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  1. Beach House at Bali (by SMXena)
  2. The Beach

Beach House at Bali (by SMXena)

Categories Fantasy, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Written by women

Authror: SMXena

Published: 21 March 2018

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It's some private beach house... with the bedroom just a few meters from the beach the room has a window wall which opens onto the beach, a private beach.

It's night and I am sleeping on the bed... with a couple of windows open... the windows / doors...they are ceiling to floor length glass, but with sliding openings. They have these sheer curtains, white ones...billowing in the sea breeze...

I have a simple short knee length night robe on... but I have covered myself with the blanket.

You were out for a night walk on the beach and you are now returning to your beach house which is next door to mine. You notice the bedroom doorway to the beach is open and you know I am alone inside. The gentleman that you are, you want to warn me about the possibility of some intruder. You walk in and you see me sleeping all snuggled up under the blanket. You decide to just pull the door shut from outside and go without waking me.

You are walking back but something makes you stop...An urge to check on me... you have been thinking about me, ever since you saw me at the bar. Some of the thoughts are not too gentlemanly.

So you walk back and stand at the side of my bed, watching me... the moonlight is streaming through the open door. You wanna reach over and touch me, but then you just readjust the blanket to tuck me in better... but as you lift it, you don't want to put it back.

My robe is slightly out of place giving you a glimpse of my cleavage in the moonlight. You can't help but notice that there isn't a bra. You have stopped thinking chivalrous thoughts now... So instead of tucking the blanket back you slowly pull it off me. The sudden chill or perhaps the movement makes me stir. Still asleep and clueless though.

With me stirring in sleep...the robe slips again...it falls away a bit more...and the moonlight makes it look quite unreal. There's a sash that prevents the robe from falling open completely.

You don't want the sash... it's not helping. Without actually touching me you untie the sash…and slowly pull at it until it gives away half way but is still stuck. You have to make me move a bit to get it off. But, of course, you don't wanna wake me up. Quite the dilemma.

You notice that am smiling in my sleep...my cheeks are a bit flushed and you think that perhaps I am not having ladylike dreams either.

You could let fantasies come true... so you slowly part my robe and expose one breast completely... but with the sash still stuck you can't expose the other one. Then you slowly trail your fingers on the exposed breast... Tickling, caressing...and I let out a small sigh in my sleep and move a bit releasing the sash. One swift pull and that's out of the way and the robe is free now.

You pull open the robe completely exposing me... underneath there is a satin panty and nothing else. You are getting hot now...And quite hard too.

One of my legs is bent at the knee and slightly leaning on the other leg which is straight...So the legs are kinda locked and you can just see a satin triangle. You part my legs slowly... without any sudden movements. At first you are unsure whether you wanna take off the panties. So you leave that for now and focus on the breasts.

You bend down and kiss me on the lips.. and I give out a slight moan in my sleep. Then you move to my neck...and downward...kissing at intervals.

You place both your hands palm down on each of my breasts...just place them there ...without squeezing. Then you slowly tease the nips with your open palm and you feel the nips tightening and hardening...they pucker up into hard beads....and you can't resist anymore. You close your lips around one and tease the tip with your tongue.

I am now moaning in my sleep... it is like am dreaming something really hot and so cannot make out what is real and what is a dream.

You play with my breasts for a li'l longer... teasing with our fingers, licking and nibbling and pinching the nips slightly then you move down slowly... to the navel.... and tease with your fingers... and I arch my back... all in good sleep.

By now you have made up your mind about the panties. You don't wanna slide the panties off coz that might wake me. But there are other ways, you pull my panties to a side... I now am totally exposed...with my robe still over my shoulders but effectively naked.

You trace your fingers on my inner thighs...teasing every now and then...

I am slightly wet...but not enough for you to see...but you know coz you can see my reactions in sleep. Then you trace your fingers on the lips of the slit... just teasing around without touching the clit and am moaning...quite a lot.

You check and see that am still asleep...you wonder if I have drugged myself to be sleeping so much. Advantage you, anyway!

You tease my clit and my body goes wild...it arches to meet your finger every time you lift it. You are so horny by now and you want me bad. All you want to do is fuck me... hard... and you want me to wake up to being fucked.

The thought of me waking up with you inside me has made you rock hard.

You finger me until am wet enough and I am stirring up. You get on top, slide your cock inside of me, just as I wake up. You don't want me to scream, yet. So you bend down and kiss me as you thrust inside. I wanna scream but all I can do is moan in your mouth. When you break the kiss I see it is you. I wonder if I should put up a fight... but I have wanted you too. This feels good but not right. I want to seduce you, not be seduced. So I try to push you away. You see it coming and pin my arms overhead. Now is when my sash comes in handy. You have me all tied up, Android you don't have to worry about waking me up. So you push back a little and rip my panties off. This time as you thrust back into me, you aren't gentle at all.

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Beach House at Bali (by SMXena)

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