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  1. Alphas - Chapter 1
  2. Alphas - Chapter 2

Alphas - Chapter 2

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Coercion

Author: armitage

Published: 13 April 2018

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Chapter 2

The Member of Parliament for Dentham East.

Harry was seeing double. He put the report down and rubbed his eyes. The good citizens of Dentham could go fuck themselves. He closed his eyes for a moment and leaned back in his chair. Rose, his PA, poked her head round the door.

“Oi! Wake up!”

“I’m thinking.”

“Well, remember you’ve got Jim Newsome at three – the Education and Employment Bill. He’s bringing the witch with him.” She meant Dame Belinda White, effectively the head of the Department for Education. Rose had worked there a few years back. She wouldn’t talk about the details, but Harry knew there was no love lost between the two women. He stretched his arms and yawned.

“Jesus! What a sight.”

Ever since he’d asked her to run his office, she’d started bossing him about. Still, he didn’t know what he’d do without her. He lumbered out of his seat and turned to the window. He could see his reflection in the glass, a bit pudgy around the middle but not bad for a man pushing sixty. Traffic zipped back and forth across the bridge while tourists took pictures of each other in front of the gothic monstrosity that was the Palace of Westminster. The hands of Big Ben showed 2:45. Rose was right - he needed to wake up.

“Get that new intern, what’s her name – Clara? In here will you.”

Rose looked doubtful.

“It’s her first week.”

“Call it part of her induction.”

Rose shook her head and left the room. He walked around his desk to the meeting area. Five wide club chairs were arranged in a circle with side tables between them. In the corner, half a dozen thick foam cushions were stacked on top of each other. He grabbed one and then picked the chair facing the door, placing the cushion against the seat-back so he’d be perched at the front. He sat down and spread his legs wide.

Clara appeared in the doorway. Maybe nineteen? She wore a skinny black top and carefully distressed jeans with no knees. Her dark brown hair was drawn back from her face. Pale skin, dark eye make-up and burgundy lipstick gave her a kind of punk look. He was getting hard just looking at her. Her smile faltered as she saw how he was seated. She looked ready to bolt.

“Come in Clara, grab a cushion.”

She didn’t move for a moment. Then reluctantly shuffled into the room and picked up a cushion from the pile.

“Plonk it down there will you.”

He pointed between his legs to the floor in front of the chair. She dropped it in front of him.

“Sit on it.”

She sat cross-legged on the cushion. Looking at the floor.

“Budge forward, as far as you can.”

She slid forward so that she sat between his legs. He swung his feet forward and then pulled them together, so that he encircled her body with his legs – over the years he’d found this to be an important signal that they weren’t going anywhere. She sat rigid in his grip. She was staring at the bulge in his trousers. He waited for her to begin. He was an old hand and had found they would usually accept their place. This one was being difficult. He stroked her hair and traced the delicate outline of her jaw with his fingertips. He could feel her shivering between his legs. His cock felt like iron. He thought he might tear a hole in his trousers. He moved his hands to his fly and unzipped himself. She flinched backward but he tightened his grip on her with his legs, squeezing hard to make the point. It was like training a horse – you had to show them who was boss. Thick veins stood out from his cock, tracing meandering ridges around the shaft. His head hovered a few inches from her screwed up face.

“Open your eyes Clara.”

They remained squeezed shut. He cradled her face with both hands and repeated his order. After a few seconds she complied. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked up at his face, silently pleading. He kept his expression kindly but firm. This was no moment to show weakness. He used his thumbs to wipe the tears from her cheeks and tilted her head forward. She saw the ripe plum of his engorged head and jerked back, he was ready for this and slid his hands through her hair until his fingertips met behind. He pulled her gently, slowly, forward until her lips touched the shiny, smooth skin. He noticed it matched the colour of her lipstick and smiled – meant to be. He held her there for a few moments to get used to her new reality and then gave her a squeeze with his legs. Her lips parted. He gently pulled her down, shuddering a little as he felt her lifeless lips and teeth slide over his head. When he was fully inside her mouth, her natural instincts took over and she started to suck lightly. He let go of her. She continued to suck, her eyes tightly closed, the battle won.

“Good girl.”

He heard effusive greetings out in the hall. They were early. Rose led his visitors through. Jim Newsome, Minister for Education and the Permanent Secretary Dame Belinda White. She was 45 and a real high flyer, tipped for greater things. He placed his left hand on Clara’s head and held out his right.

“Forgive me for not getting up, bit of staff training.”

They walked over and shook his hand.

“Do sit down. Rose will organise some refreshments.”

They sat down in chairs opposite him. Rose re-appeared with a tray and served them all coffee. Janey and Susie followed her in and picked up cushions. Janey stood in front of the Minister. He opened his legs and she placed the cushion between them, sitting cross legged as Clara had done. Susie made to do the same but Dame Belinda raised her palm.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll use your new personal assistant, she’s always served me well in the past.”

“Of course, Dame Belinda.”

“Just Belinda, please.” Harry gestured to Rose.

Rose gave him a look, then put on a smile and nodded with good grace, taking the cushion from Susie and dismissing her. Dame Belinda hitched up her skirt and spread her sculpted legs wide. Harry had heard she was a keen runner. She wore nude thigh high stockings clipped to a garter belt. No knickers – Alphas never wore them. Pronounced meaty lips nestled in a neatly managed strip of thick black pubic hair. Rose sat between her legs and began kissing her way up the woman’s thigh. Janey already had the Minister’s cock out and was licking around his head. Once he was sure his guests were comfortable, he used his hand to guide Clara slowly up and down his shaft, enjoying the warm, wet sensation of being immersed in her saliva. When he was happy with her rhythm he reached for his cup and saucer.

“So Jim, how are things at the Ministry?”

“Fine, thank you. Busy as always. How are Carol and the kids?”

“They’re fine, Lucy’s nineteen if you can believe it. She’s in her second year at Cambridge, but I can’t help but see my little girl.” Clara stopped sucking him. He gave her a squeeze with his thighs and she slowly resumed.

“That’s wonderful. Give them my love won’t you?”

“How are Fiona and Andrew?”

“Oh they’re both doing well.” Newsome never had much patience for small talk.

“Right. Well, what can I do for you today?”

The Minister glanced at Dame Belinda. Harry was pretty sure who was in charge there. He began.

“As you know I’m steering the E&E bill through the house. Our whips feel the numbers are finely balanced. If your group were to come on board it would give us valuable cross-party support in the chamber.”

“I would have thought you’d have the majority to get this through on your own.”

“Normally yes, but there are a few of our one-nation colleagues who have reservations. Working-class-boy-made-good types. They’re worried about entrenching inequality. The usual thing.”

Harry nodded, that could easily describe him too. The difference was he was happy to pull the ladder up behind him. Rose had reached Dame Belinda’s vulva. She hesitated, then placed her mouth over the mound, forming a seal. Belinda’s thighs closed on her head like a venus fly-trap, clamping her in place. She crossed her high-heeled ankles behind Rose’s back so she could exert more force and gave a satisfied “mmm” as though a goal had been achieved. He dragged his mind back to the business at hand.

“Look Jim, you know that I support what you’re trying to do. The equality agenda has patently failed. Your bill would save us billions in higher education, health and social security spending - and virtually wipe out unemployment. However, my colleagues tend to come from, ah, more diverse backgrounds, much more so than yours – they’re not awfully keen on the thought of being little people in this new world either.”

“A question of reassurance then?” The Minister reached for his coffee as Janey worked on him.

Dame Belinda nodded in agreement. He watched her thighs and calves bulge as she slowly squeezed Rose tighter. She gave a gasp and relaxed before beginning another squeeze. He imagined Rose following the rhythm. Parting the woman’s labia with a slow, firm upward stroke of her tongue until she bumped over the clitoris and began again down at the vaginal entrance. Belinda completed another squeeze and turned to him. Harry had to admire her control.

“We cannot move on the UAT gradings themselves. It is the department’s view that they must be graded on a curve against the population as a whole, with the top 2% eligible for an Alpha grade.”

“Maybe if certain schools were to be exempted, or given a quota…”

Dame Belinda shook her head and began another squeeze. Rose was getting red faced in there.

“In order to maximize acceptance of the new system. We feel that the whole population must be seen to have an equal chance of succeeding, especially as that chance will be a slim one.”

She gasped and relaxed momentarily before tightening up again. She reminded Harry of a python, squeezing the life out of some poor prey animal. He used his hand to speed Clara up a little.

“I’m sure some arrangement can be made. How about bringing in the families of those on the list of reserved occupations?”

“Well, the Founders think long term. They don’t want the proportion of Alpha status creeping up over time. If MP's families and their descendants are brought in, all occupations will want the same.”

“If we were to limit it to immediate family, spouse and children, with no further inherited status. That might be easier for them to vote for. What do you think Jim?”

Jim had gone bright red. Janey was working his knob like a milking machine.

“Hmmm. It would keep the Alpha population stable in the longer term. It kicks the issue into the long grass as far as your colleagues are concerned. You can also sell them on the full employment and guaranteed apprenticeships.”

Harry nodded. Outside, he could hear the familiar chimes of Big Ben. Clara’s mouth felt wonderful. He clenched his pelvic muscles, making himself swell. She faltered, afraid he was going to come. He gave her a nudge with his knees and she reluctantly resumed, not wanting his semen but realizing he’d be in her mouth until he ejaculated there. He watched her face and saw her make a decision to get it over with. She started bobbing her head up and down, sucking harder with each stroke. He realised it had gone quiet. He looked up to see Dame Belinda watching him. She had seen the little drama played out in his crotch and gave him a half smile.

“It might be acceptable from our point of view. We’d have to consult with interested parties. But we’d need to know we can count on you.”

She was breathing faster. Nylon sheathed muscle bore down on Rose, squeezing her again and again. Dame Belinda was close to coming. With a desperate, pained look on her face, she sucked in a deep breath and held it, bringing her legs up around Rose’s head, locking her in position with rock hard calves. She let out a cry as her pelvis jumped. Once, twice, three times. Rose opened her eyes wide with surprise, making a panicked, muffled noise and pawing at the woman’s iron thighs. Dame Belinda grabbed her hair, pulling her in – using hands and legs to keep her trapped in place. She locked eyes with Rose and said coldly:


She let out a long, contented groan, turning to look at them both in turn, adding conversationally,

“I’ve been holding this in all morning.”

Harry could see Rose shudder in her prison of pubic hair, skin and nylon. He heard her gulps as she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of urine. It wasn’t stopping. The woman pissed like a racehorse. He felt himself swelling up in Clara’s mouth - about to lose it. He quickly grabbed her head to stop her lifting off and felt himself explode in her mouth, still transfixed by Rose’s ordeal. Tears streamed down her cheeks she continued to gulp down the woman’s piss. Finally, the gulping stopped. Keeping her wrapped in the vice-grip of her legs, Dame Belinda smiled at Rose’s and gently stroked her hair.

“Clean me.”

Harry felt struggling and looked down to see Clara gagging on his cock, he realised he’d been deep-throating her. He let go of her head, she lifted off his cock and looked up and him with tearful, angry eyes. He clasped her face in both hands.

“Show me.”

Clara opened her mouth, clumps and threads of his semen mixed with her saliva. He put a hand under her jaw and closed her mouth. She glared at him, he met her expression impassively. After a moment, she swallowed. Harry pulled her down again until his head was back in her mouth. He squeezed with his legs. She sucked, spilling tears in his pubes that glistened like jewels.

Dame Belinda finally relaxed her grip and dropped her legs down so they encircled Rose. Who sat, head bowed, shaking with rage and humiliation. Janey was staying with the Minister’s softening cock, giving aftercare. She looked at the others with sideways glances.

Dame Belinda turned to him, gesturing at the three women who sat before them.

“There are Alphas, and then there’s everyone else.”

She reached out to Rose and stroked her murderous face.

“Which are you going to be Harry?”

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Alphas - Chapter 2

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