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Summer School Part 5

Categories Fiction

Author: mister miss

Published: 21 March 2018

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Part 5 – Kim

That night, with Daryl gone, Cindy sat in her bedroom and looked out her window at the stars. As beautiful as they were, she really wasn’t seeing them. She was instead picturing Daryl’s cock and playing out his orgasm over and over in her mind. She remembered how his manhood got redder as he got near cumming. She could see his thumb and index finger stroking faster and faster until he kind of stopped and used his fingers to force and milk his semen out in huge thick hot spurts. His face had such concentration on it and she noticed his features relax almost immediately after emptying himself on her body. His orgasm had made her almost cum herself. She had become a bit unsteady yet she was also almost ecstatic. Like she was proud that she had taken care of her man. She then thought about how she let him touch her and rub her. His hand felt soooo good, and he was almost rubbing her like she would have herself. She thought about how she might guide him through her territory down there without either of them getting embarrassed.

Just then there was a knock at her door. “Cindy? Can I come in?” her mother asked. Cindy quickly grabbed a book as she responded “Sure.”

Her mother entered and took her ‘secret’ glance around her room before moving to the bed and sitting down beside her. With her hands on her lap, and looking straight ahead, she said “Janet said she saw you and a boy at the library today.” She glanced over at Cindy who was now looking at her with a mild blush. “Yeah, that was Daryl from down the road. He’s alone most of the time and so when I ran into him, I asked him if he wanted to come.”

Cindy’s mother was not a stupid woman. She had been noticing how her daughter’s body had been developing. Cindy was what in those days could be called a real fox. Her mom knew that. “ Oh, that was nice of you Cindy. What’s he like?”

Cindy knew her mother was prying, but she wasn’t bothered by it. After all, this was the first time she had been in the company of a boy her age and of course her mom would be inquisitive. “He’s really very nice. He’s shy and at first I thought he was a bit of a goober, but once he started talking to me, he seemed pretty normal.”

“Is he cute?”


Her mother giggled but persisted. “Well…is he?”

Cindy was now even redder. “I guess.” She conceded.

“Hmmm. Good body?”

Cindy was shocked. “Mom!”

“Well Cindy, I know boys are beginning to look different to you now and also that you are kind of noticing things like their height and weight and ….their butts”

Cindy broke out laughing as she pushed her mom off the bed onto the floor. Her mom landed on the backside with a thump and she too broke out laughing. “He does doesn’t he!”

“Mom you’re awful! Ok. I suppose if you were grading butts, his passes the test. Satisfied?”

“Well just remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you can ask me. I’m not so old that I don’t remember what growing up was like, and you are a healthy, beautiful girl that any boy even near your age would love to get close to…if you know what I mean”

Cindy was now sweating. She wondered if her mom somehow knew she and Daryl had been fooling around. Her mom noticed this but refrained from pressing the matter. She rose and quietly left the room. Cindy willed herself to calm down. She had a phone in her room and picked it up. Hearing a dial tone, she listened for the tell tale minor echo that told her that someone had picked up the other phone to listen in. Hearing no echo, she dialed her best friend Kim.

“YOU WHAT!!!” yelled Kim.

“Yeah, I really did.” stated Cindy.

“You’re telling me that you got totally nude with Daryl and let him touch your boobs and pussy?”

“Yup” said a slightly smug Cindy.

“Holy crap Cindy. Were you wet down there? Did he finger you? Did you see his cock? What’s it like?

“Whoa! Ok, I’ll tell you everything but you have to promise never to say a word to anyone”

Ok! Tell, tell, tell!”

“Nope. You come over. I can’t say any more on the phone. We have a party line and an extension.”

Cindy had never seen Kim arrive anywhere as quickly as she arrived at her front door. Her mom answered the door and saw a breathless Kim looking wide-eyed at her.

“Hi Kim. Are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something” she asked with concern.

Pulling herself together Kim replied “I’m good Mrs. Walters. Just felt like jogging the last bit. Guess I’m not in the shape I thought I was.”

Cindy, who was listening at the top of the stairs was almost doubled over in a giggling fit. Her mom heard her. “Cindy. Are you ok?” she asked quizzically.

Now it was Cindy’s turn to pull it together. She quickly peeked around the stairwell, looked directly at Kim and told her to come up. Kim tried with all her might not to look like she was in a hurry.

Once ensconced in Cindy’s bedroom, Kim and Cindy sat on the bed cross-legged and facing each other. In hushed whispers they talked. Cindy told Kim everything punctuated by a peppering of questions and embarrassed looks and wide-eyed, open mouthed expressions.

“ God…does he have a nice ass?”

“ My god Kim, it’s soooo cute!”

“ You saw his boner? “

“Oh yeah.”

“My god Cindy. What did it look like?”

“ It was big and almost mean looking. I couldn’t stop staring at it. He can even make it wiggle”

Kim shrieked at that comment “ Did you touch it? “

“ In the shower, he was behind me and he wrapped hi arms around me and kind of pushed it against my bum. It made me so horny I was pushing my ass back at him. I felt like such a slut but it just felt so natural. He shot off after just a few pushes.”

Cindy and Kim were so wrapped up in their conversation that neither heard Cindy’s mom sneak up to the door. She could hear every word, giggle, gasp and moan the girls made and though she was at first shocked by Cindy’s confession, she wasn’t angry. She was actually excited for her daughter. She herself loved sex and felt no shame in loving sex. Her own first experience had come when she was only slightly younger than her daughter, and she could remember vividly how absolutely thrilled her own body felt when it was first touched by a boy.

“Did he feel your pussy?”

Cindy was now beet red. “He rubbed me off.”

“What! You let him rub you off? What about the smell? Weren’t you mortified?”

“Really Kim, I was so horny and wet down there. I thought about the smell, especially when he started smelling his fingers after I came, but he said he loved my smell.”

“God Cindy! Are you gonna go all the way with him?”

Cindy’s mother perked up her ears at this question from Kim. Shit, what would she do if her 14 year old daughter said yes.

“ I don’t know. His thing is so big and I know from just putting my finger in there that I’m pretty tight down there. I can’t see how he’d get it in. I think I’d like the feeling but I don’t want to get pregnant either. I think it would hurt a lot too.

“Oh for fuck sake Cindy, we have babies come out of there. You think his cock won’t fit? I mean I easily get two or three fingers in there.“

Cindy looked at her friend with apprehension shrugging her shoulders. “But I’m so tight. I’m afraid of the pain.” She was now getting warm and badly wanted to rub her crotch. “

“Ok girl. Let’s have a look. I’ll tell you if there is anything wrong with your pussy.”

“ I’m not going to just yank down my pants so you can look at my pussy!”

“God Cindy, we have seen each other naked a million times. We both know what we look like.”

“But with all this talk….well… I’m kinda warm down there.”

Kim gave her friend a little shoulder punch and drew her face right up to Cindy’s so it was virtually nose to nose. Looking at her teasingly, she spoke in a baby like voice. “Awwww. Is Cindy’s pussy getting all wet? Would Cindy Windy like to rub her little bunny? As Cindy blushed Kim said “I’m actually pretty darn wet down there myself so I wouldn’t worry about that. Believe me, I know what a pussy feels like and smells like when it gets wet.“

Cindy thought about this as she recovered from her initial embarrassment and though this was new territory for her, she did kind of wonder if her friend would feel and smell like she did.

Cindy’s mom meanwhile was still listening with rapt attention. Would her daughter let her friend inspect her pussy? She remembered with fondness how her and her girlfriends would explore and bring each other off on many occasions. Like her daughter, her first time was a bit embarrassing and awkward. Despite her huge desire to help with their knowledge, she knew that there was really nothing that could compare to the excitement of complete teenage discovery.

“ Ok Kim, but we both get naked and we just look at each other. You can tell me if anything looks funny down there.”

“Ok. But I might need to look pretty close so don’t freak out or anything. After all, we’re best friends and we have seen each other naked before.”

The girls quickly stripped out of their cloths and stood facing each other. Kim was confidently blatant in her visual inspection of Cindy. “Well, your boobs are great, and we seem to have about the same amount of pussy hair.

Cindy was looking at Kim’s chest and noticed that her friends boobs were a little smaller and pointier, and that she was a little thinner. “Your boobs look great too, and my god Kim! You’ve got a great butt.”

Kim motioned towards the bed “Ok, lay down and I’ll have a quick peek at your pussy.” Cindy complied and Kim knelt on the floor between her legs and used her own hands to gently pry Cindy’s legs wide apart. Cindy’s pussy glistened in front of her. She knew she was very wet. The whole situation was arousing. Kim meanwhile, immediately caught wind of sexual arousal and Cindy, who was propped up on her elbows noticed with interest that Kim’s eyes flashed and her nostrils flared as she stared. This actually made her hornier. She obviously had something down there that her friend found intoxicating to Kim. Trying to remain nonchalant, even though she was far from calm, Kim placed her hands on either side of Cindy’s pussy and with her fingers, she gently spread her friends labia open so she had a complete view. “I can see your hymen Cin, Hmmm. Very nice down here. Looks clean and healthy.” Cindy’s eyes went wide open and she sucked in her breath as Kim started to trace her pussy lips

Outside the bedroom door, Cindy’s mom was frozen. “What are they doing?” she thought as she could now only hear the excited breathing of her daughter. With a concerted effort, she didn’t barge in the door. “I will not interfere. This is my baby girls time and she should have her privacy like I had mine.”

Kim was now quite confident and slowly inserted her middle finger into Cindy’s pussy. It was very wet and very tight. She started to pump it carefully in and out. Soon Cindy had her head thrown back and was moaning and thrusting to meet the invading finger. “Ohhh….God Kim….What are you …I’m not sure I should be doooing….Mmmmm….a bit faster Kim….faster….Yes..Yes.” Cindy had now lost all sense of composure and just let it happen.

Kim leaned in and made a show of smelling her friend. “Cin, your pussy smells so good. It smells just like mine” she whispered. Sticking out her tongue, she softly moved it around the swollen clitoris in front of her. “OH SHIT….Kim…..Oh My God….I’m gonna cum …..mmmahahah….Ohhhh shiiiit” Kim felt a slow flow of warm liquid wash her face and as she already knew she should, she slowed down her efforts. She looked up at Cindy, her face wet and smiling. “Liked that did you?” she smirked. Cindy looked at her friend and giggled at her. “You look like I peed on your face.”

Cindy’s mom had been listening intently as Kim brought her daughter to orgasm and felt both thrilled and a little guilty. Not only had she snooped, but the action she’d listened too had made her very aroused. She reasoned though that it could have been anyone in there and that for her to feel aroused was probably very normal. The only thing she couldn’t really reconcile was that her daughter make the same sounds of passion that she herself made.

Kim used the blanket to wipe her face off and then she gently wiped off the spent pussy of her friend. This action caused a startled little intake of breath from Cindy and a quick scoot back from hand that was touching her. “Wow” she breathed, “I’m a little touchy down there right now. God Kim, you used your tongue on me!”

“Yeah…your pussy just looked sooo tasty. I heard it feels good to get licked down there out so I figured I’d try it on you to see how you liked it. You very obviously did!”

“I always get sensitive after a good orgasm. I just have to let my pussy settle down for a minute or so too.” Kim stated. “Would you like to make me have an orgasm?”

It didn’t take more than a second for Cindy to respond “Oh Yeah!” She pushed Kim on her back and pulled her legs apart. Looking at her friends wet pussy, Cindy noticed that it was different that hers. It was tighter to her body and the lips were not as ….well…flappy as hers. The scent was just like her own though, pungent and alluring. “You smell just like me, and you’re fucking soaked Kim!”

Kim was only slightly embarrassed by Cindy’s recognition of her wet condition. She knew it was natural. “Go ahead Cin, inspect me like I did to you.” Cindy gently moved her fingers , sliding them up and down Kims pussy lips eliciting moans of pleasure and urgent pushing back from her friend. She then pulled apart her labia so she could see inside. “I can see your hymen Kim. So that’s what it looks like.” She pushed her finger inside Kims pussy and began to finger fuck her. Kim’s clit was engorged and begging for attention. For some reason Cindy stuck out her tongue and began to toy with this tiny cock that was swollen and beautiful. Kim was totally shocked “Cindy! What are you doing…ooooh….god….oh Jesus Jesus…that feels so goooood. Ohhh Cin, don’t stop I’m gonna cum…I’m almost there…..oh fuuuuck!”

Cindy was fully into this and was reveling in her friend’s reactions. She kept licking Kim’s clit but also swooshed her tongue around the whole pussy. When Kim was very close to cumming, Cindy moved back to the clit and began flicking it with her tongue and pumping her finger in and out of Kim’s pussy faster and faster. Kim was sweating and humping and uttering moans and statements. Her pussy was sopping. “That’s it Cin…..right there….don’t stop….I’m cumming.I’m cumming …oh god….slow it a bit….Ohhhhh Fuuuuck!” Cindy slowed her finger pumping and her tongue flicking as her friend worked through her orgasm. She watched Kim’s face contort as she came hard, pushing against Cindy’s mouth. Cindy was treated to a good flow of pussy juice before Kim collapsed onto her back breathing hard. Her body sporting a red blush. Like Kim had done, she used the blanked to wipe off her face and crawled up to lay beside Kim. They rolled to face each other and hugged. Cindy blushed. “

Cindy’s mom was by now in a state of utter horniness. Her baby girl was having lesbian sex and both had wonderful orgasms. She was not only shocked at how far this little session had gone, but was also pretty darn proud of how open and curious her girl had become. She quietly moved away to take care of her own desire while the girls talked and giggled behind the closed door. She would have to say something to Cindy about birth control soon she promised herself.

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Summer School Part 5

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