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An Obsession Over Mother

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Author: tom8899

Published: 11 April 2018

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So there I sat, like every Monday morning, slowly beating my cock. I had Mondays and Tuesdays off from the restaurant where I worked, and typically started those mornings by watching some porn and jerking off. I loved the feeling of laying naked in a room touching myself...exploring myself...bringing myself to earthshaking orgasms.

During the week, the house was empty in the mornings with both parents being at work and my sister at school. This provided me the time and privacy to really get into the act. I could draw out the session and really work myself up without worrying about someone hearing me. Sometimes I'd spend hours playing with myself, watching movies and fantasizing while jerking my cock...and occasionally I even slid things up my ass. It wasn't like I gay, but it just felt good. It felt good like rubbing my body or fondling my balls and rubbing my penis. The extra feeling in my ass made my dick tingle a different kind of way, I can't really explain it. The feeling was great...like being on drugs or something. For those couple of hours, nothing else mattered. No stupid job, no nagging parents and no bills to worry about. The only thought on my mind was "how good can I make myself feel?" ...The answer was always GREAT!

This particular morning was no different. I had been watching some MILF movies and was sitting on my bed slowly stroking my cock to a nice scene. The moment was getting to me and as I quickened my pace, I began to speak softly to the woman on the screen.

"Oh yes," I whispered. "I love looking at your pussy mom. It's so beautiful. Oh mom, I would love to see your pussy just once...to see it and to kiss it...to smell your swollen cunt."

I was really getting into it now. The woman on the screen was a brunette like my mom with a similar build. She had small but perky little tits just like mom's and a nice tan showing off her bright red fingernails and toenails. She had a gorgeous vagina...big fat lips surrounded by a puff of black hair...and I imagined my mothers looked just like it. My rod stiffened and throbbed as I thought about my mother spreading herself for me like the woman on the screen.

"You like looking at my cock, mom? You make it soooo hard. I wish you could feel how hard it is. How swollen it is."

By now I was jerking furiously and sliding my fingers in and out of my ass. I jumped up on all fours and reached for my sister's brush that I had grabbed from the bathroom earlier that morning. After applying a little lube to it and my ass, I drove it home. I closed my eyes and I imagined it was my mom that was jerking me and fucking my ass. I couldn't hold it much longer...I was going to cum soon, and I was going to cum HARD.

I opened my eyes to the sight of my father standing at my doorway. I would later find out he had forgotten some papers for work and returned to fetch them. No clue how long he had been standing there, but he was already naked and was stroking his dick to the same slow pace of the brush that I slid in and out of my ass. I was on the verge of cumming, there was no way to stop. It took several seconds for me to stop pumping myself and quiet my moans. I released my cock momentarily and frightfully looked up, scared of what kind of trouble I was in. as I looked at my father's penis, my own hard on began to bounce a little...it was throbbing.

"Its ok, son," he assured me. "You can finish," he managed between breaths. He was close to cumming, too. I reached for my tool and returned to my stroking, never breaking eye contact with him. He however was now staring at my penis, and started to moan as he watched me masturbate. "All boys want to fuck their mom, son," he began. "Its quite natural to want to see and suck her pussy...to want to slide your little boy cock between those juicy lips of her dripping pussy."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! The words sent shockwaves of pleasure across my body and my prick ached for release. Emotions flooded my mind and my body began to shiver with excitement.

I lowered my gaze to his penis...my father's penis. It was beautiful. It was an amazing moment. We were like animals watching each other beat off.

"Just like mommy makes your cock feel all hard swollen, you make daddy hard," he said. Pre cum was now dribbling out of his penis and onto his fingers and started making a squishy sound and he worked over his rigid toy. He must have been close. "Do you often think about mom when you're masturbating? ...think about her sucking you maybe? Would you like her to suck you, son?" he asked.

"Yes," I moaned.

"You want her to suck you fast or slow?"

"Slow," I gasped. "...Slowly suck my cock..."

"Tell her, son," he said gesturing to the actress on the screen. I turned back to the woman laying with her legs spread open and ramming a dildo in and out herself. I pretended it was mom...pretended it was her gaping cunt that I was looking at.

"I want you to suck me mommy...please mommy, suck my cock. See how hard you get me mom? My cock is so hard right now...I'm gonna cum soon! You're gonna make me come, mommy!"

"Cum in her mouth, son," my father said, "all in your mother's mouth. Give her your cum, baby. Show her how she makes you feel. Show her how much cum you have for her."

I imagined her asking to taste it, begging to drink my cum, begging me to give her my love...to show her how much I loved her. And with that I exploded. My rough jerking sent shots flying all over the bed and myself. I was in ecstasy.

After a few moments, I regained my composure and looked up at my father. I felt embarrassed and confused. He came over and sat on the bed, still gently stroking his cock. "It is alright, son," he began. "I know you would never hurt your mother. You just want to make her feel good, right? That's what people do when they love each other. They express their love for each other...by making each other feel good, understand?"

I nodded, still in a lustful daze. "That's all I want dad, is to make her feel good...make he pussy feel good, like she makes my penis feel good."

He hadn't cum yet, and I watched as he started working himself once more, trying to bring his playmate back to life. He began telling me about sex with my mom...kinky things she liked and things they did together. His deion of her pussy had me hard again in no time.

I had never really thought of myself as gay, but the moment was too much for me. So long had I spent jerking my self off that the company, no matter who it was, was in for a treat. I looked up at my father, who was struggling to keep himself hard, and I felt the need to help him. Help him feel good, like I feel when I cum. Help him like he helped me by talking to me. I observed the big purple head of his cock and how it was covered with a light film of cum. I wanted to taste it...to feel it in my mouth. All those times I masturbated alone I had wished for the feeling of someone's mouth and I knew he felt the same way.

"Can I suck you dad?" I mumbled. I didn't wait for his response, and bent over and began to blow my father. I started by just sucking on the head. I played with it and rubbed it all over my face. I felt passion boiling up inside me and wicked thoughts filled my mind. I felt dirty...and loved it. I felt naughty and wanted to act even naughtier.

"Daddy, your cock tastes so wonderful," I said. "I'm glad to know mom has a good cock to suck on. Tell me you fuck her good daddy...tell me you make her cum. Tell me you use this perfect cock to pound the perfect pussy."

"I do son," he said between moans. He was in heaven, you could tell. His head back and eyes closed, he spoke softly. "You would love the way my dick tastes after I pull out of her. If only you could lick us clean afterwards...lick your mom's juice off my cock...suck my cock, son. Suck my cock, baby."

I could taste his pre cum. It was salty...and the taste made me wild with lust. I began jacking him off hard and sucked on the tip trying to milk is love. I pulled my mouth from him and began to say dirty things to him. "Do you shoot your load in her, daddy? Tell me you fill her wonderful pussy with your cum," I cried and engulfed his member once more, attacking the head with my lips and tongue. "Does she like you to cum in her mouth," I asked. "Do you feed her your cum, daddy?"

We were both now moaning and I jerked my cock for him while I sucked him off. God his penis felt so good in my mouth. I loved that I was making him feel so good. I wanted to show him how much I loved him...for always being there for me and for always understanding me. I wanted to thank him the best way I knew how...to show how much I loved him by sucking him the best I could.

"Go in my mouth, Dad. Show me how you do to mommy. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you! Cum in your little boys mouth, daddy. Please? For me? I want your cum, daddy. PLEASE! Give me all of your cum."

He erupted, and sent cum shooting in my mouth. I kept sucking till I gathered up all his sperm and swallowed it. I continued softly sucking his meat until it was entirely clean.

"Thanks son, he said. I needed that...and I'm glad we got this out in the open. Anytime you want to think of your mom and want some company, just let me know." Dad got up and started to leave, to clean up I'm guessing.

"Hey dad, wait...can we do it one more time before you go."

"Sure," he said. You want me to suck you this time? I've always wanted to suck a young boy...thought about sucking you quite a bit, actually. I caught you jacking off several times before, but didn't have the nerve to come in like this time. Instead I went upstairs and beat off...I was thinking of you when I was masturbating, not your mother. I was thinking....thinking of your young penis and how its grown since you were a little kid...thinking of how much you jerked off at your age...thinking of how I wanted to help you...so you didn't have to just jerk off." He paused, looking down shyly. "You could let me suck it...and I would suck it so good for you, son. You know that right?" his face looked innocent.

"Of course I know, dad."

The new conversation had me throbbing between my legs, and my cock jumped a couple of times. I watched it pulse and pre cum again began to ooze from the little tip. I stood up and reached for the brush and lube. "Hey , dad...since we are being open and all, I have a confession. I've thought about you too sometimes when I'm playing with myself...and if its alright with you, id like to do something with you. Is that ok?" I asked while slowly pumping my rod.

"Of course son, we can do anything you want," he said.

"I'd like to act out a fantasy I've had for a while," I began. "I had a fantasy about you catching me masturbating like this...only you acted upset, and wanted me to jerk off in front of you while describing what I wanted to do with mom...you were making me, your little boy, tell you all the nasty things I want to do to mommy."

He was now jerking off again, and his cock was coming alive once more...god it was breathtaking. To see my father look at me that way...to know it was me that gave him that erection. His eyes were glued to my penis, and he watched me tug and pull at my long, boy cock.

"...and will you pump this brush in me too? It feels really really good. You should try it, maybe too..."

"Oh I have, son," he said. "I've taken a penis in me, have you done that?"

"No," I said, looking down at my father large dick. "...but...uhm...maybe you can fit your penis in me? Think you would want to try it, dad? I mean, I know you probably don't, but-"

"Of course I would, son. But first lets start the way you want...show mw how you jerk your cock when you think about your mom...show me how she makes you feel. He hit play to restart the movie that had ended and asked me to pretend that the lady on the screen was mom. "Tell me about how you feel, son...you like seeing your mom's pussy?"

I took that as my cue and began stroking my cock and describing all my wildest fantasies about mom, dad and even my sister. While I did so I went to work on his raging hard on and he slowly fucked my ass with the brush. We spent hours like that.Photos http://cpmlink.net/ngAXAA After some time, my ass began to loosen around the object being buried in my ass, and my father eased it out. Without saying a word, he got up behind me and slipped the head of his swollen penis into my tight ass. He slowly pumped me...gently easing it in bit by bit.

I was urging him on. "Fuck me daddy. Fuck me for mommy. Show her how good you can fuck your little boy, daddy." I was on another level...totally consumed with love and lust. "Oh mom, suck my penis while daddy fucks me."

"Daddy loves you," he said. "You make daddy feel so good, son. I bet you would make mommy feel good too. You would make her feel so good, pumping your big dick deep into her...pump her son, pump your moms pussy for me."

I was beating off now imagining that it was my mom's swollen cunt lips that were gripping the shaft of my cock as my father humped me. The moment was indescribable.

He fucked me good and long...showing me how much he loved me by working my ass so well. He was so kind to take the time to make me feel so good...gently pumping my ass so I could experience the best orgasm ever.

"Fuck me daddy!" I was panting and wild with emotions. "Fuck your little boy, daddy. Fuck me so good with your big hard dick...oh your dick is so good...such a good father...please cum daddy, I want to make you cum...show me how much you love me, dad...show me you can come for me...cum for me daddy."

With that, he came all over my ass and back, shooting his sperm all over me. It was magical.

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An Obsession Over Mother

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