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Older Women Have Fantasies, Some Act on Them

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, First Time, Male / Female

Author: Wanda C Moore

Published: 13 March 2018

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When Kay was younger she had always enjoyed drawing attention to her breast in one way or another. She loved sharing them with her boyfriends. Letting them fondle them as she played with their cocks. She liked being in control of a boy's orgasm. Letting them squirt on her breast. She would then work the white seamen into her firm breast with her hands. As she grew older she shared more and more allowing a few select boyfriends her sweet spot. One of those boyfriends was Bill whom she later would marry.

Bill and her married when he was in the serviced. At the time they really could not afford more then an occasional movie. There was one drive-in movie theater that would occasionally show x-rated movies and the two of them would go to them as often as they could. The drive-in would reminded Kay of her dates with her old boyfriends where they would go to fool around.

The two had their first child just before Bill was discharged from the service and another followed a year later. As they reached their late thirties they talked about swinging with other couples and although Kay like the idea there were a number of reasons she thought of for not doing it. Bill understood but said if she ever changed her mind she didn't have to ask permission. Just go ahead and have fun as he was going too.

Bill did talk her flirting and going bra-less with a few friends of theirs and she loved doing that. In fact she bought a few skimpy cotton halter tops that she loved showing off in. Loving the attention they brought.

There was this one all day, and late night, party where her and their friend, Alan, were flirting with each other. It all started out when Kay gave his arm a long brush-by with one of her breast as they talked. Later, as they sat next to each other at a picnic table, Alan's hand would occasional moved up and down her bare leg into her inner thigh. Kay encouraged him by returning the favor.

After dinner the two of them walked down to the rivers edge. As Kay stood there she was aware of Alan moving in close behind her. His hands cup her breast in the halter top, tease her nipples, then push the top up and out of the way. “God his hands feel good,” she thought to herself. Her nipples quickly became erect as he lightly pinched and pulled them. As that was happening Alan move closer pushing his hard cock through his pants against the crack in her plump ass. Kay moved her ass against his cock. At the same time she felt his hand moving down inside the front waistband of her shorts. A finger found it's way to the top of her shaved crack. As soon as that happen Kay felt a gush of her juices ooze from her pussy.

“Ooh god that feels nice,” Kay whispered as she undid the top button of her shorts, sliding down the zipper allowing Alan greater access. He slid a finger up and down her juicy crack again and again. Each time penetrating it a little deeper, trying to find the best way in.

“Jesus... Let me take my shorts off,” Kay pleaded. Without waiting for a reply Kay quickly pushed them downward along with her underpants and kicked them aside. Now she stood in front of Alan, facing him, totally naked except for her halter top which was useless at this point. Her tits were hanging below it in the moon light.

As Alan worked more and more fingers into her juicy cunt Kay open his shorts to get at his hard cock. Once she grabbed hold of it she worked it as hard as he did her pussy. “You feel so fucking good. I can't wait to get my cock in you” Alan whispered.

Those words seem to push Kay over the edge. “Jesus her I cum....I'm cummmming. Jesus....Don't stop now.” Kay pleaded. She tighten her grip on his hard cock and pulled faster and harder.

Alan felt Kay's juices flow out her cunt. He, himself could not hold back any longer. “Oh fuck...Here I cum too.”

Standing in the moon light they masturbated each other. Drawing the last bit of pleasure they could from each other with one hand. Their other hand was used for balance on each others shoulder. Looking down in the moonlight they saw Alan's cock as cum shot out again and again at Kay's shaved pussy.

As their orgasm's subsided they were able to stand on her own, Kay gave his cock one final pull as she stepped back. She wondered to herself as she looked down at her cum soaked stomach and pussy. “What the hell happen? What did we do? What did I do?” She went to the river's edge to rinse off as best as she could. She was able to dry herself somewhat with her panties then threw them into the bushes. Alan watched as she pulled on her shorts and slipped her tits back in the halter top.

There was a few looks and comments from the others as they rejoined the group. They just ignored them and blended into the conversations.

Over the next few days Alan called a number of times wanting to meet. Kay told him she would think about it but just wasn't ready to take that next step yet.

The following week Bill was offered a job promotion and they soon found there selves moving out of the area.

As the time passed Kay often thought back to that brief encounter she had with Alan. It was perhaps one of her favorite fantasy and she was having more and more of them now.

Now in her early forties Kay had more and more time to herself. The kids were gone and she started a small internet business where she could work from home and call her own hours. Because of Kay's business she was on the computer a lot and would occasionally look at a porn site when she was in the mood. At times she would give herself a quickie. Other times she would be come more involved watching a video, undress and get out her toys. She would embellished upon a her fantasy of Alan in different ways depending upon her mood at the time. At times she vision herself bent over and taking it from behind. Other times there would be a group of people around them watching, even her husband, cheering them on. As soon as Alan finished another man would take his place. One by one they all would have their way with her. Cum would be running down her legs creating a puddle on the ground.

She really didn't like chat rooms but when she was really bored and looking for something different she find herself going into one that was known to have people her age in it. She sit in the back of the room watching the general discussion. If she saw something interesting she might join in or single someone out for a private video chat.

One of those times she found herself enjoying a video chat with a woman about masturbation. Everything was great till the woman the woman invited a guy she knew into the conversation. Kay was upset at first but stayed and soon found herself enjoying hearing the man's view point. One by one the three of them undress and played with themselves on camera so they all could see. As time passed she became good online friends with both of them and it became a good sexual outlet for her.

Kay did belong to a well known internet social site but paid little attention to it. The only reason she belonged and had her name on it was for her business. One day she received a private post from a person out of the past on the site. “Kay, This is Ann Smith. I got a divorce a few years ago and lost track of you. I think of you often. I would love to talk to you. Call me at ######### when you are able so we can catch up. Love Ann”

Ann and her husband were one of about eight couples that they use to party with. Although she liked Ann, her husband never seemed to fit in. Kay felt she had to call even though she was unsure if she really wanted to.

“Ann, this Kay so good to hear from you. How have been?.... Divorced I see. Wow.”

Ann laughed, “I'm now a Jones. I went back to my maiden name.”

“Wow....We do have a lot to catch up on. Tell me all that’s happen?”

“Well there is a lot to catch up on and it all is kind of your fault,” Ann laughed again.

“What do you mean? My fault?” Kay didn't understand and felt offended.

“Well you got to let me finish. I'm not mad. I'm glad. Remember the night that you and Allen were down by the river. What you didn't realize was that I was all ready down there. I was sitting under the willow tree. Before I could warn you I was there you two started fooling around. I figured I just better be silent.”

“Oh my god. I can't believe it. I had no idea you were there watching us?”

“I didn't mean to spy on you. It just happen. I wanted to get away from that ass-hole husband of mine so I grabbed a beer and went down to the river by myself. Then along came you guys. I saw it all. I want you to know I never told anyone.”

“Well I appreciate that. Thank you. I owe you,” Kay answered.

“To be honest it was a turning point for me. It made me rethink my marriage. I started thinking about my asshole husband and what could be. I started thinking of changing my life. I saw these ads in personal section of the free classifieds of people looking to have affairs. I answered one of them and within a half hour of meeting this guy I was in the back seat of his car, naked, having the best sex I had in years. I had a few other encounters with the same guy. I thought of you and Alan.”

Kay laughed. “I hate to disappoint you but the time you saw us was the only time. Maybe if we hadn't moved I would have seen him again but I didn't.”

Ann laughed, “I don't want to disappoint you either but I should tell you. I did meet with Alan myself a few times after that and he was pretty good. Not as good as a couple of others were at the time.”

“Well good for you and the others too. Why shouldn't you.”

“Did you and your husband swing at all?

Kay laughed, “We use to talked about swinging and we gave each other permission to go ahead on our own if we ever wanted to. The only time I ever came close was the one time you saw. We still talk about it at times but it seems to be more of a fantasy then anything else.... Now tell me about yourself and your divorce?”

“Well this you are going to find interesting. As soon as I had my first little adventure I filed for divorce and shortly later I was on my own. I wanted to get away so I found a place out in the country. One cold night I came home and I found this stray thin dog curled up one the porch. I brought him and fed him. He was obviously a stray dog and he had these sad eyes. So I decided to keep him. One night about week later I had been drinking wine I decided to give him a bath. I thought it would easier to give him a shower. I would get in there with him. He really didn't seem to mind it. As I was rinsing the soap off him he started getting an erection. I got a kick out of it and was curious to see how big he would get. Big he got. It was impressive.”

“Ann, are you going to tell me you fooled around with a dog?”

“Well.... yes. It kind of just happen. The more I tease him the bigger and bolder he got. I felt his noise in my ass and pussy. At first I laugh at what was happening but then I turned, spread my legs and pussy so he could get his nose in. When he gave it a big lick I was hooked.”

Kay laughed. “God Ann wish I was the one spying on you then. I have seen videos on line and the women really seem to enjoy it once things get going. To be honest, I have fantasied about it.”

“Kay I wish you were there. Kind of pay back for me watching you and Alan.”

“Well go on with your story. Tell me all.”

“I dried us off and I went in the kitchen to get more wine. Al follows me, all the time his noise is in my butt.”

Kay interrupted, “Wait. You mean you call the dog Al?”

Ann laughed, “Yep. It all reminded me of how you and Alan went at each other.”

Kay laughed, “I guess I was like a dog in heat or should I say bitch in heat....Ok keep going with your story. I've got to hear it.”

“Ok.... Well I sat on the couch with my pussy on the edge of the cushion and he gets right to work. I held my pussy as wide as it would go so he could get his tongue real deep. He got it real good. You should have heard how it sounded. That was a turn-on by it self. I tried to hold back but couldn't. I couldn't stop myself from cumming. He kept right at it and it was one orgasm after another. I barely was able to get him to stop.”

“Wow. That sounds wonderful.”

“Things calmed down for awhile. As I drank the rest of the bottle of wine and I realized that it would be only fair if I get Al off. I got down on the floor with him and it wasn't long before he was getting excited. I got on my knees and elbows and became submissive. He circled me a few times each time stopping to smell and lick my pussy. He must have tried to mount me five or six times before I felt his cock at my pussy. It kind of happen in stages after that. I could feel it penetrating a little bit. Once that happen he kept getting it deeper and deeper. Then it was supper fast in and out. It was a wild ride. Once I felt his knot slid in my pussy lips he stopped moving in and out and kept it in deep.. Real deep and it grew a little more. I could feel his knot growing as well. I could feel the knot pulsate as he squirted in me. We must have been locked together ten-fifteen minutes before he slid off. When his cock finally slid out it made a loud, juicy pop allowing cum to spewed out of my pussy.”

“Wish I could have been there Ann.”

Ann could hear the excitement in Kay's voice, “Well I wish you could have too. That is why I have been looking around asking if anyone knew where you were now. Finally I saw your name on your shopping site on the internet and took a chance it was you.”

“So glad you did Ann. It sounds like you are happy. Is there a man in your life now or just Al the dog?”

Ann laughed, “An occasional man and actually since then Al has had a few off springs that I have trained and thought you might be interested in coming for a visit and going home with a dog of your own.”

Kay laughed, “What do I tell my husband when I come home with a dog?”

“Bring him with you and let him watch. He will understand then.”

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Older Women Have Fantasies, Some Act on Them

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