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Uni to gutter

Categories Fiction, Black, Job/Place-of-work, Male / Female

Author: abroadsword

Published: 06 April 2018

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Rain drops, hammering on the windshield, bouncing and landing again, the steady drip of the leaking roof vent on my little Mini Van, she bustled past, her long blonde locks hidden beneath her hooded coat. I slid the window open,

"Want a lift?" I asked.

"I'd rather drown." she spat back at me.

It was annoying, mainly because she could have helped push if the motor drowned in the spray but if she wanted to walk and take the bus well there was nothing I could do about it.

I made it home ok, the motor spluttered a few times but kept running so I was home long before she arrived.

She walked past me in the lobby of the house where we both had rooms, four bed sitting rooms with communal kitchen and bathroom, she had the best room upstairs front, mine was away on the top floor tucked under the roof.

She looked at me with annoyance, "I wish you would hide that pile of scrap around the back, it lowers the tone of the area." she sneered.

"Sorry, Angie" I apologised,

"Better still scrap it." she suggested unkindly. "And it's Miss Hamilton - Grey to you Groves" she certainly knew how to deliver a put down six months in the same house and she still didn't know my name.

I thought of the first time we met, in the lounge at the student house we shared, I lived in a flat on campus for the first year then we found "Digs" for the second and third years, so the first time we met was after the summer break when we moved in. I was completely tongue tied, her beauty took my breath away, yet she was clearly horrified, well I had been working on the car and maybe my face was not entirely free of oil, and my hands were undoubtedly covered in it, but still she might have been polite.

I wondered why she chose to live here, clearly her parents were rich, her allowance was certainly generous judging by the designer clothes she wore.

Each day brought a new torment, somehow other girls seemed somehow diminished by comparison with Angie, certainly I never seemed to find anyone to build a relationship with.

It was a faint hope, supposing that a ride with me was preferable to getting soaked but clearly it was not enough.

The rains continued, week on week it seemed, somehow I managed to coax the ageing vehicle to life each morning despite it being over thirty years old, which at least meant I could get in the bathroom after Angie and the other girls had left to catch the bus.awkward.

There was something about Angie, the shape of her neck, those pear shaped breasts, the blue eyes, that long golden hair, maybe even her haughty manner that got under my skin in a way Amanda and Charlotte the other housemates never managed to do.

Fridays were worst, most Fridays we had a gig somewhere for our little rock band, and straight after the last lectures we would set off with the amps and drum kit squeezed into my tiny van and the rest of the kit and the lads in Tom's Mondeo station wagon.

I remember one night, she was in our lounge, drunk, I thought, when I returned, her pink knees framed a pair of brown buttocks as some new guy took his pleasure with her, another negro, she liked negroes. I felt physically sick. He pulled away as he heard me,

"Fuck you pervert" he said as he threw the glistening used condom in the fireplace.

I saw she had shaved her pubes, her slit glistened obscenely between her slightly reddened abused lower lips.

"I'm sorry," was all I could say as I closed the door and heard them burst into uncontrollable giggles.

My second year rolled on, the Band became more popular, Gigs rolled in, every weekend.

The gigs were great, well sometimes people stopped yelling long enough for us to hear ourselves play, but after two or three twenty minute sets, then dismantling everything and loading the van the evening seemed to be gone, but usually I was home before Angie put in an appearance in the early hours, after an evening in the bar then on to an expensive nightclub with her "Friends." then she would be belting out pop songs in completely the wrong key in that high soprano voice of hers, the sort that smashes wine glasses and kills rats at fifty paces.

I noticed a gradual change in Angie, I missed the big things but suddenly the guys she brought home were richer, her type I thought, and she took them to her room, not the lounge.

I actually felt pleased, she deserved someone decent, but they seemed strangely old, then I had to make a decision, the Band got a record contract, except it meant giving up my degree course, the other guys were up for it but I had worked too hard and I was unsure.

"Fuck you, drummers are two a penny." was the phrase which sealed my fate.

They got a called Pete to take my place, well at gigs in the studio they had to use a sessions man because Pete had little sense of rhythm, at least when he was stoned which was all the time, and of course he got busted and of course I got hauled up before the Chancellor, the head of the faculty.

"Now look Smethwick," he intoned, "Why not resign now, save us all the embarrassment of the trial." he continued.

I knew he had read the papers where they incorrectly identified me as the Drummer who was arrested.

"It wasn't me sir" I told him, "It was the new guy." I knew he didn't believe me and then I had a visit from Mr Hamilton - Grey, Anela's father.

"Look Smethwick," he advised, "I know my daughter loathes you, and I suppose that is mutual, but, and I appeal to any decency you may have, for gods sake go home and out of my daughter's life, she wants to be a Lawyer, she can't associate with drug using scum like you."

"I never use drugs." I told him, "It wasn't me that was caught."

"So I have to take my daughter away, through no fault of her own do I?" he asked, "is that your final word."

"It wasn't me." I repeated.

"Well expect a custodial sentence then." he threatened.

He really thought it was me using a stage name so he used the old boys network to get the drummer jailed, and with his conviction the record label dropped the recording idea but it was good for me because as the band's fortunes took a dive and with the recording contract torn up and my replacement jailed I was back in demand once more.

Angie had a go at me one day.

"People still think I live with a druggie." she complained, "It's your fault if we get raided." she told me unreasonably as I changed a wheel bearing on the van one afternoon with it jacked up at the roadside, She sat on a low wall with her legs spread invitingly as she said it trying to wind me up yet unaware how besotted with her I had become.

She started to look ill, thin, fragile, her hair no longer glistened, and her skin no longer glowed, I still never realised.

She was kneeling in the gutter outside the house being sick one evening when I returned home, I picked her up out of he gutter and carried her upstairs, she had her key in her purse and I took her in to her room. My fingers trembled as I sat her on the bed, pulled off her shoes and pulled down the zipper at the back of her simple dress, eased it from her shoulders and let it fall

She looked at me in disinterested puzzlement as I undid her bra strap then peeled off her pantihose to reveal her tiny white panties. I would have taken her there and then except I could see she had her period, so instead I pulled back he bed covers laid her down and kissed her forehead, before I covered her up and went to my own room.

Next morning she accused me of groping her, right in front of the other two girls, I explained I only took her to her room but they never believed me I am sure. I had another visit from her daddy after that one.

Then one afternoon It all fitted into place, it was the mid summer break, two immaculately attired African gentlemen arrived in a black BMW.

"Where's Angela" they asked as if I would know.

"Home" I explained.

"No she ain't," the smaller one said. "We knocked."

"Her parents home." I explained.

"She owes big time." he explained as if I knew, "You remind her,"

"Hey where you get your shit?" the larger one suggested, his bulging brown neck incongruous against his striped shirt and pinstriped suit.

"I don't use it." I replied.

"Course you do, you was in the papers for using." he persisted.

"I can't afford it." I explained.

"You almost pretty enough to use yo ass to fuck for it like she does." he replied.

"What?" I queried.

"Angie, she fucks for gear, don't she tell you nothing, that shit you score from her she works for on her back." he explained nastily.

"Oh." I replied uncertainly.

"So perhaps you want pay what she owes?" he queried.

"How much." I asked cautiously.

"Three grand" he suggested.

"Fucking hell!" I blurted out.

"You want to pay?" the larger one demanded.

"I'm a student, if I had three grand would I drive this," I tried to say heap of crap, but we had been through a lot the old van and me and it seemed disloyal so I merely said "Van?"

Everything was falling into place, she clearly had a drug habit and was sleeping with men to fund it.

I watched them drive away in their BMW.

I wanted to talk to Angie about her problems, the Band was doing ok and money was rolling in so three thousand was not a problem if she needed it, but she just refused to talk about it.

I came home early one evening, some clown set off the sprinklers at our gig, Angie was coming down stairs with a middle aged man in a suit, then later she came home with someone else, I heard her bed creaking, and I later watched as he left the building, big black and ugly, I cried for her.

I looked at her next morning, her straw coloured hair and pale lifeless skin, the slightly grubby tee shit and none too clean jeans, and I realised I didn't fancy her any more.

"Hey, you wanna do my dissertation for me." she asked one Saturday morning as she slumped in a hung over stupour at the breakfast table.

"What?" I replied in surprise.

"Contract Law, I can't be bothered, needs to be in by Monday." she said for once acknowledging my existence.

"Why not." I agreed.

She threw a orange folder across the able and announced "Then you can fuck my ass if I get an A," she laughed wickedly.

As it happened I knew something of Contract law and like a fool I retreated to my room and powered up my computer and started to write.

I tried to write like her, get in her mind, I don't know if I succeeded, I never asked about it but later she announced it scraped her a pass mark, that was when she asked me to do another piece of coursework for her.

My second year came to an end, this time a record deal and the summer break fitted together and we spent the summer laying down an album, then with the tour dates we were offered deferring my final year seemed a real good idea, so I sort of said farewell to Angie and moved on, not that I actually said anything, she simply wasn't around when I went.

We never exactly hit the big time, as a Band, but life was Ok, drummer comes about third in the heirarchy, after lead singer and bass guitar so I usually got third pick of the groupies, and it was only supposed to be one year out of university.

The year became two then three, writing crap songs went from being a laugh to being a career, and the money was good but after a while the venues were becoming smaller the calendar less packed.

The rain drops were hammering on the windshield, bouncing and landing again, the steady drip of the leaking sunroof on my Range Rover was intensely annoying as I drove back to the hotel from our gig. We were very much the supporting act, the groupies had moved on and I slipped away for a quiet pint before heading for the motel.

It was years since I last saw Angie, but somehow I knew it was her as she wandered slowly along the pavement just a few yards from the seafront with its famous lights, she turned and smiled warmly, invitingly at me, as I cruised past. I jammed on the brakes.

"Want a lift?" I asked.

She opened the door and climbed in, "Round by the tram depot is best." she announced, "but get going the police are around."

"How about my hotel?" I suggested.

"I want a hundred for that, " she said, matter of factly.

I'm sure she never recognised me, she seemed to be in a daze as we checked in, luckily the Travel Lodge where I stayed had only family rooms so there was a full size bed, and she wasted no time n climbing onto it.

"Your hair's wet." I pointed out.

"It's raining." she replied reasonably, "Look you want to fuck or you want to talk."

"Ok," I agreed, as I dashed in the shower room and took the quickest shower of my life nd returned still naked drying myself, she had her skirt up around her waist.

"Is that it, aren't you getting undressed?" I asked.

"No, saves time." she replied, "Just do it, ok."

She jabbed her fingers inside herself to get herself in the mood and handed me a condom which I rolled on before I eased her thighs apart and pulled her to the edge of the bed and tried to enter her, nothing was working, everything seemed so

"Hey, slow down." she said, "I'm not ready."

I pulled back, "I guess I need a fix." she announced.

"Get naked, that will help, " I suggested as I pawed and pulled at her damp clothing, "let me dry your hair," I saw it was filthy, "Take a shower."

She tried to protest, "Look all night is two fifty." she warned.

"Fine, now lets get you wet." I agreed

I filled the bath, tipped in every sachet of bath salts in the cabinet and carried her to the bathroom where I tipped her in, I soaped or was it groped those slightly sagging tits, felt her ribs through her undernourished skin and cleaned her most private places with my fingers, and spoiled it all when I lost control and spunked all over her tits.

Mmmm, she murmured as she scooped some up and licked it, "Salty."

I washed her again, and this time I got a condom on before I laid her on the bathroom floor, parted her legs and this time slid in her so easily it was like entering heaven, of course she was wet so we stuck together, so the sex was awkward to say the least, but it was a chapter closed, I had got her out of my system.

I watched her dry herself, "It's a hundred, and a tenner for a cab." she said quietly.

"Stay till morning."

"No, its another one fifty." she said.

"Not a problem, just come to bed." I suggested.

She demurred until I handed her five fifties, the greed lit her tired blue eyes briefly.

"Look, I'm going to need a fix, ok." she warned.

We piled under the duvet, she turned to face away from me and I put my arms around her protectively, before I absent mindedly started to play with her nipples.

"So what have you been up to since I last saw you."

She tensed, "Last saw?"

"We shared a house" I reminded her.

"Shared a house?" she queried, "Where?"

"At Uni," I elaborated.

"Oh god no!" she wailed. "Oh god you're that nutter."

"I prefer drummer." I corrected her.

"Look I can't do this." she said quietly.

I kissed her neck. "Why not?"

"I know you, you know me, it's too weird." she confessed.

I dipped a finger within her, between her legs, "I think it's nice." I told her, "I used to lie awake wanking dreaming of you."

"That's disgusting." she announced.

"You were beautiful then." I told her honestly.

She smiled.

"That was then," I told her. I think the implications hit her like a physical blow, she seemed to shrink back into herself.

"Oh." she sort of groaned.

"You used to glow with energy, your hair shone." I continued

"Please don't" she whispered, "It was a long time ago."

"I wanted you so badly, then." I reminded her.

"Yeah," she agreed "except you were always covered in oil so no self respecting." her voice tailed off.

"Where did your self respect go, Miss Hamilton - Grey," I asked

"Don't, you're not being fair." she replied.

"I guess not, can I ask what happened." I tried.

"Drugs."she replied.

"So how are you, how is your father?" I asked.

"My god what a cliche" she snorted.

"Well?" she said.

"I don't fucking know," she replied. "He stopped my allowance, I'd have been Ok if he hadn't stopped my allowance."

"So where do you live?" I asked.

"Don't ask." she insisted.

"No tell me." I persisted.

"Mount street, I do a week here then Leeds then Smethwick then Kensington, keep one step ahead." she was crying. "It's not what I planned."

"No" I held her tighter. "Nor me."

"Are you trying to fuck my bum?" she asked.

I realised my erection was straining against her bum cheeks.

"No," I guess I blushed.

"Because you can if you like." she agreed.

"No, it's ok." I told her

"I owe you from Uni," she said.

"Hush" I remembered her as she had been.

I knew about prostitutes, as soon as she fell asleep I hid her clothes in my suitcase and hid the key behind the TV set, she woke me around five a.m. "Where are my clothes!" she demanded.

It was so easy to pin her down, she was undernourished underweight, out of condition, I just manhandled her back onto the bed, and selected one of the condoms she left on the bedside table and slid it on me.

She struggled but I held her and clamped my mouth over hers, she stopped struggling, I looked round the room and saw my wallet was out of my jacket showing she had been intending to rob me.

"You really have reached rock bottom haven't you?" I told her as I forced her knees apart.

"I'm sorry." she blubbed, as I guided my erection towards her dry unexcited sex."please don't." It wasn't working, I kissed her neck, a real love bite, I knew it would embarrass her so did another and another, "No" she wailed, "No I can't work looking like that, no."

"Should have thought of that." I snarled.

"Please fuck my ass if you want but don't." she said quietly, "Ray beats me."

"You have lied enough." I told her as I rolled off her and retrieved the key to my suitcase from behind the TV.

I threw her skirt and top at her and told her to get dressed. "Where's my bra and panties?" she asked.

"You're a whore you don't need them." I told her bluntly, "Or shoes." I dressed quickly, shirt tie boring like I was going to a meeting, "You can carry my case to the car." she obeyed, she struggled down the corridor as I followed with my briefcase and Laptop computer.

I paid the girl on reception for the room and paid up front for the next night.

I unlocked the car and handed Angie my Mobile phone hands free microphone and keypad. "Tell that pimp of yours you been arrested for soliciting and you need bail of ten thousand ."

She stared wide eyed and did as she was told, the reply came through the speaker "Well fuck you you stupid bitch you're on your own." was one of the friendlier things he said and then I drove off to Harrogate.

She got more and more agitated, and then as we drove into the cul de sac where her parents used to live she broke down and sobbed. They used to live at Rhoedean, and as I crunched the gravel under the Range Rover's wheels her father looked out from behind the chinz curtains.

I went to the front door, "It's Mr Stephens dear, musician chappie lived with Angela." he shouted to someone in the house.

"What brings you here?" he asked.

"I brought Angela to see you." I told him.

"Then take her away again, we don't want her." he said.

"What?" I asked in disbelief.

"I said we don't want to see her." he insisted.

"Can't we at least discuss this?" I suggested.

"No, Good day." he slammed the door shut.

"What a bastard!" I said to no one in particular.

I knew this place in Leeds where they did rehab they were good, and quick, they had weaned loads of musicians off hard and soft drugs and I figured they could do the same for Angela, so stopping only to buy her some underwear in a little boutique in town I took her there,and she didn't have much choice in the matter when I more or less frog marched her in.

The woman on reception recognised me as the guy who brought Evan our Acoustic guitar player in when his heroin addiction got out of control, "Brought your girlfriend Mr Stephens?" she asked.

"Yes, can you do something, reasonably quickly?" I requested.

"You know the rates?" she queried.

"She's worth it." I boasted as I signed the form she thrust in front of me, then suddenly Angela was gone, taken away by a male nurse in a white coat.

I called back at Harrogate, at the Hamilton - Grey's and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen came to the door, a younger lovelier version of Angela.

"Who is it Penny?" a woman asked.

"Mr Stephens." I said.

"Don't let him in dear he is a drug addict." she replied.

I pushed Penny aside somewhat rudely, "Now hang on, I've never used drugs, ever, but for your information I'm paying for Angela to be de toxed, she is working as a prostitute for christ's sake."

Penny looked totally shocked. "You said she was studying Law at Harvard."

"She picked me up outside the Co op in Blackpool," I told them, "she's soliciting, not a solicitor all right."

"Look Stephens." Mr Hamilton-Grey spoke quietly, "Sort of written Angela off, she got in with your crowd, ruined her life, can't turn back the clock."

"It wasn't my crowd, I never did drugs." I insisted.

"Not what she said." he replied.

"I never went out with her," I protested, "I had this Mini Van that she hated, still got it actually, but she would never ride in it, she preferred to get soaked through."

"So where is she?" Penny asked.

"A Private Clinic, rehabilitation." I told her.

"Will you take me to see her?" Penny enquired.

"No, but I am hoping she can come home here afterwards." I explained.

The old chap looked at the floor, "Offer Mr Stephens a drink Penny, I must talk to your mother."

Penny looked at me, I smiled.

"Why do you stare at me like that?" she asked.

"Sorry." I apologised.

"Angela said you were pathetic." she told me.

"You're beautiful like she used to be." I told her. "I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world."

"So am I the most beautiful girl now?" she questioned, I sensed her anger.

"That was then," I explained, "and yes you are uncomfortably beautiful, you remind me how she was, how I hope she will be again, but for heavens sake it wasn't my fault."

"She was really upset when you were on TV." she suggested, "She dated all those footballers then suddenly you were on TV with some bimbo."

"I think I remember, we only met that day, there were so many girls, like Angie," I told her, "looking for fame, hoping for, something, and then it's morning and she's in her party dress, and she's late for work, and my next gig is in the evening a hundred miles away and it's no fairy tale any more."

"So Mr pop star, where now, Las Vegas?" Penny asked. sarcastically.

"University, do my final year." I admitted.

"What!" she exclaimed.

"Finish my degree." I insisted

"You are joking!" she seemed amazed.

"And what about Angela?" she asked.

"She's hardly my problem," I told her, "I think I have done more than enough for her and really the cost of rehab is not my responsibility."

"No." Penny said emphatically, "Daddy is struggling already, if he has to pay for her rehab, then I don't see how I can go to university."

"Do you have a place?" I asked.

"Yes," she informed me, "Where Angie went, well a conditional offer, subject to grades." she paused, "Don't look at me like that, Angie said you did that, stared, imagining what she looked like under." she paused, "Naked."

"Please!" I asked, "This is hardly the place."

"No, but it's what you're thinking." she insisted.

"Wrong, I was thinking what a level headed kid you are, but yeah ok, I was actually thinking how similar you are to Angela." I suggested.

"And how you could change sisters in mid stream?" she probed.

"It's an interesting concept." I agreed.

"If you pay my accommodation and tuition, I'll do anything you want." she offered.

"Anything?" I sought confirmation.

"Anything everything." she agreed.

"Shall we shake hands on it?" I suggested

"You're evil." she said.

"Shake!" I insisted.

Her hand was like a dead weight but we shook hands and sealed her fate.

"Do you have a Boyfriend?" I asked.

"Yes, Kevin." she replied, "He's going to uni too, same campus different course."

"Maybe we can house share, I was thinking of buying?" I suggested.

"Send me the address," she said, "I think it's time you went."

Angie's rehab was a struggle, I guessed the clinic were ripping me off but I stayed with it until my course started in September.

I bought a house in the same road where Angie and I had lived, already subdivided into four bedsits with a shared kitchen and dining room it was ideal but to Penny's dismay her boyfriend Kevin was not invited to take a room, I actually banned him from the house.

Penny was very apprehensive that first evening, but I sat her down and laid down the ground rules, "You know what we agreed, I want you to cook breakfast, dinner and supper, every day, Lunch Saturday and Sunday,"

"Sex?" she asked.

"Just ask." I said.

"No," she sniffed, "How often?"

"Let's see shall we?" I suggested, "Angie will be staying for a few weeks."


Angie was a mess, a complete mess, I put her in the back bedroom, we even managed to find a study course for her but she wasn't interested, but Penny was marvellous, a wonderful cook housekeeper, and a wonderful future wife but not for me.

She treats you like shit." Penny observed over breakfast one morning "She was out until four again last night."

"I know." I explained.

"Remember our agreement." she said looking intently at me. "I meant it, it means everything to me, this course, don't give up on us, just because she's a whore."

"No. it's fine really."

"Of course it isn't. you're a man, you have needs." Penny continued

"It's fine really." I agreed

"She doesn't deserve you, it's not fair." Penny explained.

"What's not fair?"

"That you love her not me." she sighed,"There I've said it."

"Oh hell." I replied, "Look, I think you somehow got the wrong idea."

"So you don't like me?" she asked.

"Very much, but like a friend, not a sex object." I replied.

"So I'm not sexy?" Her nightdress left nothing to the imagination, and the bulge in my shorts was all the confirmation she needed, she raised the nightdress to reveal first her shaved pussy then her perfect flat tummy and then her perfect breasts before I grabbed her under her armpits and raised her up onto the breakfast table. My shorts were down in a flash and I was with a second of thrusting deep within her.

"No," I said, "It's not right." I pulled up my shorts.

"I thought so," she said, "It's my bitch of sister." she said, "So damned well take her."

"What?" I said.

"Take her off the street, she's back on drugs." Penny said, "Lock her in the cellar if you like, I'll help you."

"What?" I asked.

"Cellar I cleaned the cellar out," she said, "You could chain her up."

"Penny!" I exclaimed.

"Why not, make sure she goes Cold Turkey," she said, "I'll help."

I guessed she was bluffing until I got back from a lecture around four thirty that afternoon, Penny was dressed in some really old clothes and was really dirty, "I've cleaned up the Cellar come and look!"

I followed her down the stairs which led down behind the kitchen and she had indeed mqde inroads into the collected junk, "It needs some hooks," she said, "and chains."

"Penny!" I exclaimed.

"There's some in my room and straps and all sorts, it makes perfect sense don't you think Andrew?" she said.

"No it's mad." I exclaimed, "Actually there are some sort of fittings in that wall, the shelf brackets, we could use those.

"You need some in the floor?" She said, "I'll get the chains,"

I was actually scared,"I'll come with you," I suggested.

She had a bag of rusty chain and some old leather straps of various types all a bit ad hoc rather than planned, and several rolls of gaffer tape.

Angie was due back for Dinner but we waited until nearly nine before eating and then she rolled in at three thirty a.m. very very drunk.

Penny and I were watching late night TV, "Shall we?" she asked as Angie appeared.

"Yes why not!" I agreed.

There was no plan, Penny caught Angie's arm and wrenched it up her back and I opened the door to the Cellar steps and Angie just had to stumble down into the darkness until I could get to the light switch.

"Now what," I asked as Angie began to scream.

"Rag!" Penny suggested, "Hold her," I grabbed Angie and Penny went to pull Angie's panties down, "Damn she didn't wear any!" Penny exclaimed and she pulled her own panties off instead, crumpled them into a ball and thrust them in her sister's mouth, then she wound a single band of gaffer tape around Angie's head to hold them.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Strip her," Penny said, "I'll do it." she dragged Angie's top down, slipped her bra off and dragged her skirt past her knees, Angie kicked as Penny pulled her shoes off, so Penny slapped her thigh,

"Lets tape her hands to her ankles stop her kicking," Penny suggested, It was easy enough, with gaffer tape, and she laid there helpless yet defiant.

"There's a telescopic pole, tape one end to each ankle" Penny suggested "and spread her legs a bit"

"Why?" I asked.

"Do I have to draw a diagram?" she asked.

I picked up the pole, I looped some rope around her left ankle and taped it to the pole and then did the other ankle before with Penny's help I spread her legs excruciatingly wide as the pole's rachet clicked.

"What do you think?" Penny asked.

"She'll be livid in the morning." I suggested.

"Tough," Penny replied, "Now don't forget to put the light out when you've finished screwing her."

"No Penny, it wouldn't be right." explained.

"So sleep with me?" she said, "Before you burst."

"Penny," I started to say but she handed me a packet of condoms, "See you at breakfast!" she suggested.

I stared, Angie stared at me with wide eyes, but she was bent so far that her bottom and vagina were displayed to perfection, I couldn't resist, I just slid on a condom and dipped deep into that hot wetness, she groaned her eyes like saucers, and then I was humping her using her like a spare cunt and she felt really good, I'm sure she squeezed me as I fucked her and then it was over.

"Was it as good as you thought?" Penny asked, I thought she had gone up.

"Better untie her I suppose," I suggested but Penny disagreed.

"She needs to learn, leave her, I'll clean the mess in the morning." Penny suggested and so we turned the light off and left her.

There was a smell of disinfectant and a damp patch on the floor when Penny sent me down to see Angie in the morning, she was dusty and had abrasions on her knees and elbows and other signs that she had really struggled to get free, she glared at me as I dropped my pants, I loved that look of hatred, it was so much better than indifference.

She tried to wriggle but her options were limited, and she knew it was hopeless, because she was getting wet already, her little titties seemed perkier than usual and her nipples seemed stiff, of course it could have been the cold, but, no she sort of snorted as I sank deep into her waiting cunt, he couldn't do much else with Penny's panties still gagging her.

It wasn't an ideal angle or a great seductive ambience but it felt really great an early morning fuck, great.

"Andew, it's breakfast time," Penny shouted, "Finish up, you can play again after breakfast."

"Sorry Angie," I whispered, "Looks like I have to go."

"You look pleased with yourself," Penny suggested, "I cleaned up earlier and she wasn't very complimentary."

"No it was quite pleasant." I said, "It felt right somehow."

"Andrew," Penny said, "How any times can you fuck a girl straight off?"

"Just once, why?" I asked.

"In a morning?" she asked.

"I don't know," I replied.

"Why not find out, you've nothing else to do have you?" she asked and she was right!

"Yes, will you keep score," I asked.

"Yes, of course!" Penny agreed, "I'll just check on her." she slipped away and I started on my bacon and eggs but a slapping swishing noise bothered me, it was coming from the Cellar, I went to investigate, Penny was standing in her underwear brandishing a sort of paddle, clearly she was slapping Angie with it, and whispering darkly as she did so.

"Penny, what are you thinking of?" I asked.

"Well she deserves it!" she insisted, "Bitch,"

"What's she done?" I asked.

"You know very well," she said, "She ruined everything for me, nearly."

"I guess." I agreed, "So?"

"She doesn't deserve you!" Penny complained, "She treats you like shit, and still you want her not me!"

"Penny, you know, well, I like you," I said, "I like you a hell of a lot but,"

"Not enough, not enough to screw me is that it?" she asked.

"There's so much history with Angie, it's like lancing a boil," I said "But honesty, it's just sibling rivalry isn't it?"

She nodded so I put a protective arm around her and an inquisitive hand down her panties.

"You're not even damp," I chided.

"Rotter!" she muttered,

"Shall we make a better sort of frame for Angie?" I suggested, "sort of a stocks, keep her bum raised so you can swat it?"

"Yes, I suppose so, why?" Penny asked.

"Because I think thrashing her with a whip is a great idea," I suggested, "to be honest."

"You do?" she replied in astonishment.

"She drives me mad," I admitted, "I just feel I want to hit her, I can't help it she just annoys me so much, she had so much going for her and."

"Exactly," she agreed, "Absolutely, have you got enough wood?"

"Have you got a better whip?" I joked.

Strangely enough Angie didn't say anything, but then again we never released her gag either.

We retired to the kitchen, I finished my breakfast, Penny found a drawing pad and we set to work, we though hand holes in a plank, they we thought two deep planks with a U shaped cut out which overlapped, maybe six inch planks, the same for her feet, separated with about three feet six side planks.

"Any good at wood work?" Penny asked.

"We need wood first," I pointed out but there were some old shelves we didn't use in Penny's room an with some other odd bits and some screws I had to collect from the DIY store, with an electric drill and a saw and a hole saw, drill bits, screws, screwdriver and well I decided on some new wood as well it was starting to get expensive!

It was mid morning before we really got started, the frame was about three feet wide and four feet long, the sides and ends of six by one solid pine, it looked great until I realised I had cut the leg holes too big, That ment cutting two more and we were no getting short of wood.

"Draw the curtains and I'll try it!" Penny said in exasperation, so I assembled it and allowed her to climb on and to put her hands and lower legs in the cut outs before I lowered the other boards with U shaped cut outs to clamp her in, a couple of bolts with winged nuts finished the job.

"It's bloody uncomfortable," Penny announced.

"Good, I'll just test it." I replied, she was still in her underwear, i eased her panties down as a joke intending to slap her rump and she said, "Yes!"

I reacted sharply, "Oh sorry, no," I said and pulled her panties on again, "Lets take it down stairs," and I quickly released the bolts and freed her.

Angie looked really horrified when we clattered down the stairs to the cellar with the new frame, "We put in a lot of work for you," I explained while Penny picked up the mop to deal with a small wet patch which had appeared.

We had to remove the leg spreader and then we unwrapped Angie's wrists and ankles, she struggled but we soon had her feet trappd in the new frame and then her hands, once again it wasn't ideal for fucking her sex was too low and I didn't want her asshole but her back. her almost unmarked back was exposed.

We took it in turns slashing a diagonal pattern into her back, Penny thrashing out her hatred of what her sisters thoughtlessness had so nearly, and I my frustration at being ignored an put down so often.

She was a mass of weals, some actually bleeding when we left her, she looked broken, still gagged unable to even lie down now.

Penny knew the moment was right, "Take me Andy, show her you've moved on, she said and she took her panties off once more, she looked like the Angie I had once known and making sure Angie could see us I stepped out of my shorts and lifted her up to drop her onto my straining erection.

"Ohhhh Andy," she trilled, "That's sooo nice how could that bitch of a sister have turned you away." she remembered to say sarcastically before the realisation kicked in, we were good together.

Very good indeed. We retired to my bed room, to my bed, and the day passed in a series of bursts of passion and cat naps.

"Andrew, how long can someone go without fluids?" Penny asked suddenly.

"Two three days, why?" I replied.

"Angie hasn't had anything all day." she explained.

"Leave it, she'd only piss all over the floor," I suggested.

We couldn't and when we pulled the tape off her mouth she was in a bad way, "Oh thank god thank god," she exclaimed, "Water!"

We released her from the frame and took her to the kitchen where she drank a couple of pints of water straight off.

She had severe cramp, she was bleeding from several of her cuts and we decided she should sleep with us, the bed was plenty big enough, and with a leather strap padlocked around her neck padlocked to a leash around the bed frame she wasn't going anywhere!

Angie waited until she thought Penny was asleep and asked, "Why do you still love me?"

"I don't." I said.

"You do, I saw it in your eyes when you screwed Penny." she whispered, "And when you whipped me,"

"When I whipped you, you knew I loved you?" I said incredulously.

"Yes, that's when I knew." she said, "Why couldn't you have been so manly before, why were you so timid, timid when I needed a real man."

"So your problems were my fault?" I suggested.

"Partly, but Andy," she said, "If you choose me I'll change, I really will, if you're firm with me," he hand was on my penis, of course it stirred, she rubbed the tip against her soaking slit opened her legs invitingly and guided me in. "I owe you so much." she said and I gently humped her so as not to wake Penny.

"Don't mind me," Penny said, "You just do what ever you want."

"We will keep you tied up for a week or so," I whispered, "beat you three or four times a day if that's all right?"

"I'll bear it, and after?"

"Well, I'll just whip you when you get in, all over your breasts and back, to blot out the craving for drugs." I suggested, "Otherwise you have a course to complete."

"And babies," she said, "I want your babies."

"Only if you're good." I said.

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