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  1. Sister's First Anal Fuck
  2. Anal Mom

Anal Mom

Categories Diary, Anal, Incest, Mature

Authror: tonysex23

Published: 10 April 2018

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Had a wet dream last night!

Imagine me having a wet dream at nineteen years of age, but its all because of you. Ever since I had you (or rather, we had each other), I've stopped thinking of other girls -- and even jerking off, saving all for you. And then, I've not been able to come across you since the last several days. The pressure on my groin was getting too much, and this had to happen sooner than later.

The best part of this, however was that I wetted myself dreaming of you. The thought of loving you anally was playing on my head ever since we chatted up last time. In my dream, I walked on to you to say goodnight, when you were in your room, readying to retire for the night. You were wearing a short black peignoir with matching black string-thong, kneeling on the bed, about to pull up the bed-spread, and the hem of your peignoir invitingly hitched above your thong-clad asscheeks. The tiny wisp of cloth was bunched along the crack of your ass, making it an exquisitely erotic sight. The pressure inside my shorts was building up by the seconds, and as our last conversation was playing back in my mind, my head became covered in an envelope of pure lust.

I tiptoed up to the bed, quickly stripping off my tee en route, and following that with my shorts. You must have seen my shadow falling on the bed, because you turned to me at about that moment, with an inviting smile and open arms. I quickly held you, cupping your face and kissing you full on your lips, smothering them under my hungry mouth. You reached down, feeling my turgid swollen cock, smiled softly, and spoke in a whisper --

-- Planning to ravage Momma, you horny bastard?

-- How can you even use such violent words, Momma? I replied between kisses -- do I appear like the ravaging sort? I came to bid you goodnight, and when I saw your thong-covered ass wiggling sexily, I felt like wanting to worship your ass....

-- You're crazy about ass...

-- No -- I'm not crazy about ass -- I'm crazy about YOUR ass...

-- Tell me what you want me to do...I always get turned on so much when your lips reach me under my thongs...

-- Relax Momma -- and let my tongue and fingers do the talking...

You climbed up the bed, turning back and casting a seductive glance on the glistening tip of my tool, wetted your lips with your tongue. I followed, making myself comfortably placed on your plush queen-sized bed, and called you over.

-- Come -- straddle my face ...

You climbed on top, your thong-clad buttocks flooding my vision. With knees on either side of my chest, you made yourself comfortable, kissing my belly, and nibbling your way downeards to my dripping stiff cockhead. I deftly untied the strings that held the thong from either side, and peeled it off your moistening pussy with my teeth. My tongue must have touched you there in the process, because you involuntarily shuddered and released a groan, and I could feel your loving fingers wrapping around my turgid cock. As a pair of hot thirsty lips closed over my organ, I inhaled your pussy-smell deeply. The freshly bathed pussy was already moist from our sex talk, and the tangy odour was a huge turn-on. Grabbing the asscheeks, I pulled you closer on to my mouth, probing the folds of your labia, flicking the pea-sized clit, nibbling on to it. Your ass started humping my mouth involuntarily, and I could soon feel my nosetip brushing across your pert butthole. I nuzzled softly, and then raising my head a little, took a real close look at your inviting butthole.

It was pink, small and puckered -- crinkled on the surroundings, which we ass-worshippers lovingly call a 'starburst'. There were faint traces of pubic hairs around it, and they were rising on the edge, making me feel that while you were feasting on my candy, you were also taut with expectations of the unknown. I held your ass close, the hole not more than an inch from my face, and blew my breath over it, sending a gasp down your throat. My tongue reached out to touch, tease, taste and torment your asshole, circling around it again and again. Sometimes it went as far as your soppingly wet slit, lapped up your juice, wetted your asshole even further to make it slippery, and then tried to stretch your asshole a bit more. It seemed to have acquired a mind of its own, and it was trying to fuck your ass all by itself.

I tried to restrain hungry tongue, because I knew you've never been stretched there, and I didn't want to hurt you. So I continued to nibble and eat at your asshole, and limit my tongue to 'rimming' -- the art of loving your asshole around your anal sphincter. I knew that ring of sphincter was the final frontier beyond which anal pain would become anal pleasure, but I wasn't so keen to stretch the boundary. I was here to worship my loving Momma's ass, and causing you pain was not on my agenda. I brushed my tongue on the underside of your pussy, and as you stretched your legs to accommodate an imaginary cock, I inserted two fingers inside your steaming pussy. My mouth momentarily moved from your ass, to kiss and nibble on your distended clitoris, and as my tongue joined my fingers, I could hear, for the first time since we had moved onto the bed, your jagged voice --

-- Fuck Momma's ass, baby....you've put it on fire -- quench it...NOW!

-- Are you sure you want to take it, Momma?

-- Yeah hun -- you've teased me so much down there that I can't bear not having your fat cock up my chute...

-- Then turn around Momma, and take control -- I don't want to hurt you...place my cockhead over your anal ring, and lower yourself slowly and slowly -- till you feel that my knob is past your sphincter...once we're past that, its pleasure all the way...

-- Ohhhh sonny boy -- thanks for being such a lovely guide to momma...

Saying that, you got off me, turned around, and straddled me again -- this time facing me. I held your asscheeks, spreading them lightly to open up your butthole, and smeared some of your own pre-cum over your hole to make the passage smoother. I placed the knob of my cock on the gate of your asshole, rubbing it slowly to make you get used to the feel and girth of my manhood. With my other hand, I started to tweak your nipples and knead your titties, as I could feel your ass-globes slowly descending upon my engorged thing. You were slow, and taking time to get used to the invasion. I quickly stretched my hand, took a handful of K-Y jelly off the open jar on your nightstand, and applied fingerful of it on my shaft, and over your anus. It made your canal smoother, and all of a sudden, I could feel the obstacle was over -- my cock was past your anal sphincter! I held you by the shoulders, pulling you slowly towards me, and buried my face in the cleavage of your boobs. Playing with your titties, I asked you in a soft voice

-- Hope its not hurting Momma? Do you want to stop?

-- Ahhhh sonny boy -- it feels so different but wonderful -- no, I don't want this to stop ...keep holding me baby, and keep rocking slowly...

I raised my hips from my waist to assist you in your downthrust, and this time the shaft went in more easily, about half of my eight-incher sinking inside your slick asshole. I threw a couple of pillows on my back, bringing my face to level with your heavy, hanging titties, and started to lick your armpits. Photos http://cpmlink.net/sogLAA You pushed down even further, and now my cock was completely buried inside, your starburst now growing into an all-devouring black hole, my pubic hairs brushing your asshole. You groaned a deep moan of satisfaction, and cupping your left boob, offered it to my face, I took the nipple in my lips, tweaking it and scraping my teeth lightly over the distended nipple, suckling on to it. You raised your ass slowly, and then downed again, moving tightly on my straining cock. Your ass-chute was so tight; I could feel the veins on my cock stretching the walls of your passage. I knew I couldn't hold on much longer -- so I started to fingerfuck your pussy. This pushed you from over the top. A deep moan escaped your throat, as your ass muscles flexed, stomach tightened and you made one final grinding movement down my cock, shivering uncontrollably.

I knew instantly that this was it -- my cock was the end of its limit, and as your asscheeks spasmed around it, the lava which was building up ever since I set sight on your wiggling ass came erupting. The first gush of semen must have reached your bowels, because it seemed to throw you off-balance, and I had to hold on to you by your titties to keep you rooted to where you were. The spasms kept on cumming, and soon your asshole was flooded completely -- my cock was shaking violently, and with each spasm, a large glob of cum would come out and splash your inside. I pulled you towards me, smothering your titties in my tight embrace, and with one hand started to knead lovingly your ass, massaging my overflowing cum on your asscheeks.

-- You're making a mess, sonny boy -- who do you think will clean this up?

-- Who else, do you think momma? I'm doing this so that it gives me a good excuse to lick you clean...and besides, its good for your skin -- it makes your skin glowing -- I laughed out.

At this point I woke up -- feeling that my starved cock had emptied its seeds on my belly. As I finish writing this, I again feel the urge to make love to you...let me know when the time will come.

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Anal Mom

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