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Creating a monster ch 8

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Female Domination, Lesbian

Author: Sexy Mommy

Published: 09 March 2018

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Chapter 8

Our laughing was interrupted by the clatter of heels on tile. Jessica and Haley came in to the room.

"We were looking for you two." Jessica said. She came further in the room and grabbed my leash, while Haley watched, then promptly pulled me from the room.

I looked back at Allison as her daughter lead me away.

Next thing I knew, I was back in the living room. Jessica put me in the center of the room again, on my knees, while she went to do something. Haley called to her, "Watch this" and put her foot on the floor in front of me, giving it a wag.

I know what she was after, so I went down to the floor, and started to lick from the inside edge of her pump, up to her ankle, when I reached the end, I pulled my tongue away, and started over at the shoe again. I had done this several times, when I noticed Jessica's snake skin heels beside Haley.

"That's kind of hot." She told Haley.

"Try it." Was Haley's reply. Haley removed her animal print shoe from in front of me, and used it to shove my head tward Jessica. I fell slightly, then composed my self before Jessica.

For Jessica I started at the very tip of the toe of her shoe, turning my head slightly so she could see me work. Running my tongue over the rough texture of the snake skin shoes, dropping slightly on to the silky tan top of her foot, I went iip and down until there was a wet streak darkening the nylon and she had her fill.

"She's a good slut mommy." Jessica told Haley, clearly for my benefit.

Jess went to the couch and picked up a sex toy. Shaped like a number 7, the long arm of the 7 was smooth and about 7 inches long with a bulbous tip, the short end had the same basic shape as the plug that currently reside it in my ass, albeit slightly larger. Jessica held it, fondled it, carressed it, making sure I was watching. It was quickly apparent this entire venture was a show, mostly for me. Haley was sitting on the couch dividing her attention between me and Jessica's handling of this device, as soon as Jessica got tired of manipulating it, she brought it toward me, and holding out the short end, told me to open. I did, and she promptly inserted it into my mouth, moving it in and out slightly she then removed it. Jess squated enough so that she could get her legs spread, and slowly begin to insert the short end. It took her a few moments of working it gently in and out, and then as the widest portion passed into her vagina, her body sinched down over the narrow base, holding it decidedly firm. Once in place, Jessica stood up straight and wiggled around, the long end looking like a black cock protruding from her, as she moved, it was surely providing her some internal sensation, as she turned and walked toward Haley.

Haley eyed her with growing life, and with every small step Jessica took toward her, Haley open her legs a little wider. By the time Jessica had reached her, her legs were as wide as they could get, and Haley reached down and gave her bald pussy a pat, just is she done for me at one time. It was all the encouragement Jessica needed, she lowered herself to Haley, supporting yourself with one hand, she guided the bulbous head of her toy to haleys awaiting lips, she rubbed it up and down a couple of times to moisten it up. Haley was so wet I could see her glisten from across the room. As Jessica started to push the phalis into her, she groaned slightly, and made a bit of a uncomfortable face, this object was clearly pushing the limit of what she could take. Jessica eased back a little, and then pushed again, this time getting a little further, one more time and the end broke past her opening has Haley let out sigh, followed by a subtle but appreciative moan. Jessica waited just a moment for Haley recover, and then begin to slowly work her. The girls kept looking back at me, watching me and my reaction. I'm not sure exactly what they were expecting, if they were hoping to see me get aroused, there's no way my nipples could get any harder or my pussy could get any wetter.

Jessica worked this penis like she was born with it, at first she was gentle, slowly just going in and out partway. Haley's labia would protrude in a particularly lude way as the bulb was starting to come out. Jessica would then stop and return it, before making it uncomfortable for her. As time went on, eventually all 7 inches disappeared up in side of her, and Jessica began to rapidly thrust at her. Haley brought her legs up around Jessica's waist, embracing her, pulling her even harder at times into her. Their bodies rubbed together with each thrust, Jessica seemed to be getting as much out of it is Haley was. Haley was becoming breathless when she looked over at me and said "You know, Jessica's the one that took my virginity. She is so good at this." This made Jessica smile and double her efforts, she became like a jackhammer pounding away at her. Eventually Haley released her legs as they simply splayed out on each side of her. Her moans turn to gasps, and then to cries, and then to screams as her orgasm ripped through her body. Jessica kept going for a minute or two longer, slowing and then finally stopping.

Jessica then extracaited herself off of Haley, as she did so this phalic toy made a subtle popping sound as it came free from the tightness between her legs. Haley layback on the couch recovering, as Jessica walked toward me, she was almost as beautiful as her mother I decided. She did the slow walk back to me.

She did the slow walk back to me, putting one foot just in front of the other. When she got in front of me, this rubber toy waved in front of my face. "Open." she said, I did, and it went in. I could taste my sweet Haley all over it. It was wet, and musky, and tasted beautiful.

After Jessica felt I had done an adequate job of cleaning it, she asked if I would like to turn. Keeping in my submissive roll I eagerly replied "Yes ma'am." She asked me which and I wanted to be, and I told her "Whatever you would like ma'am." She seem to enjoy me calling her ma'am.

Stand up she told me, I did so with no hesitation. Reaching down she slowly tugged and remove this object from her tight womb, and without so much as wiping it off begin to inserted into me. As she did, I squated slightly, spreading my legs for her, and she manage to squeeze it in quite easily, well lubricated as it was from her own body. She got it nestled snuggly inside and I stood up, legs more together. With this thing extending in front of me, she reached out and slapped it has she turned away, sending creative sensations into my body.

She walked back over to the couch, over to where Haley was still lying on her back, legs spread ludely, she had began to gently stroke herself. Jessica stood between her legs brought one knee up to put on the couch, bringing her face over to just above Haley's, and using one hand simply pointed. I was supposed to do my thing. The distance that her slow attempt at a soultry walk had taken 8 or 10 steps, I covered in just over 1 and a half. In my eagerness I was perhaps too aggressive for her at first, I placeed the head against her swollen vagina and thrust it in, one motion. She squealed a little bit, but then soon began rocking back and forth against me, I took it more gently after that first insertion. Halfway in and most the way out, watching her cute little pussy, as the bulb tried to exit, only to return it in side of her again. A little further in each time and soon it was buried deep in her, just as it was Haley. I began now going harder and faster, as my pace quickened, so did her breathing. Her breathing had turned into a series of short gasps, I had stood completely, lifting her feet off the ground, holding her hips up as I drove into her, pounding at this beautiful sweet body of hers. As the series of gasps grew, soon the torment of her orgasm seared through her, I could look down and see her anus pulsing and contracting every so often. She would gasp loudly, catching her breath with a squeal, and soon her orgasm had passed, as I continued more gently thrusting in her. I lowered her back down to her feet and then slowly remove my fake penis from her, with some resistance, as I stepped back. Haley lounging back on the couch stroking her clit gently, as Jessica lay partly on top of her, her ass still high in the air with considerable vaginal fluid running down toward her belly. I looked down at my self, my cunt was so wet my thighs were wet halfway down to my stocking, I desperately wanted some relief.

"Is there anything else I can do for you two?" I asked, hoping. They waived me off without so much as a word. I could tell Haley would be ready again in short order. I removed this thing from my body, and walked over to the table where Jessica had picked it up, the table was an entire assortment sexual paraphernalia, dildos of all varieties, vibrators, several strap-ons, and a few things I didn't truly recognize, like the item I had just pulled from myself. There were 3 of these items in various sizes, one ridiculously large. There were double dildos ranging from three quarters of an inch in diameter, up to 3 inches, and everything in between. I placed the toy on the table, left the girls. I could hear conversations going on in various rooms, I could hear moaning, occasional screaming going on in various rooms, but I walked back down the hallway to where I had left Allison.

After reaching the game room and finding it empty, I went to the bar and grabbed another bottle of water and walked around the room. of all the pieces of art in the room it was one smaller piece in the corner that caught my eye. I was a bit stuned looking at it closely, it appeared to be a genuine Monet. Maybe Allison's bank account was even bigger than I thought.

I went down the hall to the restroom to take care of some functions, then stood at the mirror before I left to fix myself a little. before I could turn to leave, I hear the sound of footsteps at the door. I guess I should have locked it. The door swung open and in walked 4 feet 3 inches of what I was finding out was a nasty little girl.

"I didn't expect to see you in here slut," Mackenzie said, scorn in her voice, "but we'll just call it a happy coincidence." As she walked toward me standing directly in front of me she ordered "knees."

I didn't quite know what she meant it first, her entire entrance caught me off guard, and in my hesitation she brought her hand around quickly and slapped me hard on the side of my hip, on the bare skin between the corset and the stocking. "On your knees now!"

I was not liking this little girl. It started to become clear, even in my mind, but I had enjoyed what it happened between Haley and I because it was an interesting diversion, it had the forbidden nature, it had the odd paradox of the young girl being in charge, but perhaps I felt I had some level of control, and because there was a relationship between Haley and I, I felt things would never be too much. With this little monster, I had no such illusions. I quickly went down to my knees, the tile in the bathroom was hard but thankfully not cold and I looked slightly up at her not really wanting to earn her scorn again.

She closed the short distance between us and I could see obviously what she wanted, but her short stature and me in a fairly upright position put my mouth about her mid section. Seeing her dilemma she put both hands behind my head and took a step back, pulling me down and forward onto my hands. In a continuation of the same motion, she brought herself back forward, pushing her bald mons into my face. "Eat it," she command "eat my cunt."

I tilted my head back and went to work as ordered, licking her. In no time, her inner labia started to expose themselves, and soon that large clitoris of hers began to grow. At first I just licked at it, then as she got going I started to suck on it like a nipple. Her clitoris wss amazingly large, it felt like a marble underneath her skin, and it made pleasuring her very easy. She started to grunt and groan her low frequency crawls, and I knew her moment was coming. Her hands had never left the back of my head, but now she began using me to hold her balance. As she got closer she applied more force, holding me into her, louder lower pitched grunts begin to eminate from her, and then her hips begin to pitch forward, and then shake in a somewhat uncontrollable manner. She held on tight to my head now, more to keep her up right, as her legs begin to get weak. Like last time, as she came she begin to squirt pulses, but this time with my mouth on her clit the streams hit my chin and cascaded on to the floor beneath me. The salty flavor did not escape me however. A few moments later, after she had calmed down and got the strength back in her legs, she stood on her own and pushed my head back with a bit of disgust.

"Well I guess I don't have to use the bathroom now." she said with a grin that I did not like. "Clean yourself up, you're a mess," she said, and before she left she turned around and said "clean up the floor too." Then turned, left the room and shut the door behind her. I gave her the bird after the door was shut, but I did do as I was told.

As I was told, I cleaned up the floor with a towel that was on the counter. I didn't know what to do with it so I just put it in the bathtub for now. I cleaned myself up, Allison's makeup bag was still in the room, so I used what I could from there. I checked myself out in the mirror, and my corset had fallen slightly so I tuggeded it up and brought it back into position, regaining what dignity I could, I left the bathroom again.

I had just left the bathroom and started to walk down the hall when Haley and Jessica came shuffling down the corridor at me. They were grinning like they had something in mind, and somehow with these two I didn't mind it so much. They each took me by the hand and started quickly back down the hall to the living room with the three of us making considerable clatter.

Back in the living room I saw Allison had been delivered and was kneeling on the floor. Even in this subordinate position she maintained the dignity and a sense of power that I knew I didn't have. She smiled at me as I walked in, a kind of knowing smile that actually put me a bit at ease. The girls brought me behind her, and had me kneel down as well. They started to position us like we were mannequins, they didn't speak, they would just move us as they wanted to. We were both on our hands and knees in the end, pointed away from each other, and then they had to back me up so that are asses we're actually touching. I kind of liked this, no, I really liked this. Allison's magnificent ass was strong and had a beautiful shape. I wiggeled mine into her and it seemed to please the girls when I did. Allison seemed the chuckle a little herself.

I took advantage of the generally good spirits in the room, and decided to put on a show, and maybe get some sexual relief. I dropped my shoulders to the floor, keeping my ass high in the air, and back upm some more to maintain ass contact. Did I mention I liked how this felt? Allison followed my lead, and soon was in the same position. Using both hands, I reached back, spreading my ass wide, and when Allison did the same, it brought our bald cunt lips together in what was the most erotic of kisses. We rubbed and undiluted for several minutes, much to the girls, and my delight.

Jessica left then came running back, well as fast as a 8 year old in high heels can run, from the table containing all the toys. She carried a double ended dildo that seemed to be about two and a half inches in diameter, and about 16 inches long. The girls giggled immensely as they pulled us apart and back on our hand and knees. leaning away, creating space between us, Jessica then when about incerting one end object into the opening of my pussy, it was so wet it slid in easy. She did the same to Allison, and as soon as the end had been started adequately, it was Haley who spoke up.

"Back together." She said, bringing her hand together for visual reinforcement, and you could hear the grin in her voice. She and Jessica seem to enjoy using Allison and I as human Barbie dolls.

Allison and I came back together and as we did our bodies enveloped the rubber member that was connecting us. As we came back, our bodies touching, we were both filled completely, it was a good feeling just sitting there.

Jessica chimed in next "Okay, work at girls." she said, and gave both of us swat on the butt, not painful but it made a good sound. I wasn't really sure what to do but I followed Allison's lead, as she begin to move forward and back easy, forward and sliding back, she would go forward slowly drawing the plastic material out of us, and come back fairly quickly, slamming our cheeks together. The hardness of her body was a thrill, how could someone be so firm, and so soft at the same time? We begin to get into a rhythm, forward and back together, forcefully bringing our bodies and driving the new toy into us. It began as a forced exercise to entertain the girls, but soon I was really getting into this. Occasionally I would put my head down and I could see Allison's legs, her white silken shapely legs. As we went back and forth in rhythm we both seemed to start pulling further and further out, and bringing ourselves together even harder. I was getting very aroused, very turned on. I'm driving myself tward an orgasm. Haley had left momentarily, then returned. I didn't see what she was doing, my eyes are either closed, or looking at Allison, but I heard Jessica excliam "oh yeah."

Haley said "Stop for a moment mommy's." We did, we stopped with our bodies back together pushing the toy hard into us. "Spread apart." she said and we pulled ourselves apart, slowly, reluctantly. After we were maybe a foot apart, she told us to stop. Reaching down, she began to pull the gold plug from my ass, I had forgot it was even there, and it came out with little resistance in my overly excited state. I could feel she brought another double ended dildo back with her, and begin to nest it in against my anus, and then put it in. It wasn't nearly as big as the one we were currently using, it felt like it was only maybe just less than an inch across. After I had accepted into me to her satisfaction, she said "OK, back together slowly." and as we started to, I could feel it wiggling as she did the same, fitting it into Allison's tight ass. Once she had it well started, she commanded us back together, and we did, eagerly.

As I told you earlier I've always enjoyed the taste and feel of cum in my mouth. I've also always been a bit analy fixated. Having this large toy between us in our pussies, both sharing it, and now our ass sharing another one, was all I needed. We began are rythmic separation and unions. It was a faster build this time, we started coming out further, and slamming ourselves together even harder, apart and back together. I felt like the toy in our ass was going to come out with each stroke, but it stayed firm. Back and forth we went harder and faster, I could tell I was going to cum any moment, I dropped my chest to the floor keeping my ass high in the air again, as Allison continued to thrust away at me. I did my best in this position, but it was hard to move too much. And then it hit me, I cried out once, and again, my voice, my screen echoing throughout the room, and again Allison kept the motions up. A long scream escaped from my mouth, trailing off into a silent gasp as I ran out of air. It was at this point I could hear Allison starting to gasp herself into an orgasm. Hers was another silent torment of an orgasm. Cute in a way, but not very satisfying to someone watching. I brought myself up on my hands and started to move, returning the fantastic motion she had given me. She became more rigid and stiff as I kept moving back and forth. I pounded both of us with these toys, her silent bliss begin to ebb and she collapsed to her side on the floor, the toys pulled out of me as she did, one of them making a wet sucking sound. She laid there, panting, these two decadent objects hanging out from between her legs. I could see the long thin toy coming from her ass was bouncing as the orgasm continue to roll through her. I scrambeled around and laid on top of her, and kissed her cheek as her sensations begin to subside. I gently removed first the toy in her ass, then her sweet pussy.

The girls seem to enjoy the show, by the time we were done and had regained our composure, we looked at the couch and the girls were making out feverishly. And soon Jessica had swapped ends and begin to 69 with Haley. They looked amazing, so Allison and I took the opportunity to leave them alone, as we we stood up and made our way back to the game room leaving angels to enjoy themselves.

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Creating a monster ch 8

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