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Alien Crash Cleanup

Categories Fantastic, Rape

Authror: Doomstate

Published: 06 April 2018

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Jared reached yet another crash site. The air was thick with Tibian pheromones and the ground soaked with vaginal fluids. It was a complete mess. He witnessed a big Tibian stumble out of one of the wreckages only to collapse in a pile of rubble. One side of him wanted to help them, another side knew he had to kill them. He took out his steel pike and began working his way through the rubble. The dying aliens moaned in pain as he approached them. He was so aroused by their horny and agonized moans.

"Baby.... Come here...." He heard a groan and a deep voice from inside one of the spheres. Why would they have to talk with him. He hated it. Made it so much harder to kill them. He entered the sphere and saw a beautiful specimen sitting in a pool of fluids. She had a spike rammed up her pussy and was bleeding heavily.

"Please, save me... Remove this junk from my pussy.... I beg you..." she groaned in pain and tried to turn slowly towards him. Jared walked carefully towards her and sat down in front of her. She moaned and tried to spread her legs a little so he could grab the metal piece embedded in her pussy. Jared took a firm grip and pulled out the metal scrap.

"Gaaahhhhrrrrgghh" The Tibian groaned in pain but then a faint smile appeared on her face.

"Thank you stranger... Will you get me out of here please..." Jared didn't answer and was already preparing an exo-grit rod. He stroke the Tibians pussy lips and they opened at his command.

He then coaxed the 50 cm long tube up her pussy. The specimen moaned in delight but then froze as she realized what he was doing.

"No! Are you gonna fry my pussy with that weapon of yours?" she exclaimed.

"I am sorry." was all Jared could say, knowing the Tibian only would have ten more seconds to live before the exo-grit would activate. Panic was gripping the dying alien.

"No, baby, please! I'll do anything! Just don't!" She tried to wriggle but was too exhausted and could only await her doom.

"You can't do this, please! You can have my pussy, I'll do whatever you want. I'll fuc.... GYYYIIAAAHHHH!!!" The Tibians piercing scream filled the wreckage as the exo-grit activated with a beep.

The chemical agent filled up the aliens torn pussy with a foam like substance. Her body contracted as the foam poured out of her pussy and then turned into a sticky sand like texture. Jared looked at the dead alien, her pussy still contracting in vain attempts to pump out the sand like exo-grit powder. He felt a sting of guilt but turned around and walked out again.

Out there dozens of dying aliens waited for him. He walked up to a specimen slumped over some wreckage and slid a finger into her pussy. She contracted and squirted a little. Jared sighed, yet another perfectly healthy female he would have to kill. He couldn't stand the horrified screams of the exo-grit so he took out his Electro-rod instead. A long metal rod made to puncture the Tibian cervix. He slid it into the black pussy and pushed gently against the cervix wall. The Tibian moaned in pain and tried to contract her cunt. Jared pushed the rod hard into against the wall. A low pitched pop was heard as the rod burst through right into the cervix causing a fatal vaginal trauma.

“Ryyhhiiaaarrghh” The Tibian groaned in confusion and pain as she soaked Jared in a flush of vaginal fluids. Her left leg kicked in short cramps and then her body went stiff and still. Jared hated how the Tibians rigor mortis was activated just seconds after their death. Dragging the stiff bodies to the trucks was a mess unless you electrocuted their dead pussys causing them to collapse like ragdolls. He tucked in another exo-grit rod and activated it. With a hissing sound the foam poured out of the vaginal cavity and dried out the Tibian pussy. Jared shrugged when he thought about how many Tibians he had killed with that cruel instrument.

He continued to fill up the dead specimens he encountered and was about to shove another rod up a dead pussy when the corpse began speaking to him.

"Don't touch me..." The big Tibian slumped over in a doggy style position was looking at him. Jared took a step back.

"You will kill me like the rest of them. I know how your kind are, you are monsters." said she. Jared was confused, she seemed totally fine, not hurt at all. He wondered why she was just sitting there.

"Why are you not moving?" he asked. Almost wanting her to get away so he wouldn't have to kill her. He hated that the aliens were so human like in their interactions.

"My name is Rhonda. I'm shell shocked by the crash. It's gonna take me three days to get back my motor skills." said the Tibian and groaned in pain. "Just let me be and I'll never trouble you again."

"I'm sorry, I have to do this."

"You fucking criminal, sneaking up on a paralyzed female only to fry her defenseless pussy with that horrific chemical of yours. Stay away from me."

Jared didn't want to listen. He was just going to kill her. But he felt so much guilt when he thought of killing such pristine specimen. He hesitated and looked at her. She was truly beautiful with their strong fit body, and so intelligent. Why must he fight them? It was not fair. He closed his eyes and tried to get a grip over himself. They had to die, it was war. He took up three exo-grit rods.

"Don't you fucking dare." hissed the Tibian but squirted involuntarily on Jared. He suddenly felt a sting of arousal. Was this specimen horny? He looked at her glistening pussy which winked in tiny cramps. He felt the arousal in his veins and he pictured a warm Tibian pussy. He had only tried it one time before with a dead specimen who leaked foul fluids the whole session. Jared was in anguish, he had orders to kill the aliens on sight and to never, ever, fuck with them. But they were so arousing, so perfect. It would be a waste to just kill them. And his sinister side wanted to fuck the furious Tibian.

"Stay away from my pussy, don't you dare!" hissed the angry alien. Jared pulled out his cock and teased her by stroking it against her sensitive pussy lips.

"I swear, when I get my motor skills back, I'll fucking kill you."

"Not if I kill you first." responded Jared as he thrust his dick into her hard and wet cunt.

"Nooo.... You fucking criminal, get the hell out of my pussy. Aahh..." She was pouring fluids as Jared thrust his cock inside her.

"I didn't know you got so turned on by getting raped." exclaimed Jared.

"Fuck you... Oohhh... Get the hell out of my pussy... Mmhhhaa..." Rhonda was almost about to cum. Her body was shivering and Jared felt how she actually tried to make him thrust deeper into her. As her pussy opened up fully he slid in a rod of exo-grit and hit the timer of one minute.

"Nooo! You fucking criminal." she screamed as she was soiling herself with fluids. "How dare you deny me my orgasm..."

"Guess you were right after all. I am gonna kill you." whispered Jared as he patted Rhonda on her fleshy pussy.

"You fucking criminal.. Just deliver my fucking pussy." she sounded horny and Jared got even more confused. Did she want him to kill her?

"You fucking crimin.... AAAIIIIIEEEEHHHYY! The Tibian shireked as the foam started to fill up her pussy. Jared suddenly did something he never done before. He grabbed the canister and pulled it out. The Tibian was still alive but was shaking heavily and groaned in pain. Jared knew this was the time. He thrust his dick inside her ruined pussy once more and the alien screamed in pain.

"YYYIIAAAHHH!" My pussy… Its burning…. Make it stop please..." Rhonda begged him. Jared continued to fuck her pussy that was contracting in agony and pleasure. Hot fluids poured out of her and soaked him.

"My pussy… I beg you… You fucking criminal…” She spit the words while Jared thrust deeper into her.

“Just shut up you fucking monster or I’ll shove the rod back into you and fuck your dead body.”

“Don’t you dare, you.. NNNGGHHH… AAAAHHRRRGHH…” She came hard and involuntarily and Jared saw a faint smile on her pained face. He came inside her moments later with an exhausted moan. He pulled out his pulsating cock, leaving long strings of white cum drooling from the alien cunt. The alien moaned in pleasure and contracted her bruised pussy.

“You fucking criminal… You did it…” She smiled with satisfaction. Had he saved her from death? She was not in pain anymore and most of the exo-grit had been flushed out.

“That cum of yours will…. HAAARRGGGHH” The alien suddenly contracted in pain, her face locked in a grimace.

“Damn that powder… Still inside me….” Jared stared in fear at the shivering alien.

“You fucking crimi…. GAAAHHHRRR” She fell silent and her violent shivering stopped. Jared expected her to start talking again but she remained silent. She was dead. Moments later a massive flush of blood, exo-grit and fluids came gushing out of her cunt.

A steaming cloud of pheromones oozed from her gaping and ruined pussy. Jared looked at her face frozen in pain and felt a sting of guilt, shame and arousal. He knew he broke protocol on so many levels but he couldn’t stop himself from slowly thrusting his cock into her dead body. Her firm pussy had become a loose mess of ruined meat. Jared felt how her vaginal walls collapsed on his stiff cock as he slid it easily all the wait into her ravaged cervix. The gulping sounds of thrust flesh was so arousing. Jared didn’t care about protocol anymore, he slammed her dead meat and came hard once again inside her dead pussy. He finally accepted his dark desires and stopped feeling shame for his vile actions. He was now a hunter.

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Alien Crash Cleanup

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