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Unfulfilled life

Categories Fiction, Black, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Authror: shadowdoom

Published: 25 April 2018

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Tanya lived a very unfulfilled life and her husband isn't taking care of her. Tanya's husband Chris works all the time so he could never take care of her needs. Not to mention whenever they are having sex he does a pathetic job at it. Tanya has had an orgasm by her husband before but it takes him forever to make her come plus his cock is so small.

Their sex life was so bad Tanya was considering getting something to help Chris with sexual performance. When they have sex Chris and last for about 5 or 10 minutes which isn't long. Sometimes when Chris asked her about her sex life she would lie and say that he makes her so happy knowing he's not pleasing her. She could never tell her husband that his dick could never do anything for her.

At dinner time they would sit down and eat and she would have to pretend like she was happy. Not wanting him to know how sexually frustrated Tanya was. Sadly Tanya knew that her husband couldn't satisfy her because of his penis size and stamina. Tanya's hormones were getting so bad to the point she started thinking about having sex with one of Chris's friends. She felt horrible for having that kind of thoughts. Thoughts of cheating on her husband.

Tanya's been sexually frustrated for many years. Even the first night they lost their virginity at the high school she was never truly fulfilled. She just pretended this entire time that he was doing something right but in reality, he wasn't. Tanya is a beautiful Caucasian with long blonde hair nice sized tits and a beautiful big round ass. She has the body of a goddess so of course she was lusted after in high school. After she lost her virginity she started having fantasies about having sex with some of the jocks. It was mostly because her boyfriend wasn't pleasing her and still not pleasing her even to this day.

Tanya felt horrible because she was having all of these naughty fantasies and knew it wasn't right. Sometimes when she goes to the grocery store she sees a couple of men and fantasizes about them running a train on her. She felt like a slut for having this kind of indecent thoughts. It wasn't her fault after all her hormones are just really high. She did her best to keep her mind off of dirty thoughts. Sometimes it was easy other times it wasn't. At this point, Tanya knew she couldn't control her hormones forever. If she doesn't keep herself under control she's gonna end up messing around with someone. Tanya just tried to keep her mind clean of urges. So she did whatever she could to keep her busy. It was actually helping her out but only just for a bit. She tries but ends up playing with herself before her man gets home.

Unfortunately, her hormones are going to be much stronger because a guy is moving into the neighborhood soon and he's going to be close by. A few weeks later an African American moved into the neighborhood. His name was Marcus and he is a light brown skinned black man from Chicago.It's been four months since he moved to New Jersey. When Chris told her about the guy that moved in two weeks ago she decided she was going to go over and welcome him to the neighborhood. For some reason, Chris didn't want her going to his house. Anyway, Tanya walked over to Marcus's house. When she got up to the front door she knocks on it waiting for him to answer it.

When he opens the door Tanya's eyes lit up as she was surprised to see a black man in New Jersey. New Jersey is predominantly white so it was rare to find him here. "Hey my name is Tanya and I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. Hello, Tanya, my name is Markus and thank you. by the way, you're sexy." Tanya blushes and looks at the black man before her. "Thanks, sexy! You're not so bad yourself. Anyway, I best be going now. Or my hubby will be mad. Okay, hope to see you again, Tanya. Same." Tanya walks off thinking about Marcus. One thing led to another and she started thinking about his genitalia size. She quickly took her mind off of it but the thought wasn't gone. Two hours later it was dinner time. Tanya was eating while talking to her hubby about the nice black man. "Marcus sounds really nice honey. I barely know him and alright he's coming off as a good guy. Yeah, honey stay far away from him Remember you don't know him like that. For all, we know he could be a killer or violent. We don't know shit about the man he just got here. I know baby I'm not some little kid okay, I know what I'm doing." Tanya sighs and she thinks he acting this way because of another reason. The last neighborhood they had was also white and Chris wasn't worried about him. Tanya is starting to believe that her husband might be prejudiced but she's not making assumptions yet.

Because of the area, they were in she wouldn't be surprised. After all, New Jersey is predominantly Caucasians. The next day she went over to see Marcus cutting grass without his shirt. She could see his muscular body his abs and stuff and she started blushing. Black men were always perceived as muscular and strong. Looking at his body made her want to feel his muscles. Tanya was slowly becoming attracted to Marcus. Marcus smiles and stops his lawn mower when he sees her approach him. "Hey, Marcus how are you today? I'm doing okay. Just trying to keep my grass cut that's all. What about you Miss Tanya? I'm good I came out here to see you today. My husband went to work and the kids went to school so I don't have anything to do today besides clean up. Yeah, children can be a handful. I wish I had children of my own but sadly that never happened. That's okay you'll get them eventually. Yeah, you're right." Tonya begins giggling when she couldn't believe she was about to ask him this question but she wanted to learn something personal about him. "Marcus, can I ask you a question? Sure go ahead, Tanya. Have you gotten laid? Yes, I have. It was a long time ago back in freshman year of high school. I had sex with this one girl and we kept doing it multiple times and eventually, she tried to get pregnant and I've had to leave her alone because I wasn't ready to be a father. I just wanted to have sex I didn't want to make a baby though. That's understandable I was the same way with my husband. Can I tell you something personal? Sure go ahead".

Tanya takes a deep breath getting ready to embarrass her husband but she needed to be honest. Well, I've been lying to my husband for many years. I'm thinking about divorcing him because he has never satisfied me. Even during the beginning when we lost our virginity our sex life was poor. I faked it all the time because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Does this make me an awful person? No, it doesn't. It's natural to not want to hurt your spouse. Us guys we are sensitive when it comes to not pleasing our women so you're doing the right thing. Thank you, Marcus, now I better get going I got stuff to do. Okay, enjoy the rest of your day Thanks you too!". Marcus begins cutting the grass again while Tanya walks off. A couple of weeks later she started fantasizing about having sex with Marcus. Her hormones gotten worse her since she's been talking to him. They started hanging out more and more really liking each other. Tanya believes she is falling in love with another man and she's never told her husband about this. She knows she can't get her mind off of Marcus and thinking about his BBC.

Tanya couldn't take it anymore she wanted Marcus so badly. She walks over to his house to see him. When she gets up to the front door she knocks on the door and Marcus opened the door. "Hey, Tanya how are you? I'm doing okay mark can I come in? Yes, you can. Thank you, sweetie," she walks in the house with mark and they both sat down. "Marcus I can't help how I feel I'm really attracted to you. I know you are Tanya. I'm feeling the same way. Regardless of how you feel about me, you're still a married woman. I know but I don't care about him. He can't make me feel good he barely talks to me and he's always working. Sometimes it gets lonely you know? And then you came alone as sweet as you are treating me nice and treating me like a queen. I can't help how I feel Marcus." Before I could do anything she quickly started kissing me passionately. It was wrong that she was kissing me because she's married but it's her choice, not mines.

She pulls away for a second blushing. "you shouldn't have kissed me, sweetie. You're a married woman you can get in a lot of trouble for this. I know baby and I don't care. I've been thinking about sex with you for weeks and I'm tired of waiting. My husband isn't satisfying me anymore and honestly he can't. You're not getting in trouble I am and that's okay it'll be our little secret." Tanya starts rubbing his crotch area eventually unzipping his pants and pulling out his massive cock. She was shocked by the size because her husband was nowhere near that size. "Holy shit this is a big cock!! I heard that blacks were caring monsters but I didn't think it was true. Well most blacks, not all. All of us are not huge so now you know". She starts sucking his black cock moaning he was rubbing her crotch.

She was sucking his cock so good causing Marcus to moan with pleasure. She was about to cheat on her husband and since she did this much to him there was no point in stopping now. She sucks him off going faster and better than before swirling her tongue around his black cock. Marcus started closing his eyes because of the pleasure feeling really good. Any moment now he was going to shoot out semen. After about 5 minutes he explodes a huge amount of semen in Tanya's mouth. She pulls back and smiles at him lustfully. "take me, Marcus! Make Me Yours!"

She gets up and walks into the bedroom as he follows behind her. When she got in the bedroom she pulls down her panties exposing her beautiful white pussy to Marcus. She lays on the bed spreading her legs for him giving him arousing expressions. Marcus gets on the bed and moves to her positioning himself and slowly pushing his cock into her pussy causing her to moan. Once it went inside he started humping her passionately. "oh fuck! you're so big, Marcus! Fuck me with that huge BBC of yours!" As time went on the more hornier Marcus became the rougher he was pumping. His big cock was spreading out her white pussy. Tanya started moaning and very loudly and excitedly. Marcus couldn't believe he was fucking someone's wife but it was too good to pass up on now.

Tanya's big tits were bouncing up and down as he grabbed them playing with them while he was fucking. "Ah fuck yeah baby. That feels so good!" Mark pushes his cock deeper into her pussy. He was enjoying plunging this nice white pussy of hers. "I've always wanted to fuck white pussy now I have. I get it now the old saying. Once you go black There's No Going Back! Hehe, I love that line. It's definitely true. That's why so many white women are addicted to us today". Marcus said as he was plunging her pussy and soon enough she started screaming out loud squirting. "ahh fuck daddy! It feels so good! Fuck my pussy Daddy!" Marcus couldn't believe how turned on Tanya was. He was getting a little turned on at Sea was pumping harder and faster. He could feel his cock about to pulsate inside of her. Soon enough Marcus quickly got out of her hole and started it jaculating. He was shooting semen all over her tits which caused her to blush. "come on Daddy I want more! Fuck this white bitch of yours!" I took a napkin and clean my dick off and then I plunged back inside of her continuing.

Eventually, I was getting tired of the same position so I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I made her stand up as I bent her over fucking her pussy doggy style. "Ahh fuck yes daddy! I love this feeling so much!" She really enjoys my cock being inside of her. I do feel bad for her husband because he doesn't know what's going on and it's probably for the best that he never knows. If he finds out he's going to be heartbroken he might even try to fight me. I don't need any of that shit it was her decision, not mines. I am not about to get into a fight because someone is emotional.

After a couple of pumping, I pulled out and moved my head to her vagina eating her out. Her juices taste so good as she started squirting in my mouth because of the pleasure. Apparently, when I pulled out she couldn't hold it in any longer so she had another orgasm. She looks at me and smiles. "Daddy let me ride your cock! Okay, baby if that's what you want." I walked over to the bed and lay down spreading my legs for her. She walks over as well and gets on top of me positioning herself. She looks into my face and she begins humping me. Her white ass bouncing up and down on me with my dick going in and out of her cunt. "mmmm love black cock! For the first time in my life, I am truly fulfilled!!! Will Marcus you be my black Daddy? Well, I like you and you like me so it's an offer I can't refuse. Yay! I am so happy Daddy!" Her Excitement made her pound down even harder and faster on me. I could feel myself about to release.

"Ah shit, I'm about to cum! Go ahead Daddy I don't care if I get pregnant! I want your delicious semen in my pussy. Don't hold back release as much as you want. And don't worry I'll take a pill once you climax. Okay, baby mmm". I exploded inside her pussy causing her to explode as well. We both reached our orgasms and it was amazing. This feeling was going to last for a long time. Tanya loves her black Daddy and I can tell this is going to be our sin. Our affair. I didn't regret it I didn't regret any of it.

A couple of weeks later Tanya has been having sex with me throughout the day and when she's home she's been feeling happy. So she doesn't need to have sex with her husband anymore because I'm here to take care of her. She will never let him know about her black Daddy. Tanya was in the kitchen with her husband getting ready to go Marcus house. " where are you going this time of night honey? Oh, I'm going to go see my black Daddy. Your what?! Oops!


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Unfulfilled life

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