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Dilema - Molly & Tracey.

Categories Diary, Erotica, Job/Place-of-work

Authror: ohbegentle

Published: 18 April 2018

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Another day, another dollar as they say, back to work at the hospital.

I continue with my regular routines at work, and most days I make an effort to help Molly our ward clerk, giving her an occasional massage, also helping her lift and move things. I enjoy chatting to her, she is friendly with a great personality and particularly entrancing is her Irish accent, that being music to my ears.

I was subtly gaining her confidence, she was telling me more about her boyfriend and this played into my plans - I was slowly seducing her, gaining her confidence as I could see she was getting no affection when she went home after work.

When I arrived to work each day, Molly greeted me with the warmest smile, my ego uplifted as did Mr Penis, if nobody was around I would walk over to her and lightly touch her arm or waste and give her a light peke on the cheek, she was slightly resistive at first, but then accepted it as a natural response. I so much wanted to take her in my arms and passionately kiss her - of course Mr Penis wanted to fuck her.

Patience is a virtue, Molly was slowly being taken into my web, Mr Penis was impatient - but I was strong, each day brought about new challenges and opportunities. I got to massage Molly at least once a day, when the opportunity arouse with no staff around, and each time she cooed and melted more. Molly was unaware of the raging Mr Penis behind her back - if he had his way, I would strip and rape her right there on the office table.

The more I encountered Molly, the more I wanted her seduction to be perfect, a fuck to remember for ever. Molly was not overly attractive, but as I said before she was petite with a great body, a really sexy mature woman, her demeanor, smile and personality top class - not to mention that accent - wow.

We would chat about many topics, but when I would bring up intimacy and that she should be spoilt by her boyfriend she changed the subject. Molly's perfume was a teaser as well, stirring my senses often, I occasionally pushed the boundaries a little, lightly blowing her ear when massaging her or a slight kiss on her neck - to which she protested, but not strongly, she would blush and say "I wish my Hamish would do that", to which I would reply "he is a lucky man to have you ".

I had made my mind up to up the ante with Molly for the coming week, to Mr Penis's delight, but to my dismay Molly had taken time of work, her colleagues said she would be away for two to three weeks. Bummer!

The week went slowly at work, normal mundane tasks, routine encounters with staff and clients. My female watching going into over drive, a hobby I loved - so many sexy women.

I was late for lunch and headed to the canteen, Tracey was at the end of the line waiting to be served, she did not notice me quietly come up behind her. Wow, I caught a whiff of her perfume, and the sight of her curvaceous body, I was so fucking horny.

Luckily she was at the end of the line and everyone else was busy with eating lunch, I slipped my arm around her waist( memories flooded back - what a gorgeous waist), I pulled her back into me, my lips touching her neck, Mr Penis bolt upright in my pants pressing into her buttocks cheeks. Tracey (startled) quickly turned her head, but I held her firm, my cock wanting to tear into her uniform. Tracey smiled saying "hello stranger, am I under arrest" she pushed her buttocks back onto a hidden Mr Penis " you had better let me go or we will get the sack".

Reluctantly I released her, Tracey turning and looking down at my bulging pants " you have a rather large problem there" she laughed. God, that laugh brought back memories for me, she had a twinkle in her eye, I sensed that she wanted to reach out and touch the problem, I nodded and smiled back.

We bought lunch and ate together sitting at the table in the canteen, having ten minutes before the canteen closed. Mr Penis fully aware that his favorite love tunnel was in close proximity. I reminded Tracey that holding her earlier had brought back pleasant memories, to which she countered "the hug from behind was sexy and arousing, that I should not do it again".

We departed the canteen together, I was sure I could smell a sexual aroma from Tracey - her pussy was wet from our encounter. I watched her buttocks waddle as she walked to her work place, Tracey knew I was watching (she knew me well), she turned and blew me a kiss as she turned the corner.

Bitch .... I also knew Tracey well, if she was wet and horny she would seek relief at the first available opportunity.

Tracey had been made N.U.M (manager)of a new unit, and had her own office, which was not far from my workplace. I returned to work and made an excuse to my boss that I had to pick up some items from another unit for our patients, he allowed me to go - we had a good working relationship.

I quickly went down to the unit where Tracey was working, all the staff were busy with their patients doing various activities. Tracey's office was a small, I had been there once before, the door was closed and the blinds drawn, I put my ear up to the door and could not hear any conversation, so I knocked, paused then entered.

Tracey had just stood up, a startled look on her face " what the fuck are you doing here", her face was flushed. I replied " I figure you missed me, surprise !!! " I moved closer to her.

" Don't fuck with me, I have a meeting with the bosses in 20 mins" came the reply, there was a strong smell of sexual aroma's in her office, the sweet smell of her love juices, I was right she was getting herself off thinking of our encounter in the canteen earlier.

I moved closer within arm's reach of Tracey we were standing, her eyes meeting mine, Tracey uttered " Don't, please leave". I could see her panties on her chair with a glistening dildo, I was right - I knew her real well.

I moved closer and kissed her on her forehead, as I took her hand and placed it on a hidden Mr Penis, my other hand lifting her dress uniform finding bare skin, my hand slipping between her legs. Tracey was trembling " you fucker, you rotten stinking fucker - we have 10 minutes max".

Expertly she undid my pants, both pants and u/pants drop down to my ankles. Mr Penis springing out like a jack-in the-box, standing proud and salivating. "Oh My God ....he's bigger than I remember" laughed Tracey " Trevor's is smaller" she was squirming as my fingers had teased her clit into mini- orgasm " oh My God", quickly she put her fingers to her pussy, taking the ample juices to lubricate Mr Penis " so fucking big" she giggled.

Time was moving on, I quickly lifted her dress higher and roughly turned Tracey so that her hands were on the office desk, saying "this will be much better than your dildo, I aim to please". Mr Penis was overly excited drooling at the thought of entering his favorite love tunnel, the blood pulsating throughout his veins, he could not get any harder or bigger.

Tracey took a deep breath, her legs were trembling in anticipation, being spread for maximum entry.

Mr Penis was moving in, his head at Tracey's pussy entrance, mmmmm so pink, so warm, so wet, so inviting.

I grab Tracey's hips as Mr Penis covered with her love juices, starts probing entering slowly at first, Tracey gasps for another breath, her pussy lips involuntarily encouraging deeper penetration, she pushes back.

I thrust in forcefully now,, wham - skin slapping against skin, in and out, time is shortening. Tracey needs to be fucked , I need to fuck her. Mr Penis is in heaven entering her delicious pussy, building up momentum and pressure, pounding away.

Tracey has had several mini-orgasms due to the size of Mr Penis, her knees are getting unsteady, but I hold her firm with my hands as Mr Penis feels his balls almost ready to explode .....he demands violent thrusts, to which I oblige, pounding Tracey's pussy mercilessly.

Tracey has yelled something as Mr Penis erupts violent spurts of cum into her succulent womb, the combined juices are over flowing running down her trembling legs.

Tracey gasps " don't fucking move, I am so sensitive".

Mr Penis remains stationary in Tracey's pussy, I am holding her up by her hips, we are both panting/breathless.

Tracey is bent over the table, she manages to look at her wrist watch, she has 5 minutes to her meeting. Quickly Tracey moves releasing Mr Penis, a smile on her flushed face " fuck that was good, now pull up your pants and fuck off - I have a meeting to attend".

" Good ? I'd say It was great", I attempt conversation as she pushes me out of her office and slams the door.

I depart happily and ponder what tomorrow may bring.

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Dilema - Molly & Tracey.

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