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  1. Anya and the Fighter
  2. Anya and the Fighter - Part 2
  3. Anya and the Fighter - Part 3

Anya and the Fighter - Part 3

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Erotica, Hardcore

Author: gaggedKitty23

Published: 06 April 2018

  • Font:

Some secrets were best left hidden.

That was all Anya Stolnyheva could think just now. The attractive brunette of 18 or 19 years of age now stood outside the door to a luxurious suite of over 4,000 square feet - Fernando Espa's penthouse. She wore a skimpy black dress with maximum cleavage, her long, copper-flecked hair straight and glossy as it flowed down her back.

'Can I really do this?' she wondered. For a second, all that had happened recently seemed to flash before her mind's eye. She and Kol had grown closer, but her boyfriend had continued to take mysterious phone calls. One night he'd gone out again, abruptly, just like before, telling her not to worry. But this time she'd been ready. This time she'd followed him all the way to a nightclub in Denver.

Later, she'd approach the owner, one Fernando Espa. She'd confronted him about what business her MMA fighter boyfriend, Kol, had with the likes of him. And what he'd told her had made her jaw drop like a stone.

'You are surprised, yes, beautiful girl?' Fernando had chortled. 'Your man owes me a great deal of money, and like any good fighter, he will pay it back in the ring. He will conveniently lose in a most impressive upset, and I will make my money back and then some, sexy girl.' She had pleaded with him then. She had offered to do anything to pay back Kol's debt, the debt of the man she loved. That had been her first mistake.

Now, here she was, prepared to pay that debt in a way that made her want to run screaming in the other direction. Fernando Espa's ultimatum still echoed in her mind like the cruelest choice: 'Sometimes I like to host orgies at my penthouse. You will come and join us. Two rules. One - anything goes, and if a man asks you to do something, you do it. Two - nothing is recorded, of that I give you my promise. You come and join us, I consider Kolkev Jaru's debt paid in full. So, sexy girl…what do you say?'

The innocent-looking, blue-eyed girl had agreed to that awful proposition. Why? Not because she truly trusted this sleazy loan shark, that was for sure. But what other choices did she have? The thought of her Kol getting pummeled in the ring to satisfy a gambling debt just made her heart lurch. She couldn't - no, wouldn't - let that happen.

So here she was. All that stood between her and the unknown debauchery beyond was this ornately paneled oaken door painted gold and black. She knocked and the door opened immediately. A man wearing absolutely nothing, shoulders corded with muscles, opened the door and gave her a thorough scan from top to bottom.

Seeming to like what he saw, the buff man ushered her inside.

"I'm Tristin. Nice to meet you…?"


Already Anya could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex drifting to her from the end of the hallway.

"Make yourself at home. Go straight back, make a right through the party room and then hang a left and you'll find the spare bedroom to stash your clothes. You definitely won't be needing them," he said with a lingering stare.

The pretty girl took a deep breath and strode down the hallway. Sure enough, as she entered the main living area of the penthouse, she could see that the 'party' was in full swing. Anya had never seen anything like it before. Priceless crystal chandeliers illuminated four beds all set up in a row, naked men and women everywhere. She gazed in shock at the nearest queen-sized bed.

A Moroccan man, 6'3 with enough muscle to make Tristin look weak by comparison, knelt behind a beautiful, naked Chinese girl who was kneeling on all fours. Although the sexy Chinese girl's cunt looked more than inviting, shaved, framed with slender labia and totally exposed, the man had more forbidden acts in mind. The gorgeous Chinese girl stiffened as the Moroccan stud poured a vial of lubricant on his cock, spreading the glistening fluid before he positioned the tip at the opening to the girl's ass.

"Oh please, not there," she groaned. The Moroccan ignored her plea, slowly thrusting into her bottom, his hands spreading her ass-cheeks.

"Shut up Jia. You're getting ass-fucked. Take it like the little slut you are."

A tall Caucasian man climbed onto the bed on the other side of the girl named Jia. Jia's breasts jiggled as the Caucasian reached under, smacking them with the palm of his hand. His cock, which was thick and rigid with lust, whacked against her face as her groan deepened.

"Please…I can't take it! UHHH!!" Jia implored.

"How's her ass, Kamal?" the Caucasian asked. Then, turning back to Jia, the newcomer growled, "You need something to distract you from that big cock stretching your ass, sweetie? Here, I've got a nice, hard cock for you to suck!" He slapped Jia's face just hard enough to startle her and get her to open her mouth. Then he thrust his shaft between her lips, fucking her exquisite face as her groans intensified even more.

The dark-skinned man named Kamal groaned appreciatively. Only a fraction of his 10-inch cock had vanished inside the Chinese beauty's star-shaped hole. But now, as he picked up the tempo, his cock was disappearing more and more into the girl's butt, his dark, wrinkled scrotum slapping against Jia's cunt lips with each deep, anal pounding.

"UHH!!! UH!!! Her ass is very tight, Marcus. UGHH!! You should try fucking her once I'm done." The force of his hard fucks made Jia's supple cones shake more violently. Then the man named Marcus reached underneath again. This time he was gentler, just fondling and cupping the girl's tits calmly as she slurped noisily on his manhood.

"Balls-deep, little whore! You take this cock like the bitch you are," he encouraged, pumping his cock into her mouth until his balls gently slapped against her chin with each thrust. She gurgled plaintively now, her throat stretched by the cock ramming into her mouth. Anya stared as Kamal's cock pulled out of her ass. The girl's poor ass was a gaping mess. Covered in a sheen of oil, the cock flew forward again with a loud smack. Kamal's grunts matched Jia's moans of pain entwined with pleasure.

'Oh god. These men are animals. What have I gotten myself into?' Anya wondered. Watching that poor girl being simultaneously fucked in her ass and mouth, Anya could only assume that she might very well share a similar fate. After all, hadn't Espa said that one of the rules was 'anything goes'? Somehow the idea of anal sex hadn't even occurred to the naïve girl.

'How could I be so stupid?' she thought, panic setting in. Anxiety spiked in Anya as she realized just how depraved Fernando Espa truly was…as she took in the sight of the orgy unfolding all around her. Recovering her wits, Anya hustled through the main lounge area. She rushed past half a dozen couples and one or two threesomes in progress. She found what she thought was the right bedroom to stash her clothes… Opening the door, she'd already stepped through before she realized her mistake.

A big-breasted girl with auburn hair stood naked, her pale skin a stark contrast to the dark chains. The entire room was painted black. In fact, the whole room was outfitted like a dungeon. Dark iron bars ran horizontally across the ceiling. From one of them chains dangled, and on the end of each chain were bracelets as dark as ebony. The naked girl with the auburn hair stood helpless, her wrists extended, shackled above her head. Someone had gagged her with a bright red ball-gag. Her eyes were squeezed shut tightly as a burly Brazilian fucked her from behind.

"You like it, bitch? You like being my sex-toy, huh? You in my dungeon now, Amelia. Yeah!" He slapped her ass hard as he continued fucking her while three other men watched, all stroking their cocks. One of the three men bellowed as he came. He managed an impressive trajectory with each spurt, gobs of fresh, hot jism peppering Amelia's breasts and belly. The companion to his left reached out, spreading the cum along Amelia's nipples until they glistened like tiny pink jewels. Then he reached out again, cupping the girl's chin as her eyes flew open, meeting his hard stare.

"You look even more beautiful with slimy, cum-covered tits, slave. I think when Julio's done fucking your pussy, I'm going to lay you down and have you give me a nice titty-fuck with those big, creamy breasts of yours until I cum all over your face. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

The auburn-haired girl could only groan through her gag.

Meanwhile the third man, still stroking his cock, turned his attention towards Anya.

"Oh, hey there Princess! You like the dungeon scene too, eh? Why don't you take your clothes off and stay a while?" She could tell that the man speaking to her - and probably all the horny men in that room - were under the influence of some kind of drug. There was a certain glassiness to their eyes that made her skin crawl. Quickly she stumbled back out into hallway, shutting the door behind her.

She hadn't just made a mistake. She'd made a horrible mistake. The slender Russian girl rushed into the next room over, anything to get out of there. Hoping for a moment alone, Anya instead managed to walk into yet another ambush. It was none other than Fernando Espa himself. The slightly overweight Portuguese businessman lay on a king-sized bed, hands clasped behind his head as he leisurely watched a pale redhead ride his cock. The girl was grinding on his lap, the whole mattress jostling as her ass cheeks wiggled. Anya looked at the redhead's snatch bouncing on the man's cock, his testicles shaking violently underneath as a testament to her exertions. A trickle of pre-cum had escaped the seal of her cunt, sliding in a thin, gooey stream down the length of Fernando's shaft.

"Aaahhhh!! You choose to join us, sexy girl. This is good, very good! Come here and lick my balls while Sabine keeps fucking me. You two can switch places a little later. I insist. UHHH!!!"

When Anya hesitated, appalled at the very idea of what he'd suggested, the nightclub owner's face darkened.

"You know the rules, beautiful girl. You came to my orgy, and Rule Number One is that everything goes. You come here and obey or our deal is off."

Anya shuddered. Could she really do this? She loved Kol. She'd told herself she would do anything for him. But…could she sell her very soul? Would she let this man do whatever he wanted with her tonight? Just as she was about to die inside, a hand caught her wrist. She turned and gasped.

It was Kol! Kol stared at her hard, his eyes blazing.

"You're coming with me," he growled. He was about to yank her out of there when Espa's ominous voice broke in.

"Your girlfriend is very selfless, Jaru. She was willing to partake of tonight's orgy to pay your debt. If she walks out now, our agreement crumbles and you owe me the full amount."

Kol clearly didn't care. His hand firmed up around hers as he prepared to whisk her away, but Anya pulled back to stop him.

"Wait." She turned to Fernando. She managed to keep the loathing for that slug of a man from her expression. "If I have sex with Kol right here, at your 'orgy party,' will that be enough? Will you count Kol's gambling debt as fully paid then, and let us go?"

Fernando glanced at Kol's furious face and seemed to consider it. But Kol was ignoring the depraved loan shark, having eyes only for Anya.

"Anya, what the hell were you thinking? You were going to let a bunch of strange men fuck you, and for what? Just to help me out of my own colossal fuck-up? This is MY responsibility, not yours."

"OK, it is a deal," Fernando interrupted. "If you two fuck right here, right now, then yes, I consider our deal honored, Anya."

Kol's angular face was a storm-cloud of creases and mounting displeasure. "We're not doing this."

"Yes we are," Anya whispered. She realized that she loved him enough to sacrifice almost anything for him. That's what true love was; it was sacrifice. It wasn't a bullshit arrangement that went strictly 50-50. It wasn't helping someone when it was convenient or when you didn't have to leave yourself vulnerable; no, it was the willingness to go all the way, to do whatever was in your power for the good of the other person. Anya wasn't about to let Kol try to throw a dangerous, unsanctioned, off-the-books fight because of some stupid gambling debt. If that meant throwing modesty to the wind and having sex in front of someone else, then so be it.

Her eyes blazing right back, the slender brunette told him as much. Kol's jaw set in a hard grimace like folded steel.

"I can't let you do this," he ground out.

"This is not just your decision," she said. "I care about you. I am not leaving here. I will stay here and have sex with strange men to keep you safe…or you can have sex with me, right here and now. Which will it be?" Anya challenged.



Kol couldn't believe this. He couldn't believe Anya had been crazy enough, dogged enough, to track him down and then make this insane bargain with his loan shark. He had come tonight at the last minute, bearing a new proposal for Espa, an offer to pay him interest in monthly instalments until his gambling idiocy was behind him, no matter how many years it took. But he hadn't bargained on finding Anya here… God, he was still reeling from the shock.

"We shouldn't," he hissed. But his gorgeous, wonderful, selfless Anya was already shrugging out of her dress, unhooking her bra to let it fall to the floor, and taking off her panties until she stood as naked as the day of her birth. She was all lean, sexy curves, her breasts neither too large nor too small, her cute face framed by those long tresses of silky, copper-flecked hair. She was pale against his slightly duskier complexion, her Russian ancestry not so different from his mixed Ukrainian. She had shaved her sex, the skin smooth and unblemished around the allure of her pink pussy. The breath-taking young woman knelt and unbuckled her boyfriend's jeans, sliding them down to his ankles. She took off his shoes carefully, then his socks, then pulled the jeans off to toss them away while Kol removed his shirt. Kol ignored the loan shark's leering stare. He focused just on the anticipation of what was to come.

He couldn't believe this was happening. Why was this woman willing to go to such drastic lengths just for him? Shouldn't her discovery of his monumental fuck-up - a gambling addiction that had landed him in deep, deep debt to a dangerous man - shouldn't that have sent her running in the other direction? But Kol didn't see fear in Anya's eyes right now. All he saw was one thing; devotion.

Anya sucked at each of his swelling balls before tracing her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip. She smothered the head of his shaft in her mouth now, sucking with a deep, powerful pressure. Her tongue cradled his manhood as she sucked harder. The pretty girl was sucking as fervently as she knew how.

Kol gathered her hair away from her face. He gripped it in a tangle of silken strands at the nape of her neck as she bobbed up and down his shaft. The sounds of her sucks and slurps would have been a sensual symphony were it not for Fernando Espa and his partner. Fernando's plaything, the redhead Sabine, was still grinding on his lap, her cunt gripping his shaft while she made cooing sounds, clearly resenting the fact that Anya and Kol were stealing her lover's attention.

"Ooohhh Fernando, your cock feels so good inside me. I love impaling my wet pussy on such a big, magnificent cock. Ooohhh!!" she crooned.

"Yes, yes, keep fucking," Fernando said dismissively. He craned his neck to look at Anya instead.

How the old bastard stayed hard inside his girl while almost ignoring her constant fucking was beyond Kol. Distantly, warning bells were going off in Kol's head. Fernando Espa had a weakness for women, but the instant attraction and obsession he felt towards Anya did not bode well.

Yet, as Espa decided to focus his attention with a voyeur's gratification to see Kol and Anya's lovemaking, Kol resolved to pretend that the vile man didn't even exist. Instead he just focused on the sensations around his cock…on Anya's warm, moist mouth wrapped around his elongated penis… on the feeling of Anya's tongue gently teasing his shaft as she played with his balls, massaging them in her hands, kneading his scrotum with all that churning cum. Kol's hand fisted in her hair tighter than ever as the beautiful brunette's jaw rippled with so much effort. Her lips formed a tight seal around his vein-pulsing shaft. She went down on him deeper and deeper, her throat relaxing to take him in. Meanwhile one hand strayed down to her sex. She began rubbing her clit and pussy with one hand even as she sucked him devotedly. Although her mouth slid eagerly down his cock, it was the thought of Anya's fingers touching her warm, moistening slit that had Kol's erection getting harder and harder by the second.

"Yes. Touch yourself, baby. Make that pussy good and wet for me," Kol said huskily. He stroked her hair as she bottomed out on his shaft. Her nose was buried in his pubic hair as she made a loud, squelchy-slurping sound that filled the entire room. Then she shuddered, nearly blacking out as she took him completely in her mouth and held him there, her lips hugged tightly around his fully engorged penis.

Finally, with a sharp intake of precious air, Anya withdrew from his cock. Long, slimy strands of pre-cum drifted from her lips. She gathered up the fluids with her fingertips and licked them clean. God. She looked beautiful now. So fucking beautiful. Kol still couldn't believe that she was willing to do this for him. To not give a single damn about her own dignity or modesty or what anyone else thought. To have sex in this tawdry place, just to keep him safe…

"Come up here, baby." He drew her up and lifted her. Anya gasped as he threw her onto the bed right beside Fernando. Screw Fernando. The man didn't exist. Not to Kol anyway.

Anya spread her legs. There was a glistening wetness between her thighs. There was a pungent scent that was all Anya, all arousal. All primal need. Kol spread those thighs wider as he climbed onto the bed and positioned the bulbous head of his cock. He admired that pink opening, the delicate labia framing the sexiest thing in the world to him. Then he plunged forward, swiftly penetrating her, starting a streamlined cadence of fucks, his body covering hers as he drilled her cunt as fervently as any male possibly could.

The Russian brunette moaned, her hands cupping the MMA fighter's muscular shoulders.

"Yes, Kol. Fuck me. Your cock inside me…it belongs nowhere else, baby. Nowhere but DEEP INSIDE. Fuck me, Kol. I love you. Now fuck me, baby. FUCK my brains out. PLEASE," she moaned, and he loved her for it. He loved that she wouldn't hold back, not even with Espa right there, the depraved bastard that he was. When two people truly loved each other, the rest of the world stood apart. Perhaps that was why Kol could lose himself in Anya even now, and perhaps that was why he saw the same bliss in her eyes too.

Espa's hungry stare didn't faze either Kol or Anya as their lovemaking continued. The constant penetrations as Kol fucked her as thoroughly as any girl could hope to be fucked helped jostle the mattress more and more…until Anya's cunt couldn't handle much more.

"Oh Kol. Please…please…I want to cum," Anya whimpered. Kol's back straightened as he pulled his manhood out part way, his fingers rubbing her hardened joy nub with firm little strokes. The sexy brunette arched her back, offering her entire body to him as she began to clench and convulse uncontrollably, her snatch seizing up around his partially sheathed cock. Partly enfolded in her warmth and fluids, Kol could hardly stand it as Anya's orgasm tore through her, as her legs flailed, her breasts jiggling as she trembled violently, the euphoria blazing through her veins in a sex-fogged, lust-enraptured inferno fueled by primal need, but above all love.

Then he plunged back inside, fucking her with hard, unyielding strokes. His balls slapped against the mattress with each pulverizing fuck, each downward stroke as the tip of his cock met her cervix. Anya's moans and pleas were like a series of endless cries.

"Kol fuck me harder. Fuck me Kol! Fuck my pussy and then make me dripping with all your cum, baby. I need all of it, as deep as you can give it to me…Put that cock so deep in me it never comes out, baby. I'm yours. Claim this pussy. It belongs to you, baby, only you! Kol, please…please cum inside me. Fuck me harder! FUCK ME TO DEATH!" As the girl's mantra reached a crescendo, Kol's biceps tightened, his testicles too.

"AAAHHHH!!!! Anya!" The cleansing eruption of pleasure lashed through every synapse in Kol's brain as the simultaneous eruption of cum blasted through his girlfriend's snatch. He filled her intimate depths with what seemed like a gallon of warm, fresh seed straight from his churning testicles. He kept shuddering atop her as she thrust her cunt towards him so that each spasm of his cock flung thick ropes of seed even deeper inside her wetness with each and every twitch. At long last, spent and exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, his semi-hard cock still nestled deep inside her now cum-drenched pussy.

In the background, Kol was barely aware of Fernando Espa marring what would have been a perfect moment of intimacy. Kol felt the mattress keep jostling as the redhead Sabine pumped her sex up and down the loan shark's cock. Seeing Kol burst inside Anya must have sent Espa over the edge, because now Sabine crooned loudly at the same time that Fernando's plaintive growl came out of nowhere.


"Oh yes. YES!"

Sabine squealed as she felt the hot cum shoot deep inside her pussy. When it was all over, Fernando roughly smacked her right ass cheek.

"Get out, bitch. Go find another cock to fuck." The girl stood up, a long stream of cum seeping from her well-fucked pussy. She stepped away from the bed. She managed to walk on wobbly legs out the door and shut it behind her while Fernando looked on. His gaze slid to Kol. The MMA fighter had withdrawn from Anya's pussy, but now the girl had turned the tables on him. She had pushed the fighter onto his back. Twisting to face the foot of the bed, the Russian beauty now leaned over his crotch, lapping eagerly at their combined fluids and making his cock shiny with her saliva. Kol watched a dollop of cum seep from his girlfriend's flawless sex. He rubbed that pussy and began playing with her clit all over again. He loved the way she squirmed and moaned the more he teased her clit, even while her mouth smothered his shaft for another helping.

Kol glanced at Fernando, who was watching with heavy-lidded desire as the couple continued to give each other love and care in the '69' position.

Enough was enough.

"We've done as you asked. Now GET OUT," Kol said through clenched teeth.

Fernando's eyes widened. Clearly he wasn't used to being ordered around in his own penthouse. But technically they had had sex in front of him, as he'd requested, and now Kol was making it clear to the loan shark that that there would be no further 'show' beyond the bare minimum they'd agreed to…

"This is my home, you know," Fernando said icily.

"And this is my woman. You saw something private, something you had no right to see. Now you can give us some time to ourselves. Soon enough we will leave. Don't you have other 'guests' to attend to anyway?"

With a grumble, Fernando lifted his bulk from the bed and ambled to the door. After he'd slammed it shut behind him, Anya sucked gently on the head of Kol's cock and then came up for air. There was a little laugh, like music to Kol's ears.

"I don't think he appreciated you talking to him like that," she giggled.

He fervently stroked Anya's joy bundle, loving the way she shivered, her heart beating faster.

"Well, he deserved much worse," Kol replied darkly. "You will never, EVER again offer to do something like this for my sake, Anya. You hear me?"

In response, the girl smothered his cock once more, her tongue sliding greedily along the length of his manhood. He sighed with contentment, slipping two fingers into his girlfriend's snatch, fucking her with them hard and fast. Her moans grew to a satisfying plateau, and then she was gushing on his fingertips. Kol loved the scent of her flooding the room right now. It drowned out almost all other senses for a moment, and then he was groaning, groaning like a man about to be flung into another dimension - his cock's spasms sending a fresh geyser of cum into Anya's mouth. The pretty Russian girl swallowed it all, barely able to keep up with the violent spurts of jism as it hit the back of her throat. But manage it she did. Finally, when she sat up, licking her chops, she tasted only one thing in her mouth; him.

"Come here," he said. And she came to him, cuddling up against him as he put an arm around her and kissed the top of her head softly.

"Now you answer me," he whispered in her ear. "You promise not to barter your body for my sake, or do anything else remotely that reckless. You understand?"

She readjusted herself beside him. She looked up at him with those baby-blue eyes. "Why should I? Unless you stop keeping secrets from me, I can't make any promises."

"Why, you little, defiant girl!" Kol growled. He pinned her wrists as he loomed over her. Somehow, impressively, his cock was semi-firm again. He nudged her legs open and sheathed himself once more in that delicious, snug fit that was the unique, heavenly grip of a woman's cunt.

"Listen to me carefully," he said as he began moving inside her again, a gentle but firm rhythm of fucks. "You want me to no longer keep secrets from you? Fine, I agree…but on one condition."

Her eyebrow rose in question, but she just sighed with contentment as he kept fucking her at a leisurely, loving pace.

"And what would that be?" she challenged.

"Marry me." The naked girl beneath him froze in disbelief. Her blue eyes turned a brilliant cobalt sheen as she stared at him, wide-eyed as if to offer the ultimate view into her soul. He looked down at her, fully sheathed inside her sex, his hands gripping her wrists on either side of her soft, warm body. Time seemed to freeze like the arms of an antique clock. He pulled his cock out only to re-sheathe his heavily scented manhood in her slick, silky-soft vagina.

"Did you just ask me to marry you while fucking me?" Anya said, a trace of outrage in her voice. Leaning down, he kissed her, shutting her up for the moment. Their lips moved in tandem, their tongues tasting each other, stroking and showing so much love. Finally he came up for air.

"Is that a yes?" he said, his eyes glittering with optimism, anticipation, and so many other emotions besides. Now, as she opened her mouth to give him the answer he yearned for, Kolkev Jaru made a decision - a decision he would honor for the rest of his days.

Never again would Kolkev Jaru keep harmful secrets from the woman he loved.




I hope you enjoyed the story. This concludes the Anya and the Fighter series, at least for now (there were subplots I never quite got to, but I hope you'll forgive me. Sometimes I have too many writing projects going at once!). Remember, don't be afraid to indulge your fantasies, even the darker ones. Create that safe space for yourself to explore the Forbidden, and never, ever let others solely define you.


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Anya and the Fighter - Part 3

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