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Creating a Monster ch 9

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Boy, Female solo

Author: Sexy Mommy

Published: 21 March 2018

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Creating a monster by 9

Warning: This chapter is going to get kind of dark, it's not something I'm into, and it's not something I normally do, but this time it's necessary to progress the story to where it goes.

Allison and I lounged in the game room for a while, talking about mundane and inconsequential things, as the party seemed to go on without us. Some time had passed when the sound of bare feet at the door, followed by a soft knock, interrupted us.

"Miss Allison," came the soft voice from Misty, her voice made it clear, she was a broken person. "The mistress has called for you."

A look of dread passed over Allison's face. I didn't really understand why, but then again I was definitely more into this situation than she was. Allison stood from the couch, I stood with her. I gave her a long lingering kiss as she started to go, and a quick pinch on her ass as she walked away. She was truly amazing to watch, those legs were simply outstanding, and her ass appeared to bounce as she walked as if gravity had no effect on it.

I laid back on the couch, putting my feet up. These shoes may look good, but they were starting to ware on me. I was fairly certain that I wasn't allowed to remove or add clothing at this point, so didn't. So I lounge for a while, alternating between drinks of water and vodka. My pelvic region continued to flow, thanks in no small part to those pills I had earlier. I laid my head back, and close my eyes for a moment, until again I heard the sound of bare feet, they entered the room this time. I could hear them come directly to me, something about Allison's fears seem to be contagious, as small knot turned in my stomach.

I open my eyes to see a small erection staring me in the face. Young Aiden had entered the room and stood before me in all his nakedness, his small erect penis pointing directly at me. He was always an absolute chatterbox around the girls, but almost never spoke to me, and this was no exception. He stood there, smiling, seemingly about ready to break out in a giggle at any moment. He was looking down, alternating views between my breast and my bald pussy.

I put a hand under my left breast, gave it a squeeze or two, while he watched. I bent my head forward, extending my tongue as far as I could, and lick the nipple. He giggled, his small cock bouncing and danceing with a life of its own in front of my face. I reached out and gave it a stroke, and then another, his face took on a more serious tone.

I held his penis like a handle, said "Come around here baby." and guided him up on to the couch. As my legs spread wide for his tiny narrow hips, I lead him the whole way using my hand to guide his erection halfway into me before letting go, this was clearly not his first time. He began to pump me, wild at first, and then settling into a sustained rhythm. This was easily the smallest clock I had ever had, I could look down at him, down at his face while he did his best to please me. He didn't last much longer than he had before, and soon he was coming in me.

What he lacked in the size of his member, and quantity of ejaculate, he made up for in velocity. His small opening caused his cum to emerge like a jet, this is the first person I could ever feel cum inside me. As he thrust it in me, the jet fired against the walls of my cunt, creating a remarkablely pleasant sensation. And then came what we will call the gift of youth, he slowed momentarily, as his orgasm moved through him, but then went right back to his original pace, never stopping, never growing soft. If only an adult member could do this. He was going maybe 3 or 4 minutes between orgasms, each time filling me a little fuller, my already wet pussy was beginning to overflow. We did this for almost half an hour, with a normal person, under normal circumstances, my pussy would be bone dry by now, but my chemically induced flow, combined with his numerous, albeit tiny, loads had me so wet it was messy.

"Hold on a second baby," I said, causing him to pause, "come on, get up. Let's try something a little different." He pulled out of me far to abruptly, and I cautioned him to go slower next time. We both got off the couch, him standing in front of me, I got down on my knees in front of him, and gave his young penis a few licks and one long suck. His cum mixed with my fluids made a interesting appetizer. I released his member, turned around staying on my knees, spread my legs wider to get my pelvis down to his level. I dropped my chest to the floor, keeping my ass high for him, reaching down between my legs I gently grab him by the scrotum, pulling him toward me. He entered me in one quick stroke, he quickly found my hips, grabbed hard, and started working. He fired at me harder and faster this way, I could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh, I could feel his hard hairless body slapping into mine, again he came in short order. I could feel his pulses against the inside of my walls, and again slowed for a moment, but never stopped, and went right into a new round. The fluids begin to leak and escape my lips, they collected and clung around where my pubic hair used too be, and tried to flow toward my abdomen, I wiped them away with my hand. I didn't want to deal with sticky clothes the rest of the night.

As this became slightly less interesting for me, I decided to switch it up. Again reaching back between my legs I told him to wait a second, I pushed at the base of his cock, removing him from my vagina. Grabbing the sweat shaft of his penis i aimed him about 1 inch higher. 3 or 4 pushes later and all three and a half inches of his tiny boy cock were all the way up in my ass, or at least as far as it could be. I reached back and spread my ass a little wider for him, hoping he could get better access to it. It helped a little, as he drove a little deeper into me. The sensation of him coming seemed even more intense in my ass, I could seemingly feel each individual squirt, each one carrying with it a slightly different sensation. Fluids continued to ease their way out of my cunt, and to build on my stomach to a dripping point drip, and I wiped it away.

Even a small cock can become too much eventually, and four more rounds in my ass and I had come to my limit. I removed this young man from me, and told him he should run along now, and he did, bare feet pattered out the door. I went over to the bar area, found the towel, and cleaned the mess from between my legs, God knows how many rounds of boy cum where in me, or dripping out of me, but my ass retained all of it special seed after cleaning myself.

This is where things turn nasty, you can skip to the next chapter, and just assume something bad happened, and it set Linda on a mission to eliminate Melanie.

After cleaning myself I wondered the room for a moment, and became distracted by sounds from outside the room. I went to investigate. Still I didn't really want to be seen if it could be avoided, I was spent for at least a few more minutes. I walked back into the living room where the fireplace still raged on, and the wall of windows in the night darkness reflected the scene. Melanie had brought a stool from the kitchen, and sat upon it like a throne, as she watched the events in front of her. Haley and Jessica stood on each side of her, nursing from her huge tits. It was just now, seeing a white ribbon on Haley's chin, that I realized those breasts were still lactating. The girls were doing their best to keep up with the flow, but it was clearly a challenge. I stayed just around the corner, mostly out of sight.

I was more disturbed by what was going on in the floor in front of her. Allison and Misty where on the floor ass to ass, much as Allison and I had been. But instead of pleasure, there was anguish on both their faces. The large double dildo that Allison. And I had enjoyed was in use again, but Melanie had it up their asses, it looked most unpleasant.

"Fuck her bitch, fuck her harder." came the command from Melanie, followed by a slap from the riding crop on Allison's ass. That was followed by a harder one on Misty's ass. They both yelped. Melanie though, was excited. "Harder, I said" followed again by the crop. "Harder, harder I said." Lashing out with the crop. Both of them winced and cried out with each. There was clearly no joy being had by either of them. Even in my most anal moments, something like that would be nothing but painful.

Melanie tired of the girls nursing on her and pushed them away dismissively. Her breasts were notable smaller than they were before, and soon white streaks flowed from her nipples down her breast. She stood and walked around the two in front of her, they did their best, trying to push back into each other, but this object was way too large.

"Fuck her like I told you bitch mom." As the crop came down on Allison, "do it or Jessica will end up out here next." Allison put even more effort in to it. Again the crop came down, this time on Misty's ass. She seemed to always abuse Misty more. She followed this up by three more, equally as hard, and Misty cried at all 3. She tried to push back, but there was no more that was going to fit inside either of them. "Harder," slap "fuck her harder," slap, "you know she's not enjoying it until she cries."

This was the sadistic Melanie that Allison had told me about. Melanie walked over to the table of toys and selected her next implament, turning objects that were supposed to give pleasure, in to objects that were going to give pain. She grabbed the largest of the L shaped dildos, those on the table similar to the one I had used on Jessica, and Jessica had used on Haley. But this one was enormous, looking at it again it had to be at least three and a half inches across, probably more, and the head of this thing was definitely larger and magbe 16 inches long. The only difference, this one had small tube and a bulb that hung from where the two sections came together. Melanie returned to the main area with it in her hand, held the shorter plug end out for the girls, who promptly licked it, getting it wet and lubed. Melanie then, with practiced expertise, worked the short end up inside her own pussy. Pumping the bulb, the large knot inside her expanded, locking it in place.

There bodies we're decorated with angry red welts from Melanie's crop. Misty was completely naked, giving Melanie multiple targets to choose from, and the marks were all up and down her back and her legs. She chose to target Allison on the bare skin, meaning her upper thighs and ass where the primary target. I grew more and more angry watching her. It was a sickening feeling watching someone degrade another person in this way, it was made worse because one of them was my friend and the other her own daughter. Melanie was truly sick and twisted mind.

Melanie continue to walk around them, commanding them to go harder, whipping them for their inability to do so. Tears welled in Misty's eyes, as she knelt with her head down, trying her best to please her mother. Allison on the other hand, refuse to give her the satisfaction of tears, she may cry out in pain when the crop found her bare skin, but she wasn't going to give her any more satisfaction then she absolutely had to. As Melanie walked, the hard rubber phalis in front of her swayed back and forth, looking like a ridiculous caricature with it in. She seemed to grow bored, or impatient, or both, she used the heel of her boot, and kicked Allison aside. The large plastic cock that they were sharing was yanked from Misty's ass in one painful motion. A bright red scratch appeared on Allison's butt cheek has blood begin to form on it. Allison laid on the carpet for a moment, collecting her thoughts and catching her breath.

"Get out of my sight you bitch, you disgust me." Melanie scornfully addressed Allison. As Allison scampered to her feet, the object still protruding from her ass, she's struggled down the hallway the best she could, holding the object with one hand, trying to keep it from swaying around. As she shuffled past me, I'm not sure she even noticed me, and headed straight into the bathroom, I continue to watch as the anger built.

Melanie pulled misty up to her feet, moved her closer to the couch, and bent her over again. With her standing, her hands supporting her on the couch, Melanie gave no thought to misty at all, as she used her left to guide this grotesque abomination to her daughters vulva, while her right hand continued the swat at her with the crop. She gave it good trust that failed to penetrate her, merely pushing her forward. Misty stumbled earning Melanie's reproach.

"Stand still and take it." Slap! As the crop came down on her. More red lines began to show on her back. "Take it like you're supposed to." Slap! the crop came crashing down on her. Misty regained her composure so to speak. She braced her arms more firmly on the couch this time, as Melanie reared back and drove even harder this time, the bulbous end of this phalis penetrated her as Misty cried out loudly, and began to sob. "Shut up, you know you love this. Nasty little whore." She brought her crop up from underneath and caught misty on her right breast, making direct contact with her fat nipple. She made no additional sound. Melanie began trusting harder and harder at her, driving into her with each stroke. I don't know how this young girl could take this, I could only imagine. As Melanie drove and drove, more of this disappeared into her, somehow, from my angle, eventually I could no longer see it. I could see Misty's abdomen distending with every thrust, making room inside her body for this intruder.

"That's it, take it all you little slut, you know you love this." Degrading her "take it all." She would trust in at her "Take it all." She would repeat. Thrusting harder, the tears flowed from misty, she sobbed uncontrollably at this point. As her sobs grew louder, so did Melanie's intensity, has her sobs turned more into frightened cries, Melanie became more and more excited. Her thrusting became more and more frantic, until finally, with tears streaming from Misty, running down her tortured face, Melanie let out long moan, and as it turned in to a guttural groan, I could see it ran in the family, as a flow of urine ran from between her legs, then puddled on the floor before soaking into the carpet.

I'm not sure if I kept watching out of some morbid curiosity or out of dystopian fascination, or if I simply enjoyed and needed the anger to build further inside of me. This woman was truly a monster, and I set myself determined to stop her. I turned away without ever having been seen, and quietly walked down the hall to the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom and Allison was on the floor, curled up and a ball, now sobbing. She wouldn't give Melanie the pleasure but it needed to come out. I rushed over to her and held her and kissed her cheek.

"It will be okay I told her." In my most consoling voice. There was a resolution to it, I knew it had to be done, and I was determined to do it at this point.

"No it won't," she said between tears "it won't, it will never be okay, this will never be over."

I held her while she calmed down. After 10 or 15 minutes she began to become herself again. I helped remove this large device that still lay lodged inside of her, hanging out of her like a horrible tail. Pulling it slowly, massaging around her anus the best I could to help alleviate the pressure. 10 minutes later the head of the toy emerge from her, and she collapsed back down on the floor in relief.

After about 5 more minutes she seemed to turn a switch in her mind, she wiped the tears from her face, rose resolutely, walked over to the mirror. With determination in her voice, she spoke to herself in the mirror "..but I still won't let her get the best of me." what fierce determination she showed. I had lusted for her body, now I was amazed by her spirit. She went over to the silver tray, grabbed two of the white pills she had told me would make the night seem like a fuzzy blur, and took them. Turning to me, she saw me looking at her as she took the pills, and said "I don't want to remember any of this." She offered some to to me.

I declined the two pills, saying as I brought my hand up to caress her cheek "There are some things about this night I don't want to forget." I gave her a soft kiss. There were also some things about this night I wanted to forget, but I knew if I was to break this, I needed to remember this anger, I needed use it.

The rest of the night went on much is the first part had, Melanie played very little roll, and her sadistic cruelty never reared it's ugly head like that again. I did my best to shield Allison from any advances that came her way. When the girls wanted a play thing, I volunteered, and if they by chance asked for her, I would ask if I could take her place. Allison spent most of the evening lying on one of the couches, her intoxicated stuper protecting her from the realities that we're going on around her. I had been with the girls several more times that evening, playing various little sex games with them. I rightfully enjoyed most of this evening. Jessica and Haley were reasonably kind to me and soon the morning had arrived. Melanie rounded up her toys and her subjects, and was gone, leaving Allison and I with our children at her place.

Several interesting things happened in the morning, after some rest. When Allison awoke, she truly remembered very little of anything that happened from just before she took those pills till she woke up. She said she did remember her and I, and was determined not to forget that. For me, my resolution to destroy Melanie grew nothing but stronger, she was going to take a fall. Perhaps the most interesting and unexpected thing to come from the evening however was a total surprise. My sex life had been nonexisting for several years before Haley turned me into her toy. I hadn't dated, let alone had sex in over 2 years, and even over the past several weeks I hadn't needed to worry about certain things. I hadn't had to worry about birth control, for example, for years. three and a half weeks after this party, two blue lines said I should have been. But I guess we'll go in to that later.

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Creating a Monster ch 9

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