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  1. Cumlord Stories: A Morning With the Cumlord
  2. Cumlord Stories: School Orientation - Part 1
  3. Cumlord Stories: School Orientation - Part 2

Cumlord Stories: School Orientation - Part 1

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism

Author: Beefheart

Published: 13 March 2018

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The double doors swung open in front of me, leading into a broad hallway lined with lockers. I had two options: either find a directory, map, or secretary to use as a guide, or wander aimlessly until I stumbled upon something that would satisfy me. While the former might have been more efficient, I had all the time in the world and felt like exploring a bit.

De Sade Secondary School had only finished construction within the last year, and this was its inaugural school term. I had been following its construction with a curious eye, for a number of reasons. For one, it was being built within the city limits of my current home. While I have a penchant for uprooting often and have grown a collection of homes scattered throughout the world, any time I took up residence in a particular town for more than a month or so, civilians took notice. I had been in my current house for almost a year now, an abnormally long time to keep to one place. Any location I stay in for an extended period of time tends to develop a certain amount of fame, and wear the fact of my residence as a badge of honour. The city council here had wasted no time capitalizing on this, and began erecting the new school as soon as it became clear that I was beginning to linger. Their goal seemed to be to draw public funding by advertising to parents who wanted their children to be educated in a city once inhabited by the Cumlord. A school in one of my cities almost always had significantly higher graduation rates, higher average GPAs, higher SAT scores, and higher university acceptance rates than most other schools in the country. Really it was all my ex-towns could do to ensure there were enough schools to contain the influx of prospective families wanting to enroll their children. In all honesty, the enthusiasm with which they took to the project impressed me, and I likely extended my stay for longer than I normally would have simply to see the construction through to the end. After the ribbon-cutting and the beginning of the school term, I waited for a few months before paying a visit to ensure the students and faculty had time to settle in. I rarely left places in the same state they were when I arrived, and mixing in too much chaos too early could be harmful to a new school trying to get its feet off the ground.

Now that I was finally exploring the halls of the new building, I was eager to explore what the facility and its students had to offer. The halls were completely empty, and as I walked past closed doors I could hear the muffled noises of classes in session. Peering into the windows as I passed, I saw multiple rooms filled with bright-eyed, nubile young girls, some avidly taking notes, some yawning, some leaning back in their chairs - all of them glowing with the beauty of youth. It took all of my willpower not to pick a room at random and cut loose - but I wanted my first taste of this school's crop to be carefully chosen. I wanted something unique.

I wandered down the halls, peeking in on various lectures, once or twice stopping to notice when a teacher or one of her students was particularly attractive. At one point a teacher speaking to her class - a reasonably young woman, probably in her mid-to-late twenties - caught my face in the window out of the corner of her eye. She froze mid-sentence, her mouth hanging open, and she dropped the pointer she'd been using to help teach. Before she could react further, I had already moved on.

Finally, I decided on a room that from the hall seemed to be in the middle of taking a test. All of the girls were hunched over their desks scribbling on their papers, and the teacher, while a brunette who couldn't be older than 21 - likely a student teacher - sat at the desk and oversaw. I gripped the door handle and stepped inside. None of the girls heard the door open behind them, but when the student teacher looked up, she gasped loudly and threw her hands to her mouth. Her eyes grew as big as dinner plates, filled with a look of excitement, nervous reverence, and just a hint of fear. Hearing their teacher's reaction, many of the girls looked up from their tests to look around the room, and a few of them yelped in surprise when they saw me standing in the back of the room. Stark-naked as I was, all their eyes were immediately drawn to my exposed, heavy member swinging between my legs. I stood there, hands folded behind my back, and allowed them their moment of surprise at my unannounced visit. Many of the girls were suddenly almost vibrating out of their seats with barely contained energy. Some leaned forward unconsciously, some batted their eyelashes, some were even drooling at the sight of my naked body. Many of the girls sat up straighter, tugged down their shirt collars and puffed their chests out, trying best they could to emphasize their growing cleavage and pert, young boobs.

Before a greater commotion began, I raised my hand gently, and with a gesture indicated that they should simply go about their business. The girls sitting in their desks didn't move, and for a moment neither did the teacher. Then, with a loud gulp, she spoke with a trembling voice:

"A-... *ahem* Alright girls, don't get distracted now. Th- the test is still going, carry on as you were."

I gave her a warm smile, and she just about melted in her seat. She quickly hurried to busy herself again by scribbling on some homework papers, but her flushed face and constant glances up towards me said that her mind was somewhere else entirely. The rest of the class, mollified somewhat by their teacher's words, reluctantly returned to their papers, although many of them didn't even try to hide their preoccupation with me. Several were resting their heads on their arms, swooning. Others were at least trying to give the impression that they were continuing their test, but would steal constant glances back towards me every few seconds.

I slowly began to pace around the room, walking between the rows of desks looking down at the girls before me. There was no school uniform here, so many of the girls had chosen to dress in fairly revealing clothes. Some wore tanktops, and as I passed they would thrust their chests forward trying to give me a better view down their exposed cleavage. One girl wore a buttoned-up plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves, and as I passed she undid the top button and slid part of her top off her shoulder, revealing no bra strap underneath. She looked up at me longingly, biting her lip with hunger. I chuckled lightly, which made her whimper and close her eyes. One girl's head was down, looking intently at her test, but her pen wasn't even moving. As soon as I stood next to her she looked up quickly and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She stuck out her tongue and stared directly up at me, trying to show off her fresh, pink throat. Her tongue was plump and glistening with saliva, and the inside of her mouth looked incredibly inviting. I had to clear my throat and shake my head to pull myself away from the enticing vision, but I patted her on the head as I walked away, which earned a satisfied purr.

Finally, I came across one girl who quite conspicuously hadn't looked up from her desk once since I'd entered the room. She was scribbling furiously onto her paper, and as I walked up to her I noticed she was visibly trembling - whether out of nerves, fear, or sexual excitement it was hard to tell. I stood in front of her desk and looked down at her. The general height and degree of development of the girls in the room told me this was likely either a freshman or sophomore class, which would place the girl in front of me at a ripe 14 or 15 years old. She had long brown hair which was currently tied into a single long ponytail running down her back. She wore a pair of scandalously short denim cutoffs, which in her sitting position looked more like bikini bottoms than anything approaching pants. I was surprised by her impressively huge rack, constrained by a hot pink tanktop, which was stretched taut across her chest. Underneath she had a black bra, the shadow of which was visible through her top, and which peeked out under her arms. A black sweatshirt was tied in a knot around her waist.

A lock of hair fell in front of her face, and I gently lifted a finger to brush it away. She froze at my touch, and I could hear her ragged breathing. She still didn't look up. Slowly, she continued scratching with her pencil, but she was pressing hard enough that flecks of graphite dust were trailing on her paper. I decided to see how far I could push this girl before I elicited a reaction. I casually stroked my hardening dick, then hefted it and dropped it onto her desk so that it flopped right in front of her face.

Her pencil snapped.

Nobody moved. All noises in the room ceased, except for the shaky breathing - more panting at this point - from the girl who had now locked her eyes on my hardening cock. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, her eyes traced their way up my shaft, across the root of my dick, up along my defined abs, lingered momentarily on my chiseled chest, over my neck and up to the face looming over her. Now that I could see it properly, her face was in fact quite pretty, a small button nose and cute pouting lips which were currently trembling as she made eye contact with me. We stared into each other's eyes for a moment, and I saw in her what I saw in so many of the girls I chose: A sense of bewildered surprise, reverent awe, and the nervous energy one feels when in the presence of of a celebrity - all drenched in an overwhelming, animalistic, plainly sexual hunger.

I decided I'd waited long enough. My libido had been raging for at least a half hour by now - far longer than I'd gone without release for over a week. I had to fuck something. Now.

The tension was broken when I reached down and gripped the girl's head in both hands, hoisting her bodily out of her seat, and bringing her face close to mine. I thrust my tongue between her soft lips, invading her tender, unprepared mouth. Her eyes closed in a combination of relief and fright as she caught herself on her desk with her arms. She yelped into my mouth when I grabbed her under her ribcage and effortlessly lifted her out from behind her desk and placed her standing on the floor next to it. Her arms flailed, unsure what to do with themselves as I manhandled her petite young form. Grabbing her by the throat, making her rapid breathing halt for the first time since I walked in, I pushed her backwards onto her desk, sending her pencil case scattering across the floor. She tried to break her fall by propping her arms up behind her, which only served to push her delicious teenage breasts even further outwards. I flipped her over onto her stomach, pressing her tits into the surface of the desk. Squatting down behind her, I got an eyeful of her daisy dukes riding up her ass, exposing so much of her tender adolescent flesh that I was shocked she had even bothered wearing bottoms at all.

I buried my face squarely between her cheeks, feeling the heat radiating from her cunt, and smelling her raw feminine need. I gripped the scrap of fabric between my teeth and pulled down, yanking down the denim to expose a thin pair of lime green t-back panties, which I then reached up and tore away in turn. Her asshole and pussy twitched on exposure to the cold air of the classrom. She was an innie - her cunt simpered back at me, it's barely-there lips just peeking out from between the flesh surrounding it. She was glistening wet, and her pussy was swollen and quivering with arousal. My first instinct was to drive my face into the needy crotch only two inches in front of me, but I could only manage one long lick from her hardened clit, across her aching slit and flicking over her tight, pink asshole before I craved more. This sudden intensely sensual contact finally proved too much for her, and she let loose with a shuddering squeal that filled the classroom with the unmistakable sound of a female being used for sexual pleasure. Her legs clamped together as she came on the spot. Her juices trickled down her legs, beginning to wet her denim shorts around her knees.

I'd wasted enough time. I stood behind her and angled my cock directly behind her dripping pussy, still pulsating through her first orgasm. I wasted no time teasing, and in one long motion, sank my entire ten inch length directly into her delicious nubile cunt. Her folds enveloped me all along the way; it felt as though I'd shoved my cock into a vaseline vise. I bottomed out at the opening to her cervix, and the impact with her barrier, combined with the ferocity of my thrust inside her, made the girl collapse onto her desk, screaming her sexual delight.

I bent over her, pressing my chest against her back, and leaned in close to her ear, which forced my put even more pressure on her depths. Softly, but with a distinct growl, I asked her name. Through the panting and moans of sexual torment, she replied.

"I-... I'm Beth, Master. Or, uh, sir. Daddy. L-Lord?" She fumbled around, trying to persuade her hormone-addled mind to come up with the right way to address the man on whom she was currently impaled. I laughed softly at her efforts.

"Call me whatever you'd like, Beth" I whispered into her ear, "I'm going to fuck you now, you understand?"

My voice addressing her in such a crude and intimate way sent shivers through her body, which I felt as they made her walls flex around my member.

"Y-yes, Daddy! Please, please fuck me! I need your cock in my tight little teen cunny right now!"

In one motion, I reached under her arms with my own, lifted her upright so that her own body weight pulled her harder onto my dick, and clamped my hands down around her now-jiggling, pubescent tits. They were soft, but with a playful amount of give, which only made me want to squeeze them even harder. Gripping both her tank top and the bra underneath, I yanked down, snapping one of her spaghetti straps and making her bra clasp pop. Beth's top fell down around her waist as her perfect, porcelain tit flesh was suddenly bared for the whole class to see. I grabbed them again, rolling her diamond-hard nipples around my palms and gripping hard enough that, on skin as pale as hers, I was sure I'd leave bruises. Her voice had receded into a high-pitched whine of pain and extreme pleasure, succumbing totally to my aggressive treatment of her vulnerable flesh.

"God, fuck, fuck, FUCK, DaaadddyyyYYYyy! Oh, ah, shit your cock is FUCK-... so fucking big sir, please squeeze me harder, HARDER!"

I began to thrust, slowly at first, snaking my thick rod in and out of her needy teenage pussy. Ever draw outward was resisted by the vacuum seal her twat had on me, and every stroke back in forced out a gasp and more of her feminine juices. Supported only by my cock embedded inside her and my hands on her tits, Beth's limbs reached blindly for some extra support. Her legs tried to wrap around my own, and her hands grasped desperately at my chest and abdomen.

As I continued thrusting forcefully into her I looked around the room to see how my sudden assault of this adolescent girl was being received. The other students seemed torn as to whether or not they were even allowed to watch what was happening, as many of them were looking helplessly between their unfinished tests and the wanton display of sexuality in progress before them. Some of them had averted their eyes entirely, locking their sight on the desks in front of them, but no longer even trying to complete their tests. Others had given up all pretense of ignoring us, and a few girls had even pulled down their pants or rolled up their skirts and had started openly rubbing themselves as they watched us fuck.

My attention was drawn suddenly by a loud, guttural moan from the front of the classroom, and as I turned I saw it had come from the cute brunette teacher. She had leaned back in her chair with one of her legs up on her desk. A "World's Best Teacher" mug was knocked over with several pens spilling out, which is presumably where she'd grabbed the handful that she was now using to stuff her pussy. It seems she had torn straight through the crotch in her hosiery, and pushed her cotton panties to one side in order the fill her gap as quickly as possible. She clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle her lewd noises, but couldn't tear her eyes away from the spectacle. She looked at us now with an almost pitiable longing, and she actually drooled as her mouth lolled open in desire. To my surprise though, her eyes were locked not on me, but seemed to linger most on the exposed, jiggling tits of the young student I was plowing. The slobbering bitch was getting off on watching her barely-matured student get ravaged by the Cumlord's fuckstick. The sight of a young girl, only a year or two into the throes of puberty and with a body not yet fully developed, getting her tiny twat brutally slammed into by the meat of a man twice her size had excited the teacher so much that she could no longer resist fucking herself on whatever device she could get her hands on.

Beth had become so lost in the feelings stemming from her cunt that her head was lolling around on her shoulders in a sexual stupor. She was beginning to go limp, and became harder to hold upright. I caught her about the middle and spun us on my heels, turning to face the girl who had been sitting in the desk to Beth's right. Momentarily sliding my cock out of Beth's quivering hole - making a loud sucking noise and causing a gush of girlcum to splatter onto the floor - I turned her around and threw her down on the other girl's desk, with her plump tits pointed directly upwards towards the ceiling. Without pause I immediately crammed myself back into the sweet teenage pussy, making Beth let out a howl as a puddle of her fluids formed on the desk beneath her. The girl whose desk we'd claimed was frozen in shock, staring mesmerized at Beth's tits as they rippled back and forth from my thrusting. She didn't notice that Beth's wetness was ruining her test paper, and she might not even have been aware that her own hands were burying themselves into her groin as she was hypnotized by the raunchy display that was now so close to her. She leaned forward unconsciously, a bead of drool beginning to form on her quivering lower lip, as she craned her neck to get a good look at the point where my and Beth's hips met again and again.

I was getting close to my peak. Beth had reached hers a while ago and het yet to show any sign of coming down, but upon feeling my cock start to expand inside her, she suddenly lifted her head and stared directly into my eyes.

"I want you to choke me Daddy. Squeeze the breath out of my throat while you blast your cum into my little teeny pussy. I want you to manhandle me as you fill up my tight little womb with your cum! Cum inside me sir, please cum inside me, knock me up, get me pregnant while you choke me!"

Her vulgar speech was spilling out of her without pause, and she reached down to my wrists while she babbled about having me choke her and fill her up with semen. I obliged her. I reached up to her skinny ivory throat and wrapped my fingers around it, squeezing hard. She sputtered and coughed as my grip tightened, but she never once broke her intense eye contact with me. I felt her contract around me as her body struggled for air, and her face started turning red the harder I hammered into her cunt. My balls began to boil and retract as they prepared to let loose.

As the sexual energy in the room came to a head, two of the other girls couldn't help themselves anymore. The girl on whose desk Beth and I were rutting leaned forwards, grasped one of Beth's ripe tits in both hands, and began sucking madly, like a girl dying of thirst. She had given up frigging her cunt and instead just ground her pussy against the corner of her chair, letting her juice roll down the metal legs to mix with the puddle we had already formed on the floor. At the same time, I heard chair legs screech behind me, several short, quick footsteps, and the squeak of shoes on the floor as one of the other girls leapt out of her desk and ran to kneel behind me. All of a sudden hands place themselves against the backs of my thighs, and my aching balls were surrounded by the wet, white-hot mouth of one of the other freshman girls. She sucked hungrily, hard enough that I felt the tug but not enough to cause any discomfort. Her head followed my pelvis as I kept thrusting in and out of Beth's abused slit. My balls and taint became covered in the slobber of the girl behind me, as she lavished her tongue all over my genitals. Then, just before I went over the edge, she took two of her fingers, scooped up a dollop of lubricant from her mouth, and began probing my asshole, reaching her fingers in to massage my prostate as I she sucked on my balls. This little whore was milking me for all I was worth, practically begging me to pour as much of my virile semen as I could into the fertile, sucking womb of the girl beneath me.

That finally did the trick. Beth's cunt squeezed its tightest yet, the girl kneeling behind me pressed down hard on my prostate and juggled my balls in her mouth, and the girl latched onto Beth's titties sucked so hard I thought they might come right off. My fingers clenched around Beth's pulsating throat, and I threw myself forward onto her body, slamming my cock head straight into the opening to her cervix. Semen flooded out of me in great, thundering bursts. I rolled my hips around Beth's dripping twat with each spurt, massaging her cervix to open wider and let more of my potent seed fill up her baby chamber. This youthful vixen was in her sexual prime, the most receptive time of her life for creating children. The amount of cum I pumped into her said that if she was ovulating, even the slimmest chance of pregnancy would have become an absolute certainty. My body shuddered in mighty waves as the pleasure overtook me, and my back and legs flexed in an effort to drive myself impossibly deeper into the girl's uterus. The girl behind me popped my balls out of her mouth and began massaging them with her fingers, coaxing out as much cum as she could, and at the peak of my orgasm she thrust her tongue into my anus to maximize my pleasure. Not letting go of Beth's throat, I brought her head up to mine and once again invaded her tiny mouth, grasping at her tongue with my own. She tried noiselessly to squeal as her whole body quivered in thunderous orgasm. Instead all I heard were the wet sounds of her mouth flailing, gasping for air. Her brain must have been short circuiting from the sheer intensity of all the different sensations she was being wracked with at the same time. Through the euphoric haze clouding my sense, I could hear a chorus of screams and moans rise up from the rest of the classroom. The teacher, and easily half of her students were beginning to orgasm to coincide with mine. The high-pitched, girly squeals of over a dozen nubile young women joined together to further my arousal even more. The thought that these girls, just beginning to reach their peak physical maturity, were consumed with such uncontrollable lust at the sight of me fucking their classmate that they couldn't help but frig themselves to completion in front of all of their peers - it was one of the most singularly erotic things I'd ever experienced. With one last, violent thrust I dumped the final contents of my balls into the girl's canal, which finally began to overflow with a mixture of my seed and her juices. Just as quickly as it had started, my euphoria started to subside, and I let go of Beth's bruised throat, letting her fall back onto the desk - limp, coughing and gasping for air, but still twitching from the sheer force with which she had cum.

I stood slowly, breathing heavily as I looked around the room. Most of the students had collapsed on their desks to bask in the afterglow of the room-shaking orgasm that took them - those that hadn't were still frigging themselves desperately, heads on their desks and eyes closed as they tried hard to bring themselves the relief their bodies cried out for. The student teacher looked almost as though she had passed out. Her eyes were open, but were covered by a glassy, only semi-conscious haze that said she would be out of commission for at least another few hours. I proudly surveyed my handiwork, and gave Beth's tits a couple of slaps for good measure. No one in this classroom would be doing much of any worth for the rest of the day, and I intended to make sure that they wouldn't be alone.

Leaving the room of girls panting, horny and exhausted, I strolled out the door.

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Cumlord Stories: School Orientation - Part 1

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