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The Execution of Lucy King

Categories Fiction, Death, Job/Place-of-work, Murder

Author: Jarvis076

Published: 29 March 2018

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I unbolted the heavy metal door and entered. Lucy King, the twenty-two-years-old who murdered her boyfriend rose to her feet at my presence. “Morning, Lucy” I greeted, inspecting the petite prisoner who stood before me in her orange jumpsuit, the zip slightly lowered revealing an admirable amount of cleavage. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay” she quietly muttered.

“You know what today is, don’t you?” my voice bellowed, excited at the thought of carrying out the seventh execution of my career, especially my first female execution. There was always something in the faces of prisoners about to face execution, the realisation that their life was about to end.

“Yeah” she nodded, her eyes staring down at her feet.

“Well hun, I got some bad news for you?”

“What?” she desperately cried, her eyes lifting to meet mine.

“Your sister doesn’t want to claim your body” I explained.

“What?” she repeated, her voice softer.

“Yeah, sister doesn’t want you when you’re dead” I bluntly explained.

Lucy lowered herself onto her bunk, her trembling hands clasped on her knees as she swirled the thoughts around in her mind. She let out a heavy sigh and ran her hand through her long blonde hair before looking up at me. “What does that mean for me?” her voice trembled.

“Not a lot” I smirked. “You’re going to be dead, your body will belong to the county jail.”

She swallowed the truth and let out a heavy sigh, trying to hold back tears.

“After the execution, you will be transported to the prison morgue where I will undress you, clean you and then take you to the cremator” I explained.

“You’ll do it?” she remarked.

“Yes” I confirmed.

“So, you’ll see my breasts and vagina?” She looked at me with a worried expression on her face.

“Yes” I grinned, glancing once again at the cleavage the young prisoner displayed.

“Oh” she glumly said, glancing down at her body as if analysing her private areas through the security of her clothes. “Can’t someone else do it?”

“No” I answered. “I am responsible for your execution today. I will be the one killing you, I will be the one disposing of you. I will see you ever so cute breasts and your ever so tight vagina, whether you like it or not” I grinned menacingly.

Lucy didn’t say anything. I could see the fear which I had distilled in her. I didn’t feel bad though. She was a murderer. The thought that the adorable petite killer would be nothing but a pile of smouldering ash by the end of the day was a satisfying one. I knew I had made her feel vulnerable and insecure at the thought of her body been seen.

I stepped out of the cell and slammed the heavy door shut.


“Lucy!” I yelled as I yanked the door open. She sat there, her face pale, her hands trembling as she stared at a fixed spot on the wall. “Lucy” I repeated. She turned her head slowly towards me. “It’s time” I stated, giving the girl a soft smile.

She stood up slowly and walked towards me. “Hands” I commanded. Lucy, who had now tied her hair back, turned around and I grabbed her wrists forcefully and handcuffed them behind her back.

“I feel sick” she explained as I stepped her out of her cell and began marching her down the hallway.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be dead soon” I spoke. Lucy gagged heavily, and I laughed along with several other of the escorting guards. “In an hour you’ll be lying on the slab and I’ll be fingering your cold pussy” I jabbed. Lucy leaned forward and vomited a small amount of her final meal much to the amusement of myself and the other guards.

“No!” she screamed loudly, tirelessly struggling to break free of my firm grip. I noticed that the girl was now fiercely crying at the thought of her imminent demise.

“Don’t cry” I explained. “You’ll need to look pretty for the cameras.”

Lucy didn’t say anything. We soon arrived at the execution chamber and I led her through the door. It was just me and her in there and she glanced through the large glass window at the gathered crowd of 40 – 50 people. “Don’t act up” I explained as I walked her across to the menacing looking electric chair.

Lucy kept her eye fixed on the gathered crowd. Journalists, the victim’s family and then she piped up. “My family is out there” she said as she seated herself on the bare metal chair.

“Come to watch their little girl fry” I joked, glancing back to view the crowd.

Lucy didn’t laugh, she stared hauntingly. “Is it going to hurt?” she asked, keeping her eyes fixed out the glass window at the eagerly awaiting crowd.

“It certainly won’t be comfortable” I answered as I tied down her left arm with the leather strap.

“I don’t want to die” she commented.

“Neither did your victim” I muttered, strapping her right arm down.

“Please don’t finger me” she begged as I grabbed her legs and tied them down. I remained silent as I stepped back and stared at her.

A light sweat had gathered on her brow, her long blonde hair tied back revealing the truly worried, nervous and apprehensive expression on the prisoner’s pale face. I smirked at her as I stepped back.

The warden delivered his speech, the whole time I watched Lucy. She glanced at the straps, at the audience and at me, trying to figure a last second way out of this. I could see her breathing increased as she got more and more flustered at the thought of her demise. The warden glanced at me and give me the signalling nod. I pulled the lever.

Lucy’s body was filled with electricity and the room filled with screams, much to the pleasure of the victim’s family. She thrashed around on the chair, trying to break free from the strong straps. Lucy’s petite body thrashed around, her screams of agony soon lowering to cowardly moans as the volts violently rocked her body. The moans were soon reduced to nothing, just the constant hum as the electricity powered its way through the young woman’s dancing body and then, after a full minute of watching the limp body thrash around, I switched the electricity off.

The prison doctor arrived, checked Lucy’s pulse, and confirmed she was dead to the applause of several watching individuals. I pulled the gurney which had been waiting in the wings on stage with me and together, with the aid of a fellow guard we unstrapped the frazzled corpse.

I held Lucy’s weight up, her corpse wanting to lean forward, as one of the fellow guards untied the straps on the girl’s leg. We hoisted her onto the gurney, I smirked at her face; her eyes wide open due to the shocking experience she had just endured and a white foamy spit which had gathered around her mouth.

I wheeled her, alone, into the prison mortuary which was located in a nearby room and I transferred her from the gurney onto the awaiting metal slab. I lifted her head and placed a stone head rest underneath, her eyes stared down at her dressed body. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” I mocked to her as I slipped her shoes and socks off, revealing her small bare feet.

I stared up the slab longingly and grinned at the almost confused expression which rested on Lucy’s paling face. I walked towards the head of the table and grabbed the zip, which she had lifted up since this morning. I pulled the zip down and pulled Lucy’s body from the jumpsuit, chucking it aside. It would be used again, for another prisoner.

Lucy rested on the slab in nothing but her standard prison issue underwear. A black bra and some black panties. She was cute, she didn’t look like a murdered. I ran my hand across her stomach and pulled it higher over her bra and breasts. There was still a soothing warmth to her perky tits and I rolled them around over and over.

I lifted her up and unsnapped her bra, pulling it down her arms and throwing it aside; once again it’d be used for another prisoner. The nipples on the girl’s small breasts stood to attention, they were firm and hard as I squeezed tightly on her tits.

I then moved to Lucy’s waist and pulled her black, period stained, panties down the length of her short legs. I stared at her vagina and the pubic hair which surrounded. “If only you shaved down there” I muttered, staring at the hairy mass.

I touched her pussy, it was warm and wet with a small bit of urine which had slipped out of her body in the moment of death. I stuck my fingers inside of her and moved them back and forth, fingering her tight vagina, just like I had said I would. Lucy’s lifeless eyes gazed down at her body and my hand which slipped in and out of the private place between her legs.

I removed my hand and wiped the bodily fluid which came with it across her smooth stomach. I walked to back to the head of the table and untied her hair, watching the strands flop loosely onto the bare metal of the slab. I ran my hand, the same hand I had just fingered her with, several times through the blonde locks, looking down at her nude corpse lying on the slab.

There was a sudden knock on the door and I dropped my hand from her head. A fellow guard entered. “Hey, you coming to eat” he asked.

I nodded and exited the room.


When I returned from my break Lucy’s body was exactly where I left it. I mean, why would she have moved? What I did notice however was that her face had become a lot paler and her lips were beginning to turn a subtle blue. “I’m back” I said, to no response from the girl.

I placed my hand firmly on Lucy’s small ankle and ran it up her leg, across her thigh, past her vagina and over her torso. I bumped it over her soft breasts and firm nipples until it was resting on her face. The warmth which had lingered in her body after death was no longer there. Lucy King was nothing but cold. I held my hand on her face for a moment and let the moment sink in.

I looked back down her body, at her pussy. It stood out. I had never in my career had a female on my slab. I moved down and ran my hand over her genitalia again, feeling the shape of her vaginal lips. “You’re cute” I complimented the corpse, once again slipping my fingers into her body for a quick second.

I lowered my face, smelling her sensitive area which she had feared me seeing so much. It still breathed a musky metallic smell. I began to slowly kiss the dead girl’s pussy, taking me time with her, enjoying it. It was cold, and I could feel the ever watchful gaze from Lucy’s lifeless eyes which rested on me. I didn’t mind though, this was the pussy of a killer.

I lifted myself up and grabbed the gurney once again. I knew that once this skinny bitch was disposed of I could head home. I grabbed Lucy’s torso, wrapping my hands around her waist, and I hoisted her back onto the gurney, her head flopping around recklessly. I then moved down and swung her cold stiffening legs on.

I then pushed the gurney out of the morgue facility and along the hallway, a short way. I glanced at Lucy’s naked corpse as we walked past several prison guards and officers who all caught a glimpse of her snatch. I was amused at the sight of Lucy’s small breasts which bounced and jiggled with ever bump in the hallway. “You’re all married men” I jokingly yelled at a group of guards I passed, all gazing down at the pale corpse’s private area which I pushed so merrily down the hall.

We soon arrived at the small crematorium located at the back of the prison. I lifted Lucy into the industrial sized over and took one last look at her. Her eyes still wide; haunted with the panic of death. “Goodnight, Lucy” I spoke. “See you in hell” I smirked as I lowered the door of the machine and switched it on. Flames rose up around the killers thin naked body.

The next morning, Lucy King was nothing but a pile of ash and bone.

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The Execution of Lucy King

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Comments (3)
James Dylan Dean — 31 March 2018 02:48
That should have been, 'page on another dark part of the sexual spectrum.'

James Dylan Dean — 31 March 2018 02:47
You have turned the age on another very dark part of the sexual spectrum.
ActuallyFakeBanana — 02 April 2018 05:50
What the fuck is wrong with you?
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