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Incestual Education School - Ch. 1

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Author: superwriter1337

Published: 09 March 2018

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My name is Amy. I am sixteen years old, and I go to a very special kind of school. It’s sort of like a boarding school, though with some pretty significant differences. First of all, you have to attend the school with a sibling; if you don’t have a sibling, then you aren’t allowed to go. They usually prefer that the sibling is of the opposite sex, though if that isn’t possible, then it is generally alright with the school.

I attend this school with my brother, Andrew. He’s fifteen years old. He is a little taller than me; I think he is 5’7. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and he has a relatively muscular build. I’m about 5’3 with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. I have decent boobs - they’re C cup, and I have a big round butt from doing lots of squats and other leg exercises.

Andrew and I attend the Incestual Educational School. It’s a secret institution that combines normal education with a sexual curriculum taught specifically to pairs of siblings. The school teaches the girls how to pleasure the boys, and it teaches the boys how to pleasure the girls. You usually pair up with your sibling for learning and exams, though sometimes you participate with other people depending on the circumstances.

The uniform is pretty basic. The girls wear short skirts, generally without any panties, and a tight-fitting crop top that shows off the belly and fits tightly to the girls breasts. You aren’t supposed to wear a bra so that your nipples are always poking through the shirt, though you're generally allowed to just wear a revealing bra instead of the crop top if you prefer. Boys usually wear shorts and a tank top. The shorts are designed such that they may be easily removed when necessary.

The week is organized such that each day has a designated topic in addition to your standard classes. Mondays are oral sex days, Tuesdays are advanced sex positions, Wednesdays are toys and props, Thursdays are dedicated to all things anal, and Fridays are group sex. There is always some overlap, but usually each day focuses on that topic. Weekends are left up to the individual’s choosing, though there are some requirements. Over the course of the weekend, each girl is required to make their usual partner ejaculate into their mouth, pussy, and asshole. Similarly, each boy is required to ejaculate at least once into their partner’s mouth, pussy, and asshole.

The first weekend of every month requires that each girl be double-teamed, though she can pick the holes. If she wants to suck somebody’s cock whilst having her butthole plugged up with another dick, then she’s permitted to do that. She can also bounce up and down on a cock inside her pussy whilst sucking off somebody’s prick. She could even take a cock in the ass and the pussy at the same time if she wanted. If a girl takes three cocks at once (one in her butt, one in her pussy, and one in her mouth), she’s awarded a trip to the Orgasm Room. Here, girls are pleasured to the max by top-of-the-class students using advanced techniques, toys, and positions. Similarly, if a boy manages to fill three different pussies, mouths, and assholes each in a weekend, he gets to go to the Orgasm Room where he is similarly pleasured by top-of-the-class students using advanced techniques, toys, and positions.

Every couple months, parents come to visit. During visitations, the parents are shown what their children have been learning. Generally, it begins with daughters and dads, and mothers and sons going into private Visitation Rooms. Here, the daughters show their fathers what they’ve learned about giving blowjobs, taking it up the ass, and classic penis-in-vagina fucking. The sons show their mothers how good they’ve gotten at eating pussy, eating ass, and fucking (both anal and classic). Generally speaking, the mom’s end up swallowing a good load or two of their son’s spunk before they leave; daughters will swallow at least two big loads of their dad’s cum.

After the one-on-one sessions are over, the siblings and parents are brought together for an epic foursome (occasionally six- or even eight-somes happen). Lube and toys are supplied, as well as extra participants if necessary. There are often a few crazy moms that want to take many different cocks over the course of the visitation weekend. The record is set by a woman named Mrs. Robinson, who took a record forty cocks in her mouth (she swallowed every single load), twenty cocks in her ass (which all came deep inside her bowels, of course), and thirty cocks in her pussy over the course of the weekend (which filled her womb to the brim with jizz). That doesn’t even count the amount of people she had shoot their load onto her ass, tits, and face. She is allowed to come to school and visit the Orgasm Room whenever she pleases because of her impressive record.

Anyways, that's enough background information. Today it’s Monday, and Andrew and I were in our Oral Sexal 203 - “Advanced Techniques” class. Oral Sex 203 -“Advanced Techniques” is what kids who were able to test out of Oral Sex 101 - “Introduction” take after taking Oral Sex 201 - “Advanced Intro” and Oral Sex 202 - “Intro to Analingus”. Oral Sex 201 was a lot more “hands on” than Oral Sex 101 would have been. Oral Sex 202 assumed you knew some of the basics of analingus and went focused a lot on advanced techniques. Andrew was absolutely fantastic in Oral Sex 202. I love having my ass played with in any capacity, though I especially enjoy having my butt probed by an enthusiastic tongue, and Andrew was certainly capable of enthusiastically licking my ass. He stayed between my buttcheeks for hours, and it was AMAZING. I returned the favor in blowjobs and whatnot, of course, but good lord does my brother know how to eat ass.

Also, in case you’re wondering, testing out of Oral Sex 101 was pretty straight forward. Males had to be able to make the Oral Sex 101 teacher, Mrs. Gomeiz, climax with their mouths (lips, tongue, etc.) in under fifteen minutes. If they could do that, they had to demonstrate that they could eat ass well enough. Basically Mrs. Gomez gave them five minutes to lick the hell out of her butthole, and if she thought it felt good enough, they passed. As for me and the other girls, we had to suck off one of the other teachers since the Oral Sex 101 teacher is a woman. It wasn’t too hard. In my case, I had the Sex Toys 101 teacher, Mr. Huffman. The trick was to rub the teacher’s balls while you had his cock in your mouth, and suck on his ballsack while you were stroking his prick. It really was not that hard (his dick sure was though!). If you could drain his balls in under fifteen minutes, then you were golden. I was lucky too, actually, because Mr. Huffman’s dick was not too big (maybe that’s why he was a Sex Toys teacher!). I generally like big dicks, especially when it comes to sucking dick, but it absolutely is easier to get a small dick down your throat. For what it's worth, though, Mr. Huffman had a lovely big pair of balls that were an absolute joy to lick and suck on. I love having a boy's balls in my mouth, and his was definitely no exception. It was fun to run my tongue all around his balls while I jacked off his throbbing erection.

What I didn’t know going into the test, though, is that if you can drain whatever male teacher’s balls quick enough, you then have to pass the same ass eating test the boys had. I actually love eating ass, especially girl’s asses. The Oral Sex 101 teacher, Mrs. Gomez, has a lovely plump butt, too. I buried my face in between her buttcheeks as quick as possible, and she actually let me stay there for an extra two minutes. Although generally you aren’t supposed to do this, I was rubbing my clitty while I licked her ass, and I ended up giving myself an orgasm right before we had to quit. I don’t know if she could tell (Hell, she probably could), but it was great.

I may sound experienced for a sixteen year old, but that’s only because I’ve been here for a while. My father did give me some pointers on giving blowjobs and whatnot prior to my enrollment (and my mother gave me a BRIEF lesson on eating ass), but mostly I’m just good at it. Dad says that my mom is AMAZING at giving head, so maybe I got it from her. Who knows?

Anyways, like I said, today is Monday and Andrew are in our Oral Sex 203 - “Advanced Techniques” class. Our teacher is named Mrs. Heck. She’s a cute, young blonde (like me!) with short hair, gray eyes, freckles, and a plump butt. Her booty isn’t super huge, but it’s very firm and round. She’s also super tall, and her legs are gorgeous. I’m mostly straight (okay, that’s a lie, I love pussy), but goddamn are her legs amazing. She has HUGE tits too -- I’ve spent a long time just sucking on her nipples while masturbating myself. Mrs. Heck is currently just discussing today’s challenge.

“Alright class,” she said, “today, we are just going to have a basic blowjob/pussy-eating contest.” Mrs. Heck was wearing a short skirt and a tight-fitting long sleeve shirt. She was not wearing a bra underneath her shirt, which was made immediately obvious because her hard nipples were poking through the fabric. “The first pair to make each other cum gets to receive head from me and three other students of their choice.”

Excited murmuring swept through the class. Mrs. Heck was amazing at giving head. She gave incredible blowjobs (according to Andrew and the other guys), and she was amazing at eating pussy. The last time Andrew and I won, it was heavenly. She knows how to tease you and really make you want it bad. I was whimpering and begging her to lick my clitty by the time she relented. She would reach up and pinch my nipples and massage my boobs whilst her tongue explored my pussy. She edged me for twenty minutes before finally allowing me to climax all over her face. She wasn’t done with me after she made me cum though, oh no. She turned me over (she had me on my back), placed her hands on my buttcheeks, and squeezed. She delicately spread them and moved her face in between my cheeks. I felt her breath on my rosebud, and my heart skipped a beat. She spent the next ten minutes eating my ass in the most heavenly way, oh gosh. She was effectively french-kissing my asshole by the end. She reached underneath me and rubbed my clit, and you best believe I came with her tongue in my asshole. It was fantastic. I really want to experience that again, so I’m gonna give Eric the best damn blowjob I can (minus edging, of course. We don’t have time for that!).

“As usual, I am going to flip this coin,” Mrs. Heck said, holding a quarter in the palm of her hand. Her fingernails were painted red. “If it lands on heads, the boys will get their cocks sucked first. If it lands on tails, then the girls will have their pussies eaten first.”

She flipped the coin. The class excitedly watched it rise and then fall, landing back in Mrs. Heck’s hand. She flipped the coin onto her opposite hand and looked. Heads.

“Well boys,” she said, “looks like y’all are about to get your cocks sucked.”

The boys cheered excitedly and assumed the position. The girls eagerly got down on their knees while the boys stood next to them. I got down onto my knees and lifted my shirt up so my tits were out. Most of the other girls did the same. We weren’t allowed to physically incorporate them into this blowjob, but we sure as Hell could have ‘em out. As we’ve learned, boys are very visual. They love the feeling of having their dick sucked or ridden or what have you, but they want to see it happening. Similarly, they love watching our tits bob up and down with the rest of us as we suck their dicks.

“I will never get tired of your tits, Amy”, Andrew groaned. The bulge in his pants had grown visibly. Yummy.

“Thanks Andrew,” I giggled. I reached up and rubbed my breasts with my hands, rolling my now rock hard pink nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. You know, it did take some time to get used to doing sexual things with my brother. It was insanely weird at first, though it was hot because of how wrong it was. And we still know it’s wrong; it’s absolutely taboo. That really has not worn off, even since we came to this school. We just love it too much. It’s so dirty. I mean, we’re in a room full of siblings about to perform oral sex on each other. What’s not to like?

Mrs. Heck had pulled her shirt up so her tits were out now, too. Even for their size, her breasts were incredibly perky. She had big rosey pink nipples which now stood rock hard at attention. She sat on her desk and leaned back with her legs spread. She was definitely not wearing any panties. Her pussy was glistening and her puckered asshole sat slightly below that. She reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a container of lube and a buttplug. She uncapped the bottle and thoroughly doused her plug in lube. The class watched lustfully as she rubbed her butthole gently with the buttplug before pushing it inside her. She breathed in sharply as her ass swallowed the plug. She moaned once it was all the way inside her. She positioned her fingers on her swollen clit, but she did not start playing with herself.

“Remember,” she half said, half moaned, “if one of you girls can make your brother come in your mouth before I make myself climax, I will give you an incredibly intense anal orgasm” As I said, she really knew how to eat ass. She would incorporate dildos and whatnot if you accomplished this extra challenge, however, and that was really something special. “And boys, in a similar manner, if you make your girl’s pussy come before I make myself climax the second time, your cock can replace this buttplug,” she touched her buttplug and winked, “after class.”

All of the boys moaned at the idea of fucking Mrs. Heck’s tight little asshole. Her ass wasn’t the biggest of all the teachers, but it was firm as Hell and absolutely tight as fuck. Her butthole wrapped around a nice, thick cock would make that prick feel amazing. Mrs. Heck would always arch her back while she was being buttfucked from behind, making her ass look even better, too. She would even reach down and massage the boy’s balls as they were emptied into her bowels which certainly made them feel incredible. She knew how to squeeze her ass around the boy’s prick while he was cumming too, so she really milked the boy’s balls dry.

Mrs. Heck began to count down from three. The fun was about to begin...

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Incestual Education School - Ch. 1

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