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A Roman lesson.

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cuckold, Romance

Author: Joe2213

Published: 13 March 2018

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Cato crossed the courtyard, taking a moment to stare at the fountain. His father had summoned him to the outhouse. If you could call it that. A great building flanked by columns and statues of Mars.

Cato knew what it was about. He’d been having sex with one of the slaves. Artemis. Beautiful, friendly, honest. Yet, his father had forbidden having sex with family property. His friends did it, but not Quintus, the consul of Rome. He had his own rules.

Cato sucked in spring air as he made his way to the outhouse. He wondered what his father would say. How angry would he be? Cato loved Artemis. He knew it, deep down in his very soul. She was a slave. He could never marry her. As the third son his marriage would be used as a bridge between two families. He wouldn’t be allowed to pick his partner. Screw them. He thought. If he wanted her as his own, then he would have her.

He drew himself up to full height and entered the outhouse, his feet clinking over the mosaics. His father stood with four of his guards. Manus was there. His father’s chief henchman.

Cato stopped next to his father and inclined his head. ‘Father.’

‘Cato. What have you been up to my boy?’

‘I don’t understand,’ Cato said, rubbing his neck.

‘You’ve been messing with my merchandise. You’ve been fucking Artemis. Tell the truth.’

Cato nodded. ‘I have. It’s not like that though-‘

I care not, fool. You need a lesson taught. After which you can either change your ways, or find yourself disowned. Guards.’

The guards grabbed Cato and tied him to a pillar. He resisted at first, he was strong, young and powerful. But against four he had no chance.

‘Ah, still some fight in you lad,’ Quintus said. ‘Now, I’m going to leave you in the hands of Manus here. Enjoy. And remember what I said.’ Quintus skulked off, leaving with three guards. Manus remained, as did one the the guardsmen, his cloak billowing in the light breeze coming from the open door.

‘This is going to be fun.’ Manus opened a door at the other end of the room. ‘For me, for us. Not for you. You need to respect your father boy.’

‘Shut up. I’m your better, a soon to be tribune.’

‘Indeed.’ Manus bowed. ‘But not for tonight. Tonight I act on your fathers orders. Bring her in.’

Another guard entered the room. Artemis followed. Cato smiled at her. She wore a stola. Her hair fell in ringlets around her shoulders and her blue eyes bored into Cato. She half smiled back. Her long legs led up to a perfect ass, and her heavy breasts held firm in her garment.

‘What’s going on?’ She asked, looking around.

‘The boss knows you’ve been fucking his son.’ Manus growled.

Artemis frowned. ‘It’s not like that...’ she said, pleading eyes gazing up at Cato. ‘I have feelings-‘

‘The master couldn’t care less. When you came here he gave you food, lodgings, and you only had one rule. Don’t mess with his sons. Right?’

She nodded, head hung low in shame.

‘As such,’ Manus continued. ‘I’ve been asked to make it so that Cato never thinks of you again, and falls out of love with you entirely.’

Artemis looked around, eyes focusing on a wooden table.

Manus nodded. The guard ripped her stola from her body.

‘I’ll fucking kill you!’ Cato said.

‘I think not. Again, your fathers orders.’

Artemis stood naked. Her full breasts pert in the cold air. A gold necklace clung to her collarbone. A present from Cato.

‘Spin around!’ Manus said.

She did. Cato saw all of her.

‘Open your legs a little.’ Manus said.

‘Don’t do it.’ Cato yelled.

‘Do it or I’ll hurt him.’ Manus said.

‘You can’t. He’s the master’s son.’ Artemis said.

Manus punched Cato in the stomach. Cato bent over wheezing.

‘Alright!’ Artemis opened her legs. Her pussy was in prefect proportion. A tidy line of hair shaved just above it, like Cato loved.

‘Lovely!’ Manus said. The two guards laughed.

‘Tie her.’

The guards tied her to the table. Legs spread wide.

‘Now, Cato. This is your punishment. Your going to watch as you see what a slut this one is. Then you’re never to touch a low born again. Clear?’

Cato stares defiance into Manus’ eyes. ‘Don’t.’

He signalled to the guards. They stripped. They had soldiers’ bodies. Hard and muscled. Their cocks were average. One got down on his knees and stick his tongue on Artemis’ clit. She bucked and shied away.

‘Tastes good.’ The guard moved a finger inside too.

‘Please stop. I’ve only ever had Cato.’ She pleaded. The other guard shoved is cock in her mouth, forcing her to gag.

Cato watched on helplessly. The guard between her legs stood and lined his cock up with her moist entrance.

Cato screamed as the guard pressed home.

‘This is one tight cunt!’ The guard said, as he started pumping.

Artemis was slammed back with each thrust, the sight of her breasts moving made Cato’s cock stir. He couldn’t believe it. Yet it was so.

The other guard pulled his cock out of her mouth, wanked himself and cum all over her face. Huge goblets fell onto her gold necklace, and all over her mouth, chin and breasts.

Artemis gagged, but ended up swallowing a huge load of sour cum. The other guard reached up and mashed her breasts. He was hammering into her now.

‘She’s getting wet!’ The guard said.

Cato looked. The guards cock was slipping in and out with more ease than before. Artemis’ eyes went wide and she bucked her hips like she did with Cato.

The guard cum in her cunt. It seemed to last an age. After a while he pulled out. Artemis shivered. A flickering flame cast light on her body glistening body.

The other guard was wanking himself back to an erection. Manus stepped forward.

‘How was that, whore.’

Artemis didn’t respond. She just lay still, cum seeping out of her hole. She looked at Cato and frowned.

‘Had her ass Cato?’ Manus said.

Cato kept quiet. He hadn’t. Not yet. They had spoken about it. About how they would try is one day. Manus shed his clothes. His cock was smaller than Cato’s, but thick at the base. He undid Artemis restraints and choked her with one hand. ‘If you resist I’ll kill you. Understand.’

She nodded.

Manus ordered the guard sit on the table. Then he made Artemis mount him. Cato swore she sighed as the guards cock sunk home.

Then Manus stepped behind her. He spat on her ass, then eased his cock inside.

She screamed and Cato bucked against his bonds.

Manus fucked her ass in slow strokes, reaching beneath him and groping her tits. The guard underneath slammed his cock upward into her pussy, making loud wet slapping noises that echoed across the room.

With two cocks in her, Artemis struggled. After a minute or two her eyes shut and her mouth opened and she bit the guards shoulder who cheered and slapped her ass.

Manus soon came deep in her ass. As did the guard underneath. She lay there spent as they moved.

‘Get the Gaul.’ Manus said. The guard left.

‘Well, well.’ Manus said, looking at Cato.

‘She’s a hot fuck. I’ll give you that much. You enjoyed it?’

Manus ripped Cato’s toga off. Cato’s erection stood proud. 7 inches. Sweat glistened on his hard body.

‘Looks like he enjoyed seeing you fucked, girl.’ Manus said.

Artemis turned her head, and she shook it when she saw Cato’s throbbing cock.

The door opened and the most colossal man Cato had ever saw walked in. Naked, with Bulging muscles tattooed blue. A heavy beard, and the biggest cock Cato had seen.

‘A recent acquisition by your father.’ Manus intoned. ‘Crix, get to work. Maximum humiliation for our young noble.’ Manus finished in The barbarian tongue.

Artemis made to move, but Crix slapped her face. He pushed her down, and forced the tip of his penis into her mouth. He kept it there as it inflated. His cock was 12 inches or more. And thicker than Cato’s wrist.

When he was fully hard he moved away, pushed Artemis down and squatted on her face.

Crix squeezed her throat harder until he felt the tongue on his asshole.

Cato watched the love of his life tongue the asshole of a dirty Gaul. Crix spat on her clit and rubbed it fast. Artemis thrashed, and the Gaul grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock. Cato watched her push her tongue inside, then the Gaul moved and her tongue popped out. Crix replaced it with his cock. Artemis choked, spluttered and gagged on it. Crix fucked her face. As he did he rubbed her clit hard, until Artemis cried out. Crix choked her as she came.

Artemis mouthed the word sorry to Cato, who leaned forward against the restraint. A small line of pre cum fell from his cock to the floor.

Crix positioned his cock at her entrance. The head popped in with ease. But the rest of his cock took some work.

Artemis mumbled something, Cato couldn’t hear. Cum from earlier bubbled at her mouth, and dripped down to her tits.

More pre-cum oozed from Cato’s hard cock. Manus laughed, clapping the other guards on their backs.

Crix pushed hard again, and half his cock disappeared in Artemis’ hole. From Cato’s position he could see her vagina gaped around the Gaul’s meet.

He started fucking her. Each thrust deeper and more powerful. She reached up, grasping at his muscle bound chest.

‘Fuck!’ She said. Crix tweaked her nipple. He pulled her legs up so they were on his shoulders.

She screamed. ‘Yessss.’ She said, eyes closing.

‘She can take a cock.’ Manus laughed.

Cato went red.

Crix fucked her dogystyle for a while. Then pushed her back down and fucked her even harder.

Artemis came. Cato had never seen her cum from vaginal intercourse.

‘Yes, fuck me. Fuck me with your big filthy barbarian cock. Stretch me!’ Artemis squirted all over the Gauls’s stomach, and he used it to lube up her hole. He stuck two fingers in her mouth, and gagged her as his massive cock slammed into her one last time before he came. He ripped his cock free, squeezed her ass and left her there.

‘Lesson learnt.’ Manus said. He untied Cato, who slid to the ground. The others all left, leaving him alone with his love.

‘Artemis.’ He moved towards her.

‘I’m so sorry. Don’t look at me I’m disgusting.’ She said.

Cato couldn’t help it. Her ass still oozed with cum. Her gaping cunt hung open and cum still clung to her tits and face.

Cato felt jealous fury. Yet he also couldn’t deny his hard cock. Was he some sort of freak? How could he like this?

‘I’ll be sold now. To a brothel. You don’t love me? She said. Her perfect Greek eyes looking into his own.

‘I do. Of course. This wasn’t your fault.’

‘But I enjoyed some of it!’ She said.

‘I’m glad. It means it didn’t hurt so much.’ He placed a hand on her shoulder.

‘You liked it?’ She said.

‘I hated it. But I don’t know why I’m hard.’

‘Promise me you’ll love me forever?’ Artemis said.

‘I do.’ Cato said. Then he did something that went against all his Roman morals as a man and future officer. He kissed the dirty mouth of a ravaged slave.

She kissed him back, and her tongue tasted of musk and cock. She pushed some cum into his mouth, and they snowballed it until she swallowed. She moved back, her stunning breasts exposed.

Cato kissed them, licked them, adored them. He cleaned them, taking the cum away with each lap.

‘You liked it, huh?’ Artemis said.

Cato groaned into her tits as she touched his cock. He pushed her hand away, worried he would explode right into the floor.

Artemis laughed. Her voice was strained, and the hand prints on her throat would likely remain for a few days.

She sat up and pushed him into the table. ‘What did you like?’ She said.

‘The whole thing.’ Cato admitted. ‘It was meant to make me feel disgusted, to hate you. I just love you even more.’

‘Tell me what you liked so much!’ Artemis said. She lowered her cunt so it hovered above Cato’s prick. Cum seeped out and landed on his balls.

‘When two were in you at once.’ Cato breathed.

Artemis kissed him deep. ‘I hated it at first. But it felt good after a while.’

‘You?’ Cato said.

Artemis blushed, and lowered her cunt lips over Cato’s cock. It was loose, wet and warm. Like velvet. She moved a quarter way down. She bit Cato’s ear and whispered. ‘I loved licking his ass. With this tongue.’ She plunged her tongue in Cato’s mouth.

‘Why? Cato asked.

‘It’s just so dirty, filthy.’ She moved further down, then back up and started to ride Cato.

‘You’re so loose.’ He said.

‘I can’t feel much of you. The Gaul has stretched me.’

‘It’ll go back to normal soon.’ Cato said.

‘You enjoyed cleaning my tits? Artemis said.

Cato nodded.

‘Well. Maybe you can clean this.’ She ripped her cunt off his cock. She moved closer to his head.

For a second Cato wanted to push her off. He was not gay. Far from it. But the wet folds looked so inviting. So good.

‘Clean your woman, Cato. Make me yours again.’ She lowered her sopping hole onto Cato’s mouth

He licked a few times. Then a torrent of cum fell from her hole. It drenched his face and Cato kept licking.

‘Yes. Take it all.’ She said, willing Cato to slurp it.

Cato squeezed her hips and she squealed. He licked her ass. He tongued it hungrily. Then forced his tongue into the rosebud. More cum was inside. Artemis bore down and pressed the last out of her used holes. Cato swallowed and then they kissed. A messy disgusting kiss that made Cato yearn for release. Artemis licked his mouth, licked his face.

Cato stood and bent her over the table.

‘But I can’t feel you.’ She said.

He lined his cock up with her ass.

‘Oh yes. Yes!’ She said.

Cato rubbed her clit then slammed his dick home just like Manus had. It was so tight and warm. He started fucking her and she grunted in reply.

‘Cato. Hurt me. Fuck my ass and hurt me. You enjoyed the whole thing didn’t you. Make me yours again.’

Cato choked her again, then pulled her cum stained hair. He rammed again and again until he came deep in her ass.

They collapsed on the table.

‘Will I see you again?’ She whispered in his ear.

‘Of course. We need to keep it a secret though.’ Cato said.

‘I love you.’ Artemis said, and kissed him with her tongue.


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A Roman lesson.

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