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  1. Anya and the Fighter
  2. Anya and the Fighter - Part 2
  3. Anya and the Fighter - Part 3

Anya and the Fighter - Part 2

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Erotica, Hardcore

Author: gaggedKitty23

Published: 14 March 2018

  • Font:

Strobe lights flung their dazzling effects in all directions in the spacious Denver nightclub of Forbidden Ebony. The two men sat in a 'private' office on the upper level overlooking the dance floor. Yet the wide panel of thick glass separating the office from the rest of the club provided no real privacy whatsoever.

"Relax, Brother, no need to be so uptight."

'We are not brothers," Kolkev thought angrily. The older man who had just spoken, Fernando Espa, was of Portuguese descent. The nightclub owner had a little bit of a paunch, but his body still carried a fair amount of muscle. He sat naked on the couch beside a fully clothed Kolkev Jaru. The MMA fighter was impatient to get this meeting over with, but the nightclub owner seemed totally oblivious to his guest's discomfort. He was too busy indulging in his own debauchery to pay the fighter much notice.

Even now, a lithe, absolutely gorgeous Chinese girl straddled the old man's lap. Her beautifully curved ass wiggled as her cunt pumped up and down his hard shaft, sucking him in each time she bottomed out on it with a pleasured coo.

"Ooohhhh…Mmm…Master's cock feels so good inside me," Jia purred.

Fernando reached up and pinched the girl's left nipple, making her yelp.

"Did I say you could talk, slut? Kolkev and I are discussing business. Less talking, more fucking."

The older man gave Kol a sidelong glance. "So…where were we?"

"You were telling me how I could REPAY the debt," Kol growled.

Another sexy young woman knelt at Fernando's feet. She was pale, with big breasts, long auburn hair and blue eyes. She couldn't have been more than 19 years old. Now, leaning forward, she flicked her tongue along the nightclub owner's scrotum. She pulled one testicle into her mouth, sucking deeply, then the other.

"Uhhhh!!! Amelia, keep that up. Ahhh! You are one well-behaved little whore, aren't you? Yes, keep sucking just like that." Turning back to Kolkev, the nightclub owner shrugged his shoulders as if having one girl fucking on his lap and another girl sucking his testicles at the same time was the most ordinary thing in the world.

"You are sure you do not want to try one of my girls? I have others too, if these are not to your taste."

"No…thank you," Kolkev replied, his teeth practically grinding. He thought of his girlfriend, Anya. He wished more than anything in the world to be with her right now. To be with HER and not HERE. He would pay his debt to this scum-bag and then he would make sure to never, ever make the same mistake ever again. But the question remained…was it already too late? Was he already in too deep?

As if the old loan shark had read his thoughts, Fernando's face broke into a weasel-like grin.

"Do not look so cross, my Brother. We can-"

"We aren't brothers," Kolkev interrupted. "And I have places to be, so…are we going to discuss business or not?"

The girl named Jia turned around on Fernando's lap. Taking his cock between her fingers, she reinserted the head of his shaft between her swollen labia and plunged herself down, groaning as he filled her completely. She began fucking him again, only now the other girl, Amelia, drifted higher, her tongue flicking at Jia's clit as Jia's snatch pumped hard and fast on the rich loan shark's cock.

"Ahhhh," Jia moaned, an orgasm clearly building up inside of her, the girl's nipples pebbled up into needy little buds.

"OOhhhh…you don't know what you are missing, my friend," Fernando sighed as he watched the bouncing ass of the girl on his lap. "But forgive me, I digress. We were just discussing which fight you will throw in my favor, yes?"

'You mean which fight you want me to lose on purpose?' Kolkev thought. The MMA fighter's right hand tightened into a clenched fist. A fist he very much wanted to ram right through Fernando Espa's smug little weasel-face.

"Next Friday, 11pm, I have an unsanctioned fight at my warehouse. Torzoni's putting up a new fighter, a scrappy junkyard dog of a man. He shows promise, too, felled a few other heavy hitters. There's some significant interest. I've made a few modest bets. I'd like to make more. There's a good spread on this one, Jaru. So…tomorrow you will fight him. Fight him and lose…in 3 rounds. I leave the 'how' up to you. Agreed?"

The Ukrainian's handsome face twisted into a permanent scowl, but Kol nodded all the same.

"As you wish. But then we're EVEN. Correct?"

Just then Jia squealed on Fernando's lap. Fluids rushed down the sides of the loan shark's cock. Amelia's slurping sounds echoed in the office as she lapped up the other girl's nectar. Fernando reached up and took a big fistful of Jia's long, luxuriant dark hair, yanking her head back.

"Feel me coming inside you, bitch. UHHH!!!!" He shuddered, his cock spewing a vast geyser of cum up into the girl. Jia writhed on his lap, her groan deepening as she felt more spurts filling up her sex with gooeyness and warmth. Kol turned away when Fernando's softening prick slipped free of the Chinese beauty's snatch. Immediately Amelia's mouth dove to the glistening cream-pie of Jia's sex, licking and slurping up every sticky drop.

As Jia collapsed back onto Fernando's chest, the nightclub owner gently fondled the girl's breasts and looked over at Kolkev Jaru with total contentment.

"You have my promise, Jaru. You do this thing for me, your debt is paid. Paid in full."


Back at Kol's House…

"I'm worried, Lynn. More than worried." Anya paced back and forth across the mahogany kitchen flooring. Her best friend in the whole wide world, Lynn Summers, sat at the kitchen table with a concerned frown.

"You had me drive all the way out here for this??"

Anya froze in her tracks. "You think I'm overreacting."

Lynn shrugged her shoulders. "Yes and no. I mean, it's not like I haven't warned you that Kol is a celebrity with a huge libido. How do you know that his mysterious 'night errand' isn't a piece of ass he's keeping on the side?"

The beautiful brunette's mouth fell wide open. "I can't believe you just said that."

Lynn gave her another 'Don't blame me' shrug of the shoulders. One of the things about Lynn claiming the title of Best Friend from Childhood meant that she could be completely honest with Anya and get away with it. Even when that honesty was brutal.

Anya Stolnyheva was a student at Colorado State University. She was slender, attractive, her face finely chiseled in a way that reminded some of an elf, others of a goddess. It was one of the reasons, maybe the only reason, why Kolkev Jaru, the most successful MMA fighter in the world, kept her by his side.

No, that wasn't true. That was just what Anya told herself when self-doubt felt like gnawing away at her. More often than not, when she was being honest with herself, she knew that she DID bring a hell of a lot to the table. She was smart, funny, loyal, observant…all that and more. She was studying business marketing and planned to do something with her life, but she wanted to have that future alongside someone she loved.

Now she thought that that someone might just be Kolkev Jaru. Kol. Her Kol. But after their lovemaking earlier tonight, he'd gotten a strange phone call from his agent and then all but vanished with some vague promise to return in the morning. Whatever had abruptly called Kolkev away in the middle of the night, it clearly was no small thing. It clearly mattered, and Anya was determined to get to the bottom of it. She just…well, she didn't want to confront Kol directly. Not yet. He had been hurt too many times in the past, by people wanting to be close to him to leech off of his fame, his influence, his money, or all of the above.

She needed to use some finesse, and that's where Lynn was supposed to be helpful. 'Supposed to' anyway. Instead, her friend was just throwing up more roadblocks, insinuating that her boyfriend was having an affair.

"Lynn, I trust Kol."

Lynn's eyebrows arched.

"I mean, in that area!" she blushed. "I know he wouldn't cheat on me. I know he cares about me. Granted, I'm not sure if he cares about me as much as I care about him…but he's not the kind of guy to cheat on a woman."

Lynn stood up and folded her arms in front of her chest with a jaded expression. "This coming from the girl who is dating a guy known for having a revolving door of girlfriends, one after the next. What makes you think it's such a big stretch to go from a flurry of fleeting monogamous relationships to having a mistress or two on the sly?"

Anya threw up her hands with a growl. "Lynn, you are NOT helping. Look, how often has my gut been wrong in the past?"

The blonde woman's eyes slid to the side. She gave a noncommittal grunt. "OK, not often, I'll give you that."

Lynn reached down and took a sip of the coffee which Anya had made for her. "So you think it's something serious…" she mused.

"Yeah. But I have no clue what…or who."

"That's not entirely true." Lynn paced back and forth now, coffee mug cradled in her hands. "You know that his agent Dmitri is in the know. Maybe you've been thinking about this all wrong. Instead of going at Kol head-on, why not try the indirect approach? Get Dmitri to talk."

Anya sat down with a sigh. "And how am I going to do that? You think Dmitri hasn't seen other girls come and go? His loyalty is to his client, his friend. He and Kol go back eleven years. That's how long he's been Kol's agent. I've been with Kol for all of five months. Compared to their history, he probably still sees me as the flavor of the week." It was true, Kol's agent was always polite and kind to her, but she did get the impression that Dmitri wanted to keep his distance…to not get too friendly or attached.

"I still say it's worth a shot," Lynn said, draining her cup and setting the mug onto the marble countertop. "Look, if you let Dmitri know you're really worried about him, then Dmitri will know you care about him. If you really were just a gold-digging bimbo, would you do something like that? I don't think most gold-diggers would bother. They would be just as happy to not rock the boat as long as the booze, the clothes, the money, or the perks kept flowing their way. But you're not like that." Lynn came to sit beside Anya, clasping one of her hands on the tabletop. "As much as I think this guy may be bad news because of what he does for a living and who he is, I do know one thing."

The pretty brunette risked looking into her best friend's eyes. "And what's that?"

"That you're really good for him, girl. You make him a better person. Dmitri would be a fool not to see that. And maybe, just maybe, if you make it clear to Dmitri how much you care, maybe he'll share some of the burden. It can't be easy being the agent for an MMA fighter, having to always fend off attempts by people and companies wanting to take advantage of your client's status."

Anya nodded. She readjusted the tie on her bathrobe and stood up. "Maybe you're right."

Just then the sound of a car screeching to a halt outside had both girls exchanging a look of alarm.

She recognized the sound of that sedan. It was Kol's. No, it couldn't be. He was back already!?

"What are we going to do?" Anya hissed. She was ashamed that this was her kneejerk reaction, but Lynn and Kol were not on good terms. The last thing Anya wanted right now was for a dead-tired Kol to return home to find Lynn in his home, invited without his knowledge.

"I'll hide, then sneak out when I can," Lynn whisper-hissed back as she slipped out of the kitchen just as the latch on the front door made a sound.

Anya turned in her bathrobe, gaping as Kol strode into the kitchen and began to take off his clothes.

"Kol. I thought you were coming back in the morning? What's going on?"

Before she could say another word, he was on her. His hands disentangled the tie on her bathrobe and slid the garment off of her slim shoulders. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. He turned her around and bent her over the table in one smooth motion.

"Kol, wait!" But she didn't really want him to wait, not entirely. She was conflicted. She'd never seen him with such hunger in his eyes. It was like he had just returned from Hell, and the need to touch her was driving every shred of sane thinking he had left. Anya groaned as Kol knelt behind her, his tongue lapping at her sex. His tongue darted into her softness, licking and stroking, loving her with care. She bit her lip to keep her moan from sailing through the house. Oh god…what if Lynn was hearing this? She tried to summon the willpower to make Kol stop. This was crazy. She couldn't let him…

The flick of Kol's tongue combined with his fingers rubbing along her clitoris just scrambled all rational, not to mention coherent thought. Anya groaned, her breasts pressed to the table as she gripped the far edge and pushed her pussy back into Kol's face. Kol spread her lips wide with his fingers, his tongue battering at her joy nub, licking up the first gathering of her fluids.

"Mmm. I've missed this pussy," he growled between licks, his fingers stroking and caressing in a way that had her little joy nub stiff and ready.

Anya threw her head to the side, flicking her copper-flecked hair out of her eyes. Biting her lip, she let out a little sigh of rapture. Kol was leaving absolutely everything on the table; his entire focus was devoted right now to giving the young woman pleasure, and it showed. His tongue slid along her inner contours like a tiny, unquenchable flame, awakening sensations with a fire of need she didn't know she possessed. God, at this rate he'd send her over the edge. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the tabletop. She lifted her head, eyes drifting shut as her cunt began to squeeze the two fingers Kol was now fucking her with. While finger-fucking her beautiful sex, he now lapped more greedily at her trickling pussy, loving her with his tongue as if the precious fluids were the only thing that could keep him alive.

"Cum for me, baby. Cum for me right now," he demanded. Anya put her left hand over her right breast, fondling herself as the orgasm loomed like a crushing wave. Her cunt began to tighten around Kol's fingers in a series of maddening, desperate spasms.

"Oh fuck. Kol!" She moaned a plaintive cry, slamming her cunt back into Kol's face as he drank of her sweetness, vacuuming up every drop. When the climax finally receded, along with the fog in Anya's head, she realized where she was again - naked with her torso sprawled across the kitchen table, ass up in the air.

Kol stood up now, his cock stiff and long. So hard for her.

She moved to stand up. "Please, Kol. We shouldn't be doing-"

"Lean over, Anya. Give me this sweet pussy." The need in his voice undid her. She leaned down over the table again and closed her eyes, waiting for that sensation of fullness. It came, his cock spreading her lips and thrusting in deep. He started a rhythm, his balls slapping against the backs of her thighs as he fucked her. He gathered her wrists behind her back, pinning them there, watching his cock slide in and out of his girl with long, deep, strokes.

"Uhhh! Fuck me back, you little slut. Do what your Master tells you."

"Yes Sir," she murmured. She pushed her cunt back to meet his next fuck. The fullness felt delicious at first…then mesmerizing. She felt the slickness of her cunt coating his cock, his pre-cum adding to the lubrication as they fucked. The Russian girl sighed, her cheek pressed to the table as that cock slammed into her again and again. Anya didn't know how she knew it, but she knew that Kol needed this. He needed this like the last drop of water to the thirstiest man in a desert. He needed this with a soul-searing desire that nothing else could hope to satisfy.

"UHH! Fuck, your pussy is mine, bitch. MINE. It will be mine until the day I die, Anya. Now clench your little fuck-hole around my cock! UHH!"

Anya moaned as Kol's hand fled from her pinned wrists, gripping the back of her neck instead, pressing her down against the table as they fucked. The brunette kept her hands behind her back, feeling the table jostle which each hard slam of her boyfriend's cock. As the girl felt his cock lance deeply into her core, she writhed with building ecstasy…a second wave that would make the first climax look puny by comparison. The sensations of his shaft along her insides were beyond what words could impart. He fucked her like a crazed beast, spearing forward with brutal grunts, violently fucking her to the hilt, going balls-deep each time he penetrated her slick, wet pussy.

And the girl loved it all - the way he dominated her, the way he seemed to need her like the very air he breathed. There was no faking that. There was just raw emotion, unvarnished. It was one of the things that she loved about Kol. Maybe that was why his brutal words didn't bother her as much as they would have bothered someone else.

Right now there was nothing she could do but lie there on the table, bent over, his latest words echoing in her mind. 'Your pussy is mine…mine until the day I die…' They pounded in her head, and Anya wondered if Kol hadn't just given her the most fucked-up marriage proposal in the history of marriage proposals.

Quickly, though, she tucked the thought away. She let it drift, elbowing her unease aside as the surge of pleasure pushed out the need for all other thought. Anya groaned as he pulled out all the way, his cock glistening with their combined fluids. Then, to her crushing disappointment, he stilled.

"What do you say, bitch? Will you beg for it?"

"Please put it back inside me, Master. Please," she whimpered. Now he toyed with her, sliding the head of his prick along her ass crack as his fingers plied her clit. How could he be so evil? She thrust her bottom toward him with a desperate moan. He slapped her right ass cheek hard and told her to be still. The girl obeyed. Finally, gratefully, she felt that cock-head settle against her opening, spreading her lips. Suddenly he was plunging his phallus deep into her snatch with a bone-jarring stroke that made her cervix feel his power.

"Ohhh fuck me, Master. Fuck me! This pussy is YOURS. It will always be yours, Sir!" Anya cooed, passionate, yielding to the fantasy of dominant and submissive which she knew Kol wanted to hear. She did it not only because she loved him, but because it filled some deep and primal need in herself too.

"I'll fuck this pussy because it's mine. Because you belong to me, slave. And you always will. Never forget!" He leaned over, nipping at her shoulder playfully. She groaned as his cock filled her like nothing had ever filled her before, and then she felt his straining shaft about to explode within her. With a guttural cry, Kol slapped her ass cheeks, simultaneously thrusting forward even more violently than before. Then it happened. She felt like a geyser had erupted in her wet folds. So much cum shot into her well-fucked pussy that every time she thought it was over, Kol kept groaning and more cum poured into her cunt, straining to reach her womb.

"Fuck! Take it all, bitch. Take my seed," he groaned, his dominant side staying firmly in control. He slipped a hand underneath her torso, squeezing her breasts gently as the final twitches of his manhood emptied their creamy jism deep inside her womanhood. Anya felt his slowly softening cock still hugged tightly in her sheath. God, it felt so good. She never wanted to let him go.

"Are you okay?" He was panting, leaning over the table, whispering in her ear.

Anya gave a sated sigh of pure bliss. "I think you just fucked me into another dimension," she admitted.

Kol slowly withdrew from her. She could feel his stickiness running down her inner thighs. So much cum. But she didn't care. She wanted to take advantage of the moment, of this intimacy between them. She knelt, grasping the base of his cock with one hand. Her mouth smothered the head of his penis, slurping loudly as she cleaned their fluids from his shaft.

The MMA fighter sighed. His hands caressed her hair, pulling the tendrils back to keep them free of her face. As she bobbed up and down his cock, the man's groans gave her a thrill of joy. He could please her, sure, but Anya could please him just as skillfully. She would show him the proof of that…

Soon, her 'proof' was a little too convincing though. She massaged his balls with one hand. Her other hand caressed his ass. Her tongue slid up and down his heavily-scented shaft, loving that curious mixture of male and feminine fluids. But now Kol's cock had stiffened up again. The girl had never seen a harder slab of flesh. Her eyes widened.

"Look what you did, bitch. Now you're getting fucked again."

"Kol! Wait!"

He picked her up and slammed her face-up onto the kitchen table. Yanking her butt to the table's edge with a grip on both her ankles, the muscular MMA fighter held her legs and pounded her cunt just like that, a merciless assault of hard fucks that achieved maximum penetration given his height and the height of the table.

"Oh my god. You're going to fuck me to death," she squealed.

"Kiss me, bitch. Kiss me as we fuck." Kol released her ankles, leaping onto the table as he sank balls-deep into her wetness once more. His naked body covered hers like a blanket as he drilled her deep, his cock as tireless as the bulging muscles of his biceps.

She moaned into his mouth as their tongues wrestled. Oh god…FUCK. With savage thrusts Kol was fucking her in a way she'd never been fucked before. Then it happened - she felt herself about to pass the point of no return. She didn't see Lynn sneaking out behind Kol, slipping out of the house unnoticed. Her cunt was too busy clenching ruthlessly around Kol's cock, milking him toward a new release even as she felt her brain burst with the onslaught of pleasure. A mind-blasting orgasm had her screaming Kol's name.

"Kol!! Oh god! OOH!!"

"AHHH!!! Fuck, you little bitch, you're draining me dry," he groaned. With a series of powerful spurts, his cock filled her with a second load of jism. Although it wasn't nearly as forceful as his first orgasm, the fresh burst of heat in her loins had her shuddering with pleasure. Finally, sighing on top of her, he stilled, relishing the squeeze of her cunt around his manhood for one more minute. At last, he did pull out of her. Swollen lips framed her glistening sex. Kol eyed it with affection.

"Damn. I destroyed your pussy, didn't I?"

"Uhhh…" was all that escaped the brunette's lips. Exhausted, feeling an ache between her legs as if she'd just been fucked by an entire gang of men, the Russian girl went limp on the table. Before she could even catch her breath, Kolkev had already swept her up into his arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. He swept the blanket and sheets back one-handed. After he gingerly laid her down, though, he didn't bother to cover her. He just slid in beside her.

"AH!" Anya took in a sharp breath. The gorgeous girl realized that two fingers had pushed inside her cum-soaked sex.

"I love that your cunt is filled with my seed, Anya. Sleep now." He kissed her hard on the mouth. "I want to fall asleep with my fingers inside your hot little snatch, embedded in what's MINE."

Anya's lips found his in return. She gave a contented sigh as they continued kissing with a sensual, patient, slow-burning passion. Then she groaned, all too aware of those two fingers still buried inside her sticky sex.

"I don't know if I can fall asleep like this, Kol. Uhhh…"

"I'm not giving you a choice," he said with a dark chuckle. His two fingers delved deeper into her cum-soaked opening, making it clear he had no intention of backing down. Meanwhile his semi-hard cock lay across her hip as his other hand gathered her in close, clutching her to him as possessively as any male could hold his female. The way the MMA fighter's fingers nestled possessively inside the Russian beauty's cunt, her head tucked underneath his chin, made one thing absolutely certain: He claimed Anya Stolnyheva as his, body and soul.

But that wasn't enough for Anya, because two questions were wheedling at her, demanding to be answered. What WAS Kol's secret? And equally vexing, what had he meant when he'd said that her pussy belonged to him 'until the day I die?' Was it merely the delirious passion of a sex-crazed moment…or something more?


To Be Continued in Part 3


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Anya and the Fighter - Part 2

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