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good News Travels Fast

Categories Diary, Bestiality, Erotica

Author: phyllisroger

Published: 12 April 2018

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Good News Travels Fast ffbb, best Phyllis and Roger

One thing I know: we girls like to talk about exciting things in our lives, both good things and those not so good but we spend oodles of time sharing notes in our lives with each other. That is how it is and so the good news of her erotic encounters with Teddy and Roger, as remembered by Phyllis, were soon told to her friends. The friends were either amazed or disbelieving but also full of curiosity and giggling at it all.

I mean, what girl has encountered a neighborhood boy, then his best friend, then all three enjoying each other and the family dog? And what a story to share with close friends who were instantly envious and jealous. One of Phyllis’s girlfriends later whispered: “When will you see the boys again? And, maybe I could come over for some lemonade when they do?” Now it was Phyllis’s turn to blush and wonder to herself if she wanted to share the excitement. She decided “yes” and would let her pretty girlfriend, Vanessa, know “when.”

“When” came soon enough…the following weekend…as there was a new movie in town and Gramps and Grams were eager to see it and invited Phyllis who had already planned one more excuse not to go to town…this day she decided was time to do Spring Cleaning and so off to town went grandparents. Phyllis staying home for “cleaning.”

“Phyllis!” came the voice of her girlfriend, Vanessa, who had been waiting up the road to watch for the grandparents’ car leaving. “Come on in, Vanessa,” she said. “Ready for some lemonade?” Vanessa said: “And so many other things!” Soon both girls were at the kitchen table waiting, exchanging giddy smiles.…it would be their turn to surprise the guys that there would be four of them + Duke, of course, to enjoy the afternoon.

Vanessa was Phyllis’ oldest friend and they had shared all their secrets with each other over the years…maybe not ’all’ secrets but most! Vanessa told of the first time she had sex with a boy in their barn and how the foreplay was great but the sex was ordinary; how she met another boy who was the first to make her climax; the first boy to lick her cunt and the first cock she had sucked. But, she had never had animal sex and today she was ready to try it though she knew it was naughty. “Just it being naughty,” Vanessa said, “maybe makes it better.” Phyllis nodded her head knowingly. “Anticipating our visitors makes me wet,” she said and Vanessa nodded. “Are you wearing panties?” Phyllis asked and Vanessa nodded. “Well take them off. You won’t need them.” Vanessa stood, put her hands under her dress and pulled down her panties. Seeing this made Phyllis want to see more…”Let me see you,” she said and Vanessa lifted her dress, showing little curls and the cleavage of her cunt lips. “Come over here,” said Phyllis and she did. Phyllis put her hands on Vanessa’s belly and petted her curls, playing with her cunt lips. Vanessa spread her legs for a kiss and lick. Phyllis gave her a long lick, tonguing inside and up to her clitoris making Vanessa shiver and hold Phyllis’ head against her for another lick. Just the one long lick delighted her.

“No, just one lick. You taste good but I don’t want to spoil you.” Phyllis laughed and Vanessa let her dress fall down. “You’re right,” she said. “I should save myself but you know how to lick so good!” “Let’s have some more lemonade,” Phyllis said, changing the subject.

A few minutes later were footsteps on the stairs and tapping at the screen door. The boys had arrived! Just the sounds sent tremors through the girls’ bodies. “Come on in,” said Phyllis, “I’ve invited a friend to join us.” There were many smiles in the kitchen just then…introductions were made…cheeks were red with embarrassment and cocks were hard…not to mention there were also two wet cunts and erect nipples.

Thoughts and dreams of fucking and sucking were in the air but few words as none of their party knew how to begin. Count on Duke to break the ice as he came into the kitchen from the bedroom, sat down on the floor, and, naturally, began licking the red tip of his dick! “Good old Duke,” Phyllis said and everyone laughed. “Why don’t we all go into the living room?” and they did. Still, there were four people with hot bodies but how does one begin an orgy? So Roger and Teddy sat on one side of the living room; Phyllis and Vanessa on the other side. Count on good old Duke, not nervous at all about orgies, to begin things, which he did.

Why Duke went the way he did we won’t know but he seemed fascinated with the new face and body of Vanessa…maybe he tasted of her animal virginity or perhaps she had a special scent…but whatever the reason, Duke walked to her and began licking at her ankle. “That tickles,” Vanessa said and the four of them laughed while Duke kept licking and nosing her ankle and then her knee, lifting her dress with his nose. Duke began licking her thigh now as Phyllis, Roger and Teddy quietly watched the scene, knowing what was about to happen. Vanessa said: “I’m not sure about this.” Phyllis took her hand and squeezed, saying: “Duke likes your taste.” Vanessa was red in the face. “Open your legs for him,” Phyllis said and Vanessa did, an invitation which Duke took to continue his ministrations on this new person, his head fully covered by Vanessa’s dress. Then Vanessa jumped and said “Oh!” and then “Oh!” again. It was very quiet in the living room just then and Phyllis lifted Vanessa’s dress to her waist. Duke’s nose and tongue was at her, anxiously licking her cunt, his nose teasing her as it rubbed between the folds of skin now swollen. The room was very still except for the sounds of Duke, who whined little whines, and Vanessa squirming on the couch, kicking off her shoes for some reason; grinding the souls of her bare feet into the carpet. She was moving deliciously to the incessant licking by Duke’s long tongue…lifting here, pushing her bottom there, oblivious to the looks of the others…her fingers opening her lips to this loving dog…he had selected her and she wasn’t going to disappoint.

“I never thought,” gasped Vanessa, “I’d do this” another gasp “or…” Phyllis finished the thought: “that it would feel so good?” Vanessa nodded and opened her legs more for Duke. “How does he know how to do this?” Vanessa gasped. “Oh ….My…God…I’m going to come!” Vanessa lifted and her legs shook a kind of loving vibration of her body. She patted Duke’s head and mumbling as her mouth was full of feelings and finally she pushed Duke away: “enough! Enough!” and Duke moved off.

Vanessa blushed as she looked at Roger and Teddy who were excitedly watching. She had given these boys she hardly knew a real little sex show. They had released their cocks and were rubbing them. Teddy walked to Vanessa and sat beside her, kissing her and whispering: “That was a hot show!” His hands were on her breasts and between her legs, playing with her curls and cunt, kissing her again. Vanessa’s hand was stroking Teddy’s cock when Duke came over to lick Teddy, whose turn it was to jump at the first lick. “You too?” Vanessa laughed. “He has a great tongue.” Teddy said and leaned in for another kiss. “You have a great tongue, too,” he said.

“Come over here Phyllis,” Roger said, “you sexy woman. I need something.” Phyllis loved being called a “woman” as she was certainly not a “little girl” anymore. “What did you need?” she teased. “You know…” Roger teased back. “I’ll give you a hint: it’s warm and wet and it has two lips which are pouting and they also need something. Can you guess what it is?” Phyllis was smiling a big smile now as she climbed on the couch, each knee straddling Roger. Phyllis planted a kiss on Roger, then licked his lips and squatted down on his penis which was flat against his belly. She rubbed herself on his length, getting his shaft wet. Roger took her by the waist and lifted her back up. “Little Roger needs cunting,” he whispered, “he needs your cunt cunting him.” Phyllis felt his cock flex on her. “Maybe I can help,” she said and lifted under her dress, taking hold of “little Roger,” “I’ll call him ‘Big Roger’ as he certainly is,” she smiled, putting his cock to her cunt lips, rubbing and teasing the tip against her then sitting down on him slowly, feeling that hot cock ooze into her body, passing along the folds of her flesh and deep as she sat completely down on him. He flexed his cock again. “Is this what he needs?” Phyllis teased. Roger kissed her again mumbling and thrusting his hips, “Exactly.”

Just the talk was thrilling Phyllis as she lifted and squatted on Roger in unison with Roger’s lifting, his balls pounding her ass and their curly hairs cushioning each insertion. “Put your finger in my ass,” Phyllis said and he did, fingering her ass and fucking her and making her relax and go tense and climax on his hot thrusting cock…Phyllis was grunting now, her little hot grunts and breathing in Roger’s ear and then it was quiet again in the living room…except that is for Vanessa’s sex sounds of “Oh my God” as she was being thoroughly fucked by Teddy and then both women rested with their men, Duke licking away at his cock.

Four bodies and a dog at rest for a time in the quiet of the afternoon…with visions of more to come. And it wasn’t long before there was more and more coming as the women switched partners who were once again erect. “We’ll vote later as to which of you guys is the best fuck,” Phyllis laughed. Teddy said: “Don’t we get a vote?” It was time for more lemonade. So they all went to the kitchen and sat around the table.

“Are we having an orgy?” Roger asked with a huge smile. Phyllis and Vanessa smiled, sipping at their drink and Teddy joined in saying: “if this isn’t an orgy I don’t know what one is.” Duke came into the kitchen and started slurping at his water dish. “Teddy and I have played with a dog to get him stiff and also a small pony at a friend’s home. What a great cock he had!” Roger said. Phyllis asked: “Where does the friend live?”

“Are you serious?” asked Roger. Phyllis had the big smile and drank some more lemonade, nodding her head as she did. “Maybe I can bring the pony over here next time and we can check him out, Phyllis.” Phyllis got red in the face…”You think there will BE a next time? I’ve got other friends who like orgies, you know.” The look on Roger and Teddy’s faces was dismal at the thought there might not be ‘another time.’ “Just kidding,” said Phyllis and they all four laughed. By this time, all four participants in the orgy were rested and relaxed and Roger and Teddy were getting that feeling of stiffness again! Things were getting excited again in the kitchen.

Vanessa and Phyllis got up from the kitchen table and walked out on the porch. It seemed their orgy was contagious as the silly goats were in the pasture frolicking again, licking each other, getting into some serious goat fucking with the female crying out. It was an erotic scene and as the boys joined the girls on the porch, everyone was very quiet…quiet, yes, but filled with aroused urgings. Even Duke walked out with them and sat looking out into the pasture seeming to watch the goats, the red tip of his doggie cock emerging. “Look at Duke. He’s aroused!” said Teddy. “Me, too,” said Roger and sure enough there were two hard cocks pressing against their pants. “Watching any fucking gets me hot,” he added.

“A goat’s cock is shaped like the human penis,” Phyllis said and paused. “Ask me how I know,” she laughed. Teddy put his arm around her and whispered something naughty in her ear to which she squirmed on her seat, nudging her cunt erotically on the swing seat. “It’s true and it’s my secret how I know,” she said. Teddy’s arm around her was feeling good and was making her nipples stiffen…that feeling traveling down to her waist…her passions were reloading and she reached for Teddy’s pants, fingers massaging the hardness concealed by his pants. She rested her head on his shoulder and he petted her hair. Teddy whispered again: “Fucking you is the best thing I’ve ever done.” His words, his arm around her and resting on his chest were making Phyllis incredibly hot and she was needing some more ‘cunting’ as was the word of the afternoon. She unzipped his pants, released his hard cock and put a ring of lipstick around its wet tip…licking some of the liberal precum that was telling her he had more ‘cunting’ on his mind too.

She didn’t know or care what the goats were doing now or what Vanessa and Roger were doing but she sure knew what she needed having done. She stood, lifted her dress and sat on Teddy’s lap. He lifted and said: “I’ve got to pull down my pants or your hairs will get caught on my zipper. She lifted and he slid down his pants, their bare waists now ready for joining and ‘cunting.’ She undulated her waist at his waist, teasing his cock with her wet hairs and wet body. She reached under herself and took control of his stiff cock, positioning herself for entry, focusing the tip of his flexing cock for the right place which, this time, was her ass…She looked at Teddy and he seemed puzzled but ready. “Finger my cunt,” She whispered to him. “I’m wet with you and I want fingering and ass fucking this time.” Teddy looked at her saying: “I’ve never done this before.” She whispered at him…”Your time has come…do it now.”

She felt his cock moving down her cunt lips and beneath…he was at her tight ass now and she was desperate for insertion. Teddy took himself in hand and pushed…his cockhead finally entering. “Unh!” Phyllis said, arching her backside and sitting down…”Finger my cunt,” she said and Teddy’s hands were at her cunt hole now, playing with her clitoris, stimulating her with his cock sliding into her backside and fingers at her cunt. “That’s good,” she said, lifting herself and sitting down again…feelings all over her waist, inside, outside. She leaned into Teddy kissing him with a fever hot from the heat building in her body, taking his entire length as she sat fully on him and his hand which was milking her cunt…a kind of dual fucking of her body and she cried out now: “Fuck me you animal…fuck me hard…I’m coming…Oh my God it’s great…Unh! UNH!!” She slowed her movements as waves of heat passed through her and then she sat and rested, still fully impaled and feeling Teddy going limp and withdrawing…still holding her body against his.

Roger moved over saying: “God, Phyllis, that was hot. Just watching you almost made me come in my pants!” Phyllis, her eyes closed, reached with her hand and rubbed his hard on that was pushing up his pants. She would need more lipstick before the afternoon was finished…she thought she might have a red ring around her ass! It made her chuckle at all the fun they were having.

Finally she moved to sit beside Teddy, wondering what he thought about her lust and about her newly revealed secret of ass-fucking. She waited as his breathing slowed. Teddy leaned over and whispered…”I liked that…you are a hot, very hot, woman.” There was that word again: ’woman’ and she certainly was…’all woman…all hot’ and now relaxed and satisfied. Phyllis looked at Vanessa, questioning eyes, asking…

“I don’t know,” said Vanessa. “I’ve never done it before so I don’t know. I guess you’d say I am a virgin…ass-wise!” Phyllis changed the subject and said: “Let’s go inside and watch a special DVD…when I say ‘special’ it is just that…Vanessa will enjoy it and so will all of us.” This news found a smile on Vanessa’s face as she was guessing what kind of ‘special’ she was about to see.

They went into the living room while Phyllis turned on the TV and put a disc in the DVD player…she pushed the ‘play’ button and on the screen soon were a good looking couple who didn’t take long removing each others’ clothes and getting down to some licking and fucking and more licking. The four of them watched and finding nothing special in it, Roger said: “We could have made this film ourselves!” Phyllis said “Wait and see…there’s more.” And there was.

The couple on the screen licked and sucked and fucked with all the usual “oooings” and “ahhings” and they laid still on the carpet and…then it got ’special.’ One actor said to the other: “Have you done anal?” and his partner shook her head…”I don’t know” she said…now the movie was getting special and Phyllis, Roger and Teddy looked at Vanessa who was blushing to their knowing smiles. “Don’t be a sissy,” said Teddy. “Phyllis came really hard when she sat on my lap and I was fucking her ass…I mean for the two of us it was special…but let’s watch the movie and see what happens.”

What happened on the screen was that the woman got up and went to the couch, bending over with her body resting on it; her knees on the floor. She had a gorgeous ass, full buttocks to go with her beautiful shape. The male in the movie, by now, had a glowing and throbbing hard on and kneeled behind the woman, spreading her buttocks and fingering her backside with his index finger…the woman was squirming now muttering…”but you’re too big…you won’t fit…” And the man began playing with her backside some more and then putting his cock at her hole…rubbing up and down…then pressing forward…the woman squirming and holding the cushions…she squealed as his cockhead gained entry now concealed inside her puckered asshole. He paused and she paused…it was quiet on the screen and in the living room and then the man pushed forward. Vanessa watched as his cock slowly entered the woman…then the man’s hand was beneath her, fingering her cunt and the woman lifted and sighed…”It hurts,” she said, “but it hurts good. You’re filling me and feeling my cunt at the same time…Wow! This is different…slow down…go slow.”

The man now spoke: “You’re so tight and smooth…your cunt is wet and your clit is stiff but I love being in your gorgeous ass.” The woman squirmed again and then lifted…”Do it, sweetie, I want you in me…all the way in me and up me and keep up the fingering…GAWD,” she cried out, “It’s beautiful and both holes are coming…all of me is coming…Gawd, oh gawd,” she kept repeating as her body was bucking to the fucking, her face buried in the pillows and muttering things. Finally they finished and were kissing, she was slobbering him with kisses, saying “Thank you, thank you. I never came like that!” And then the DVD finished.

All eyes were now on Vanessa who had never blushed so deeply. Was she ready? Phyllis said: “I told you it was a special DVD.” Vanessa sheepishly said: “Special!” and had a huge smile to go with her blushing face. “I’m not sure,” she said, “but I don’t want to be an ass virgin either.” Vanessa got off their couch and got on her knees, her face buried in the pillows, arms outstretched and holding herself for the ride.

“I’ll help,” said Phyllis and kneeled beside her, lifting her dress over her back and smoothing the skin of her ass which was now exposed to the two boys. Teddy said: “I’ve had my turn Roger so now it’s your turn.” Roger said: “I’ve never done it before so it will be us two ass virgins.” He pulled off his pants; his turgid cock standing out in full display. He said: “Vanessa, sweetie, I’ll be as gentle as possible.” Vanessa reached back and patted her bottom. Then Phyllis went to work. “I’ll get you started,” she said and put words to action, wetting her finger with her own juices and applying them to Vanessa, then inserting her index finger in her ass. “That feels nice,” Vanessa said and squirmed as Phyllis moved her finger in and out, readying her for the ‘real’ thing. Watching Vanessa squirm was making Roger’s dick throb and pulse. He put his hand on Phyllis’s shoulder.

Vanessa winced and then relaxed as she was now having her ass finger fucked by her best friend…”That feels different and really good,” she said. Phyllis gave her a love pat and worked her finger in and out looking up at Roger who was standing, watching, his cock pulsing and dripping. “Wet yourself up, Roger,” Phyllis said and he did. “You want to be nice and slick so you’ll slip inside more easily.” Roger was on his knees now, positioning. “I’ll help,” Phyllis said and took Roger’s cock in hand, guiding, poking it at the right place…”Lift Vanessa underneath” she said and he did, then removing her finger, pointing Roger to the ripened entrance…

Vanessa lifted at the touch on her anus and Roger pressed and pressed, finally the head of his cock entering her virgin hole. “It hurts,” said Vanessa. Roger rested, his cockhead buried and then Vanessa’s ass adjusted and she was quiet, Roger pressed forward, his hand lifting and gripping Vanessa’s cunt…using her wetness to lubricate his shaft and helping pull his cock into her. He pushed until his entire cock had entered…Vanessa was breathing hard…Phyllis rubbing her back…Roger fingering her pussy…so many hands and a hard cock dealing with deflowering Vanessa…Vanessa began to mumble things into the pillow…”Oh!” she announced and “Ah!” and she reached back holding her bottom cheeks open…”Fuck me. Fuck me Roger. Fuck my ass.” And he did, slowly at first and then quickening his movements.

Hands working on her back and her front and a cock in her ass…Vanessa was the center of attention and her body the center of all feelings she had ever imagined as Roger fucked at her and pounded her ass…a new surprise for Vanessa was that his balls were hitting her cunt and her clit with each thrust…she lifted herself for more and tears were in her eyes…she buried her head into the pillow and was trembling at the feelings which were building and then releasing in gushes of breath and air and cries and moans as she came and came again…she was on fire and then began to cool as Roger slowed his movements and she felt a sense of exhaustion. She was a woman now…a complete woman…no longer a virgin in any way and longed for another afternoon. Roger finally withdrew, Phyllis pulled down Vanessa’s dress, covering her, and they all rested in the living room which was very still, except for Teddy who was stroking his cock next to Vanessa. Phyllis sat up and put a lipstick rim around his head which oozed and came in a small spurt and dribbles. He was about spent but ’spent’ a little more to Phyllis‘s kissings. It had been a busy afternoon. Phyllis licked him clean.

“Next time,” Phyllis said, “we’ll get Duke involved.” Vanessa said: “I don’t know.” They all four laughed at her remark and knew better.

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good News Travels Fast

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