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  1. Blackmailing My Own Wife - Part 1
  2. Blackmailing My Own Wife - Part 2
  3. Blackmailing my own wife, reposted parts 1,2,3

Blackmailing my own wife, reposted parts 1,2,3

Categories Fantasy, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cuckold

Author: mrpiggy

Published: 16 April 2018

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I'll cut to the chase. I have been happily married for 5 years to my beautiful wife, Tiffany, but the problem is I have a very high sex drive, where as my wife is happy to simply not have sex. At the start of our relationship sex was regular and very good if not pretty standard, but recently I am lucky to have sex once a month and when we do it is missionary only.

I started to fantasize about my wife having sex with other men, and whilst it sounds strange the thought of her bouncing on some guys hard dick, moaning in pleasure, whilst she rubs her clit and begs him to cum inside her really turns me on. But hey it's just a fantasy, it would never happen. I know Tiff is not and would not have an affair, she is just not that kind of girl, life is perfect for her but she just really is not in to sex.

A bit about Tiffany. Tiff is 33, 5 foot 7, average build with 34C breasts. shoulder length brown hair and big brown eyes. Typically she would dress in jeans and a top, sometimes she would slow cleavage but she would never wear anything overly sexy. She works as an accountant and prides herself on her work.

The story starts with me not having sex for nearly 3 months and I me fantasizing about my wife reluctantly agreeing to fuck two guys, before things get carried away and she ends up getting spit roast and double penetrated, a typical fantasy for me. I decided that I was going to try something, I might regret it, but at the time it sounded fun. I started contacting a few people on forums to see if anyone would like to fuck my wife, after ruling out a good number of people I found a 22year old named Chris who lived reasonable close by and we spent some time talking about thing. I explained that I wanted someone to fuck my wife, to do everything to her, and I wanted to watch albeit via camera. Despite Chris suggesting that he try and chat up my wife and lead her on to cheating on me, I said that she would never go for it and that the only way to get her to have sex would be blackmail. I suggested that he pose as a client, get her to do some accountancy work and that I could then fiddle the numbers so that it looks like she is trying to defraud the tax office. Tiff is a total straight arrow and would worry what even a false accusation could do so Chris agreed and I set up the plan.

A few days later I heard back from Chris, he has been in to see Tiff and said that his old accountant had retired suddenly and he was desperate from some work to be done the next day, Tiff agreed to fit him in (little did she know she would be fitting him in, in more ways than one). A further few days went by and I accessed the work on Tiff's computer whilst she was out, I changed enough that it would not look good for her and saved the file, whilst also saving a backup to my own computer in case Chris really tried to push the fraud thing. I knew Tiff would forwarding the document on that evening.

Chris messages me to say that he is going to speak to Tiff today and start things moving with the blackmail. I do feel really bad, I know I should not have started this, but at the same time I can't believe my fantasies might play out.

There a knock on Tiffs door in the office "come in" says Tiff

"Hello Tiffany, thank you for doing that work for me so quickly. I've looked through the document and whilst I am not a qualified accountant I have been looking after my books for a while and things do not seem to add up" Says Chris

"Let me take a look" Tiffany takes the paper from Chris, has a read through and can't believe what she sees. "This is not what I had calculated!"

"Well it looks to me as if you were trying to defraud both myself and the revenue, I am duty bound to report this and thought I should tell you in person"

Tiff begins to sob "But this is not my work and this could ruin me!"

Chris put and arm on Tiffs shoulder "I'm sorry but it is signed by you and for all I know there are other people you have stolen from. You seem like an honest person but I can't let this go"

"is there not anything that I can do?" Tiff innocently replies

"Um" replies Chris "How about you come to my house later at about 20:00, tell me how you got the numbers and I'll see if that clears it up"

"OK, I'll be there"

Chris Messaged me after to explain that it went perfectly. He had set up some camera's in his house, which I had provided the money for and told me that my wife would be going to see him later. I ensured that I could access all the camera and let the day play out.

"Are you OK Honey" I said to Tiff as she came home, "you look upset"

"I'm fine, just tired. I do have a meeting later although I imagine it won't be too late. A client wants me to double check some bits"

"As long as you are OK" I said.

With that we ate dinner with the usual idle chitchat and me clock watching. At 19:30 Tiff said her good byes and left.

"Hi Tiffany, glad you could make it" Said Chris opening the front door, "come in"

"Thank you Chris, and thank you for suggesting we go through this"

"That's no problem. Take a seat, but I do not really want to look at the paper work. I want to take a look at you beautiful breasts"

Tiff stared in disbelief "Excuse me?!"

"I've had a friend look over this, he told me that whoever tried to fiddle the numbers could get in big trouble. Now I don't want to get you in any trouble Tiff, so if you do some things for me, I'll do the right thing for you and we can forget this ever happened" Chris said whilst standing over Tiffany.

"But it's not even my work, I haven't done anything wrong" Tiff says as she starts to sob

"OK, I'll report this tomorrow and if that's true I'm sure it will get sorted out" Chris says


"NO!.... what do you want me to do" Tiff says quietly.

"First I want you to take your top and bra off. Every time we've met I've seen your cleavage and I want to see if your tits are as good as I imagine they are"

Tiffany stands, and starts to undo her blouse whilst looking at the floor.

"Look me in the eyes whilst you do it Tiff" Chris says in a voice whilst shows he is in control.

All this time I have been watching and listening through the camera system. The quality is really good and I can see and hear everything. Part of me hates myself, the other part of me is stroking my rock hard cock.

"Please don't call me Tiff, only my husband calls me Tiff" Tiff pleads,

"As far as you are concerned I am your husband tonight, now undo your bra and keep eye contact with me"

Tiff keeps looking Chris in the eye and reaches behind her back to undo her bra, she lets it fall away to show her gorgeous firm breasts.

"They are as good as I imagined Tiff, I bet your husband loves to play with them. Now take your trousers off"

"That is not what we agreed!" shouts Tiff indignantly.

"If you do not do what I say that I report the fraud, it is that simple" Chris firmly says.

sobbing quietly, Tiff slips her shoes and trousers off so she is standing there only in her black panties.

"You have an amazing figure Tiff, turn around slowly. Perfect. now look me in the eyes, walk towards me so we are only 2 foot apart. Good. Keep eye contact, put one hand down your pants and start touching yourself"

I'm watching the camera and cannot believe that she starts to do it. It's like she has given up hope and is standing there, staring at Chris whilst moving her hand. This goes on for 2 minutes in near silence when the next thing I hear is a zipper being undone.

"My penis is in front of you, keep touching yourself but with the other hand start slowly wanking my dick" Chris says this whilst looking in to Tiffs eyes all the time.

Tiff sobs loud enough that I can hear, but she walks forward slightly and I can she her hand with her wedding ring on holding on the Chris's cock and slowly pumping it.

With the camera I am able to zoom in on Tiff's face. I watch as she stares in to Chris's eyes and I see her mouth start to part slightly as it does before an orgasm. I can only imagine what must be going through her mind right now, but I know the bodies urges have to be obeyed and she has been touching herself for 10 minutes now.

"Kiss me" Chris says,

Without hesitation Tiff moves forward, still fingering herself, although with more urgency, and also pumping Chris's dick faster and locked lips with Chris.

Chris moves one hand through Tiffs hair to hold her head in for the kiss and the other on her arse, this lasts for 20 seconds before something that I did not expect happens.

"ugh!" Tiff breaks away from the kiss, lifts her head and signals her orgasm with a squeal and furious rubbing of her clit.

Chris pulls her back in for the kiss which Tiff obliges. Post orgasm, Tiff releases Chris's cock and removes her hand and lets her arms fall to her sides. she stands perfectly still until Chris holds her at which point she slowly rests her head on him and cries whilst she is held.



As I watch via through camera, Chris leans in and whispers something in to Tiffs ear. I can't hear what is said but Tiff lifts her face and starts looking Chris straight in the eyes again. she slowly moves down until she is on her knees, still looking up at Chris, but with his penis right in front of her face.

"You know what to do baby, open that slut mouth and start sucking my cock like your career depends on it" Chris says looking down at Tiff.

With these words Tiffany seems to gain some composure and anger for what is happening. "I am not your baby and I am not a slut. You are forcing me to do all of this!"

"I didn't force you to cum in your panties, I didn't force you to tug on my dick like you were whilst you were cumming and I certainly didn't force you to kiss me like you just did. You enjoyed it because you are a cheating slut, you loved holding on to my dick and your are going to act as if you love sucking my dick."

"I don't care anymore!" shouts Tiffany as she starts to stand. "I'm going, tell who you want about the accounts, it will get sorted and prove I did nothing wrong!"

"Tiff, Tiff, Tiff. You know it won't work out that way, but I'll do you a deal. Suck my cock like you mean it, really get in to it like you have always wanted to do this, like you are desperate to have my dick in your mouth. If you do a good job, I'll give you all the accounts that I have and we can forget this ever happened" Chris says, in a more gentle voice.

"How do I know you are telling the truth?" Tiff questions "You could just be saying this"

"All the paper work is here, and I'll let you watch as I delete it from the computer. If you do this I guarantee I will get rid of all copies of the accounts"

From my perspective, watching through the many cameras, Chris does seem sincere and Tiffany looks to be thinking it over. I'm quite excited at the thought or watching my wife suck on Chris's dick. It looks to be about 8" and whilst it's not what I would call a beer-can-cock it is certainly thicker than most.

"Baby" Says Chris, "wrap your left hand around my cock so I can see your wedding ring as you stroke me. Remember I need to believe you want this more than anything in the world if I am going to hand over the documents"

Tiff looks up, gently touches Chris's girth and starts stroking. She knows that Chris enjoys eye contact so she looks in to Chris's eyes, opens her mouth and slowly takes the head passed her lips. She starts by sucking on the head whilst stroking the shaft, all the time looking up at Chris.

I swap through the cameras, watching my wife suck this cock whilst using the hand with her wedding ring to stroke his shaft and the other hand to hold his balls. It reminds me of the few times at the start of our relationship when she used to suck me. She never enjoyed it and the effort she put it was never great.

Chris strips his shirt off to show a very well defined body. I had not noticed how muscular he was during our meetings due to the clothes he wore, but he certainly had an attractive face and now I can see that he was in good shape. Certainly not the kind of guy that would have issue getting women in to his bed but he was very interested in my blackmail proposal so I guess it must be one of his kinks and I've given him the possibility to play it out.

"Baby, I need you to start showing more enthusiasm and talk dirty to me. Make me know that sucking my cock is the only thing you exist for" Chris says

Tiff never talks dirty, so what I hear next surprises and excites me.

Tiff slowly slips the head out of her mouth with a pop, and still looking up at Chris, says in a husky voice "I love your huge cock Chris, I want you to fuck my mouth and cum on my face"

With that Tiff shuffles forwards on her knees, takes hold of the back of Chris legs and starts taking Chris cock deeper in to her mouth. I can see Chris life his head in pleasure and then move his hands behind my wife's head to help guide her, although at this stage she is basically getting fucked in the mouth and doing the work herself. I can hear her almost gagging, she is certainly had no experience that I am aware of of deep throating, but it looks like she is trying to take as much in her mouth as possible. Either she is really enjoying this, which I doubt from how prudish she normally is, or she knows enough about what guys want, or what she thinks guys want to try and do what Chris says and end this quickly.

"That's it Tiff, I knew you needed my huge cock. I want you to use one of your hands and start touching yourself again. I want you to cum within 5 minutes to show me what a cock loving slut you are" Chris says whilst Tiffany takes a brief pause from the face fucking.

Tiff immediately starts rubbing her pussy with her right hand, leaving her left hand with her engagement and wedding rings on to stroke Chris's dick whilst she sucks his head. I do not know if she is purposely using her left hand on Chris's dick or if she remembers Chris's request from earlier, but it certainly plays to my fantasy and I know most men would get a thrill out of having a married women in this position. At this point there is so much of Tiffs saliva on Chris's dick that I can hear the sloppy noises as she really works it with her hand, pumping back and forth whilst taking a few inches in her mouth.

"Cum for me Chris, I need to feel your huge cock throb in my hand. Make me your little cumslut" Tiff moans between the brief periods that she doesn't have a mouth full of cock

Within a few minutes of this I can only imagine how Chris has not cum by now. watching my wife go to town on his cock and certainly had my own cock twitching but I don't want to waste a second of watching this.

Tiff move her head back slightly "Fuck Chris, sucking your cock is going to make me cummmm!!" and with this Tiff lifts her head back and her eyes start to roll. Chris takes his own dick and after a few strokes shoots wad after wad of hot cum all over my wife's orgasmic face and unbelievably Tiff opens her mouth wider when she feels the cum start to splatter her.

I have never came on Tiffs face, and certainly never in her mouth, she would always make sure she finished me with her hand the few times she did give me head. So watching through the camera as my beautiful wife came down from her post orgasmic high, with her big brown eyes looking up at Chris, cum dripping from almost every part of her face and to then swallow what has landed in her mouth made me cum there and then.

"You sure are a dirty slut Tiff! Are you sure you were just pretending to enjoy that because from where I was standing it looked as if you were loving it!" Chris says with a smile

"You are blackmailing me, of course I didn't enjoy it you prick" Tiffany says defiantly

I doubt Chris picked it up, but I have known Tiff a long time and there was some hesitancy to her last reply.

"Well a deals a deal, and although it hates me to do it, here's all the paper work, and here me deleting the copies"

Tiff gets to her feet and starts to wipe the cum off her face on a nearby towel. She manages to get most of it but it's all through her hair and a fair amount is resting on her breasts. Tiff then turns around and starts to get dressed, I guess she wants to hide her modesty even after all that's happened.

"You are an absolute cunt" Tiff says "but at least you have stuck to your end of the bargain. Now I never want to see you again"

"Ah, there might be a problem there baby" replies Chris coyly, "you see, I stuck to the deal and there is now no reason why you will have a problem with your job that is all forgotten about, but I have been recording this and in the next few days I am going to phone you and tell you what I want to do next. If you don't, I shall ensure that your husband, family and the world as a whole know what a cheating slut wife you really are"

I knew this was coming as Chris and I had planned this out. but I could see that Tiff had just realised that she was now well and truly screwed



I watch through the camera feeds as Tiff gets dressed in silence and walks out of Chris's place, still with cum glistening in her hair. I shut my computer down and go to bed, so that I can pretend to be asleep when Tiff gets in knowing that she will have a shower and will not want to talk about what has happened. A bit later I hear the front door open quietly and then the shower running. I lay in bed thinking of my wife washing the dried cum out of her hair and off her breasts and I can't believe how turned on I am. Ignoring my urges I try to sleep, knowing that it will make things easier for Tiff to get in to bed without having to talk to me, and give her some time to think things over.

The next morning i'm downstairs having breakfast when Tiffany walks down.

" Hey baby, want some breakfast" I say whilst lifting my head from the news paper and giving Tiff a smile.

"No thanks, I'm going to be late so I'll get some food at work" Tiff says in a normal although slightly strained voice. "see you after work"

With this Tiff leaves with a brief kiss on the cheek. I can tell that she is not feeling herself, not surprising after the night before

Once Tiff leaves for work, I start finalising phase 2 of my plan. I had briefly spoken to Chris about the next steps before this all began and spent a few minutes on the phone with him to ensure he knew what to do. Happy that everything was in motion, I went to work to let events play out

14:28 and Tiffany's work phone rings.

"Hello, this is Tiffany speaking, how can I help"

"You have helped me a great deal already baby, sucking my cock last night was amazing, but i'm sure I can think of more"

Tiff freezes briefly, knowing straight away that it is Chris. "I think you have the wrong number" Tiff hangs up, picks up her coat and bag and walks out of the office.

30 seconds later her mobile phone rings.

"That was not very nice Tiff, it's almost as if you want me to share the videos of our exploits last night. I had a good look through the videos and you look beautiful with my cock in your mouth. The part where you are face fucking yourself on my dick with your hair swishing back and forth, absolutely magnificent."

"Shut up Chris. I didn't want the conversation on the work phone" Tiffany says harshly. She has had time to realise that she is stuck in this situation but hopes that sucking Chris cock a few times will appease him. "Tell me what you want"

"Well, straight to the point, I admire that, but there is no reason that we cannot be genial about this. Anyway, there is a package being delivered to your office this afternoon. Once you have it, open it and read the note inside"

With that Chris hung up and Tiff was left standing outside thinking about how she got in this mess. She had been doing all she could not to burst in to tears, but she had promised herself she would be strong. She hates Chris more than anything, but she also hates herself. Hates herself because she had two orgasms whilst being forced to be with a man that wasn't her husband. Hates herself because when she came home and had a shower whilst her husband was asleep, she fingered herself to another orgasm whilst fantasising about taking Chris's cock inside her, before sitting on the floor of the shower and sobbing quietly. Hates herself because through all the worry and wishing that she could go back in time to before all this started, she felt brief excitement to hear Chris's voice and wants to find out what is in the parcel being delivered.

30 minutes after being back in the office a parcel arrives. Tiffany ensures that she is alone and carefully opens the package. Inside is a letter and a key. The letter reads.

'Hello Tiff,

Thank you for your time the another night, I am glad we resolved our little issue. To show you how much I appreciated our time together I have rented a small place for the next 2 nights and I hope you can join me. In fact, I simply won't take no for an answer. You do not need to pack anything as everything that you may need will be provided. Please find enclosed the address, I expect you to be there by 19:00 tonight.


A cold sweat comes over Tiff. She has had to travel for work before, but has always been able to give warning to her husband, she has never had to just disappear. Thinking quickly she picks up the phone and dials.

Knowing what was coming I had been expecting a call.

"Hey Tiff, you don't usually phone during the day, what's up?" I say

"i'm really sorry, but one of the team has had to pull out of an audit at late notice and I'm going to have to go out of town for a couple of days. If there was any way I could avoid it I would, but I have to go"

I'm actually quite impressed with Tiff's acting as she sounds perfectly normal, no hint that she has been summoned by her blackmailer. "It's not a problem baby, if you have to do it you have to do it. Have a good time and call me when you can"

"Thank you so much for understanding, I love you"

"I love you to Tiff"

I was concerned at this part of the plan that Tiff might simply refuse to go or tell me about what had happened. I was pleasantly surprised that she also seemed to be holding up OK as whilst I had thoroughly enjoyed watching her with Chris, I really don't mean any harm to her as I do love her in my own way.

The place that Chris had rented, I had actually rented, and already been there to make sure all the cameras had been setup. These were the same type of cameras that I had setup at Chris's place, very small and hidden. Chris was aware of most of the camera positioning, but there were some that I hadn't let Chris know about..

As well as the camera, I had also supplied a number of new items of clothing and accessories, again to fulfil my fantasies. I had a thing for big hoop earrings, something that Tiffany would never wear, so I made sure there were a few pairs. I also supplied some large diamante necklaces and bangle bracelets, something about imagining the sound of the bracelets jangling as she stroked a cock had my heart pounding. I also had a selection of crotchless tights and a few sexy bras and lingerie sets with a few cocktail dresses and some that were off the shoulder. The outfits would be finished by some of the highest heels that I have seen. All of this was so far away from the usual clothes that Tiff would throw on, but imagining my wife in them made it a joy to get it all ready.

I sat at home, watching the monitors waiting for Tiff to appear knowing that I would be in for a treat.

Tiff pulled up to the secluded house and did not notice any other cars. Walking to the front door she let herself in and found that whilst there was a light on it seemed like Chris was not here. The house looked normal, nothing stood out at all and she guessed it was either a rental that the owners never used themselves or maybe a place that they would come back to on weekends. After looking around for a bit she came to a room upstairs and upon opening the door saw it was the master bedroom. Turning on the light Tiffany found a note on the bed. She read the note

"Tiff, I am glad you found the place. You are likely hungry, so please get yourself ready and I'll be around with food at 20:30. There are clothes in the wardrobe and makeup in the bathroom, please take your time to make yourself look as beautiful as I know you are"

Tiff had had an idea of what Chris wanted, but eating a meal with her was certainly not one of them.

"Oh my god!" Tiff exclaimed when opening the cupboard, the clothes were certainly nice, if a little slutty, and not things that she would ever wear. She even doubted she could walk in the heels. In front of the clothes was an envelope with her name on. Unsure as to what this would be Tiffany read on.

"Tiffany, please read this and understand that it is very important to you that you understand and follow the instructions in this letter. I have a fetish and you are going to help me play it out. My fantasy is to make another mans wife fall in love with me and this is what I want to pretend happens over the next few days. I want you to act as if you do not like me and are just going through with this because i'm blackmailing you (that part should be easy), but I want you to act as if you are gradually falling in lust with me over the next few days to the point where you are begging me to take you and that you are saying you will leave your husband for me. I want you to dress sexily, at first because I have asked you to, but then because you want me to want you. Really, it's simple. At first you are reluctant, but you find yourself wanting me more and more as time goes on. From shy wife, to filthy slut in the bedroom. It is also important that you do not speak about this at all as I want it to feel real to me. Chris"

Tiffany thought about this whilst looking at the clothes in front of her. She had assumed Chris was some kind of deviant for blackmailing her, but this was strange. He wasn't unattractive and she was sure a guy like Chris would have his share of women, so to go through something like this for a fantasy was extreme. She really just wanted this to all be over and had resigned herself to having to have sex with him, she decided there and then that she would try her best to do what was in the letter in the hope that if she followed it Chris may just let her get back to her life.

What Tiffany didn't know was that It was me, not Chris that had written that letter and that Chris knew nothing about it. My hope was to see Tiffany acting like a real slut after initially seeing her acting as if she hated it and Chris not quite sure what was going on. I hadn't given Chris any direct instructions for these next two nights other than to enjoy himself and that he could do what he liked as long as he didn't physically hurt Tiffany. I had suggest that he try to seduce her, rather than just fucking her 24/7, and I was hoping that would work with my secret letter to Tiff, as it would make Chris think that he really was seducing my wife. Again, another fantasy for me getting to watch my wife really make love to another man, I was hoping it would play out.

Stripping off her clothes and moving to the bathroom Tiff intended to shower first. In the large bathroom she saw the selection or earrings, necklaces and makeup and a note that read 'Wear me'.

In the shower was a shaver and foam with a further note that read 'Use me'. Tiff did shave her legs often but she didn't know if it was her legs that the shaver was meant for. Not wanting to anger Chris she climbed in and shaved her legs and around her pussy. She usually kept it quite tidy, but had never shaved it right down and there was certainly something erotic about it even in the situation the Tiff was in. After the shower and getting dry Tiff did her makeup which wasn't a great deal different to normal apart from her eyelashes really stood out. she put on a pair of large hoop earrings, the pink lipstick and the large sparkly necklace. Just as she was leaving the bathroom she noticed some long french false nails. Again, not wanting to disappoint she spent some time applying them. They were much longer that her normal nails and did look good, she had to admit

At this point looking in the mirror Tiff thought that she looked somewhere between a high class escort and half the celebs she saw on TV, who were probably escorts themselves. Tiff then put on some crotchless black panties, as they were all crotchless there wasn't much choice, and a bra which had the effect of turning her 34C's in to 34D's. She decided against tights as she had just been through the effort of shaving her legs and squeezed in to a black dress which had a large v down the front showing plenty of cleavage. The last piece was a pair of pink strappy heels to match her lipstick. Wobbling to the full length mirror, she would have to practice walking in these heels Tiff noted, she couldn't help but feel quite sexy seeing herself.

And I could not believe how incredible my wife looked. If she was in front of me now I would have done untold things to that body. I had been rapt watching her get ready all evening, but the best bit was watching her stand in front of the mirror, admiring herself, and lifting her hand to stroke a loose bit of hair behind her ear. Her ring, the bracelets, the earrings, the lipstick all had my heart pounding, but it was the wry smile across her lips that had me lopping that moment on one of my screens to keep forever.

Tiff had been walking around upstairs for 5 minutes, getting used to the heels when she heard the door downstairs.

"Tiff, it's Chris, how are you getting on?"

Tiff didn't say anything as she appeared at the top of the stairs. She stood there looking down at Chris and despite this all being forced on her and her blackmailer standing just down the stairs from her, she couldn't help but be pleased by the reaction she say in Chris's face and from the hint of a reaction she could see down his crotch.

Carefully Tiffany makes her way down the stairs until she is standing in front of Chris.

"Hi, I hope this is what you wanted?" Tiff says defiantly. To my ears she almost sounds as if she is in control of the situation, I guess it's amazing what dressing sexily can do

"You look amazing baby, I've got Chinese food, I wasn't sure what you like so I got a selection" Chris replied in his cool manner.

Chris walked passed to what Tiff had explored earlier as the dining room. Chris was wearing some aftershave that she really liked and this sent a twinge in Tiffanys gut. She had managed to blank out what these few days would likely involve until now, but focusing on getting dressed, but with Chris now here, and with them about to eat it all suddenly came crashing back to her.

I watched them eat, with neither Chris or Tiff talking much. It looked like Chris was actually a bit nervous and Tiff was just picking at her food.

"So I thought we could watch a film and have some wine after this" Chris said whilst looking across the table. "I appreciate that this is not what you wanted to be doing this evening so I was hoping that by helping you relax it might make it easier for you"

"That's an understatement" Tiff said glaring back "but if it means we delay anything else then fine"

Chris Tidies up whilst Tiff walks to the sitting room and sits on the sofa, I watch as Chris walking in with two large glasses of red wine, flips the lights off and site next to Tiff. He presses play and when the film starts he moves his arm around Tiffs shoulder. I can see Tiff's body stiffen before relaxing in to Chris.

Time moves forward and Tiffany is drinking the wine as if she wants to get drunk which I can't blame her for. Chris has one arm around her shoulder and the other hand resting on Tiffs thigh, with his fingers gently massaging up and down. Tiffs right hand moves to Chris's thigh but both are starring at the screen. Chris left hand searches the front of Tiff's top until I can see his hand disappear and start cupping her breast, this results in Tiff squeezing Chris leg which in turn gives Chris the signal to move his right hand under the short dress where he feels Tiffs dampness exposed by the crotchless panties.

Tiffany can't believe what is happening. She is in mental torment, hating what is happening to her, but also needing to be touched because of what her body is telling her. She hates that her body gives in so easy and it must be the wine but she needs Chris to touch her.

This is the point where I take control of the TV and rather than the film that was on, I change to another film, the film of Tiff on her knees tugging on Chris dick.

The sudden change off brightness and Tiff's voice coming from the TV make both Tiff and Chris stop briefly whilst they figure out what has happened. They both watch as a close up of Tiff shows on the TV, her hand wrapped around Chris 8inch girthy penis, precum glistening from his eye before his head is enclosed by Tiffanies mouth.

Chris, obviously excited by what he has just seen starts to have his first explore of my wife's vagina with his fingers. He gently explores around before Tiffany, still watching herself suck Chris dick on the TV, opens her legs wider to grant herself to Chris's willing fingers. He pushes two soaked fingers inside her, before withdrawing and focusing his attention on her clit. With this Tiff turns her head to look at Chris and at the same time moves her hand from his thigh up to his crotch where she can feel his bulging penis. Mouth open and making shallow breaths due to the strumming n her clit, Tiff deftly opens Chris trousers and releases his member and holds it firmly in her hand.

I watch on as Tiff and Chris face each other about 4 inches apart, the sounds of Tiff sucking Chris's cock coming from the TV, the shallow breaths and slight moans coming from Tiff as Chris works on her clit and Chris cock throbbing in Tiffs hand as she strokes it tightly, and then I hear a whisper coming from Tiff.

"Fuck me"

Time seems to stop, with the only sounds and movement coming from the TV. Tiff and Chris are looking in to each others eyes for about 10 seconds.

"Fuck me Chris"

With this everything starts moving. Chris scoops Tiff up and shuffles her on to her back on the sofa. Tiffs dress is rolled up under her bum, her legs are apart in the air and I can see from her chest her breathing is coming very fast.

Chris hurriedly pulls his trousers down and climbs on top of Tiff, his large penis standing above her entrance, looking like he is ready to impale her. He bends down to kiss Tiff, but she turns her head away.

"Just fuck me Chris, fuck me now"

Confused briefly by Tiff turning her head, but certainly not confused by her words, he presses the head of his penis against her and slowly eases himself inside.

Tiff moves gently trying to accommodate Chris large cock inside her. she closes her eyes and opens her legs wider, feeling Chris body between her thighs and his member slowly sliding in and out of her pussy. When she opens her eyes she sees Chris is propping himself up by his arms and is looking down at her whilst slowly fucking her.

Through various camera angles, I watch my wife on her back, legs in the air with her heels still on, hair thrown back with her hoop earrings in and looking slutty as hell getting fucked. I quickly release my dick and after 3 strokes I cum like an explosion has gone off in my balls.

After briefly tidying up I turn back to the camera to see Tiffs legs wrap around Chris waist allowing him to slide his full length in to her. Tiff's mouth opens to an 'O' and I can hear her breathing pick up and the occasional moan leave her lips, at the same time I see her legs are moving with Chris gentle thrusts encouraging him inside her. I watch as Chris moves his own body so that he is in a better position to thrust faster and this is exactly what he does, with his movements becoming more desperate as his full 8 inches is smashed in and out of my wife's soaked pussy almost twice a second. Tiff moves her arms to grab her hands around Chris muscled biceps which are pressed down either side of her head. She uses the additional leverage to start pushing her own body in to each of Chris thrusts in to her.

Over the sounds of Tiffany's increasingly loud and frequent moans and Chris's occasional grunt, I can hear Chris cock slam in to my wife's pussy. I can't believe how she is taking it all! I love watching her breasts bounce under her dress, and her nails digging in to Chris's arms.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" Tiff moans between heavy breaths, as she wraps her legs tighter around Chris trying to get as much of him in to her as possible.

"You are amazing Tiff, I have never been with any woman as beautiful as you" Chris manages to breath out, whilst staring down at the women that he is blackmailing in to sex, "You feel incredible beneath me... I can't.. hold it any longer!!"

Tiff feels the spasm in Chris's dick as he shoves it as far in her as he can and the first wad of spunk is shot deep inside her. "Don't stop Chris, fuck me faster!!" Tiff begs..

Chris doesn't need encouragement and really wants to make Tiff cum around his dick. He starts fucking her as fast as he can with each thrust resulting in more cum shooting like a cannon in to Tiffs pussy.

Tiffany reaches up with her hands to pull Chris head towards her and Chris obliges by moving down, resting his body on hers and they lock mouths. Chris is pumping for 15 seconds, with the kiss continuing and Tiffany running her hands through Chris hair before her head suddenly shoots back

"FUCKKKKK" Tiff screams, "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stoppppp!" she pants "Ahhhhhh!" Tiffany's body starts to convulse from the orgasm, her legs and arms tightly grip on to Chris and her vagina muscles act like a vice milking Chris cock of all the cum it has to give up.

I watch as Chris, with his lower body still pressed against Tiff, uses his arms to prop himself up and look down at my wife beneath him. Tiffany releases her legs and lays them down flat, with her arms coming from behind Chris head to resting either side of her own head on palms up. Tiff doesn't look at Chris until he moves his hands and places them on top of Tiff's so that their fingers interlock. Tiff looks up at Chris, the man who is blackmailing her in to having sex, the man who is forcing her to be unfaithful to her husband and for a second, a brief hint of a smile crosses her face.

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Blackmailing my own wife, reposted parts 1,2,3

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