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  1. Hidden Desires Unleashed Ch.02


Categories Fiction, Anal, Consensual Sex, Fisting

Author: Panthers70

Published: 16 April 2018

  • Font:

Note: although I recommend you read the first chapter to put everything into context I think this chapter can be read as a stand-alone story.


Hidden Desires Unleashed - Chapter 2

Just about every day after their first meeting Amy had been fucked by Kasib and his friends. She’d been taken again in the cafe, in the back of Kasib’s car, in the local park and also back in the alley where it all started. That time they triple teamed her while a group of around fifteen men watched. The mature woman couldn’t get enough of their young cocks pounding into her.

Two weeks later she had to tell them that she was going on holiday to the States, a trip she had booked ages ago, and didn’t know how she was going to go ten days without them fucking her. As a going away present they rented a motel room and had an all-night session with the brown haired beauty.

She’d spent a lovely week touring round Southern California before spending the last couple of nights in Vegas but now it was time to take the seven-hour drive back down the I 15 to Los Angeles for her flight back to London. She checked out of the hotel, loaded her luggage into the car, and set off down the interstate. It was a really hot day, the temperatures approaching around 100°F, and it wasn’t long before she ran out of drink. She’d already passed the little gambling outposts of Jean and Primm and the satnav said the next place was Baker, ten miles away. Amy pulled off the I-15 at the second junction for Baker following the signs for fuel and food, and two minutes later was parked up outside a gas station and convenience store. It was only around ninety minutes since she left Vegas but she was glad to get out of the car and have a nice stretch. She oozed pure sex appeal dressed in a baggy white t-shirt tucked into some black Nike running shorts, her long tanned legs bare apart from a pair of flip-flops on her feet.

There was a little traffic noise from the nearby interstate but otherwise the area was quiet and deserted, with just some tumbleweed and dust blown by the hot gusty wind the only signs of movement. The shop was a typical convenience store, rows of shelves stacked with food and household essentials and a whole wall of chilled cabinets full of beer, energy drinks and water. She picked out a couple of cold bottles of Dasani and then looked around for the restrooms but there didn’t seem to be any internal doors. She walked to the checkout counter, paid for the water and asked the old guy who served her where the nearest restrooms were. He replied that they had an external one around the back of the building and told her to hold on a moment while he got the key.

“Jorge, where are you?” he shouted, “I need the restroom key.”

“Ok boss, just coming,” replied a voice from the other side of the store.

Amy looked around to see a young Mexican approaching, she estimated him to be around twenty. He was bare-chested and she was impressed by his well-muscled body and assumed he worked out a lot. She was even more impressed as her gaze drifted lower and saw the large bulge in his jeans.

“Christ he must be huge!” she thought to herself.

She’d now gone ten days without being fucked and was feeling the urge to have a cock inside her again. Amy looked up to see the youth smiling at her and blushed knowing she had been caught checking him out.

“Here you are lady.” he said, handing her a block of wood with a key attached to it by string.

“Thanks, I’ll bring it back in a couple of minutes.” she smiled back at him, letting her eyes drift back down to his crotch for a few seconds before walking out the door.

He waited until she was out of sight before turning grinning to the old man.

“She may be way longer than that, the pretty lady wants some action! Call Raul and tell him to get the guys to the usual place as soon as possible, he’ll know what you mean.”

“Geez Jorge, don’t you ever get enough? I remember the state of that blonde after you’d finished with her last weekend!”

“Yeah she was a good screw, but this one looks even better. Did you see her body? Fucking awesome!” he replied, before following her outside.

Jorge had been ogling Amy ever since she got out of the car, immediately attracted by her stunning figure. He saw the way her t-shirt tightened over her full round breasts when she stretched and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. He pictured her long tanned legs spread wide as he pounded his cock into her making her scream with pleasure. He knew he wouldn’t have to imagine how good a piece of ass she was for too much longer, he was going to fuck her whether she wanted it or not.

Amy put the bottles of water in the car and then walked round the back of the store to the restroom door. Just as she put the key in the lock she heard footsteps on the gravel behind her and glanced round to see the youth approaching. Her heart pounded as she knew by the look of pure lust on his face what he wanted, and she was definitely the mood for a fuck.

She turned around and leaned back against the door as he moved up close to her. She put an arm around his neck and pulled his mouth down onto hers, sucking his tongue hungrily. Her other hand moved down to feel the bulge in his jeans, gasping as she felt the size of his prick. He responded by tugging her shorts down and slipping a hand inside her panties, while his other one roamed all over her stunning body, exploring every curve of her gorgeous breasts and ass. She let out a muffled moan of pleasure and spread her legs a little wider to allow him easier access to her already wet pussy. Jorge needed no further invitation and shoved two fingers up inside her. There was a squelching sound as he explored her inviting cunt, her body trembling as he touched her g-spot. Amy’s hips began to rock back and forth as she fucked herself on his fingers, and he felt a warm sensation as she squirted hot cuntal fluid over his hand.

“Aaaarrrggghhh!” she screamed as the massive orgasm coursed through her body, triggered by the wonderful sensations this young Mexican was giving her.

She expected that he would now drag her into the restroom and give her the fuck her body so badly craved for and was surprised at what happened next. Jorge pulled her shorts and panties off completely and then knelt down in front of her. He held her ass cheeks, locking her in place, as he buried his head between her legs and began eating her out. He licked the inside her thighs and then pushed his tongue past her cunt lips into her vagina, stimulating the most private parts of the gorgeous brown haired beauty.

“Oh my God! What are you doing to me?” she panted. “That feels so good. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.”

Fireworks went off in her head as she felt his tongue and mouth go to work on her clit, licking sucking and chewing at it. She grabbed the back of his head and thrust her hips forward as a massive orgasm ripped through her shaking body. He pulled out from between her legs but before she had a chance to come down from her sexual high he shoved a couple of fingers back up her soaking wet pussy and began to pound in and out rapidly. Soon a third and then a fourth finger joined in. After a minute he stopped, his fingers still buried inside her, waited a few seconds and then began to pound her again. After another minute he stopped again for a few seconds and then rammed his fingers back into her. She was screaming with pleasure as every single nerve in her body reached maximum stimulation. It was becoming too much for Amy. She leaned forward and tried to pull his invading fingers out of her but it was no use, he was much too strong. Her senses were now completely overloaded as yet another orgasm hit her. He was merciless and continued pumping into her, only relenting when she collapsed onto him.

“You liked that lady? You’re awesome body is just built for fucking and it’s going to get plenty of that this afternoon.” he said as pulled her panties and shorts back up and then stood up with the semi-conscious Amy draped over his shoulder.

He crossed the deserted street and headed for the derelict building opposite. The Royal Hawaiian motel was once a popular stopping off place between LA and Vegas but had been closed now for around six years and the windows and doors were all boarded up apart from one. Jorge and his friends had been using a room to gang bang beautiful unsuspecting tourists, just like Amy, many many times during the last few years. He pushed the door open revealing a standard size motel room, empty apart from a large double mattress in the middle of the floor. He positioned Amy down on the mattress and then closed the door. It was fairly dimly lit, but a few rays of light shone through the gaps between the wooden panels boarding up the windows and more came from the open one foot square tiny window at the top of the rear wall.

Jorge quickly pulled his jeans and pants off, allowing his massive prick to swing free. He knelt down beside Amy and soon her T-shirt, shorts, and panties were in a heap in the corner of the room, allowing him to take in the naked splendour of the magnificent brown haired beauty. Amy had just started recovering from her comatose state when she felt her legs being pushed apart as she lay on her back on the mattress, and then was aware of the muscular Mexican about to mount her.

“God you’re so beautiful,” he said as he positioned the tip of his prick against her cunt lips, “I’m so going to enjoy fucking you.”

He eased himself into her, feeding inch after inch of his meat into the gorgeous woman. He felt the walls of her vagina squeeze around his cock as she grabbed his ass pulling him deeper inside her. He pushed in a little further and then felt her hips arch up to meet him until he was completely inside her, his prick pressing against her cervix and his balls nestling against her ass cheeks. Her legs opened wider as he began to pump his cock in and out of her, gradually increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts.

“You ready for a good fucking?” he asked as he stared deep into her pretty brown eyes. “You want it don’t you? Tell me how much you want it? Beg me to fuck you!”

Amy was loving the feel of this young Mexican cock deep inside her and pushed back up against every one of his thrusts, grinding herself back into him. Suddenly she felt him stop with just a couple of inches of his massive cock still inside her.

“Come on lady, tell me what you want me to do. Beg me to fuck you.”

She tried to push up and force his cock back in her but he held her steady, teasing her.

“Beg me bitch.”

She couldn’t stand it any longer, her arms encircling his back and pulling him down on top of her.

“You bastard!” she screamed at the top of her voice, “yes, yes I’m begging you to fuck me!”.

“You asked for it baby, “he grinned down at the brown haired beauty and started to hammer into her with long brutal strokes, as if he was trying to split her into.

“Take, and this, and this.” growling at her as he increased the pace and ferocity of his thrusts still further.

Her breathing was ragged and her head rocked from side to side as his cock ripped into her. She pulled her legs up and locked them around his back, trying to get him that little bit deeper up her cunt, as every single nerve in her body felt like it was going to explode. The young Mexican felt the first tingling signs in his balls that his own orgasm was approaching but desperately tried to prolong the great fuck he was getting from the gorgeous woman impaled beneath him on his cock. He quickly realised he was losing the battle soon his cock exploded firing jets of hot sticky cum deep into her cunt, emptying the entire contents of his balls up her in what seemed an endless stream.

He pulled out and pulled Amy up so she was on her hands and knees, moved up behind her, and rammed his already stiff cock back into her. He held her hips securely as he buried himself all the way up her dripping wet cunt, pumping into her with long smooth strokes, then reached forward underneath her and grasped her dangling breasts

“Lady, you’ve got a fantastic body, wonderful breasts and such a nice tight cunt. I wonder what the rest of you is like.”

He pulled out of her cunt, spread her ass cheeks, and then pushed a finger up her ass quickly followed by second. She screamed as his fingers rotated round in her dry chute but that was nothing like the pain she experienced a few seconds later when she felt his cock attempting to push into her ass. Even though he was well-lubricated with her vaginal juices it was hard going trying to push past her tight anal sphincter.

“Relax lady, just relax. Let me in. I promise you it’ll be worth it.”

He pushed in harder, rotating his hips all the time, and very slowly but surely he got a little deeper into her. Eventually her muscles relaxed just a fraction more, just enough for him to feed his cock deep up her ass. She screamed and felt pain like never before as he started to fuck her ass properly.

“Aarrgh! Take it out. Take it out please.” She pleaded with the young Mexican. “It’s too much for me.”

Jorge ignored her, driving his prick into her harder and faster, loving the feeling as her tight rear passage gripped the whole length of his cock. He savagely hammered his prick up her and her screams filled the room as continued the relentless assault on her ass.

Suddenly the room was flooded with light as the door opened and Raul and two other Mexicans entered. He smiled as he saw Amy on her hands and knees on the mattress and his friend behind her hammering his massive prick up her ass.

“Christ Jorge, we could hear her screaming as soon as we got out the car. We wondered what the hell you were doing to her!”

“The bitch just loves cock. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in her cunt or ass she just can’t get enough. Isn’t that right pretty lady?”

Amy’s face was contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her squirming body tried to free itself from the cock invading her ass, but Jorge had a firm hold on her hips and there was no escape. He continued to ream her mercilessly, the sound of his thighs slapping against her ass clearly audible as he pounded her with long hard strokes. Then without warning he changed positions. Keeping his cock inside her he pulled her down on top of him as he lay back on the mattress. Her legs were spread wide apart either side of his and his arms encircled her waist holding her in position as he started slamming his cock deep up her ass again.

“Oh my God! Stop, please stop. I can’t take any more!” she screamed as the destruction of her ass continued.

This only spurred Jorge to slam into her with even greater intensity, his hips lifting off the mattress with each thrust, and it wasn’t long before her ass was full of his cum as well as his prick. By now the rest of the gang were naked and ready to join in the action. Raul knelt down between her legs and his cock was soon ploughing deep into the welcoming cunt of the gorgeous woman, while Miguel roughly forced her lips apart and began fucking her mouth. The final man, Pedro, grabbed her hands and placed them on his cock, then moved his own hands onto her breasts, kneading them roughly.

Amy was in heaven as the young Mexicans gave her body more pleasure than she ever thought possible. Her body tingled all over as her cunt, ass and mouth were all stuffed full of cock. Soon jets of cum were blasting down her throat and into her ass and cunt. Without any time to recover Amy was pulled onto her hands and knees and straight away Miguel knelt down behind her and roughly drove his cock up her ass. She started screaming again as her rear passage was reamed ruthlessly. Raul grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and pulled her head up. Her lips parted allowing him to shove his prick into her mouth and down her throat. After fucking her hard at both ends it wasn’t long before they deposited two more loads of cum into her gorgeous body. Now it was the turn of Jorge and Pedro to get back into the action. Jorge fed his massive cock down her throat and began face fucking her, while Pedro pillaged her ass. After a few more minutes Pedro was finished with her and it was the turn of Raul to plunge his cock up the ass of the brown haired beauty. He was the last of the four to experience the delights of her accommodating rear channel but he wouldn’t be the last that afternoon.

They continued to take it in turns to use her gorgeous body for their own satisfaction, filling all her holes in a variety of positions. All four of them took her ass and cunt again while she was down on her hands and knees. They pounded into her battered cunt while she was lying on her back, and from time to time she also had a cock down her throat. They fired stream after stream of cum all over her face and body and it was leaking from her ravaged ass and cunt. It took a couple of hours and many orgasms later but eventually the four Mexicans were finally finished with Amy. She had loved every minute of her gang bang, sucking hungrily on each prick forced into her mouth and thrusting back eagerly each time a cock entered her ass or cunt.

They stood in a circle looking down at the stunning woman. She was lying on her back on the mattress, legs wide apart and eyes closed, motionless apart from a few involuntary twitches of her magnificent body. Cum was all over her, in her hair, on her face and body, and was leaking from her lips, ass, and pussy. They really had thoroughly worked over the brown-haired beauty.

“She was a good fuck, the best piece of ass we’ve had I think.”

“Fucking awesome, she took everything we gave her.”

“Don’t forget guys,” Jorge said smiling, “She hasn’t had my special treat yet!”

“Christ, do you think she can handle that after the fucking she’s just had?” Raul said, looking down at the barely conscious Amy.

“Are you kidding me? You’ve seen her in action, she can’t get enough!” Jorge replied.

He knelt down beside her and slid two fingers into her pussy which was still soaking wet from a mixture of cum and cuntal fluid.

“Ok here we go lady. Going to give you a nice little going away treat for you to remember us by!”

He began finger-blasting her again using the same technique as before, firstly with two fingers in her, then three, and finally four. He rammed them in and out for about a minute before pausing and then fired them into her again, repeating this process several times. Her body was writhing uncontrollably, her hips bucking up and down as if in a desperate attempt to escape the fingers assaulting her cunt, and her head rocked from side to side. She seemed to be in a state of constant orgasm.

Jorge then pulled his fingers out and jets of fluid shot from her wide-open pussy like a geyser erupting, bringing cheers from the surrounding Mexicans. His fingers quickly returned to her cunt and applying a little bit more pressure this time he was soon up to his knuckles inside her. Amy was screaming and begging the young Mexican to stop but he ignored her. He pressed his fingers together in a V-shaped pattern with his thumb tucked underneath and pushed in further using a corkscrew motion. Then suddenly he lurched forward and was all the way in, his whole hand buried inside the brown haired beauty. He clenched his fingers together into a fist and commenced a gentle punching motion which reached right up to her cervix. Amy was still screaming, but by now the pain had waned and her screams were now more of intense pleasure as she felt her cunt filled as never before.

The other three Mexicans were in awe as their friend fisted this gorgeous woman. They saw her stomach bulge as he punched as deep as he could into Amy and watched her fabulous body shake as another series of orgasms hit her. She reached out and tried to push the invading hand out of her but it was a half-hearted attempt as she was much too weak from the pounding she had taken over the last few hours. His relentless fisting was becoming too much for Amy, her senses were becoming overloaded yet again and her wonderful body became almost motionless as she drifted back into a semiconscious state. Jorge smiled down at the beautiful woman who was completely under his control and gave her cunt a few more punches. Then, as he slowly withdrew his hand from deep inside her, the gang were treated to another display of squirting as seemingly never-ending jets of fluid fired out of her vagina. Slowly the eruptions from within her diminished and then finally stopped completely.

It was all over. What she initially thought was going to be a quick one on one with Jorge had turned into the hardest and most extreme fucking she’s ever experienced. The four Mexicans had given her a thorough going over but she had taken it all. From the hammering of their cocks up her cunt and ass, the double penetrations, the throat fucking and the fisting she had taken everything they gave her. And she loved every minute of it.

Jorge and his friends took one last look at the beautiful woman they had just fucked to exhaustion. She lay still on the mattress, her face and body drenched with their seed and cum continuing to leak out of her battered cunt, but somehow she still managed to look stunningly attractive. Then they were gone and Amy was finally left alone.

It took some time for her to collect her senses but eventually she got up and slipped her T-shirt and shorts back on, and picked up the restroom key from the floor. She went outside into the bright Californian sunshine and gingerly walked back across the road to the convenience store. Her cunt and especially her ass ached so much that she had trouble walking and had to take slow stuttering steps to minimise the pain. Eventually she reached the restroom, stripped off, and began to wash the layers of dried cum from all over her body. She looked in the mirror and hardly recognised herself there was so much cum on her face and in her hair. She cleaned herself up as much she could before putting her T-shirt and shorts back on. Fresh clothes would have to wait until after she had a proper shower.

Amy went back into the store and handed the key back to the old guy. The look on his face was priceless as she stared at the well fucked beauty, the dirty and stained T-shirt and the dried cum still in her hair clear evidence of what she had been doing for the last few hours. She turned to walk out the door and he smiled at her obvious discomfort.

“Well pretty lady it looks like you enjoyed your stay in our little town so I’m sure we’ll see you again soon.”

Several hours later Amy settled down into her seat on the long overnight flight home back to London. Despite a shower and change of clothes, her ass and pussy were still tender from the battering the gang of Mexicans had given her earlier in the day and doubted whether she’d ever feel such complete satisfaction again.

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