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  1. A Past new Beginning (The Mission 2)
  2. A Passion for Halloween

A Passion for Halloween

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Masturbation

Author: pars001

Published: 03 May 2018

  • Font:

[u]This was the third contest I entered Halloween 2017. Had to wait to post it enjoy.

It was a dark and foggy night as I made my way home along the country road. Stopping suddenly I heard a noise, waiting I didn’t hear it again. Shrugging I again started to pedal. I felt safe as nothing bad had happened here for hundreds of years. Nothing bad like women being violated, murdered or robbery.

I breathed a sigh of relief, my 36C breasts rising and falling rapidly as I tried to calm my breath. I reached the modest home that my father had left me. As I started to open the door, I thought I heard the noise again. Escaping inside, I thought I saw a dark figure down the road, if only for a moment.

I was so tired, having gotten off work later than usual. I took off my dress as I started a bath; god this was going to feel so good. Taking off my matching pink bra and panty set, I settled into the tub with a groan. I could feel my back as it ached not only from working as a waitress but the weight I was carrying around on my chest.

Laying back I could feel the hot water starting to ease all the aches and pains I had. At least I was off the next two days to try and recover. Brushing my blonde hair from my face I laid back. Closing my eyes, I started to drift off until I started to slide forward into the water. Sputtering, I came up for air.

Sighing, I stood as I began to wash off. First, I got the wet stickiness from my vagina. Rinsing I felt between my legs throb a bit. Damn it, for too long I had denied going out with anyone. Hell it wasn’t like I wasn’t getting more than a few offers. To introduce myself, I am Stella Mores, yeah, I know all the jokes S. Mores OOOOOO! I must be so tasty! I had heard them all.

Moving up my body I was washing my stomach. To continue, I am a waitress at a local diner. Now the most popular in the state as the owner told me that business had more than quadrupled since I had started there. As I said before I am a natural blond as the hair above my vagina attests to. Taking a deep breath moving up to my breasts. The moment I touched them I felt the tingling start then the orgasm. Yeah, I forgot I am HIGHLY sensitive all over them.

Finally finished half an hour and perhaps eight orgasms later I got dressed sitting to read. You know that thing with a book? With real pages? Anyway I had just started in when there was a knock at my door. Looking at the clock I could see it as now two a.m.

Getting up I looked through the peephole, seeing a tall, rather dark, all I could call him was a beautiful man? Damn! Just the sight of him had both my breasts and vagina tingling and running like a river. Taking a deep breath I answered.

“I’m sorry, it’s late, I do not receive visitors this late.” I said in a neutral voice.

“I apologize for the late intrusion young lady,” came the thickly accented voice. “I have a slight emergency. May I come in to use your telephone?”

“I just told you, I don’t receive visitors this late.” I replied, I wasn’t about to tell this stranger I had no phone nor did I want one. I enjoyed my privacy, not wanting anything to intrude upon it.

“Again I am sorry, I just moved into the large house past your home. As of yet we have so few things connected,” the man said to me.

“Yes, you mean the Prescott mansion. Sir, I am sorry that this has happened, I am afraid that there is nothing that I can do. Later in the day perhaps but not now,” I told the man as I tried to push down the rising feeling of orgasm his voice was giving me.

I suddenly heard what I thought was a sigh. Looking out I saw the man nod his head, then smile. Shit! I thought when I saw his almost hypnotic face. Ripping myself away from the peephole I clamped a hand over my mouth and one between my legs as I started to an orgasm!

“Pl---pl---please,” I stammered, “please go as I said there is nothing I can do for you.” I barely managed to get out.

I heard the man whisper something then I thought I heard someone say in a low voice, “She passes the first test. Tomorrow, Count.”

“Good day my young neighbor, sleep well!” The man said.

I then heard a rustling almost like wings, then nothing else. Looking out again, the area outside my door was empty! I mean there was no one on the side, the path or the road! What the hell was going on?

Shaking my head, I sat trying to read again trying to get the stranger’s dark, mysterious eyes out of my mind. Finally laying down I tried to close my eyes only to feel my vagina starting to leak again. Then I found that I had several fingers buried deep within me as I was screaming out my pleasure. A few moments later I sighed as I fell asleep.

It was several hours later when I was awakened by a rapid knocking on my door. Putting on a robe I looked at the clock groaning when I saw that it was only eight a.m.! Growling I went to the door ready to admonish whomever had dared to wake me so early!

“Who is it? What do you want!” I growled through the door at the strange, small man standing there. A look of fear crossed his face as he backed up.

“Ma’am,” came the high-pitched, irritating voice. “I have a missive from my master. Could you please open the door that I may deliver it?”

Looking out again, I shook my head. This guy was shifty as hell. There was no way I was about to trust him to NOT attack me. “No, I don’t think so. You can slide it under the door.”

“I would Ma’am, though I think that the money would be difficult,” the little guy replied.


“Money? What money? I haven’t done anything to deserve or take money from you. Nor do I think that I trust you enough to do so!” I told the little guy.

“As I said Ma’am, this is from my master.” Sighing the man stood there for a bit longer. “Miss I will leave both here on your stoop. If the master finds out I will be severely punished!” The little man said as he started shaking.

“He won’t find out from me, whoever he is.” I told him.

Bowing his head to the ground I could hear him saying. “Thank you mistre ... Miss! I’ll go now, I am sorry if I made you worry!”

I nodded then looked again seeing that the man was gone! OK, this was getting weird. Opening the door, I saw a small bag and a letter. Grabbing both I had the door locked and secured in seconds. Opening the letter my mouth dropped open.

[ Dear miss Mores, I again apologize for disturbing you last night.

I will endeavor to not precipitate this again.

In the bag you shall find a very small token of Thanks for not alerting the authorities.

Perhaps you might come to dinner one night so I can propose a more profitable end to all this.

your humble captive

Count V.D.]

Shaking my head, I picked up the bag. Opening it my mouth again dropping open! There were gold coins in it, as heavy as they were they had to be! Shaking my head, I started to get dressed. I was no whore no matter how badly my vagina was leaking, wanting what the stranger had. No I’d call the cops having them come in if I didn’t show back up. Well I thought that was the plan anyway.

It took me almost an hour to reach the road to his place. then another half hour to traverse that. Almost seething when I reached the door I pounded on it. The same small man opened the door.

“Ah Mist ... Miss! Come in please the master will be glad you are here. I am afraid though that he is not here at the moment,” the man told me.

Thrusting the bag of money at the man his mouth dropped open. “You can tell your ... master that I will not accept this. I am no prostitute that he can buy!”

“I ... but ... you ... no... !” Was all the man managed to get out as I turned immediately walking away. Still seething I heard the man start to run after me. “Mam please! This was a gift nothing was expected for it!”

Whirling I growled at the man as he stopped rapidly backing away from me. “I DO NOT WANT gifts! Tell him I am not for sale no matter what! Tell him to leave me alone!”

The small man lowered his head. In a low, whispered voice I heard him say. “Yes Miss I will convey this to the master. I apologize for any transgression I have made miss.”

“As far as I know you haven’t. It is this master of yours that has. I have no interest nor will I! Good day sir!” With that I made my way back to my home, then went into town buying a few things that I knew I needed.

Finished I started pedaling for home. I was almost home when I noticed what appeared to be someone on the road behind me following. Speeding up I was at my door and inside within seconds. Peering out I watched a large man pedal past.

Shaking my head, I went about starting preparing what I would have for dinner. Looking out I could see it was starting to get dark. An hour later I sat at the table switching on my one indulgence, my radio.

I had just started to eat when there was a knock at my door. A little irritated I walked to the peephole. It appeared to be the same mysterious man from before. As I watched he reached to knock again.

“Yes?” I said, “can I help you?”

“Ah young miss!” came the thickly accented voice. “I wish to apologize again for the misunderstanding today. My servant told me what you said. I did not mean to indicate that I thought you were a common street walker. It was never my intention to raise your ire as I did,” the tall, dark man replied.

My mouth dropped open when I heard this. “Thank you sir. If that is all then I shall go back to my dinner.”

“Oh dear! That won’t do! Please accompany me to my home. I will have the staff prepare you a meal as compensation for ruining that which you made,” the man’s voice said as I felt myself almost pulled to the door. Damn what was with his voice?

“Sir,” I finally said finding my voice. “I do not know you nor your staff. I am afraid that I must kindly decline your invitation.” Looking out I saw the man sigh again. Then I heard another voice say so low I wasn’t sure it was real. ‘She has passed again count. This is a good sign.’ Then the man nodded again.

“I will have a solicitor here tomorrow to make formal introductions then miss. Until then,” Again I heard a rustle then nothing. Looking out, once again he was gone! Looking down at my feet, I could see the small puddle that my vagina had leaked while he’d been speaking to me.

Shaking my head, I patted my vagina, “I swear you are always so damn horny!” Of course I really didn’t expect an answer. Unless you counted running more liquid down my leg.

Finishing my dinner I took another bath this time paying more attention to my breasts. After almost falling off my feet I hurried to finish, then sat to read again. Suddenly it hit me, a solicitor? It had been a long time since I had heard a lawyer called that. Just who in the hell was this man, why did he use such old terms?

Obviously the man was playing some game with me or something else was going on. I was tending to lean toward the first choice. It wouldn’t be the first time a man had done such as this to get me in his bed. Nodding my head I thought he probably wouldn’t be the last either.

Finally going to bed I had a hard time falling asleep. The man’s voice was assailing my mind over and over. Suddenly I found that I was driving several fingers in my vagina trying to stop the yearning I was feeling. Exploding into my largest orgasm of the night I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

It seemed not long after I’d fallen asleep that there was a tapping on my door. Rolling over I tried to ignore it, only to find that whoever it was, was a persistent bastard. Covering my head, I tried to muffle the sound to no avail. Finally getting up, I pulled a robe on, walking to the door with a murderous look on my face. Looking at the clock I groaned as again I saw that it was only eight a.m.

“WHAT!” I yelled at the top of my voice. This made the insistent rapping stop.

“I am most sorry to disturb you Miss Mores. I was contracted to advise you in the matter of your meeting the Count,” the well dressed man I saw at my door said.

Sighing I stated, “One: you woke me up long before I was ready to. Two: as I told the other man who was here yesterday. I have really no desire to meet this man. Three: if I did then I would have remained at his home till such time as he arrived back there. Now then could you kindly show me some credentials.”

The well-dressed man nodded as he held up a card: Author Dimwitty, Attorney at law. I choked back a laugh as I remembered the ridicule my own name garnered. Opening the door after I cinched up my robe tighter I sat. Might as well listen, THEN I could kick the man out.

With that the man started to produce several documents then several more. Then he started to outline the Count’s lineage, the amount of money he had, plus the many positions he held. I was only nodding not trying to show the interest that I felt was peaking.

“The Count only wishes to invite you to dinner. There he wishes to make a proposition to you. A fairly lucrative one from what I understand. You may refuse of course though, I think the Count will be greatly disappointed if you do.” The lawyer said.

“Dinner, I see, what guarantee do I have that I will indeed be safe, if I go there alone? I am not stupid Mr. Dimwitty. I can tell a ploy when I hear it. No, unless there is some type of safety then no, I can’t accept,” I told the well-dressed man.

A small smile crossed the man’s face then vanished as if it were smoke. “The Count felt that you might react this way. Several cars of the local police have been hired to protect you at all costs. Will that allow you to give a more positive response?”

Damn I thought. This Count was pulling out all the stops to get me there. “I do believe it just might, Mr. Dimwitty.”

“Ah good! They will arrive about six-thirty to convey you to the Count’s residence. I am done here.” The man started to go then stopped at my door. “Oh yes, though you returned it the Count wishes you to have this.” Reaching in his pocket he put the same bag I had returned the day before on the table. “He says you can return it of course though, to him it is yours therefore, it would be a crime if he took it back. Good day!” With that he left leaving my door open!

I rushed up to close and triple lock it. Damn it! What in the hell had I gotten myself into!? Looking at clock I happened across the wall my eyes landing on the calendar. It was October thirty-first. Groaning. I really hated this holiday. All Hallows eve, also called Samhain, the day of the dead. Right now I felt it was more than appropriate with the feeling of dread I was starting to feel.

Sighing I looked at the clock seeing that I had almost ten hours before they came. Nodding to myself, I did the only thing a self-respecting person would do. I crawled my ass back into bed, grumbling that I might kill the next ass that woke me up!

Several hours later I stretched as I finally rolled out of bed. Finally I felt rested! Now all I needed to do was ... It was at that moment that there was another knocking at my door. Getting up a lot more refreshed I went to the door seeing several women I knew there.

I slowly opened the door. “Are you guys lost?” I asked.

All three of the women laughed a moment then the one in front stated. “No Stella! We were hired by a man to get you ready for a small dinner party tonight. He said that no expense was to be spared. Though he did say that it was just a simple dinner party. He had us bring as many outfits as we could. He said you were to choose, then we’d help you dress.”

My eyes opened wide after she’d said all of this. What in the hell was going on? I looked at the expensive materials of the dresses they were holding so gingerly.

“He said I was to choose and all three of you were to help me?” Shaking my head; this Count whoever he was, NOW, was starting to irk me to no end! The nerve of him! Then I sighed as I remembered I had said I would attend. I guess I was going to have to let him have it at his home!

I saw all three of the women back away from me as I felt my anger rise to the surface. Then slowly I calmed as the look of fear was growing larger. “Please Stella, if we don’t help he won’t pay us. This would be enough for the family to leave!” The oldest of the three said.

I sighed. She had me there, she and her family had been trying to leave for years. Nodding my assent, they moved to help me undress. Almost an hour later after standing almost stark naked in front of them I had to sit. Shaking my head I felt tense as hell. The older woman walking out to their vehicle to get a few things. Then there was the ever-present wetness between my legs. The mere thought of seeing the man again had turned on a faucet down there.

One of the other younger women saw this and quietly remarked to the third. Both started to smile large as they both walked up to me.

“Stella?” She started. “We both can see that you are nervous and tense. Can we perhaps help? We are both good at relaxing a woman.”

I looked at both of them a moment thinking they meant massage and agreed. Then my mouth fell open as they both removed their clothes and the rest of mine! Pulling me to the bed, I was suddenly laying there with my legs lewdly open. Then there was a soft pair of lips and tongue that started to explore my vagina.

I started to ask them what they were doing when it hit me! Then the feeling doubled when the second young woman tenderly touched the underside of my left breast! I felt a huge amount of pleasure wash over and through me as I couldn’t seem to form a single coherent thought.

Just when I thought the moment had passed I felt the young woman’s tongue dive deep into my opening. Letting loose a scream, I felt a second stronger orgasm wash over and through me. I barely had time to breathe before the young woman working on my breast was over me. Immediately she turned and presented her bald vagina to my face.

“Please Stella, it’s more enjoyable than you think.” I heard her say. Tentatively I reached my tongue to her labia feeling her tremble immediately. I put my hands up to hold her as her legs started to shake. “Thank you Stella OH! Right there!” A moment later the woman began to wail as the one between my legs redoubled her efforts.

The older woman walked back in shaking her head. “She hasn’t all day you two! I know that if you had your way none of you three would leave her bed all day. Enough! let’s get her ready.” With a great amount of grumbling they both got off me, kissing each other. Quickly dressing, they also helped me with several winks and giggles.

Shaking my head, I was having a hard time getting my head around all this. Was I a lesbian? It had been quite a while since I’d been with a man. Shrugging; we’d have to see after tonight.

Finally I decided on a formal evening dress with a plunging off-the-shoulder neckline. All three of the women nodded their approval as it accented my breasts, showing the tops of them. Both the younger women almost seeming to salivate over what I was showing.

“I have to say,” the older woman said. “You are quite ravishing. If the Count doesn’t appreciate you.” Here she leaned down to whisper, “I know the both of my assistants will!”

My mouth dropped open as I was at a loss as what to say. Shaking my head at her only made her smile larger.

“You are gorgeous!” The youngest of the two women said. Then with a smirk continued, “We should know!”

It was six, so the escort should arrive soon. Why in the hell was I nervous? I was just having dinner with the man. A man I had to admit made my blood boil, my heart race and my temper flare!

Finally nodding, all three of the women agreed I was ready. Though the two younger ones had a pout on their lips.

A great commotion sounded outside as I looked seeing at least ten police cars. What the hell was going on? Had the Count hired the entire force? Getting in a limo, it was a rather quick ride to the large mansion. As we approached I saw that the sun had finally set giving the mansion a gloomy appearance.

Stepping out I was immediately met by the same tall, rather dark, beautiful man. The same I’d seen at my door for the last two nights. Bending low, he extended his hand to mine then gently kissed the back of it.

“I thank you for accepting the invitation. For too long have we been denied the presence of as beautiful a woman as you. I am Count Vlad your humble, enraptured host,” the tall man said.

“Count Vlad? The voivode of Wallachia? You were named for that mass murderer?” I asked the man with shock in my voice.

Without batting an eye the man nodded. “My parents thought it appropriate at the time of my birth. Though as I understand it the Vlad you mentioned only did it to enemies to deter their further invading his country,” he said, completely honest.

“I see. History paints a far different picture of him.” I answered. “There were whispered accounts of him dealing with dark forces.”

The man’s eyes opened wide. “You are far more informed than I at first thought. Not many today even remember that. Please come in Miss Mores, after dinner we have a great deal to talk about.”

“Indeed?” I asked. “There was mention of a profitable end to this night.” Accepting his arm I was lead into a VERY large dining hall. Crap! This room could seat almost fifty people! From the looks of things there were only going to be about ten of us.

The Count was watching my eyes when he spoke. “Yes it is only a small dinner party tonight. Please be seated so that we may begin.”

A few moments later seven females and two more males joined us. All nodded to the Count, then sat. After the meal -- if you could call it that, it seemed everyone but me drank wine -- the Count turned to me.

“Now my dear as to why I asked you here tonight. I have no heirs that I am aware of. I wish to sire one with you. I know it is quick though I need an answer soon.” The Count said.

My mouth must have dropped open as I felt my vagina start to leak heavier. “You WHAT!?” Jumping up I slapped the Count square across the face heading for the door.

My path was immediately blocked by both of the males, who had been seated. “You’re not going anywhere! Sit so the master can finish!” Both growled low at me like animals.

“Cydnile, Triombus!” The Count shouted causing both of them to growl at him. “You dare to attack me? I will have your hearts before you scratch me!”

Growling louder, the one called Cydnile stated. “You are weak tonight old one! It is about time a younger breed took over!” With that the younger man rushed toward the Count hands out with claw like fingernails extended.

“You young, will never learn!” The Count shouted as he drove his hand through the advancing man’s chest, a heart appearing in it as it exited the back. The young man looked shocked a moment then crumbled! No, not fell to the ground, he turned to dust! What in the hell had I gotten myself into. “Now!” The Count said glaring at the rest there. “Any more?”

I actually made it past the other male and the females to the door. It was at that moment I felt a hand on my shoulder causing me to scream! “Help!” I screamed again.

“No one will hurt you as long as I am here.” I heard the Count’s voice say. Pulling me to him, he held me close as I released a flood of tears. Damn it! Why was I being a weak woman? I was better than this.

I attempted to pull away finding that I didn’t want to move from his strong embrace. Then I saw him smile as I felt my vagina releasing more liquid down my leg. “I should go Count. Any more of this,” here I waved my hand at the pile of dust. “There may be no one left in your household.”

Smiling bigger he leaned down giving me a smoldering hot kiss that I felt all the way to my toes! “As I said there will be no further interruptions from them. Shall we retire to a more private room to discuss my offer? Again I apologize for bringing it up like that at the table. I should have made it in a more private setting.”

Trying to take a full breath was hard for a minute then I shook my head and looked at him. “Count though I am flattered I am not sure that...”

“The offer stands for tonight then it is gone. A night of passion. This night only that I can, then nothing further. I will also compensate you for the time that you will lose with the child. Think it over a moment, oh do you think a hundred thousand dollars would help?” The Count said. When I started to speak but could only shake my head he nodded. “You are right of course. I shall increase it to a quarter of a million dollars. You shall have it after we are done. Does this meet with your needs?”

I kept saying to myself I wasn’t a whore, I wasn’t a whore. It was a child, something I had wanted in my life for a long time now. Turning I looked him in the eyes. “Yes it is adequate.” I finally managed to get out.

Nodding he took my hand leading my to a large bedroom. There he proceeded to slowly undress me kissing each area of skin he exposed. Finally he laid me back on the bed as he removed his clothes. My god I thought, he was far more handsome than I had thought at first. Kissing my lips I felt him start his way down my body reveling in each part.

When he reached my breasts I thought I was going to pass out! He was so soft it was almost exquisite torture. Going lower I felt him stop at my belly button dipping inside making me gasp. Finally I felt him as he began to slowly cover my pubic bone finally reaching my leaking sex. Then I felt his long tongue as it entered me bringing an immediate orgasm.

Another two orgasms later I was begging him to stop, trying to push his face away. I needed him in me or I was going to die! The feeling was about to drive me crazy! Moving up I felt him slowly slide his male organ in me. Then he was still going as I started to feel far fuller than I had ever been!

Suddenly, I felt something touch me deep inside! My god he was all the way in to my cervix! Laying there I couldn’t believe that he was that large until he started to withdraw. I actually whined when I felt him start to remove his wonderful organ from me. Reaching up with my legs I did my best to wrap them around him.

Then he was slowly pushing back in oh my god! It was heaven! Suddenly I heard him start to pant a little as I am sure I was as his speed started to pick up. My god it felt so good. “Faster Count! Faster!” I heard myself say as he began to move faster and deeper.

It was at that moment that I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me as I stiffened riding it out. Coming down I felt the Count still moving deep within me, suddenly I felt another wave wash over me! The count was working harder his thrusts almost all the way to my cervix.

Still panting I felt the Counts thrusts start to go faster, then I heard him groan. His member started to swell within me as I felt him start to fill me with his seed. It felt so damn good then I felt a third wave wash over me. The count pushed in as far as he could, I could swear past the opening of my cervix!

We both lay there I could feel all of his seed that he’d pumped in me. It was hot, making me feel complete deep inside. Getting up, he helped me out of the bed to the shower. After cleaning up we both dressed. “Thank you Stella, I will ever be grateful to you for this sacrifice.” With that he turned and left as did I.

The next few months I continued to work, strangely with more energy than I’d ever had. I had gone back by the mansion finding it empty, as if no one had lived there for years. I found the next day that I had not two hundred fifty thousand dollars in the bank. I had a whopping four hundred thousand! Strangely, no one remembered the Count but me. Also, no one questioned me about being pregnant nor about whom the father was...

Nine months later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy I named John after my father. Strange like his father he sleeps most of the day and is up at night. Thing is he’s human, what was it that the Count had said, A night of passion. This night only that I can, then nothing further.

Shaking my head, I thought, so one night only. Strange I thought something like this had happened to my mother on Halloween night thirty years ago. She had always told me dad wasn’t my father though he acted as if he were. I finished feeding John, then opened the door when the sitter knocked. Another thing, the sitter reminded of one of the women that had been there that night. Shrugging I rode to work on my bike as I always did. Looking back I could swear I saw a dark figure looking in a window a moment.

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A Passion for Halloween

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