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Creating a monster ch5b

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Female Domination, Incest

Author: Sexy Mommy

Published: 06 March 2018

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The breaking moment for my conscience mind, the final straw, the last bastian in relative normality crumbled when Haley applied a gentle but firm tug, lightly calling me to get out of the car. Up until now I had myself fooled, I had told myself this could still be a normal day, this could still be just any day. Even my most diluted mind could no longer keep up such a charade. I didn't know what the day would lead to, but I knew it was going to be anything but normal, and I knew I was very excited.

I stood and pulled the dress down, I had pulled it completely up to my waist, in an effort to keep from creating a giant wet spot in the back, I smoothed it out a bit, adjusted myself inside the cups of the corset as best I could, and stood beside Haley. In a paradoxical combination of shameful pride, I would hold my head high, both figuratively and literally, but inside still knowing I was this subordinate here.

Our heels made interesting clicking sounds as we walked across the parking areas brick pavers, towards the front door. I could see Melanie and Madison we're already here, and assumed Allison and Jessica were as well, it is their house after all. As we reached the steps that led to the large double cherry doors, with their beautiful inserts of cut glass windows, I found myself tugging down hem up my dress as I went up the stairs.

An interesting thought at that point went through the more intellectual, and currently disconnected, side of my mind. Here I was walking into a friends house, dressed like an expensive hooker, I had a collar around my neck, being led by my daughter, who had become my master, who had become the most fascinating lover I’ve ever had, I've got an anal sex toy inserted deeply, and tightly, and very securely in my ass, creating some fantastic sensations that I didn't even pretend not to enjoy, I was so wet with excitement the inside of my thighs we're sticky, and yet some part of me was still pulling down to hem of my dress in a last ditch effort to preserve some bit of modesty. Interesting when you think about it.

Haley led the way, putting just enough tension on the leash so that I always felt it, but never so much that I was pulled forward. She politely stood at the door and rang the doorbell. A chime could be heard from inside the house, sounding somewhat like a miniature Cathedral on the hour. A moment later the doors opened, and there stood our hostess Jessica to greet us.

Jessica greeted Haley with a hug, which was not unexpected of them, but then as she started to pull away they gave each other a long, lingering kiss, lips parted and tongues danced, at least in my imagination. As they were kissing, I felt two small uncomfortable sensations in me, there was an erotic excitement in seeing these two young ones explore each other in this way, but there was also more than just a little jealousy that she is kissing my Haley like that. Haley was my master. As they separated their embrace, Jessica took Haley's hand and led us into the house, myself having no choice but to follow being tethered to Haley at the moment. The girls chatted incoherently as we walked through the expanse of the house. As we neared the back of the house, I heard Jessica tell Haley to “just put her over there with Allison.”

It made me feel like an object, my ass clamped a bit tighter on my new toy.

Haley led me to the kitchen. There was food and drinks arranged in various places on the counters. It could best be described in this way, if you could imagine a sophisticated adult dinner party, with food and drinks, but then imagine the menu was created by 8 year olds. everything very sophisticated, and laid out beautifully, but all, or at least most, aimed at the palate of one of these young ladies.

Haley sat me down next to Allison at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, here was apparently the adult section of the party. Besides a few trays of more adults foods, there was also 3 bottles of decidedly adult beverages. As we approach Allison, and Haley set me on the stool, Allison stared forward not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. This is more like the Allison when I first met her, the shy reserve person who didn't seem to want to make conversation with people.

Haley unclipped the leash and left to the other room to join her friends, while I hadn't seen Madison, I heard her several times. Allison and I sat at the breakfast bar, sitting on our stools, staring forward, not talking for what seem like a small eternity, the silence eventually broken by Alison.

“I had hoped you wouldn't get involved in any of this.” she said in a voice just slightly higher than a whisper.

I didn't really know what to say, so I went with first thing that came to mind “how long has this been going on?” I asked.

“We're not supposed to talk about that.” she said without making any eye contact “but its been some time now.”

I turn my head to get a better look at Allison. She was beautiful all the time, but today she was at a different level. Just as my red hair was pulled back in the tight French braid, so was her blonde hair. Both of us with our heart tattoos exposed, but where my new black collar resided on my neck, she wore a pink version, and in script letters spelled out on the back of hers it simply said “Bitch Mommy”. Her beautifully tapered neck leading to her strong, and yet very feminine shoulders, uncovered by a strapless dress that seem to be held up buy some form of anti-gravity. The top of her dress was cut so low, that bright pink circles of her Areolas could be seen. The dress contoured every part of her shape with pale pink fabric, highlighting her natural skin tone. Like mine, her dress ended long before it should, making the garters that held up her white lace stockings with the pink trim very obvious. The stockings clad and caressed two of the most perfectly proportion legs anyone has ever seen, all of this ending in pink leather pumps, not altogether different than mine, save the silver tone heel verses my gold. Clearly our girls have been shopping together.

“While I was hoping you wouldn't get involved in this, I'm happy that you're here now.” she told me in a confessional way. She looked at me with a defeated, yet sultry gaze.

I wasn't exactly sure how to take that, did she just need a confident, someone to talk to and share with? Or was there something more vice like in her tone, maybe I was just hoping. Allison got up to make some mixed drinks, mixed in the sense it was a large glass of vodka mixed with ice. Allison didn't go cheap, top shelf stuff. We sat there for a few more minutes drinking, perhaps drank is a better word, as ice rattled in our empty glasses.

About this point Jessica called us into the living room. as we walked out of the kitchen, across what was surely imported tile, we entered her living room. A bank of windows occupied almost one entire wall, while a massive stone fireplace took up the adjacent wall where a fire blazed. A mostly open room with three couches forming U shaped conversation pit, or what used to be called a conversation pit, where one could sit and watch the fireplace. An ornate area rug filled most of the floor. A large curving staircase came down from the wall opposite the windows, the rich wood of the handrail probably costing more than my house.

Jessica instructed us where to stand in front of the window side couch, we turned to face the staircase, and then we were to kneel. And wait. For what we weren't told, Allison seemed to understand what was going on, where I was completely lost. As we knelt on the floor, the three girls sat on the couch in front of us, Haley on one side, Madison on the other, with Jessica the middle. It was now I noticed all three had definitely coordinated this day together. All three wore the same dress in different colors, Haley in pure white, Jessica with her strawberry blonde hair was in a bright cobalt blue version, her legs wore silky tan stockings, and Madison, with her dark brown hair wore a red dress, with appropriately coordinated red stocking. They had also coordinated, to a degree their shoes, where all their shoes seem to be the same style, Haley had her snow leopard print pumps, Jessica’s tan covered legs ended in what appeared to be a snake skin look, and Madison’s legs were highlighted by a slightly unnatural red and black tiger stripe print on her 4 inch heels.

All three girls were at their loveliest. As we sat on the couch waiting, the girls looked at Allison and I, back and forth, giggling, before impatience started to get the best of them. Jessica leaned over to Madison, started to massage her absent breasts through her dress, shortly before a accepting deep lingering kiss from her. As those two shared each others oral sensations, Haley leaned over and began to massage Jessica where her nipples were undoubtedly poking hard under her dress. Jessica gasped slightly and begin to massage Madison even more eagerly. Madison's legs, in a unconscious response, slowly begin to drift apart. Constraint by the tightness of her dress, she succeeded only in exposing a large portion of her left leg. Haley had decided to migrate her hand down Jessica, across her tight flat belly, aggressively caressing her down her thighs, as she leaned over closer and begin to kiss the back of her neck.

It was just about then we heard a clearing of the throat from the top of the stairs, upon which all three girls quickly set up properly on the couch, hands returning to each lap. Madison's lipstick was slightly askew, but other than that no worse for wear. I look to the top of the stairs, and there was the missing member of our little group, Melanie. Melanie was dressed in what appeared to be a long leather dress, a row of silver buttons down the middle fastening it together. All that could be seen below that was a pair of spike heeled leather boots. Her hair was pulled back tight, taking a little away from what used to be the cutest face I had known, but adding a stark harshness to it. Bright red lips, smokey eyes, and a sweetheart neckline that accentuate amazing curves. Standing just behind her, and in very submissive poses, were Jessica's little brother, and a girl I assume to be Madison's older sister. Although we had never met, the family resemblance was uncanny. She was about 18, ever so slightly on the chubby side without being you would call fat, and curves like mom.

As Melanie descended the stairs, she scanned the room, and brought her gaze to rest on me. “I see our new toy is here.” she stated with an almost disturbing amount of enthusiasm. “So lovely to see you here Linda, I've been looking forward to this” she continued, somehow the sweet nature of what was her cute, almost pixie like demeanor, seemed to be retained in her voice, at the same time the tone was a bit ominous. For the first time in several weeks I definitely felt uncomfortable

She reached the bottom of the stairs, her two little ones in tow. Aiden stayed to her right and Madison’s sister, whose name I still did not know, stayed to her left. They were not on leashes, but they might as well have been, they kept their hands clasped in front of them, their heads down.

After exiting the stairs she came around to the open end the couches near the fireplace, and as she did, all three girls promptly stood, all awaiting her as she approached. Her sweet Madison was first, giving her a long sensual kiss, leaving a few traces of her bright crimson lips behind. Then on to the petite and strawberry blonde Jessica. Tall and slender, and standing slightly to the side of her so we could see, she gave her a long, long kiss, tongues dancing up in each others mouth, and as she did, she brought her right hand down and massaged Jessica about her pubic region, the dress surely kept her from doing as much as she wanted, but she got her desired effect, as Allison sat, staring, memorized. You could see the emotions building in Allison, but exactly what was unclear. What I was feeling the other hand was very clear, I was hot. After a minute spent with her tongue inside Jessica's mouth, and her hands rubbing up and down on her dress, she released her, and moved on to Haley. Again standing slightly to the side, making sure everything was visible, a long kiss, often with their tongues exposed. With Haley she took her left hand and slid it just underneath neckline of her dress, Haley jerked slightly as Melanie’s finger tips dashed across her nipples. Haley’s hard, sensitive nipples that I now longed to suckle.

Breaking away, she turns to Allison and me. for effect, she walked in front of us addressing Allison, she put her hand under her chin and lifted her head so that Allison was craning back, looking up at Melanie. “Don't you look just lovely today.” She then brought her gaze and her hand to my chin, and repeated the action. “And this is our new redheaded toy, I've been waiting for you. Haley says you eat pussy like a professional, I hope it's true. ” and with that she strode over to the open couch. Her two young acolytes took their place behind the couch, as she stood there. She began removing her dress, it was heavy with large ornate silver buttons, it was mostly worn to create an impression, and the removal was part of the show. She started at the bottom and worked her way up, quickly at first, and then more slowly. Soon you could see the top her boots that came just over her knee, her legs continued covered in black silk. As she kept going it exposed the garters, then the panties. She wore a simple black garter belt, and her panties were so shear, it made it obvious she was perhaps the only one in the room with any pubic hair at all, neatly shaved into a nice heart above her slit. As she unbuttoned, further exposing her abdomen, which was much better looking than her curvy shape might suggest. Eventually the dress was opened, exposing her ample chest, this woman carried D cup breasts that hung on her chest like they were supported by magic. Large rose colored nipples, with smallish areolas, they seemed to dance on top of her tits like they had a will of their own. And with that, the dress was removed and tossed aside, this was most clearly a performance piece, and she loved every minute of it. With all eyes in the room on her the entire time, she lounged back on the couch, bringing one leg up then posing herself, this was her erotic fashion play. She just sat there for a moment watching her audience as they watched her.

“Haley, you brought us our new toy, why don’t you show her to us.” Came the proclamation, and a wave of the hand added weight to her statement.

Is it possible for your heart to sink in to your chest, and pound with unbridled passion at the same time? Mine was. Haley slowly stood, and sauntered the 12 feet or so, slow, deliberate steps, one foot barely in front of the other, her thin hips swaying with each. When she reached me, she made a show of reaching down to leash me up. She tugged the leash, and I stood, I was 6 feet tall in these shoes, and stood a bit fast, the girls giggled at my first awkward step. She then paraded me around to each starting with Madison. She eyed me like prey. Then past Jessica, who licked her lips before smiling at me. Then over to Melanie, who had me do a 360 for her, past her two minions, and then for Alison, ending in the middle of the room. Here she removed the leash, tossing it aside, and began removing my dress. She reached up in back, unzipped it, before coming back in front. With both hands she reached up, pulled the thin straps from my shoulders, and the silk dress fell to the floor. Haley bent down, and I stepped out of it, followed by her tossing it, where I didn't notice.

I stood in the room, wearing only the corset, stockings and heels, my nipples still protruded high above the half cups, my bald pussy glistened in it's wetness. The shame of being on display was exciting, having my daughter be the one to expose me made it even more intense. Another 360 to allow everyone a view, and Haley had me get back on the floor, hands and knees this time, my ass pointing between the two young ladies and Melanie. The girls gave their approval upon seeing my ass plug, and Haley reached down and gave the base a pat or two, showing them how firm it was tied in me. I groaned at the sensation, dropping to my elbows to expose more of my ass for them.

“You get to be first if you want Haley” Melanie proclaimed, “you get to do what ever you want to start.”

“Can I have them both?” her sweet angelic voice asked. “just to start.”

“Sure, just to start” Melanie granted.

She tugged my leash, pulling me off my elbows, and back to my hands, then approached Jessica, and obtained Allison’s leash. She latched Allison up, and walked her, on her hands and knees, so we were face to face. She then paused thinking…”Give her a big kiss slut mommy.” Haley stood looking down at me, she motioned me toward Allison, and then started to take her dress off.

I took a half step on my hands and knees to Allison, and slowly touched my lips to hers. In had thought about kissing this woman many times before, but never thought it would be like this. I accelerated the kiss, opening my lips to her, but she remained hesitant, I continued to kiss her, opening my mouth and extending my tongue. Her lips remained closed, but I pushed through. Once I felt the inside of her mouth, she began returning my advances, with abundance. She kissed me back eagerly, her lips and tongue were strong, and soon she was filling me. I opened my eyes enough to see Haley had unzipped Allison’s dress, and was In the process of removing it. Allison became unsteady as she lifted one limb at a time, allowing Haley to strip her.

“That is enough you two” Haley scolded mockingly, as she tugged our leashes, pulling us apart.

I was breathless. I looked at Allison, who seemed a bit more in control than I was. She wore a corset like mine, but in pink, her tits hung below her, but maintained a wonderful shape. I could see her ass over her shoulder, I wanted to spend some time on that ass. We made eye contact for the first time today, her eyes looked wonderful, her face was beautiful, in spite of our smeared lipstick.

Our locked eyes were interrupted in a most pleasant manor, Haley wedged her tiny ass between us, and I needed no command or encouraging, I drove my face in between her cheeks. It caught Haley off guard, causing her to fall forward, she regained her balance with her hands on Allison’s back, putting her in a bent position that gave me better access to her pink bud. I don’t know if I was allowed to, but I brought my hands up to her, spreading her and diving in to her. My eagerness was met with approval from the rest of the group. I lapped at her anus, taking in the texture of every wrinkle and bump, she tasted like a salty strawberry. A moment later, and my tongue was driving it’s way home, pressing hard, quickly opening her sphincter much faster then last time. Her tiny anus seemed to grow under my pressure, and every time I pushed further, Haley groaned with an animalistic quality. Soon, my tongue was fully extended in to her ass.

Haley came to a more upright position, requiring me to put my hands back on the floor. I couldn’t get inside her as much from this position, so I continued to lick and poke as best I could. I could feel Haley spread her legs open some, her body lowering a few inches.

“On my puss Allison,” Haley brought back her stern voice, although it seemed to tremble a bit in the excitement. “ eat my cunt bitch, you know how I like it.”

‘You know how I like it?’ what has been going on? I don't care, I just wanted eat this ass. And I did. I could feel Allison attack Haley's cunt with some force, pushing her back in to me. I responded by applying more force of my own, driving into her ass with abandon. For the next three minutes Allison and I ate Haley like a buffet. Several times our tongues would meet at Haley’s taint, lingering there, me tasting her prepubescent pussy on Allison, her tasting a delicious ass on mine.

“Get on my clit bitch mommy” came the command.

Then Allison concentrated on her clit, and moments later Haley's slider legs went limp inside her silky stockings. Allison and I did our best to hold her up, I brought up left hand to support her, and Allison followed by doing the same. We both continued to eat her, and her orgasm came strong, her anus got hot, and started to pulse and spasm, it was a ballet in my mouth. Sticky sweetness flowed from her tiny vagina, coating my chin before she finally collapsed fully to the floor, her loud, guttural moaning echoed through the room. Haley lay there, twitching and shaking for several minutes before recovering, at which time she stood on her sexy, unsteady legs, looking like a new born colt, and walked back to the couch with her friends, the room silent, save some very heavy breathing.

While Jessica and Madison helped her, with nothing between us, Allison and I went back at each other, soon all the vaginal secretion from my little girl had been kissed from my face.

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