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  1. Daddy's Whore
  2. Daddy will have it all
  3. First Time with Daddy
  4. — Daddy and Daughter
  5. Daddy Teaches Me a Lesson

Daddy's Whore

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Author: tonysex23

Published: 26 April 2018

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My name is Daddy. I'm still young at 38 years old with a firm body and only the slightest of silver peeking into my beard and hair. I work outside all day long, so my body is lean and thick with muscle. I don't mean to brag, but I'm quite good looking. I could have my pick of any woman I want. They love my body. I'm tall, reaching over 6'3 and I weigh 275 lbs. I'm a big man, but most of it's muscle. My story is a sad one. I met the woman of my dreams when I was a senior in high school. We had a beautiful daughter two years later. But halfway through the raising of our perfect daughter, my wife just up and ran off! So it was left to me to raise Katie alone.


Hi, I'm Katie! I just turned 18 years old. Over the years, I thought my breasts would grow more, but they stayed tiny. I can barely fit into an A sized cup! The boys at school make fun of me for not having big titties like my friends. The boys don't want to go out with me or even really look at me. I am quiet and keep to myself a lot because of this. I don't feel wanted or even liked! I have long blonde hair that's slightly curly and blue eyes like the sky. My body is really small, too. I'm just barely 5'0 and I don't even weigh 100 lbs. No matter what I eat, I don't gain weight. I like being tiny like this, though. My mom left when I was 12 years old. Daddy doesn't really talk about it, but I know it still upsets him. Is it because I'm a splitting image of my mom? She looked just like me. She had tiny little breasts and a small, thin body too. I love my Daddy. He's so sweet to me, always rubbing my shoulders or helping me to get dressed. I hope all Daddy's are this sweet to their baby girls! I have a secret, though. It's one Daddy will never find out. If he did, I'd be in so much trouble!

"The incident"

I sat in my office before my daughter came home. I had gotten off early and had gratefully taken time to relax. I'd had a nice, long hot shower and now sat, nude, at my desk. I turned on the screen on my phone and sent a sexy message to a few of my lady friends. None responded. I had hoped to get a quickie in before Katie got home from school. She was 18 now and she had grown into a beautiful woman. I pondered my daughter as I thumbed through a porno mag. The still images did nothing for me, though, and I turned on my computer. As I typed in what I wanted to watch on the computer, shame flooded me. I knew what I was about to do was wrong. How could I be so turned on by this? How could I cum harder watching this than any other porn? Or sometimes even sex? I typed in the words anyways. 'Daddy, daughter, reluctance, barely legal'. As the search engine produced the results, I hurried to find what I wanted. My body was already humming at the thought of the orgasm to come. A young girl with dark hair and eyes was taking the cock of an older man flashed on the screen. No that wasn't right. I clicked another video. Perfect. A tiny little woman with blond hair was on her knees in front of a much larger man. A man almost his size. He cock bobbed to attention immediately. The blond had her back to the camera as she begged the man not to touch her.

"No, Daddy." She whispered out. The 'Daddy' on screen grabbed her and made her take his cock. He held her by the hair as he thrust himself into her hot little mouth over and over. I have to touch my cock. It's aching to be touched. It's standing so hard and so tall. It's harder than I've seen it in a long time. I can feel my orgasm coming quick. I can't take my eyes off the screen. As the girl pulled away, I realized who it was. I grunted as I shot thick streams of milk white cum all over my desk. That had been huge. I sat back in my chair and gasp for air. There's suddenly a noise behind me. Without thinking I turn, my semi-hard cock still in my hands. I gasp when I see who is there.


I got home from school and noticed Daddy's car in the driveway. Shucks! I thought. I had a video chat meeting and Daddy couldn't know about it! He'd kill me if he ever found out my secret! I went quietly upstairs and set my backpack down in my door. Daddy hadn't heard me yet, I guess. I heard strange noises coming from his room at the end of the hall. His office was right next door. I walked cautiously down the hall. It kind of sounds like skin hitting skin. As I walk into the office, I see Daddy. He is nude! His long, muscled legs tightened as his hand flew over his cock. I am staring at it. It was long and hard and veiny. I watched him as he brought himself to orgasm. When he did, I gasped as pleasure shot through her. Daddy jumps up, his cock still semi-hard.

"Katie!" I am staring at him. Daddy rushes me, grabbing me by my long blonde hair and shoving me out the door. I gasp in pain. Why was Daddy doing this?

"Daddy, you are hurting me!" I cry out. We go to my room, Daddy still nude behind me.


Daddy pushed me down onto my bed. He paced back and forth as I sat up and arranged my skirt to lay flat. Behind Daddy, I see my webcam click on. It's time for my show. Oh no! If Daddy sees the screen, it's all over. I rise to go shut the computer off and Daddy pushes me back onto the bed.

"Daddy." I say in a high voice. Daddy stops and turns back to me.

"What? What could you say to defend yourself? I saw the video! I saw you sucking that old man off, taking his seed deep within your mouth!! How long have you been a bought whore, You slut!" Daddy slaps me. The chat box is filling with comments. Daddy grabs my hair and forces me to my knees.

"What are you doing?" I try to pull away, but Daddy's got my hair. I'm not moving.

"You want to be a whore?!" Daddy demands of me. I shake my head no. "Liar!" He yells. His whole body is almost tight with anger.

"Daddy, what... what are you doing?" I repeat. I glance over at the screen, many people have joined my live broadcast.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson about being a whore." I am on my knees a d Daddy's big, thick cock is right in front of me. I lick my lips.

"Daddy, I may have played this role on screen, for money, but there is no way I am doing anything with you!" Daddy's face turns red and he releases me. I fall back on my butt, unsure of Daddy's next move.

I hurried down the hall to my room. I went to my pants and grabbed my wallet. How dare she bare her body for all to see? How dare she show off her itty bitty titties that was just barely a mouthful. How dare she show off the pinkest pussy I had ever seen? My cock ached for attention. I moved quickly back to the room. She was typing on her computer.

"What are you doing?!" I demand loudly. My cock is hard and it needs a mouth, or pussy. Katie rushes back to the bed. I turn towards the computer, seeing g myself on the screen.

"What the fck, Katie?" I demand. Anger boils within me. Not only was she starting in porn movies, she had a live web cam session? I glance over the comments, listing things I should do to Katie as punishment.

"Did you read these?" I ask her, motioning with my thumb towards the computer.

"Oh, now, Daddy, don't be angry with me." Katie's voice was smooth as silk, as the screen exploded with a bunch more messages. I lean over the computer and type, "watch this!" Katie is watching me warily. I yank her to her feet and push her on the ground in front of me. I pull out my wallet. I start throwing the money over her.

"is this enough money for you to be a whore to Daddy?" I growl out. Katie was grabbing up the money.

"No, Daddy!" Katie stands to her feet the money dropping. I turn back to the computer.

"This guy said he'd be a whore for free." I say, surprised. I turn to the camera, stroking my cock a little to keep it hard. The comments expounded again.

"They want more." I say to Katie. I turn back to the computer.

"Katie's been a naughty, naughty girl. What should I do to teach her a lesson?" Katie looked fearful. She knelt in front of me, grabbing up the money. When she had it, she started to rise. I took her little arm and helped her.

"Take it back!" Katie demanded. "No money in the world would make me sleep with you!" I grab her arm. "Its not right, Daddy! It's wrong and you know it!"

"Then why Daddy porn?" I ask, truly wanting to know. It would turn me on to know she felt the same way that I felt for her. She looked from the screen to me then back again. I step In front of the camera. Now all they can see is my hairy ass. I look into her eyes.

"Why?" I say softly. She looks at me in disgust.

"Don't think it's from some sick fantasy of fcking you!" she hisses at me. She caught me. Had she known when I jerked off I thought of her? Did she know I imagined squeezing her tiny little breasts and licking her pink pussy? Her little bitty breasts called to me, did she know that? Did she know how much I wanted to grab her and fuck her?

"Why do you say that?" I move so the whole internet can see this family drama unfolding.

"You sicko! I hear you moaning my name in the shower!" I grab her up and kiss her, sticking my tongue deep in her mouth. The world goes still as I touch her. Her body is so soft, so unlike any woman I'd been with since my wife ran off. My cock hardened and pushed against her. I want her. I want to fck my daughter.

"Daddy!" Katie pushes away from me. I push her to her knees.

"My cock is so very hard." I whisper out. I take her hand and grip my cock with it. I look down and see her small white hand gripping my cock. I start to jerk off, using her hand. I don't care about anything but this. It feels so good. I reach down with my free hand and pull Katie to her feet, never allowing her silken touch to stop. I grope her a cup breasts, pinching and twisting them. She is trying to fight me.

"Baby, just give in." I whisper as my free hand reaches out for her pussy. She squirms away. I look back at the screen. People are saying they are watching and turned on.

"She's too squirmy." I say, as a wink at the camera. I rush from the room.

I slowly look around in fear. I have to get out of here before Daddy comes back! I couldn't let him do what I think he was going to do. I rush to my computer.

"Please help me." I plead. Responses flood in, but none like I would hope. "This is truly happening, this isn't an act!"

"You're going to need help when Daddy gets back."

"Just let him have his way, girl. You know you'll like it." They didn't know this was real!

"This isn't a game or an act! This is my real father! Help me!" just then, Daddy came back. I shake my head fearfully.

"No, Daddy!!" Daddy is so much bigger than me. I am so tiny compared to him. I barely come up to his chest! I can't fight him as he grabs me by my long blonde hair and pulls me to the bed. He throws me on to it and ties my hands together behind my back. His big, muscular body is no comparison to my little one. Tears fall from my eyes.

"Let's see the comment section." Daddy says. He rises and leaves me on the bed, hog tied like a pig ready for roasting.

"oh, I see you tried to get some help from your friends here." Daddy laughed.

"Its an act. I've never met this girl before today." Daddy types. The comment section filled with told ya so and she's going to get it and like comments.

"Your all mine now." Daddy said. "No one to help you." He moved the computer over to where I lay. I was humiliated. I didn't want to do this anymore. Sex with strangers was one thing, but sex with your own father?! No! Absolutely not! Daddy didn't seem to care about the moralities of it and stoked himself a bit.

"I guess I need another kiss." Daddy said. He leaned in and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I felt sick to my stomach. This was happening, this was really happening.

"Are you happy being a little whore?" Daddy asked. "Are you happy being my whore?" I shake my head no. Daddy laughs and looks at the camera.

"Damn. Looks like little Katie isn't happy." Daddy suddenly takes his long, thick cock and shoves it in my mouth. My mouth is so tiny, it can't take it all. I can't do anything to push him away as I'm all tied up. In and out of my mouth he goes. I try to pull away.

"No, please Daddy. I've learned my lesson." Daddy laughs again.

"Did I say I cared? Oh, no. We've just begun." He stroked his cock harder and fear flooded me.

I look down at my daughter with her rosebud lips parted slightly while she's anxiously taking panicked breaths. It had felt so good when her warm mouth had been around my cock. I turn back to the camera.

"Has Katie ever done a video of her pussy being licked?" No. I was surprised.

"We will have to rectify that right now." I grab my phone and hook it up to the computer via a USB cord. Now, I turn on my camera on the phone. It hooks up to the computer. I set it up so that Katie's pussy is on display. She tries to struggle, but I outweigh her by 150 lbs. I easily spread her legs, giving the camera a view of everything she had to offer. The smallest, pinkest pussy winks at me. For a moment, I'm stunned and unable to move. All my naughty, dirty dreams were coming true. Every time I jacked off, I thought of Katie. It was nothing compared to seeing her pussy in front of my face. I breath in deep the smell of my daughters pussy. It smells almost sweet. I ache to taste it. Very, very slowly I start to lick her. I lick her entrance, taking my time to remember every curve. I spread her pussy lips to reveal her little nub to me.

"Daddy, no." Katie says. She is shaking her head.

"You are going to have an orgasm by your daddy. You are a whore and whores have orgasms by their daddy." I start to lick her nub and she thrashes about. I smile. My cock tightens, knowing I am causing her pleasure. I am giving my daughter pleasure by licking her tiny pussy and it's turning me on.

"See? Whores can't control themselves. Your body is begging for release. Here it comes." Katie screamed a little and I clamped my big hand down over her face. It nearly covered it. I licked her nub until I felt her body tighten. She fought against my hand, fervently shaking he read no. As her orgasm washed over her in long satisfying waves, big tears came to Katie's eyes. I let go of her and let her close her legs.

"I wouldn't have to tie you if you'd just submit." Katie spit in my face. It made me hot with desire. I grab her hair and flip her onto her stomach. She is still protesting. I take the camera and position it.

"Ready?" I said as I get my cock wet.

I'm tied up. I can't move and if I scream Daddy puts a hand over my mouth and then I can't breath! I have to fight! I try to buck Daddy off me, but he just takes ahold of me with his big, thick hands and brings me back into place. He is wiping his spit on me. I'm crying. My arms are hurting.

"Please untie me." I whisper. "Ill submit, please just untie me." Daddy ignores my tears and I look into the camera.

"This is real." I whisper as Daddy shoves his fat cock head into my pussy. My body reacts, not knowing it's my Daddy, only knowing that such a big cock feels so very good. Daddy shoves in a little more and a month escapes my lips. I bury my head Into the pillows. I do not want to feel pleasure from my daddy.

My body wants to cum as soon as I put my dick tip on her hot little pussy. The fact she was tied up, we are on camera and the fact she was still protesting made it all the hotter for me. I had been dreaming about this for so long now. I slipped my cock into her hostler and felt as the walls clenched around me. I heard a noise from Katie. Was that a moan? I looked over at her. Tears feel from her cheeks. Eh, I was already going to Hell quicker than you could say Bob's your uncle so I might as well enjoy myself. The road I'd gone down was a devious one. I could feel the devil taking over me.Photos http://cpmlink.net/tIc_AA I slipped myself fully within Katie. I pushed deep, feeling her virginal barrier. My cock tightened at the very thought. She was a virgin. He couldn't believe it. He wrongly thought she'd bedded the daddy on screen. The comments were flying off the handle. I looked down at Katie. Love poured through me suddenly and I pulled myself from her. I turned toward the camera and shut the lid.

"Daddy? "Katie whispered to me. I untied her. I let her sit up.

"Katie, I have a confession." Katie didn't acknowledge me. She was rubbing her wrists. Dry tears shone on her cheeks.

"I don't want to hear it! You... you find! You took my virginity!"

"Katie, you were acting like a whore, selling your body!" Katie scoffed at me.

"So that gives you the right to do this?"

"You are in my care and I am responsible for you."

"I don't want to know your secret, Daddy."

"Katie, I lust after you. Everyday, I look at Daddy and daughter porn. I imagine it's you jerking me off." I spilled my secret, hoping Katie will be happy. I want her so much. Katie smacked me. I grabbed her wrist.

"Don't make me restrain you again." I warn. Katie hisses something at me. I push her back to the bed. I want to show her how good this can feel. Katie fought with me. I put a big hand over her breasts and squeeze. A tiny moan escapes her mouth against her will.

"See? Your body wants me." I whisper to her.

"No, Daddy! I don't want to have another orgasm by you! You are my father! I am part you! You can't do this! Please leave me alone." Katie is begging me, but I'm not paying much attention. In fact, the begging is making me hotter for her. Lust floods me and I grab her up and kisser, letting her see my passion for her. She bits my tongue. In reflex, I slap her across the face.

"You bitch!" I exclaimed. Now I'm not caring about her comfort. Now I am only caring about slating my lust. I spit on her tiny little cunt and rub it with my cock. I slam into her, breaking through the proof of her virginity. She howls. I pay her no heed as I hump her like a rubber pussy. I don't care about the rubber pussy's feelings and Katie had made me so mad! I bare my soul to her about my feelings and she has the audacity to smack me? I ride Katie till I feel my orgasm approaching I quickly hop off and motion for Katie to open her mouth. She won't. I pinch her nose close and her mouth opens. I am jerking my hard cock and shove it in Katie's mouth. She gags as my hot liquid flows down her throat. I slowly pull out and stand.

"Amazing, baby." I lean in and kiss her forehead. Katie glares at me. She spits my seed out onto the bed.

"I hate you." She hisses. I just laugh.

"You are the one who is out there acting like a whore." I open the computer again and the comments start popping up, making the computer ding each time.

"Look. All your followers are mad cause I shut the computer. They wanted to see you be abused and your virginity lost to your Daddy. To them, you are nothing more than a play toy. A means of entertainment. That's what you will be for me from now on. You will be Daddy's little whore." I walk out then and as I close the door, I hear Katie sob.

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Daddy's Whore

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