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Not So Much Tongue

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Author: Eroticfishcake

Published: 09 March 2018

  • Font:

I studied my reflection in the mirror, twisted my tie around nervously and flipped down my collar to adjust the knot. "So tell me again why I'm putting on a suit just to meet your parents" I asked, knowing the answer already.

My girlfriend Sierra and I had been dating for about 6 months, and deep down I knew that I would have to meet her parents eventually. She talked so much about them that I felt as if I already knew them. Considering how often Sierra had her mother on the phone, I figured she had heard as much about me already as well. Now that the day had finally arrived to meet, I was shaking in my argyle socks.

"I told you Danny," Sierra replied, "They need to make everything into an event. It's really no big deal, just a nice dinner out . . . okay, a REALLY nice dinner out." Sierra smoothed her dazzling emerald dress and adjusted her thin shoulder straps as I admired her natural beauty.

"Dad caught wind of a restaurant opening downtown created by Plato McPherson, you know, the Food Channel star. I think it's inside one of those ritzy boutique hotels; it's kind of exciting actually. Now you just concentrate on being adorable and I'll handle the conversation. It's going to be fun!"

I had to admit I was looking forward to taking a trip into the city, even if it was in conjunction with a nerve wracking first-date of sorts. Sierra would most definitely handle the conversation; she had always impressed me with the way she could talk to anyone and dazzle them with her subtle charms.

She seemed to have a way of seeing people's true selves and was able to speak right to them, instead of knocking around on the surface like most of us do. She definitely seemed to know me in a way that no one ever did, and was able to sense things about me of which I wasn't even aware. Although she came from a wealthy family, Sierra was impressively down to earth and enjoyed the thrill of living life much more than the thrill of simply having money. For these reasons I was actually quite interested to meet the family where this fine sensibility of hers, (not to mention her stunning good looks), had been born.

Dressed to the nines, we drove to meet Sierra's parents at their prairie-style estate in the upper-east suburbs. The lawn was heavily manicured, like all the homes in the area, and the cobblestone drive came to a circle in front of their house.

When we first arrived her parents met us just outside. We exchanged elated hugs and handshakes, and eventually climbed into their spacious SUV for the long trip into the city. The conversation was excellent, the ride was extremely comfortable and I could tell immediately that we would be getting along quite well.

After much driving and inspiring conversation, we arrived at a swanky hotel surrounded by the hustle and bustle of downtown. Quickly however we were inversely surrounded by the tranquil setting crafted around the entrance to the upscale bistro.

It was easily my finest dining experience to date, and I was feeling a little out of my league at first. Sierra's parents were very charming however, and soon I was feeling quite comfortable as we were all having an enjoyable time getting further acquainted.

Sierra's father Nicolas, a highly sought after neurosurgeon, was an impressive man with wide shoulders and a broad smile. He looked the type that could be the most charming and approachable person in the room, and also the most feared.

His wife Rose was equally as stunning, dressed in elegance with just a hint of skin revealed. She wore a silver dress and subtle yet expensive looking jewelry. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke and listened, giving her an air of keen insight and mindful presence. She seemed a perfect match for Nicolas, and I was in awe just being around them.

Sierra, an almost mirror image of her voluptuous mother, always the enthusiastic and talkative girl, was the catalyst of conversation. Her thoughtful questions and prompts helped us all recount some of our finest anecdotes and experiences for one another. I was having a lot more fun than I ever thought I would.

Early on during the dinner, Sierra's father received an emergency call from his surgical ward and regrettably needed to rush home, leaving us with the choice to return with him or remain at the restaurant. The ladies decided they wanted to stay and enjoy the rest of the evening, proposing we hire a cab home later instead. Nicolas shook my hand and kissed the ladies cheeks before wishing us all an enjoyable evening and excusing himself to leave.

Sierra and her mother Rose were fantastic company, both were confident women with a passion for fine food and wine. Sierra was a clear contrast to her mother with her more exuberant and outgoing personality, while her captivating mother was more attentive and relaxed.

After an exquisite meal and many drinks and laughs, we all agreed that a stay at the modish hotel would be a vast improvement over spending an hour cramped in a taxi, given our pleasantly inebriated state. We split the cost of a room and made arrangements to rent a car in the morning. We also messaged Sierra's father about our change of plans.

I have to admit, it was a bit awkward at first, sharing a room with my girlfriend's mother hours after meeting, but she was very considerate and gave me plenty of space to get ready, as I did for them. Preparations were brief without any overnight bags, and we made good use of the hotel's fine soaps and toiletries to freshen up.

We had to sleep in our underthings, the girls in their slips and me in my boxer shorts, which was odd, but also slightly amusing in our off-balance state. It was certainly an unexpected detour on the road toward getting to know Sierra's parents, (one of them at least) as we padded around the room in our undergarments before settling in.

I felt an awkward tension as I climbed into bed with Rose's daughter, mentioning that perhaps I should call room service to bring up a cot or something instead. Sierra wouldn't hear of it however; we were all adults after all.

When it was time to climb into our respective cozy nests, I offered to sleep by the nightstand between the two beds, in case there was a call in the middle of the night. Once we turned out the lights and said goodnight my nerves began to slowly abate, as the three of us lay quietly in the dark.

After some time had passed, Sierra leaned into my ear and whispered how exciting it would be to get naked under the covers. Hmmm, that would be exciting, although potentially awkward if one of us had to suddenly get up in the night. I eventually eased my boxers down and pushed them off with my feet, feeling the lavish bedding up against my nakedness. Sierra covertly followed suit and then snuggled her bare warm breasts into my side for the night. Heaven.

It had been quiet for a long time and I was almost asleep when Sierra gently rolled to her right, taking most of the downy comforter with her. I suddenly found myself left in the moonlit room with just a thin sheet covering my totally naked body. Great.

Thankful the sheet hadn't disappeared as well, I closed my eyes again and drifted off. A short time later Sierra rolled back, but of course the comforter hadn't made the return trip.

I was about to reel it back in when Sierra put an arm over my chest and nuzzled into the nape of my neck, holding me in place. She sighed into my skin and started softly kissing my ear, which felt wonderful, but eventually caused the sheet above me to inflate into the unmistakable shape of a bulging cock! Shit.

I quietly lifted my head to peek around the bedside lamp toward Rose, and in the dim moonlight I could faintly see her facing in our direction with her eyes thankfully closed.

All I could do was lie back quietly while Sierra continued to softly kiss my neck and ear, steadily building my appetite instead of letting me sleep. She was delicately sliding her naked breasts along my arm as I felt her hand snake its way under the thin white sheet and down to my totally naked cock.

Mmm, yes! . . . wait, NO!

I glanced over at Sierra and could see she had her eyes directed toward her mother's bed as she mischievously rubbed along the top of my hardening cock under the silky sheets. It was extremely apparent what she was doing under there as the outline of her hand rubbed softly up and down my enlarged shaft. She was keeping her "undercover" movements to a minimum, but with the moonlit sheet outlining every bump, I felt as if I was lying naked in front of her own mother.

The dead silence was unnerving as stroke after stroke of my swollen cock was turning me on more and more. It was impossible to tell if Rose was sound asleep yet or not, and I found myself willing her into a deep coma so I could enjoy this. I was trying to push back the image of Rose's piercing eyes snapping open suddenly and catching her daughter blatantly rubbing on my ridiculously hard cock in the next bed.

What the hell was this girl thinking? How far did she think this could possibly go?

A bit farther I guess as she wrapped her sexy fingers completely around my solid erection, encasing it in the warmth of her soft grip. It felt sexy and delicious for the briefest of moments. Then, to my utter dismay, she hoisted my rigid mast straight toward the ceiling, the sheet over us stretched out like a sail in the night! She couldn't have been any more obvious as the thin sheet pulled tight across the head of my cock, tenting over my body! Come on!

She started leisurely pulling the skin of my shaft up and down beneath the shroud of linen. OH MY GOD! This was insane! Her mother was right there in the room while my cock pressed obscenely upwards into the sheets! The outline of Sierra's hand was only visible when she reached the engorged head to give it a rub, then quickly descended down into the erotic big top once again.

I suddenly pictured Rose springing from her bed in a flash, demanding that I leave their room immediately . . . but for now there was just the screaming silence.

In fact, the only audible signs of life in that room were the whispers of sliding sheets and soft breathing. Dim light peeked through the blinds and subtle moon rays shone upon the less than subtle movements beneath the obscene white canopy erected over my abdomen.

I looked at Sierra again, and she glanced up at me and winked with a devilish grin. What the hell?? Was she simply pushing me past the limits of exhilaration and embarrassment for fun? I could only guess, but not knowing for sure whether Rose was asleep or not had me going insane!

Then Sierra picked up the pace of her masturbating me, from a slow seductive tease to a more deliberate sexy stroking. My GOD, what the hell was going on? It was one thing to agree to sneak my shorts down with her mother in the adjoining bed, but this situation was careening quickly out of control!

Sierra's hand moved up and down my shaft like a sexy piston . . . up and down . . . bumping the sheet every so often when she would reach the top . . . up and down. Otherwise all that was visible was a stark linen teepee and its indecent support pole framed in the dark.

My eyes were becoming used to the light, and once I realized how well I could see Sierra's blatant fondling, I knew how well Rose would be able to see as well, if she were simply to peek her eyes open!

My mind was torn, because my hard cock was singing with the pleasurable sensations it was receiving. Sierra's breasts cradled my arm in their bare-skinned valley, softly caressing me while she pumped my cock. I dared not utter a sound of pleasure, as I heard neither snoring nor deep breathing from Rose's bed, and the last I looked she had been facing in our direction.

My mind reeled as I thought about the reality of the situation. My impossibly hard cock was being stroked under the sheets by my girlfriend while her mother slept in the next bed! Rose's head was pointed directly at her daughter's naughty hand, pumping steadily on my throbbing erection just three feet away!! I was paralyzed. I could only hope for the sweet sounds of snoring to break the unnerving silence that hung in the air.

Instead, my heart jumped into my throat when suddenly the sheet, which up to that point had been thankfully hiding my hard-on from direct view, started to creep slowly toward Sierra's side of the bed!

"NO!! Please don't do this!" my thoughts screamed . . . She was doing it. Slowly as her right hand moved up and down on my hard cock, the soft sheet slid inch by inch across my naked body.

I glanced at Sierra and she was looking toward her mother again, biting her lower lip slightly and grasping more and more bunched up sheet into her free hand. Now she was really getting ballsy! And here I thought our relationship had been going so well. I could only assume that now she wanted me dead, or at least seriously injured!

Suddenly I felt the cool night air on my skin as the edge of the sheet reached my body, and a line of unending naked flesh began peeking out from underneath. What the hell was she doing? I mean, I get off on a little danger now and then, but this was insane!

All too soon there was even less of the sheet hiding my nudity . . . and a little more of my skin on display . . . and it was becoming very obvious to anyone who may have or may not have been sleeping just feet away, that I was completely naked in that bed.

She had to be sleeping, because there was zero chance Rose would have accepted any of this had she been awake. Not the Rose that I met. That Rose would have kicked me right in the balls and sent me packing.

I looked down again and . . . HOLY SHIT . . . just my cock and Sierra's mischievous hand were left covered by the edge of remaining sheet! My naked body was basically out in the open lying on the bed! Her hand continued strumming my cock like an instrument. The strokes were smooth and deliberate, and any hopes I had of softening back to my normal state without some kind of release were long gone.

Why was she doing this? Even if her mother was sound asleep, what was the end game? Would she just finish me off right here on the bed? Was she planning to do me in the same room as her own mother!?

Sierra's hand that had been gathering the sheet sat still for a few respite moments. Her other hand had settled back into a slow methodical rhythm, taking its sexy time moving from the base to the tip of my full mast. She squeezed me firmly, and then stroked me softly, driving me wild with passion and fright.

My god what anyone would think in this situation! I wanted to scream "What the fuck are you doing?? Your mother is lying right here and you are basically jerking me off in the nude right in front of her!"

Instead I lay there with my eyes mostly closed trying to feign oblivion while Sierra pulled the skin of my cock down tight, her fingers peeking out from under the edge of the sheet. She held it there like that, pulling back tightly while my engorged cockhead bulged under the last remnant of sheet.

The feel of the soft bedding on my tight cock skin was glorious, and I almost forgot where I was for second as every tingle from my sensitive head rippled quickly through my entire naked body.

The same naked body that was currently on display next to my girlfriend's sleeping mother.

The same naked body with an erect penis pointing at the ceiling, wearing nothing but the edge of a sheet and my girlfriend's seductive fingers. Fuck.

Then to my utter dismay, the corner of the sheet was gone in a flash, like the magic trick of the disappearing cock, except that it was still there, naked and throbbing in the cool air of the room. I breathed in quickly and my heart raced as my bare naked cock stood right out in the open in front of my girlfriend's sleeping mother! Sierra's hand was motionless at the base of my cock while the rest of my manhood stood there obscenely pulsing in the night.


I started to panic and my mind was reeling, "Are you insane? You just pull my cock out in the open while your mother's here!? What the hell are you thinking?"

I waited in the quiet stillness for a sudden movement from the other bed, but it never came. My cock twitched again with the skin pulled back and pulsed with my rapid heartbeat. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and I held in my breath while Sierra slowly tilted my stiff cock around in slow, agonizing circles. She waved it slowly like an Olympic flag, and then began her ascent to the top and down again.

OH GOD!! My body shivered as a jolt of pure electricity flowed through my limbs. Her expert manipulations were juicing my throbbing cock and making my head swim with desire. Then her pace quickened and she began rapidly stroking my cock up and down, twisting her hand slightly as she did. She expertly pumped my bare naked cock in the open air of the room, with her mother lying right in the next bed. I had to see. . .

I slowly turned my head to the left and terror instantly raced through my skin! Rose had her eyes wide open as she lay there, staring directly at my insanely hard cock! Her own daughter was pulling up and down on my aroused manhood while her mother watched! I was mortified!!

I looked down at myself and the scene was explicit. My rock hard penis was engorged and purple, swaying back and forth as Sierra's delicate hand worked the length of it like a woodwind. My heart was racing and I couldn't think, I could only flash my eyes from my cock to Rose's unwavering stare and back!

Sierra suddenly stopped, letting go of me completely and leaving my stiff rod to stand on its own in the open air like a soldier. Now her mother Rose was really getting an unobstructed view of my aroused and lewdly pulsing cock sticking out. Sierra placed her palm up against it again and slowly wrapped her fingers around its girth, one at a time, eventually holding it tight. It was the slowest and most sensual thing I had ever seen or felt!

I had to shake my brain to remind myself that my girlfriend's mother had just watched the whole thing! Watched as my bare cock was stroked and fondled by her own daughter!

The thought swept over me like a horny wicked ghost, and a soft moan escaped through my lips, "Ohhh." Rose looked me in the eye just then and the sound caught in my throat. I couldn't move, as I was frozen in terror and lust as my girlfriend's mother took her eyes off of my naked hard cock and looked right into my soul.

"Mmmm" she said softly.

HO. LY. SHIT!! She was so into this! Rose was seriously getting off watching her little girl work over my cock in the dim light of that hotel room! My body responded and I looked right into Rose's blue eyes in the darkness.

Sierra looked back and forth between us, leaned up and slowly spoke into my ear, "Doesn't Danny's hard cock look AMAZING Mother?"

She kept pumping my shaft deliberately and erotically, talking into my ear. "Mmmm, Danny's cock is so hard right now, I just can't stop stroking it." She enunciated these words into my ear, making my head spin with desire. Her dirty talk seemed to be easing the insanely awkward tension a bit.

"I wonder what such a BIG, NAKED cock could be doing out in the open like this, right in our room," she continued, twisting her hand around the shaft as she stroked it.

"I bet . . . if I were to let go of this big fat cock . . . right here in the dark," she said, now enunciating her words with deliberate strokes, "it would FIND its way RIGHT into your DRIPPING . . . WET . . . PUSSY . . . MOTHER."

Oh my fucking god!

Rose was staring at me hard. The look in her eyes was pushing even more blood from my brain and down into my purple moonlit cockhead. I could faintly see her bed covers subtly shifting around by her knees, and I knew that Sierra's mother Rose was secretly touching herself next to us in the dark! Man.

Sierra got up on one elbow and looked her mother right in the eye, her hard nipples dragging across my arm as she rose. "I'll try to keep my hands all over this horny cock for you Mom, so you won't have to worry about it. It's looking pretty turned on though," she said, spreading my glistening precum luxuriously around the tip, "it may need a bit of EXTRA restraint." With that she moved her head and lowered her mouth down over my cock and swallowed me in, all the way down to the root in one continuous motion!

"OH MY GOD!" I let escape again. It felt so good . . . and so wrong . . . and so damn good!

The warm moistness of Sierra's mouth was like a liquid envelope of ambrosia encasing my bullet hard cock for a moment. The tension and pleasure mix was intoxicating and I found myself getting lightheaded.

Her mouth was gone as quickly as it had descended, leaving my cock cool and shimmering in the faint light of the room. Sierra lay back down next to me, still gripping my wet shaft and breathing a bit harder.

"My GOD, just LOOK at this dripping hard cock," she breathed into my ear, "I bet you would like to stick this thing all kinds of wet and sloppy places, wouldn't you . . . Mother?"

This double entendre really had me going. Who was she tempting here?

"Mmm, take it from me Mommy, I've already had this hard sexy cock sliding up between my legs, pushing its way deep into my bare, naked pussy," she crooned across the bed toward her mother, "and when this shaft finally hits bottom . . .Unh, I can feel it in the back of my throat!" With that she pulled my cock skin down tight again, showing off my shiny wet pole, proud and unbending in the dim light. I could only imagine she was trying to get her own mother to picture herself impaled on my shaft . . . holy fuck!

Rose shifted her weight in the other bed and casually eased the comforter away from her body, revealing the white mounds of knees and hips under the linen sheets. Holy shit, Sierra's mother was totally getting turned on watching her daughter with my hard cock in her hand! This was wicked!

Sierra began her steady cock-stroking again, dropping her hand down to hold my balls, rolling them gently across her little fingers. She reached down and dragged a finger from my puckered hole all the way to the top of my cock, swirling it around the head a couple of times. Rose's eyes were glued to her hot movements.

Sierra suddenly snapped her gaze to her mother, "My GOD Mom! What the hell do you think you are DOING? Are you looking at my boyfriend's naked cock?!?" she suddenly asked incredulously. This girl was a tease for sure. "Jesus, you're staring right at it! Haven't you ever seen a juicy hard cock like Danny's before? You know this one is all mine, right?" and with that she sat up and rubbed my meat back and forth across her gorgeous cheek, slapping it against her face a few times. Then she opened her mouth wide and engulfed my cock to hilt once more, bobbing up and down, dragging her tongue along the shaft the whole time. This was driving me insane!

She came up for air again and looked over at Rose, "I bet you're touching your pussy right now watching me suck Danny's cock over here, aren't you Mother?" she asked, rubbing the saliva around my knob, sending waves of pleasure through my body. "Look at you! Just staring while your own daughter deep throats a man's stiff cock! I think you're actually getting off watching me lick my tongue all over it!"

And with that she started bathing my shaft like a mother cat cleaning a kitten. She wrapped her tongue around the head and moaned like a teasing child with a tasty lollipop. "Mmmm, this hard cock tastes GOOD Mother." She continued to run her tongue up and down my enlarged shaft, looking at her mother all the while. Then she stopped again.

"How can you just lie there and watch your own daughter lick a hard cock like that?" she teased, lying back down and resuming her slippery stroking, "Why don't you just show us what you're doing under there anyway?"

Rose, unflinching to the teasing words of her daughter, slowly pulled back the sheet to reveal her naked legs and slip-encased torso. She was lying on her right arm in a semi-fetal position toward us, with her hand under her slip and firmly hidden between her legs. Her gaze on my cock was unmoving, her breathing thick and heavy.

A smile crept across Sierra's face, and she picked up her pace of my masturbation again. The slick sounds of my saliva-covered shaft rose above the ambient throb of heavy breathing in the room.

"I KNEW it Mother," she declared in a victorious tone, "I KNEW you would like to watch me stroke and suck on a big cock over here while you pinched your little clitty!

"I mean really Mother, have you ever seen a more stunning bare naked cock?" She held my wet shaft out on display for a moment. "Look at how hard it is, how long it is, how dripping wet it is. . ." She resumed stroking me gently and rubbing her slippery saliva around my cockhead.

She kept eye contact with Rose as she released my cock and left it throbbing in the breeze. She moved her hand up to pinch and pull on one of her erect nipples, holding it up for her mother to see. "Look at these sexy naked tits mother," she said shaking it for her, "they are simply dying to be rubbed and sucked and fucked! I am soaking wet over here just thinking about my mother staring at my naked boyfriend and his huge cock."

On these words she let go of her hard nipple, letting her fleshy breast bounce back into place. Her hand shot right down to her pussy and dove finger first into the deep end.

"OH my GOD," she hissed as she pumped a few fast strokes in and out of her moist pussy. Then she quickly pulled her hand out and wrapped her wet fingers back around my aching cock.

"I am so insanely wet and horny over here Mother, my poor little pussy is gushing! And now look, I'm getting my slippery juice all over this naked cock, are you seeing this?" she said, smearing and rubbing her wet fingers along my shaft and balls. The feel of this new lubrication was over the top, and my cock started twitching involuntarily.

"Jesus, look at how horny he's getting," she said holding my stiff member straight up and stroking it a few vigorous times. Rose and I were both silent, perhaps for different reasons, perhaps not. Sierra was taking this opportunity to fill the silence with her depraved talk.

"His cock is actually beating in my hand!" she continued, "He probably gets off knowing his girlfriend's perverted mother can't take her eyes off of his throbbing cock and balls. How sick is that?

"I bet he's even thinking he would like to see your naked tits," she said and then looked at me, "aren't you?" I didn't know what to say, but of course I was. This was getting crazy and I was just going with it. I nodded. She stroked my cock in rhythm again, and then stopped. . .

"OH MY GOD!" she said loudly to me at once, "You want to look at my mom's naked tits, don't you?? You want to see her fat nipples and her pale white, naughty naked tits! You sick pervert!!" she continued stroking my cock.

"Go ahead mom," she said like a disgusted teenager, "show him your fat tits. You know you want to, with your wet pussy, watching your own daughter suck a fat cock. Let's see those naked tits!"

Rose straightened her legs and with both hands pulled the hem of her slip up, right past her hairy cleft and her belly button. Before she could get any further Sierra announced, "Holy SHIT Mom, where did your panties go?? Do you mean to tell me you've been lying there touching your NAKED PUSSY with my boyfriend in the next bed? No wonder he's got a rock hard cock over here!" She looked at me, "Don't stare at it you pervert, that's my mother!" This was twisted!

Rose continued to lift the slip up over her breasts while she lay semi-upright on the bed. She hesitated for a split second and then quickly pulled up on her slip and let her bare breasts spill out into the night. They were fantastically round and firm, and I could see in an instant where Sierra got her body. Rose's nipples were tied up in tight little knots, and her movements caused them to sway like buoys on a gentle mammary sea. Sierra and I both stared, hypnotized by the magnificent view, while Rose lifted her slip over her head and off.

"Oh my fucking GOD" Sierra broke the silence again, "are you really showing your naked tits to my boyfriend Mom? Did you seriously just pull out your giant bare boobs for him to ogle at? Can't you see he is getting a massive hard-on over here from watching your naughty tits shake around?" Sierra was really working my cock while she carried on with her dirty talk, "What the hell Mother, your nipples are even hard! Are you getting turned on by my boyfriend with his hard cock hanging out or something? Unbelievable!"

Rose placed her slip on the bed next to her and lay back, a bit on her side, gazing once again at my naked manhood being pumped in the night. Sierra of course wouldn't stop talking about the situation, which was actually helping.

"Mom, you do realize that you are absolutely naked in here with me and my boyfriend, don't you? Your pussy is totally out and we can see your huge tits and hard nipples from here. Look at this!" she said pointing my cock in her mother's direction, "Danny's hard cock is so close to your naked pussy right now! What if he trips and accidentally gets his cock stuck in there? He'd actually have to fuck your wet pussy a little just to get it out of there!"

Oh my god.

Sierra draped a leg over mine and nuzzled in under my arm, staring at her nude mother and pulling on my cock with a good pace now. I reached around her neck and pinched a hard nipple in my fingers, pushing into her soft breast and then pulling straight up. Sierra squeaked and opened her legs wide next to me.

"Oh Mom," Sierra cooed, "Danny is pinching my nipples over here and I can feel it down between my legs!" She left my cock bobbing in the air again and raced her hand to her excited sex pot, furiously rubbing her clit. "Oh god I can't stand it!! Your naked tits and Danny's fat cock are making my pussy go crazy! NNHHHH . . .

"Danny! Stand up before I end up pushing myself onto your hard cock in front my mother," she surprised me with this one, "stand up and get a good look at those giant tits." She started pushing me away.

I was ready for anything now, so I stood up and stepped next to Rose who was lying mostly on her back in the dark and looking into my eyes. She was gorgeous, and naked, and I was taking her all in. Standing there in the nude with a raging hard-on only added fuel the taboo fire.

Sierra moved to the edge of our bed behind me to get a better look, "Wow Mom, Danny's hard cock is so close to you right now!" She put her hand over her mouth, "His hot cum could just shoot right out of there all over your face. Look at it!"

Rose was already looking at my cock and she instinctively grabbed her own nipple with her left hand and pulled on it while I watched in awe.

Sierra spoke again in a loud whisper, "Danny . . . I think you should know that my mother's in here with us, naked as the day she was born." I could hear Sierra quickly rubbing her wet pussy behind me.

"Mmmmm, do you remember the day I was born Mommy? Did you ever think you would find yourself watching your little girl with a stiff cock in her mouth? Rubbing her wet juice all over it? Did you ever think her hard naked boyfriend would ever reach out and squeeze one of your sexy tits in a dark hotel room?"

I took my cue and gently reached for one of Rose's succulent breasts, caressing the soft skin, pinching a stiff nipple in my fingers and rolling it around with my thumb. Her breast was velvety and firm, the feeling of her delicate skin was causing my blistering erection to ooze precum onto her exposed chest. I pinched her nipple a bit harder.

"Oh god!" cried Rose. Her free hand quickly inched its way down into her honeypot. My grip on her tight nipple was tender but firm and I shook her breast a bit and pulled up. It was heavy and pliable, and I loved how rubbery her nipple felt in my fingers.

I looked at Rose and she softly bit her lower lip and looked up at me. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it along the underside of Rose's fleshy tit. It was as soft as a silk robe, and my cockhead left a trail of moisture across the pale underside of her breast. It was so hot. I drew my cock back and forth, feeling the forbidden sensation of private skin on skin.

"Oh god that's HOT Danny. I just want to lick my tongue up your cock all the way to my mother's sexy nipple," Sierra purred.

Rose's left hand released her own nipple and touched the back of my hand that was holding my cock, pushing it harder against her fleshy tit. Her breast billowed around it and I thrust forward against it.

"MOTHER!" cried Sierra, "Are you touching Danny's privates? How would you like it if he reached down and touched YOU, right on your dripping pussy?"

I slipped my hand out from under Rose's and left her pressing my lightly thrusting cock against her breast. My hand slid down her shaking tummy to meet her other hand at her open entrance.

"Daniel!" Sierra snapped, "You're not seriously about to touch my naked mother between the legs are you?" She chimed in again. "Careful, that's right where my father likes to push his hard cock in and out of her."

I met Rose's wet fingers at the entrance to her pussy and gently moved them aside as I traced small circles around her slippery clit. Her hips moved in time with me and her legs spread open a little. She put her wet hand over mine, and I pushed the edge of my finger into her opening and quickly pumped it in and out with a shallow flutter, her hips moving in response. Her folds were soft and wet, and my finger entered her easily.

"Dad has a nice looking cock too, doesn't he mom? Do you think he would mind if my boyfriend rubbed his hard penis against your naked tits? Do you think maybe he would like a turn watching his daughter sucking a hard cock?" This was getting insane; okay we passed insane a few towns ago.

I looked back and saw Sierra with a smile plastered on her face and her fingers deep inside her own wet sex. "That's it Mom," she softly purred, "you just make believe it's Dad who has his fingers dipping into your wet pussy down there, making you so horny, instead of your daughter's naked boyfriend with the young stud cock to suck!"

Just then Rose grabbed firmly onto my shaft. It was spectacular as her little fingers wrapped around it and pulled quickly on the tight skin. She pumped me with her fist, bumping along her cushiony breast as she did.

She groaned softly and leaned toward me, quickly engulfing the head of my cock into her soft open mouth, bobbing her head up and down on me with obvious lust. I ran my fingers into her hair as I watched the unbelievable sight. Ecstasy washed over me as her experienced mouth nursed my aching cock like an angel. I pushed my fingers deep into her open pussy and started pumping her at the same pace she was setting on me with her mouth.

"Oh my god that's HOT," Sierra cried and jumped up next to me with her head on my shoulder to get a better look. She wrapped her arms around my chest with her hard nipples against the bare skin of my back. I could smell her sweet aroma coming from her fingers as she rubbed my chest.

"Look at her Danny," she said into my ear, "Look at my mom . . . she's totally sucking your cock!" Then she whispered, "I think you may have hit it off with her."

I watched in awe as Rose took my hard cock in her soft mouth, and my legs started to shake at the obscene view. Rose's mouth was taking as much of my length as she could, and the soft sucking sounds she was making rang like an erotic melody in my ears.

She held her head still for a moment while I gradually pushed and pulled my cock lightly across her sexy lips and tongue. I slowed my movements to savor the luscious feeling of my cock sliding inch by inch into, and out of, her delicious mouth.

Sierra slid down onto her knees and peeked around from behind my thigh, coming face to face with Rose and watching my cock sliding gently along her mother's sweet wet lips.

"My god Mom," Sierra softly gasped with wide open eyes, "Do you kiss Grandma with those lips?" She continued to watch, entranced for some time while Rose continued to nurse my swollen shaft.

"Here Mom, I know you didn't mean to suck my boyfriend's big slippery cock into your mouth, did you? Let me take this for you," Sierra pulled my cock from her mother's mouth and wrapped her own lips around it, sucking it in deep like she does so well.

I was still pumping Rose's damp pussy with my hand, and she lifted her knees and let them fall wide to either side. I loved the look of my hand pushing fingers in and out of Rose's wet slit, and Sierra was pushing me to the edge with her mouth.

Suddenly Sierra let my cock slip out and stood up with her hands on her hips.

"Jesus Mom, your legs are spread wide open! Aren't you afraid Danny might be getting the wrong idea here?" She watched as my fingers pumped in and out of Rose's sweet cavern.

"Danny, please get your hand out of my mother's pussy for god's sake! You seem to be forgetting this is my naked mother lying here with her legs spread open!"

I removed my dripping hand from Rose's bush, sliding my fingers across her bulbous clit on my way, and grabbed onto my throbbing cock again. The honey nectar from Rose's pussy covered my hand and now coated my cock completely as I tugged on it a little. Sierra watched this and sank back down to her knees again, grabbed my shaft from my hand and looked at her mother. "Look at this Mom! Your wet juice is all over Danny's naked cock! How the hell did that happen? He didn't fuck your wet pussy while I wasn't looking did he?"

Sierra looked up at me from the floor and in a mothering tone said, "Here baby, let me clean this off for you."

Rose put her hand back to her own pussy and briskly rubbed her clit while closely watching her daughter suck on my cock again. She stared hard as Sierra dropped down to lick deep beneath my balls, my wet pole waving in the air and my sack resting across Sierra's pretty face as she did. It was a hot sight, and I could hear Rose groan under her breath. Sierra looked her mother in the eye and held her gaze as she licked all around my balls.

She slowly slid her face up my shaft, dragging it along the entire length and watching Rose the whole way. Then she opened her mouth wide at the top and swallowed me slowly in, her eyes locked on her mother as my shaft gradually vanished completely from view, the disappearing cock trick now complete.

"Oh my GOD!" cried Rose suddenly and her hips started to buck. Her eyes rolled back as the first waves of an orgasm started to take over her beautifully naked body. Her hand was frantically rubbing her clit back and forth, up and down.

Sierra released my cock and leaned over to her mother, whispering in her ear, "Oh Mommy, I just tasted your sweet pussy all over Danny's sticky cock. Oh god, I sucked it right off of there. I imagined it was your tingly pussy in my mouth instead of a hot cock sliding down my throat."

That pushed Rose over the edge as she moaned loudly and tightened her legs around her hand. Her body convulsed and shook while Sierra stroked her mother's hair and pinched her taught nipple. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen or heard in my life!

Once Rose subsided from her peak of ecstasy, Sierra softly kissed her mom's forehead, gave her breast a firm squeeze and stood up next to me. She grabbed my wet cock and pumped it a couple vigorous times, letting off some of that orgasmic energy she just witnessed.

She slowly walked me by the cock to the end of Rose's bed as we gazed upon the divine nudity that lay before us.

"Look at that beautiful woman Dan," Sierra said stroking my erection and gazing at her mother, "Isn't my mom's pussy the loveliest thing you've ever seen?" I nodded. "Mom, I think you should know that my boyfriend is standing here naked and hard, staring right between your legs." She continued to stroke my cock at a casual pace. "He's really getting a good look at your naked pussy from here with your legs spread like that. I know that look on his face . . . it means he's thinking about sticking his tongue as far up your tasty pussy as he can get it, and I'm afraid there's not much I can do to stop him. I'll try to suck his fat cock while he's at it, but that just might make it worse."

On that cue I crawled onto the bed between Rose's open legs and softly licked a large circle around her labia, carefully avoiding her sensitive clit. Rose cooed in pleasure at my first contact and stroked my hair. My ass was in the air and my cock was stiff as a board. Rose groaned and pinched my head between her legs for a moment.

"This is quite the scene now isn't it?" Sierra asked from behind me, both hands rubbing my ass. "My naked boyfriend face first between my mother's legs, his bare ass in the air and his hard cock sticking out!" She slapped my ass once with a smack, and reached under me to vigorously milk my cock.

"What if Dad walked in right now and caught Danny between your legs Mom? I would have to calm him down for sure! I would probably have to let him push his hard cock up my ass just to distract him. It would be rough, but I would fuck Daddy's cock for you Mommy. Then I could watch you two get it on like a couple of teenagers while my father slides his hard cock in and out of my ass."

My face was full of Rose's sweet nectar, and Sierra was pulling on my cock while continuing her dirty musing. "I wonder if Dad's cock gets as big as this monster does. I've never had Danny's cock in my ass, but with all this hot sex in the air who knows, I might just have to have him push it in there with my mother watching." I got shivers as Sierra climbed under me, her mouth engulfing my cock from below and a wet finger teased my puckered hole.

Sierra stopped for breath after a time and looked up at her mother's wet entrance. "Mom! Danny has his tongue licking all the way up your wet cunt for god's sake! How does that feel? I've never seen a tongue so far up a woman's kitty!" She pulled on my cock and pushed her finger right into my ass, making me groan into Rose's pussy. "I've got my finger in Danny's tight little butthole back here Mom. I think this gorgeous cock just got even harder, if that was possible." She swallowed my rod deep again. I worked a couple of my own fingers into Rose's pussy, easily sliding them in and out.

The room was quiet again for a bit, except for the sounds of sucking and heavy breathing. I couldn't believe how this was unfolding, and never would have dreamed that Sierra would be sucking my cock and fingering my ass while my face was buried deep in her mother's pussy.

Suddenly Sierra slid out from under me and walked over to kneel next to her mother's face. "Jesus Mom, look at you! You are absolutely obscene with your legs spread like that . . . Danny is actually eating you out down there, look at him! You just spread that juice all over his young face and grab onto his thick fingers with your wet kitty. My god that's hot!" Sierra pulled on one of Rose's nipples and brought it to her mouth to suck on while she watched the action heat up.

"God I love your big naked tits Mommy." Sierra said, massaging one and then grabbing it tight. "You are so naughty to let us play with them like this! I mean, just look these babies, your nipples are so hard it must be driving you insane! How did you ever get to the point where your naked daughter was down on her knees, licking and sucking your tits while her boyfriend eats your pussy?" She continued to suck her mother's breast into her mouth.

Sierra slowly stood up and grabbed Rose's hand and placed it to her own breast. "Rub me too Mommy . . . aren't they nice? Don't you love how much our breasts are alike?" I could see Rose gently mashing her daughter's breast and feeling around it. "Careful, if you pinch my nipple hard enough I might just melt all over you! Ow . . . ohhhh yes, like that!

"So Mom, tell me something. What do you think of my boyfriend so far? Do you like how polite and put together he is? Do you like how far up your cunt his slippery tongue can reach? OW! You little tease, you know I love that!" Sierra smiled and slid her mother's hand from her breast down to her pubic region.

"Can you feel how wet the two of you are making me? Oh god, and now my own mother is feeling my bare little cunny for real," she admired, looking down. "Do you like how naked and smooth it is Mommy, like when I used to run around in the back yard without any panties on?" Sierra was hunching over a bit while Rose rubbed around on her pussy. "I feel like a little girl again with my panties pulled down to my ankles and my smooth little slit in the air. Now having my mommy feeling how wet and sloshy it is . . . it makes me all . . . sh-shaky. Oh GOD!"

Sierra pulled one of her legs up on the bed while Rose worked her slender fingers up into Sierra's smooth pussy. She moved her fingers in and out of her daughter's wet muffin while Sierra started to breathe heavily and move her hips around.

As I concentrated my tongue on Rose's overstimulated clitoris, I could see her looking up at her daughter as she worked her long fingers into and out of Sierra's bald pussy while pushing her thumb against her clit. Sierra leaned over to support herself on the large headboard of the bed while moving her sexy hips in urgency to meet her mother's invading fingers.

"What are you doing to me Mommy?" Sierra asked breathlessly and started shaking. She brought her other leg up onto the bed, moving herself into a kneeling position over her mother. My view from her mother's pussy was divine! Rose's arm was between them as she worked her magic on Sierra's hot sex, inches from my face, and I was fingering Rose at about the same pace.

Sierra's legs and ass were twitching and her moans were gaining intensity as she tried to talk again, "My God . . . Mom . . . unh, YES . . .oh, your fingers . . . mmm, fucking me . . . so wrong . . . OHH SHIT I'm Cummmmming . . . here it COMES . . . OOOOOOOH GOD!! YESSSSSSSS FUUUUCCCKKK!! . . . OH . . . OHHHHHH NNNHHHH" That did it! Sierra's legs and hips shook like mad as she arched her back up high like a cat, pushing herself down onto Rose's deep fingers with force.

At the same time Rose started pushing harder against my tongue and my fingers, obviously triggered by her own daughter's orgasm. Her breathing picked up and I could sense a climax coming from Rose as well. I plunged my fingers into her as deeply as I could and then pulled out, replacing them with my thumb. I worked one wet finger into her little flower below and it went right in up to my knuckle. Rose squirmed and moaned out loud, "Ooooohhhh!"

Sierra collapsed into Rose convulsing and grinding her ass in circles. I could see Rose's fingers still moving around in Sierra's pussy while Sierra twitched and breathed heavily. Rose was wringing the feeling out of my head with her legs as she bounced around on my tongue.

Rose suddenly sucked in hard and pulled her hand from Sierra's pussy, grabbing her daughter's face and holding their heads together. Sierra seemed to snap out of her haze.

"Oh yes . . . that's it Mommy, you just cum all over that little boy's messy face," Sierra whispered to her, "Oooh, his mouth must be making your little pussy so happy. Cum all over that slippery tongue . . . that's it!"

Rose began to shake like an earthquake this time and let out an extended groan somewhere out of sight, while her shuddering pussy dragged around my face like a sponge. I tried to keep my finger and thumb inside, but they couldn't hang on and were dislodged. I clamped down on her clit with my mouth and sucked it right in. Rose stiffened like a board and crushed my head between her legs for about 10 intense seconds, letting out a guttural moan, and then finally collapsed on the sheets, her legs gradually relaxing their vice grip on my head.

"Oh Mom," I heard Sierra say quietly, "That was the most wonderful thing I've ever seen."

I lightly rubbed the insides of Rose's thighs and slowly leaned back to sit on my heels. I gazed at the two beautiful naked women in front of me, their wet sex open and driving me insane. They were both breathing heavy and rubbing each other's face. Sierra slowly rolled off her mother and lay next to her on the bed, looking at me with a giddy smile. She squeezed Rose's large breast in her hand and leaned over to bring a nipple to her soft mouth.

She sucked it in while her eyes travelled down to my impossibly hard cock, then up to my smeared face. Letting the wet nipple free, she smiled widely at me and said, "My mom came all OVER your face Daniel." She paused to twirl her tongue around the hard nipple again, "That was so hot."

Sierra let go of her mother's breast and crawled up to me. She kneeled facing me and reached for my aching cock, stroking it with long, sensual strokes while I rose to my knees. Her eyes grew mischievous as she leaned into me and said softly, "I wonder what got this cock of yours so hard Daniel. Were you watching my mother's naughty fingers wiggling around in me or something? You probably had a great view from in her pussy didn't you?" She leaned in and licked my cheek and pumped my cock, her other hand coming up to caress my balls. "Mmmm. I want you to remember this the next time I tell you my mother's coming."

Her amazing smile lit up the room and she touched her forehead to mine, looking down and watching her fingers around my cock, milking the clear fluid out the top. "Oh my poor Danny," she said, looking over at Rose who lay there exhausted, "Mom, look at this horny cock over here, it is simply dripping! Someone is going to have to fuck this thing eventually."

She continued to stroke my cock and stare at her mother. She looked back at me and leaned in close, grabbing my hand and bringing it slowly up to her firm soft breast. I gave it a gentle squeeze and pinched her nipple softly as she let out a sigh, staring into my eyes. "Did you see me licking my mom's nipples?" I smiled and nodded. "Shit Danny, not only is my mother still bare ass naked in the room with us, but she even had this insanely sexy cock of yours right in her mouth! My GOD . . . my mom sucked your cock Daniel!!"

She pumped me slowly and agonizingly as her words made me want to cry with pleasure.

"Mmmm, I love to feel your big hands working over my tits baby." She said as she leaned in closer and aimed the head of my cock between her slightly open legs and against her smooth wet pussy.

"Danny?" Sierra continued as she worked my cock along her slippery lips, "I want to watch you suck on my mother's naked tits," she said sliding her sex across the top of my cock, "and biting her hard nipples. That would be SO hot. Can you do that for me baby?" I thrust between her legs in response, sliding along the underside of her passage.

She pulled my cock up against her wet slit and tilted her hips forward to allow me better access. The head of my cock slid just inside her pussy and the feeling was incredible. I wanted to push myself all the way inside her, even though her mother was right there next to us. Instead she slid her pussy off of my cock as she moved back to lie next to Rose.

I crawled my way up Rose's naked form and found my way to her thick milky breasts. They were rising and falling with her heavy breathing, her nipples like little nuggets balancing atop. I looked Rose right in the eye and extended my tongue down, lowering it slowly and softly onto her bare breast. I ran my tongue around her rubbery nipple and then closed my mouth around it, sucking it in.

Rose breathed in quickly and Sierra reached out and grabbed a handful of the doughy flesh under my lips and squeezed, pushing more into my open mouth. I continued to move from one breast to the other, nursing passionately on Rose's luxurious breasts while Sierra squeezed and rubbed them as well.

"Wow Mom, Danny's really going to town on you isn't he?" Rose ran her hands up my arms and squeezed. Sierra leaned in closer to Rose's ear, "I think it's hot. I mean he just met you today and already your heavy boobs are out for him to suckle on. Are you getting off on that? Is it making you all wet and slippery down here?" Sierra reached down to Rose's wet muffin and softly began to rub it.

She whispered loudly into her ear, "Psst . . . Mom . . . you're totally soaked! What the hell have you been thinking about? I hope it's not my boyfriend . . . or his sexy hard-on that's hovering awfully close to your soaking wet pussy down here," and she seemed to push a finger or two into Rose as she said it, for Rose twitched and shivered under me.

She continued whispering, "Don't worry, I'll keep my fingers busy in here so he can't get in and fuck you, okay Mom?" Sierra started moving her arm between us and I could tell that Rose was getting hot again as Sierra pumped her fingers in and out. I moved my mouth all around Rose's ample bosom, wondering if I was actually going to be sliding my cock into my girlfriend's hot mother tonight.

"Uh, Mom?" she said with more concern in her voice, "That hard cock I was just telling you about? Well, I can see it from here, and it looks pretty turned on . . . I'm not sure I can hold it off forever!" She started working Rose's pussy over with a quick tempo and Rose started running her hands roughly through my hair.

"Oh god Mom," she said, looking at her mother, "You might actually end up with Danny's hard cock inside you tonight! Did you even think about that?" Then she set her forehead against the side of her mother's head, over her ear and whispered softly, "Oh my god . . . you DID think about it, DIDN'T you? His thick penis . . . inching slowly into your slippery, wet, vagina," and then disapprovingly, "Mother!"

On those words I felt Sierra take her fingers from her mother's slit and wrap them around my cock, sliding the creamy juices around my shaft and balls, causing my head to spin.

Sierra spoke up then, "It's okay Mom, I think I've got it under control here. I'll just hold back this hard cock with my slippery fingers full of your pussy juice. I'm pretty sure they hate that!"

Her hand felt so good on my hard-on, and the scene was so nasty, that I just started fucking Sierra's slippery fingers. She made her hand into a soft tunnel for me and lifted her head, "Oh god, it's fucking my hand Mom! I don't think it CAN be stopped! It just pushed past my wet fingers like they were your wide open pussy lips!"

Sierra pulled me closer by my cock and I found myself positioned at the entrance to Rose's steamy tunnel, Sierra's hand was pumping my shaft as she lay back again, talking right into her mother's ear. . .

"See what you did mother? Now this sexy man's hard cock is trying to split your lips and shove its way inside of you. Are you really going to let my boyfriend slide his big hard cock up into you?" Sierra worked my cock around the entrance to Rose's quivering bush, rubbing the tip against her clitoris, teasing her. "I mean, you were watching me stroke it. . . You have seen how big and hard it gets. . . Did you actually think about what that sexy cock would feel like pushing its way inside of you, splitting you open? About what your daughter's naked boyfriend would feel like with his huge cock fucking the shit out of your hot wet cunt?"

Rose suddenly reached up and grabbed my hips with her legs and lifted her soaking pussy right over the head of my cock.

HOLY SHIT! I was in her!! Her velvet passage was wrapped right around my cock, and it felt so soft and smooth! I started instantly pushing back, and so did Rose. We steadily moved my cock deeper in one long fervent stroke.

"OH GOD!!" cried Rose looking me right in the eye with a wildfire burning in her gaze.

Her wet canal felt like a river of creamy butter as I held myself in deep, just letting my cock pulsate inside of Rose, feeling her soft grasp on me as we stared into each other's eyes.

"OH. MY. GOD!" cried Sierra, watching the hot penetration, "You're actually doing it! You are actually fucking my boyfriend right here on the bed!! His hard cock is all the way inside of you Mother! All the way in! You naughty girl!" she scolded. "Your own mother should be here right now to spank your pussy!"

I started to pull out slowly and felt the wondrous sensations of Rose's delicate walls caressing the skin of my shaft. My head was dizzy from all the sensations of pleasure and taboo as I pulled back as far as I dared. Then I plunged all the way in, like a chilly swimmer back into a warm pool. I was in heaven, and I started slowly moving my cock in and out of this woman's warm soft embrace.

Sierra was staring at the connection between her mother and my wet cock and started rubbing herself and pulling on her tits while she watched.

"MY GOD Mom! Danny is really fucking you!" Sierra cried, "I am actually watching his big cock sliding in and out of your pussy! You can't fool me. I know fucking when I see it and you two are totally FUCKING!! I TOLD you that might happen, and now look at you! Your legs are wrapped around my naked boyfriend while he fucks his big cock into you right in front of me! How could you??"

Sierra's talk was driving Rose insane, and she started breathing heavier and pushing down on my cock, helping me get it in deeper. I pushed it in as far as I could and held it deep inside for another moment of pure bliss.

"Oh my GOD Danny!" Sierra cried, looking at me, "You couldn't possibly have your cock any deeper inside my bare naked mother! What the hell do you think you're doing? Are you seriously having intercourse with my MOM? I'm right HERE for god's sake!"

Sierra kept touching her pussy and rubbing it while she spoke. Rose began to hump on my cock as I kept it pushed all the way in, her horny gyrations driving me wild.

"And Mom, you should be ashamed of yourself! Here I thought you just wanted to have a nice dinner with my boyfriend, and now look, he's stripped naked and full hilt with his meaty cock stuffed right up your pussy! All the way in!! Every fucking inch of Danny's big fat cock is deep inside your naked cunt! I can't believe this!"

I don't know how much more Rose or I could take, but she pushed back even harder, and I felt the back wall of her cervix as I pushed in return. She moaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs tighter around my waist and grabbed my hair. I had to get some motion going so I pulled out again and steadily got into a rhythm, thrusting in and out of Rose's luxurious pussy.

Sierra turned to look right at her mother and said in mock seriousness, "You do realize this isn't Dad sliding his big dick in and out of you, right? I mean if Dad were to walk through that door right now . . . oh MAN he would get an eyeful, wouldn't he Mom? He'd see another man pounding a cock into his own wife's wet pussy. Did you ever think of that? My god he would be FURIOUS! I would have to pull his pants down and suck his cock just to keep him calm. Then you could watch me suck daddy's cock while Danny fucks your brains out."

Wow, I was certainly not going to be able to last with all of this dirty talk and the sweet feeling of Rose's soft pussy sliding around my shaft.

"I bet that turns you on, doesn't it," Sierra asked in a seductive voice into Rose's ear, "Your man's stiff cock, deep in your daughter's throat . . . her soft lips on his balls . . . her tongue wrapped around his hard shaft. All the while my naked boyfriend fucks your cheating wet pussy; Dad watching as Danny's smooth ass fucks a younger cock into you again and again."

Sierra really started to finger herself good, her eyes flashing between the sex action and her mother's face.

Then Sierra looked up at me with lust in her eyes, "Well? You might as well give her a good hard fucking Danny, you're already balls-deep inside my naked mother here. There's no turning back now!" I started thrusting a bit harder, trying to last as long as I possibly could. Rose was digging into my ass with her heels, pulling me in. Sierra reached her free hand over and started working Rose's clit around and feeling my cock slam into her mother just below her touch.

Our thighs smacked together repeatedly and the juicy sound of my cock stirring up Rose's wet batter was urging me to push even harder. Sierra looked up at me with her eyes squinted, "I saw you checking out my mother's big tits at dinner Danny," she slid her hand up and rubbed her mother's breasts, "You were picturing them naked, nipples out, maybe even wrapped around your big cock, weren't you? Well here they are horn dog, joggling around in the nude while you fuck your cock in and out of her. I mean her giant bare naked tits are just bouncing around in front of you while you keep jamming that big rod into her!" She pulled Rose's nipple up until it touched my chest and then let it go. I watched Rose's breasts continue to sway in time to my thrusts. I picked up my pace and got her hills really rolling as I pumped my cock into Rose with urgency.

Rose began to moan loudly as I was getting a good rhythm going, her heels below my ass cheeks spurring me on.

"Oh FUCK that shit is HOT," Sierra said watching my cock gain speed into her mother's pussy. Our thighs were slapping together and smell of hot sex was intoxicating!

"Danny," Sierra said suddenly, "Let me get a good look at that fat cock of yours, if you can stop ramming it into my mother for a second that is." I slowed my pace and reluctantly pulled completely out of Rose, my twitching wet cock a sloppy mess, dripping onto Rose's smooth belly.

"Jesus, look at how wet and hard this huge cock is Mom," she said reaching for it and stroking its length. "Mmmm, you have to feel how intense it is!" Rose reached down and joined Sierra's hand in rubbing my shaft. "This is by far the horniest cock I have ever felt! Did you ever think you'd find yourself totally naked with me, feeling up the same big slippery cock?"

The pace of their rubbing and the slipping of their fingers around my shaft increased, like a horny octopus milking my cock. Suddenly, cum that had been boiling in my balls all night began an urgent launch sequence. This night had been so wild and crazy that once the feeling got started in me, there was no stopping it. I couldn't resist another second and pushed my cock into their slick hands, just fucking that sexy tangle of wet fingers.

"Oh my god Mom," Sierra gasped, "it's still FUCKING, I don't think we can stop it!" Sierra reached lower and held my balls as I thrust into Rose's small hand. The impending blast was quickly rising in my cock, and I groaned in warning.

Sierra noticed and leaned in to her mother and whispered, "Ever seen a big load of my boyfriend's sticky cum?"

That was it. I erupted! Stream after stream of cum blasted from my cock, covering Rose's body from head to pussy, and I fucked Rose's hand with abandon as Sierra held and caressed my balls. Cum was dripping from Rose's tits onto Sierra's as they lay together, staring in amazement at the volume of semen that was shooting from my cock. Trail after trail of white ropes of cum lay across the velvet skin of my girlfriend's mom, and the electricity in my skin could have lit up that room.

The final drops from my pulsing cock ran down Rose's shaking arm as a shiver jolted my entire body. I thrust one last time into the slippery digits of Rose's soft sexy hand. Oh my god!

Sierra was silent and stared open mouthed at the scene. She moved her hand up and caught a droplet that was running down Rose's hand and rubbed it into her mother's cum splattered breast.

Rose continued to caress my subsiding erection, and I was merely trying to regain my composure, breathing heavy, feeling the ecstasy of release on a cellular level.

Rose finally spoke after all this time, "That's a lot of cum Daniel." She squeezed my softening cock again and let it go, rubbing my chest up to my neck. She gave me a soft kiss on the lips and brought my head down closer. Our lips parted and our tongues danced briefly before we pulled apart.

Sierra was still playing with the drops of cum that had landed on her mother's chest and started to rub some onto her own as well.

I eased a foot onto the floor and slowly stood. I walked shakily to the bathroom to grab a towel to clean my mess from these beautiful women. When I came back I saw Sierra with her cum covered fingers in Rose's mouth. Lord.

They both looked up and saw me heading back with the towel and smiled. I handed it to them and walked around to Sierra's side and climbed onto the bed, Sierra between her mother and me.

"Now that was hot." Sierra said simply. "I have never seen something so hot as that." Her mind was coming back to the room as she spoke seemingly to herself, "I mean here we are in bed completely naked. Mom is lying here covered in Danny's hot semen and I can't stop staring at it. I've never SEEN anything so hot!"

Rose started to wipe the mess from her splattered body, starting at her breasts, but Sierra stopped her. "Don't, I want to lick some of my baby's hot cum off my mother's sexy tits," she giggled, "now that's a mouthful!"

Sierra leaned her head over and dragged her tongue through the lines of semen, while Rose moved the towel around on her tummy.

I could only watch in post-orgasmic bliss as two hot, naked bodies lie next to me tending to a load of my cum. What world was this? Sierra lifted her body up higher to reach her mother's other breast, and Rose dropped the wet towel on the floor and leaned back against the pillow. Sierra leaned up and kissed her mother right on the mouth. Oh man.

They lingered there for a bit, their mouths pressed together and then started kissing each other's faces. I reached over and lightly rubbed Sierra's smooth back and ass. Sierra was kissing the nape of her mother's neck now and Rose had her eyes mostly closed. I felt Sierra rise up to her knees, supporting herself with her arms, and swing a leg over to straddle Rose's waist. I lay back and enjoyed seeing their naked breasts pressed together in the dark.

Rose placed her hands on Sierra's waist and rubbed down to her ass as Sierra looked her mother in the eye for a silent moment, and then said, "I love you Mom."

"I love you too sweetie," Rose replied. They lay together in a soft pile of fleshy skin, tenderly kissing each other's faces and necks.

Sierra looked over at me and then back at her mother. She climbed off the bed and walked around to my side, nudging me toward Rose. Rose outstretched her arm to bring me in, and I lay on top of her arm and up against her bare breast while Sierra snuggled in close on my other side, sidling up under my left arm.

We lay in silence for a bit as I felt the heavy breasts of both women pressed against my chest as they breathed. I have never had two naked women in the same bed, or room even, and now here was a mother/daughter duo with their sexy breasts against both sides of my bare chest. Their naked skin felt so soft against mine in the cool air of the room.

I reached with my left hand over Sierra's shoulder and softly stroked her hair. I felt Rose's soft hand lightly rubbing on my stomach. I leaned in and kissed my girlfriend softly and she seemed to purr. Sierra bit my lip playfully and looked at me.

"I hope it's okay that your girlfriend gets a little carried away sometimes," she said to me innocently.

"I love it so much," I replied, kissing her again. The look on her face was adorable and a bit giddy.

"That's good Daniel," she said slowly as she started tracing lazy circles around my nipple with her finger, "because I still need to feel that big cock of yours filling me up, and I might just need to use a little more . . . creativity to get some blood flowing down there." She smiled wide and reached down to my flaccid cock and caressed it softly.

I wasn't sure I could take any more at that point, but with how wild this night had been so far, I was game for anything.

"Mom," Sierra asked, "what do you think it would take for you and your bare naked daughter to get her boyfriend's handsome cock hard again?"

"I don't know dear," said Rose softly into my ear, "but I'm sure we can think of something."

Sierra came up to my other ear and whispered, "Maybe he would like to watch while two sexy ladies tended to their moist pussies in front of him."

Yes, yes I would.

The sensual women on either side of me spread their soft legs wide enough to cross over each other's, creating a sexy intersection just south of my latent cock. They started softly stroking their pussies as I stared in awe.

It was a fantastic start I had to admit. Sierra breathed out heavily and said, "I sure hope Danny realizes that he has two generations of sweet wet pussy being petted so close to his naked cock." Sierra pinched her nipple hard and pulled it straight up, holding it in the air as her hand increased its pace.

"Jesus Mom, I don't know about you, but I am completely soaked, and I haven't even had a cock in here!" Sierra started in again while Rose concentrated her efforts on her own dewy flower.

I could only imagine that Rose had been keen to her daughter's creative outlet throughout the years; at the very least accepting of it. She didn't seem to flinch or act surprised by her daughter's shocking banter. I had definitely become well aware of this dirty talking side of my girlfriend more and more as our relationship progressed, and it was certainly welcome in our sex life. Tonight in this room however, she seemed to have revealed an entirely new paradigm of sexual proclivity, one that I could get behind one thousand percent!

"Then you must be twice as wet after a good fucking like that Mom," and she reached over and snaked her fingers between her mother's delicate folds. "Oh god you're totally DRIPPING, that is so HOT!" She walked her wet fingers over to my cock next. "I wonder what got your little kitty so excited over there" she mused while dragging her damp fingers across my slack penis. Her fingers drew a wet line up my cock before they returned to their own moist pasture to graze.

I watched Rose as she rubbed her clitoris around in sexy circles, holding her hand above her pussy so I could see the single digit dipping down to her clit. Her deft hand seemed to be quite experienced in manipulating that particular body part. Her movements were hypnotizing and I unconsciously reached over with the hand that wasn't around Sierra and stroked the inside of her soft thigh.

Sierra's urgent voice suddenly cut in, snapping me out of my reverie, "Oh god . . . " her hand was moving quickly now, the slick sounds of her juicy rubbing were increasing in volume. "I think I'm . . . actually going to come right now . . . from all of this hot shit!" She started shaking and frantically moving her hand across her dripping mound. "Holy shit! My pussy is exploding, OH GOD!" Sierra started to buck her hips into her moving hand and Rose seemed to unconsciously pick up her own pace as well, watching the scene quickly unfold.

"Oh FUCK," Sierra grunted, "I think watching you two fucking was too much for me!! Unh . . . I thought I could handle it . . . Oh god your big cock was FUCKING my MOM Danny!! You FUCKED HER!!" Sierra yelled and her hand became a blur of movement as she switched between rubbing and fucking her own pussy. I reached down over her shoulder and grabbed onto her taut nipple and pulled hard.

Suddenly her legs clamped tight together, pinching her hand between them as she moaned loudly. Then her entire body became rigid and twitched heavily as she held her breath for entirely too long, her face turning a bright shade of red.

Finally the air blasted out of her lungs "Uunnhhhhhh, FUUUCCKKK yeah! Unnnhhhh OOOOHHHHHH GOOODDDDD!!" She shook the bed, and all our bodies were rocking in time to her intense orgasm.

Sierra finally let go and slumped back, her heavy breathing moving her body against mine. I gently stroked her face as she caught her breath.

"That was beautiful!" I smiled and said softly to my girl as a blissful look settled onto her blushed face.

Rose was quiet, but I could hear her fingers still working around her wet pussy. I felt a slight movement as Rose spread her legs wider and rubbed her bare leg up against my slightly expanding cock.

"Oh Danny," purred Sierra as she lazily played with her smiling pussy, "that was so intense. Do think my mom liked watching me get off like that?" She looked over at Rose, whose hand was in a steady rhythm of rubbing between her wide open legs. "She's looking pretty turned on, playing with her sexy bush like that. Do you like watching my naked mother stroke her clit Danny? Don't you think it's wrong that we're naked here, smelling of sex, staring while my mother masturbates for us?"

Sierra was getting a little energy back now, and she looked up to watch her mother's quick fingers playing her own instrument like an erotic virtuoso.

"Jesus mom, turned on much?" Sierra said with a giggle, "You know, I don't think Danny here is getting a very good first impression of you tonight. I hate to say this, but you're coming off as a bit um . . . naked, don't you think?"

Sierra was back online, and I was feeling the unmistakable sensation of my member reaching a visible density again. Sierra noticed and watched as Rose's smooth leg teased more and more thickness into my shaft.

"Danny," Sierra said softly, "Look at you. I think you're getting turned on from watching my mother touch herself. Do you like the way she plays with her clit or something?" She was looking at my stiffening cock, Rose's leg gently rubbing on it while she toyed with her pussy. "You know she gets off on your naked cock right?" Sierra took Rose's left hand from behind me and guided it down to my swelling shaft. Rose's fingers wrapped themselves around it like a sexy scarf and held me there.

"She likes to feel you throb in her hand while she strokes her soft wet kitty, don't you Mother?" Rose started slowly pumping my cock in time with her rubbing.

"I can see you really have your hands full there. How does my boyfriend's cock feel Mom? Is it getting strong again? Do you like having his sexy hard cock in your hand while you touch yourself?"

Rose began to pick up her pace on us, the heat building in me quickly again. Her breathing was picking up and my cock was clearly at full capacity and leaking from the top.

"I think you better let me handle this big boy for you Mother. We already had to clean Danny's hot cum off of your tits once tonight." Sierra sat up on her knees next to me and gently removed her mother's stroking hand from my cock, and placed my hardness against my abdomen with her soft touch.

"Is that better baby?" Sierra asked directly to my cock, softly petting it. "Did that horny lady make you all stiff and uncomfortable? This should help you feel better." With that she leaned over and lowered her pillowy breasts right down over my entire pulsing cock, the soft cushions of flesh fully blanketing the length of my shaft and balls. Incredible.

She lifted them up and down; the skin on skin contact was divine. She slowly lifted up again until just one hard nipple was bumping along the length of my cock, and then sank back down, fully concealing my erection.

She eventually lifted her boobs from my firm erection and stared intensely at it, really checking it out.

"Mom, I may need your help here," she said, furrowing her brow. "I think we may have made Danny's penis all big and hard by mistake, and now it won't go back down. Maybe if we put our heads together we can come up with something to help."

Rose closed her legs and lifted herself onto her knees by my side and the view was spectacular! My girlfriend and her mother, with equally busty bodies, sitting on their knees to either side of me, breasts framing the view of my hard-as-nails cock.

Sierra reached over to touch her mother's shoulder. They leaned into each other and four deliciously naked breasts came together as one, and then settled down like a cloud on my poor unsuspecting cock. Holy shitballs!

The women simultaneously started working their soft breasts around on my elated cock. They placed their foreheads together and looked down into the pool of flesh. How I wasn't covering the entire room in cum was beyond me. One of them reached under from out of view and grabbed onto my cock, pointing it straight up into the pillows of breast that were swaddling my cock. They hugged each other and fully encased my cock in an erotic cradle of doughy skin.

I began thrusting skyward into the most sensuous folds I could ever imagine. I was in paradise as my cock explored the mammary caves while overhead mother and daughter smiled into each other's eyes.

Sierra slowly settled back on her heels and slipped her hands around Rose's heavy breasts, wrapping them firmly around my thrusting cock. "I don't know Mom," Sierra said suspiciously, "it does seem VERY happy in there, but it's still impossibly hard! Do you think we are making it worse? Hmm, let me try something . . ." Sierra brought her mouth down to meet her mother's cleavage and let my cock head enter her mouth on my upstrokes, making the passage between Rose's breasts wet and slippery.

I was really getting worked up again as I started pushing harder into Rose's moist cleavage and into my girlfriend's open mouth. The scene was so hot I could already hear the distant song of another climax approaching as I slid my hard cock into that slippery sea of tits and taste buds.

Then Sierra sat up again, releasing Rose's ample mounds. I stopped moving, wondering what my exhilarating girlfriend was up to next. The thrill of her unpredictable bedroom talk was getting to be a real turn on. "I think we may have made it worse mother," Sierra said seriously, reaching between Rose's breasts and extracting my rigid pole, "I mean just look at it. It's literally throbbing it's so hard!"

Rose leaned back on her heels and stared at my hard-on with concern on her face, bringing her hand up to her lips and shaking her head. Sierra looked my cock all over, pulling to the left and right, and then suddenly letting go, a slap sounding as it hit my abdomen.

"I think we better stop touching it," she said with concern. "We wouldn't want it exploding all over our naked bodies or anything." With that comment she brought her hands to her mother's shoulders and leaned into her, pushing her backwards onto the bed. Sierra followed along, carefully lifting her own legs over me, dragging one of them slowly across my cock as she did.

Now the two ladies lay as one beside me, Sierra on top, their mashing breasts a painful reminder that my cock was no longer nestled within their fleshy hills.

I rolled to my side facing them as I watched, appreciating the taboo of a grown daughter and her mother stacked in the nude beside me.

Sierra slid down her mother and started kissing and licking her knotted nipples, bringing them up to her mouth and making loud sucking noises. I eventually noticed that Sierra's sexy ass was now raised into the air, raising my visceral temptation along with it. I recalled what Sierra had mentioned about needing a cock in her yet tonight, so I took this as an opportune time to reposition myself on the bed.

I crawled behind Sierra and her pussy was looking gloriously open and ready. Her enflamed lips spread outward in either direction, and the moist cavern between them glistened and drew me closer. The room seemed to disappear as I walked on my knees to Sierra's upturned ass, Rose parting her legs below to let me in. The scene before me of open pussies and miles of naked skin beckoned as I inched my cock closer.

Sierra looked up for moment and said, "Ah, Mom? This is awkward . . . but I think Danny is looking to push himself into me back there. I have a feeling you may end up with . . . a bit of a front row seat here."

Rose smoothed her daughter's hair and rubbed her back while she continued, "I mean it Mom. If he pushes that cock in me, there's no telling what I might say or do."

Sierra moved her ass around as I placed my hands on her luscious cheeks and placed the underside of my cock directly against her wet pussy. I pushed and slid my shaft upwards without entering, her lips dragging across the underside of my cock.

"Danny!" Sierra snapped through tight lips as she peeked back over her shoulder, "Don't even THINK about fucking me with my mother lying right here for god's sake! I mean it Danny . . . if I feel even one inch of that thick cock parting my lips and sliding inside my soft. . . "

It was too much for me. I aimed and placed the head of my cock right into her wide open lips, feeling her welcoming softness within. It was so wonderful that I just pushed and felt my cock slide easily into Sierra's warm and perfect pussy; and it just kept on sliding . . .

"OH MY GOD! You're doing it, unh, pushing into me . . . OH!" wailed Sierra, up on her hands now, "Dammit Danny! My Mom can tell that you're sliding into me!! Deep . . . insi . . . UNH, OH GOD!!" I was all the way in, and I could feel it down to my curled toes. "Oh god, you're fucking me Danny! She can see it in my face! I can't hide it! Your fat cock is so deep in my pussy and my mother just watched the whole thing! How could you?"

I kept my cock fully sheathed in Sierra's soft and delectable tunnel, pulling her ass back tighter to my thighs. Sierra stared at Rose beneath her while I enjoyed the heavenly penetration.

"Well Mom I guess that's it," she breathed heavily as I ground into her, "I guess now you've seen me with a hard cock in me. I hope you can still see me as your pretty little girl when he really starts fucking me back there . . . and he will."

Sierra started moving her hips in circles, my cock tracing her inner walls.

I slowly pulled out of Sierra's pussy inch by inch, watching my cock reappear, sparkling in the faint light. I kept the head inside her entrance for a moment, and then quickly pulled out, swiftly sliding back in again completely to the hilt, before she could miss a thing.

"FUCK!" cried Sierra as her adorable ass cheeks rippled from the impact. I pulled out once more and repeated the process, slamming deep again. "Oh GOD!"

Rose reached up and caressed her daughter's soft shoulders as I started a good rhythm in and out of my girl's silky passage, her pussy squishing around my cock as we slapped our thighs together.

"Oh god Mom, I'm getting fucked here . . . unh, right here . . . on top of you. Oh shit! Danny is fucking this sweet pussy Mom. Fucking it. He's fucking me while you watch. Have you ever seen me getting a good fucking Mom? Do you like watching my naked body while my boyfriend fucks me right on top of you? Does that turn you on Mommy? Watching me fuck him?"

I could hardly see Rose's naked body underneath Sierra's, but I heard her say to her daughter, "It's so nice honey, now you just relax and feel that hard cock moving inside of you. That's so good sweetie." They were gazing at each other and this new dialog was adding to my stimulation immensely. I pushed in and out of Sierra at a good pace, feeling our hips bounce together and apart.

"That hard cock of his just needs your passionate love dear," Rose continued as Sierra just looked at her in silence as I kept a steady rhythm going, "He just needs a place to let off some of that manly steam sweetheart." She ran her fingers through Sierra's hair. "Just feel his sex flowing through your naked body, and your sex flowing back through his." Rose reached down between them and felt my cock pushing into and out of her daughter's silky mound, rubbing circles around Sierra's hard clit.

"That's it, just feel his cock sliding," Rose continued as she spoke into Sierra's ear and toyed with her baby's clit. "Let this man soften you, and raise your desire for him. He loves your softness, and you love his hardness. Just push back into him and feel him deep inside you, deeper . . . deeper," Rose pushed back on Sierra's shoulders, essentially impaling her own daughter on my insanely swollen shaft. Wow.

Sierra pushed back into me and I pushed forward, reaching for heaven with my erection. "Oh GOD that's a big cock in there . . ." moaned Sierra to her mother. I wet my finger and drew circles around her exposed anus and gently rubbed on it while Sierra whimpered. She began to grind her hips against my shaft, slowly building back into a steady rocking, and then back to solid fucking.

Sierra took the lead and pushed her hips back onto me in forceful plunges, and I just watched as her heat began to boil over. Her hips were mesmerizing as they milked my shaft with their velvet pussy glove. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

"Oh god, that's it baby, you feel SO good fucking me! Oh . . . oh . . . oh" Sierra was picking up the pace and I was just trying to stay in time with her. Rose placed her hands on Sierra's rocking breasts and gently caressed them as we fucked.

"Oooh you're making me feel so good baby . . . fuck my sweet pussy, mmm fuck it! Oh my god, my mother is watching me fuck! Oh Mom it feels so good . . . he is really fucking . . . my juicy . . . little cunt . . . I'm afraid . . . I'm going to . . . scream . . . when I cum!"

The rest of what she said was staggered between gasps and aimed in Rose's direction, but I think she was trying to say, "I am going to cum all over his hard cock. I am going to cum right on top of you while you watch me Mommy. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum . . . I'm going . . . to fucking. . . CUUUUUUMMMMM OOOOHhhhhhh, FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK MMMMEEEEEEEEE, GOD YES!!" Sierra wailed as her mother brought her hands into her daughter's hair, easing her down onto her voluptuous chest again, Sierra's ass still humping frantically away on my cock, the sounds of wet sex drowned out by her moaning and heavy gasping for air.

I kept slamming into Sierra's pussy while she shook and bit down hard on her lip. "NNNHHHHH" she grunted as the waves of pleasure washed over her. I kept pounding through the tremors as she shuddered, and my own orgasm seemed so close . . . and yet so far.

I gradually eased my pace and kept a steady rhythm going behind her. Sierra was breathing hard and smiling big, and I could see Rose gazing at me over Sierra's shoulder with a knowing gleam.

Rose started speaking again, her eyes on me, "That was so beautiful sweetie. Thank you for sharing this with me. You are so passionate and lovely. I will never forget this beautiful night." She rubbed her hands on Sierra's back and petted her hair.

I really slowed it down now, thinking maybe Sierra needed to rest, she seemed really wiped out. I slowly pulled out all the way for a second when Sierra spoke in a weak voice, "Danny?"

"Mmmhmm," I said as I rubbed her upturned cheeks with my hands.

"Were you really planning to slide that giant cock of yours in my ass?"

Uh, was I? I was caught off guard. I guess it did seem like a perfect opportunity before us, with Sierra lying there in her loving mother's arms, softly cradled in her bosom.

"Anything baby," I said as I rubbed my fingers along Sierra's damp pussy and then began to rub around her puckered little anus.

I gently pushed my fingertip into her exposed flower and let it out again slowly. Sierra breathed out a heavy sigh, and I could sense this was feeling good.

I rubbed her other smooth cheek while I pressed into her again. I kept it in for longer this time, gently pulling back without withdrawing, then pushing in more deeply. Sierra breathed out heavily and looked back at me over her shoulder from her mother's embrace. "That's it baby."

With this encouragement I pushed in a bit deeper and started pumping my finger in and out, watching for signs of discomfort. I curled my embedded finger around and pulled it side to side, stretching her constricting muscle a bit, and then pumping in and out some more.

"Oh that's nice Daniel," she said as Rose continued to stroke her back and soft hair. I pulled and stretched with my one finger, and then tried to press another fingertip in beside it.

"Oh," Sierra chirped, "that's going to take a minute." So I froze with one finger buried and another with just the tip inside while she relaxed. I realized that to fit my whole cock in there, we would need some fresh lubrication, so I softly moved my hard cock back into her pussy.

"Oh god," was all she could get out, and I could tell that the sex was at least helping to distract her from the anal discomfort. I slowly slid my cock in and out, and used the movement to help mask the insistent pushing at her back door, in and out of her pussy, deeper and deeper inside her delicate tush.

Very soon there was a noticeable relaxing of her muscle, and my second finger was quickly well inside, joining the first in the darkness of her forbidden entrance.

I cautiously pressed my digits into her backside, further and further as we slowly continued to fuck. The way she started to move let me know that we were getting there, and my fingers were easily plunging in and out of her hole as we started to pick up a bit of steam.

I looked up and noticed Rose watching my fingers work their way into her daughter's tight backside, my gaze having been mainly focused on my task at hand. It was starting to get hot again, and my cock was smoothly gliding into and out of my girlfriend's moist pussy. I gazed into Rose's eyes and she smiled and rubbed her daughters soft skin some more.

I was just starting to debate whether or not I would attempt to work another finger into her ass, when Sierra stopped moving. "Danny, I think I'm ready to feel your cock in there now."


I pulled out and slowly dislodged my fingers. Sierra brought her hips down a little to help me gain entrance. I simply placed the head of my cock up against her without pushing, and rubbed it in very small circles as we held otherwise still.

I could sense Sierra's urgency as she leaned back into my cock, pushing the head up against her closed door. I grabbed onto my shaft and gently pushed back, keeping an even amount of pressure back there for her ass to respond to. We both kept the pressure on, and after about half a minute I could feel the gates crack open a bit.

"Oh god," Sierra moaned, her legs starting to tremble.

"That's it honey," Rose began in a comforting tone, "just relax and let him in. It's okay. You're doing great, just push back a little and let him in sweetie. That's it."

As Rose softly cooed to her little girl, I could see the head of my cock enter Sierra's rear passage ever so slightly. My hardness was slicked down with her juices, so I knew we were just working against the muscle constriction now. I pushed slightly and a little more gave way to a much thicker area on the head of my cock. I could feel it grabbing tight and squeezing me there.

"Oh fuck," Sierra cried, and I could tell that this was a tough spot. I held completely still and waited while Rose helped ease the moment.

"There's no hurry honey, we're here for you. Just take your time and relax . . . open up. This is going to feel so good. We just need to get through this. Believe me it will all be worth it."

Wait. Did Rose just admit to taking a cock up her ass? That little comment swelled my hardness to an even greater level, and I was sure Sierra could feel it, along with every beat of my heart in her tight, sexy hole.

"Oh Mom," said Sierra nervously, "I'm not sure I can do this." Her breathing was getting rough and her legs were still shaking.

"You're almost there sweetheart, just a little more," with that she stroked her daughter's hair against her chest and looked at me with a subtle nod to "go ahead and push some more." I did. My hard cock wasn't backing down now, and as I pushed in a tiny bit, I pulled back the same.

I pushed again, just a little, and then let go. I kept this oscillating pressure going, eventually feeling my pushes getting slightly deeper. It was so subtle that I wasn't sure if anything was happening, but then all at once the head of my cock popped completely in!

Sierra squeaked out a little gasp, and I held very still, rubbing her soft skin with my hands. Rose did the same and soothed, "Oh honey, you've got this. He's in now baby. We have so much time . . . all night. Just relax your muscles and let him in. Just let him slide inside baby, that's it. Wait until you're ready, just relax and adjust. It's already getting better isn't it? It's already starting to subside. You can feel your body starting to accept his, letting him in, giving way to your man."

I knelt motionless and looked down at the juncture between Sierra's tight ass and my painfully hard shaft lodged inside. It looked so sexy with her round cheeks sticking up in the air, wide open, leading down her bare back ending in her mother's embrace. I leaned in softly and ran my hand down Sierra's smooth back as she breathed hard across her mother's soft breast.

"Oh god, it's so big!" Sierra cried softly, but slightly moving herself back and forth a little bit, "Too fucking big." I stopped moving as she controlled the pressure. "I can feel every vein on that bastard cock!"

She pushed a bit more on her own, and very slowly another full inch of my cock worked its way in. She eased up and stopped again, panting and biting her fist.

"Oh my sweet baby," Rose soothed, "you are doing so well! You are allowing him inside, into your deepest center! You are so wonderful for giving him such a beautiful gift. Now just relax for a while and let the pressure subside."


"Yes dear?"

"How did you ever get used to having so much cock in your ass?" Sierra shook from her core as she asked, "It's too much!"

"Believe me honey, once your body lets go of its instinct to restrict, a whole new world opens up inside of you. It's a wonderful feeling!" her mother said petting her hair. They stayed like that for a bit, and I was afraid to move a muscle for fear of tearing something in my sweet girl's delicate behind. Sierra just breathed.

"I think I'm starting to feel better . . . if we hold still," she struggled to say, her face sweating and red, "but moving still hurts like hell!"

"You're doing great sweetheart, and very soon even that will feel fantastic," Rose said.

I decided to lean in again slightly to see how we were doing, and was surprised to feel my cock move a good amount in one soft push.

"Nnnhhhh," grunted Sierra as I pushed, she breathed hard and strained to speak, "unh, that's it . . . give me just a little more." This was encouraging and I could sense we were past the tallest hurdle.

I pushed a bit more, and at that very instant, the subtle sliding of my cock deeper into her snug hole was suddenly the most glorious movement I've ever felt. The combination of a mother and her daughter before me, the hot sex we had been sharing, the dirty talk and all the emotions made for the highest pinnacle of pleasure my mere mortal soul could ever dream up. Having my hard erection moving deeper inside my girlfriend's backside was less of a sexual turn-on in that moment, and more of a spiritual union, a transition into a new plane of awareness. I was feeling her body, yes, but feeling her soul as well.

Sierra rose up onto her hands as I was about halfway in and halfway out of my mind. Her shaky arms were strong and Rose rubbed them up and down while Sierra arched her back lower than I would have thought possible. She leaned back into me firmly and the entire length of my cock pushed slowly but steadily inside her, all the way until the warm softness of her bare cheeks finally kissed my thighs.

"NNNHHHHHH, OHHHHHH, FUUUCK!!" she roared with a power from inside bursting forth! "That is SO . . . FUCKING . . . NNNNHHH!!" she growled, filling the room with her powerful sound. Her body stayed pushed up against me tightly, and I felt every sensation possible as my cock sat sheathed fully inside my girlfriend's beautiful backside.

Rose quickly scooted up the bed and touched foreheads with her daughter, hands stroking her face. "Yes baby! I knew you could do it! How does it feel? Are you okay, does it hurt? Can I help?"

Sierra caught her breath and began panting, raising a hand up to her mother's shoulder. "FUCK that's a lot of cock up my ass!" she said as she breathed hard, a slight smile in her voice again.

"You took it so well my strong girl. Look at you! He's in. Your man is deep inside your most private of places, and you have taken all of him! What a brave strong woman!" Rose looked genuinely proud of her daughter as she rubbed her cheeks and wiped her brow. "Now let's get things moving and see how we feel."

Rose wrapped her arms around her daughter and pulled her lightly away from me as I tried to hold my ground. Sierra's ass slid snugly away from me about an inch as Rose stopped and pushed her daughter back again, burying me to the root.

"OH, that feels . . . good," Sierra panted, "Do that again."

"That's it honey," Rose said, eyes intensely connected to her daughter's, "just a little at a time, let it slide, just relax." She pulled back again about two inches, and this time I was really feeling the soft inner walls of my girl's delicate rear-end pulling my skin tight. Rose pushed Sierra back again with more pressure.

"FUCK! . . . OH that's intense!" Sierra cried. Rose rubbed her hands over Sierra's shoulders and down to the small of her back. All I could do was watch as this incredible scene played out before me, my hard cock playing the pivotal role.

"You're doing great sweetie, just a little bit more," Rose had Sierra's waist in her hands now as she leaned back, bringing her daughter along. My cock slid most of the way out this time and I saw stars in my eyes from the sensation. All my blood must have had packed up and headed for my cock, because I started to get a little dizzy from the slow pleasure and the mounting intensity.

Rose leaned forward again and pushed as I heard Sierra's breath get caught in her throat, my wet cock sliding mercilessly up into her private passage again. "Holy mother . . ." Sierra croaked, putting her head on her mother's shoulder.

Rose looked at me and gave me an approving smile. I felt suddenly blessed to be a part of such a sacred moment. I felt like we were performing some sort of ritual, initiating Rose's beautiful daughter in some sacred rite.

Rose reached further down to her daughter's hips, resting her soft hands over mine, her smile to me genuine and pure. Together we moved Sierra away from me again, and she sighed loudly as the pressure released, and gasped again as we pushed back inside of her.

I felt an unearthly bond with these women. As I gazed into Rose's deep eyes and felt her daughter's quivering thighs against mine, my heart leaped with admiration. Again Rose leaned back, taking Sierra with her, and pushed forward into me, driving my heavy rod deep inside her daughter's private realm once again.

We paused. I felt like Rose and I were both having sex with her daughter together. Our spirits were working as one to fill her soul with our love through her nether regions. I couldn't escape, nor did I ever want to. I knew then that I was part of this family in a deep and spiritual way.

Just then Sierra started moving of her own accord, sliding herself off of my slick wet cock, and backing herself on to it again . . . and then again. Rose smiled wide and let go of my hands, softly sliding them up to hold her daughter's face again.

"Now how are you feeling, sexy girl?" Rose quipped to her.

"Much better Mom, thank you!" Sierra said, choking back tears. "I love you so much!"

"And I love you . . ." replied Rose, "now let's put all this hard work to good use, my dears." And with that, Rose lay back against the headboard to watch us while her hand found its way to her own wet sex. Sierra followed her hand and then looked back at me and said . . .

"So? Are you ready to fuck your girl's ass or what Daniel?"

I smiled wide and moved her ass away from me for a moment, grabbed on to her hips and started pushing myself into Sierra's tight and sexy ass! The motion was almost effortless now, her tight tunnel gripping my cock as I moved in and out, gradually picking up speed as we went.

"Oh GOD," she moaned, "You've got it now. You're really fucking me . . . OH, in the ass Daniel! That's it!" Sierra's tight body was giving way, my cock was sliding smoothly and I felt Sierra start to take the reins.

"Oh FUCK!!" she belted out, "Oh my GOD! You pushed your big cock in there Danny, in my ass! Oh . . . fuck my ass Danny," she almost cried, "my poor little ass!"

The snug wetness of her narrow hole grabbed my cock and cinched it tight as I kept moving my cock in and out. I couldn't believe how deep it went and how big it made my cock look, sliding in and out of that little round hole in her ass.

"Ohhh your gorgeous cock is filling me up!" she barked, looking at her mother the whole time. Rose kept stroking her own pussy watching the hot steam build up.

"Go ahead and fuck my tight little ass Danny! OH SHIT . . . I mean it, fuck it good! My god you have that big hard cock stuck right . . .unh, OH GOD . . . right up my ass!" Sierra started talking through her gritted teeth, "Push that cock in there damn you, that's it, fuck your little girl in the ass!" her chatter was getting frantic now, "YES . . . look at me Mom, LOOK AT ME! Look at your girl! I have a cock . . . in my ass . . . fucking me in my little princess asshole! Look at him. Look at his cock! GOD . . . it's fucking my cute little ass! How could you let him fuck my beautiful ass Mommy? His cock is so BIG . . . he's stretching me out back there . . . and I LOVE IT!"

Sierra kept time with my long thrusts and we were really slapping thighs now, heating up that cozy hotel room.

"Oh god . . . Mom! You have to make sure Danny is really giving it to me back there! Is he? Is he really fucking my ass like he should? Go make sure Danny is fucking my little ass with everything he's got. GO!" she snarled at her mom.

Rose swung her legs off the bed and climbed in behind me on her knees, wrapping her arms around me and holding the base of my cock with one hand while I rammed into her daughter's sexy ass. Her other hand was rubbing around on my chest, down my side, rubbing my ass and in between my cheeks. I felt her giant tits pressed against my back, sending me to the edge.

"How is it Mother? How does it look? Is he really pounding me back there? Are you seeing this? I'm your daughter for God's sake . . . I'm bent over here getting fucked in the ass . . . are you watching me? OH MY GOD!!"

I was getting so hot now and so was Sierra, "Oh, this is so GOOD Danny!! I LOVE your cock fucking my ass! Promise me you'll fuck my ass again Danny, promise me! Promise that you'll take that big cock and stick it right up my tight ass again and fuck me!"

"Oh god . . . any time you want it babe," I hissed, thrusting my cock into her, matching her humping ass movements.

"Promise me you'll fuck my mom in the ass too Danny, promise me! Tell my mother you want to stick your fat cock up her ass while her daughter sucks her little clit! TELL HER!"

Rose took her fingers from around my cock and stuck them in my mouth, and worked her other hand up between my ass cheeks. She knew.

"Holy shit Danny I am going to cum so hard all over that god damn cock! Fuck that cock into me! Fuck that cock into me Danny! Fuck me you horny bastard!! OH . . .OH . . . OOHH SHIT!!" She dropped her head down and hunched up her back as her orgasm built up from the floor.

Rose grabbed my cock again and slid her hand down to my balls while her other hand pushed against my ass. She leaned up and stuck her wet tongue in my ear, "Oh Danny, I really do want to feel your hard cock in my ass," Rose whispered. "You can fuck my sweet ass any time you want to Daniel. Just bend me over and pull my panties down any time. I want you to push that hard cock right up my ass Danny and fuck me with it!"

Holy shit this was too much! With Rose talking dirty to me and Sierra getting ready to cum, I was spinning around in circles and my balls started boiling over. I reached down and found Rose's soaking pussy behind me and plunged my fingers in. She started clawing at me and moaning around her tongue in my ear, her pussy reacting instantly to my invasion.

"Oh fuck," I said suddenly with a warning in my voice.

"Oh YES Danny," cried Sierra, "Cum in my ass! Fuck me hard and cum in my ass Danny! YES!" Our sweaty bodies were taking it to the edge as I fucked that beautiful girl's ass like there was no tomorrow.

Rose breathed into my ear, "You can cum in my ass too Danny, or down my throat, or on my face, or all over my naked tits Daniel." She dragged her soft breasts up and down my back, her hard nipples pulling cum quickly up from my balls.

"Holy shit Danny, cum in me!" yelled Sierra, "Cum. Cum in my ass. I want to feel your squirting cum deep inside of me! Oh GOD, I'm CUMMMMMINGGG . . . OH . . . OH . . . MY GOD MY GOD I CAN'T STOP . . .FUUUUCCCKKKK!" Sierra's contractions on my cock were the last straw and my knees shuttered as buckets and buckets of cum seemed to spray from the end of my cock deep into Sierra's tight ass. We bucked and jolted and twitched as the most pleasurable sensations of my life wracked my body.

"OOOhhhhh my GOD!" yelled Rose as I pushed as many fingers as would fit as far up her pussy as I could reach. She squirmed and bucked her hips in orgasm as her grasp on my hard cock tightened. I felt a wave of fluid rush from her pussy as I fucked my fingers in and out of her as hard as I could.

Rose grabbed my nipple hard as she humped my fingers and pressed into my back, biting down on my shoulder. Sierra was shivering and quaking to her core with her own orgasm. I had to hang on tight as she shook out of control. My cock slipped from her ass as Sierra fell forward, and Rose's hand stayed in place and continued pumping my wet cock, our bodies swaying together on our knees.

I saw stars in my eyes and felt myself fall slowly forward into Sierra, Rose following me down onto the bed, our hands still clutching each other's wet sex. The room itself spun out of control as the ecstasy induced haze enveloped our bodies . . . and that's all I remember.


The phone rang next to the bed as I squinted my eyes open, the sun peeking through the blinds.

"Hello?" I answered.

"This is your wakeup call sir," said the chipper female voice on the other end, "and room service will be by in 15 minutes."

"Huh? . . . oh, right. Okay. Thanks!" and I hung up.

I crawled back under the fluffy down comforter and felt Sierra slide a hand around my waist from behind me and lightly rub my chest. I felt her slip covered breasts against my back. My eyes snapped open!

I looked across to the other bed and saw Sierra's mother Rose sound asleep under the covers.

"Good morning stud," whispered Sierra. I touched my waist and my boxers were in place. What happened? Was it a dream? I tried to move but every muscle in my body was sore. My tongue hurt and, holy shit, who tore my dick a new one? Last night was definitely not a dream.

I rolled over and looked at my gorgeous Sierra. "What happened?"

A big smile crept across her squinty morning face, "Wouldn't you like to know." And with that she rolled out of the bed and padded into the bathroom, closing the door.

Um, yes, I would like to know! I looked over at Rose, and she was now blinking at me from her bed and yawned. "You passed out Daniel. Just like that you were out cold, scared us to death. We thought we had done you in."

The same slow smile crept across Rose's face as she slowly sat up in bed. Rose didn't have her slip on, and her bare breasts were once again on display, this time in the bright light of the room.

"Like what you see Daniel?" she purred at me, catching my stare. "It's okay; I think we're family now. We ruined my poor slip last night with all that messing around. At least I had decided not to wear my panties to bed." She winked at me and stretched, her glorious breasts elongating in the morning rays. She relaxed and pulled the comforter and sheet back, swinging her legs over the side of the bed, hands on her knees. She wore a sexy pair of white silk panties, which I could see clearly as she got slowly to her feet.

Still dazed, I sat up in the bed a bit higher, absentmindedly still staring at Rose's silky crotch in front of me. She smiled down at me and stepped closer, so my face was inches from her valley. She reached down and touched my cheek and ran her hand through my hair. Then she turned so that her panty covered ass took its place in my view and started toward the bathroom, stopping before she had gotten too far.

Her ass was fantastic in her underthings, and she looked back at me over her shoulder and said softly, "I meant what I said you know," she paused for a moment and pulled one side of her panties down to show me her bare naked cheek.

"Any time."

I knew right then my life had changed.

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Not So Much Tongue

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