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Becoming Hers

Categories Fiction, Asian, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Author: nothingnowhere

Published: 09 March 2018

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Peter Weng was what a person who was trying to be nice might call slight or lithe, the people he had gone to school with generally went with faggot. He was 20 years old 5'4 and Asian, didn't have a visible ounce of muscle on his body but wasn't fat either, he had a slight softness to him from an indoorsy childhood and a job as a software engineer now. A too socially conscious person had once commented on a picture of him that he was reinforcing racist stereotypes with his build, a confusing complaint that he still wasn't sure how he was meant to respond to. His feminine face, meek personality and somewhat anime inspired hairstyle sealed the look. He had the stereotypical list of interests and no friends that he had spoken to offline this year. In him there was a keen interest in girls and sex but personality and pressure to succeed put a damper on coming near to those things, the closest he had gotten was rubbing his 4 inch penis on his anime figures with squeezable boobs until he shot his little load over them (a great way to pretend both were bigger) or once when he had bent from the waist to pick something up and a muscular man had squeezed his butt, an experience which had sent a strange thrill through him that he did not like to think about.

He was pushed up against the door of his probably unsafely full train home, annoyed by this and a bad but typical day of going down to his company's office, something he thankfully didn't have to do often. Everyone knew he wasn't man enough to do something about it if they treated him with no respect and took full advantage of this. Becoming wrapped up in thoughts of this he didn't differentiate the voice speaking to him from the buzz of the train or the hand politely but firmly telling him someone wanted to pass from all the body parts pushing up against him. As the also unnoticed open door in front of him was getting near time to close, he felt strong hands take him by the back of his jacket and under his butt, to lift Peter out of the way of the door and place him to one side. As the woman who had done this brushed past him he got a smell of deodorant and a very slight smell of sweat too that he didn't find unpleasant, he also got to glimpse her large and powerful frame that he had already felt.

By the time he had got done thinking all this she had walked some distance away, not sure whether he felt positively or negatively towards her but extremely worked up and with an electric charge running through his body, as well as a discreet unnoticed semi he leaped from his train. Immediately glad that he did as he a good look at her big ass that he probably could have stood on, straining at her denim shorts, he guessed that she was 6'2, had a short ponytail and a few generic tattoos on her arms which looked as strong as they felt and were shown off well by her wifebeater. To his particular excitement he noticed that she was White (he had a thing for White women cause he was just a walking stereotype) and had thighs that could probably pop his head like a watermelon. Lost in thought once again he hadn't noticed how quickly he was walking until he caught up to her and she turned to look at him. Suddenly he felt panic, turning his eyes downwards to avoid hers he got to see her abs and the fact the top button undone on her too small shorts giving a peek at more. Peter felt like he was having a revelation, almost every detail about her played into some sexual feelings that up until now he hadn't been wholly aware of. With eyes still lowered he heard her husky voice say: hello, he blurted out the only intelligible thought in his head. I don't know why I followed you and I don't know where I am in the city and I'm not carrying any money and, he said, cutting himself off as she took a step closer to him. That's okay, I'll take care of you, she said as she put her arm around him and led him away. On the walk to wherever she was leading him her hand shifted his waist, like he was her girlfriend he thought, not minding on bit though he snuggled up as close to her much larger body as he could, enjoying her heat, the strength he could feel in and practically hyperventilating from taking in her smell, Beth as he learned her name was didn't seem to mind though. There was a sense of safety here that he hadn't had since he was in his mother's arms, he looked up at her, inwardly noting her strong jaw and guessing she was about 30. He told her everything previously covered as well as so much more, she just listened and offered occasional remarks.

Reaching an apartment block, Beth led him up to what Peter gathered was her apartment, she put a stop to his gabbing by leading him to the bedroom and firmly pushing him down on the bed. Feelings of panic again, he knew he was about to have sex, he had somewhat subconsciously accepted that was going to happen now whether he wanted it to or not though. She brushed aside questions about condoms, saying it was a safe day and she knew for a fact that she wasn't going to catch anything from him, he had surrendered himself to her too much already to be concerned about whether he was going to catch anything. That gentleness began to slip for the first time as she forcefully removed his jacket and t-shirt, pausing to brush his nipple, producing a moan and a blush. Removing his bottom half of clothes, leaving him wearing only his underwear, she looked at his fully erect cock which was making a small bulge and laughed saying: aww it's so little and cute. It felt like she had just pulled the rug out from under him, this was probably his most emasculating experience to date, much more so than being called a fag or having men squeeze his ass, those experiences swirled together with the confused excitement everything that was happening was giving him though. The instincts that Beth had felt since laying eyes on this untouched little boy bashfully but pointedly ogling her crotch surged up as she saw the discomfort on his face. Laying down she drew him into her arms, told him everything was okay, removed her top and pushed his mouth towards her boobs which he gladly suckled. She could feel the warmth and softness he was experiencing, which he had experienced before but couldn't remember, fully relaxing again. As he continued to suckle she noticed that he was unconsciously humping the air in his excitement, another very cute thing she thought but decided to keep that thought to herself. Trying to decide what to with him, the choices abruptly narrowed, wrongly assuming that she was about to insert him into herself by the fact she started stripping off their bottom halves of clothing as he stayed locked to her chest, the stress of it all suddenly hit him and his cock went limp. This was something that there were no confused feelings about, everything suddenly felt wrong but as he was beginning to cry and pull away, there came a kiss and a shower of encouraging words to settle him once again.

After some time spent on that too, this woman was craving some release and breaking the kiss pushed his face towards her crotch, brushing aside warnings that he didn't know how to give oral by saying to just do what came naturally. The inexpert licking and sucking turned out to be plenty stimulating, wanting more though she set aside some of that gentleness again to wordlessly push Peter on to his back and sit on his face. Releasing deep throaty moans, grinding on his face turned to more and more forceful thrusting, they both separately mused that this facefucking was being done without any consideration for Peter's pleasure and with different levels of self awareness relished this fact. Her intense heat and wetness on his face being pinned under her marked him as hers, she was so much stronger that he didn't have much choice in what was happening, beneath her powerful body he may or may be consenting to what was happening, she realized that she wasn't sure and if he had she wouldn't have let him stop anyway. These thoughts of raping the boy were surprising to her as her orgasm built but his purity and submissiveness was causing her natural dominant side to run a bit wild. Totally abandoned to it now and with big boobs jiggling that he was unable to appreciate, she was pounding his face half expecting to hear a crack as his nose broke and conscious of how much it would excite her if it did. Past caring about the pleasure he was trying to give her with his lapping at her cunt but enjoying the sight of his little cock which had perked up again at some point, her climax finally hit her. Her moans rumbling down to her cunt as her squirting orgasm rocked her body, continuing to facefuck her fleshlight of a partner.

Long minutes passed as Beth came from her high and her muscles relaxed, she wanted more though, and to give him a bit of pleasure too, she knew exactly how to do this. Moving off him her heat and wetness were obvious on his glazed over face, whether this was from excitement, lack of hair or too many blows to the head from her thrusting she didn't know but loved it. Turning his limp form over she set her sights on his beautiful ass, he was going to get to cum too but if she had any plans of making him cum with his pathetic little cock then they had long since passed. Commands to get up on his knees and lower his head were obeyed, he was so out of it that he hardly noticed as the massaging of his hole began. A finger slipping in to his already relaxed ass didn't escape his notice but it didn't hurt and the thought of objecting didn't even occur to him. The sensations that hit him as his prostate began being massaged were totally new, it was like his penis being touched but different too, a wonderful warmness was spreading through his body, he found too that squeezing down on her fingers felt good, thoughts of wanting her to insert more were quickly satisfied, his clenching balls signalling that he was a natural as cumming with his ass. The orgasm that hit him was a kind of pleasure that he had never felt before, a mind and full body experience physically more powerful than he had ever felt before but the thoughts in his head were so pleasurable too, knowing how totally he had submitted and the realization that he was cumming like a girl. As his useless cock shot it's tiny load it was forgotten by both of them.

As the hours passed after of them lying in each others arms, Peter knew this was life now, he wanted to do this and infinitely more every day of his life.

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Becoming Hers

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