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Taking Ownership

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Blackmail, BDSM

Author: Randy MacAnus

Published: 07 March 2018

  • Font:

Taking Ownership


Randy MacAnus

NOTE: All rights are reserved by the author.

If you are underage in your jurisdiction or you are offended by stories of gay sex, that includes bondage, Dominant/submissive themes, pain and humiliation, then do not read this. The author does not encourage or condone the use of manipulation or dishonesty to get laid in the real world under any circumstances. The whole point of fantasy, is that it's a safe release for our emotions and no one gets hurt. Stay safe. Stay sane!

When I was in high school I was so deep in the closet, that I missed every opportunity presented to me—some from some very hot guys. Worse, I didn't have a clue what to do! I mean, I knew you could stick it in a guy's butt or mouth, but I was really sketchy on the details. Like, is a blow job the same thing as sucking cock? And if so, do you blow, do you suck—or both?

I figured I should know stuff like that before trying to jump some guy's bones, but I didn't have the least idea how to research that information, or the courage to ask anyone. (This was before Google. I'm not going to say how long!)

We had moved to this nice town when I was twelve, and just starting puberty. There was no one my age in our neighborhood—or within about two miles. It was an area where the minimum lot size was one acre, so the homes were expensive and were owned mainly by older couples.

Plus, I was an only child. The only reason I learned about jacking off, is because, when I was fourteen an older boy at Scout camp gave me a demonstration.

He wanted to do more. Heaven knows I wanted to, but I didn't have the nerve. I'm not stupid, but back then I was painfully naïve. I was also paranoid about being outed. Not a good thing back in the day.

In all my fantasies, I was the fucker, and never the fuckee. One particular classmate of mine was the subject of many of my fantasies. I had most of my classes with him, and we were in Scouts together.

While we were always friendly to each other and had some enjoyable conversations, we were not close. He had friends he had grown up with and we lived about four miles apart. I had only been to his house once.

His name was Lenny, and he was what I would now call a tall twink. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall, but quite slender, with blond hair and blue eyes, as befitted his Swedish heritage.

He wasn't buff, but had nice definition. He had a friendly, open face and a wonderful smile. I don't think I was in love, but I was in heat! I wanted to have my hands all over him and be inside him so bad!

I should describe myself at that time: I had just turned eighteen, and was about to be a senior (as was Lenny). I was slender myself, about 5 feet 10 inches tall with dark brown hair and green eyes.

I wrestled in the 154 pound weight class. I loved to wrestle, not only so I could put my hands all over hot male bodies, but because it gave me a chance to dominate and control those bodies!

Anyway, the summer before my senior year, my parents, whom I did not much like, announced they were getting divorced. My mother was getting remarried, to a total pig of a man (in my estimation) and I was going to live with them—and they were moving to another state.

I was already in my ninth school, and was finally making some friends after several years in one town. The school was fantastic, with a great music and theater program. The place we'd be moving to was in the middle of nowhere with a lousy school.

I told my mother I wouldn't go. She was not amused. We finally agreed that if I could find someone who would take me in, I could stay and finish High School with my friends. The first person I asked was Lenny. I figured, what the heck, you know?

Lenny was also an only child and his mom had died some years before. His dad ran a tight ship. Everything in it's place and neat as a pin. There was even plastic on the furniture, though that had been done by Lenny's mom.

I was a bit of a slob, but I figured it would be worth toeing the line to be able to stay at my school and maybe even get to see Lenny naked sometimes! I knew I would never have the nerve to hit on him.

So the next day after school, while we were waiting for the bus, I told Lenny about my predicament, and asked him if I could move in with him (if it was alright with his dad).

“That might be fun,” said Lenny. “Why don't you get off the bus with me and we'll go to my house and talk, get to know each other better. If we both still like the idea, we can ask my dad when he gets home from work. Then he can drive you home.”

“Fantastic! Thanks, Lenny. I can't begin to tell you how important it is to me, not to have to move and live with this pig my mom is going to marry!”

“We can discuss all that when we get to the house,” Lenny said. There was an appraising, enigmatic smile on his face that I had never seen before. What was that about?

Lenny's house was so quiet you could hear the clock ticking on the mantle from any room on the first floor. We sat down in the living room on the plastic covered sofa and we started asking each other questions. We had a lot in common. Neither of us smoked, and we had yet to try alcohol. We were both in advanced classes in school and were both in the Scouts. I wrestled. He played basketball.

Finally, Lenny said, “Well, I think we'd get along great, if you think you can toe the line in my father's house. He's very strict.”

“Lenny, the truth is I could probably benefit from a little discipline. My parents don't really pay much attention to me, and I've been basically raising myself.”

“Good,” said Lenny. “Now we have to address the elephant in the room. You're a homo aren't you.” It wasn't a question.

I blushed right down to my toes. I couldn't even breathe. Lenny later told me my cheeks were almost purple! He stared straight into my eyes. I wanted to look away but I couldn't.

“Okay, Randy, here's the deal. I prefer girls, but high school girls are a pain. I can get laid, but it takes a lot of time and effort because girls are so high maintenance. I have no problem with fucking guys, but most want you to return the favor, and I'm not interested in doing that. If you live here, you are going to be my property. You will do what I want, when I want. No drama, no hesitation and no attitude. Have you been fucked or sucked a cock yet?”

I noticed he just assumed I would agree. I still couldn't breathe, so I just shook my head no.

“Are you a virgin?”

I nodded yes.

“Do you fantasize about me?”

I nodded.

“Am I fucking you in your dreams?”

I shook my head no.

“Yeah, I guessed you wanted to be the one doing the fucking. You seem like an Alpha type and you're very masculine for a homo. Good. That will make owning you even more fun, since I know it's not the way you want things. You've been checking me out in the shower and at Scout camp ever since you moved here. I've seen you checking out other guys as well, but mostly you seem to want me. Am I right?”

I nodded yes.

Lenny said, “I haven't seen anyone else at our school notice, but I would suggest you stop checking guys out. Sooner or later it's going to cause you problems. Okay, here's what happens next. We have a rec room in the basement. You and I are going down there. The floor is tile, so it will be easier for you to clean up when I'm done with you. You will strip naked when I order you to do so. I will then use you in any and every way I want. I don't care if you like it. What's important is that I like it. If I decide you'll be worth having around, and if you decide you can handle being my total slave for the next year, then I will get my dad to let you stay. Do you understand?”

I swallowed hard and croaked out, “Yes, Lenny.”

I could hardly breathe! I was going to be with Lenny! I couldn't believe it; I also couldn't believe I was not only going to let him top me, but make me his total sex slave. But as we headed down to the rec room, I realized something that had never occurred to me before. What better way to have sex, without having to know all the sex stuff? I still had no clue, and if this continued I might die a virgin! (Teens can be a little over-dramatic). This could turn out to be a great opportunity, if I didn't blow it—so to speak.

The rec room was huge. It took up almost the entire basement, except for the laundry room and a small bathroom. It had a big TV with a vinyl sofa in front of it. There was a pool table at one end, a small refrigerator and a dart board on one wall.

There was a large walk-in closet that appeared to have a lot of sporting stuff in it. There was a desk and a four drawer file cabinet in one corner with a book case next to it. A sliding glass door, covered with a drape led to the back yard.

Lenny ordered me to stand in the center of the room and wait. He went into the closet and was rummaging around in there for several minutes. He came back out with a small black gym bag, which he dropped on the floor about six feet away from me.

Lenny stood in front of me, looked at me with cold blue eyes and said, “Strip. Not too fast and not too slow. Don't make a show of it. You are to comply with my orders with humility. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Lenny,” I whispered.

I knelt down to remove my shoes and socks, placing a sock in each shoe. Lenny is into neatness like his dad, so it seemed the right approach. Then I stood and removed my pants. Lenny smirked at that. I think he figured I couldn't wait to get naked, but I had no undershirt on, and baring my torso just seemed harder than baring my legs.

I folded the pants neatly and set them on top of my shoes, took a deep breath and pulled off my polo shirt. I folded it as well and set it on top of my pants. Now was the moment of truth, although I knew there was no going back.

Shaking uncontrollably, I slipped my jockey shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I folded them once and set them on the pile. I stood up as straight as I could, still shaking like a leaf. I had always wanted to fuck Lenny. But I would have figured being his slave would turn me off. However, to my great humiliation my 7 inch dick was rock hard and dripping!

“Pick up your clothes and put them in them in the top drawer of the file cabinet. Good. Now lock it, then return to the center of the room.”

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and pushed in the lock. I then returned to my former position, my heart racing. There was no way for me to deny him anything, now!

“Put your hands behind your head, elbows out to the side and stand with your feet shoulder width apart”

I complied, as my shaking and dripping continued.

“Take two steps forward. Now, drop to your knees.”

Lenny then took the remaining two steps forward that separated us, dropped his pants and shorts, and put his hard straight 8 inch cock against my lips.

“If I feel teeth you get to walk the four miles home naked. Do you understand?”

I nodded and opened my mouth, waiting to be penetrated for the first time.

Lenny slowly slid his rigid cock completely down my throat. As I started to gag he said, “Relax, swallow around my cock and breathe through your nose whenever you can. I am going to slowly fuck your throat. You just passively take it for now. Once you get over your panic about breathing and get control of your gag reflex, I'll tell you what to do with your tongue.”

It took several minutes for me to calm down and get a rhythm going with my breathing, but I finally got a handle on it. I even managed to get my gag reflex under control.

“Not bad, cocksucker. I think you're going to be really good at this,” said Lenny.

I actually found myself taking pride in the compliment! Weird! Finally, he started giving me instructions on how to use my tongue to please him. The better I did the more time the head of his cock spent in my mouth and not my throat. This gave me a lot of motivation to please him with my tongue.

I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth as his cock grew even more rigid and he began to rapidly pound my throat. There was never any question about swallowing. Even if he had given me the opportunity to spit his load out, I instinctively knew better. I swallowed every drop and licked him clean.

Lenny grinned and said, “I think you're going to work out just fine, cocksucker. Now, start working that talented tongue of yours and get me hard again, so I can fuck you in the ass.”

After I got him hard again he reached back for the gym bag and pulled out a tube of KY. “Stand up and turn around. Make sure you keep those hands on the back of your head and put your feet shoulder width apart again. Anytime I say assume the position, this is what you will do. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes, Lenny.”

Lenny began pushing KY into my virgin hole with his left hand. He rubbed some more on his fingers and pushed three of them straight into my ass. The pain was breathtaking! I wasn't at all sure how much of this I could take. And what would that enormous rod of his feel like?!

“Just relax, you'll adjust to it. In a little while it will start to feel good.”

Boy, was he right! Once I relaxed and my butt hole began to adjust to the penetration, it started feeling a lot better. And when he started hitting a certain spot up my ass, it went from feeling better to feeling great! Who knew?

“Okay, pussy boy, bend at the waist and put your hands on your knees to support yourself. You are about to get fucked in that tight little ass of yours!”

“Yes, Lenny.”

I had never dreamed about this!. Always, in my fantasies, I had been not only the total top, but the master. I guess I had control issues. And this was scaring the hell out of me. I was hot for Lenny, but I never wanted him to own me. I wanted it the other way around. And I knew full well he already owned me.

I knew I'd do whatever he wanted, if he just wouldn't tell anyone. And even if I didn't wind up living here, I had the whole summer here before we moved. In my panic, my dick breath stepfather-to-be and the lousy school began to look like an option.

“But first I want you to beg for it. And from now on, call me sir whenever you are naked or about to get naked. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir. Sir, please fuck me in the ass,” I said in a stressed monotone. In my state of total panic, it was all I could do to get the words out.

“You'll need to do better than that, pussy boy! Tell me how much you need it!”

But the amazing thing was, I really was getting horny for it! I knew I would have much preferred to be fucking Lenny, instead of him fucking me, but geez Louise, what he was doing to me felt sensational! For the first time, I was beginning to understand why a guy would be willing to take it up the ass.

Though terrified and shaking, I was determined to get through this. Besides, I really didn't want to walk the four miles home naked—and there was not a doubt in my mind that I'd be doing exactly that if I failed to please Lenny.

“Sir, please fuck my ass! I need it really bad. I promise to take it all and do whatever you want, if you'll fuck me!”

Where the heck did all that come from? Did I really mean it? I wasn't at all sure about anything at this point.

“Very well, pussy boy, since you asked so nice, it's time to get your virgin hole royally fucked!”

And with that, he slid that rigid 8 inch pole right into my ass. Once again, the pain was electric! Well, he did say that my pleasure was not important to him, so I wasn't too surprised. But I also knew now, that I could manage this—just. And that monster prick up my ass kept hitting that spot, and Ohhh My Gaaawddddd!

Long before he finished, my own rock hard rammer was spewing cum all over the floor, without even being touched. It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had! And it wasn't over yet. As Lenny continued to pound my incredibly sore hole, I could feel another load building!

I had never had two orgasms, but that's just what happened. Just before Lenny filled my ass with his seed, I shot another load on the floor, and the feeling was much more intense than the first one!

As Lenny pulled that monster of his out of my thoroughly fucked butt hole, my knees buckled, and I crumpled to the floor in a state of total ecstasy. I had already known I would do whatever he wanted. But if it meant getting this feeling again, well heck! Now I had a positive reason to obey.

“Lick your cum up off the floor, pussy boy!”

“Yes, sir! Thank you sir!”

Thank you sir? I didn't even like the taste, why did I say that? And then I realized I had displayed a good instinct, because the most important thing in my life now, was pleasing Lenny. If humiliation and degradation needed to be part of that package, so be it. What was most difficult, was coming to grips with the truth. The humiliation was part of the turn-on! As disturbing as I found this, I could not deny it.

Lenny really had me by the balls. If he told anyone about this, I really would have to move! Our school was full of homophobes and I didn't want to think about what would be in store for me if they knew. Weirdly, a lot of these guys would have said fucking a guy wasn't gay, just submitting to another guy. Talk about denial!

By the time I had figured all this out, I had finished licking my cum up off the floor. It was pretty gross, but I knew better than to complain.

Lenny walked around in front of me and said, “Okay, pussy boy, put that cock licking tongue of yours to good use and clean me up.”

While maintaining my hands behind my head and my knees shoulder width apart, I set to work at once, licking his inner thighs, his balls and finally his cock. The first two weren't that bad, but his cock tasted of my ass juices as well as his cum. Talk about gross! But I got through it, and to my surprise I didn't hurl or even feel queasy—just really grossed out!

When I finished Lenny said, “Okay, you are now officially what you were always meant to be—a cock sucking pussy boy! You are my property, to use as I see fit. Even if you decide to move with your mother, I will expect you to serve me until you move. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Stand and maintain the position.”

As I stood, Lenny pulled up his pants and shorts and went back to the gym bag, and removed what looked like a dog collar, except it was wider and had four big “D” rings on it. He fastened it around my neck, then padlocked it in place. My heart began to race and my body began to shake all over again!

Lenny reached back into the bag and removed two leather things that turned out to be wrist restraints. He put them on me and padlocked them to the back of the collar. Then he pulled out what I later learned was called a spreader bar, and hooked it up between my ankles, opening it up as wide as it would go.

In my whole life I had never felt so helpless or vulnerable—or so turned on! I had had a couple of fantasies about tying Lenny and other guys up, but never one about being restrained myself. Why was it that the scarier or more humiliating things got, the more turned on I was?

It suddenly occurred to me that Lenny's dad would be home from work soon! Aw, crap! If he catches us like this, I'm finished! He'll tell my folks, and if my dad doesn't kill me, he'll probably want to send me to military school or something! And that was the best option!

If he didn't send me to military school, I knew I couldn't stay here. And my pig of a new stepfather would make my life a living hell, just for his own amusement.

“Lenny, sir, isn't y-your d-dad going to be h-home s-soon? What if he c-catches us?” I stammered.

Lenny grinned, “The possibility of him seeing you like this is part of the fun! Remember, you belong to me now. If I want someone else to see you, or fuck you or whatever, then that is what will happen. Get used to it.”

“Oh, gosh, sir, I don't know if I can handle that! Others might tell, and my life would be pretty much over!”

“You don't have a choice, slave! Let me show you why!”

Lenny went back into the closet and came out with a video camera. My heart sank to my ankles. I knew what was coming. I should have thought of this! I had fantasized about doing this to Lenny!

“As you've probably guessed, your submission was fully documented.”

He showed me the video. I was definitely the star of this porno. The camera had been focused right on the spot I'd been standing. While I was stripping, you couldn't see my face, but once I was on my knees, my naked body, hard dripping dick, and my face, were in full view.

You could hear every word I said. You could hear Lenny ordering me to say those degrading things, but I had no doubt that he would edit his voice out. And since he wasn't in the shot, there would be no indication that my begging for his cock wasn't my idea.

Lenny entered the frame, dropped his pants and underwear, and stuck his dick down my throat, with every detail of my submission in full view of the camera. But it didn't show Lenny's face. In fact you couldn't see anything on him much above the waist.

I realized that if someone told, I might be able to deny it. People wouldn't know absolutely for sure. But if this video, and the others I knew he would take, got out, it would be the absolute worst.

The thoughts I'd had about negotiating limits with him, went out the window. Short of getting naked and blowing him in the school cafeteria at lunch time, there wasn't much I could do that would be worse than the video getting out! If he hadn't already, Lenny now owned my ass—and everything else, of course.

Up until this point I'd thought that he wouldn't want anyone to know either. But in the video you couldn't tell it was him. And as I said, most kids at school thought the only one that was the homo was the one that took dick inside him. Tears began rolling down my cheeks. Lenny noticed, and flashed his dazzling grin.

“Don't worry, pussy boy, as long as you're a nice submissive slave, I'm not going to make you do anything that will actually ruin your life. I'll choose the people I share you with carefully, so word doesn't get around. And anytime I use you in a public place, it will be somewhere where the chances of being seen are very low. Isn't that nice of me?”

I swallowed hard and blurted out, “O-others? P-public places?! Please, Lenny, sir, don't make me do that! I'll be yours anytime you want, b-but please don't make me do stuff for other guys!”

Lenny's eyes hardened into an intense glare as he said, “You'll do what you're told, bitch! If you don't, stills from the video will make the rounds at school. And by the time I'm done, that will be the least of your problems! Got it?”

What could I do? I was in terror of what would happen if those photos got out. I couldn't imagine what would be worse, but Lenny said worse would follow, and based on what had already happened today, I believed him.

“Yes, sir, Lenny sir, I understand. I p-promise to obey.”

“You'd better. And your first test will come when my dad gets home. He should be here any minute.”

“But your dad is so strict! Aren't you worried what he'll do?”

Lenny smiled and said, “That's what makes it so exciting! I can't wait.”

I simply could not bring myself to get enthused at the prospect of Lenny's dad finding me like this, naked and bound in a way that kept my teen wrestler's body on full display. But there was no time to dwell on the subject.

As I heard the front door open, Lenny called out, “Hey dad, come on down to the rec room! I've got a surprise for you!”

A deep baritone voice responded, “In a minute, son.”

My knees buckled. I realized I was now on my knees again, but couldn't remember leaving my feet. Tears streaming down my face and shaking uncontrollably, I knelt there listening to the sound of Lenny's dad coming down the stairs.

Lenny's dad walked into the rec room, stopped dead in his tracks and stared.

“Dad, this is my new slave, Randy. He's a friend from school and Scouts. He's a homo. But until two hours ago, he was a virgin. Now he's my cock sucking, pussy boy sex slave. His folks are getting divorced and his mom is going to re-marry and move away. Randy wants to finish school here, and has asked if he can live with us. He understands that he will have to make that worth my while. If you want to use him too, that's fine with me.”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Lenny was offering me to his dad! I actually hoped he would say yes, because that way he wouldn't tell my folks about this. And it didn't hurt that he was so damn good looking.

He was like a late thirties version of his son, except that there was a lot of nice muscular definition on his 6 foot 3 inch frame. His blue eyes bore into mine for what seemed like a year, as I continued to tremble. I don't know how I worked up the gonads, but I actually spoke first.

“Sir, if you'll let me s-stay, I'll serve you too, if you want. And I'll obey all of your r-rules. I promise.”

“You're damn right you will,” the man growled. “Any slacking off and I'll be taking a paddle or a riding crop to that tight little ass of yours. Think you can handle that?”

“No one has ever hit me, sir. But I'll do my best to take any punishment you decide I deserve.”

“Oh, you'll take it, boy. You'll have no choice. You'll be naked, bound, and gagged whenever I punish you.”

Crap, was I scared! But I was more scared of that video and the ones to come, and I really did want to stay here and finish school.

Even if someone else said they would take me in, once those pictures made the rounds I'd get my ass tossed out of their house. I was going to be a sex slave for the next year. For the first time, I really totally accepted the reality of that.

As my body sagged in resignation, I whispered the inevitable words, “Yes, sir. Use me as you wish.”

“How old are you, boy?”

I told him, “I'm eighteen, sir.”

“Good,” he said, “that's the age of consent. I don't look for sex with teen boys, but I'm a practical man. With my wife gone and no women in my life right now, you could prove useful. But if you're going to make a year-long commitment to us, you better be serious about it. No attitude and no excuses. You do as you're told.”

If I was going to back out, it had to be now. I was surprised I was even being given the opportunity. I thought for a bit. It wasn't what I'd had in mind, that's for sure! The idea of belonging to Lenny had it's allure. His dad was hot, so getting used by him wouldn't be so bad. And I'd known he was strict. That I could deal with.

But I was truly terrified at being passed around. And it suddenly occurred to me, that with my limited knowledge of sex, I didn't have a clue what else was possible! But I reminded myself: In addition to there not being another choice, this would be the learning experience of a lifetime. I wasn't sure I wanted to learn all I would be taught, but...

So this wouldn't have been my first choice. But with no knowledge, skill or experience in sex, I had no chance of getting a submissive of my own. Hell, I would only have had the vaguest idea of what to do with my own slave before today. At this point in my life, this actually seemed to be my best option.

Still naked and on my knees, my wrists bound to the collar I was wearing, and a spreader bar holding my legs wide open, I may not have looked it, but I took charge of my life in that moment.

I took a deep breath and in a firm voice I said, “Lenny, sir, for the next year I belong to you. It's clear I have a great deal to learn, and you have the knowledge I want. If you are willing to teach me about sex, I will serve you faithfully.”

Father and son looked at each other and grinned. The father moved in front of me and the son behind. I was about to be taken from both ends at the same time. I was determined to give them as much pleasure as I possibly could.

Lenny pulled a Polaroid camera out of the desk. He took two photos of me on my knees, and (at Lenny's order,) I was grinning. They stripped and Lenny re-lubed my sore, but now willing butt hole. Father and son penetrated me at the same time, with a single slow shove, all the way into me. This was the first time I was being taken while bound and helpless.

I found, once I got over the panic of having no control, that it was actually better. Knowing there was nothing to be done, I was able to relax and go with it. Go figure! My owners began pounding me at a rapid pace. Just before they bred me, I came all over the floor again! I didn't know I had that much cum in me!

Without being told, I licked Lenny's dad clean then licked my own cum up off the floor, as father and son swapped ends for another round.


The next day I moved in. I was to sleep in Lenny's room—on a mat on the floor. I was grateful there was a mat! It was summer, so Lenny would have all day every day to invent new ways to humiliate and use me. In addition to the tremors of terror I felt at that thought, I also got hard. I had a lot to learn about myself as well as about sex.

I slept naked of course. My clothes were in a locked closet in the rec room. I dressed at the front door when going out, and stripped there when I came in. The clothes went straight into the laundry bin in my locked closet. Twice a week I washed my clothes—well everyone's clothes.

Among other things I was now the maid. I did all the housework and cooking. I had no experience with either, and was subjected to painful punishment regularly, until I got the hang of it.

The only time I ever wore anything in the house, other than sex stuff, was when I cooked. I was allowed to wear a bib apron to avoid any burns from spattering grease and the like. They liked my body the way it was. Plus, they didn't want to see my junk at just above table height, when I was serving food. They didn't mind having my bare ass available to smack, though!

I found doing mindless chores a good way to keep my mind off my situation. In fact, I found I really liked the discipline provided by Lenny and his dad. At least someone was paying attention to me. My father only paid attention to my schoolwork when my report card came in—and it was never good enough.

The discipline I received from Lenny and his dad, although harsh, seemed fair to me. If I made a mistake or failed to meet a demand I was punished. Lenny even rewarded me from time to time, with a thorough fucking that got me off at least twice.

My punishments were interesting and inventive. I had expected to be paddled and whipped with the riding crop. And Lenny's dad had said I would be naked, bound, and gagged when it happened. This type of punishment was usually reserved for mistakes I made as a maid.

It was the punishment for sex mistakes that caught me off guard. Most of these were administered by Lenny. He had stuff in that sex bag of his I didn't even know existed. The first time Lenny felt teeth, I was introduced to alligator tit clamps.

"You're about to find out what teeth feel like on a sensitive area," said Lenny with a threatening charm.

He tied me spreadeagled to the pool table in the rec room, then attached the tit clamps. Lenny slowly began pulling on the chain between them. As the chain tightened, I gasped in pain.

"This is an afternoon you'll remember pussy boy," said Lenny with a glare in his eyes.

Lenny straddled my naked form then pulled on the chain until my nips were stretched painfully. With Lenny straddling me I could not raise myself up to relieve the pressure. He held me in that position for several minutes. I think the only reason he stopped was because his arm was getting tired.

Just as my nips were starting to get numb, he abruptly released the chain and removed the tit clamps. As the blood rushed back into my nips, I once again felt intense pain.

"Do you like that pussy boy? Well this is just the start," whispered Lenny.

I had learned not to respond during punishment. It was, in fact, better to make no sound at all if I could help it. Lenny moved over my face and moved his rigid cock slowly down toward my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and put my lips over my teeth praying I would not make the same mistake again. But I was having a bad day.

I had been taking his thick 8 inch man rammer into my mouth for four days without scraping it with my teeth. But my jaw had become really sore. As Lenny began to impale my throat my jaw muscles went into spasm and Lenny felt teeth again.

"Bad move cock sucker," hissed Lenny.

My beautiful blonde master pulled his cock out of my throat, and stood atop the pool table towering over me. There was fire in his eyes.

"You are about to be introduced to a new toy," said Lenny with a gleam in his eyes.

He went to his bag of tricks and pulled out a metal device I had never seen before. I could not begin to imagine what it was for, but it was scary as hell. He had me open my mouth wide.

The gadget was slipped into my mouth, and the straps tied behind my head. Now I understood. My muscles could spasm all they wanted. There would be no teeth scraping Lenny's cock as long as this thing was in my mouth.

Naked, and bound spreadeagled to the pool table with this thing in my mouth, made me feel more helpless than I had ever felt in my life. But the humiliation and pain were just beginning. Lenny walked over to the telephone on the desk and dialed a number.

"Hey Jim," I heard him say, "did you hear who is staying with me now? That's right. Well guess what? He is now my official fuck toy. Yeah, we were right. He is a Homo. You want to have a little fun this afternoon? Great. Come on over."

I knew this was coming but I had hoped it would be with someone I didn't know. I knew exactly who this was. Jim Mahoney was the senior patrol leader of our scout troop. Jim had classic Irish good looks. He was six foot one and 190 pounds of pure buff muscle. Jim had a chiseled jaw black hair and blue eyes.

In those days no one but a bodybuilder would take the time to develop a six pack, but he had a hard flat stomach and was smooth almost everywhere. A very different type from Lenny but still incredibly hot. He had been another one of my fantasies. And now instead of me fucking him he would be fucking me!

I should mention that this was a full-size pool table and large enough to hold my naked body on its flat green surface. My hands and feet did not quite reach the corner pockets. Each pocket used a leather net to catch the balls. This allowed the ropes holding me to pass through them. The ropes were cinched up tight on the feet of the pool table.

While we were waiting for Jim to show up Lenny decided to play a little game. He picked up a cue stick and placed the cue ball on the table.

"I'm going to see how good my bank shots are," said Lenny, "this will keep us occupied until Jimmy gets here. I'll be banking the ball off your thighs and trying to hit your balls."

"How does he think up this stuff?" I thought to myself. This was worse than waiting for the crack of the paddle on my ass. I was so tensed up in anticipation, I was literally shaking.

I heard the cue strike the ball and without even thinking, I raised my ass up off the table. The ball hit my left thigh halfway up from my knee and caromed into my butt crack. As the ball settled between my butt cheeks I realized I had done a very bad thing.

"I ought to shove this right up your ass hole," said a seething Lenny, as he pulled the cue ball out of my ass crack. “As you have no self-discipline, I guess I'm going to have to reduce your freedom of movement.”

He went to the large closet and pulled out some sort of harness. I think it was used for rock climbing or something. He cinched it tightly around my waist, attached a rope to each side, and rammed the ropes down through the side pockets. He slid under the pool table and tied the ropes tightly to each other. Lifting my butt was now completely out of the question.

Lenny rose up from under the pool table with his eyes blazing. “You will figure it out eventually, cock sucker. Personally, I hope you don't figure it out. I must admit I do like the challenge of coming up with new ways to humiliate and torture you.”

Lenny went to his bag of tricks and pulled out a black rubber ball with a leather strap running through it. He shoved the ball into the restraint that was already in my mouth, and tightened the strap behind my head.

“I'm guessing you're probably going to want to scream before this is all over. Now you can scream all you want without annoying me.”

I had absolutely no doubt that cue ball would be smashing into my balls. But I had a bad feeling there would be much more to come.

Lenny placed the cue ball and took aim. My muscles went rigid and I began shaking and sweating. It was a good thing Lenny had placed a large towel underneath me before he tied me down. This punishment was going to be bad enough without me being punished for sweating up the pool table.

I heard the loud thunk of the cue stick hitting the ball. It sounded at least twice as hard as the last time. I was right. It smashed into my left thigh and angled toward my crotch. The ball smacked into my crotch just to the left of my nut sac, rebounded off my right thigh, almost all the way back to Lenny. Both of my thighs and my crotch stung painfully. The second time Lenny shot up my right thigh. The result was the same, just missing my nut sac to the right side of my crotch.

Lenny repeated the process several times, always with the same result. Lenny was a really good pool player. It became clear to me that he was just missing on purpose. As painful as this was, I could only hope that he would continue to miss.

“Wow you should see your inner thighs and crotch! It's all turning purple. Well, I guess that's enough practice. Time to get serious.”

I was moaning into the ball gag, sweating like an overheated horse, and writhing in agony. And now he was getting serious? All I could do was wait for the inevitable.

It felt like one of those slow-motion moments you see in action movies. The stick struck the ball and I could hear it rolling before it smacked into my bruised thigh. It seemed to roll forever before smacking dead center into my nut sac.

The agony was like nothing I had ever felt. The worst part was I couldn't double over with the pain. My body strained against my restraints, but I was bound to the pool table as if I were glued to it.

As I screamed uncontrollably into the ball gag, Lenny handled my bruised balls watching them swell and turn a light purple.

Lenny gave me an evil grin and said, "Gee, Randy if you hadn't been so turned on by all of this, that nice big dick of yours would've been hanging over your balls and deflected the shot. Too bad you were hard as a rock and your cock was sticking straight up."

He was right—on both counts. My cock is five inches soft, and the ball would have hit it. Whether that would have been better, I can't say. But far worse, I realized he was right about my cock being hard through the whole ordeal. It went instantly soft after I got hit in the balls, of course.

I had some serious thinking to do about that. Why would anyone get hard when they are utterly helpless, terrified out of their minds and being subjected to humiliation and pain by a guy who's completely out of control.

Except he wasn't. I knew better than to say anything, but I could tell from the sound of the cue stick hitting the ball and they way it hit my thigh, that Lenny had cut back on the speed of his shot by at least half when he finally, actually went for my balls.

It was a relief to know. I might not be allowed to set any limits, but Lenny was setting his own—even if they were way beyond what mine would have been.

Give Lenny credit. He went to the small refrigerator, got an ice pack from the freezer and put it on my balls. After awhile it began to relieve the swelling and my balls seemed to go numb. Then I started giggling into the ball gag. I don't giggle. I guffaw. Lenny got curious and removed the ball gag—though not the metal thing that kept my mouth open.

“What's so funny?” he asked.

I was hard to understand because of the metal thing, but Lenny figured it out and started laughing himself. What I was trying to say was, “First time literally a 'numb nuts' (more giggling before the ice bag fell off my balls and the pain came throbbing back.)

The pain got me settled down pretty quick. Lenny got some salve and put it on the bruises on my thighs and balls. It felt great, but between the pain in my thighs and balls, the fucking, and who-knows-what I was about to be put through, I knew I'd be waddling more than walking for the next week.

Just as Lenny finished with the salve the doorbell rang. My heart dropped into my stomach and I began to tremble. It had to be Jim. I hoped they would just spit roast me (I was starting to pick up some of the terminology) the way Lenny and his dad did.

Jim was a great guy. But when he and Lenny were together on a Scout camping trip, they could be downright evil initiating the new guys. (No sex with the new scouts—they had no interest in eleven year old kids.)

Put Jim and Lenny together with a helpless, naked gay slave? Well, that's why I was in panic and trembling!

Lenny gave me an evil grin and said, “Guess who?”

I moaned and it drew Lenny's attention to the fact that I did not have the ball gag in my mouth. He smiled his best sparkling smile as he put the ball gag back into my mouth and fastened it behind my head. Then Lenny went upstairs to anwer the door.

I had a couple of minutes to anticipate my afternoon's activities, and gave a moan that no one heard. The fact that Lenny had shown some restraint when savaging my 'nads, did not mean that he and Jim weren't going to talk each other into something truly devastating.

I knew Lenny had no intention of ever causing me any permanent damage. He really did like me, in his own way. But I did not trust the Lenny-Jim combo!

I heard laughing from upstairs and then the sound of feet thundering down those stairs. I began to shake all over and whimper into the gag.

From the hall I heard Jim say, “You didn't!! Son of a bitch! Are they all swollen and red?” Lenny must have answered though I didn't hear him. What I next heard was Jim say, “Purple?! Cool!”

I didn't think so! I could only hope they'd leave my poor bruised balls alone for the rest of the day. Then I heard another laugh. I knew I'd heard it before, but couldn't place it for a moment. Then it came to me: Danny! Jim's brother!

“Aw crud!” I thought to myself. (I told you this was back in the day.) “Three of them? Boy, I hope that's all!”

It wasn't.

This time I knew the laugh instantly: It was the snorting laugh of Danny's best friend Walter.

“Boy, am I in trouble!” I thought.

I didn't know the half of it!

The four of them walked into the room, took one look at the naked, bound, gagged and spreadeagled boy in front of them, and started laughing uproariously and punching each other in the arm.

As my heart pounded, I looked past them at the entrance and held my breath for about thirty seconds. When no one else came in, I was actually relieved. The relief didn't last more than about two seconds. Lenny had seen!

“Don't get too comfortable, bitch. The fun is just starting.”

I couldn't stop shaking. I wanted to look cool—brave but resigned, or something like that. But it was clear from the look of contempt on everyone's face that I did not look cool. Lenny told me later that it's hard to project cool when you're shaking and whimpering. Good point.

All four came over to the pool table and began running their hands all over my body. Then Jim came up with his first evil plan.

“Slaves shouldn't have body hair. Let's shave him.”

My eyes must have bugged out of my head, because they all started laughing. Lenny went to the little basement bathroom and came back with two disposable razors and shaving cream.

I didn't have much body hair back then. Just pits, pubes, and legs. So it didn't take long for Jim and Lenny to make me look like a tall twelve year old. My body hair had come in later than most boys, so I was a little too proud of it. As a result, I found this really degrading.

After the shave, I started to itch. But Lenny had brought out some skin lotion, and all the boys rubbed it in. At first that felt really great. I think the only reason I didn't get an instant hard-on is because of my throbbing nuts.

But after a minute or so, they began causing little moments of pain. Pinching a nipple, a brief hard squeeze to a cheek—any cheek. Then Walter got the brilliant idea of smacking the bruises on my thighs. Lenny had been right. This was not going to be a good day.

Then things started getting faster and more painful. A hard slap to the abs. A slap to the face. A Purple Nurple. I knew what was coming. The only question was when and by whom. I tried to distract myself from the pain by guessing who would be the first to go for my aching 'nads. I finally settled on Jim. It was Danny.

Danny just gave my nuts a gentle slap, but they were already so sore! It was more than enough to get me to scream into the ball gag. Then each took a turn except Lenny. I guess he figured he'd already had his fun with my hangers. By the time they were done I was moaning and my body was attempting to fold itself up into the fetal position. Not happening.

Jim said, “Looks like you're trying to double up. In pain?

Everyone chuckled except me. I nodded my head vigorously.

“Well, I can help with that, but you'd better cooperate.”

I nodded that I would. What? I was going to say no?!

Jim and Lenny each untied an ankle and pulled my legs up over my head. Boy did that help! I hardly noticed that after getting my legs to my ears, they spread them out and Walter and Danny tied my ankles through the table pockets to the feet on the table.

The only thing that kept me from rolling over onto the floor was the waist restraint that Lenny had tied through the side pockets. When I realized what they'd done, I knew what was going to happen next. I was going to get gang fucked.

I quickly looked at my poor nut sac. I was relieved to see it was hanging down toward my face and would be out of the way during the reaming I was about to receive. I hoped against hope that they would leave my darn nuts alone while they used my ass.

I knew my ass was going to be aching big time at the end of the day, but there was also a certain thrill to the idea of being helpless and used by four hot guys. Straight? Highly likely. Bi? Maybe. Gay? Not likely. Well, in Walter's case—pretty good chance.

In the end—my end—it really didn't matter. I could make them anything I wanted in my head, so I decided to make them all straight. The idea of straight guys being hot for me was a turn-on. Still is.

Jim was the first to strip and get on the table. I knew he was well-muscled, but my gosh what a body! I'd never seen him naked, as I'd never shared a tent with him in scouts and he went to the Catholic high school.

And then there was Mr. Happy. Maybe the most beautiful dick I'd ever seen! About the same length as Lenny's but thicker. It occurred to me that this was really going to hurt if he didn't take it slow.

He didn't take it slow.

He didn't ram it home, but he pushed in with very firm steady pressure until he was balls deep.

My eye balls crossed with the pain and I moaned loudly into the gag. I was glad for the metal thing in my mouth, or I might have bit my tongue off! Well, at least my mind was off my nuts for the moment.

Jim looked deep into my eyes as he entered me. Except for when I had my eyes crossed, I could not look away from him. As his pubes touched my ass, he grinned and said, "you really like that don't you pussy boy?"

I sure didn't like it just then, what with the pain and all, but from the pressure his thick cock put on my prostate, I knew I was going to. Jim pulled back slowly until only the head was in.

Then he pushed back in with that firm steady pressure he'd used the first time. The entire time our eyes were locked. The grin on his face was both seductive and scary.

Jim said, "I want you to prove to me how much you want this. When I push in, you open that tight little ass of yours up as much as you possibly can. When I pull out, you squeeze hard. Not only will that make me feel good, it will prove how much you want to keep my big fat cock in your hot little butt."

I wasn't in a position to argue. Opening up was going to take practice and squeezing hard was painful. But I did the best I could for him. It made sense to keep him happy. This was not a guy you would want to piss off. But as the fucking continued I found I really did want to please him. Go figure.

The fucking continued with Jim's blue eyes only inches from mine. His black hair was brushing against my forehead. It was so hot I could hardly stand it! My meat was rock hard and dripping.

Despite the pain in my nuts, I was getting ready to blow another load! I was going to cum even before Jim! I began to moan, hoping he wouldn't punish me for that.

He punished me for that.

His beautiful blue eyes grew cold. He said, "you're going to wish you had not cum first."

About two minutes later he blew his load and pulled out abruptly. He remained kneeling on the pool table with an evil grin on his face.

"Lenny, hand me that paddle."

As Lenny did so, Jim said, "so what do you think pussy boy? Should I paddle your ass or your balls?"

I was in a state of total panic. Through the gag in the metal thing holding my mouth open, I tried to scream, “Ass! Ass!”

"Hard to tell what he said. What do you think guys? Did he say ass or balls?"

“Balls!” they shouted in unison, with grins all around.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” I shouted into my gag. I pulled furiously at my bonds in a state of total panic. Other than working up a nice sweat, I accomplished absolutely nothing. Well, that's not completely true. The others found my exertions very entertaining.

Jim's evil grin grew larger. “Well, since you want me to paddle your balls....I'm going to paddle your ass instead. But you better hope your balls don't get in the way, because I'm gonna be paddling hard!”

And boy, did he ever! Every stroke was right in the middle over my crack, and high up, around my taint. I started moaning with the first hit, and was screaming when he finished with the tenth. But I managed not to move to avoid the blows. My nuts were on the verge of falling in the way, and if I'd moved.....well, thankfully I didn't.

Jim's brother Danny was next. Another big cock, but thinner than Jim's. It didn't help. Danny went right to work pistoning my ass with a vengeance! I don't think Danny ever especially liked me, but I guess this was his first chance to really show it. He kept shouting “Take it Bitch, you probably love it, but I hope you hate it! Your ass is ours now, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!”

I saw Jim and Lenny look at each other in startled surprise. Walter just smirked and played with himself. He was Danny's best friend, so I guessed he knew how he felt toward me.

This time I knew I wasn't going to cum. There was simply too much pain. Plus, it was clear Danny didn't have a clue about the prostate, or if he did he clearly didn't care.

I guess he'd gotten worked up watching his brother pound and paddle my ass, because he didn't last more than two or three minutes, for which I was very grateful.

But then he said, “Gimme the paddle. I want to get his balls!”

I gave Lenny and Jim a pleading, panicked look, and thankfully Lenny said, “No. His balls have already been worked over by all of us. You've had your turn. Walter's next.”

I was about to give a sigh of relief into the ball gag, when I remembered Walter's smirk and who his best friend was. I thought to myself, “Aw crud!”

Walter crawled up on the table with an eager grin on his face. "I'm not going to let you off as easy as Danny did."

Walter began by massaging my well paddled ass. At first it felt really good. But then he began to squeeze harder. Utterly helpless, with my legs tied back by my ears and my ass fully exposed, all I could do was moan into my gag as the tears ran down my face.

"Like that pussy boy?" Walter said with that big grin on his face.

"Fuck no!" I groaned into my gag.

"Tough titties! And speaking of titties…"

Walter slowly moved his hands from my ass to my nips, then pinched them hard. “Aw, cripes!' I groaned into my gag, “Can't you just fuck me and get it over with?”

No one could understand me, of course, but they did grin at my groaning. It was clear this was never going to develop into a tender loving relationship. Not that I wanted one with these guys. But geez!

Walter then moved his hands slowly down my torso, clearly enjoying the absolute command he had of my bound naked body. His hands moved slowly past my navel, descending toward my groin. With these guys in charge of me, I probably should have called it my groan.

As his hands reached my junk, he flicked the head of my rock hard dick several times. I found that both painful and arousing at the same time. Go figure. Then, inevitably, his hands moved to my balls. He gave them a 'playful' squeeze and my body went rigid with pain. I grunted. Walter grinned.

“Now it's time for the main event! You're open and well lubed with cum so I figure I don't have to take my time.”

With that, Walter rammed his 6 inch cock home, going balls deep in a single instant. I may have been well lubed and open, but boy did that smart! Again, I groaned and Walter grinned. Unlike his friend Danny, Walter took his time. He began with long slow strokes.

“Squeeze tight pussy boy. You're full of cum and I want more feeling for my cock.”

Well heck, why not? He was going nice and slow and my prostate was getting the full effect. I squeezed hard and both of us moaned as the sensations increased. Walter began to pick up the pace.

“Okay bitch, let's see who cums first and trust me, it better not be you!”

I was determined not to give the little shit that satisfaction. I had never liked Walter. He was a liar, a cheater and a backstabber. If anyone of these guys betrayed me and spread the word, it would be Walter. But they all knew that about him, and if he talked, it was a good bet the others would kick his ass, for ruining things.

Walter knew exactly where the prostate was. I was becoming more and more certain he was gay. I didn't want him to be gay. I was gay, and I didn't want to have that (or anything else) in common with Walter.

Any other time, Walter would probably have made me cum first. But I'd already had multiple orgasms. And then there was the pain in my nuts. Plus there was my determination. In the end, Walter couldn't make me cum at all. He was not pleased, which amused me no end. I didn't let that show however. At some point he was going to make me pay for showing him up. No sense in making it worse.

Once they had all had my ass, they decided it was time to give me an oral exam, so to speak. My ankles were untied, and to my great relief, my legs were lowered to the table.

Not that I was going to try to fight them, but I was so exhausted, and in so much pain, there was no way I could have resisted anything they wanted to do with me. But having me free to move wasn't any fun, as far as they were concerned.

They disconnected the ropes from my wrist restraints, and the harness around my waist, and pulled me forward, until my head hung over the edge of the pool table. Then they re-tied everything. My legs were once again spreadeagled. My arms were now outstretched in crucifix fashion.

I probably had slightly more flexibility, but any movement I made, would be pointless. I had no doubt it would be punished, as well.

As I was still on my back, my newly shaved pits and pubes were on full display. When my tormentors pointed out how well they showed, now that my legs were no longer over my head, I was completely humiliated. The only saving grace was, my dick was tapped out, and remained soft.

The ball gag was removed, and Lenny stepped up to claim my throat first. I had not been throat fucked in this position before. And while Lenny's 8 inchs of man meat slid down my throat more easily, I hated the position.

For one thing, I couldn't see anything but genitals and crotch. (Not a bad thing, but I would like to have seen more. They were all naked and great looking, after all!) For another, his balls kept slapping me in the face, as he fucked my throat.

Then there was the smell. I certainly don't mind man smell. But by this time, everyone was way over-ripe, and the distance between my nose and his balls was zero, when his cock was all the way down my throat--which was most of the time!

Lenny would pull back slowly, then ram that massive tube steak right back in to the hilt. He would keep it there until I started to panic from lack of air, then slowly pull back again. I knew he was showing off for the others, demonstrating his total control. But gee whiz!

And the truly bad part was, I knew the others would try to outdo Lenny and make things even worse for me. This was one of those times when I would have been perfectly content to be wrong.

I wasn't.

Jim was next, of course. He imitated Lenny's technique, but left his dick down my throat for longer and longer periods of time. Oddly, I reached a point where the panic subsided. I suspected his goal was to have me pass out. I decided I wouldn't mind that at this point. So I just focused on being completely relaxed.

I continued to swallow around the massive cock down my throat. But other than that, I was still and became completely at peace. I don't know why or how the panic at not being able to breathe subsided, but it did. Maybe it was the inevitibility of my situation. If he wanted me to pass out, I was going to pass out. there wasn't a darn thing I could do about it.

I think it was also the realization that I wasn't actually going to die. I was just going to lie there on the pool table naked, bound spreadeagled, with an 8 inch man tool down my throat, for the entertainment of four incredibly horny teenage guys. Good thing I'm gay! That might have been traumatic for a straight boy!

Jim was keeping Mr. Happy down my throat for progressively longer periods. And while he was getting a nice throat massage from my swallowing, he was becoming increasingly frustrated with my lack of panic and struggle.

I knew I'd probably pay for that later, but it felt like I'd taken back a tiny amount of control over my life, and I liked that! (Did I mention I have control issues?)

Lenny later told me that they realized I'd passed out, when I stopped swallowing around Jim's cock. I woke up to Jim slapping my face.

When he saw me come around he said, “Wake up cocksucker, you have a blow job to finish!”

After that, he mostly kept his dick in my mouth, and I made that worth his while by putting my tongue to work on that handsome hunk of man muscle. It took awhile to get him hard again. Lenny told me later, my passing out had scared the crap out of everyone.

Jim had gone soft after I passed out, but once he was hard, it didn't take long at all. The first shot went in my mouth, and I managed to swallow it. My head being upside down made the process a little weird. He pulled out of my mouth and shot the rest of his spunk on my face, then rubbed it in with his dick.

I think Danny was still a little freaked at my passing out. He just pounded my face for about five minutes and shot his load. It was more than I could handle upside down, and some of it came out of my nose. It was both disgusting and funny. Everyone laughed. Even me.

Walter made the mistake of announcing his intention to make me pass out again, and then shoot down my throat while I was out. At that point, Lenny had had enough.

“Walter, you're an asshole. Worse, you have no common sense. I'm not going to have you drowning my sex slave in your cum. I didn't invite you to this shindig, Danny did. I should have known he would, and forbidden it. If you ever want access to my slave again, I suggest you get out now, before you piss me off to the point where I pound your ass into hamburger.”

During that little speech, Lenny had removed my mouth restraint, and untied my arms. Taking a cue from Lenny, Jim had untied my legs and Danny had released the ropes that held the harness around my waist. I was free, but way too sore and exhausted to move.

Walter then used his mouth to make the ultimate mistake.

He said, “Yeah, well maybe I put the word out on your little fag. Maybe I make sure everyone at school knows, and makes his life hell!”

I'd had enough. I was pretty darn sure Walter was gay, and a bigger closet case than me. Even if he wasn't, I needed to see him squirm.

“Oh come on Walter, you're a bigger homo than I am! You out me, I'll out you.”

Lenny and Jim stared at Walter with appraising looks on their faces. Danny freaked.

“Walter's my best friend! I'd know if he was a homo!”

“I said, “Danny, you would be the last person to figure it out. First, Walter is very careful around you. Second, you are so hopelessly straight, it would never occur to you to question the little signs he gives off. I think it takes a homo to spot a homo.”

I had no clue what Danny was, but I was pretty sure he was at least mostly straight. And I wanted to remove any defensiveness from his reaction to this. It worked.

Danny yelled, “Walter?!!”

After that, things happened fast. Lenny didn't want me outed, and made damn sure Walter wasn't going to be the one to do it, if it happened. Jim and Lenny grabbed Walter, while Danny stripped him naked.

Lenny gave him the choice of walking home naked, or starring in a porn video that would be kept locked up, as long as he was a very good boy.

Walter kept denying that he was gay, but when he was offered that choice, his dick got hard. I didn't know if that really meant anything, but I pointed it out.

Walter blushed crimson, and he kind of sagged in Lenny and Jim's arms. That sealed it. I was way too weak to get off the pool table, so I just lay there and watched the fun, as three masked teen studs took turns spit roasting Walter while the camera recorded the whole thing. And they had Walter begging for it, the whole time.

I have no idea to this day, if Walter was a natural bottom. But it didn't matter. He was going to be one for Danny and Jim, from that point on. I think, once they were all in college things sort of came to a natural end, but I didn't bother to keep up on the details.

The important thing, from my viewpoint, was I could now practice being a top on Walter. The other three found that really amusing. I found it really exciting. Walter didn't like it, but no one cared.

Lenny, of course continued to use me. But after that afternoon, when we all got together, Walter shared the workload, and I got to put loads into Walter, so things were a whole lot better from my perspective.

Lenny's dad found himself a girlfriend, so he only used me when when she was on the rag. I really didn't mind, when he did. I learned a whole bunch of great sex stuff from him. Plus he was really hot, for a daddy type.


When my year of servitude to Lenny and his dad was over, I went on to college. I was a freshman and on my own. Neither my scum-bag father or pig stepfather was about to pay, so it's a good thing I got a full scholarship.

Lenny and his dad didn't just train me in sex. They trained me in self-discipline. And for the first time in my life someone checked my homework—every night!

I became much better organized, and this was the major reason my grades got better the last year of high school. Without Lenny and his dad there is no way I'd have received a scholarship.

My new level of sexual skill and confidence was amazing! In college, I was able to recruit my own submissive. He became my roommate and did the things for me that I did for Lenny and his dad. I would sometimes rent my property out for extra spending money. I'm pleased to say he really got off on this.

I got all the money. He didn't need it, and besides, he was my property. Property doesn't get paid. The money all goes to the owner, right? If he had been paid some of the money, he'd have been a whore and I would have been a pimp, and neither of us wanted that!

I was invited to his home to meet his parents over that first Thanksgiving. They knew of our relationship and were cool with it. They knew it made their son happy. Unlike most parents with a gay submissive son back then, that's all that mattered to them.

By the time I started college, I had figured out that I liked submitting to the right guy. Or guys. But I LOVED being the dominant. In four years, I never submitted to anyone at school.

But over that first Christmas my slave and I both went to visit—and submit to—Lenny and his dad. But the best part? My slave got his first experience as a top--his submissive was a very pissed off (and pissed on) Walter.

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Taking Ownership

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