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Mark & The Ladies

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Incest

Authror: nutzbubby

Published: 07 March 2018

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Mark Evans was having a helluva good time , it was Friday afternoon and later on in the evening he was going to see a movie with with his girlfriend Cindy Rogers . In the meantime he was watching a porno in his bedroom and was relieving some stress by getting a blowjob from his 61 year old grandma Angie . Last week she had come over & caught his 41 year old mom Joyce giving him head so he had no other choice but to hypnotize her also . The grey haired , floppy titted , fatass 5ft 5 gilf now craved her grandsons 13 inch cock more than her husbands . You see Mark was very well endowed & before he learned the art of mind control he had a very hard time time finding women who would fuck or suck him because of his giant monster dong . But now , mom, granny, his girlfriend Cindy & her mother Nina all kept him satisfied.

Angie's bobbed furiously as she tried unsuccessfully to deep throat her grandson's penis..instead Mark turned her over in the doggy style position & rammed his dink up her cunt like a piston . Jamming it in the old bags cunt , Mark didn't hold back as his granny moaned in ecstasy as she was fucked by the. giant donkey dong. Hearing the screaming & moaning sounds & seeing that her son's bedroom was slightly ajar Joyce Evans looked in & saw how much pleasure her mom was getting & seeing this she entered the room , just before Mark turned Angie over on her back & unleashed a massive load of cum on her face. Joyce went over & licked the cum off Angie's face. Before Mark commanded the mother daughter team to 69 . Angie's pussy tasted like Mark's cock thought Joyce, Angie licked her daughter's wet pussy , she was still in training she thought & had only eaten her daughter once and Cindy before that . So her skills would be better soon. But she never thought she'd cum so easily from a woman's tongue until Cindy the 19year old ate her the first time . As she reached her orgasm , Angie moaned as she continued tonguing Joyce's clit . Joyce also came so Mark told them to stand up as he collared & leashed them both . They both knew what was going to happen next . Mark led them to the bathroom & began to urinate all over their faces , tits & hair . Laughing , Mark said kiss each other to his mom & grandma who stank of piss , , get the mop clean up . I'm taking a shower first cuz i have a date with Cindy. After I'm done take a shower together. Go watch your stories on TV , & tell gramps & pops you won't be home tonight cuz i need u here he smirked.

Will continue our fun when I return from my date .His mom & grandma couldn't wait !!!

Chapter 1 - Nina Rogers

45 year old Nina Rogers was fucking herself with a huge English cucumber , ever since Mark Evans had started fucking her with his 13 inch penis nothing could satisfy her except a giant dick . Her husband had a puny 4inch dick & did nothing for her . Currently she was spread eagled on her bed watching a porno that Joyce had filmed the last time she was at Mark's apartment . She watched as was extremely turned on as she had Cindy her daughter lube her asshole with 4 fingers(all of this was caught on film) before Cindy told her boyfriend Mark to fuck her mom up the ass. Wow Nina thought as she continued fucking herself with the cucumber , Mark was really fucking her asshole , Nina noticed she was screaming in pain & ecstasy as Mark continued plunging into her neither regions .On the video you could see that her asshole now gaped & now she realized that she had a certain sexier wiggle to her walk once Mark took her final virginity away. Her husband Melvin had mentioned that to her the other day . .As she watched more of the movie , she saw Cindy had spread her legs in front of her face as her boyfriend kept fucking her ass. Grabbing her by her blonde hair forcefully Cindy said eat me you slut mom . Nina flicked her tongue on Cindy's young clit as Mark got nearly 3/4 of his cock up her ass . Jamming & drilling the 45 year old slut, 21 year old Mark Evans couldnt hold back no longer & gave Nina her first ever anal creampie . Cindy orgasmed from her moms tongue , before Mark ordered her to lick her mom's ass as eat the cream pie.

Chapter 2 - Joyce Evans

41 year old Joyce Evans had barely left Mark's bedroom in the last week She was his favorite sex toy , currently he had collared & leashed her & she was wearing her 5 inch thigh hooker boots . Just today , he had fucked her face, pussy & ass & she had giving him a midafternoon rimjob, but because she was under his mind control she was still horny . She could hear Nina's voice in the kitchen so she assumed that Mark had called her for a threesome . As she laid on the Joyce played with her pussy as Mark walked in with Nina who had recently quietly facefucked. Nina's face was covered in sperm as she sat on Joyce's face. Joyce received some jism droppings as she worked her tongue all over Nina's cunt . She was super wet so Mark jammed his giant log up her womanhood. As he kept poking her with his instrument . Joyce licked Nina's cunt quicker until she orgasmed & got off Joyce's face. And instead rubbed her clit while she continued watching the taboo embrace between mother and son

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Mark & The Ladies

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