anything wrong."

"You didn't think you were doing anything wrong?" Courtney sat down before she would lose oxygen and pass out.

"She's pregnant with another man's child."

That was all it took for him to burst into the room. Antonio looked at the two ladies who didn't have the guts to look him in the eye. His lips quivered. There was an undeniable confusion swarming around the room. Nobody knew what normality felt like anymore.

"What? What did you just say?!" He darted towards Mercedes. "You are going to tell me everything you know about this pregnancy. Everything!"

"I can't tell you anything, Antonio, I'm sorry."

"No, you're not. No, you're not sorry. How long has she been pregnant?"

"You can't make me tell you anything."

"You. How could you have kept such a thing from me, Mercedes, how could you?!"

"I promised her."

"This could have changed everything for the both of us, you know that. How could you?!"

"She's my friend and she trusted me."

"To hell with friendship."

"Some trust," said Courtney. "Shame on both of you."

She left the room and went outside to the garden where she found Oprah. Pulling her aside and away from the crowd, Courtney wanted to know what the pregnancy was all about and why Oprah kept it a secret. When they were alone, Courtney double checked this time to see if anyone was coming their way.

"What is going on?" Courtney folded her arms waiting for an answer.

"I don't understand. Listen, if it's about what happened earlier, I—"

"It is about the pregnancy."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You never planned on telling me, did you?"

Oprah looked up, she looked down and back at Courtney. "I can't believe she told you."

"I thought we three were best pals, Oprah. Now I know my stance. You know what? Actually, forgive my intrusion."

Courtney was about to leave, but Oprah pulled her back. "Courtney, Courtney, I'm sorry. Please."

"I'm hurt that you believe you can't trust me!"

"Keep your voice down, please. Calm down."

"Oprah, why?"

"Stop. Listen, I didn't tell you because I was too ashamed. You've always been the straight one and you never approved of this marriage and I never really had a choice."

"Oprah, I would never have judged you."

"I know, Courtney, I know. You've never known this, but I've always looked up to you. I couldn't bring myself to tell you about such a blackspot in my life. Please."

Courtney sighed. "Antonio knows."

Oprah covered her opened mouth with her hands. Her heart started beating faster like it did earlier. "God! Why is everything going so wrong?!" She sniffed, "where is she?"

Courtney said nothing.

"Where is she?!"

"Up in your room."

Walking with great haste and anger, Oprah only had one thought in her mind; she was going to find Mercedes and put a knife through her backstabbing heart. She had never loathed anyone in her life the way she did Mercedes at this moment. She looked like a lioness whose cubs had just been taken away and couldn't do anything about it. But Oprah could do something; she would pluck out Mercedes eyeballs from their sockets.

As they entered the large living room, Oprah and Courtney ran into Antonio who was already at the foot of the staircase with Mercedes behind him. Oprah walked up to her husband and looked at him dead in the eye. He returned the same wrathful look his wife was giving him.

"Whose... child... is it?"

Mercedes was crying as she walked sheepishly beside Antonio. "I'm sorry."

"No, you're not!" Oprah roared. "Mercedes, you're not! The only reason I kept silent about the affair was that you had my secret and I was afraid you would speak up if I dared interfered. So, I allowed the two of you have all the fun you wanted and then, you still went around and told everyone about something I told you in confidence. Mercedes, you went to my husband and spilled the beans. Are you happy now?"

"It was all a mistake, I never—"

"You're not my friend Mercedes!"

"Wait, wait, wait," Courtney interrupted, "so you've known about the affair?"

"For two months, yes." She turned to Courtney and then back at her husband who was shocked on hearing Oprah's confession. "For two months I have watched the two of you stab me in the back."

"Hey, let's not shift the attention here. My sleeping with Mercedes is nothing compared to what you've done. You stood before the altar and you swore to be mine for the rest of your life...with another man's child growing right inside of you. What were you thinking? I mean what were you planning to do? To blame the pregnancy on me?"

"Yes," Oprah pushed Antonio on his chest with her index finger, "and what were you planning to do? What were you going to do with Mercedes? Cheat on me for the rest of our miserable married lives?"

"That's not the point!"

"What's the point then?"

"The point is what you've done."


"It's unforgivable!"

"So what is forgivable? Sleeping with my best friend a night before our wedding and barely twenty-four hours after? O yes I know." She took her eyes off Antonio and looked at Mercedes. "That's right, I know."

"How did you know?" Courtney asked.

"How I found out is not important, but the fact remains that I know and it is true."

"I've got nothing to lose now. I've been sleeping with Antonio for the past four months because I love him." Mercedes obviously wasn't holding back anymore. "The two of you are the most hypocritical people I've ever known."

"How dare you?"

"You never loved him. You only married him because you couldn't afford to have a child out of wedlock. That would have tarnished your perfect family status and your parents would have never forgiven you." She turned to Oprah's husband, "And I wouldn't have given into your advances if I haven't heard you telling your friends how good married to Oprah would be good for business and how you couldn't get me off your mind."

"You...you heard it?"

"Your friends asked you to kill whatever was building between us before it got out of hand, but then I had fallen in love with you," tears rolled down her cheeks. "Here was a man who loved me for who I was, who hopefully still loves me."

"Who was getting married to your best friend!" Courtney burst.

"Who never loved each other."

Everyone was quiet for a bit, but still angry and confused. It got awkward.

"I agreed to marry you because I thought you loved me and with time, I could learn to love you too. Maybe I should just give you two the opportunity to live together." Oprah shrugged her shoulders, "Because I'm getting a divorce."

"Oprah, please, no."

"Mercedes, I'm not doing this for you. I am doing this for myself and my unborn child."

"Oprah?" Courtney held her hands as Oprah was fleeing the scene but she pulled away.

"I want to be alone!" She ordered.

Antonio put his hands on his head as he sat down uneasily. Mercedes flopped on the floor and wept while Courtney moved to counsel her.

Oprah was at the back of the house soliloquizing about her life choices and the decision she had taken for herself and her unborn child when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see her father with a concerned look on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked. "I saw you walk out."

"We need to talk, dad."

They went inside the house, to the dining area where they would be alone.

"Will you tell me what's going on?" Stan asked her daughter.

"You will be disappointed." She cried bitterly.

"No," he shook his head, "you are the most thoughtful and sincerest person I've ever known in this world. I sometimes wonder how you became my daughter."

"That's why I can't tell you."

"You will never disappoint me, never. Look, no one is perfect in this world."

"But you are."

"No, I'm not. You only think I am, but I am not. Now, tell me what I wanna know. What's happening?"

"I'm pregnant. Antonio is not the father. I...I'm getting a divorce."

Stan was shocked. He didn't know what to say, he just kept quiet.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, it's okay," he pulled his daughter against his chest. "Come here, it's alright."

"Why did you marry him in the first place?"

"I didn't want to shame the family. I felt that with time... I'd learn to love him. He's cheating on me... He never loved me. He never has."

"Hey," he kissed her forehead, "baby, don't cry. Now listen to me, whatever you decide, I'll be with you through and through."

At the time, I was sitting on the stool in the kitchen, getting drunk and forgetting about life when my mother walked in through the back door. Now the kitchen was adjacent to the dining area and all the while Oprah and Stan were conversing, I was drinking myself into a stupor, I didn't notice anyone there. My mother who I had been avoiding all night, walked in through the back door. When she saw me, she went on her knees. I could see deep sorrow and great regret in her eyes. She had been crying, her blue eyes looked like an ocean after a storm.

"Julian...please. Just give me a minute. What you saw goes far beyond you."

"Are you trying to justify what I saw?"


"Do you know what I saw?"

"No. I don't want you to hate me. A long time ago, I loved a man who didn't have a dime and no matter how hard I tried, my parents were against it."

Stan and his daughter heard the discussion coming from the kitchen. They got curious because the voices they were hearing were familiar voices. Stan stood up and moved to the door to hear better.

"I married your father not because I wanted to," Abigail continued, "but because I had to."

"You don't care about dad, mom, you don't even care about the family."

"I care about you. You mean the world to me."

"Why now mom? Does dad even know you're cheating on him?!"

Oprah's eyes widened. She looked at her father who was still comprehending the whole thing. Walking to the door, she opened it to see her mother whimpering on the floor. "What? Julian, how dare you say such a thing about mom?"

I stood up and moved to where Oprah and my father were standing.

"You planned this didn't you?" Abigail stood up from the floor, "You planned this, didn't you?"

"Mom, stop it, stop. Dad and I were just talking, we had no idea you would charge in with surprises. And what I'd like to know is your romance story and why Julian thinks you're cheating on dad."

"Now you stop it! Stop it!" Dad barked. "This is not the way I planned it. Now you're all here; Julian, Oprah and...you. Now, your mom and I are getting a divorce. We planned to tell you and bring the news to you after the wedding."

"What?!" The bottle I was holding fell from my trembling fingers.

"So all this kisses and hugs, they've all been a farce?" Oprah asked.

"No." Mom muttered, "We—"

"You lied to us!"

"We did it for you."

"What about Julian?"

"O Julian is a man," Said Stan, "he can take care of himself."

"Can you guys please just solve this yourself?" I wanted to leave there fast.

"Julian, your mother hasn't been a happy woman for thirty years. She deserves to be happy. She has the right to. And you, Oprah, I will support you through your divorce. You need to find a man who can make you happy."

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You're getting a divorce? For God's sake, you just got married, you can't do that."

"Abigail, do you want history to repeat itself? Do you want your daughter to make the same mistakes that you made? Do you?"

"Neither will she want her son making out with another man in her husband's house."

"What?" Dad stuttered, "W—what did you just say, Julian?"

"Ask your wife."

Abigail was quiet.

"Say it!"

"Julian...Julian saw me and Thomas in the bathroom."

"In the bathroom doing what? Brushing your teeth?" I retorted.

"Um, what are you talking about? You mean Thomas—" Oprah fainted.

Dad caught her body in mid-air, "Get some water! Get some water!"

In a second, I collected a glass from the kitchen counter and darted for the sink. I came back with a glass full of water and handed it to dad. He sprinkled some on her face before putting it against Oprah's lips. Mom started jerking her until she regained consciousness.

"Are you okay?" I put my hand on her back.

"He's the one," Oprah said. "I'm carrying Thomas' child."

"That bastard!" Dad ripped his tie from his neck, "That bastard?!!"


"Abigail, your daughter is pregnant."

Mom fainted.

"Abigail! Abigail!" Dad stood up, "That bastard!"

"Mom? Mom? Oh shit." I tried to make my mom sit up.

In search of Thomas, my father left the kitchen. He found Thomas in the crowd of guests and quickly moved to his table. Thomas barely said a word before my father swung a fist across his jaw. Everyone who could, restrained Stan from his violent assault on the seemingly harmless Thomas.

"It's okay. Don't do that." They advised.

"I will kill him, let me go!"

Aunt Molly and aunt Lara were sitting together on the other side of the garden. They had joined Thelma and her fiancée, Alex.

"Wow, such an awesome party," Molly said to Lara. "I wonder how all of this was put together so beautifully."

"Beautiful quite alright, but I haven't eaten anything yet. I mean like real food."

"Forgive me, but I thought someone wanted to lose some flab underneath her arms."

"I've given up on that because the last time I checked, people die of AIDS faster than obesity."

"Hmm... The last time I checked, your own husband didn't want to take you to bed."

Thelma and Alex started laughing.

"Very impressive. It's an odd world, isn't it? I can't find a man yet someone decides to get hooked on a woman.

Now, Lara and Molly started laughing.

"We're not hooked okay? We're in love and we're getting married."

"Wait," Alex started, "why is the idea of two women being in love so funny?"

"Funny?" Molly turned to Alex, "You mean stupid?"

"If you were ten pounds slimmer and had a face good enough to look at, I could have dreamt of having a crush on you," Alex said to aunt Molly before sipping from the glass of wine on the table.

"She didn't just say that to me."

"I just did, hippo."

Aunt Molly placed her elbows on the table, "Okay, lesbian, I don't know where you come from, but what you don't want is messing up with me."

"And what are you gonna do about that?"

"Yes, what you gonna do about it?" Thelma added.

"I'm going to beat your gay self-unconscious and shove my vibrator down your ass."

Thelma looked at Alex and they giggled. "You have a vibrator? We left ours, can we like use yours, please?"


After mom woke up, I left the kitchen to the backyard, running into Thomas who was bleeding a little bit from the mouth. I kept a plain expression as I looked him in his eyes. I didn't want to hurt him but something snapped inside me. I hooked his collar and made a fist with the other hand; I was about to let him have it.

"Julian!" I heard my mother's voice.

Thomas didn't want to hurt me, I could tell because the look on his face said he was sorry. If I had hit him, he wouldn't have hit back. As my mom approached us, I let go of his shirt and walked away.

"I will never forgive you for this," Abigail said to Thomas. "Get out."


"Get out!"

"I can expl—"

"Out!" She left him alone and walked towards the direction I left.

After everyone had gone to cool off somewhere, we all gathered in the living room after an hour. Mercedes stood beside Antonio. I sat on the couch beside Oprah who was crying on my shoulder. Dad sat on the sofa beside us while Courtney stood on the other side of the couch. Mom was the last to walk in or we thought. Behind her was Thomas.

When dad saw him, he jumped from his chair hoping to tear Thomas limb from limb, but Antonio quickly stood between them. "You bastard! I will kill you I swear!"

Antonio was strong and he was able to hold Stan and put him down gently on the chair he sprung up from.

"What's going on?" Courtney asked. "This party is getting weirder and weirder by the minute."

"Abigail," Thomas spoke up, "I can explain."

"What possible explanation can you give me? For making my daughter pregnant and jumping into my bed?"

"What?!" Antonio who had stood beside Mercedes turned to Thomas. "You mean you are actually responsible for the... pregnancy?"

"Shut up," Mercedes subtlety told him.

"Maybe we shouldn't be here." Courtney moved to the door. "Mercedes, Antonio, come on, let's give them some privacy."

They obliged and left with her.

"I could kill you." My father walked up to Thomas, "Yes, I could... Kill you."

Oprah stood up, she moved to where the men were standing. "Is my mother the reason you broke up with me?"

"I'm sorry."

"Answer the damn question."

Thomas didn't answer, instead, he moved to Abigail, "I knew I had lost you forever when you married Stan, and then never forgave you for it. I swore I'd revenge, but I forgot about it with time." He started sobbing, "Then I lost Christy and the kids to that accident. It wrecked me to see you have it all! I thought if I couldn't have you," turning to Oprah, he continued, "I'd have your daughter."

"So, I was the subject of your vengeance?"

"Initially. But you were such a wonderful child, I—"

"I'm not a child!" Oprah exclaimed.

"No, you're not. I just couldn't go through with the plan so I ended the relationship. I swear to you, I never suspected for a moment that you will carry my child."

"This child is mine and mine alone."

"And where did you place me in your strategy?" Abigail asked.

"It just happened, Abigail. I never planned for any of this to happen. I planned to tell you. I was afraid you'd leave me."


"You must believe me, Abigail, you must."

"Leave. Out. Get out."

Thomas looked around, at everybody's face. He bowed his head in shame and left. I moved to solace Oprah who had sat on the floor weeping bitterly again. I looked at mom. She was crying, too. My father stared at his wife with disbelieving eyes and she couldn't look back at him.

"I'm sorry."

"No," Stan proceeded towards his wife, "No, Abigail. It's not your fault."

She gently retreated from him and climbed up the stairs.

"Abigail?" Following her up the stairs, his voice shook as he called her name.

"We'll be fine," I told Oprah.

She sniffed, "I can't believe I fell in love with a bastard."

While they were outside, Courtney said, "Mercedes, I'm going to check on Oprah."

"Yeah, I'll come with you."

Mercedes pulled Antonio back, "You're the last person she would want to see."

Courtney opened the door to see her friend on the floor, wrapped around my arms. She looked down on the both of us. "Is everything alright now?"

"I'll leave the two of you alone," I rubbed Oprah's shoulders. "It's okay."

As I left, Courtney sat on the floor and embraced her dear friend.

Upstairs in their room, Abigail was packing all her clothes and whatever belonged to her. She wanted to leave, to get away from all the pain she thought she had brought. It would be better for her and for everyone if she left.

"Abigail, I thought we agreed to wait until after Oprah settles?" Stan was tearing. "Abigail, Abigail, don't leave me."

Abigail leaned her back against the wall and cried. "I can't stay. I can't face the children. I don't know how you are gonna look at me after all this."

"None of that matters to me, Abigail... I love you. Please. And if you have to face the children, remember you won't have to do it alone, I'll be there with you."

"I've never tried to, not even once to love you because I knew I will eventually go back to Thomas," she covered her mouth with her hand, "I never put any effort into us. Oh, God."

Stan shook his head. "It doesn't really matter. Please, don't leave me—"

"Stop it!"


"Stop it! Stop it!"

"I don't want to be alone—"

"Stop it!"

They shouted at each other again and again and cried together.

"I can't, you know I can't." Abigail walked to the door, "I will have to come back for my things later."

"Abigail?" Stan continued crying like he was a nine-year-old boy, calling his wife's name as she walked out of the room.

"So, what's up with your parents?" Courtney asked Oprah.

"I'll go check up on them." Getting up from the floor, Oprah saw her mother coming down the stairs. She walked up to her, "Mom?"

"I'm leaving."

"No. Mom, please, no. Don't do this."

"I'll go get Julian," Courtney stood up and left to find me.

"Mom? Are you just going to walk out of our lives just like that? Like we mean nothing to you?"

"That is not the point and you know it."

"I don't know anything. Did dad ask you to leave? Because I can go talk to him. You know he still loves you, mom."

"Oprah, you're no longer a child. You don't need me."

"Mom, I need you. I am pregnant and without a husband and I need you. It's my mess I know, but I need you."

"I can't..."

"Mom, I can't do this without you, please, don't leave."

"No, I can't, I can't."

"Mom, listen, please, mom."

"I can't, Oprah."

When they heard the door open and close, they turned to see me walking towards them. "Please what?" I said, "You're just gonna walk out like nothing happened? Alright, go."

"You don't speak to me like that, young man. I have spent the best of my life crying... caring and enduring for you two."

"Alright, fine. We already know that. You're a mother, that was your job. That was what you were supposed to do."


"I can't even believe how dad took it. I mean dad of all people." I paused. "Mom, I don't know how I'm gonna forgive you. How am I gonna do it? Tell me. For all I care, you can leave. This is so embarrassing." I walked away.

Abigail had drowned in her own tears by now, all she was seeing were blurred images. She saw her son walk away like he had never sucked from her breast when he was little like he had never called her 'Mom' before. He walked like he had never known her. Like she was a stranger to him. I thought she was because I couldn't bring myself to forgive her. In fact, I had already pictured her leaving.

"He's just hurting, mom. If you leave, you're gonna destroy any chance of you reconciling. Mom, please, stay."

"I can't."

"Listen, listen, let's be a family again."

"No, I can't."

"I love you, mom, listen to me."

"I can't!" Abigail burst.

"Mom, mom, mom, let's not allow Thomas break this family. I love you, mom, I do."

"I can't," she shook her head, "I can't."

"Let's deal with this together." Oprah embraced her beloved mother as they cried.

Stan was sitting by himself in his room, imagining life without Abigail. It was something he couldn't do, but he had to because it was Abigail's choice. He still loved her and there was no doubt in his mind that he wouldn't cherish her if she had stayed. He was an honest man and he couldn't see himself with another woman. He wasn't even thinking about it.

The door opened slowly and Abigail walked into the room. She saw how miserable Stan was as she moved and sat on the bed by his side. "I'm not leaving."

Stan felt an involuntary tremor in his spine. He looked at the love of his life with genuine amazement.

"But it doesn't mean everything is okay with us," Abigail continued. "I'm just stupid and you still want me after everything that has happened. I'm not gonna lie down with you until I have completely forgiven myself. I'll go to the guest room. But if you still want me, I'll come back here."

I was outside dwelling on my thoughts when I felt a hand around my shoulders. I turned to see Oprah.

"They're making up." She said.

"Like I care."

"How can you understand me and not her? Hmm..."

"Because you're not my mom and you're not married to my father."

"Listen, Julian, she loves you. She doesn't deserve this. I need you to promise me you will give her another chance."

I said nothing.

"Julian, promise me."


"Fine, what?"

"I promise."

She stood on her toes and pecked my cheek. Mercedes and Courtney stood behind us and Oprah went to them.

"Alright, I've had enough for one night."

"Mercedes, don't leave."


"Okay, I still feel like smacking you in the face and rubbing your face in some pig dung. I feel betrayed and hurt. The last thing I want to do is talk to you right now, but I need you. Everything has gone so wrong tonight and I think I have no right to stay upset with you especially when I'm even asking Julian to forgive my mom."

"That's a whole new chapter. I don't think I'm ever gonna ask you to forgive me."

"Great. Cause I don't even think I can, but for tonight's sake, let's just keep this party together."

Kimberly was kissing Leslie affectionately and he reluctantly kissed her back. When they broke the kiss, Kimberly said playfully with a hint of lust, "I can't wait to get back to the hotel, I really want you inside me."

Leslie chuckled nervously.

"I'll be right back."

When Kimberly left him alone at the table, he started looking around and drinking his martini with trembling fingers, hoping he doesn't spill the cocktail on his tuxedo. He would have stopped drinking, but it was a very delicious drink and it soothed his uneased mind a little bit.

"There she is," Courtney said when she saw Kimberly approach them.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"Oh no, how? We're girls we're just talking," Courtney threw her arm around Mercedes' shoulders.

Kimberly turned to Oprah, "I'm so sorry I have to leave."

"So soon?"

"Yeah. Leslie has an appointment early in the morning."

"Leslie?" Courtney interrupted.

"Yeah, my fiancé. Oh, I'm so sorry I haven't introduced him to you. Um, you must have seen him around. Light-skin looking guy, tall and in a black tux." Kimberly paused and started dreaming with her eyes, "Leslie my world, he's everything."

Leslie was looking the other way when Kimberly and Courtney walked to his table. Turning around, he saw the two ladies starting down at him angrily.

"Is this your Leslie?"

"Yes. Leslie, my fiancé."

Leslie was short of words but offered them a drink instead. His demeanor admitted to them that he was guilty and had been caught.

I wanted to go up to my room when I saw Courtney sitting solemnly all by herself at the dinner table so, I decided to go and sit with her.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

She gave me a stupid look and stood up, made her way to the couch and flopped down on it. I moved to where she was and sat beside her. "Are you okay now?"

"You and your obvious pretense. You're probably rejoicing at my pain." Her voice cracked a little and then she sniffed.

"How dumb can you be?"

"Oh, no, I didn't just hear you insult me. D—don't think I can—"

"Shut it."

"That's my line."

"Well, I stole it... I'm sorry about Leslie."

"Are you really?"

"I'm only sitting here alone with you if he didn't turn out to be a bastard."

She smiled a bit. "Yeah. You're right about that. I mean look at me, I'm smart, I'm hardworking, I've supported this, this... Idiot through the course of our whole relationship and he doesn't even have integrity and honor. That two-timing... What do you mean?"

"Well," I cleared my throat, "what I mean is... Whatever I'm gonna say, is gonna be under the influence of alcohol if it backfires."


"Forget it." I stood up, but she pulled me back.

"What's this? Stop teasing me. Seriously this is not—"

"I like you." There was a pause. "I like you. I have a terrible crush on you and I think I'm in love with you. Well, I said it."

She started laughing but stopped. "It's not funny."

"I'm surprised you didn't notice. Say something."

"Are you drunk?"

"Um... Yes."

"I didn't know. Then why are you always fighting me?"

"Well I'm not always fighting you, you are always fighting me."

"I don't care who's fighting who. Julian, why didn't you say something?"

"Well, I just knew I didn't have a chance with a woman like you that's all."

"Like me?"

"Yes like you. I mean you were with Leslie at the time and besides that, I mean look at you, you're incredibly beautiful, you're warm, your flawless skin. You're amazing."

"I don't date kids."

"You're just four years older than me. Don't sound like my mom."

"You're my Best friend's younger brother."

"You don't have to accept me okay? I thought me telling you how I felt about you would make you feel better at a time like this. That's all. You don't have to love me back. It's what I feel and it's what I say."

She sighed. "Excuse me."

"No, no, hold on, you don't have to run away. Where are you going? We're still talking."

"We can't do this."

"Do what? We're not doing anything, we're just talking. What do you mean?"

"We're not compatible."


"Yeah. You're not romantic for a start." She rolled her eyes.

I licked my lips and looked at her intensely. I pulled her hair behind her ears and she twitched a bit. She was about to say something, but I shushed her. I caressed her nape and put her face between my palms. "You're so beautiful. Do you want me to kiss you?"

"Hell no," she whispered.



I pulled her face and kissed her gently on her lips. She must have liked the kiss because she didn't resist, but kissed me back. I stopped and looked into her deep brown eyes that said she wanted more. I started kissing her lovingly and then I put the tip of my tongue in her mouth and she recoiled and started giggling. I loved it. I thought it was cute.

"Wait, stay here." She walked into the kitchen and came out with a bottle of champagne and then she drank an ocean of it.

Abigail and Stan were in their room, naked and under the sheets. Stan held Abigail close while she rested her head on his chest. They cuddled affectionately against each other.

"You have never made love to me like this before," Abigail started.

"Mm-hmm. You have never made love like this to me before, too. I can't stop loving you," Stan sighed deeply in satisfaction, "Abi?"


"We better go downstairs."

"Stan, I love you. You're a good man."

"I love you more." They kissed.

Courtney came back to me, she sat on my laps and put her arm around my shoulders. I could smell heavy alcohol on her breath. "I needed something to blame in the morning," she said.

We started making out when Mercedes walked in on us. She cleared her throat to notify us of her presence.

"He's drunk."

"She's completely drunk." Courtney and I said in unison.

"You guys are needed upstairs."

The whole family was gathered at my father's private study. They were eager to know what had brought about the sudden assembly. For a while, the room was awkwardly quiet. Someone had to say something, but no one agreed to step up, we just looked around the corners of the room like we hadn't been there before and everything was strange and new.

"Hold on, has anyone seen Katherine? I haven't seen her all day," Monica interrupted.

"Oh, um, she's sleeping," I involuntary informed.

"Sleeping where?"

"In uh, in my room. Should I call her?"

"No, I don't want to trouble her."

"Um... Anyway," Stan eventually spoke, "There is a thin line between family and friends yet sometimes they mean the same thing."

"What is going on here?" Collins whispered in his wife's ear.

"I don't have any idea," Shannon whispered back.

"In any case, Oprah, my daughter, and Antonio have a few things to share with us."

Oprah sighed and stood up from where she sat. "It's been a long night. Maybe the longest night of my life. Everything that I've hoped and wished for has all come to this. There are no words to explain it. Not even enough tears to shed. This marriage was a mistake. But as wounded as our hearts are, we must remember to forget the pain and hold on to the memories that we cherish." She paused and looked at me, "It's hard to forgive, but it's even harder to hate. Our lives are like a picture album..." She took off her wedding ring and handed it to Thomas beside her, "all we can do now is close this one and open another. There." She sat down and spoke slowly, "Mom, Julian and everyone in this room, the family is all that matters."

It was a little after three in the morning when I entered my room. The party had almost died outside and some guest had already left. I stripped down to my boxer shorts and crawl into bed next to Katherine. She was sleeping calmly and I really did want to touch her, but I didn't, especially after she had said she wanted to experience something different with other people. So, I lied on my side, facing the other way. The room was dark and cold and as the sheets brushed against my naked skin, it soothed me. My eyes were shut and sleep overwhelmed me.

A few hours later, I was feeling a familiar wet sensation down my crotch and it woke me up. My eyes were opened to see Katherine's face just a few inches away from mine. She smiled brightly and kissed my lips. "Good morning."

"Morning." I smiled too.

Still feeling that wet sensation, I looked down to see Courtney. She was bobbing her head. She was sucking my stiff prick. She had been doing so and I had woken up because of it. I didn't know when she started or when she entered my room. I wondered if she noticed that Katherine was on the bed unclad.

"She didn't say anything to me when she came in a few minutes ago and then she started sucking your cock."

"Is that so?"


Courtney must have noticed that I was awake and she stopped and looked up. "You didn't finish what you started. I hope you don't mind if I finished it for you."

"No, no, not at all. I thought if I—Oh, shit."

She had mashed my cock between her soft breasts. I only saw it in porn, I had never really experienced it until this moment and I tell you that the feeling was wonderful. Her nipples occasionally brushed my lower abdomen. When I looked down, Courtney smiled at me before continuing what she was doing. She spat on my cock, lubricating the friction between my it and her breasts.

Katherine touched my chin and moved my face to kiss her lips. Her hand was rubbing my hairless chest, pinching my nipples whenever her fingers brushed past them. I held her face and deepened the kiss; I put my tongue in her mouth and tasted her. I broke the kiss to see what was going on down my crotch because Courtney had left me alone.

"Okay. How long has this been going on?" She asked.

"Um, I uh—"

"Two years now," Katherine answered enthusiastically. "I walked in on him masturbating. I was so ashamed I ran out of the room. He came to me and said it was okay and I asked him if I could see it."

"See what?"

"His cock. Are you through? I would like to suck it now."

Courtney put the tip of my cock back into her mouth and started sucking while stroking my shaft. I'll admit, she wasn't as good as Katherine, but she was alright. Although she was young, Katherine brought me to orgasm that rocked my whole body faster than any girl I've been with. Maybe it was because she had gained adept experience over the course of our secret sexual encounters or it was her special tongue she used to blow me.

I felt Courtney's lips slid down gently on my shaft as she took all of me into her mouth. She reached the base and slowly eased back up to the middle and then she would take me in all the way again. Katherine was looking at Courtney with awe, the way she sucked all of me in her mouth. Katherine never could do it; whenever she tried, she would gag and drool.

Katherine parted her legs and I moved my left thigh between them and touched her moist pussy with it. I started rubbing her there. She was enjoying it because she started breathing heavily and her face contorted. It was like waves of pleasure moved through her body, her fingers started randomly moving around her body; caressing her stomach and pinching her hardened nipples, trying to literary feel the pleasure with her fingers.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh," she cooed.

Courtney started sucking me faster maybe she could tell that I was getting close to orgasm. My cock started twitching in her mouth before I ejaculated. I thought she would stop. Having swallowed my sperm, she continued sucking. I thought her ambitions were to dry me of all my semen. I didn't complain and my prick didn't mind because it was still erect.

Eventually, Courtney let me off. I felt her hand rub my thigh that was pleasuring Katherine. She pushed it aside and put two fingers inside Katherine's sex. Katherine started moaning audibly, recognizing the intrusion.

"Ugn... O my... God..."

I thought someone would hear her so I kissed her lips shut, but she was still moaning in my mouth. I didn't realize she was having an orgasm until I felt warm liquid on my lap. She had cum all over Courtney's fingers, on the sheets and on my lap. Then she gradually quieted down.

"That was amazing," she sighed.

Courtney crawled to the other side and laid down next to me. "So no one else knows about the two of you?"

"No," I said. "It stopped after yesterday anyway."

"Is it because of the whole drama?"

"Not really, no. Katherine wants to try other things."

"What drama? Did anything happen?"

"If you knew, Katherine, you really wouldn't care."

Courtney started rubbing my chest. "Katherine, you said you wanted to try other things?"

"Yes. Like girly things, you know. I want to discover myself and explore deeper into my sexuality. Like my sister, I might be gay. I don't know."

"You've been on Julian for two years, do you think you're gay?"

"I might be bi, but who would know?" Katherine paused. "Can I kiss you?"


"I mean like... never mind."

"Why do you want to kiss me? I'm not a lesbian."

"I said never mind."

Courtney moved to Katherine and straddled her. She pinned her hands down on the bed and kissed her lips domineeringly. Katherine was visibly shocked by Courtney's action but gave in to the kiss. When their lips severed, Katherine kept her gaze on Courtney's eyes, but Courtney didn't waste any time and started kissing Katherine's neck.

I watched them enjoy themselves while I stroked my cock. I watched Courtney kiss and nibble Katherine's nipples. Katherine couldn't do anything because she was held down by her new lover.

"Sit up," Courtney ordered.

Katherine obeyed, resting her back on the headboard. Courtney held Katherine's face in her hands and kissed her, this time putting her tongue past Katherine's lips and into her mouth.

When they broke the kiss, Katherine said, "You taste like Julian."

"You would know what Julian tastes like?"

"Of course."

Courtney went down on her knees and elbows in front of Katherine's leaking pussy. She was hesitant at first, using only the tip of her tongue to touch Katherine lightly on her pussy lips. Gently, she pushed her tongue in all the way and started eating Katherine's pussy. Katherine liked it, she put her hand on Courtney's head and inaudibly told her to continue.

It wasn't long before Katherine started cumming again. Her back arched, her teeth were gritted as she started squirting streams of girl cum. Courtney shifted so Katherine didn't spray any of her juices on Courtney's face. Instead, it went passed Courtney's face and landed on her back and farther down the bed.

After Katherine was done, she barely caught her breath when Courtney started eating her pussy again. Meanwhile, I wasn't getting in on the action, but Courtney's tempting ass was just there, sticking out and swaying aimlessly and invitingly in the air. I wanted to get up and hold her hips in place and slowly slide my prick into her vagina, but I was afraid she would turn around and bite me. Nonetheless, I stood up from the bed.

Courtney must have felt me rubbing her ass cheeks with my cock before I lined it in front of her pussy. She shifted her ass against me and my cock slid into her warm pussy until her ass cheeks touched my stomach. I started fucking her slowly.

She wasn't as tight as Katherine, but she was tight enough for me to feel her vagina walls suck me in. I easily went in and out of her because she was wet. I saw Katherine's face; she was in a world of her own and Courtney's lips and tongue had brought her to that world and she would never want to leave. She slightly opened her eyes and looked at me before looking down at what Courtney was doing to her.

"Yes... There, right there. Do that again."

Courtney took one of her fingers and place it between Katherine's labia. She felt how wet she was and slowly insert her middle finger. Katherine was already soaked and Courtney put a second finger in Katherine's pussy. She combined her fingers and her tongue. When Courtney found Katherine's clits, this made Katherine lose her senses, but she could make this experience even more intense for her. Katherine jumped as soon as Courtney touched it with her tongue. She never lost contact with the clitoris. It was like the clitoris is the sun. Her tongue was the earth and it revolves around the sun.

A chemical reaction started in my brain. It was the sign that made me realize I would cum soon. I wanted to let my prick fall out of Courtney's pussy but I couldn't, it felt so good and I burst inside her as I kept on fucking her still. When she turned back to look at me, a stream of hot juice from Katherine's pussy brushed passed her face and hit my chest. Katherine was squirting again, bathing Courtney and me with her cum. When it landed on my lips, I licked it off.

I kept fuck Courtney until her muscles clenched around my shaft. "Don't stop... I'm gonna cum." Her orgasm rocked her and she fell off my cock with her head on Katherine's thigh.

After she relaxed a bit, she asked: "Did you pull out?"

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