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  1. I Love Lucy
  2. I Love Lucy pt.2
  3. I love the taste of my Brother's Cum

I love the taste of my Brother's Cum

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time

Author: JSipes7798

Published: 09 March 2018

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Ben and Catherine Winston are blessed with three healthy children; a daughter and two ruggedly handsome sons. Their two oldest children are identical twins; a boy named Michael and a girl named Madison. From the neck up you can’t tell them apart. Michael is named after Ben’s grandfather and Madison is Catherine’s maiden name.

Michael and Madison are identical twins in every way except size. Madison is 5’6”, small build, but large breast for her age, and weighs 125 pounds. Michael is big for his age. He is 5’ 11” slender build and weighs 150 pounds. Michael and Madison both have sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. The youngest son, Jerry, is nine years old. The twins celebrated their 17th birthday just a week before school is scheduled to begin. They will be juniors at a private college preparatory school.

The Winston’s are a typical American family. They live in a comfortable four bedroom, two-story home located in an exclusive gated community. Each child is fortunate enough to have their own private bedroom. Madison’s bedroom has its own private bath and the two boys share a ‘Jack and Jill’ bathroom that connects their two bedrooms. Ben Winston is a registered pharmacist and works for a national pharmacy chain. Catherine is a registered nurse and works part-time as a floor supervisor at a local hospital. Catherine’s paycheck is used exclusively to pay the tuition for their children at the college preparatory school and the rest goes toward building the children’s college fund.

Each child excels in school and is very well behaved thanks to their mother’s very active supervision. Catherine is a member of the PTA and serves on several committees at the school, but still finds time to devote full attention to her children. Ben also serves on school committees and helps some with coaching football. He tries to play golf most week-ends and he is also a Captain in the Army Reserve Medical Corp. He is required to spend one week-end a month at Army Drills and two weeks in the summer at some U. S. Army Base Hospital. He also devotes a lot of attention to the children, but not nearly as much as Catherine.

On the twin’s 17thbirthday they have a nice party around the family swimming pool. Madison is allowed to have a slumber party following birthday party. Twenty of the twin’s school mates attend the birthday party, but only four of Madison’s closest friends are invited to stay over for her slumber party. Her best friends are Becky, Susanne, Rena and Sally. The slumber party goes well until Becky hears a noise from Madison’s bedroom closet. Dad is summoned and finds Michael, who is a horny seventeen years old, hiding among his sister’s clothes. When questioned by his Dad he admits he was hoping to sneak a peek at some naked girls, or naked tits, or at least one of them wearing something revealing. He freely expresses his fascination with the female breast. His Dad finds it amusing, but his Mother finds it troubling.

Michael and Madison are very close as brother and sister goes; even hanging out together on the week-ends. Michael is constantly hitting on Madison’s girlfriends. They pretend he is a nuisance, but each of them thrives on his attention. They love it when he checks out their breast and butts. He sincerely believes he is getting away with it without their knowledge, but he is not.

When school lets out for the summer break, Michael and Jerry spend two weeks cleaning the yard and getting the swimming pool ready for the summer fun. They get to enjoy the pool only a week before going off to camp for three weeks. Jerry goes to the Cub Scout camp as a new Cub Scout; and Michael goes to the same camp as a camp counselor. Michael’s mother had volunteered him for the counselor position saying it would be good experience for him. She also knew Jerry would be less likely to get homesick if his big brother is there with him. Jerry enjoyed the Cub Scout camp, but to Michael it’s a waste of his summer vacation. He would have much rather stay home and watch his sister and her girlfriends lounge around the pool in their skimpy swimwear.

Michael has been secretly fantasizing about his sister’s tits since she first began to develop them. Madison often sleeps in a cotton t-shirt or cotton pajamas. He loves it when her nipples get hard and poke against her pajama top. From time to time he has gotten a few glimpses of her bare nipples when she wasn’t aware of his presences. He once considered secretly setting up a camcorder in her room to film her private moments, but measured the consequences if he got caught and decided against it.

The boys return home from camp to find their whole world changing. First of all, their sister and her four best girlfriends have taken over the family swimming pool. They spend every day working on their tans and swimming. Michael spends his time spying on them. He keeps a perpetual hard-on watching them prance around the pool in their scanty bathing suits. Rena sometimes wears a white bikini that shows the outline of her nipples and her little dark patch of pubic hair when wet. He is very fascinated with their young developing breast. Michael is secretly in love with each of them, but they mostly treat him only as Madison’s annoying twin brother. None of them would consider returning his attention without Madison’s permission. So far she hasn’t given it.

Secondly, their father has received orders to report for active duty with the Army Reserve and will be shipping out the same week fall classes begin at school. He will be able to celebrate their 18th birthday the week before he has to report for duty. He is already busy packing his gear for his fast approaching deployment. He will have only one full week to spend with his family and to set his personal affairs in order before shipping out to Afghanistan.

His military pay will not be enough to cover household expenses and the small supplement from the national pharmacy chain will still leave them in the red each month. Catherine has to take a full time night supervisory position at the hospital to make up for the difference. A night time position allows her to see the children off to school in the morning and be there when they return in the afternoon. The extra pay helps, but they need to hire a full time nanny to stay with the children at night while Catherine is at work.

Ben’s mother volunteers to come for a visit and help Catherine and the children while Ben is away on deployment. Grandmother Winston is a widowed woman in her sixties, but she is still in very good health. She is a good cook and loves the children. She can cook and do light general housekeeping in addition to babysitting the children at night. It is understood that Madison will assist her with the household chores and Michael will be responsible for his younger brother. Grandmother asks the children to call her Nana instead of Grandmother. She moves into Jerry’s room and he has to share a room and bed with Michael.

Their father hadn’t been gone a week before Jerry begins wetting the bed. Jerry and Michael share a queen-size bed. When Jerry wets the bed during the night, there is such a large puddle you can’t tell who actually wet the bed, or if perhaps both wet the bed. Michael denies it was him and Jerry is such a sound sleeper he doesn’t know for sure if it was him or his big brother.

Catherine buys a water repellent mattress cover and asks Nana to make sure Jerry goes to the bathroom before going to sleep. She also suggests Nana wake him up during the night to empty his bladder again. Catherine also suggests that she do the same for Michael just to be on the safe side. Both boys are extremely heavy sleepers and Nana wonders how she will ever be able to get them to and from the bathroom.

That first night Nana manages to walk an extremely sleepy Jerry to the bathroom and really struggles to hold him up while he relieves his bladder. He is so out of it he doesn’t even wakeup during the process. He ends up pissing all over the toilet and floor. Nana cleans the mess, and then she goes to get Michael. He is too big and heavy to lift, so she reluctantly wakes up Madison and asks her to assist with the task. Michael doesn’t sleep in a shirt, only boxer short so there is nothing but bare skin from the waist up; no clothing to grip to steady him. All goes well until a very sleepy Michael also begins missing the target.

“Madison…grab his little wee-wee and direct the flow into the toilet,” Nana urges.

Madison glances up at Nana with a shocked expression and says, “Yuk….I’m not going to touch that thing; and it’s not all that little.”

“Damn it…just do it”, Nana shouts in an abrupt agitated tone of voice. “Just take it and point it so it goes in the toilet and not all over the floor.”

Nana’s abruptness startles Madison so she grudgingly takes his penis between her thumb and index and directs the flow into the toilet bowl. Madison refuses to look at her brother’s penis while she assists him in relieving his extremely full bladder. She is so embarrassed and feels like she is going to be sick, but she does as her Nana has ordered. After they tuck Michael back in his bed and clean the mess he made in the bathroom, Nana escorts Madison back to her bed. Madison is very quiet because her feels are hurt and Nana feels dreadful about being so brusque with Madison.

“Honey…I’m sorry for snapping at you like that, but we needed to act quickly before we had a bigger mess on our hands.” Nana tucks Madison in her bed then sits on the edge.

She pats her granddaughter on the leg and says, “I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you and I were born female. And you will soon find, as I did, that the better part of your life will be spent cleaning up after men.”


“That’s just the way it is, Sweetheart. I know you found it uncomfortable to touch your brother’s thing, but you will have to just get use to touching those things. It’s something that you will be called upon to do more and more as you grow older.”


Nana chuckles and says, “I use to ask myself that same question when I was younger, but believe me; when you get older it won’t seem as unpleasant as it did tonight.”

“What do you mean, Nana?”

Nana knows she has to be careful how she answers the question. She doesn’t want to go into the ‘birds and bees’ discussion, so she decides to approach it from the motherhood point of view.

“Someday, Honey….uh…you may be a young mother and maybe have a couple boys like your two brothers. You will find that it takes a lot of patience to raise boys. For one thing, you will be constantly picking up after them. You will be washing their little wee-wee, their little balls and their nasty stinky little butts. Boys just require more care than girls.”


“I’m not sure I have a satisfactory answer for you, but I can assure you that somewhere down the road there are some rewards for doing all that.”

“What kind of rewards?”

Nana laughs and says, “You are too young to learn about stuff like that right now, but I can tell you for sure a man’s brain is in his penis and if you control his penis, you control the man.”

“What do you mean….control the man?”

“Honey….let’s save that discussion for when you are a bit older. Right now you need to get back to sleep because in a couple of hours it will be time to get up and go to school.”

Nana turns out the light and trudges back to her room. Madison tosses and turns trying to make sense of what her grandmother had just told her about men and what is expected of a woman. Nana seems to have generated more questions than answers.

Morning comes entirely too soon to suit Madison. When she goes down to breakfast, she is still embarrassed from having to touch her two brothers in their private area. Michael and Jerry both seem oblivious to the fact they were escorted to the bathroom during the middle of the night. Catherine arrives home from work just as everybody is trying to get ready for school and Nana is busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. The place is in a general turmoil. Eventually everything falls routinely into the usual daily schedule.

Michael and Madison arrive at school just as the bell is ringing for them to report to home room for roll call. Michael joins a couple of his friends and they head off for their classes. Madison spots Becky and Rena down the hall at their lockers and shouts for them to meet in the cafeteria at noontime. Becky gives her the thumbs up and both rush off to class. Catherine eats a light breakfast then takes her much needed shower and goes to bed. Nana does some routine housework and then watches her favorite soap opera before lying down for a brief nap.

When the lunch bell finally rings, Madison rushes to the cafeteria to find her friends. She is bursting with excitement. She can’t wait to discuss what she learned from her Nana with Becky, Susanne, Rena and Sally. She enthusiastically relates the events of the preceding night.

Madison leans in close to her friends and whispers, “My Nana told me that boys have their brains in their dicks and they think with their dicks most of the time. And she said that we can control boys by simply controlling their dicks.”

Becky has a puzzled expression on her face and asks, “What did she mean by that?”

“She also said that girls will always be tasked with taking care of boys because they can’t take care of themselves.” Madison confidently says before adding. “And we will be handling dicks, and balls, and washing dirty butts the rest of our lives.”

Madison is in such a rush to tell what she learned from Nana, she begins to get ahead of herself and leave out important information. The girls are not following her and become confused.

“Madison….slow down; you aren’t really making any sense. Why would your Nana tell you that?” Rena asks.

“What brought that subject up?” Susanne asks. “Why would your Nana be talking to you about a boy’s private parts anyway?”

Madison takes a deep breath; looks around to make sure no unwelcomed ears are close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“It started as an apology from her for shouting at me when I hesitated to touch my brother’s dick. Nana caught me off guard when she shouted for me to grab it.”

“Wait just a minute.” Sally interrupts, “Are you telling us that your Grandmother told you to grab your brother’s cock and she got mad and shouted at you when you didn’t want to grab it?”

“No…No…it really wasn’t like that…I mean it was, but there is more to it than that. I need to start over, because I am getting confused and I know I am confusing all of you.”

“Duh!” Rena chimes in, “So far it sounds like either a prank story, or a weird dream you had.”

Madison motions for them to huddle nearer to each other so no one can hear what she is about to disclose. “Listen everything I am about to tell you is true and each of you have to promise on your mother’s grave that you will never tell another living soul.”

Madison looks around the table getting the assurance from each of her four friends. They all nod their pledge to keep the secret. Madison tells them about her Dad leaving on deployment, their Grandmother coming to live with them and Michael and Jerry having to share a queen size bed in the same bedroom. She goes on to say that Jerry started bed-wetting because of the stress created by his Dad’s deployment. She explains how she and Nana have to wake him up in the middle of the night and take him to the bathroom and wait for him to pee.

“Why did Nana want you to touch Jerry’s cock?” They ask in unison.

“No…not Jerry’s dick, or cock; she shouted for me to grab Michael’s cock before he pissed all over the bathroom floor.”

Madison’s astonished friends hit her with a series of questions in rapid succession.

“Oh my God; you got touch Michael’s cock?” Becky says.

“What did it feel like?” Susanne asks.

“How big is it?” Sally asks.

“Well…I wouldn’t mind touching Michael’s cock. I think he is cute,” Rena comments.

Everyone looks at Rena with an incredulous expression.

“Well…I wouldn’t. I know he is Madison’s brother, but I think he is kind of sexy,” Rena adds.

“Hello! The key word is that’s my brother you are talking about, Rena!”

“Okay…okay, I’m sorry I said anything. I’m just saying that I noticed him gawking at me in my bikini all summer and I would like to at least get a chance to check out his assets.”

Their conversation is abruptly interrupted when the school bell rings signaling the end of the lunch period. The girls gather their notebooks and personal things and then head off to their afternoon classes. The topic of their lunchroom chitchat is tabled until they can all gather in quieter place more suitable for their discussion.

After the second night of getting the boys up in the middle of the night to empty their bladder, Madison and Nana have developed a routine. They take each brother one at a time to the bathroom, starting with Jerry first. Madison takes one arm and Nana takes the other arm as they slowly maneuver him to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom Nana slides her arms under Jerry’s armpits clasping him tightly to her upper body while locking her hands across his upper chest. Madison then kneels beside him, pulls his boxer shorts down, grasps his penis in her hand, and directs his flow into the toilet. Both brothers sleep in boxer shorts. The same process is followed with Michael.

Madison is so sleepy and disinterested; she dozes off and accidentally allows Jerry to miss the target again. Nana has to nudge her with her foot to keep her awake and alert.

“Madison…Honey, I can’t see what’s going on down there because of the position I have be in to hold your brothers steady. That’s why it is so important you stay awake and pay attention to where you are directing their flow. I don’t know that they are missing the toilet until I feel the splatter of their urine on my feet.”

Madison peers up through sleepy eyes and sees that Nana’s view is indeed blocked by her brother’s limp body. She redirects her brother’s flow and says, “Sorry, Nana…I will be more careful from now on.”

When they return Jerry to his bed, Nana is exhausted from holding his dead weight. He slips from her grasp and bounces when he hit the bed. It jars Michael out of his deep sleep, but does not wake him completely. Madison and Nana wrestle him out of bed and slow walk him through the same routine. Nana holds him in position while Madison pulls his boxer shorts down and takes his penis in her small hand; carefully directs his flow in the proper direction.

She remembers what Nana said about not being able to see down there and decides to check something out. While holding her brother’s penis in her right hand, she brings her left hand up and gently fondles his balls. Michael is half asleep and half awake. He is vaguely aware of a slight tingling in his crotch. His initial impression is he is dreaming he is in the bathroom taking a piss. He carefully squints through one eye and can’t believe he sees his sister playing with his balls. He suddenly realizes he is not dreaming; his sister really is playing with his balls. He closes his eyes tightly, takes a slow breath as his cock begins to grow and harden into its full five and a half inches.

Madison feels the change in his cock and panics, pulling her hand away. Michael’s hard cock points straight up into the air spraying piss like a broken water main. She quickly recovers and grabs his cock, redirecting the flow back into the toilet.

Nana becomes aware of the errant flow and screams, “Madison…what the hell? Did you fall asleep again?”

“Yes, Nana…I am sorry. It won’t happen again,” she embarrassingly answers.

They haul a supposedly sleeping Michael back to his bed before returning to the bathroom to clean up the mess. Nana and Madison go back to bed and a wide awake Michael quietly masturbates while thinking about his sister’s hand on his cock. He has fantasized many nights about touching Madison’s tits and licking her pussy, but has never given much thought to her touching him. At breakfast Madison blushes each time she looks at her brother and thinks back to the bathroom fiasco. Michael acts as if he is unaware of the event. Madison is relieved that he did not wake up and discover her holding his cock.

The school cafeteria is buzzing with the usual chatter as Madison gathers with her four best friends at their usual table. Her friends can see she is busting with excitement and her face is a crimson red.

“What are you so elated about?” Becky inquires.

Madison motions them in close and looks around in all directions to make sure no one is within ear shot of what she is about to disclose.

“Last night I touched Michael’s….you know…private stuff.”

The girls look at her blankly and Sally says, “So….you’ve been touching his private stuff for a couple of nights now. What’s so different about touching it last night?”

She tells them about her Nana saying she could not see what was going on down there because of the way she had to steady the boys; her view is completely blocked.

“Nana has to hold my brothers steady while I direct their flow, and last night she told me her view is totally blocked because of the way she has to hold them. Well…it started me to really thinking. If she can’t see what I am doing…and my brothers are asleep; why not explore a little bit and get the answers to some of the questions you have been asking me about my brother’s private parts.”

“Oh, my God…what did you do?” Rena asks.

“Don’t keep us in suspense,” Susanne adds.

Madison looks around the lunchroom again, and then says, “I was holding Michael’s cock in my right hand, directing his flow into the toilet, and I looked up to see if Nana really couldn’t see what’s going on…and I suddenly got brave.”

“Oh my, God…what did you do?” Becky asks.

“I took my left hand and started squeezing and fondling his balls.”

“You didn’t,” Becky gasps.

Madison smugly shakes her head yes.

“What did they feel like?” Rena asks.

“Do they have hair on them?” Susanne asks.

“How long is his cock?” Sally wants to know.

The girls pepper Madison with a half dozen questions; one right after another. The questions come so fast and furious, she can’t possibly answer them all and for some of them she has no answer to give. She suggests they give her a list of questions and she will try to get the answer over the next couple of nights. The school bell rings signaling the end of the lunch period. The girls gather their notebooks and personal things and then head off to their afternoon classes; each girl promising to get their list of question to Madison before the end of the day.

Michael still can’t believe he wasn’t dreaming that his sister had really been squeezing his balls the night before. He know that his Nana gets him up every night and takes him to the bathroom and he is vaguely aware that his sister Madison often helps her lift him. He is always so sleepy and groggy at the time nothing is ever clear about what takes place. He decides to set his alarm so he will be awake the next night they take him to the bathroom.

Michael’s cell phone alarm goes off at 2 A.M. and he quickly turns it off and stows it under his pillow. Around two-thirty his Nana and his sister enter his room and struggle with Jerry’s limp body. Michael pays close attention to how Jerry’s body reacts to being awaken in the middle of the night. He wants to mimic Jerry’s action so they will believe he is truly asleep.

After returning Jerry to the bed, they maneuver Michael to the bathroom. Nana holds him upright over the toilet and Madison proceeded to fish his cock out of his boxer shorts. As soon as her hand touches his cock it starts to respond. He tries to concentrate on something else to keep it from growing into a full erection. He starts counting backward from one hundred. It works; he is only semi-erect.

His sister directs his stream toward the toilet and begins studying different things about his cock to answer some of her girlfriend’s questions. Once Michael empties his bladder, Madison leans forward; checks to make sure Nana can’t see her and quickly puts her lips around the head of Michael’s cock. The bitterness causes her to pull away quickly exhibiting a sour expression. She feels his cock start to grow in her hand and shoves it back inside his boxer shorts. When she returns to her room she jots down a few quick notes to use when she reports back to her friends. Michael quietly masturbates while thinking about how his sister’s lips felt wrapped around his cock.

It took Madison the whole week-end to gather the answers to the questions submitted by her curious girlfriends on Friday. Monday couldn’t come soon enough for her, or Becky, Susanne, Rena and Sally. They are all bursting with excitement when the noon bell finally rings to signal the start of the lunch period. They all gather at their favorite cafeteria table for Madison’s week-end report. She takes out her notes and studies them a minute before proceeding.

“Ok…the number one question is one you all submitted.” She looks around the table and observes the anticipation in their faces. “Every single one of you wanted to know how big Michael’s cock is.”

Madison looks at her notes again. She is enjoying teasing her friends by dragging it out.

Rena motions with her hand for Madison to continue and says, “And?”

“I wasn’t able to put a tape measure to it, but I would guess it is about five inches; give or take a half inch.”

“Is that large?” Susanne asks.

“I don’t know. It’s the first one I have seen outside a few pictures in magazines and I don’t have anything to compare it with,” Madison answers.

Everyone thinks about that for a minute then urged her to go on with her report.

“I am going to go down the list quickly and I want you to hold any discussion until after I have answered them all,” Madison says while looking around the table for agreement.

“Okay…Sally wanted to know if he had hair on his balls and what do his balls feel like? The answer is yes, he does have hairy balls and they feel spongy when I squeeze them. Rena wanted to know what his cock smells like. It smells just like the soap he used when he took his nightly shower. Susanne wanted to know if I could get his balls in my mouth and what did they taste like? I wasn’t able to try to put them in my mouth because I was afraid my Nana would see me try. I did get to lick them and they tasted kind of salty. And lastly, Becky wanted me to put his cock in my mouth and see what it tastes like and she wanted me to roll it around on my tongue to see how that felt.”

Madison started shaking her head and says, “That wasn’t a pleasant experience. First of all it had a very bitter and salty taste, so I pulled it out of my mouth before I had a chance to roll it around on my tongue.”

“Did you put it in your mouth before or after he pissed?” Sally asks.

“It was after he pissed. Why?”

“You should have done it before he pissed. That bitter taste may be the piss,” Sally says before continuing. “You need to try it again tonight before he pisses and see if the taste is different.”

“If I put him in my mouth before he pisses, his cock gets hard and is hard to direct down into the toilet. Besides…I don’t really have time to do all the things you are asking me to do. I have to do them quickly so my Nana doesn’t see me. My brothers are heavy; especially Michael and my Nana tires easily. I am afraid she will get weak and accidentally drop him.”

“Why don’t you set your alarm and go into Michael’s room about thirty minutes before Nana comes to wake them up. He will be in a deeper sleep and you can try all kinds of things without worrying about Nana seeing you,” Becky suggests.

Madison thinks about it a minute then shakes her head and says, “Okay…I can probably do that…I have a lot of questions I want answered also. That will give me a chance to take my time and really explore.”

Madison doesn’t hear her alarm go off and is still soundly asleep when Nana comes to wake her up. Madison jumps out of bed and follows Nana to the boy’s room. She helps Nana struggle with Jerry to the bathroom and back. Nana tucks Jerry in his bed and then starts moving toward the door.

Madison touches Nana’s arm and says, “What about Michael? You forgot to take him to the bathroom.”

“Oh…your mother and I decided not to get Michael up in the middle of the night anymore. He is too big for us to handle and I don’t want to risk hurting my back trying to lift him.”

“What if he soils the bed again?” Madison asks.

“Well…we are not really sure he did wet the bed. And if he did, I think it may have been caused by his father’s deployment to the Middle East,” Nana says before adding, “If he does it again we can find another way to handle him. I am just not strong enough to lift him anymore.”

This sudden new decision by Nana kills Madison’s plan to explore her brother’s cock any further. Michael is also disappointed that Madison will no longer be touching his cock every night. Madison returns to her room and tries to think of another way to gather the information she and her friend seek about the male sex organ. Michael pulls his cock out through the slit in his boxer short and begins masturbating as he thinks about sister’s nightly touching.

It doesn’t take long before he is almost ready to blow his load. He stops and reaches to get a Kleenex from his nightstand, but hears his bedroom door start to slowly open. He lies very still and squints through one eye to see who is quietly entering his room. It’s his sister. His semi-erect cock is still out but he can’t risk moving to put it away. She slowly approaches his bed and softly calls his name. He doesn’t answer. She places her hand on his leg and shakes him while calling his name once again. Michael still pretends to be asleep.

Madison pulls the covers off of her brother and immediately notices his semi-hard cock poking out of his boxers. She leans forward and sniffs it. It smells like his bath soap. She wraps her hand around his cock and slowly strokes it up and down; feeling the veins and muscles just under the skin. It’s like nothing she has ever felt.

Her nipples get hard and her breathing becomes labored and rapid. She can’t believe she can actually take her time and truly experience what it’s like to play with a boy’s cock. She sees a shiny drop on the end of his cock and rubs her thumb over it; smearing over the head of his cock. It feels slippery. She brings her thumb to her nose and sniffs it. It has no smell. She licks the remainder off her thumb and it tastes salty.

Michael is getting close to blowing his wad. He can feel his orgasm building again. It is all he can do to refrain from crying out in pleasure. Madison leans in and licks more of the shiny stuff from the head of his cock. She likes the taste. She puts the head of his cock in her mouth and circles it with her tongue. She is surprised to find that the plumb shaped head is soft and spongy, but the rest of his cock is very hard. She continues to stroke and lick it and feels it start to pulsate and twitch. She doesn’t know why it is doing it, but Michael knows he is about to cum and can’t warn her without giving away he is awake.

Madison is startled when her mouth is suddenly flooded by his cum. She holds his cock in her mouth while she grabs a Kleenex from the nightstand. She removes her mouth from his cock and covers the head to capture the remaining flow. She tries not to swallow the fluids in her mouth. She holds it in her mouth while she cleans the rest of the mess up with several Kleenex. She covers Michael back up with the sheet and then rushes to her bathroom to spit it out. On the way she swishes the salty liquid around in her mouth feeling its texture and tasting its saltiness. She determines it doesn’t taste as gross as she first thought and decides instead to swallow. It feels nice going down her throat. She now has mixed feelings and thinks she needs to experience it again before making the final determination if she likes it or not. That’s something she will have to do on another night.

The next day Madison tells her friends about Nana’s decision to not continue taking Michael to the bathroom at night. They are all disappointed until she tells them about her adjustment to the situation and how it works out for the better. They all want to know how his cock feels in her mouth. Becky is especially interested in what Michael’s cum tasted like and how it felt in her mouth. Rena tells her next time she should take her clothes off and see how his naked body feels against hers.

Madison makes a face and says, “Uggg…no…He’s my brother. I can’t get into bed naked with him.”

They all look at one another and laugh.

Susanne places her hand on Madison’s arm and says, “You just sucked his cock and swallowed his cum; how in the hell can you balk at getting in bed with him with your clothes off? It sounds to me like someone is either a hypocrite or is in denial.”

“I don’t know,” Madison says, “What if he wakes up while I am in bed with him wearing no clothes? How could I possibly explain it?”

“I have an idea,” Becky interjects, “Invite me over for the week-end and I will take my clothes off and get in bed with him and see what I experience. If he wakes up you can pretend you had no knowledge of it.”

Madison thinks a minute and then says, “Ok…I will set it up for this coming Friday night.”

When Madison gets home from school that afternoon she finds Michael in his room busy at his computer. She lingers by his door for a moment, wanting to strike up a conversation but can’t think of anything to say without looking suspicious. She thinks back over the conversation with Becky about getting in bed with him with no clothes on. She moves on to her bedroom, closes the door and lies on her bed. She closes her eyes and thinks about how Michael’s cum had tasted in her mouth as she masturbates.

That same night after Madison helps Nana take Jerry to the bathroom; she returns to her room and waits ten minutes before returning to Michael’s bedroom. She had given it a lot of thought and has decided she wants to feel her naked body against his. She strips naked and slides quietly under the sheet with him. He has been thinking about the night before and how he had shot off in her mouth. He is already hard and almost has an orgasm the moment she slides her nude body across his. He can feel her hard nipples on his chest and her hot breath on his neck. He wants to put his arms around her and pull her tight against him, but that would tip her off he is awake.

Madison can feel his hard cock throbbing and twitching against her belly. She remembers the last time his cock reacted like that cum started spurting everywhere. She reaches down and gently caresses his cock in her hand. She rubs the head of his cock against her clit and lets out a low moan. Michael is sure she is going to put his cock in her pussy. She continues to rub it back and forth, back and forth against her clit, moaning and shivering. Michael can feel his orgasm bubbling forth and fights to keep it from exploding all over them. He wants this feeling to last forever. Madison can feel his cock throbbing faster and pulsating as it had the previous night. She scrambles down and thrusts his cock into her mouth and starts sucking and licking all around the head. She is soon rewarded with a blast of cum so powerful it goes straight to the back of her throat. It is followed by another blast and another blast. It is coming so fast she can barely swallow it all.

She sucks the rest of his cum from his cock and licks the whole area clean. She says to herself in a low whisper, “Oh my God, Michael…I love sucking you cock. I love swallowing your cum. I could do this every night for the rest of my life. I just wish there was a way I could let you suck my nipples and lick my pussy, but I just don’t know how to arrange it. I know this is wrong and we could get into a lot of trouble, but it feels so right.”

Michael is tempted to say something, but is afraid to open his mouth. He would have to tell her he has been awake the whole time. She may see that as a betrayal or as him taking unfair advantage of her. He loves his sister and doesn’t want to do anything that will hurt her. He decides to let things play out as they have. Maybe the right opening will occur so he can say something without destroying what they have at this moment. Madison slips her t-shirt and panties back on, then quietly sneaks back to her own bedroom.

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I love the taste of my Brother's Cum

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