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Creating a monster ch5a

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Female solo, Lesbian

Author: Sexy Mommy

Published: 02 March 2018

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Chapter 5

The next few weeks my mind raced anytime I had a free moment to think, seeing that tattoo on Allison put my mind in the spin cycle just trying to wrap my head around what it meant. It could not be just a coincidence, I knew that, it's possible Haley had just seen the tattoo on Allison and liked it, it's possible she merely found the design in a similar place, it's also possible I'm rationalizing the whole event. It had to mean something.

So over the next few weeks our life was it’s normal, it's hard to use that word, normal, for what our life had become, but its normal for us now. Haley treated me like her sexual servant anytime we were at home, and I had no choice but to obey. I had no choice because of the consequences I could face, and because my desires wouldn't let me say no. This was the most thrilling and exciting, fulfilling and moving sexual time in my life.

There came a time when I knew something was up with Haley. She received several packages during the week, took them off to my room, our room, her room now I guess. Then 1 Monday I was informed she was going to have a get together with her friends from school, it would be the following Saturday afternoon.

This suited me well, her public behavior had been very restrained, and it would give me a chance to be with Allison and Madeline, while Haley played with the children. Some adult time is becoming necessary, I haven't spent an hour, outside of my work time, that didn't involve Haley in the last month, she controlled my life at home, she controlled my life during my off hours, whether we were at home or not. I needed some time to just be with friends, adult friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love Haley, in love as a mother should love her daughter, and as a mother should never love her daughter. But I also needed my own time.

Well as one might have guessed, the day didn't go exactly as I planned. Shortly afternoon, Haley told me she was going to shower to get ready for the party, which seemed strange for a play date. After she showered, she informed me it was time for me to do the same. She gave me instructions, this was not uncommon anymore, she told me how I was to do my hair, how I was to do my makeup, and told me my wardrobe, my words not hers, for the evening be waiting for me when I got out.

French braiding someone else's hair is difficult, French braiding your own hair as I was instructed to do, even more difficult. It took me four tries to get it done in adequately neat fashion. I had French braided Haley's hair when she was younger, so I was fairly adept at doing it, but it was still quite a challenge. makeup was done, again, to Haley’s specifications, some interesting cross between soccer mom and Street Walker, lipstick that was too bright, eyeshadow that was too dramatic, but it wasn't my choice.

Every twist of my hair, every brush of make up I applied, every action I took that was not my own, reinforced the control Haley had over me. And every movement I made that was not purely of my own device excited me. With my hair pulled back tight, my tattoo was clearly visible. When I would see it in the mirror it would make me breathless for a moment, thinking about how Haley had made me get it, about how she was in charge of me. The butterflies in my stomach would appear and the tingling sensation in my breasts caused them to ache wantonly.

As I exited the bathroom, as promised, my attire for the day was laid out on the bed. She seems to enjoy putting me in very uncomfortable situation. I had no idea how I was going to explain being made up like I was in front of Allison and Madeline. I had even less of a clue how to explain what I was going to be wearing. The first thing I noticed was the dress she had laid out for me. It was black, which was good, I look good in black, horrible in red. it appeared to be made of silk, and seemed to be a size that would make it suspiciously tight.

On the bed next to it was a corsette like item, that actually seem quite pretty. instead of being rigid and structured it was soft and had a lovely feel to it. A row of clasps running down the back would keep it very snug, while the under cups of the half bra would support me nicely. The fact that there was no top of the cup left my nipples pointed straight out, without any coverage at all. the garters would be attached to the silk like stocking she had laid out, with the prominent back seem. No one who's ever had to straighten back seems would ever want to wear them, and clearly Haley had not. And to finish the look, black patent pumps with a gold tone stiletto heels that appeared to be at least 5 inches tall. If I was to walk down the street dressed in this, I could possibly be arrested.

I dressed as instructed, and when the dress finally went on, as expected, it was tight. It was short enough to leave the top of the stockings cuff exposed, it was cut down the front far enough see the top of the corsette, and tight enough too show everyone my nipples had no coverage at all. On the positive side, it made my ass look fantastic.

I made my way downstairs where Haley was being surprisingly patient, and waiting for me. She sat on the couch channel surfing, but turned it off as soon as she noticed me coming down the stairs. She stood to come toward me and my breath was momentarily taken away from me. She looked truly beautiful. She had done her own makeup, in a very subtle but effective way. Her frosted pink lips, a slight rose glow to her cheeks, and just a hint of shadow on her eyes, made her look like an angel. Whereas the dress she wore, tightly shaped to her, just passed her knees, with a split up her left thigh exposing the top of her stockings, made her look like anything button angel. The dress was beautiful on her, seeming to give her hips she hadn't had before. The only clue as to her real age was the slightly puffy fabric where her breast should be. She walk toward me, heels clicking the floor. When I looked down I noticed her shoes were the only thing she was wearing that were not entirely white, they were a snow leopard print. It brought back a cued memory, reminding me of her more whimsical, childlike nature. She picked up what appeared to be a large beach bag, through the strap over her arm and said we should be going.

Up until the recent turn of events, I had never really found the garage to the all that useful a place, it collected dirt and clutter, it was nice in the rain, but not much use other than that. But lately, the way Haley had me dressing… If I had to walk out my front door the curb dressed like this, with her dressed like that, surely I would have died. So through the garage, to the car we were headed. She stopped me just before we got to the door.

She laid her bag down on the table, and without hesitation, pulled out a small metallic object, gold toned, and as I could see instantly, it was and anal plug. About 3 inches long in total length, bulging to about an inch and a half in diameter, before narrowing to slim quarter inch just above the flat round base. She held it up toward my face, told me to open, and I did is instructed. When she inserted it into my mouth, I gently closed my lips softly around it. She swirled it around my mouth, before abruptly removing it. Then I was instructed to bend over, I did so with no hesitation, with my elbows resting on the kitchen table. She lifted the back of my dress, a totally unnecessary act, as everything was exposed in something this short. She used her left hand to expertly spread my cheeks apart, nestled it against my pink bud, and slowly, with a twisting motion, started inserting it. A moment later my anus contracted forcefully around the narrow shaft, locking it in place inside me. I was a horny wreck after getting dressed for my master the way she wanted, after doing my hair the way she wanted, after doing my makeup the way she wanted, doing everything for her. Seeing her look as beautiful and sexy as she was almost to the over the edge. This phalis invading my most private of openings, made me gasp loudly.

“You enjoyed that didn't you slut mommy.” Haley chided me. I didn't answer. still bent over she ran a finger gently along my slit, stopping just below this new intruder in me. The wetness was unmistakable, she knew I loved this, all of this, she knew I was hers. I don't know if she knew, but the blackmail was no longer necessary to keep me hers, this was where I wanted to be.

“Time to go.” she said. I stood, trying to adjust my dress down as best possible, while getting used this new, uncomfortable, and sexy feeling between my legs. The base of this plug was wide enough that I could feel it all the time between my cheeks, every step I took made it move a little inside of me, rubbing some sensitive part or another. As I turned around toward Haley, she thrust two finger in my mouth, I could taste the wet, viscous secretions that had just came from my own cunt, I held her hand in my mouth as a aggressively sucked every last drop from her fingers. As her hand pulled away, I noticed she had gotten a manicure.

Walking the 20 or so steps from the kitchen through the garage to the driver seat of the car, I found it necessary to pause momentarily, the visual stimulation of seeing my girl looking so sexy, the smell of a musky pussy still on my lips, and movement of my new anal invader seeming to wonder to new places with every step nearly brought me to a moment. I should have brought a towel for the seat of the car.

I knew the way to Allison's house, we've been there many times over the past few years. She lived outside of town in what many would describe as an estate. She was the fortunate beneficiary of an unfortunate event. Shortly after her and her late ex husband had decided to get a divorce, he met a timely demise. With the divorce paperwork not being official, everything went directly to her, the business which at that time was modest, but the impending IPO made substantial, when directly to her without anyone contesting it. The large life insurance policy was a completely unexpected surprise. Allison had no idea it even existed. It's safe to say that Allison's bank account has it least 2 or 3 extra digits that mine will never have. I suppose this financial windfall also led to people not liking Allison early out of jealousy.

As we drove my conscience mine was still insisting this was going to be a normal day, as the tight dress exposed rock hard nipples for everyone to see, it didn't seem to alter this, I could feel the corset constricting me in it's snug embrace, and that didn't change it. The giant gold toned stilettos I was doing my best to drive in didn't change that. The fact that my Ultra short dress had been pulled around my waist as not wet right through the fabric, didn't seem to change that. The fact that every vibration from the car, every bump in the road acted directly on my new toy embedded deeply inside me, and sent an electric jolt through me, didn't seem to change it.

My conscience mind was still lying to me, telling me this was a normal day.

When we got to her house, I took the long curved driveway around to the back. There was a brick paved courtyard that separated the garage from the main house, this was well hidden from view, the house was barely visible from the street. Again thankful for the seclusion as I parked, my illusions from my conscious mind would soon be stripped away.

I turned off the car and put my keys away. Reaching for the door handle to get out, Haley stopped me

“Wait a minute, you're not ready yet.” Came her stern voice, and she picked up her bag and exited from the passenger seat. As she walked around the front of the car, I was again dumb stuck with how gorgeous she was, her blonde hair hung loosely, and seemed to frame her face beautifully, even while it swayed and flowed with every step. I could see her taught, tiny ass, every movement of which transmitted to the right dress. As she walked around the car, she was truly a sight to behold.

She entered the backseat of the car directly behind me, plopping her bag on the seat. She shut the door dug in her bag and pulled something out. Thrusting it between the seats to show, me she produced a medium sized black dog collar. It was shiny black leather, with the edges detailed in multicolored rhinestones, the kind of thing you might see on a extra pampered poodle. As she this played it for me, turning it to all its angles, I could see the gold tone buckle, and then showing me the words “Slut Mommy” spelled out in the same glittery rhinestones.

“I saw this and it seemed to be just your size.” she said with a somewhat condescending tone. She reached around me, threaded the collar around my neck, and clasped the buckle. After doing so, she gently spun the collar around so the hardware would hang in front, and my new name spelled out clearly across the back of my neck. “That is just perfect.” she said in triumph, and then giggled in a way only someone her age can.

She started to exit the car and I open my door as well, she shut her back door, and came to mine, where she produced from her bag the matching leash, and with quick efficiency, reached into the car and attached it to my caller.

The breaking moment for my conscience mind, the final straw, the last bastian in relative normality crumbled when Haley applied a gentle but firm tug, lightly calling me to get out of the car. Up until now I had myself fooled, I had told myself this could still be a normal day, this could still be just any day. Even my most diluted mind could no longer keep up such a charade. I didn't know what the day would lead to, but I knew it was going to be anything but normal, and I knew I was very excited.

I stood and pulled the dress down, I had pulled it completely up to my waist, in an effort to keep from creating a giant wet spot in the back, I smoothed it out a bit, adjusted myself inside the cups of the corset as best I could, and stood beside Haley. In a paradoxical combination of shameful pride, I hold my head high, both figuratively and literally, but inside still knowing I was this subordinate here.

Our heels made interesting clicking sounds as we walked across the parking areas brick pavers, towards the front door. I could see Melanie and Madison we're already here, and assumed Allison and Jessica were as well. As we reached the steps that led to the large double cherry doors, with their beautiful inserts of cut glass windows, I found myself tugging down hem up my dress as I went up the stairs.

An interesting thought at that point went through the more intellectual, and currently disconnected, side of my mind. Here I was walking into a friends house, dressed as I was, I had a collar around my neck, being led by my daughter, who had become my master, who had become my most fascinating lover I’ve ever had, I've got an anal sex toy inserted deeply, and tightly, and very securely in my ass, creating some fantastic sensations that I didn't even pretend not to enjoy, I was so wet with excitement the inside of my thighs we're sticky, and yet some part of me was still pulling down to hem of my dress in a last ditch effort to preserve some bit of modesty. Sort of interesting when you think about it.

Haley led the way, putting just enough tension on the leash so that I always felt it, but never so much that I was pulled forward. She politely stood at the door and rang the doorbell. A chime could be heard from inside the house, sounding somewhat like a miniature Cathedral on the hour. A moment later the doors opened, and there stood our hostess Jessica to greet us.

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Creating a monster ch5a

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