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A Chance Encounter at the Mall

Categories True Story

Author: Luv2LiqU

Published: 16 April 2018

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Needing some new shirts and slacks I go to the mall to do a little shopping. While I’m there browsing in one of the stores I happen to notice you. I’m fascinated by your curves and find myself wanting to squeeze your fanny. But fully aware that it's all just a lustful fantasy I turn and continue shopping. It isn’t long before I notice you again. Then again a few minutes later. At one point we end up walking toward each other. The aisles are a bit tight and as we pass the back of our hands brush together. I turn and apologize for being so clumsy and you smile and tell me it's ok. We occasionally see each other again as we shop. Each time we smile as if it's some kind of karma thing. I begin wonder if you think I’m a stalker. You look like you're in college and I'm almost old enough to be your dad so I try to act as indifferent as I can. But I find myself still sneaking a look. Your eyes and smile are captivating. I find myself more and more sexually attracted to you. I try to shake it off because I really am feeling like a perverted stalker.

I see you shopping in the ladies jeans area so intentionally I pass by as you're hold up a pair, with bling on the pockets, against you. You see me and ask... do you think they look ok or is it too much. I wink and tell you that you'll never know until you try them on, and you just might like what you see. You smile and say, "You're right!" So you gather them up and head off to the dressing room. You motion for me to follow you, "You have to tell me how they look.” So I oblige and follow you. I'm completely mesmerized by your form and how you move. Those CFM heels, snug pants and tank top make you look so sexy and sensual. My mind wanders through forbidden fantasies about you as I wait outside of the dressing room and it isn’t long before you pop out and ask,” Well? How do they look?” as you turn around. Trying to maintain my “cool” I tell you,”Stunning!” You make them look amazing. You look at me suspiciously but still pleased,”Think so do ya?”. "Um… Yes ma’am I’m a pretty good judge of these things." I couldn't believe I just said "ma'am" to you. But I wanted to be polite. You smile and turn around again then say, "Well, since you’re such an expert I guess I’ll get them. Thank you.”

You head back to the dressing room then look back at me. You catch me looking straight at your fanny. Then you step into the dressing room smile and close the door. For some crazy reason I just stand there for a few moments… thinking. But the desire for you overwhelms me. I walk to the door, push it open and I step into the dressing room with you. Standing there with you back to me in your panties and blouse you say, "Took you long enough."

I smile and without saying a word I stand behind you kissing your neck and shoulders while drawing my fingers lightly over them. I undo your blouse, take it off you and let it fall to the floor. I caress your arms and slip the straps of your bra off your shoulders. I undo your bra, take it off you and let it fall to the floor. Then I slide my hands around you and up over your breasts cupping and squeezing them. You put your hands up behind you playing in my hair giving me full access to them. I pass my hands with my fingers spread back and forth over your nipples letting them pop between my fingers then trap and pull them a little. Then I rub your nipples with the flat part of my palms. I squeeze them firmly and knead them. I press your nipples inward then roll them with my finger tips and pull them out firmly. You moan softly.

I turn you around, kiss your neck and capture your ear lobe with my lips. Then we kiss. It isn’t long before it becomes a deeply passionate long French kiss. I kiss your neck and begin to work my way downward to your breasts. I kiss each of them several times, and in-between them. Finding your erect nipples I tease them with my tongue then suck them. You squeeze your breasts offering them to me whispering, “Suck them. Suck my tits. Suck them hard.” I draw each of them, in turn, into my mouth between my teeth and bite them gently as I lick them with the tip of my tongue. As I suck and lick one, I play with your other nipple rubbing it lightly with my finger tips, rolling and pulling it. I begin suck your breast like a hungry animal, opening my mouth wide and sucking it in deeply until I feel it touching the back of my throat. I pull back and it pops out making a noise. Then I do the same to your other breast.

I slowly work my way down your body to your panties, laying a path of kisses as I go. As I do you squeeze and pull your breasts with one hand while playing in my hair and pushing your body to me. I kiss across your panty line then all around where your legs bend and over your pubic bone. I pull your panties aside a little and kiss your slit then tease it and lick through it. I rub underneath you firmly with my palm pressing your soaked panties against you and massaging you. I pull your panties down to your thighs then and edge your clit with my thumbs on each side pushing your pussy lips together. Your breathing grows heavy and you offer almost inaudible moans. I begin to lick all around your clit and suck it gently. I push one... and then two fingers into you rubbing your g-spot and licking your clit with the tip of my tongue. It sends bolts of pre-orgasmic waves through you but I don't want you to cum just yet.

I stand and turn you around. Instinctively you reach back, unzip my pants reach in and find how much desire and wet lust I have for you. You pull my balls and pulsing manhood out and guide it to your hot wet pussy. You whisper as you moan, “Fuck me!”. I press forward and you feel the tip begin to enter you. When you feel it go a little deeper you let it go then bend over bracing yourself against the wall. You moan and jerk slightly as the tip of my cock passes through your opening. The wetness from our mutual anticipation allows me slide into you all the way and pull you tight to me. “Oh God yes! Your cock feels so good!”, you whisper as low as you can. “Your tight pussy has me so fucking hard!”, I whisper. With my pants still on my balls are forced outward and you feel them press against your clit as I grind you. You push back, I hold your hips, and we begin grinding and fucking slowly. I undo my pants and let them fall to the floor then pull out of you just long enough to push my underwear to the floor too. You bend way over then I enter and sink my cock all the way inside you again. And you let out a little moan. “Are you okay, do you need something?”, a female voice asks outside of the door. “No I’m fine. It’s all good.”, you respond. You look back at me and we smile and laugh inwardly.

I hold your hips and keep pumping and thrusting my cock into you. We fuck like a horny teenagers. But I try to do it so we don’t make the sound of bodies slapping together. The thought of where we are and the naughty nature of makes the feeling even more intense. Juices from your pussy run down my balls. You reach underneath to massage your clit but you can feel my cock sliding in and out of you too. You massage your clit but want to feel my cock at the same time so you push your middle finger into your pussy too.

It isn’t long before I feel your legs and ass begin to tighten. Knowing you are close to climax I thrust even harder. We are both breathing heavily but as quietly as we can. I feel the orgasm take over your body as you begin to tremble. My cock gets super hard and I push into you deeply and grind you. In response you press back. I reach down and pull your ass cheeks apart and forcing my cock even deeper into you. Your body trembles and jerks and I keep pumping you wanting you drive you over the top. Your orgasm grows in intensity as you feel my muscles tighten and sense that I'm about to cum too. I pull you back and drive into you even harder. You feel my cock swell and throb inside inside of you filling you with warm creamy cum with each pulse. It pushes your orgasm even higher and you soak my cock and balls with your pussy juices.

Still breathing heavily we keep fucking, not wanting it to stop, for as long as my cock stays hard enough. When it finally comes out, you turn, get on your knees then lick and suck my cock and balls thoroughly enjoying the taste of sex. Then you stand and while holding my cock, press your body to mine. I put my arms around you and with one hand on the small of your back and the other on your ass, I pull you tight as we share a deep, passionate kiss, our tongues dancing together as if they are having sex themselves. Then you say,"I want you to fuck me again Daddie." I ask, "Do you want to go to a movie?" Picking upon my intent you smile, "Yes, but I'm getting a skirt and leaving my panties off."

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A Chance Encounter at the Mall

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