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My Little Cocksucker

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore

Authror: Harry_n_Wild

Published: 07 March 2018

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My Little Cocksucker

I've had a couple wild girl friends as I grew up. One was at nineteen years of age. I was working for an automotive paint supplier. After being a delivery driver for a year I was moved to mixologist. A fancy name for mixing paint. It was an interesting job and I enjoyed learning about different kinds of paint and metallic additives.

One day I was called to the front counter to help a customer. Wiping my hands I came around the corner from my work area and saw a plain looking young woman. She was my age, plainly dressed and when she smiled her braces showed brightly. We exchanged pleasantries and I got her car information. While I looked up the color I gave her a quick review. She wasn't as tall as I was and she was slim, small breasts and small ass. Not my fantasy girl so I stuck to the job. I didn't give her a second thought.

She paid for the paint ahead of time and left. I went to mix it. After a day she returned to retrieve her purchase. I was again called to the front counter. She smiled at me and handed me a note with her name and phone number on it. I felt surprised but as I was a lonely single guy, I slipped into my pocket. One of the guys on the counter noticed and teased me about how the paint mixer gets all the credit. What he didn't say was that he also gets the blame when a mix was bad.

Debbie answered the phone, “Yes?” I recognized her voice, “Hi. This is John, from the paint store.” She cleared her throat and with a sexier, perkier voice, “Oh, Hi!” We talked for a little while when she asked, “Can we meet for lunch? I can bring you a sandwich. We could drive down to the bay and watch the ocean.” I was surprised again. She was quiet but forward. Shy but direct. I couldn't refuse a free lunch and agreed. I had been eating pretty thin while I learned the job and building my funds. Before hanging up she said, “Great! I'll see you tomorrow.”

The next day at the appointed time, there was Debbie. She was wearing similar clothes but had her auburn hair pulled up and back. I climbed in her car and we drove the short distance to the park near the bay. We made some small talk about life after high school which is when I found out she had a son. He was four years old and I didn't ask but it was obvious she must have gotten pregnant way before she graduated. We laughed about finding someone to be with. I finished the delicious sandwich and she slid over and kissed me.

She looked in my eyes and when she didn't see any warning signs she kissed me again and ran her hand down my tight belly. I pushed my tongue through her lips and she eagerly sucked it in. Rapping my hand around her head I held her against my thrusting tongue. Her hand went right to my groin and squeezed my lump. It's been a while since I was with an eager woman. Groaning in her mouth, I put my other hand on her breasts and wiggled them around. This is great, I thought to myself. She's hot for a plain girl.

That's when I realized she had unzipped my pants and was slipping her hand under my boxers to explore my man meat. I let go of her head and leaned back so my penis could stretch out to its full length as she rubbed and squeezed it. She pulled back from our kiss and I could see her wet lips glistening, her mouth still open. She looked at the rod in her hand and quickly bent over to suck the head into her mouth. She rolled it around for a moment and popped off. Looking up at me for approval she smiled. My face must have shown my desires. God, she's going to suck me off right here, I thought to myslef. I looked around and didn't see anyone.

I groaned, “Oh, yeah. That was good.” Debbie dropped right back onto my cock and started sucking like a pro. Her tongue was talented and she sucked as much of me in as she could in that position. My hand was searching for access to her pussy. Her clothes were tight in the seat of her car and I could barely reach her groin as she pressed down on my dick. My hips began thrusting as she worked her head in my lap. She had an amazing technique and before long I was cumming. I tried to warn her but she clamped down and swallowed every squirt until I stopped. Without pulling off she used her tongue to clean my shaft of any excess dribble. Hers or mine.

She popped up with a slurping sound, “Mmm. That was good. Did you like it?” How could I not? “Yeah Debbie. That was really good.” I didn't know what else to say. She fed me a sandwich, gave me a blowjob and we hardly know each other. My mind was trying to interrupt my thinking by asking, what's this all about, but I wasn't listening. She deftly buttoned up my pants and smiled with her braces shining and a little mischievousness in her eyes. My watch suddenly beeped. Time to get back to work.

For the next couple days she came by for lunch, sandwich in hand. Each day she waited for me to finish my lunch then kiss me and suck my cock. Her style was perfect. Even after a couple days in a row she could still suck me off in just minutes. And each time she would swallow every drop and clean me up like a pro. By the weekend I was getting curious as to her tits and pussy. I had finally gotten my hand into her pants one day to brush her pussy lips gently with my fingers. She was wet but didn't shake or jerk when I touched her there. Was she cold? Did I care?

This was wild. I hardly know who this woman is. My mind kept rolling around the facts but it kept returning to the thought of having my own little cocksucker. And she was a good cocksucker. How long would this last? What crazy things has she done? She has a son too old for her age. She doesn't talk about it. She isn't overly concerned about equal treatment. She doesn't seem to want to be fucked. All I know is she seems to like me, she really likes sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. How far is this going to go? What should I do next?

I invited her on a date. A dinner date. She agreed to go but insisted that her son, Tommy join us. I'm an understanding guy and agreed. Her son was bright but a little gun shy of his mom. So, I tried to encourage him and keep her calm. The restaurant was nice and the waiter, patient. I think we all enjoyed the meal and I gladly paid for the meal and tip. Debbie was wearing a light blue satin like dress. Her skinny legs hanging out from the hem. I was the true gentleman and opened the car door for each of them.

When I got in the driver's seat, Debbie was directing Tommy to behave. I reached for my seat belt just as Debbie said, “Could you hold on to him for a minute? He's being fussy.” I turned towards her and looked at her son. She was holding him under the arms and just handed him to me. I quickly took hold of him as Debbie put her hand down my pants. “Uh, Debbie?” She just cooed at me, “Its OK. He's too young to understand.” And she jerked my meat till it was hard. I tried to keep eye contact on her son and start a conversation. However, my brain was MIA.

Debbie had my pants undone and she was mushroom diving in no time at all. I was squirming and humping against her hand and mouth as she used that amazing cocksucking ability of hers. Just as I was thinking about holding Tommy in my hands I started shooting cum into her mouth. She moaned a little but kept sucking, swallowing every bit of my hot sticky juices. When she finally pulled off she smacked her lips and said, “Ahh. Dessert!” Her son perked up, “Dessert?” Debbie just snickered, “We'll get you a cookie when we get home honey.” Then she buttoned me up and I drove her home.

The drive was long enough for her son to complain and be shot down verbally by his mother. It was quick, pointless yelling that culminated in threats of 'no dessert when we get home.' This quieted him and I snickered to myself, Debbie is one wild chick. I wouldn't want to be her son. Then I started to question the relationship. My mind reeled. My dick itched. I was focusing on the road when Debbie pointed toward their turn. In the dark I almost missed it. Not to mention the fog in my head as I tried to reason out this strange situation. What a crazy couple weeks it has been.

I pulled up the driveway when Debbie leaned over and kissed me, “My mom's gone for the night. Would you like to come in?” I grabbed the back of her head and forced my tongue roughly into her mouth. Tommy had gotten up from his seat and wasn't waiting. He climbed to the door and was jiggling the handle when we realized he was loose. Debbie had a vacuum lock on my tongue and quickly released me when she heard the door open. “Tommy! Wait for mommy! You need to wait until I'm ready.”

Do I stay or do I go? It's the ultimate question. It transcends all questions. By the asking it makes all other inquiries moot. Her hand had been in my lap and my rod was hard. Reasoning was missing from the equation again. I followed her and Tommy into the house and was led into the kitchen, given a beer and a kiss and told, “Let me get Tommy down. It'll just be a minute.” Again she reach between my legs and squeezed my package which was somewhere between a rock and a hard place. I sipped the beer and looked around. The house was old enough but the appliances hadn't been upgraded yet. So, maybe forty years old.

My brain went on like this, ignoring the feeling to bolt. Refusing to tally facts over fantasy. The beer went down as I sat there. My erection now gone, I had to pee. Heading for the bathroom I could hear her talking to Tommy, “Do you like John?” I felt a quiver. On my way back from the bathroom I noticed Tommy's room was dark and the master bedroom light was on, the door ajar. I peeked in and saw Debbie combing her hair in the mirror. She had changed into a long t-shirt which just covered her white cotton panties. What the hell!

I walking in, cleared my throat and made it obvious that I was staring at her. She walked right up to me and putting her arms around me, kissed me hard and guided me towards the bed. Man, she it fast, I'm thinking. For some reason I started thinking about her motives again. What is this supposed to be? She french kissed me as she worked me out of my clothes. I had to stop her so I could take off my boots. Then I laid next to her and started to kiss her again as I slid my hand to her breast. Tweaking her nipples and gently squeezing them, I sized up her sensitivity. Good hard nipples and she responds well to having them played with.

Next I slid my hand to her panties and brushed her waistline. She quivered a little and I pushed under to find her treasured pussy. She quivered again as I put a finger against her slit. It was slick and warm. However, I noticed her lips weren't swollen and she wasn't very tight. Her hand was rubbing my naked groin and I was hard. I'm happy to eat a good pussy and she had been sucking me every time she could. So, I figured turn about is fair play. I got up on all fours, slid off her panties and took a sniff. Then I pushed her legs apart and blew on her little hairs. Debbie pulled my cock towards her mouth so I turned around to sixty nine her.

I buried my face in her pussy and started licking. She sucked my cock right into her mouth and fucked it in and out a couple times. She was enjoying sucking my cock more than getting eaten out. I added a finger or two and tried to get her stimulation level up a notch or two. My hips started humping her mouth and Debbie moaned. She really is a little cocksucker. Nothing seems to make her happier then sucking cock and drinking cum. I reached one hand down to the back of her head and pushed her all the way onto my cock. Debbie just wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me deep throat without a gag.

Her head bobbed on me like that until she needed a breath. Then she pulled back and gave the best long stroke throat fuck. I could feel my cock pushing into her eager throat as she just kept going. I was doing my best to eat her out and play with her pussy but she was intent on sucking. The last trick in my book at that time was, revert to the natural desire; fuck the pussy. So, I pulled myself away from her vacuum mouth and climbed around to mount her. I slid in and started to wiggle it around. There wasn't much of a response from her body and when she humped against my efforts her timing was all wrong. I put my hands on her waist and we rolled her to cowgirl and let her wiggle around for a little while.

Something in my head had caught me. She acted like she didn't have sensations in her pussy. I fucked light then heavy. I tried shallow then deep. I even used a rotary technique to wiggle the head in a circular fashion. Don't get me wrong there was a lot of heavy breathing and effort. There just wasn't that usual electric magic in the lovemaking. I couldn't cum. My brain was changing gears. I was trying to break out of a loop in my head. It didn't take long before I was ready to change positions. I excused myself for a pee break and kissed her.

When I returned I had decided, she wants to be a little cocksucker and I like it. There just wasn't going to be a real relationship. We'll talk it out later. For now I'll give her what she really likes. She was laying quietly catching her breath. I leaned against the edge of the bed, my long meat just starting to harden again. Debbie looked at it and smiled. I straddled her shoulders hanging my hot dog just above her eager mouth. She slid herself down a little further so my groin lined up with her mouth. Then she pulled me down to sit on her face, my cock sliding into her mouth. Her head tilted and she lifted up to swallow me to the root.

Debbie pumped herself as I hardened in her throat and started pumping with her. It didn't take long before I was happy to give it to her. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth. Moving forward a little further I leaned forward and could clamp my legs onto her head and thrust hands free. This felt very satisfying and Debbie was gurgling and sucking with great enjoyment. I don't remember how long we fucked for but I had to go. The next day I called her to thank her for the good time and set up another lunch date. I didn't string her along much further. But it was nice having my own little cocksucker for a little while.

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My Little Cocksucker

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