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Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen

Author: Mystic47

Published: 11 April 2018

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She woke up terrified, in a cold sweat, her heart racing, her eyes searching in the dark for the unknown evil stalking her. She quailed under her blanket and pulled a pillow across her chest for protection as she began to wake up. It took her many long seconds to realize she was in her room, in her own bed. She rolled to her side and switched on the bedside lamp then with frightened eyes searched her room. She took little comfort in the familiar surroundings, there were shadows where it could be lurking, hunting her. Gradually her breath calmed but she had to pee, the terror of the nightmare almost made her piss her pants, wet the bed. She scuttled from the bed to the bathroom still wary, still watching for the faceless dark hulk that had chased her through her sleep.

She pulled her loose flannel pajama pants to her knees then sat on the stool. As her bladder emptied, as she flowed into the toilet the bathroom door opened and her brother stumbled in, his eyes half closed with sleep. She started, a shock of fright raced through her heart but when she recognized him she shuddered with relief. Even though she was sitting on the toilet his presence was reassuring, she wasn’t alone with the demon anymore. His eyes opened fully when he saw her “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be up now.”

He turned to leave but she stopped him with “No, don’t go, it’s okay, I’m glad you're here.” She pulled four sheets of tissue from the roll then reached between her legs and patted herself dry. After she dropped the wad to the water she stood and pulled her pants up while her brother stood and watched. She stepped to the sink to wash her hands and told him “I had a nightmare, it was so scary I thought I was going to die.”

He moved closer to her “What happened? Are you okay?”

She was calming even more, she grabbed a towel to dry her hands “I don’t want to talk about it, don’t you have to pee?”

“Well yeah but you’re here.”

“I’m not leaving, I don’t want to go back to my room, that thing might still be under my bed or something. Go on, I won’t freak.” He stepped to the stool, raised the lid then fished his prick out of his boxers. She’d never seen a boy pee before so in spite of the situation, who he was, she watched raptly as his strong stream caused the water to bubble. “Damn, I can’t do that” she observed. She also noted that his prick appeared longer than her boyfriend’s but she didn’t comment on that.

She had leaned back on the counter and was blocking the sink so he reached around her to rinse his hands. With arms stretched around her he joked “Don’t move, I might splash water on your butt.” She snuffled lightly then poked him in the ribs which made him jump then she moved her knees apart so he could step in enough to reach the faucet behind her. Standing between her legs he washed his hands.

Hands clean he started to leave again but she put a hand on his arm and stopped him “I don’t want to be alone right now, don’t go.”

Even though the two had been in the bathroom for two or three minutes and she seemed calmer, he could see a hint of fear still lingering in her eyes. He reached for his sister and pulled her to him, to reassure her she didn’t have to be afraid anymore. She put her arms around his waist, her head on his shoulder and sighed deeply, his arms around her were comforting, the press of her breasts against his broad chest soothing, she was safe. She sighed deeply which caused her body to press firmly against his. “It’s only 4:30, I’m going back to bed” he told her.

She shivered with another bout of dread, she was not ready to return to her room, the nightmare was still too fresh, “Can I come with you? To your room?”

“I guess but I’m not gonna talk or anything, I’m going back to sleep.”

Her lips curved up as a petite smile “That’s okay, I just need to be near someone right now. I won’t keep you awake.”

She led the way to his bed, it was a standard double, enough room for both so she lay down on the far side, on the pillow that wasn’t dented. He went to his back beside her then pulled the thin blanket over himself, mumbled ‘good night’ then turned off the nightstand light. She was beginning to relax, to overcome the fright of the demonic nightmare. Having her brother behind her, close to her lulled her to sleep.

Even though she slept in safety a slight movement of the bed jerked her eyes open, her heart slammed into her ribs. For a moment she forgot where she was but quickly remembered and regained her composure. The bed jostled again. She twisted her head around to look at her brother and saw a tent over his crotch, the tent was moving. She flopped quickly to her side facing him “What the hell, you are hard? You're playing with it?”

His head snapped to face her, he blossomed red in the cheeks, he couldn't deny what he was doing, his hands quickly moved from under the blanket, “Uh, uh ---” he couldn’t look her in the eyes.

She studied his embarrassed face for a moment then asked “Is that because of me?” Her brother shook his head, denying her, hoping she would turn away but she watched him, she wasn’t as shocked as she thought she should be and became amused at his discomfort.

“Maybe you should go back to your room” he offered.

She thought it over briefly, “No, not while it’s still dark.”

He took a deep breath then rolled away from her, hiding his arousal from her sight but in her amusement she wouldn’t leave him alone “If you need to do that you can, I won’t freak out on you.”

He twisted his back to look at her again, “It’s okay, go back to sleep.”

“It’s not okay, I know boys start hurting when they get hard and don’t do anything with it, you don’t have to hurt because I’m here. You can do it, I’ll just be still and pretend I don’t see anything.” She said it but she was getting curious, how do boys jack off? If her brother did it with her in his bed she was going to watch. Slowly he returned to his back, his erection still standing tall under the blanket, he put his right hand under the cover and gripped his hard-on. The pressure of his fingers felt good but he was still reluctant to put on a show for his sister.

He stroked it once, twice, then withdrew from his prick again “I can’t.”

She was getting bolder, less timid to be lying with her brother who had an erection because of her nearness. “Yes you can, show me how it’s done” she urged. He shook his head ‘no’.

She paused with some trepidation then with slow deliberation put her hand on his stomach just inches from his stiffness and offered “You want me to help?” Her fingers trailed down the blanket until they rested near the base of his hard cock.

Her offer banished any shyness he was feeling, suddenly her helping him masturbate was the most desirable think he could think of just then “If you want.”

Her heart started thudding as her courage built. She eased her fingers around the shaft of his erection then lifted her hand, stroking up the length of it. The blanket was in the way, she couldn’t feel him right so after three tentative tugs on his cock she pulled the cover down to expose him. He had pulled his shorts to his knees so when the blanket came off she was treated to a complete view of her brother’s privates. The erection stood firm, curved slightly over his pubic hair, his nuts tight against the base of it. She looked into his eyes when she gripped him in her fist, they fluttered shut and he sighed. The edge of her hand rested on his balls so the top half of his hard-on was standing free. She sat up next to her brother and put her second hand on him. He was long enough that both her hands couldn’t hold it all, the swollen purple knob at the top was still exposed.

He lay very still while his sister began to pump his stone hard erection. She began to tingle between her legs, her heart rate increased even more.

She stroked him, looking intently at how the cyclops eye in the head of his cock played peek-a-boo with her as the foreskin pulled up and down. She felt in her fingertips the pulse of blood surging through him. She watched his balls moving in sync with the movement of her hands. She pulled her left hand off but continued to pull on him with the right. She again looked into her brother’s eyes and saw how her ministrations were causing him to become more aroused. A sharp jolt of sexual electricity arced from his eyes to hers, she shivered from neck to thighs. She reached for his near arm then by the wrist pulled his hand until it lie on her leg. His fingers twitched, her leg grew warm, she squeezed his erection.

Brother and sister caressed and fondled for a few minutes, his pressure was building, she sensed he was near the end but wasn’t ready to bring him to cum. She pulled her hand away then fell back to her side facing him. He looked disappointed as she smiled impishly “Can you finish it now?”

He sat upright then pulled her up next to him. He grabbed her shirt and before she could protest he lifted it up. Almost without thought she raised her arms and let him take it off. As soon has the shirt fell to the bed he went for her pajama pants, again she did not protest or resist when they came down her legs and off her feet. In moments she was clad as he, in underwear only. He sat back to take in the vista of his sister’s body, the trim slender shape of her neck, hips and waist, the firm form of her breasts. When he was done stripping her he answered her question “Let’s finish each other.”

“What do you mean?”

He pushed her down again then put a hand between her legs, the edge of it pressed on the junction of her thighs under the thin cotton panties. He caressed her, moving his hand up and down the length of her slit. As he did the temperature between her legs grew in proportion to the number of strokes he gave her. He took her near hand and pulled it to his erection again. In moments brother and sister were fondling each other intimately. She was holding his naked erection so he put his hand over her stomach then pushed his fingers under the elastic of her panties and down to cover her. The lips of her body were warm, soft and growing wet with increasing desire. As she rubbed a thumb over the head of his cock, he split her body with his long finger and probed for the entrance of her womb. When he bent his finger into her she gasped and jerked on his erection, abusing it pleasingly. He fingered her, she stroked him and together they forgot the fact that they were siblings.

Pressure was building, she was beginning to pant through partially open lips, she could feel her blood racing. She was succumbing to her brother’s finger, she was close to climax when he abruptly pulled away. In an instant he was between her legs pulling her panties down. She raised her legs and let him strip her naked. He pushed her legs wide then fell to his stomach between them, his head over her groin. He looked over her stomach and into her eyes then flickered the end of his tongue on the top of her crack. She arched her back, an unbidden, instinctive move to press her body against her brother’s mouth. He licked her, he kissed her then started in earnest to arouse her even further with his mouth, lips and tongue. She gasped a deep breath then as her body shuddered she pulled a pillow over her head to muffle her soft cries of pleasure. He consumed his sister, he was humping his back, rubbing his cock on the bed while feasting on the passion flowing through her body. When he sensed she was close to peak he probed into her with two fingers, they slid easily into the wet dilated hole. He fucked her with two fingers as his tongue sought her clit then with total concentration on the female under his mouth he caused her to climax.

She arched off the bed, raising her hips, crushing his head with both hands to her body. The pillow muffled her as each shock of the orgasm cause her to moan. He lifted his head from his sister’s body and watched as she convulsed. Her hips were rocking, her back undulating, she was silently inviting him. He raised up enough to put the end of his swollen erection between her legs then while she was still in the throes of her orgasm he pushed into her with a primal savagery. At the feel of the invasion she again moaned and shook with another series of erotic cramps. She was flowing orgasmic juices around his hard pounding shaft, there was no friction, no resistance to him, making the act even more erotic. She peaked a third time.

He fucked his sister for only a few minutes, the foreplay had prepared his balls for the end. His erection seized, his nuts convulsed then at the last possible moment he had to focus on pulling out before he came. Surges of semen sprayed up her stomach as far as her right breast coating her stomach seven times. When he could breathe again he collapsed down on his sister, his head resting on her pubic mound. He licked the top of her crack as she rested her hands on his head. The pair remained in that position until he stirred.

She watched him get off the bed and pick up his shirt. When he started wiping his discharge off her stomach she blushed with shyness. The heat of the moment was over, she had sex with her brother and she was feeling timid. He fucked her, she fucked him but what would he think of her, what should she say to alleviate the uncertainty she felt. When he put the shirt on the lips of her vagina to wipe her clean she shivered once more, an aftershock quiver. At that moment the encounter with him transformed from insecurity to bliss. She relaxed in complete satisfaction and let him attend to her. She dismissed the episode as a moment of weakness or depravity then accepted it as one of opportunity and gratification.

It was growing light with the new day, she needed to return to her own room before their parents woke. When she stood from the bed he stood with her, they locked together in a hug, arms around each other, their nakedness bonded from thighs to breasts. She pulled her head back and kissed him on the cheek then let him go. The tryst was over, brother and sister parted ways.

The next morning the two acknowledged what they had done in a hurried timid conversation then agreed to let the moment pass. The two related as brother and sister should in the days following the nightmare. He didn’t approach her, she gave no indication she would join with him again. But she could not let the moment pass, she did not forget. She remembered. She remembered the feel of his erection in her hand, in her body. She could still feel the flicker of his tongue on her clit. She experienced the memory of her orgasms.

Five weeks after that night with her brother she crept to his room. When she eased onto the bed at 2:20 in the morning he roused and she whispered “I had another nightmare” then snuggled against him for comfort.

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Comments (0)
troggy — 11 April 2018 20:42
loved it
AngelEYES26 — 12 April 2018 05:45
This is so fucking sexy please do part 2!!
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