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Reunited With an Old Fling

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cheating, Interracial

Author: jx88

Published: 06 April 2018

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This started when Liz came to visit Chrissy. Liz lived out of state, and came over maybe once a year or so. They were both now in their early 30s. Chrissy had brown hair, green eyes, had cute little perky breasts, little bubble butt, and was tall and thin. While Liz was not quite as tall, she was thicker and curvier in all the right places, with large breasts and a large ass. Chrissy had been married for about six years at this point, and Liz was single.

The first night they were together, they went bar hopping, but they both crashed early, bored of all the local places. What they were really fond of to do when they were together, like a ritual, is they'd visit all the places they used to hang out near the college they went to and see how things changed.

So the next day, they drove the 30 minutes or so to go to the coffee shop they used to frequent. When they left the place, they saw someone in the parking lot they knew - it was John. John was someone that played football at the college when they lived there, and would probably always remain there looking fondly on those days. He was tall, with pretty dark skin, about 6'3", and pretty athletic, though not as much as he used to be. In college, Chrissy had slept with John a few times, until she got a steady boyfriend. Liz had never been with John, even though she had been with his friends at various stages and was usually slept around more. John was great in bed. In fact, once in a while Chrissy used to think about John sometimes when she was with her husband, as her husband wasn't exactly the best in bed, but she had more or less started relying on a vibrator to do the trick for a while now.

"John!" Chrissy yelled, and waved.

"What's up, girls" John asked.

"We're visiting," Liz answered.

"Oh really, you two must have nothing to do. Have you seen my new apartment?" he quizzed.

"No, didn't know you moved," Liz replied.

"Yep, still in the process. It's a couple blocks from here," he said, pointing down the road.

Liz, somewhat anticipating a boring remainder of her trip, offered, "well since we're here, let's check it out."

Chrissy went along with it and said, "sure."

They walked in that direction, and had some small talk. Chrissy was a little hesitant to go into a man's apartment, even if he wasn't exactly a stranger, and she wasn't alone with him, but it was still a little beyond her comfort zone. She tried to set that discomfort aside as much as possible and just let Liz do her thing while she's in town.

They went up a set of stairs, and John unlocked the door. The apartment felt and had the atmosphere of a bachelor.

John offered to pour a shot of tequila for the three of them, to which Liz and Chrissy both said, "sure" at the same time.

They quickly knocked the shots down, and John offered to take a selfie of the three of them together. This made Chrissy a little uncomfortable, but she obliged.

Chrissy asked, "how do you stay so muscular and drink like that?" John laughed and turned on a CD player playing light jazz.

John grabbed Chrissy's waist, said, "hey I bet with an ass like that I bet you have black men all over you!"

Liz blurted out, "John!"

Chrissy laughed, a little embarrassed.

Chrissy touched her clitoris area through her pants. She could feel herself getting a little wet, remembering past experiences with John. But when she saw him notice her touching herself like that, she said, "actually, you don't know - I'm married now."

"Oh really? Do you have a picture?" he quizzed, while the three of us started sitting down on the couch.

"Sure," Chrissy said, pulling out her cellphone. She swiped her fingers around and showed it to him.

"I bet you can't even feel his little white dick," Chrissy knew he wasn't far from the truth, and loved this cockiness.

Sensing Liz's submissive nature, he reached behind her head and started pushing it down to his crotch, while pulling down his gym shorts just enough to expose some of his penis. Liz obediently pulled it out a little further so that she could start stroking some of it with her left hand, while the tip was in her mouth. Liz was following Chrissy's lead at this point, aware if Chrissy was going to indicate this needed to stop, but was very eager to let this continue.

John grabbed Chrissy's head, and pulled it towards him, and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

They looked at each other, and Chrissy softly said, "but I'm married."

This prompted Liz to look upwards, and Chrissy looked downwards at her. She felt Liz's desire to proceed, and the enormous penis she had her saliva all over.

Chrissy responded by pulling up her shirt, revealing her large breasts. Then she leaned back, and John leaned over slightly to stuff his face in them, swirling his tongue all over them.

Without warning John started to get up, and dropped his shorts completely to the ground. The three of them following him to the bedroom, and John laid down. Liz pulled down her yoga pants, and laid down on one side of him, while Chrissy laid on the other side of him. Chrissy started kissing him, very deeply, while she used her hands to unfasten her bra.

Liz said, "oh, wow," having seen his cock completely free of the clothes now. The other two stopped to look at her, as she placed her arm next to his penis for comparison. A little embarrassed, then she put the head in her mouth, and started stroking the shaft with two hands now.

Chrissy got her bra off, and squeezed her breasts and offered them to John's mouth. He aggressively nibbled on her nipples and squeezed them. causing Chrissy to start moaning emphatically.

John gestured for Chrissy to go to his penis, and she obeyed. Chrissy was on one side and Liz on the other side. Chrissy took this moment to pull off her black yoga pants. And she started licking one side of the shaft while Liz licked the other side. The two had always been good friends but never did anything like this. Liz then grabbed the penis in her hands, while Chrissy started bobbing her head up and down on it.

"Oh yeah, make me proud," John quietly said.

Liz got down towards the end of the bed, and pulled down Chrissy's panties. She started to place her fingers towards her vagina area. Feeling how wet Chrissy was, Liz decided to skip the foreplay and start licking the clitoris. With some flicks of her tongue, Liz was causing Chrissy to moan even more. This made it difficult to concentrate on John's penis, and he started to pull her hands towards him and motioned for her to start riding him. She got just above him, and Liz helped guide his penis into her. Liz felt a bit humiliated in her role for the most part, yet relished in it. She took it upon herself to lick his balls a little, as much as she could, while she was still getting comfortable with him in her. Chrissy moaned after having feeling him thrust into her a little. Liz moved to be kneeling next to Chrissy, and John started fingering her.

The thrusting started to happen faster, and faster, and with it, the moaning louder and louder. Chrissy's big ass, which Liz may have secretly envied, was bouncing up and down on his enormous penis.

Liz moved herself to be directly on John's face, so he could lick her clitoris.

John cried, "I'm gon' nut." Chrissy was moaning in ectasy, and felt the warm fluid enter her vagina. Unable to control herself, her toes curled, and her body was pressing against his, taking all the penis inside her she could.

They all let out a moan, and laughed.

Chrissy and Liz were going to be silent after getting home, but had a new friendship together.

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Reunited With an Old Fling

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