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  1. Me and the ‘Family’
  2. Me and the 'Family' Part 2
  3. Me and the 'Family' part 3 The Holiday
  4. Me and the family Part 4

Me and the family Part 4

Categories True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Author: nodreamin

Published: 13 April 2018

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The next morning the kids were up really early, the adults on the other hand were exhausted from last night. Mia my oldest at 12 was tasked with keeping the little ones (my other little one is 7, Gemma’s 2 are 8 and 5) busy whilst we slept a little longer.

As they went outside to play since there was a small garden area to play it meant that we could relax and not worry too much. As Kay awoke more we started chatting about the previous night and how amazing it was. This made us both horny and we masturbated whilst watching each other until we climaxed. It was much more subdued than our regular sessions and considerably less vocal from Kay due to the kids awake.

Once finished we got into the shower and rinsed off everything from the night before and also the mornings little play. As we got downstairs Mark and Gemma were already there drinking tea and smoking outside the door watching the kids. We said our hello's and since everyone was wearing bathrobes the cuddles were a little ‘warmer’ than usual. We made the plans for the day and it was to split up and do our own things; myself, Kay and the girls were going for a walk along the beach and Gemma’s gang were heading into the town for some shopping. For all intents and purposes a regular holiday. The day was brilliant building sand castles, burying me in the sand up to my neck, and turning me into a mermaid, ice creams etc. As the sun started to fall we headed back to the cabin and changed for dinner. Mark was cooking and had decided to make pasta Bolognese, garlic bread and a large salad bowl and it was beautiful. The kids watched tv whilst the adults went outside to chat, drink and smoke.

‘So are you guys gonna tell me what that comment was about then?’

‘Which one was that?’ I retorted

‘As I was heading to bed last night, well that’s 3 of the 4 sisters or something along those lines’ Gemma stated very matter if factly but with a devilish grin.

Kay then told Mark and Gemma what had happened with Dani. Gemma was a little gobsmacked and Mark just high fives me saying that Dani looked stunning and Gemma gave him a cheeky soft punch in the gut for his comment.

‘Well I’ve managed 2 myself now’ Mark said and got another smack from his other half.

Kay then asked Gemma if she had told Mark everything that had happened the night before and said yes but he was a little unhappy he missed out.

‘Well bud, age took you to bed earlier than you should have. But there’s always later ay?’

‘You’re hopes are high ain’t they?’ said Kay

‘Always?’ I laughed.

More chatting and drinking and it was 9pm and time the kids went to bed. Once the children were all settled we sat down to watch a film called Emmanuel in space. For those unsure of the title it’s basically soft porn with a worse than the Muppets. But the sex scenes got us all a little more relaxed and once again the talk turned to the previous night.

‘So Gemma what was I like to kiss and feel your sister? Did it excite you or feel weird?’ Asked Mark

‘To be honest I thought it was a little strange but she is one of the best kissers I’ve ever kissed’.

‘Ah thanks Huni, I’ve practised to be fair' replied Kay

‘So Mark is feeling a little left out tonight girls so if you’re up for a repeat of last night but swapping me and him for the threeway, then I’m all up for it. I do love watching Kay cum and I like watching other people have sex!’

‘Wow, babe you’re not hanging about are You?, What makes you think we wanna do it again?’

‘You’re a horny bitch and once you are horny you don’t care, or maybe it’s how much you seemed to enjoy Marks cock inside you or Gemma’s tongue on your clit’ I laughed back at her.

With this she reached inside my house coat and said

‘Your cock is stiff as fuck so we all know you’re ready'

‘Yeah Mark is the same’ Said Gemma

‘Well I’m guessing you’re not exactly innocent yourself’ as I slid my hand under her robe and into her very wet and waiting pussy.

I decided to continue my assault on Kay whilst the other 2 were watching. Her Robe was untied and she now lay naked on the couch with me sliding down into the floor so I could get a better position. Her lips were open and coated in her pussy juice already, her clit was huge and with that I sucked it into my mouth and pistoned 4 fingers into her pussy.

‘Fucking hell babe that feels so good'

With that I looked over and seen Gemma sinking down on Marks entire lengthy cock and stroking his balls as she did so. Mark then leaned over and took Kay’s right tit into his mouth and sucked on her nipple until he was about to cum.

‘You’re not gonna fun already’ Said Gemma quite playfully

Kay at this point started to buck her hips and then exploded in a powerful orgasm that once again made her squirt and the first load went into my mouth whilst the next few covered my face.

Gemma then decided she wanted to look closer at moved within inches of me and asked,

‘How does she taste? Mark doesn’t really like when I squirt on him but it’s quite rare’.

‘To be fair Kay doesn’t normally squirt much either, it’s a fairly new thing’.

With that she stuck out her tongue and licked a little from my cheek a d slid a finger over her younger sisters opening and then flicked her clit.

As Mark looked on her was rock hard since Gemma didn’t let him finish so I motioned for him to slid over and enter Kay’s cunt. It took no further explaining and he jumped up and slid between her legs. But as he tried to enter her awaiting cunt due to his height he couldn’t push forward, Gemma was still flicking Kay’s clit but pushed Kay to the side.

‘You want me to turn around huh?’

Kay turned over and got up on her knees meaning her pussy and arse were now on full display for the 3 of us. Before Mark tried to enter Kay I decided I wanted to Rim her arsehole a little first and pushed my tongue at her tight little bud.

After around 30 seconds I felt a hand on my own cock and a finger tickling my own arsehole. I looked around and seen Gemma smiling and with that she motioned for me to move over and allow those 2 to enjoy their fuck.

As I moved across Gemma spread my legs and sank downwards onto my cock whilst she was still trying to play with my ass. So to help her out I lifted my legs upwards and rested them on the arm of the couch and she got the idea. She pulled my cock from her mouth, slid a few fingers inside her own pussy and then those 2 fingers went straight into my arse. Slowly circling and twisting whilst Gem pushed my cock down her throat.

I opened my eyes just as Kay’s pussy erupted all over Marks cock and balls. He pulled out and in 1 motion was balls deep in Kay’s ass... the guttural sound that escaped Kay was Incredible... she was still in the midst of an orgasm when another hole was filled meaning the orgasm got stronger and longer.

‘Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk' she screamed way too loudly but no one was caring at all.

Gemma not to be beaten, stopped sucking my cock and turned around so I could see her back and mounted my shaft in the reverse cowgirl position. Myself and Kay have tried this a few times but it doesn’t work for Kay but Gem seemed to prefer this position. As she was bobbing on my cock she leaned forward so her ass came into view and instantly I slid a finger into her puckered hole and played with it. Sliding my middle finger in up to the knuckle which only seemed to drive her on more and she was rampant.

Gemma came to a shuddering Orgasm of her own and I felt her muscles tightening around my cock and also her ass muscles twitching on my finger. I continued to play with her ass whilst she was coming down from her orgasm. She grabbed my hand and pulled it away, turned around and kissed me so passionately for a few minutes. As we kissed I looked over to see Kay bent in half with her legs on Marks shoulders, and Mark piledriving his cock into her cunt and Kay’s face was bright red as she was about to erupt. Then Mark pulls out and starts stroking his cock as he sprays his spunk all over my Mrs. I tell Gemma to help me finish so she grabs my cock and envelops if deep into her throat once again.

‘I fucking love this feeling, keep sucking me huni.’

I watched Gem suck my cock for 90 seconds or so and she was stroking my cock as it came out of her mouth and I started to pulse and my spunk hit her in the eye with the first shit then my cock disappeared back down her throat until I started to go soft.

‘Ok girls, I’m done for the night so think it’s time to let Mark enjoy you both like I did last night’.

Gemma quick as a flash moved over to Kay and started to remove Marks cum from her body using her tongue. It was an amazing sight to see. Kay spotted the glob on Gemma’s eye and licked it off and swallowed the cum then started kissing her sister.

I looked over at Mark who was now stroking his semi erect cock slowly trying to get it back to its full length but seemed to fail after a couple of minutes.

The girls though continued as myself and Mark watched on. Gemma had her fingers inside her younger sister as they continued kissing. Building up the amount of fingers inside Kay until she was pushing her thumb inside and then her wrist was inside her sister. I at this point was rock solid again but Mark still with a semi erect cock at best.

‘Gem turn around so I can get to your cunt aswell’,

‘Yes girls 69 each other' stated Mark

As they got into position Mark was once again trying to coax his cock into life, I was pulling my own cock watching the sexy show before me.

I felt like someone was watching and as I looked about I noticed my daughter Mia looking down from the stairs. Clearly she hadn’t just got there so I told the others I was going to bed and grabbed my robe and headed towards the door. Mia spotted me and jumped up and run towards her room.

‘Hey baby can I come in? I wanna speak with you about what you saw’

‘Hi dad yeah come in. But don’t worry I didn’t see anything.’

Knowing this was a lie I sat on her bed and decided to explain about sex.

Part 5 coming soon

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Me and the family Part 4

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