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  1. Blackmailing My Own Wife - Part 1
  2. Blackmailing My Own Wife - Part 2
  3. Blackmailing my own wife, reposted parts 1,2,3

Blackmailing My Own Wife - Part 2

Categories Fantasy, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cuckold

Author: mrpiggy

Published: 10 April 2018

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As I watch via through camera, Chris leans in and whispers something in to Tiffs ear. I can't hear what is said but Tiff lifts her face and starts looking Chris straight in the eyes again. she slowly moves down until she is on her knees, still looking up at Chris, but with his penis right in front of her face.

"You know what to do baby, open that slut mouth and start sucking my cock like your career depends on it" Chris says looking down at Tiff.

With these words Tiffany seems to gain some composure and anger for what is happening. "I am not your baby and I am not a slut. You are forcing me to do all of this!"

"I didn't force you to cum in your panties, I didn't force you to tug on my dick like you were whilst you were cumming and I certainly didn't force you to kiss me like you just did. You enjoyed it because you are a cheating slut, you loved holding on to my dick and your are going to act as if you love sucking my dick."

"I don't care anymore!" shouts Tiffany as she starts to stand. "I'm going, tell who you want about the accounts, it will get sorted and prove I did nothing wrong!"

"Tiff, Tiff, Tiff. You know it won't work out that way, but I'll do you a deal. Suck my cock like you mean it, really get in to it like you have always wanted to do this, like you are desperate to have my dick in your mouth. If you do a good job, I'll give you all the accounts that I have and we can forget this ever happened" Chris says, in a more gentle voice.

"How do I know you are telling the truth?" Tiff questions "You could just be saying this"

"All the paper work is here, and I'll let you watch as I delete it from the computer. If you do this I guarantee I will get rid of all copies of the accounts"

From my perspective, watching through the many cameras, Chris does seem sincere and Tiffany looks to be thinking it over. I'm quite excited at the thought or watching my wife suck on Chris's dick. It looks to be about 8" and whilst it's not what I would call a beer-can-cock it is certainly thicker than most.

"Baby" Says Chris, "wrap your left hand around my cock so I can see your wedding ring as you stroke me. Remember I need to believe you want this more than anything in the world if I am going to hand over the documents"

Tiff looks up, gently touches Chris's girth and starts stroking. She knows that Chris enjoys eye contact so she looks in to Chris's eyes, opens her mouth and slowly takes the head passed her lips. She starts by sucking on the head whilst stroking the shaft, all the time looking up at Chris.

I swap through the cameras, watching my wife suck this cock whilst using the hand with her wedding ring to stroke his shaft and the other hand to hold his balls. It reminds me of the few times at the start of our relationship when she used to suck me. She never enjoyed it and the effort she put it was never great.

Chris strips his shirt off to show a very well defined body. I had not noticed how muscular he was during our meetings due to the clothes he wore, but he certainly had an attractive face and now I can see that he was in good shape. Certainly not the kind of guy that would have issue getting women in to his bed but he was very interested in my blackmail proposal so I guess it must be one of his kinks and I've given him the possibility to play it out.

"Baby, I need you to start showing more enthusiasm and talk dirty to me. Make me know that sucking my cock is the only thing you exist for" Chris says

Tiff never talks dirty, so what I hear next surprises and excites me.

Tiff slowly slips the head out of her mouth with a pop, and still looking up at Chris, says in a husky voice "I love your huge cock Chris, I want you to fuck my mouth and cum on my face"

With that Tiff shuffles forwards on her knees, takes hold of the back of Chris legs and starts taking Chris cock deeper in to her mouth. I can see Chris life his head in pleasure and then move his hands behind my wife's head to help guide her, although at this stage she is basically getting fucked in the mouth and doing the work herself. I can hear her almost gagging, she is certainly had no experience that I am aware of of deep throating, but it looks like she is trying to take as much in her mouth as possible. Either she is really enjoying this, which I doubt from how prudish she normally is, or she knows enough about what guys want, or what she thinks guys want to try and do what Chris says and end this quickly.

"That's it Tiff, I knew you needed my huge cock. I want you to use one of your hands and start touching yourself again. I want you to cum within 5 minutes to show me what a cock loving slut you are" Chris says whilst Tiffany takes a brief pause from the face fucking.

Tiff immediately starts rubbing her pussy with her right hand, leaving her left hand with her engagement and wedding rings on to stroke Chris's dick whilst she sucks his head. I do not know if she is purposely using her left hand on Chris's dick or if she remembers Chris's request from earlier, but it certainly plays to my fantasy and I know most men would get a thrill out of having a married women in this position. At this point there is so much of Tiffs saliva on Chris's dick that I can hear the sloppy noises as she really works it with her hand, pumping back and forth whilst taking a few inches in her mouth.

"Cum for me Chris, I need to feel your huge cock throb in my hand. Make me your little cumslut" Tiff moans between the brief periods that she doesn't have a mouth full of cock

Within a few minutes of this I can only imagine how Chris has not cum by now. watching my wife go to town on his cock and certainly had my own cock twitching but I don't want to waste a second of watching this.

Tiff move her head back slightly "Fuck Chris, sucking your cock is going to make me cummmm!!" and with this Tiff lifts her head back and her eyes start to roll. Chris takes his own dick and after a few strokes shoots wad after wad of hot cum all over my wife's orgasmic face and unbelievably Tiff opens her mouth wider when she feels the cum start to splatter her.

I have never came on Tiffs face, and certainly never in her mouth, she would always make sure she finished me with her hand the few times she did give me head. So watching through the camera as my beautiful wife came down from her post orgasmic high, with her big brown eyes looking up at Chris, cum dripping from almost every part of her face and to then swallow what has landed in her mouth made me cum there and then.

"You sure are a dirty slut Tiff! Are you sure you were just pretending to enjoy that because from where I was standing it looked as if you were loving it!" Chris says with a smile

"You are blackmailing me, of course I didn't enjoy it you prick" Tiffany says defiantly

I doubt Chris picked it up, but I have known Tiff a long time and there was some hesitancy to her last reply.

"Well a deals a deal, and although it hates me to do it, here's all the paper work, and here me deleting the copies"

Tiff gets to her feet and starts to wipe the cum off her face on a nearby towel. She manages to get most of it but it's all through her hair and a fair amount is resting on her breasts. Tiff then turns around and starts to get dressed, I guess she wants to hide her modesty even after all that's happened.

"You are an absolute cunt" Tiff says "but at least you have stuck to your end of the bargain. Now I never want to see you again"

"Ah, there might be a problem there baby" replies Chris coyly, "you see, I stuck to the deal and there is now no reason why you will have a problem with your job that is all forgotten about, but I have been recording this and in the next few days I am going to phone you and tell you what I want to do next. If you don't, I shall ensure that your husband, family and the world as a whole know what a cheating slut wife you really are"

I knew this was coming as Chris and I had planned this out. but I could see that Tiff had just realised that she was now well and truly screwed

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Blackmailing My Own Wife - Part 2

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Unknown user — 11 April 2018 13:07
Please continue.
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