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Agent Tanya

Categories Fantasy, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission

Author: deniss

Published: 06 March 2018

  • Font:

Chapter 2 - Special Agent Tanya

As the Allied Commander that had given them victory at Brighton Beach and repelled the Soviets from the United Kingdoms, it was no wonder that Jack was being utilized once again where he was most needed. His next task was to liberate France, a tall order given that after his defeat at Brighton Beach, General Krukov had retreated their and captured Cannes.

That left the majority of the Soviets in Cannes and to make matters worse; several Allied leaders were also trapped in the city, pinned down in a conference center well within the city limits. It was going to be a tough fight, but Jack knew that every fight was going to be tough. He kept all of his nervousness and trepidation off his face as he sat in the briefing room, paying rapt attention to the man on the large monitor in front of him.

President Ackerman wasn’t an impressive man, but he was an impressive figure as President of the United States. Anyone could sit in that chair and be bolstered by the prestige and status of such a position.

“After your success in Great Britain, I fully believe you’re the one we need to stop Krukov and save our comrades from that conference center. You may not be our oldest commander, but you’re the only one to send Krukov running in far too long. In my opinion, that makes you our most experienced officer for this job. Do you agree son?”

Jack prided himself on not swallowing nervously or even blinking. He stared into the President’s eyes and nodded sharply.

“Yes sir. I won’t let the Allied Forces down.”

It was an important distinction, but he wasn’t sure the President noticed it. Instead, the man smiled and nodded in return.

“I know you won’t Commander. To that end, I’ve gone ahead and assigned our best commando to your forces. Meet Agent Tanya.”

Long, feminine fingers suddenly ghosted across his shoulders and Jack had to keep himself from reacting. He still tensed up a little as the blonde beauty moved around him, making her presence in the room known. She had a wicked, smug grin on her face as she threw a lazy salute towards the President.

“Reporting for duty… sir.”

If President Ackerman was upset by the lack of respect, he didn’t show it. Instead the man simply chuckled and then looked to Jack once again with what he probably thought was a piercing stare.

“Get out there and kick just a little more Commie butt for us son. If you can succeed in France, we may just be able to turn this whole war around on those damn Soviets.”

Jack could see that. He wasn’t about to fail. Still, all that needed to be said had been said and the young Allied Commander could tell that the President was the kind of man who had to have the last word. So he simply nodded in silence and Ackerman ended the call, leaving Jack all alone with Agent Tanya. The young man had read up on her in Command School. The President hadn’t been wrong when he called her their best commando.

Smiling, Jack turned to look at the beautiful blonde woman, eyes straying down below her neckline a single time.

“Special Agent Tanya. It will be a pleasure to have you on board.”

The smirking blonde just laughed as she moved forward and planted her hands on either side of his chair. She leaned over him and purred as their faces grew closer and closer. But they did not touch. Jack could tell this wasn’t going to be that sort of an exchange; he had a sixth sense for these kinds of things. At the same time, he had no intention of making a move on this woman before the mission was done and he’d wrung every ounce of use out of her skills as a commando.

“I’m sure it will be… Commander. You’re a little young to be leading, aren’t you? I did a little reading up. Brighton Beach was your very first battle. You did alright there, but I can’t help but wonder how much your success can be attributed to Commander Giles Price. Did you ride his British Coattails all the way to success Commander? I hope you don’t think you can do the same here, with me. To start with, I don’t have coattails, now do I?”

Jack stared into her smug face and then very deliberately leaned forward and to the side, moving his gaze around her to stare at her shapely ass, jutting out as it was thanks to her current position half bent over him. The Special Agent tensed up at his brazen behavior and by the time she was ready to react, he’d already settled back down in his chair and looked back into her eyes.

A small grin of his own formed on his face.

“No Special Agent. I can safely say that you do not.”

The beautiful, insubordinate woman stared in silence for a brief second before barking out a laugh and straightening up.

“Oh you’re a rare breed Commander, young as you are. I might just have to punish you for sneaking that look, if you don’t do well on tomorrow’s mission. You better bring your A-game or this will be your LAST ‘game’.”

With those final words, the Agent turned and sauntered out the door, a sway in her step as she went, her shapely behind bouncing from side to side. Jack watched her leave. He had nothing to lose after all, as she’d said, it all rode on tomorrow. While he was confident that he could do it and do it well, he was also aware that no plan survived contact with the enemy. And there were always surprised waiting around every bend.

Still, if he DID succeed tomorrow, he was going to take the pretty Special Agent to task over her insubordination. He could already imagine enjoying himself with her. Agent Tanya had been allowed far too much leeway within the Allied Forces. It was high time that someone showed the woman her place. Licking his lips, the young Allied Commander couldn’t help but yearn to be the one to do it.

And he would… just as soon as he did the impossible and pushed the Soviets out of France.


To say Jack had succeeded might very well be an understatement. The mission was a success, yes, but just calling it a success would be downplaying the total victory that the young Allied Commander had achieved. He’d done his research and he knew exactly what Agent Tanya was capable. As such, he was able to use her to the absolute best of her abilities, something he could tell she appreciated by the tone of her voice even as she stayed irreverent and insubordinate throughout the mission.

Tanya had taken out the War Bears patrolling the Soviet island harbors off the coast of Cannes. This had allowed a group of spies to sabotage the Soviet Reactors, shutting down the Tesla coils that threatened their main forces. Not only that, they’d also managed to infiltrate the Soviet docks afterwards, planting demotion charges under each of them.

Meanwhile, a Commander Warran had been able to sneak a small base into the Soviet-controlled city. The man had been tasked with securing the conference center and saving the Allied leaders trapped there. He’d managed the first, only to in turn end up trapped along with them when Soviet Dreadnoughts began to bombard the structure.

Here was where Jack had shown again, using Tanya to send a message to the Soviets from their ports. He’d had her claim that insurgents were onboard the Akula subs that were protecting the Soviet Dreadnoughts currently bombarding his comrades. The Akulas had come in to port to submit to a search from what they had believed was a rightful authority. In the end, they’d come to their deaths as the demolition charges were detonated. The Akula subs, the docks, the Naval yards, and all of the docked Dreadnoughts were quickly destroyed.

After that, it was child’s play to have Tanya destroy the remaining Dreadnoughts and with victory in their sights, Jack’s superiors had authorized a chronoshift of an MCV into the city itself. Jack had used it to quickly build a strike force that, together with Commander Warren, pushed into the Soviet’s main base and razed it to the ground.

Jack’s only regret was that Krukov had not been on site any longer. The defeat was not fully complete without him. Still, the mission was a resounding success and Jack had just finished with getting praised by the President himself. It was hard to keep a smile off his face as the monitor went black and the President’s visage disappeared.

The youngest Allied Commander in the forces, with only two missions under his belt… but also two victories, a hundred percent success rate. He was going places and he knew it. His gaze shifted from the blank screen to the only other person in the room. Agent Tanya sat to the side of the long conference table, her feet up and her legs crossed as she leaned back in her chair and studied him.

Jack couldn’t help but wonder what was on her mind. He knew what was on his mind after all.


It was rare these days for Tanya to feel respect for a superior, especially a male one. Most of them were pigs and most of them were completely beneath her in every way that mattered. The only reason she stuck around was because fighting for the Allied Forces gave her plenty of chances to have some fun and kick some ass.

The woman was a battle junkie, plain and simple. So long as she got a good fight, she’d do her job. That at least, the young Commander had given her. Tanya had to admit that she was wrong about this one, this… Commander Jack. He may have been rather green and untested, but that only made him all the better in her eyes. This was someone who very well might bring the Soviets to their knees if his superiors kept giving him the chance to.

And with President Ackerman’s glowing praise moments before, it definitely seemed like they were going to keep him where the fighting was. That meant Tanya needed to be assigned to him permanently. And that meant she needed to be on his good side. Smiling from her place at the side of the conference table, Tanya batted her eyelashes and swung her boots off of the table and onto the floor as she leaned forward in her place.

“I was wrong about you Commander. I owe you an apology… and I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.”

Even as she gave him her best sultry smile, the Commander didn’t get flustered or even so much as blush, much to his credit. Tanya’s estimation of the man went up even further as he slowly stood and stared down at her from the higher vantage point.

“That’s not good enough Special Agent. Your insubordination in this organization has gone on long enough. My peers and our superiors may have allowed it, but as you already know, I am not them. I’m going to have to discipline you.”

That gets Tanya out of HER chair as well, even as the Commander starts to meander his way from the end of the table towards her. They end up barely inches apart as Tanya places her hands on her small waist, a smile on her lips.

“I’d like to see you try Commander.”

The man’s grin gives her only a moment to wonder what he’s planning, before her Time Belt suddenly disengages and falls from her waist, the clasp opening all on its own. Tanya only has enough time for her eyes to widen as the Commander shows her the small device in his hand that he used to disarm her. Then he’s tossing it aside and grabbing her, pushing her up against the conference table and bending her over it.

Tanya struggles, of course she does. But she’s taken off guard and a small part of her in the far back of her mind has already betrayed her and surrendered to the Commander as he manhandles her face down. The Special Agent is honestly shocked at just how physically capable a man she assumed was a desk jockey is. She squirms and fights back, but ultimately he uses his surprise as well as his greater strength and leverage to lock her down in place. She doesn’t have enough wiggle room to break free, at least not now.

And then his hand is on her breast. Before Tanya even knows what’s happening, he’s slipped his fingers under her armored bra and grasped one of her tits directly. His digits knead her soft, sensitive chest and an involuntary moan leaves Tanya’s throat as that small, treacherous, turned on part of her grows all the larger.

“Y-you… You bastard! What do you think you’re playing at?”

The Commander suddenly released her wrists, but rather than fight back, Tanya found herself putting her hands on the table to brace herself. Her hips subconsciously moved back against Jack’s crotch and she ground her ass against his sizable bulge. If that bulge was anything to go by, the young man was hung and that made Tanya all the wetter. With her hands in front of her and Jack’s both free, the Commander slipped the second up under her armored bra and began to play with both her tits with impunity.

“I’m disciplining an insubordinate little slut. What does it look like I’m doing?”

Tanya was panting, breathless, gritting her teeth as she tried to catch her bearings under the onslaught of arousal that the Commander was forcing on her. The young man’s words only made her angrier though and she finally found the strength to fight back. But when she tried to head butt him, Jack was ready for her. His face wasn’t there, and there was no satisfying crack as she broke his nose.

Instead, he immediately let go of her tits and stepped back. Before Tanya could do much more than turn slightly after her failed head butt, Jack was grabbing her wrists again, pulling them behind her back rather roughly. And then she felt something thick being wrapped around her wrists. Twisting this way and that to no avail, Tanya looked back and her eyes widened as she saw what Jack was using to restrain her with. Her very own Time Belt, forcing her wrists together and binding her behind her back.

He must have picked it up while she was trying and failing to head butt him. With her arms thoroughly restrained, the Commander forced her back over the conference table once more, grinding his still-growing bulge all the harder against her ass. One hand curled into her hair and gripped tightly, pushing her face into the table, but the other went to her butt and groped her through her camouflage pants.

Tanya gritted her teeth but couldn’t quite stop the moan from leaving her lips. The woman had always had a sensitive derriere. She’d also always considered her large butt to be one of her best features. Her tits were nice and all, but it was her ass and her walk that turned men’s head and kept them looking long after she’d passed them by.

Having this domineering young man playing with her ass like this… Tanya’s body had betrayed her fully as she wiggled her hips back against his grasp and his grinding bulge. But at the same time Tanya was coming to a startling realization. She wanted this. She was enjoying this. There wasn’t a man on this Earth besides this one who had ever treated her so roughly before. No one dared, no one even came close to doing what Jack was currently doing.

Biting her lower lip, the ornery, insubordinate commando did what she did best. She talked back.

“You going to fuck me with that small pecker of yours little boy or are you just going to grind against me until you cum?”

The words were out of her mouth before she could consider them… but in the end, they got Agent Tanya exactly what she wanted… and more than she ever could have bargained for.”


Jack knew he was being goaded on. But then, he’d always intended to fuck the cunt. If she was going to taunt him, he’d just show her how ‘little’ he really was. Slamming Tanya’s face down into the conference table again, Jack held the woman in place with one hand while practically ripping her pants down off those wide hips with the other. Tanya let out a grunt as her ass and her panties were exposed to him. The commando was wearing a pair of underwear that was black and form fitting. Nothing sexy there, and yet that in and of itself was rather sexy.

Still, the Commander was on a mission here and he grabbed the blonde’s panties roughly, half-pulling them down her legs and half-tearing them from her body entirely. They came away, though ultimately he hadn’t minded either outcome. A gasp of outrage left Tanya’s mouth as he ripped her underwear off her body, but that proved to be a mistake as Jack used the opportunity to stuff her panties right into her open maw, causing her to gag a bit on the undergarment.

“You keep those for me slut.”

As he began to feel her up, Tanya growled and spit out the makeshift gag. There was nothing keeping it in after all. Twisting to look at him over her shoulder, she spoke with a flustered tone as he began to finger her increasingly wet pussy right there on the spot.

“F-Fuck you bastard! I told you to FUCK me! None of this pansy ass finger bullshit! Or are you fingers bigger than your tiny ass cock?”

It was funny, watching her try to act tough and strong while his two fingers were clearly wreaking havoc on her shaking body. But Jack just smiled and pulled his digits back. He used his grip on her hair to once again force her face down onto the table. As a result, when he pulled his cock from its tight confines with his other hand, the first bit of interaction Tanya had with the thing was when he let it flop down on her bare naked ass cheeks.

His slab of meat hit her fat ass and Tanya nearly jumped out of her skin. Letting out an expletive, the blonde agent struggled to look back again, to see what she was dealing with. Jack didn’t let go of her hair, but he did give her enough slack to gaze upon his massive schlong, resting atop her big backside as it was. Tanya’s eyes went wide as she took in the thing before her.

“I-I… it’s…”

For the first time in her life, the supremely confident, extremely prideful woman was speechless. She’d never seen anything like the Commander’s dick before. It was the largest piece of man meat that she’d come across and given her personality and her hobbies, Tanya had come across a LOT of dick. Most of it wasn’t enough to satisfy her. In fact, the short haired blonde preferred women over men most of the time.

This though… Tanya swallowed thickly and subconsciously licked her lips as she stared with wide eyes at the huge dong between the Commander’s legs.

“Do you want this Agent? Do you want me to fuck you?”

Jack’s words tore her from her thoughts and she managed to pull her gaze from his cock in order to look at him incredulously. No longer stuck staring at the hypnotizing member, Tanya was able to regain some of her causticity.

“Do I look like I want it?! Fucker, you’ve got me pinned down and tied up! Doesn’t look like I really have a choice from my position!”

The smile on Jack’s face was not wicked or smug or evil. It was actually rather placid as he leaned down and spoke to her directly.

“No Agent, you have a choice. You can take my punishment here and now. I will discipline you, you will learn from your mistake and we will move on with taking the fight to our true enemy, the Soviets. But if you would rather I go through the proper channels, this all ends here. I will let you go and then I will have you punished for your willful insubordination through regulations and our superiors. I know you’re not used to such a threat Agent Tanya, but consider for a moment who I am and what I’ve done so far in just two short missions. Consider that the President himself will bend over backwards to accommodate me when I bring my concerns about you to him.”

The gears in Tanya’s head turned as she realized he was right. No one had ever filed a formal complaint against her before. No one had ever demanded punishment for her actions. There had been grumblings and mutterings and she’d had a couple of ‘talks’ with superiors about off-the-record whining they’d received, but nothing had ever come of it and Tanya had never seen fit to change how she did things as a result.

But now? The young Commander was right. If anyone could get her punished through the proper channels and make it stick, it would be Jack. It would be the man who saved Britain and then took back France. He could very well make it so that she didn’t see another mission for far too long for the battle junkie’s tastes.

More than that though, and Tanya thought Jack might have known this to be the case, judging by the glint in his eye… but she DID want it. His cock, now that she’d laid eyes on it, now that she’d felt it’s pulsating heat against her ass… she wanted him to fuck her. More than that, the blonde beauty NEEDED him to fuck her.

Shuddering, Tanya lowered her gaze from his submissively.

“Do it fucker… fucking discipline me.”

Still he did not move.

“That’s Commander to you slut.”

Another shudder but Tanya still managed to bite out the words.

“Yes… Commander.”

He pulled back a bit, his huge cock sliding down off her ass. But then he moved forward and the tip of that majestic member was up against her dripping slit. Tanya pressed her own face into the table this time, even as he kicked her legs farther apart with his foot and then began to slowly push into her. The blonde Agent groaned mightily as the biggest cock she’d ever taken stretched out her insides beyond anything they’d ever experienced, inch by fucking inch.

With her arms tied behind her back, her legs spread, her pants stretched around her knees and her torn panties sitting on the table in front of her, Tanya was helpless. And she’d never felt more turned on in her life by that sensation. The young Commander pushed every last bit of his shaft into her. His body pressed against her ass as he hilted inside of her and Tanya felt fuller than ever before.

The blonde panted for breath as she struggled to adjust to the size of Jack’s dick, but the Allied Commander had no intentions of giving her the time to do so. Only a few moments after he’d sheathed himself fully inside of her tight, warm depths, Jack pulled back and did it again. And then he did it again and again, faster and faster. Tanya’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped open as the domineering young man finally began to truly fuck her.

Her body slammed against the edge of the conference table over and over again with the force of his thrusts and the conference table shook beneath them as a result. Jack didn’t seem to care though; instead he was solely focused on fucking the hell out of her. One hand remained in her blonde hair, gripping it tightly and holding her head down. The other though returned to her naked ass as Jack began to smack it back and forth, from one cheek to the other in time with his thrusts into her.

Tanya’s pale white booty quickly turned red under this onslaught, but that didn’t stop the man from continuing to ‘punish’ and ‘discipline’ her. Biting her lower lip, Tanya tried and failed to keep in the moans. They escaped all the same, right alongside the whimpers and groans and whines as she was thoroughly plowed up against the table.

He… He was just so big. Tanya had been fucked over tables and other hard surfaces before. She’d let men take her from behind in all manner of positions. But this was entirely new ground for her. Jack wasn’t just rough in his treatment of her cunt and her body, he was brutal and savage. The man was as vicious in sex as he was on the battlefield.

She regretted ever doubting him. This young Commander would go far; he would take the world by storm. And now more than anything, not just for the battles, but because of his big juicy cock, Tanya wanted to be at his side as he did it. She needed to be at his side. Even as Jack began to fuck her brains out, Tanya was desperately trying to figure out how to stay with him forever.

“F-Fuck… yes, just like that, just like that Commander. Fuck me! Fuck mEEEEE!!!”

Her first orgasm abruptly arrived and it was certainly explosive. Tanya’s eyes rolled back in her head on the spot and she gritted her teeth as her entire body shook and seized up from the climax. Her pussy walls clenched down hard around Jack’s dick, but the Commander never stopped pistoning into her over and over again with his jackhammer of a cock.

She knew her mind kept going around in circles, but damn it, he was so big! More than that though, the young man seemed to know just how to use his cock. He wielded the massive pecker with the same skill and natural mind for strategy that he wielded her and the others on the battlefield. The Commander was a man she could follow, that she could serve. Tanya bit her lower lip and bowed her head, pressing her forehead to the cool surface of the conference table and breathing out harshly.

“Please Commander… more.”

A slight pause as her soft, begging tone reached Jack’s ears, and then he was fucking her harder. She moaned happily, completely surrendering herself to him. She was submitting entirely, giving up complete control even if the majority had already been wrested from her. And though it wasn’t something Tanya ever thought she’d do for a man, she was surprisingly content to be doing it.

More than anything in the world, Tanya wanted the young Commander to be happy with her. She wanted him to like her enough to keep around. And she wanted there to be more times like this, where he fucked her with his big, thick, long dick. Moaning like a wanton whore rather than the commando that she was, the blonde beauty bounced her hips back towards Jack’s thrusting cock as best she could, even pinned between his body and the conference table as she was.

The proud woman cried out as another orgasm hit her, this one even bigger than the last. Before she could even come down from that high though, the next hit. And then the next. A string of climaxes assaulted Tanya’s senses as she squeezed down rhythmically around the Commander’s massive pistoning schlong. By the time her tightening, clenching pussy managed to milk his release from him, Tanya wore the look of a woman fucked silly, her eyes crossed and her tongue lulling out of her skull.

And yet, as he pulled out of her, even as over-sexed as she was, Tanya felt like she was missing something with his abrupt absence. She needed him back inside of her, filling her with more of his cum. Even now, his white hot seed dripped from between her thighs, sliding free of her pussy while the majority of his load stayed inside of her womb, sloshing around in there whenever she so much as shifted.

But Tanya wanted more and she knew just how to get it. Whining, the bound blonde stretched out her arms as best she could and grasped at the tops of her ass as she shook the big fat thing in the Commander’s direction. He was looking at her with a raised brow when she looked back over her shoulder at him in turn and bit her lower lip.

“P-Please Commander… I don’t think I’ve learned my lesson yet. Won’t you fuck this worthless slut’s ass?”

She couldn’t quite reach back and spread her ass cheeks open with how her hands were tied behind her back. Tanya did her best anyways though, gripping at what she could of her large buttocks and whimpering as she kneaded the sensitive flesh beneath her long feminine fingers. She stared into Jack’s eyes with a beseeching, begging gaze and a whine built in the back of her throat.

After a moment, a wicked grin spread across his face and Tanya flushed a deeper shade of red as that single look leveled at her almost made her cum right on the spot. It certainly caused a fresh flood of arousal to wash over her and mess with her senses. The next thing she knew, the Commander’s huge dick was back on her ass, sliding up and down between her butt cheeks as he hot dogged her.

Tanya moaned happily and her hands went from kneading the top of her behind to grasping the first few inches of his cock. She stroked away at his member as it pistoned in and out of her ass cheeks for a few moments, but eventually he pulled away from her reach and lifted her hips up, causing her face to once again plant itself in the conference table.

The blonde commando eagerly went up on her tip toes to give her Commander easier access and she mewled when he pulled her butt cheeks apart to expose her tight sphincter. Tanya was no stranger to anal sex but she wouldn’t deny that she was both anxious and eager to feel the prodigious member that Jack was wielding inside of her back door.

Luckily, her pussy juices mixed with the remnants of his seed acted as a pretty good lube for Jack’s dick. He positioned himself and pressed the tip of his girthy length up against her tiniest hole and then he began to push. Tanya’s eyes immediately went wide and her mouth fell open in a silent scream, at first anyways. Inch after inch pushed past her yielding sphincter and into her bowels as Jack filled her ass with his cock meat.

It was everything Tanya had wanted and at the same time feared. Still, her ass stretched but did not tear and her body slowly but surely managed to accept him inside of a place where no man was meant to go. It was perverse and obscene and the fact that she’d offered him this hole made her feel a thrill of shameful arousal at her own brazenness and lustful over-eagerness.

She was a filthy little whore, wasn’t she? Being fucked up the ass by her superior officer after he’d already creampied her cunt. Tanya shuddered, fully getting into the new submissive mindset that Jack’s domineering attitude had drawn out of her. Yes, she was a filthy little whore and a slutty cum dump, but if she was those things, at least she was JACK’S. She was Jack’s filthy little whore; she was Jack’s slutty cum dump.

That mantra ran through her head again and again as she finally adjusted to having his humungous shaft up her ass. He was fucking her now, butt-fucking her tight little hole, not so tight and not so little anymore with his massive girth fully inside of it. And ultimately, her inner thoughts and his huge thrusting member were what brought her to the eventual climax that rocked her entire body.

Her pussy juices sprayed all over the table and floor beneath her and her ass muscles tightened up dramatically around the Commander’s giant dick. But he just kept right on fucking her. In fact, if anything her orgasm seemed to make him increase his pace. He pounded her poor red behind harder and faster with his cock and his hands finally moved from their places on her body.

Tanya’s mouth had been hanging open for a while now, her tongue lulling out as her true nature as a cock-hungry slut showed all over her face. Jack took advantage of this and hooked two fingers into each side of her mouth. The blonde commando’s eyes widened as he began to use these new handholds to fuck her even harder, the entire upper half of her body arching to accommodate him.

Her head bounced back and forth with each tug and so did the rest of her. Her tits, still hidden behind her armored bra, jiggled this way and that but couldn’t quite move about freely. If Tanya’s arms had been free, she might have exposed her breasts herself, played with them, kneaded them. She wanted to touch herself, she wanted to touch Jack. But she couldn’t do anything expect get fucked up the ass by the hung Allied Commander.

This WAS her punishment after all. This WAS her discipline. Tanya loved it, loved being forced into this by the domineering young man who’d gained not only her respect but also her eternal loyalty and devotion by this point. Still, while she was already planning ways to be naughty and insubordinate to garner repeat performances in the future, Tanya also found herself wondering if she could gain rewards for being good as well. If she was Jack’s good little girl, would he take her and use her as he pleased as a reward instead of a punishment?

She’d have to make it clear to the man that she wanted him to do so. Right now though, as fucked up as she was and with his fingers in her mouth acting like a bit of a gag, Tanya could do nothing but shake and spasm and cum around the Commander’s cock as he plowed her ass for all he was worth. And Jack was worth quite a lot.

By the time he finally reached his second release, Tanya was barely conscious. Her body was reduced to a flopping ragdoll as he fucked her. But suddenly, Jack pulled out of her ass and came all over her back, dropping her to the cold surface of the conference table once more in the process. Even as out of it as Tanya was, she still moaned happily at the feel of the Commander’s white hot seed splattering across her naked flesh. He got it all over her too, from her neck to her nude, red bubble butt.

She felt dirty and filthy, but more than that she felt marked. Marked by the Commander… marked by her Master. Tanya shuddered, even as Jack reached up and unwrapped the Time Belt from her arms, pulling it away and letting it fall to the table beside her. Then he grabbed her by her short blonde hair and dragged her off the conference table. Tanya’s legs would not support her, not after taking it so damn hard up both her slutty little holes.

Instead they were like jelly and she fell to her knees, unable to walk. But perhaps that was Jack’s desire because he slapped his dirty, messy dick across her face in the next instant, whapping the huge slab of man meat back and forth against her cheeks. It was humiliating and degrading and that turned Tanya on even further. But more than that, it also showed her that the Commander was STILL hard. Not only was he hung like a damn horse, he had the stamina of one too!

Whimpering slightly, Tanya bit her lip as her eyes crossed just trying to look down the barrel of the huge meaty gun pointed at her face.

“Go on slut. Clean it up.”

How could she not? A-after all, it was her mess as much as his… the blonde commando nodded slowly and opened her mouth wide, her tongue sticking out as she offered herself to the Commander. He responded by shoving as much of his messy shaft down her throat in one motion as he could.


She choked on his huge dick as it drove into her mouth and down her esophagus. Of course she did, she’d never been throat-fucked before. Tanya had probably given a grand total of maybe one or two blowjobs in her life. The majority of the time, man or woman, it was her bedmate that performed the oral. Tanya herself wasn’t the kind to kneel between someone’s legs, regardless of their gender.

Now though, she had no choice. And as the young Commander began to fuck her face, she continued to choke and gag on his massive member.

“Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!”

She wasn’t doing a very good job of cleaning up the Commander’s dick, but then Tanya rather thought that was the point. Jack didn’t much seem to care about getting clean, rather he was instead immensely enjoying fucking her throat like there was no tomorrow. Tonya moaned around the invading member and her tongue still did its best to lash along the underside of his shaft as it pistoned in and out of her mouth.

Ultimately though, Tanya was getting more and more slobber on his dick, to the point that her saliva was dribbling down her chin and onto her chest. Her hands abruptly came up as she remembered what she’d wanted to do earlier, and her armored bra top swiftly came off, exposing her sizable breasts to the world. They weren’t the biggest things, but they were each a handful of soft, malleable mammary flesh and Tanya groped and kneaded the sensitive things now, even as she choked from a lack of air.

It was glorious, being used and abused so thoroughly by her Commander. The commando had never dreamed in a million years that she would meet a man like this. Until today, Tanya hadn’t even realized she’d been waiting for a man like Jack to come along. Her deepest desires had remained hidden even from herself. The blonde only knew now that her caustic attitude and insubordination had been a result of never finding someone to challenge her. Men and women both shied away from confrontation with her and it had left Tanya more proud and more arrogant each time.

Until now. Until Jack had taken her in hand and taught Tanya her place. It was at his feet of course, just like she was now. Even as he face-fucked her to his heart’s content; Tanya did her best to worship the Commander’s cock. It became harder though as a lack of air slowly caused her to fade. On the verge of unconsciousness, Jack seemed to realize she was passing out and pulled back. Tanya coughed and hacked and gulped in oxygen, but ultimately it was HER who dove back onto his member a couple seconds later.

From that point on, they settled into a better rhythm. He would give her time to breathe and she would happily deep-throat herself on his member after she’d gotten some fresh air. Over and over again, Tanya choked herself on the Commander’s amazing cock. As she did so, she touched herself, kneading her breasts first but eventually moving her hands down to between her legs. She fingered her stretched cunt desperately, making sloppy squelching sounds as her digits moved through his cum and her pussy juices in the process.

Tanya managed to cum twice while deep throating Jack’s member before he finally reached his third release as well. He didn’t let her know it was coming and as focused on her own pleasure as she was, Tanya didn’t see it coming either. His seed filled her throat and she had something entirely new to choke and gag on as white hot cum exploded out of her nostrils and from the corners of her mouth.

The short haired blonde’s face ended up a mess and so did her naked chest. Tanya herself was a bit dazed, her fingers still rapidly stroking in and out of her cunt but rather than that, the blonde just swayed in place, mouth still open, eyes staring straight ahead as Jack pulled free of her throat. The Commander snorted at the look on her face and smacked his dick against her cheek far more gently than before a couple times for good measure. Then he plopped down in a nearby seat and let out a happy sigh, his dick still hard, still standing at attention.

That was the scene that Lieutenant Eva McKenna walked in on.


The Lieutenant had assumed that by this point, the Commander’s meeting with the President would be done. She’d hoped to catch him alone but upon hearing he was still in the secured conference room despite the connection to President Ackerman having ended an hour ago, Eva had just assumed that Jack was working on something.

Still, she knew she could help him… work on things. Either using her mind if he wanted a fresh perspective, or her tongue and mouth under the table, if he simply needed some stress relief. Her darling Commander had such a stressful life. It was up to Eva to make sure that he was rewarded for his hard work.

So ultimately, she’d gone to the conference room in order to support him, one way or another. What she found when she stepped inside shocked her. Eva supposed it shouldn’t have though. Her Commander had made it clear that he was not a one woman man. And more than that, she wasn’t sure she could handle him alone forever. He was already incredibly hard to properly wear out.

Still, Special Agent Tanya was a bit of a legend in the Allied Forces. The blonde woman was not who Eva would have pegged as Jack’s next conquest, if she had had to guess. Yet here they were. Eva stood in the doorway, mouth agape as she observed Tanya’s kneeling, mostly naked form. Her eyes were dazed and her face and chest were glazed. All the hallmarks of a proper throat fucking from their hung, rough Commander.

Yet there was also cum dribbling out from beneath her as well and from what Eva could see, it looked like it might be coming from both holes. Now the Lieutenant understood what Jack had been doing the last hour. He’d shown Agent Tanya her place, just like he’d shown Eva hers. And damn it, seeing another woman treated the exact same way as she had been treated… it was so unbelievably hot.

Biting her lower lip, Eva walked into the room and gave Jack a wide smile when he turned to look at her. She kept right on walking, even as his brow rose questioningly. It didn’t matter though, Eva had already zeroed in on the massive, hard mess of a dick sticking out of Jack’s lap. She felt a sense of pride that she’d done what the Special Agent apparently couldn’t. Eva was willing to share Jack with others, mostly because she knew it wasn’t her choice, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to make sure that she, Lieutenant McKenna, was not the best in his eyes.

Sauntering over, her smile turned into a salacious smirk as she slid gracefully to her knees. Undoing the single button on her military jacket, Eva shrugged it off. Then she did the same with her blouse and her bra, letting her large breasts hang free. She liked that she was actually bigger than Tanya in this department, now that she could compare them side by side.

The Commander watched her in silence, his hands resting casually on the arms of his swivel chair as she leaned forward and began to clean the length of his messy cock with her tongue. It took time given the sheer amount of sexual fluids on his dick as well as the SIZE of said dick, but eventually Eva had his member cleaned up and covered in a thin layer of her saliva.

The next step was to lean forward, pushing her ass off of her heels and straightening up on her knees. This put her chest level with the Commander’s majestic cock rather than her face, though the tip of his member was still only an inch away from her lips. Grabbing hold of her beautiful titties, the Lieutenant did one of the things she did best. She wrapped her breasts around her Commander’s shaft and began to slide them up and down, spitting down her cleavage a few times to provide a bit more lube.

Eventually his precum, leaking out of the tip of his dick, did the rest and she was happily bouncing her breasts along his length as she gave him a phenomenal tit-fuck. Looking up at him with her big blue eyes, Eva saw a soft smile on her Commander’s face. Jack reached out and took hold of her hair, pulling her head forward slightly. The Lieutenant got the message and eagerly and happily wrapped her cherry red, plump full lips around his cockhead.

Even as her breasts slid along the full length of his dick, Eva continued to suckle at the Commander’s tip, her tongue swirling around it and her lips pressing tightly to form a suction around it. The beautiful Lieutenant lost herself in the action for several long moments, her eyes almost drifting shut as she happily hummed atop Jack’s length.

“H-Hey… Hey what do you think you’re doing?”

The peace and contentment of serving the Commander on her knees was abruptly interrupted when Tanya came back from her little trip to La La land and finally registered Eva’s presence. Jack loosened his grip and Eva pulled her lips away from his cockhead in order to look at the Special Agent, even as she continued to give the Commander the best boobjob she could.

Smirking at Tanya, the Lieutenant shrugged her shoulders.

“Finishing what you couldn’t I guess. When I walked in, you were on your knee staring off into space and our dear Commander was still hard. A real woman wouldn’t have let such an amazing man sit and wait like that. You should have been back on his dick in moments, not minutes you stupid skank!”

Eva got a thrill out of talking to the other woman like that. Even if Tanya was stronger than her and probably better trained as well, even if the other woman was physically superior to her in every way… Eva had gotten here first. And it was clear that the other blonde was starting to realize that, staring with wide eyes as she slowly processed what Eva’s presence and actions meant about the situation. Tanya’s mouth opened and closed like a goldfish a few times before she finally found the words. But they were weak and stuttered, the woman still clearly taken off guard by the sight before her.

“I-I’m a real woman! I just, you… you’re the skank damn it! You slutty whore!”

Eva just smiled and made a show of trailing her eyes up and down Tanya’s body and the cum covering her naked form.

“Oh, I know exactly what I am. Thing is, do you? If you want to prove yourself, get over here and get to work.”

Tanya scrambled over, eyes wide as she tried to get a position near the Commander’s cock. Eva responded by grabbing Tanya’s short blonde hair rather viciously. The Lieutenant forced the commando beneath her, bending Tanya over and pressing her face up against Jack’s nut sack.

“Lick it you slut. Worship the Commander’s balls.”

Tanya whimpered but did as she was told. Once Eva was sure that the other blonde wasn’t shirking on her duties and was in fact slurping and sucking away at the Commander’s ball sack, she smiled and went back to what she’d been doing before, giving the young man before her the best titty-fuck she could. Jack watched on, a combination of amused and aroused as he enjoyed the ministrations of both blonde women.

As he’d suspected, Eva was not going to be his only conquest in the coming days. Tanya had been a bit wilder than the Lieutenant, but in the end she’d been just like her. A submissive little cum dump who just needed to be taught her place. Eva had been asking to be dominated purposefully with her actions and her flirtatious attitude. Tanya had been doing it subconsciously, through her caustic remarks and insubordination.

Now both were where they belonged, on their knees, servicing him. All was right in the world. Riding high on his victories in Britain and now France, Jack Smith, youngest Allied Commander in history, was supremely confident in his ability to push back and destroy the Red Menace. He was also supremely confident in his ability to bring down and tame any beautiful, vivacious women who tried to stand in his way.

Now more than ever, with Tanya confirming his suspicions, Jack knew there would be others.

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Agent Tanya

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