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Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Incest, Transsexual

Author: satinshirt

Published: 07 March 2018

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I lay awake in bed at 2am in the morning. The torrential rain was pounding against the window of my bedroom. I listened to the howling winds as yet another roof tile from a neighbour's roof went crashing to the floor. I could hear the branches of the trees being torn off and hitting whatever lay in their paths as they were blown along the street. Car alarms could be heard going off in the distance and the repeated sound of smashing glass. The sound of sirens from the emergency services could be heard in all directions, it would no doubt be a very busy night for them. I didn't envy the jobs of the emergency services on such a night, only a fool would be out in such weather. There was a sudden blinding flash of lightning and an almost instant clap of thunder, the storm was almost directly overhead. Usually I loved thunder storms, but this one was just too close and too violent. I was very aware of the damage that they caused and I was slightly concerned for the structural integrity of my own home, expecting the windows to be blown in at any moment as they shook with every loud clap of thunder.

Suddenly my bedroom door was thrown open and my pretty 22 year old daughter (Chloe) came rushing in trembling from fear and crying uncontrollably.

"Daddy! I'm scared. I don't want to be alone. Please can I sleep in your bed tonight with you?" she begged.

I looked across at my daughter and admired how gorgeous she looked in her short silver satin nightdress. Before the storm had started, I had been laying in bed masturbating, whilst fantasising about my daughter, in her green satin blouse and red faux leather mini skirt, she had been wearing earlier that day.


Six months previous I didn't even know I had a daughter. One month after Chloe turned 22, she turns up on my doorstep and asks if I ever dated her mum. She then announces that she is my daughter. At first I'm not sure, but after she tells me her birthday and I give it some serious thought, the dates match up. Chloe tells me her mother had recently died from cancer; before she died, she confessed to Chloe that her father wasn't her real birth father. Chloe tells me she wants to get to know me; her real birth father. For the next six month's Chloe visits me every other weekend. She arrives late on Friday and leaves Sunday afternoon.

I dated Chloe's mum for about 6 months. Her name was Maryanne; she was 19 and I was 22. I met Maryanne after she replied to an advert I had placed in the personal column of the local newspaper. When I first saw Maryanne, my first thought was; "Why would a girl who looks like this, need to answer an ad in the newspaper?" Her answer was; "Most men lose interest as soon as they find out I'm divorced, with a three year old daughter. Maryanne got pregnant at 15 and married at 16, but her marriage lasted just one month, ending after her husband beat her up.

Maryanne was stunningly attractive with a body built for sin; the type of body you normally only see in cartoon drawings; I soon realised her amazing gravity defying breasts were paid for, and she loved to show them off. She always dressed very slutty, skimpy little camisole tops with no bra, miniskirts that were so short they showed her silky panties if she bent over, short floaty or tight fitting low cut dresses that showed off her amazing figure, and she always wore heels of at least 4 inches. She loved and craved the attention she got when she was out in public and she loved to flirt with everyone. She was the type of girl that most men wanted to fuck, but not many wanted to date; definitely not the type of girl your mother would be proud of.

Maryanne treated me like a doormat since the day we met; looking back I realise she was only interested in my money and what she could get out of me. Her friends would ask me why I let her treat me so badly, "Don't you have any self respect?" they would ask. The fact was, I didn't want to be seen as the "single, sad, pathetic, loser," I really was. Being with Maryanne was good for my image, and other men envied me. It's also a known fact, that if you are seen with an attractive women, other women show you more interest and compete for your attention.

After dating Maryanne for just 12 weeks, she asked me to move in with her; being 22 years old and still living at home with my mother, I was keen to move out, so I agreed. Just a week later, she asks, "Why don't we get engaged?" So like the desperate fool I was, I stupidly agreed. The following weekend we go out and spend my entire savings on an engagement ring. Just a few days later Maryanne claims to have lost her ring, but couldn't explain where she found the money to spend a small fortune on new clothes. For the next several weeks I spend every penny I earn trying to keep her happy, buying her whatever she asks for, but getting very little back in return.

I finally come to my senses and realise things will never be right with Maryanne. My main concern being that our sex life was about as dull as dish water. The fact was, Maryanne was about as much fun as a blow up doll. I finally stand up for myself and tell Maryanne that I'm not happy and if things are to progress further between us, then things need to change.

Thinking that our relationship had come to an end, with nothing to lose, I tell Maryanne there are things she needs to know about me. I confide in Maryanne and tell her about my satin fetish and that I enjoy cross-dressing. Her reaction to my confession takes me by surprise, keen to see me dress up in female clothes; also very keen to dress up in satin herself, for my pleasure. Having retrieved my stash of women's clothing from my mother's house, I dress up in a pretty satin blouse and pleated satin skirt, complete with satin panties and a nice satin full-slip. Seeing me dressed in women's clothes, Maryanne is like a different person, she pounces on me and we end up having sex. The next few weeks is interesting to say the least, our sex life is totally transformed; I wouldn't describe it as mind blowing sex, but Maryanne participates and even initiates sex, rather than just lay there with her legs open like a sex doll. She is keen for me to dress in female attire as often as possible, but refuses to explain why it turns her on so much to see me in women's clothes.

One night in bed, after having sex, with both of us dressed like school girls, in black satin pinafore dresses and frilly white satin bow blouses, we start talking about fantasies and confessions. Maryanne wanted to know how many sex partners I've had, how old I was when I lost my virginity and the most shocking thing I had ever done. Things were going so well, I make the huge mistake of confessing to having lost my virginity to my sister, I also admitted to having fucked my mother a few times. Maryanne jumps out of bed, calls me a sick pervert, then screams at me to get out, saying she never wants to see me again. That night I moved back to my mother's house and never saw Maryanne again.

A few days later I get a phone call from Karen, Maryanne's best friend, someone I also now considered to be my friend. Karen says she needs to see me urgently, so we can talk. She tells me she is not happy with the way Maryanne treated me since we first met. Karen tells me that Maryanne is spreading vile rumours about me to all her friends. I ask Karen what sort of rumours, but she says she is too embarrassed to repeat such things, that nobody believes anything of what they have heard; she tells me she is ashamed to call Maryanne her friend. Karen also tells me that Maryanne's daughter (Michelle) is the result of her being gang raped by her three older brothers. I tell Karen I didn't even know she had three brothers. When Maryanne finds out Karen has betrayed her trust, Maryanne is so angry she moves away and breaks connections with everyone she knows.


Chloe now stood in my bedroom trembling from fear with tears streaming down her pretty face. Her body shuddered with every clap of thunder, making the material of her flimsy satin nightdress ripple and shimmer in the light with every flash of lightning. Her breasts would bounce and jiggle about under her shiny nightie as she jumped with every loud clap of thunder. I so much wanted to protect my daughter and make her feel safe, to put my arms around her and hug her tightly.

"Please daddy, can I sleep in your bed tonight. I don't like the thunder, I'm scared," said Chloe. My main reason for hesitating was that I was wearing a lady's red satin nightshirt.

"I don't think that would be a very good idea baby," I replied.

"Please daddy, I'm really scared," she sobbed.

"The problem is I sleep in the nude, I don't have any clothes on," I lied.

"Oh!... Would it make you feel more comfortable if I took my nightie off?" asked Chloe, sliding the thin straps off her shoulders and exposing her breasts.

"NOOO!.... Don't take your nightdress off," I shouted, startled by her brashness. I pulled back the duvet on my bed and invited my daughter into my bed. Chloe giggled when she saw what I was wearing and quickly slid into my bed beside me. I lay there motionless, absolutely mortified. Chloe thanked me and snuggled up closely putting her arm around me.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" I said under my breathe, not knowing how to handle the situation. I had fantasised about a moment like this so many times over the last few months. I could feel Chloe's soft breasts pressing into my side.

"Relax daddy, you are as stiff as a board," said Chloe. That was easier said than done. I felt very embarrassed laying next to my own daughter wearing a lady's satin nightshirt. I looked across at the clock, it was 2.10am.

It felt like just minutes had past, but in reality I must have fallen asleep. The clock now said 4.15am. Chloe was fast asleep beside me and the storm had died down, although it was still raining. I desperately needed a piss, but didn't want to wake Chloe. As I carefully tried to get out of bed, I realised Chloe had her hand wrapped around my hard erect cock. I knew Chloe sometimes slept over at her boyfriend's house on the weekends that she didn't visit me; I assumed that my daughter had unwittingly taken hold of my cock in her sleep thinking she was with her boyfriend. I carefully prised her fingers from around my cock and got out of bed. Before leaving to go to the bathroom, I looked back at Chloe laying peacefully in my bed in her shiny satin nightie. I carefully pulled back the duvet to expose Chloe's voluptuous body, so I could peak a better look. Chloe's satin nightie had risen up to the top of her legs. I carefully took hold of the hem of my daughter's silky satin nightie and lifted it to take a peak at her pussy. I was delighted to see my daughter wasn't wearing panties and her muff was very short and neatly shaven. I thought momentarily about running the tip of my finger along her crack but quickly moved away as she stirred. I left my room to go to the bathroom and relieve myself. Before returning to my bed I decided to take a quick look in the spare bedroom where my daughter normally slept. Chloe's green satin blouse that she had worn that day was hanging on the outside of the wardrobe; I could smell her perfume on it. Her red leather skirt and a pair of skimpy red satin knickers were on the chair in the corner. I couldn't resist the temptation to pick up my daughter's red satin knickers and sniff them.

I returned to my room. I climbed back into bed besides Chloe and went back to sleep, while fantasising about what it would be like to fuck her. As I dreamt about fucking my beautiful daughter, I could see her bouncing up and down on my cock as I lay on my back. Her gorgeous tits jiggled about under her satin nightdress as she rode my hard cock. I could feel her tight pussy clench around my cock as she rose up and then lowered herself back down again. I glanced across at the clock, it was 06:00am. I looked up at Chloe!

"OH SHIT!...... Chloe, what the hell are you doing?" I shouted, suddenly realising that this wasn't a dream. My daughter was actually bouncing up and down on my cock for real. It wasn't unusual for me to get a hard-on whilst I slept, or for me to wake up with one, but why was my daughter fucking herself on my cock?

"Don't be angry daddy, I really want this, and I think you do too!" said Chloe.

"Chloe.... baby.... I'm not angry, I'm just surprised."

"Well.... is it so surprising that I share your fetish for satin?" she asks. "I always wondered why I like wearing satin so much; it's obviously in my genes. So why should it be so surprising I also share your incest fantasies?"

"So... I assume your mother told you why she dumped me?" I ask.

"Can we talk about it later?.... How about you just fuck me?" said Chloe.

I sat up, pushing Chloe off of me and onto her back. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide apart before sliding my hard cock back into her already sopping wet pussy. I began thrusting my cock in and out of my daughter's pussy as hard as I could.

"Yes daddy, fuck me!" she pleaded.


That was 7 years ago. Chloe is now married with two children of her own. She still visits me regularly and we still fuck. Chloe also introduced me to her older half sister (Michelle) who I hadn't seen since she was three.

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