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Creating A Monster ch 6

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Boy, Female solo

Author: Sexy Mommy

Published: 09 March 2018

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Chapter 6

So after they had Haley situated on the couch, Jessica walked over to her mother, found her leash, and walked her back on her hands and knees to where she had been waiting. I looked around the room, at all the faces staring at us, well at just me now, I'm sure I must have been quite a sight to behold at this point. I looked over at Melanie lounging on the couch, she had riding crop in one hand, she was using it to slowly stroke up and down between her legs.

She seemed to have a sudden change of thought. She set up quickly, transferring the riding crop to her left hand she wacked her eldest daughter across the midsection, her bare abdomen showing a crimson welt, and spoke to her for the first time. "Misty, go get the tray" and motioned to table on the far wall. Misty did as she was told, and came back a moment later with a silver serving tray, and sat it on a side table on the edge of the room.

As Haley sat on the couch recuperating, Jessica and Madison rose and begin to remove their dresses. Jessica was wearing the same merry widow as Haley, only in a shimmering gold that work beautifully with her golden red hair. Madison's red dress found its place on the floor, she stood wearing nothing but a simple red garter belt holding her stockings. She was the only one of the three that could be said to have curves.

Madison came over to me, and used my leash to lead me to the center of the open space, and had me lay down on my back on the floor. She walked around me, staring down, assessing, contemplating. As she did, I looked up at her, examining the puffy labia that filled the space where her thighs met. I laid there rubbing my thighs together, trying to get some satisfaction. I believed any attempt to pleasure myself would be rebuked. After Madison had done a full lap around me, she stood at my head staring down at me with a smirk. She turned. putting one foot on each side of my head and then in one quick motion dropped herself down to my face.

Her young pussy may have been soft, but it came down with enough force to make it uncomfortable. I moved my head as much as I could to position myself in a way that would be more comfortable for me, and allow me to do the work she obviously wanted. Instead of allowing me to go to work on her, she brought both hands down between her legs, and using her left hand to spread herself wide, her profesdionally manicured right hand started furiously rubbing her clit. Her clitoris protruded in a way that I have not seen any woman's, it seem to be larger then one would think natural, and her rubbing at it only made it larger and reder. Her eyes were barely open as she looked down at my face, rubbing aggressively at a feverish pitch.

Her head was bent over and I could see her eyes begin to roll back, signaling the coming of her inevitable orgasm. She began to grunt and groan, low, gravely sounds that seem to carry on. She sounded more animal than human at this point, grunting loudly. Her hips started thrusting, and I could feel her small vagina contracting on my tongue.

"Open" Madison told me. "Open" she repeated more forcefully.

I opened my mouth, extending my tongue as much as possible. Her motions on her bright red clitoris intensified, her hips started to shake, and a slightly higher pitch to her grunting and groaning came as she dropped all her weight on to my mouth. She cried out with her orgasm, but not the high pitch scream that Haley or even myself will do, but a low grumbly, long winded cry, and as she came, my mouth begin to fill as she squirted her salty fluids in a series of small pulses. I swallowed her urine as she raised herself from my face, and in doing so, some made celebratory clapping sounds.

I had heard that some women would squirt when they came, but I didn't know that I would ever experience that. So as I lay there, my face is surely a mess, coated with little girl juice, I'm still pressing my thighs together, trying to gain some relief from the sexual tension. I open my eyes and see Jessica's tiny cherry slit lowering down to my face. She was in the same position Madison had been, but she dropped down on me in a much more gentle manor. And where Madison seemed to just want to use me to help her masturbate, Jessica clearly wanted me to take care of her.

I went to work on her tiny clit as soon as it made contact with me, it was small, and hard, but growing by the moment. It started the size of a BB, and in seconds it grow into the size of a pea, and stayed while I licked gently at it for the next few minutes. I could look up and see her reddish blonde locks pooling around her face, she looked a lot like her mother. Soon I could sense her excitement building, she reached back and grabbed my hand and selecting one finger, she slowly begin to insert it into her ass, I could instantly feel the heat building in her. I could feel her anus contracting and releasing in a rythmic pattern, matching my lips action on her clitoris. I began to suckle from it like it was a small nipple, intensifying the stimulation to her. Her orgasm came quickly, she put one hand on the top my head, holding my hair while her hips thrust against my mouth. Her eyes shut tightly, her face contorted, but she never made a sound. She seemed to stop breathing for a moment, several moments, then all of the sudden she gasped out loud, took a deep breath and made an almost crying sound, and went back to her silent contortions as her young vagina rubbed against my face, and her asshole contracted and released on my finger. After a few more of these she paused, lifted herself lightly off my face, pulled my finger from her anus, and rose to go join her friends on the couch in their post orgasmic stooper.

It became clear that I was to be the service item today, I was to pleasure the people who wanted pleasure. I figured the order must go in some form of hierarchy from high to low, but that would'nt explain why Melanie wasn't first, she clearly seem to be in charge, but perhaps she was saving herself. Her two servents stood behind her, not moving. After Jessica had left, I laid on the floor not knowing what to expect, the next thing I knew Allison's face had appeared over me. She had crawled over from her waiting spot to me, apparently Allison was above Melanie's servents.

As she looked down at me, her eyes apart from all the rest, showed a caring and lustfullness. "I'm so sorry" she said in a voice just out of whisper.

"I'm not" I whispered up to her, smiling.

This made her smile.

With that she lowered her face to mine and gave me a kiss, a sideways kiss, surely still tasting the special flavors of the two young ladies who had just spent time on me. She moved to climb on top of me, but instead of squatting over my face as the other two had, she's slinked down my body into a 69 position. I spread my legs as wide as I could for her, and she did the same for me. Her cunt, was beautiful, with her inner labia protruding from the cleft between her legs, and the clitoris I wanted so much rested just above me. The 69 position is not the best position for oral sex, but I was going to give it my very best shot. I lapped at her slit, and poked at her clit with the tip of my tongue, moving it side to side. She had her lips wrapped around my clitoris before I knew it, I was in such an aroused state, and been turned on for so long without any pleasuring from anyone, I came in side of 30 seconds. I screamed out loudly, my cries echoing off the glass and stone surfaces in the room as my legs instinctively wrapped around the back of her head. It was not the most satisfying or fulfilling orgasm I had ever had, but it was the most needed orgasm I had ever had, the relief and release was exceptional.

Coming back quickly to my senses, I spotted the beautiful womanhood above my face, and I went to work on it. She was not in an entirely different position than mine, having had no satisfaction either, and moments later I could see her anus begin the quiver and contract in uncontrollable spasms. Just like Jessica, she didn't make a sound as she came, her breathing stopped, she pushed her bald cunt in to my face, a moment later gasping for air crying out briefly, and then back to her silent tormented state, as I continue to gently lick her and soon she was satisfied.

She removed herself from me without coming back to my face to kiss me. About that time, Melanie gave misty another hard slap with the riding crop, this time it came lower, it would have hit her right about where her pubic hair should have been. Its was just now that I noticed both of her companions we're completely nude, and Melanie motioned Misty to me as I lay there. This young woman walked briskly to me, without the grace even the younger girls had shown, but just as the other young ladies had done, put a foot on each side of my head and lowered her pussy on to me. She had fat outer lips, and inner labia that just barely were visible, and like Madison, she rested her vaginal opening on my mouth, and then spread herself, started to rub herself furiously. Two minutes later her pussy was pressed against my open mouth with several pulsed streams of her urine squirting its way in as she grunted and growled her way to a seemingly satisfactory orgasm. I swallowed.

Apparently it runs in the family

Misty rose quickly and returned to Mother's side. As she did, Melanie signaled Aiden to go. He moved with the quick eagerness of a young boy about go get some. He came to my side and dropped to his knees between his mother and me. I rolled over toward him, rising enough to have my head in the right position. His cock was only about 3 or 4 inches, but it seemed large for his body. With a width of at most an inch, I had no trouble taking it all in my mouth, and started sucking it in and out as fast as I could. I could have sworn he giggled at one point. While I was sucking his small penis, I looked around him to his mother, Allison was still on her knees, but was watching intently. She knelt there as before, but had snuck her right hand between her legs, and was nodding her head very slightly at the same pace I was sucking her son. As young boys are prone to do, he lasted nearly a minute, and then I could feel his salty adelesent load in my mouth. I was always a swallower, I truly liked the taste and feel of cum in my mouth, and this was the best tasting I have ever had, not a drop escaped me.

As Aiden went back to his place, Melanie began to speak.

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Creating A Monster ch 6

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