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Jen's Life - Chapter five

Categories Diary, BDSM, Blowjob, Cruelty

Authror: jen1jen

Published: 03 May 2018

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Jen’s Story – Chapter Five

The following Wednesday night my father took my mum out as usual. I sat on the bed watching her getting ready – this was unusual as she normally shooed me out, so she could get ready in peace. As usual my father put out her clothes to wear. Usually mum wore lovely classy clothes, and her hair and makeup were usually immaculate. On a Wednesday night she wore “funny” clothes – nothing like she would normally wear. That night she had on a black and white skirt that was so short when she sat on her bedroom stool to sort her hair and make up, her bottom was on show. I said to her that she had forgotten to put her knickers on, it was obvious… but she turned to me in a resigned way and told me that she wasn’t allowed to wear them when she went out. Her top was sparkly, but very see through, I could see all of her titties through it. I said how I liked her top and all the sparkles, and she turned and gave me a small smile. She told me to be a good girl for Grandpa and Uncle, and not give my father any reason to punish me. I nodded enthusiastically as I never wanted a spanking.

She put her coat on, and went downstairs to wait for my father. My father always dressed well, a lovely shirt and suit, he was very handsome. When he saw mum he asked her to show him… Show him what I thought… mum lifted up her skirt and showed him her cunny without her knickers on. She had a hairy cunny, but mine wasn’t. My Grandpa told my mum to get over to him, and she walked over to him. He told her to lift it again, and when she did, he grabbed hold of her cunny hair and pulled it. She stood still and gasped in pain, and I knew that if she screamed out she would be punished. I was glad I didn’t have any hair for them to pull.

My Grandpa put his finger inside my Mum, telling my father he was checking to see if she was ready for her night out. He was pushing his finger fast in and out of mum’s cunny. He usually went nice and slow for me – so I could get the tingly feeling. I hoped mum was getting that feeling to, but I wasn’t sure.

My father told him that they needed to go and my Grandpa slapped at her cunny as he removed his fingers, and then licked them clean.

My parents then went out, and left Grandpa and me alone. My uncle was out for the evening and would be back later. I was hoping I was going to be fast asleep.

Grandpa told me to get upstairs and undress ready for my bath, and I rushed up to pour in some bubble bath – I loved playing with the bubbles.

Grandpa sat on the side of the bath as I played around with the bubbles. He grabbed a handful of them and squashed them into my titties, then washed them off, he did this for a while, squashing my titties hard as he did this. Grandpa then told me to stand up so he could wash me inside. Grandpa then went to put some of the bubbles in his hand so he could wash me inside with them, but they kept falling off his hand. He grabbed the shampoo bottle instead and went to push this into my cunny instead, pushing my legs open wider. I panted in pain as Grandpa pushed and pushed until some of the bottle was inside me, then he pulled it out and quickly shoved it back inside me. This hurt me and I screamed out, knowing instantly I shouldn’t have done that.

Grandpa smacked my bottom hard a couple of times and told me to get out. He wrapped the towel around me and told me to dry off and get downstairs.

He went into the kitchen and I dried myself off and put my pyjamas on. He came back into the lounge with some things in his hands and shouted at me that he hadn’t told me to put my pj’s on. I quickly took them off and stood there.

He grabbed hold of my nipples and pulled me towards the sofa where he had put some things. There was a carrot, a mars bar and a wooden spoon, together with something I didn’t know what it was.

I sat down next to Grandpa and he told me to lay down as we usually did, this meant my head against the end of the sofa, laying down along the length. He sat on the other end and moved my legs to how he wanted them. He pulled my legs open and began to pull my cunny lips open. He liked to suck these into his mouth, but not today. He grabbed hold of the carrot and pushed it into me. It was SO cold and big and I tried hard not to struggle, but it was just so painful. Grandpa then took it out, and smacked me on my titties with the wooden spoon. This was awful and my nipples were hurting as he smacked me twice on each titty. Then suddenly he smacked my cunny. I Tried to be silent, but a scream escaped out. The look he gave me made me silent very quickly. He unwrapped the Mars Bar and again began to push it inside my cunny. This wasn’t as big or as cold as the carrot, and he managed to get quite a bit of it inside me before pulling it out again, before pushing it in again.

He left it inside me and told me to lay there still. He went to the phone and was talking to someone – I couldn’t hear who. He came back again and grabbed the other thing – it was metal and had holes in it, mum used it in the kitchen, and I didn’t know what he was going to do with it. He pushed it hard onto my titty, and my nipple went through one of the holes. He then leant down and bit it – I thought he was going to pull it through the metal hole. I was panting, going ouch, ouch ouch as I tried to get the pain under control.

He did it again with the other titty, and again bit down as my nipple went through the hole.

The front door opened, so I knew my uncle was back, and I thought he was alone, but he had a friend with him, and Grandpa shouted to both of them that dessert was served. My uncle asked my Grandpa what I had done to deserve the punishment that he was going to give me… I looked at my Grandpa as I told him I hadn’t meant to be a bad girl. He said I had to be punished as I had done 2 things wrong. I was racking my brains trying to remember how I had been a bad girl. I knew he would tell my father when he got home, and then either me or my mum would get punished again. I hated it when he turned on my mum if I had been naughty, he said that she should have taught me to be good, but I always “tried” to be good.

Grandpa told my Uncle and his friend Peter that they could punish my titties, but my cunt – that’s what they call my cunny was not to be used as he was getting something ready for them.

So both Peter and my uncle went straight to my titties. My nipples were still a bit sore from when my Grandpa had pulled them through the metal thing. My uncle started to squeeze the titty he had, and Peter sucked the whole of my titty into his mouth, then with a pop he let it go again, he did this a few times, and I giggled as it felt funny. My uncle started to pull and twist my nipple, and I always felt that one day it would come off my titty. When Peter saw he was doing this, he started to do the same, and my eyes welled up with tears as they hurt my titties. Grandpa told them to leave my titties alone as he had something special for them. He told Peter to push a finger inside my cunny. He looked across at my Uncle who nodded to him. He opened my legs and tried to push a finger inside, but the chocolate bar was still inside me. He looked and laughed, as my uncle came to have a look and a feel too. He looked over to my Grandpa who was standing at the side laughing too. He told me to push it out, and I tried, but Grandpa had pushed it up high inside me, and I could only push it a little bit out. Grandpa had a look, and pushed his face into my cunny, and I felt his mouth grab a hold of my cunny and also the Mars bar before he pulled it out with his teeth. Peter said wow and could he have a go. So Grandpa took a bite off the end before pushing it back into me again. It had started to melt and my cunny was covered in chocolate. Peter pushed his head down to my cunny and started to lick all the chocolate. I LOVED having my cunny licked. It was my favourite thing that my uncle and Grandpa could do. Grandpa told me to push again, and Peter grabbed the end of it and pulled it out, he bit a piece off the end, and pushed it back so that my uncle could have a go. My uncle put his peepee back into his shorts, as he had pushed it into my mouth, and went to grab a bit of the chocolate bar for himself. He hardly ever licked me, as he knew I loved it. He licked some of the chocolate, and then bit down on my cunny lips. My hips automatically lifted off the sofa to get off, but my Grandpa pushed me down again, as my uncle had another go at getting a bite of the chocolate bar. He pushed a finger into me and tried to pull it out, but the chocolate made it slippery. He told me to push really hard, or he would get a knife and cut it out of me. I was scared that he would put a knife inside my cunny, so I pushed and pushed, until it was sticking out enough so that he could grab it, and like the other two, took a bit and then sat up, chocolate on his chin. He offered Peter another bite, and took another bite for himself before giving Grandpa the rest.

I needed another bath after this, I was very dirty and my Uncle said he would come upstairs and help me. I wasn’t allowed any bubbles this time. I had to stand in the shower as my uncle hosed me down, washing down my legs. He put the shower onto the main jet and positioned it right at my cunny. It felt so funny on my clit and cunny and I giggled and giggled. He pushed it right against me, and the warm water was going everywhere. Then he pushed the water up inside me. I didn’t like this as much as I knew that afterwards my belly would hurt. My uncle had done this to me before, and in my bottom, and it did hurt.

When all the chocolate had been removed from me, my uncle told me to get dry and go downstairs. I didn’t put my pj’s on as I knew that I would be punished… I didn’t want this.

I got downstairs, all dried, and my Grandpa looked at me then looked at Peter and told me to look at me, the wanton slut. I didn’t know what that meant, but Peter smiled, so I thought it must be something nice. Grandpa told me to get on his lap, and his peepee was sticking out of his trousers. I knew he wanted to put it inside my cunny, and he moved it back and forth until it was just inside me, then pushed me down so that nearly all of it was inside me. He sometimes just left it there as he played with my titties. My uncle would never do that, he bounced me up and down until it felt warm inside me, and I knew that he had filled me with his gunk.

Peter asked if he was allowed a turn, but Grandpa said that maybe next time, and that next Friday night would be good, as I was there all the evening, night into the next day. Peter’s face went into a massive smile, and he said he couldn’t wait to see us again.

My uncle let Peter out of the front door, and came back to sit on the sofa and turned the TV on, watching football as my Grandpa kept me with him. His peepee went soft and fell out of my cunny, and Grandpa told me to go and get dressed ready for bed, and they would be up to tuck me in.

My uncle was up first, taking his peepee out so I could give it a kiss goodnight. I knew that if I held it with my hand, this meant that I didn’t have to put all of it in my mouth, and I kissed just the top bit.

Grandpa came in, and kissed my titties goodnight before he kissed me goodnight. I snuggled down and feel asleep – so tired.

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Jen's Life - Chapter five

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