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  1. Tight pussy - experience of my life
  2. Tight pussy - experience of my life 2

Tight pussy - experience of my life 2

Categories Diary

Author: Akshat jjazz

Published: 21 March 2018

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Tight pussy - experience of my life

She held my cock and began to kiss it the way a mother frantically kisses her long-lost baby. Then she ran her tongue all over its length wiping it madly. Next, in one quick jerk she took it inside her mouth as if to send it down her throat. She moved her tongue over my cock for a long time and smeared it with her saliva. Later she took my cock in and out of her mouth repeatedly in quick succession. I was getting pleasure indeed. Then she took only the head of the cock inside her mouth and began to suck fiercely as if she was trying to suck my life out of the body. It was my turn to moan now. She sucked, often shaking her head sideways as if a dog struggles with a long bone. Then she did something marvelous. Still sucking my cock holding it by one of her hands, she began to play with my balls (testicles) with her other hand. I felt as if going blind out of the extreme pleasures I derived. As this continued for 3-4 minutes, I felt I was nearly reaching climax and ejaculation. So, I jerked my cock out of her mouth.

This made her go wild as she could not enjoy my cock milk. She demanded sharply: “Hey, darling, you are behaving like selfish. This is not fair. You had my juices. Now let me drink and enjoy your milk and quench my thirst too. Give me your cock soon”.But I was in no mood to listen. I was raging and trembling with hunger for sex. I pushed her to the floor sending sprawling on her back. As I tried to mount on her to fuck, she gave a heavy shove sending me reeling to the floor. As she attempted to grab my cock to thrust it again to her mouth, I grabbed her with my hands. I made her lay forcibly on the floor by holding both her hands pinned down. Though both of ..Us knew we were enjoying this love-play very much, yet we were not willing to surrender to each other. As I was trying to insert my cock into her pussy, suddenly she rolled over sending me fall on the floor. Immediately she sat and tried to grab my ..Cock again to suck. But I got

Up and grabbed her with my hands between her thighs. As we wrestled with each other, both of us fell on the floor. Still, she was struggling to suck my cock as I was fighting to fuck her. While trying to dominate each other, we clasped our bodies and rolled over and over on the floor like a barrel mounting on each other’s body alternatively.At one stage, she found she was about to lose as I was overpowering her with more force. So, she stood up and ran across the room. I enjoyed watching her nudeness. She looked like a deer running for its life escaped from the jaws of a hungry tiger. I too stood up and went after her. As she began to run helter-skelter across the room, I willingly gave her more space to evade me. It was a splendid sight of her big boobs bouncing rhythmically as she ran. We took 4-5 rounds of the room, running. Lastly, I caught hold of her long untied hairs and jerked it. The effect made her head bend back and she stopped. I reached her and held her tightly circling my hands around her body from behind. This made my hot erect cock rub over her big beautiful ass. Though both of us were getting pleasures yet we were enjoying the struggle between us. I lifted her off the ground and carried to the bed. She began to hit me painlessly with her hands and legs.

Once, she bit my shoulder with her teeth. But I did not give up and shoved her to the bed lying on her back across the bed. Both of us were gasping and panting out of the wild run and chase.I looked at her nude body and admired for a long time. In fact, both of us were boiling in the heat of sexual hunger. I separated her legs and thighs and drew it upward using force. She was not cooperating, but playfully. I told her sarcastically: “Look Shikha, I am going to shoot and kill you with my gun now.. Let me see how you can protect yourself”. As soon as I finished saying this, I sprang on her body. In the same action, I held both her hands, stretched it side ways and pinned down to bed. I manipulated and adjusted my pelvic and tried to penetrate her pussy. Smilingly, she struggled under my body not allowing my entry.

I applied more brutal force. My cock touched her hole. Since her pussy was already wet and juicy, my cock slipped into it.She moaned and writhed in pleasures though she felt a little pain while my cock pierced through her soft pussy flesh. It was a real treat to my ears as she moaned ah… in extended rhythmic sounds with each inch of my cock’s penetration. Once my cock went fully inside, I began to fuck her savagely and incessantly using more brutal force. I ploughed the entire length of her tunnel nearly making it in a mess. Each time my cock went through her juicy tunnel, it produced slush…slush…slush…sounds. In utmost lust, I pressed my chest hard on her big boobs. I licked her entire face while I continued to fuck her. Then I crushed her lips with hard kisses often biting them.This was too much for her to resist. The show of acting faded from her face. Suddenly, she brought up her legs, wrapped it around my body and held me tightly pressed to her body. Simultaneously she released her hands from my clutches and hugged me tightly over my back. In a fierce manner beyond the strength of any lady, she began giving upward thrusts with her pussy by bouncing and jumping on the bed. Every time she thrust upward, she heaved making deep huuh…..sounds. Each time our thrusts coincided, it sent my cock deeply buried inside her up to the hilt. I felt as if she wanted to send my testicles also inside her. We continued fucking …Like this for nearly five minutes. Suddenly, she released her hands and legs off my body and rolled over sending me off balance to bed. I found her get up and run again. I felt like a wounded tiger whose prey Slipped out of its mouth by injuring its face with nails and sped

Away. I too got up and went after her. She made three rounds of the room with my chasing her. Once I again caught her by her loose hairs but she suddenly turned to face me. Both of us stood looking at each other with hands extended as if two wrestlers about to fight. It was very exciting to look at her nude body and boobs swaying rhythmically to her palpitation and deep breathing. I enjoyed watching her naked wet pussy remained exposed due to her standing position with legs apart ready to pounce on me. I knew it was difficult for me to grab her from the front.So, I adopted a trick. I looked beyond her shoulders at the window and said: Hey Shikha, why don’t you draw the curtains or else somebody may see you from outside through the open window”. She failed to remember the curtains were already drawn in place, but my trick really worked. Suddenly she panicked and turned to look back towards the window. I sprang on her at the same moment. I grabbed her from behind and lifted her off the floor.The commotion made my cock placed between her asses. Though I could not make any penetration into her anus, yet I made forward thrusts with my cock. As my attention was shifted toward her anus, my grip on her body became a little loose. She struggled making violent movements, freed herself from my clutches and ran again. I went after her. Lastly I caught up with her near the wooden table. I shoved her to the table sending her upper body sprawled on the table, face downward. I went behind her and clasped her tightly with my hands. She pretended to struggle savagely.. Still holding her from the back, I used my legs to separate her legs and thighs so that her pussy was exposed. Once I located her hole, I released my right hand, caught my cock and guided it into her pussy. Once it went fully inside, I brought my hands from the sides of her body and cupped her big boobs. I began to make thunderous thrusts forward fucking her savagely while I squeezed both her boobs heavily.

While fucking, I thrashed and stabbed her pussy the way ..Robinson Crusoe would have fucked a beautiful girl in the deserted island after many years he landed there. It would not be any wonder if my cock had crushed her pussy to cause bleeding injuries. The most interesting thing was both of us were getting pleasures and a little pain too due to such brutal fucking. Besides, in utmost ecstasy, we were hurling dirty and slang words at each other. Due to my rough handling and squeezing, my finger-nails dug into several places on her big boobs making tiny red marks.As I continued with my heavy onslaught of thrusts, the table moved inch by inch. As her body also moved, I too moved forward fucking her. Lastly, the table reached and touched the wall blocking further movements. At this stage, she too kept her pussy thrust backward to welcome my fucking. Both she and I felt painful burning sensation due to mad fucking which was simply mind-boggling. I was not contended yet, so I garnered strength from all parts of my body collectively accumulated on my cock and fucked her in a crouching manner exactly the way a dog fucks a bitch. At this stage, she moaned like the whistle of an electric hooter. I wondered if I could ram her to send the table to push the wall and collapse it. I felt my cock as if its outer skin had peeled off and burning inside an electric oven. At times, during my fucking, she looked at me over her shoulders and cried: “Oh..Anand, go on fucking me, harder, deeper, give no mercy to me, injure me, pulverize me, Crush my pussy, make it bleed……you are really a marvelous fucker…How I wish to get such fuck every day and night..” Her face showed great admiration for my wonderful lovemaking. My immense fucking caused accumulation of sweat-buds all Over her face in spite of the air-conditioner

Running at maximum. She struggled to take deep breaths and gasped with each of my murderous thrusts. Yet, she yelled in requesting me not to go slow and continue punches with my cock. It was amusing to hear her words “Anand….please…please don’t stop….please continue…..go on fucking me…..I wish to be killed by you fucking me like this…this is the best fuck I have ever got in my life..Lastly, I felt she contracted her vaginal muscles tightly gripping my cock inside her. She made some violent gyrations and deep moans.

I knew she was reaching climax and orgasm. Her body shivered for a few seconds and went limp collapsing on the table. But she was quick to yell at me “Darling, please ejaculate inside my pussy, spray your cock-milk deeply inside my uterus, please make me pregnant, I want to give birth to your baby, I want to become the mother of your child”. Her words made me mad with love and lust for her. I accelerated further making blasting thrusts. Within a couple of minutes, I attained climax. I felt my cock pumping out a lot of hot molten lava flooding her tunnel. At this point, as desired by her, I kept my cock thrust very deep inside her and deposited all my cock-milk inside her body.. I remained lying on her body for a few minutes. Then I slowly made her stand up and brought her to the bed.Both of us were dead tired and exhausted by the vigorous lovemaking and sank to bed like two fallen tree-trunks. She exclaimed: “Anand, this is the best lovemaking I ever had in my life so far. You are a wonderful lover”. I said: “For me too”. We rested for half-an-hour while we talked.After ordering the hotel staff to send our breakfast to the room, I went for a bath. Over breakfast, we talked again. At this time, Shikha indicated she needed to return home the next morning due to some unavoidable circumstances and to avoid any suspicion in the minds of her family.

That meant, we had only that day and night together. Since I cared for her safety, security and reputation, I did not force her to stay longer.The time was 11.30 Am and we decided to go to the beach for a swim. She had no swim suits but salwar-kameez only. I gave her one of my T-Shirts and half-pants and I too wore one of the same pairs. I did not allow her to wear bras and panty. She looked stunningly beautiful and sexy in the yellow-colour T-shirt and blue half-pants. Her big boobs threatened to come out tearing the T-shirt. Reaching the beach, we went to waist-deep water with waves hitting our bodies. There were very few people on the beach at that hour, mostly couples and honeymooners, a little far away from our place. None of them bothered to look at us rather immersed in their own way of pleasures. I and Shikha engaged in playing merrily splashing water at each other. Her shirt fully wet now, stuck to her body, giving out sexy contour of her big boobs with nipples jutting out. I hugged her tightly, her boobs pressed on my chest. Then I kissed her passionately on her lips. Next I went behind her standing close to her. I slid my hands under her T-shirt and cupped her melons squeezing them. She moaned softly. I tweaked her hard erect nipples holding them between my thumbs and index fingers.. Next I unbuttoned her trousers and slid it down. Squeezing one boob with my left hand, my right hand went to her pussy and began to play there. She giggled in pleasures. I separated her legs and thighs and inserted my middle finger into her pussy hole. Then I started finger-fucking her. She yelled out of pleasures. She turned to Look at me with lips trembling. I kissed her madly while I continued to finger-fuck her pussy. She whispered: “Anand, you are making me hot again”. “That is exactly I wanted to do”, I replied. Her hand was searching for my Cock now. I slid my trousers and kept the cock exposed under

Water. She held my erect cock and began to massage and squeeze it tightly. The temperature of our bodies was shooting up and the cold water could not bring it down. I frantically looked along the beach but could not find any hiding place where we can make love. So, I decided to make it under water itself. We went to chest-deep level of water. I removed our trousers and kept them on my shoulder. Then I lifted her holding under her buttocks. She hung on me circling her hands and legs around my neck and body respectively. Guiding my cock with my hand, I inserted it inside her pussy. Then we began to fuck, still under water. She began to moan loudly as our thrusts accelerated. I lifted her T-shirt exposing her big boobs. I sucked her boobs while I thrust my cock forward in quick succession to fuck her.

She too was bouncing and jumping, still clinging to me. While sucking her boobs at water level, some salty sea water went inside my mouth and often I had to drink it. After five minutes of our vigorous fucking, both of us reached climax simultaneously. I could find some of my seminal fluid oozed out of her pussy floating on the water surface. She quickly collected it on her palms and swallowed it down her throat..Feeling exhausted after our fucking, we put on our trousers again and came to the shore. We rested on the sandy beach keeping our hands wrapped around each other’s body. After fifteen minutes, we went to the waters again and took bath. Wiping up our bodies and changing to new pair of dresses kept at the beach, we returned to the hotel room. We took bath in nude together once again in the bathroom playing merrily. After a sumptuous lunch, we slept for a couple of hours hugging each other. Later, we took a cab and went around the place for sight-seeing. After dinner in a restaurant, we came back to our room around 11 o’clock in the night. Do I need to tell more? The story was to repeat again and again with our engaging in erotic foreplays and lovemaking in various positions at intervals and rest throughout the night. At the end of it in the early morning, we felt we never had such exciting and wonderful experiences even during our respective honeymoon days. After breakfast, we packed up to leave. We locked our bodies in a tight embrace and passionate kiss lasting three minutes. We thanked each other profusely for the magnificent happiness and pleasures given to each other. Boarding the train at railway station, we bid goodbye and I saw her off. I still remember her face brimming with emotions and sentiments as she continued to look at me through the window when her train moved. Well friends, how did you enjoy reading this experience of mine?

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Tight pussy - experience of my life 2

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