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Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Female solo, Humiliation

Author: James Forrest

Published: 06 April 2018

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Pre-Columbian Art

Laura knew she’d made a mistake as soon as she stepped into the vault. The automatic light blinded her for a few seconds until her eyes adjusted. There it was, sitting on a pedestal in the middle of the small room. The pre-Columbian statue, one of the largest and best preserved in the world, was enclosed in a seamless bell-shaped glass. It wasn’t supposed to be covered, and the valve at the side of the pedestal told her that there was an air pressure switch.

She’d bypassed the house’s alarm systems and passed through the two locked doors on her way to the vault. She’d brought a homemade electronic device that allowed her to open the vault in only fifteen minutes. But her research had said that the statue would be sitting on a pressure plate. She could handle a pressure plate, but, with an air pressure switch, she couldn’t remove the glass jar or cut the glass without changing the air pressure in the jar and triggering the alarm. If she’d known about the air pressure switch, he’d have brought the equipment she needed to beat the alarm.

Her information had been wrong. Unlike the dozen other illegal Pre-Columbian artifacts that she’d retrieved for the museum, this one would have to stay where it was.

Laura turned to leave just as the massive vault door swung closed. When the lock clicked, the light went out leaving her in absolute darkness. She turned on her headlamp and was relieved to be able to see again. She searched among the gears and mechanisms on the inside of the door for the release. The small red handle in the middle of the right side of the door turned too easily. Nothing happened.

Getting caught was one of the risks she’d faced. So far, her research had let her slip into the strongholds of the wealthy men who hoarded artifacts and recover their stolen treasures. In the underground market, the statue in the vault had last sold for over a half million dollars. It would have been the most expensive article she had restored to the museum so far. Being arrested for burglary was a threat, but the illegal nature of the artifacts meant that the hoarders had a lot to lose by calling the police. But these were ruthless men. The risk was not that she’d be arrested, it was that she’d disappear. No one at the museum knew who brought the recovered artifacts, but the underground buzzed with speculation. She’d seen a large reward offered for her.

She heard the hiss of gas. Looking to where the sound came from, she saw a small jet in the baseboard. She blocked it with her thumb. The sound came from another jet across the room. She felt woozy, the light dimmed, and darkness closed around her.

Consciousness came back slowly. Without opening her eyes, she knew she was in more trouble. The pain from the clips on her nipples was intense. Her knees were held by straps that pulled her knees up and stretched her crotch open. The pressure from her vagina told her that something big was inside her. Her wrists were enclosed in soft restraints that held her arms tight against the plastic-covered table. Wrist restraints held her immobile.

The light was so bright that it took a several seconds for her eyes to adjust. She lay on a wide table. Two cameras were pointed at her. The one on her left was lower and pointed at her crotch. The other one was aimed at her stomach—probably a wide angle. Tilting up from between her legs was a machine with a long arm that held a dildo that had to be three inches in diameter. The arm was attached to a flywheel. Laura had heard of these machines, but she had never seen one. Above her, two cords led from the clips on her nipples to a bar above her that pulled the cords tight.

While she looked at it the dildo machine, the wheel started to turn. The massive dildo pushed into her. The breath she’d been holding escaped as the massive cock-shaped device pushed deeper and deeper stretching her wider as it went. When she was about to scream, it began the backward part of its cycle. It pulled out to her opening and, as the wheel turned, pressed into her again. The motion was slow enough that she could prepare for the deep thrust and open herself so that it brought only a twinge of pain when it pressed on the end of her vagina.

When it was spreading her the widest, an upright bump near the end of the plastic cock pressed against her clit. The pressure was so light that, at first, she hadn’t noticed it, but with the last thrust, she realized it was vibrating. Whoever was doing this wanted her to get aroused against her will, but she was sure she’d be able to resist. The dildo was on its inward thrust, and she couldn’t help but anticipate the touch on her clit. It was a brief, light touch.

The dildo pulled out and was about to start back in when she heard a click, and the dildo jerked and moved farther in. When it was all the way in, it would push deeper. She’d barely been able to take it all the way without it hurting. As it moved into her, she waited for the pain of it pushing too deep, but instead, when the vibrating bump pressed hard on her clit, it sent a hot current through her. Her legs jerked against the restraints and her body arched. The leg restraints tightened, spreading her wider. When she’d arched her back and raised her chest, the cords that held her nipples took up the slack. When she tried to lower her back, her nipples were pulled so hard it hurt. She could keep it from hurting only by arching her back.

The dildo had pulled out and was plunging in again. She had to keep her body from twitching when the vibrator pressed against her clit or she’d find herself spread farther apart and her nipples pulled more painfully. When the bump pressed on her, it seemed to pause and vibrate unrelentingly. Just as she was about to pass the point where she could hold back, it started out. Her vagina clenched and tightened around the dildo. She’d concentrated so hard on not letting the vibrations make her squirm, that she hadn’t noticed any pain when it pressed into her.

It reach the apex of the outward movement. It clicked again, jerked, and started its inward thrust. This time the vibration would be stronger. The dildo felt bigger as her vagina throbbed. It was approaching the end of its thrust. This time she felt it press against the end of her vagina at the same time as the vibrations pressed on her clit. She clenched her teeth, keeping her body from responding as it wanted to. As the dildo released her and pulled back, she relaxed. The clips pulled her nipples hard when she forgot to hold the arch in her back.

Was the dildo speeding up? It seemed to pull out and return much faster. Yes, it drove into her faster. Hopefully, that would mean less time vibrating her clit, and it would be easier for her to hold back. It seem to race into her. It pressed her clit with intense pressure and filled her vagina before racing back out. These faster thrusts heated her insides. She no longer anticipated the press on her clit. But when the vibrations withdrew, she shifted her focus to the hot, stretching passage through her.

It sped up again and she heard the click that meant it would press harder into her. When it plunged in, and the bump pressed on her, she gasped and could no longer keep her body from writhing. When her body twisted, her left side raised and the cord pulling on her nipple took up the slack. Even when she held her chest up, her nipple was pulled hard. Her vagina was flaming hot. The machine clicked again and sped up. It was driving deep in her with rapid thrusts.

She lost control. Her body twisted and spasms raced through her as a massive orgasm shook her. She’d arched her back when the orgasm shook her and now even though she remained with her back arched, the cords pulled hard on her nipples. With the sensitivity that followed an orgasm, her nipples screamed for relief. But her vagina screamed louder. The big dildo continued to pump into her. It wouldn’t let her orgasm stop. She shook with another spasm.

And still the dildo pounded her. Oh god, it sped up. How could it go any faster? In only a minute, another orgasm racked her body. She arched her back again and the cords tightened. They pulled on her nipples so hard that she dare not relax her back. With another orgasm, she wanted to curve her back, but the pull on her nipples was so intense it made the orgasm stronger, and she couldn’t help but thrash her body. The cords pulled her breasts up into cones and still the orgasm lifted her chest.

Exhausted, but forced to hold her chest up while the dildo continued to pump in her, she gasped for breath. She cursed whoever was torturing her. She screamed curses, but had to stop as her body twisted with another orgasm. She could not collect her mind. Every thought was interrupted by pleasure that had become pain or pain that was becoming pleasure. There was no break, no pause. She was in a state of pleasure, pain, and a continuous orgasm.

The machine stopped. The lights went out. The dildo withdrew. She heard movement in the dark. Hands slipped a cloth bag over her head and tightened it around her neck. The lights came on. Her head was in a black bag, but some light leaked from around her neck. She heard someone working at the machine. The dildo came back to her opening. It pressed forward and she realized that it was much bigger. She’d seen the last one. It was much larger than any man. She wouldn’t have believed that she could take it in her. But this one was bigger. The tip spread her vagina and lay at her opening. She heard a metal on metal sound at the machine and the monster pushed into her. He’d increased the distance of the thrusts. He was going to kill her by tearing her vagina. She’d bleed out in the middle of an orgasm.

The machine started moving. The monster pressed into her. Her vagina stretched. And stretched again. The monster pressed farther. It was painful, but she opened to it, trying to relax. It reached the end. She knew it would tear her if it kept going. It kept going. She felt a cramp and then her body opened and she took it all. She jumped when another vibrator lay on her clit. This one didn’t move with the dildo. It pressed hard on her clit and hummed rapidly. The monster pulled back. It slowly thrust in and out. Each time she felt her body open as it drove deep. The machine clicked and the dildo inched deeper. It clicked on each of the next three cycles and each time it went deeper. And each time her body opened farther. After the fourth click, it pressed hard into her, and when it reached the deepest point, her body opened farther and she shook with an orgasm that came from that deep place where the monster was tearing her apart.

While she was still shaking with the orgasm, the monster sped up dramatically. It would not let her orgasm end. The pain from her nipples was so extreme that she couldn’t feel anything else until the monster started a new inward thrust. The feeling of the stretching and her insides cowering before the strength of the monster was so intense that all other feelings were pushed away. The monster sped up. There was no let up between strokes. She was always stretched, always wanting to curl up as the monster pressed deeper, always teetering between pleasure and pain, between exhaustion and another orgasm.

She tried to keep her chest steady as her body shook with the spasms of an another orgasm. As if on a signal, the monster sped up to a yet higher rate. The orgasm refused to end. It kept her body shaking, she screamed, but the monster made her orgasm stronger. She no longer had any control over her body; the monster in her vagina had taken control and the monster would not turn her loose. She lost track of time. Unable to handle the intense waves shaking her body, her mind withdrew. As if seeing herself from one of the cameras, she watched the monster make her body spasm with every one of its thrusts.

When the monster stopped moving, Laura fell into darkness.

It was cold. The clips on her nipples were gone. The monster no longer stretched her vagina. She was lying on grass. The smell of grass was so strong, it must have been recently mowed. She opened her eyes and studied the puffy clouds that drifted high above her. She was in the middle a large lawn surrounded by trees. An asphalt path ran along the edge of the trees about twenty feet away. Far away down the slight slope, she saw a flag on a pole in the middle of a greener patch.

She was lying naked on the fairway of a golf course. The sun had just risen. In a few minutes, early morning golfers would be riding their carts along the path looking for the balls they had just hit from the tee. She searched her surroundings. Whoever had tortured her last night hadn’t left any of her clothes. She’d have to walk to the club house and have someone call for a pickup.

As she walked along the path heading for what looked like the club house, a few early golfers looked surprised by the naked woman walking as calmly as she could. Her body felt light. She thought that she should feel exhausted after what must have been hours of continual, intense stimulation. Instead she felt well rested as if some burden had been lifted from her shoulders. The video of her torture was probably already on the web. Some of her associates and friends occasionally visited porn sites. She wondered how long it would be before someone would mention the video. Soon, she could expect some looks from people that told her they had seen the video.

Walking into the golf club and asking to have someone call would be embarrassing. Having the world watch her body wracked by orgasm after orgasm would be demeaning. Their plan was to embarrass her and intimidate her.

Laura’s friend George would be able to assemble a device that could overcome the air pressure switch. They might have their guard down for a week or two, thinking that she wouldn’t be back. If George had what she needed, she’d try again tomorrow night.

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