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Where the Wild Things Are

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cheating, Mature

Author: Akeelah Merin

Published: 13 April 2018

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Where the Wild ones are

The two kids were in bed – silently sleeping away as I sat on the couch completing the assigned reading for today. Not at all a bad task. The science of the Stars was both interesting to me and well written to feel less forced than most textbooks. The perfect college student, except for my other job. Yeah, I know – stripper. Astrophysics, babysitter stripper: they don’t sound like they go together. Maybe they don’t for most people. I’m not most people. The house belonged to the dean at my school. Not a big deal normally, except this wasn’t the only time he was going to be paying me this week.

His wife worked late nights as a surgeon at the hospital and thus when he had to go out I was one of two sitters he chose. I know – this sounds like a cliched story, and I guess it kinda is. Maybe its why we tell this type of story. The clock clanged ten at night when I was supposed to leave – and I had bar-hopping plans. I needed to get laid tonight – I hadn’t been in a week and a bar sounded perfect. The walk of shame was worth one good strong orgasm.

The book hit the table and I picked up my sweater and put it on. I looked in the mirror. My breasts had never really grown out much passed the B-cup, but that didn’t bother me. I had been blessed with other attributes – and hey I didn’t really need a bra. Financially made life easier – still I was wearing one tonight. Really stiffened up my feminine attributes a bit, made them more pronounced beneath the block V neck I wore. I had seen David at the strip club last night when I had worked my shift – honestly didn’t phase me at the time. I smiled and gave him a little dance. About the time my bra came off he tipped me nearly twenty bucks. He hadn’t seemed that drunk – and maybe he hadn’t even recognized me. I did my best to look like Scarlet on the stage – I’m just good ‘ol Akeelah down here with the people who disapprove.

‘How do you sell your body like that, it weakens women’ and all that bullshit. Please relax, I can afford a five-star restraint with my tits and ass, you scrounge social security and let your kids go hungry ‘cause you never tried to make it past ‘cashier’. Shit people can be so bothersome. I’m not here to rant though. All the worlds a stage and what not. The front door opened moments later, while I was still admiring myself in the full-length mirror outside of the kitchen. I guess the pantry needed it to show the food or something – but it was of use to me.

“Good evening Akeelah,” David said as he hefted his heavy briefcase onto the counter and draped his jacket over it, “Kids asleep?”

“Sleeping like lambs,” I turned from the mirror, “Or pretending to while I’m looking. Hard to tell with them.”

“Don’t I know it?”

I approached, scooping up my school book and cupping it in my arm. David gave me a smile as he pulled out his checkbook. He grunted, “That’s 60 I owe you right?” I nodded, and he scrawled out some characters on the piece of paper before tearing it from its little booklet and handing it to me. It didn’t say sixty though, the 100-dollar amount scrawled on the paper caused a momentary delay in response.

“Are you sure?”

“Never ask anyone who has handed you money if they are sure,” He gave me a smile, his dark skin lighting up, “But yes. You have done a great deal for me Ms. Merin, I appreciate it and wish to show it.”

Damn. I pocketed his money. David made his way to the cabinet and pulled down a large rectangular bottle, pouring a glass of yellow liquid before taking a sip and returning the liquor to its place.

“Did Elizabeth call?” He asked, “She’s working late tonight – she promised to give me an ETA.”

I shook my head, “Phones been quiet all night.”

“Looks like you are heading to the clubs,” David gave me nod, “Your outfit is very fetching.”

“Fetching, that’s a word that died out last century, it is 2018 Mr. G.”

“My age betrays me, would that I could –“ He trailed off cutting himself short, “would that I could.” He finished with a nod.

“Could hook up with a young girl like me,” I chuckled, “Thanks for the 20 dollar tip last night. I did appreciate it.”

He stopped and looked at me, his eyes seemed to have grown a bit as he stared, “Excuse me?”

“At Eden, last night,” I replied, “The strip club, I danced for you.”

Dark skin or no his face flushed bright red. He put the glass down and shook his head turning from me to grab another shot from above the refrigerator. Perhaps he thought better of it as he did not poor the glass he merely put it on the table.

“I’m so sorry,” He replied, “I see that now, but you’re such a good student in all of your classes – I never thought it could be.”

“Relax,” leaned against the table, “I don’t dance on stage because I need to, I do it because I like it – and the attention.”

“A man has needs and I needed to see a beautiful girl do a dance for me,” He finally poured the drink, “Please don’t tell Elizabeth.”

“Lips are sealed,” I smiled, “Come get a lap dance sometime – I do those – and I will let you touch,” I gave him a wink, “we aren’t supposed to – but I’ll say you’re a regular.”

He shook his head, “please – I don’t need any temptation. I’m a married man.”

For some reason, I didn’t much think of that. If his wife wasn’t gratifying him why shouldn’t someone else? It made sense to me. Sure, you must stick together for the kids I guess but come on – you only live once. Don’t be so fucking kept up about it. I put my book down on the table and gave him a smile.

“Why do you need a strip club, is Elizabeth not doing it for you?”

“Seems ab it personal,” He hung his head in antithesis to his words, “But now – I only get the goods once or twice a year.”

“Shit dude,” I glanced around to make sure one of the kids weren’t hanging around, “That’s rough. Then don’t feel bad – I’ll be at Eden tomorrow; lap dance is on me – feel free to touch.”

“Look.” He began but couldn’t finish he cut himself off, “I’ll take you up on that, but Elizabeth is home early tomorrow so I can’t. Maybe some other time – unless you can do tonight.”

I shrugged, “Tonight it is, your furniture, my dance – take a seat when you’re ready.”

He took another swig of his drink and closed the shades to the living room. I took a deep breath, I didn’t have a pole, so I’d have to make do. I did a couple practice turns and grinds to make sure my muscles were up to the task. After a few rounds, he took a seat in one of the chairs. I stepped up to him and unbuttoned my sweater and pulled my reddish hair out of its nice neat bun. I spread my legs to shoulder width and flipped my hair around a few times to get it falling on my shoulders. I picked up the remote and through on some toons. Hopefully, the kiddies wouldn’t wake up.

I stepped into to motion giving him the smooth and fast rotations and gyrations of the dances I did on stage. Each shift in the beat, each musical meter drew me a step closer. I made sure to give him a good look at my front, clad in my black V-neck and red sweater running my hands down the curves of my body – to accentuate their mistake. My hand touched my rear and I turned around and bent over. I heard him make a groan. I knew what that meant – a smile crossed my lips. With a quick flick I pulled the sweater off and tossed it to the side – and shirt without buttons made for a poor strip attire but I had to work with what I had.

With that I turned around again and moved forward once more, standing over his legs. The music continued to beat in the background – not nearly the powerhouse at the club but nice none the less. I pulled the V-neck off with the smoothest singular movement I could muster – exposing my bare body – all except the scarlet bra that clung to my breasts. It was hard to miss the arousal that lifted beneath David’s pants.

I looked into his eyes. His dark brown gaze was locked like on me like a hawk training in on its prey. I swayed my hips back and forth to the music leaning over him. Sliding onto to my knees I put a hand on his chest, and I continued to move with the beat. The hot excitement of a lap dance burned inside of me – the tension that builds is palpable. I fucking loved it. I could see his hands slide towards y leg, refusing to touch – he knew the rules and he was a respectful man.

I brought my body in close, allowing my young 18-year-old breasts to stop mere centimeters from his face before sliding back onto his crotch. Even threw my pants, I could feel that member rise beneath me. I slid back down and back on my feet.

“I need a moment,” David made to get up but I stopped him, “I need to – you know –“ he pointed to the small mountain that had grown between his legs.

“You can touch yourself,” I smiled, “Your house.”

It didn’t take much convincing before he pulled down his pants revealing his large dark-skinned cock and began to stroke it with tenderness. His precum already oozed from his head. I turned around again, and as I bent over in time, I pulled down my tight jeans. This was the trickiest part, to remove it without upsetting my movements too much. Jeans are nasty that way. It slipped off after a moment and I threw them aside. Clad only in my scarlet bra and thong I turned around again. David was stroking his cock with more vigor now as he watched me, laid back own couch – with his own show. I looked at it – sure he was in his mid-fifties but his piece was not a terrible one to look at, and I did want to get laid. The thought brought a surge between my loins. I bet he wouldn’t stop me – and god it seemed he could use it too.

“Don’t rob me of my time with you by blowing you're top early,” I gave him a smile.

He nodded, as sweat beaded on his brow. He eased off his cock slowing down. How would I make my move – should I? A blow job wouldn’t get me expelled or anything, right? I mean he was the dean sure, but he was also a guy – blowjobs were generally considered good amongst that portion of the population.

I stepped for him again. His cock bare and open, as I brushed his hands aside. I could see a glimmer of a thick viscose substance coating his cock. He seemed to hesitate as my body came to rest on his cock, he wanted to stop me. I rose to my full height and bent backward thrusting my stomach towards him. Then I sank until his cock was caught between my legs. I could feel my pussy come to life, through the fabric, as I slid it over his cock, feeling the goo seep into the fabric. I slipped back off, leaving him breathless.

When I came back in a dropped to my knees and engineered my fall forwards. Just like that, I was within a few inches of his cock. Now or never. I leaned forward and kissed his cock. He nearly jumped out of the chair, But my hand came up and touch his bare hip, sliding upwards and gripping his cock a moment later. This dance turned into something else. I gave him a few strokes, squeezing some more white liquid from his urethra. It pooled at his tip and my head came down a moment later licking the bead from between the slit in his head.

He shuttered beneath my touch. I sunk his head into my mouth and let it sit there for a moment as my hand gently stimulated the tube running down his shaft – that thin line that delivered the goods. His mouth opened as long whine was drawn forth. My tongue danced circles around his cap – it was like playing a special instrument – one of sensation rather than sound.

“Do you want to touch me?” I asked.

“Oh my fucking god yes!” He moaned.

I stood up and slid over him, undoing my bra as I went. His hand was on me in moments, sliding up my arm. The sensation rushed through me, a thousand different pinpricks. My bra fell off my breast letting. Like a magnet his hands wrapped around them, drawing a near screetch from me as he needed them like bread. I winced – he hadn’t done this in a while.

“Not so hard.”

He gasped, “Sorry.”

“What would you like to do?” I asked as he eased up on his clenching fists.

“God I want –“ He paused, “I want to fuck you.”

“Say please?” I laughed.

“God this is wrong,” he muttered, “But fuck it I don’t care – please let me fuck you.”

I gave him a smile and slid off him dropping my panties. He was off the couch in record time, as his pants dropped all the way joining my scattered garments on the ground. I was pinned against a wall a second later, as his hands slid over my body. I fell him enter my warm wet well with a finger. My legs nearly gave way to the sensation roiled through them. He pulled my leg up onto his thigh and pressed me against the wall. His fingers pulled out and he reoriented.

His cock slammed up into my pussy a moment later sending a shock wave through my body. I nearly screamed. I was lifted off the ground, as he buried himself inside me. The warmth of his cock was unbelievable, its girth stretched me, and pain wracked my cervix as his head pressed into it.

“Fuck!” The words escaped my mouth like ocean waves, “Oh fuck!”

He merely grunted like a great animal lost in the pleasure he was sensing. His lips made rings around my shoulder as he kissed, his hands digging into my ass, lifting me from the ground, his cock buried inside me as he thrust into me. After a moment I was spun around and pressed against the couch. I felt his cock pull from me as he let me gently fall onto the couch. I spread my legs for him as he reoriented and drove himself into me again, a great spear into my wound.

I felt tiny in his huge arms, which engulfed me. His head slid in and out of me repeatedly. I could feel my body racing towards hat release – oh I wanted it – I desperately wanted it. Each thrust seemed like it might send me over that magnificent edge but fell short every time. Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! It was the worst anticipation I had the pleasure of going through, each time was a tormenting failure but blessing every time!

“Akeelah, god damn it,” He hissed it in my ear, “I fucking love you.”

His deep baritone voice seemed to add to the sensation. Then it happened. That cliff had been jumped. My body arched and let out a scream. FUCK! FUCK! The sensation poured into my vaginal walls like a nuclear fire. My pussy clutched my lover with an almost audible squish. He let out a long groan. I felt my body spasm in his arms. He pushed himself all the way in me, letting out a satisfied grunt as he did so.

“Oh shit,” He gasped almost in surprise.

I felt his cock jump inside of me. He thrust hard once more – deep. It jumped within me again, and on the third throb, I felt ropes of cum pool in my vagina. I let out a long sigh as the warmth washed over me, engulf me in a shuddering pleasure. He stayed in, letting himself spill his thick white seed inside me.

“I couldn’t stop,” He pulled his cock from me.

“Wouldn’t it more like,” I teased, “Its okay.”

“It was worth it,” He pulled me towards him in an embrace, “For me anyway.”

“For me too,” I said over pulling one of his hands onto my breast, “I needed that.”’

As if on cue, the phone rang, “My wife,” He looked at the phone, “Damn it what do I tell her.”

“What you need to,” I replied touching the side of his face, “You needed me for something she won’t give you – and I kinda think you have the hots for me. I’ll be back and there will be other late nights.”

He smiled – “Fuck you are beautiful – I can’t believe I just … I just …”

“Believe it,” I said, “And if you have a second round in you I’ll be right here.”

“Let it ring,” He replied needing my breasts in his hands as he pulled me against his chest, “I want you right now.”

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Where the Wild Things Are

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Comments (1)
ohiohikerguy — 14 April 2018 19:05
Dayum, Miz Akeelah. Another fine tale about getting tail. Nice banter between the characters. Wish there was a strip club close to my school.
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