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  1. Cassie the pis whore
  2. Cassie and the Butler's son

Cassie and the Butler's son

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Romance, Teen

Author: abroadsword

Published: 21 March 2018

  • Font:

The phone rang at two in the morning.

It was my Dad. He sounded half asleep. “His Lordship’s daughter just rang,” he said. “She needs a lift home, Can you get her do you think?” “She’s in town, twenty one A Braithwaite Street.”

“Look I got lectures first thing and how’s she going to like being fetched in my Mini?” I asked.

He sort of pleaded, “Well your rooms are about a mile from her and I’m twenty five miles away, and I have a six thirty start myself, are you sure you can’t help?”

“OK,” I agreed. That was the trouble, dad was his Lordships chauffeur and got treated like shit.

Cassandra his junkie layabout daughter was a year or so younger than me and spent all her time partying while I struggled to complete my last year at uni. My entertainment budget didn’t exist and how I managed to keep the car going would frighten any self respecting mechanic, but dad asked so I felt I had to help out.

I found 21A Braithwaite Street, a flat over the bookies. The drapes were drawn back. I could see a party was in full swing. Horrible tuneless music floated from an open window. Subdued lighting, thin wisps of cigarette smoke wafted gently .

The street door wasn’t locked. I went in, Up the stairs. I knocked on the flat door.

“What you want?” a big dark guy asked.

“Cassie?” I asked.

“Fifty quid, join the queue,” he said pleasantly.

“I came to take her home?” I explained.

“In your dreams,” he laughed, “Maybe come back round sun up, in the mean time its fifty quid.”

I didn’t have fifty pence let alone fifty quid.

The guy lost interest in me as something started kicking off. Two guys arguing.

I followed him. About fifteen guys were in the lounge watching a porn film, some in Tee shirts, some naked, most of them had hard ons and were gently wanking.

Cassie was in one of the bed rooms, on a double bed beside a naked dark girl. She wore a yellow party dress, I say wore, it was round her waist. Her tits were out, her knickers were off and two guys were arguing who was next.

“Cassie?” I said.

“I told you wait your turn and its fifty quid?” the dark guy said nastily.

“Are you charging again Guido?” Cassie said dozily, “That really is very naughty.”

“Well that gear you like don’t grow on trees does it?” Guido replied.

“It does actually,” I suggested, “Its the refining and transportation which costs.”

“Wise guy eh?” He queried but the two guys were now starting to throw punches and he turned away.

“You wanted a ride home?” I suggested.

“No, its fun I want to stay,” Cassie replied. The dark girl beside her smiled as she spread her legs to welcome one of the guys who had been wanking in the other room. She reached for his cock and guided it into her snatch without a word. It looked so odd his pink ass bobbing between her ebony thighs.

“Fine,” I agreed, “So why ring my Dad?”

“I’m having fun now, come back in an hour,” Cassie ordered.

“Fuck you!” I snapped.

“Aye Aye skipper,” she laughed and a fat slob of a guy with a bad nose bleed went to join her on the bed, “Toby what happened to your nose?” she queried.

“Buddy sob buddy boke it,” he blubbed.

“Don’t bleed on her dress,” I snapped.

“Who the hell do you think you are, my dad?” she queried.

“No, I don’t bloody know but don’t get blood on your dress,” I insisted.

“All right I’ll take it off,” she agreed, ands she artlessly yanked the dress over her head just leaving her black bra around her waist. “Happy now?”

I was anything but happy, no cash, I needed to sleep and I had a raging hard on from the sight of her perky tits and well used cunt.

She lay back legs apart and the fat slob knelt between her knees. She guided his fat ugly and slightly floppy cock at her well used cunt and he started to poke her. He managed about a dozen strokes, grunted and climbed off her. He stared at his shrinking cock with confused annoyance.

Guido laughed, “I see why you was hurrying,” he said and he tapped the other guy on the shoulder.

He too joined Cassie but his cock was drooping even before he tried to pull a condom on.

“Doesn’t anybody have a decent hard on?” Cassie wailed, “What about you John - Boy, you want to make your fantasy come true? all those times you perved me?”

“Sorry don’t have fifty quid,” I explained.

“A freebie then?” she suggested.

“I don’t have a condom,” I suggested.

“Then do it bareback, I need a nice solid jet of cum in me,” she laughed.

“Seriously?” I queried.

“Seriously,” she replied.

“Smile for the camera,” Guido laughed and he handed me a red condom, I ask you red!

She was gorgeous, and to be honest I hadn’t had it in weeks, I’m human ok?

“No kissing,” she said as I joined her after slipping off my levis, “Kept your socks on, nice touch, very working class.”

“So take that you sarcastic bitch,” I whispered as I thrust into her.

“Oh that’s soooo romantic,” she sneered, “So working class, you’ll want me to wash with carbolic soap and wear curlers in my hair next.”

“I don’t really care,” I admitted, “Its a meaningless fuck, might as well fuck you as wank myself off to page 3 of the Sun!”

“Even I know they don’t have nudes on page three anymore,” she admitted, “Take your shirt off I want to feel your chest against my nips.”

I pulled my T shirt up baring my chest and rested lightly on her breasts. “Good,” she said, “Very nice, are you ready to cum?”

“Ready when you are,” I agreed.

“About a dozen more?” she queried, “My pussy is really throbbing, really really throbbing.”

“OK,” I queried.

“Kiss me, fuck me make me cum!” she whispered, so I kissed her lips and she kissed me back and I shot my load joyously uninhibitedly.

“For fucks sake!” she wailed as I pulled out. The condom was rather full, I guess it was longer than I thought since I last fucked, “Keep it off the bedclothes!”

I dropped it in a waste paper basket.

“Good, anyway you can take me home now.” she informed me. Guido had other ideas so I had to kill another hour and a half as a succession of other guys fucked her and it was pushing 4am when she finished.

“I do like Guido’s parties,” she giggled as she pulled the seat belt across her chest.

“Parties,” I said angrily, “That was prostitution!”

I gently eased the old Mini down the deserted street trying not to wake anyone with its loud exhaust.

“Oh don’t be so melodramatic,” she laughed, “Its fun, and how else am I supposed to get any satisfaction?”

“Your mother sticks a butt plug up her bum and goes horse riding,” I suggested.

“That’s Mummy, this is me.” she said reasonably.

“Try a dildo as well,” I suggested.

“Sounds like fun,” she agreed

“Then go jumping over fences,” I suggested.

“Best round with a 10 inch dildo,” she laughed, “Oh that would be so much fun!”

“I was being sarcastic,” I reminded her.

“Well I wasn’t, you’re making me horny,” she giggled.

“My room is a couple of streets away,” I suggested.

“So what are we waiting for?” she laughed and I turned left at the lights and five minutes later I was home.

“I need a shower,” she announced. Luckily I had an ensuite room so a shower was no big problem.

She had a shower, she lay on my bed while I showered and she was fast asleep when I returned.

I kissed her cheek, wished her good night, and slipped into bed beside her. Not easy in a single bed.

My alarm woke us, “Where am I?” she demanded. She looked at me bleary eyed, “O M G!” she said, “Did you fuck me last night?”

“Er, yes,” I admitted, “Don’t you remember?”

“Bit of a blur darling,” she sighed, “Bit sore this morning, was it a good night?”

“Your pimp was raking it in,” I observed.

“Did you actually pay to fuck me,” she gasped.

“No, it was a freebie,” I replied.

“I must have been so drunk, normally I wouldn’t fuck you for a million dollars,” she admitted, “No offence.”

“Normally I wouldn’t want to, you stuck up cow,” I retorted.

“So why are you getting hard?” she asked.

My cock was making a tent pole of my boxer shorts. “Uh?” I exclaimed.

“I’m sore.” she announced, “My pussy needs some soothing cream, cock cream.”

“If you think I’m fucking you bareback,” I said and she hauled my boxers down, “You’re probably right.”

I kissed her forehead.

“Just fuck me,” she said, “I’m horny.”

A beautiful girl, a slippery moist cunt, I was going to be late for lectures.

I eased the tip of my cock between her moist cunt lips. She smiled, “Yes!” I pressed oh so gently and slowly filled her with solid meat until my crotch ground against her clit.

Her nipples dug into my chest like little bullets, our lips entwined. We fitted together like two parts of a whole. It was fucking perfect.

“No kissing,” she said.

I held her cheeks and forced my tongue between her lips, “Nnnnng” she said but then her tongue was in my mouth, “Fuck me,” she insisted, “Harder!”

I continued to ease myself in and out in a gentle rhythm, “Harder, are you deaf!” she insisted.

“No,” I replied, “This is nice.”

“Sod nice I need to cum!” she snapped so I silenced her with another kiss.

She was working her cunt muscles now, milking me, trying to make me cum. It felt good. Too good and soon I was cumming like a fire hose. throbbing, pumping, gushing till I thought my spunk would shoot out of her mouth.

“Fuck that was good,” she said brightly, “Now you can make breakfast and take me home.”

“Stuff that I’m late for lectures!” I replied affably, “Take the bus.”

“There is no bus, I don’t have any money I lost my phone and I can find my knickers,” she explained.

“Land line, phone Daddy,” I suggested, “Or clean the flat and have my tea ready when I get home!” I laughed.

I dressed, grabbed my jacket and backpack, and hurried off to uni.

I got back around three thirty, no sign of Cassie, I went into my bedroom and there she was, the bedclothes up around her chin, fast asleep.

“I told you to clean up,” I said sadly.

“Need my beauty sleep, will you join me,” she invited as she threw back the duvet to reveal she was completely naked.

“No we shouldn’t,” I ventured, but she started rubbing her crotch and pouting and I am only human.

I managed to get my Levis and boxers off before she launched herself at me, springing from the bed like coiled tiger, uh, tigeress.

I fell backwards on the bedroom floor and she pinned me down and eased my rampant cock unerringly into her sopping snatch and began to hump up and down on my straining erection.

“That’s soooo nice,” she cooced as her perky tits bounced up and down seemingly just below my chin.

“Right, Whats for Dinner I’m starving!” she announced as she searched in vain for her knickers.

“You weren’t actually wearing any pants,” I explained as I saw her hunting.

“Shit!” she cursed, “Look take me home and I’ll get cook to rustle up something.”

“That’s my mum you’re talking about,” I reminded her.

“So?” she queried, “Exactly what is your problem?”

“Ok, I’ll take you home.” I agreed.

We arrived half an hour later, I drove past my dad’s house to her house.

My mother was in the kitchen, “Hi,” Cassie said, “Can you rustle up a spot of Dinner, I haven’t eaten all day.”

“Hello Mum,” I said.

“Tell you Dad I’ll be late would you Geoffrey,” Mum asked.

“Oh no, Geoffrey’s my guest,” Cassie said, “Look I’ll get changed won’t be a minute.”

She was gone nearer 45 minutes.

“It was good of you to fetch her, save your dad a job,” Mother offered, “So where have you been?”

“Lectures,” I replied.

“And Cassie?” she asked.

“Stayed over,” I replied.

“Oh Geoffrey, you didn’t?” she asked.

I blushed, she smiled.

Cassie and I ate in the kitchen, “Look you won’t tell Daddy anything will you?” Cassie asked.

“Ashamed of me?” I asked.

“Guido,” she said, “He would get funny, Daddy would.”

“No, not exactly best mates are we?” I pointed out.

He arrived moments later, “Who left that lump of scrap metal by the front door?” he demanded.

“Its my mini sir,” I admitted.

“And what the hell are you doing here?” he demanded.

“Screwing your daughter sir,” I admitted.

“Geoffrey!” Cassie squealed.

“Really?” he sighed, “She likes darkies usually so I suppose hired help is a bit of a step up.”

“Daddy!” Cassie squealed.

“Methinks you protest too much,” he sighed, “I had a detective following her.” “You would not believe half of it. Actually if you hide that abomination somewhere out of sight you can stay over, she’ll soon tire of you.”

“Actually I have lectures tomorrow,” I suggested.

“No you don’t tomorrow is Saturday,” Cassie declared, “We can spend all day in bed.”

“Capital,” said her father, “It will be a pleasant change to have you home for the night!”

He turned on his heel and strode away.

“You don’t have to,” Cassie declared.

“Oh yes I do,” I replied, “He will have a fit if I don’t move the car.”

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Cassie and the Butler's son

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